Lorenzo Marks' Deviant Tales
Lorenzo Marks'Deviant Tales 

Pig soon decides it is time to relaunch Ashlee's acting career - but this time in a way that will shock the world!

She’s the girl next door—whiter than white and purer than the driven snow! Ashlee Spencer is already the new darling of prime time television, and well on her way to a glittering future in Hollywood.


But only Cassie Riddle, Ashlee’s long suffering personal assistant, knows that it is all an act. In reality, underneath her adorable personality and angelic looks, Ashlee is tough-skinned and career-driven, her sweet persona, nothing more than a carefully projected image that is eagerly lapped up by her adoring fans.


And to make her life even more unbearable, Cassie is a lesbian—and hopelessly in love with her sexually straight employer. For three years, Cassie has put up with the pain and frustration of living in close proximity with the unobtainable Ashlee—until she makes contact with an online fan who goes only by the name of Pig.


Cassie learns that Pig is a security guard at the television studio—and after a cautious meeting, she also discovers that he has a dark and mysterious past with a covert military unit. When Pig comes up with a nefarious plan to transform Ashlee into their obedient slave, Cassie is unable to resist!

Pig and Cassie whisk Ashlee away to a secluded country cabin where they steadily chip away at her confidence and self-esteem. Ashlee’s formerly well-ordered mind is gradually reduced to a scrambled and paranoid mess, and to add to her confusion, she soon finds herself becoming emotionally dependent upon the very two people that are keeping her captive!

While Pig relentlessly converts Ashlee into a compliant bondage sex toy, Cassie skillfully fends off inquiries from fans, the media, and Ashlee’s increasingly concerned employers at the television network.

But they can’t keep the young starlet hidden forever, and Pig soon decides it is time to relaunch Ashlee’s acting career—but this time in a way that will shock the world!


Includes: maledom, mind control, humiliation, sexual slavery, BDSM, punishment.

(70,000 words)

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 Cora is trapped by Prophet Zachary in his Sanctuary of the Radiant Light!

Arizona Territory, 1884. Beautiful and headstrong, Cora Brook has escaped her conservative San Francisco background by running off with her new husband, Ethan, to the untamed frontier where they set up a small homestead. While the work is hard, the young couple are happy with their newfound freedom—except for the unwanted attentions of the self-proclaimed Prophet Zachary who owns the neighboring Sanctuary of the Radiant Light.

Zachary persistently attempts to acquire the Brook’s land, while making little attempt to hide his carnal interest in Cora. Despite his polite and friendly overtures, Cora finds him insincere—not to mention downright creepy! Then there are the local rumors that Zachary is a charlatan who keeps his congregation against their will—and that is enough for the Brooks to rebuff his frequent advances.

But when Ethan is framed for murder and locked in the town jail awaiting a likely sentence to hang, Cora reluctantly visits Zachary who holds the key to her husband’s freedom. Instead of showing clemency however, Zachary rapidly ensnares Cora in his faux-religious cult, where she is subjected to daily humiliation around the sanctuary and soon becomes Zachary’s unwilling sexual partner in the hope of saving her husband’s life.

When Ethan is conditionally released from jail so that he can witness Cora’s infidelity, it seems that the young couple are about to lose everything—their marriage, their land, and their sanity. Trapped in a hot and dusty world of cowboys and Indians, religious fanatics and black magic witch doctors, public shaming and agonizing penance, Cora seems to have no options left but to follow the sinister Prophet Zachary toward his Radiant Light.

Includes: blackmail, cuckold, public humiliation, exhibitionism, old west, religious cult, sexual slavery, BDSM, .

(54,000 words)

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 In order to save her husband, Charlotte must spend two weeks locked in the standing cell!

Res Publica. An out of control pandemic, a terrified population willingly giving up its power to the Corporate State. It had all changed so fast and now the powerful Civic Police had unlimited powers over its citizens.


Back in college, Thomas was besotted with Charlotte. The problem was that Charlotte was in love with Peter and she barely knew that Thomas existed. When Thomas’s infatuation became a sex-crazed obsession, Charlotte was forced to call for help—which resulted in Thomas’s public humiliation.


Eight years later, Charlotte and Peter are married and Thomas is a captain in the Civic Police force. When Peter is arrested, Charlotte is summoned to Thomas’s house where he gives her an ultimatum—in order to save her husband, she must spend two weeks locked in the standing cell in Thomas’s basement.


Res Publica: The Standing Cell is the second in a series of short individual cameos drawn from a fictional, but possibly not too distant dystopia.


Includes: maledom, captivity, brainwashing, humiliation, cuckold.


(23,000 words)

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 Natalie knew she was taking a chance by cutting through the park!


Res Publica. An out of control pandemic. A terrified population willingly giving up its power to the Corporate State—a totalitarian regime. It all changed so fast. This once vibrant city quickly became an institutional gangland of fear and suspicion, and now the all powerful Civic Police—largely staffed by corrupt political thugs and ex-criminals—has unlimited powers over its citizens.


Natalie knew she was taking a chance by cutting through the park, but she was running late for a job interview. Inspector Julian Snyder was on the prowl, looking for a suitable victim to satisfy his unnatural sexual cravings. When he stops Natalie for a routine identification check, Julian is captivated by her beauty—and unbeknown to her, Natalie is about to be subjected to a long and humiliating exercise ordeal in a public park!


Res Publica: Strip and Search is the first in a series of short individual cameos drawn from a fictional, but possibly not too distant dystopia.


Includes: Public humiliation and exposure, naked excercise, fetish.


(14,500 words)

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 Alisha will have to draw upon all of her inner strength if she is to survive yet another soul-crushing ordeal designed to break her spirit completely!

Once regarded as the princess of the law offices of Bale, Thomas and Farringdon, Alisha Royce is now the laughing stock of her work colleagues—and the unpaid servant of her neighbors at Lakeside Gardens. Shame, degradation and ridicule are now ingrained into the daily routine of this formerly proud African American law intern.

After the sudden and mysterious disappearance of Gretchen—her one-time rival and subsequently her slave mistress—Alisha’s immediate supervision is now divided between the spiteful old dyke, Linda Richardson, and the pretty young Indian mailroom girl, Yasmin.

As Alisha’s daily torments continue unabated, she tries to balance her unforeseen attraction toward Yasmin with her unwavering determination to break free from her enslavement. When an unexpected chain of events bring her into contact with a powerful underworld pimp, Alisha seizes her opportunity to put her escape plan into action.

But nothing is ever simple in Alisha’s life anymore. David Van Hook, the perverted senior partner controlling her wretched existence, is watching her closely—and Alisha will have to draw upon all of her inner strength if she is to survive yet another soul-crushing ordeal designed to break her spirit completely!

This book is a direct sequel to Alisha Goes Back to Work Part One, and a spin-off from the Annabel and Mr. Nash series.

Includes: maledom, blackmail, public humiliation, exhibitionism, interracial, sexual slavery, BDSM, monkey girl.

(58,000 words)

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Trudy is blissfully unaware that her life is about to be turned upside down!

Touted as the next supermodel and engaged to a wealthy Wall Street banker, Trudy Beach has the world at her feet. But while sunbathing with her friends beside the pool at her fiance’s country cottage, Trudy is blissfully unaware that her life is about to be turned upside down. Secretly watching her is Hank, the abnormally well-endowed and emotionally unstable maintenance man.

When Trudy’s ex-boyfriend begs her to help him pay off Vincent, a vicious loan shark, a sequence of events is triggered that threatens both Trudy’s future marriage and her career. Blackmailed with lurid photographs, Trudy is coerced into becoming Vincent’s unpaid flunky—as well as Hank’s private bondage model.

Trudy tries to keep her career and relationship intact, but the emotional trauma takes its toll, and both begin to suffer. Fearing that she will lose everything she has accomplished, Trudy begins to take increasing risks in an attempt to rebuild her life—only to find herself being unwillingly pulled deeper into Vincent’s sordid underworld of crime and prostitution.

She is eventually caught up in a highly publicized FBI bust and the glamorous lifestyle she had been so tenuously protecting comes tumbling down. Trudy is spared jail time, but now that her marriage and career are in tatters, Trudy discovers that her reluctant journey into the sordid world of sexual bondage is far from over.

Includes: maledom, blackmail, public humiliation, spanking, gagging, BDSM, food fetish, urination.

(50,000 words)

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 Alisha's professional reputation is quickly destroyed as she is compelled to humiliate herself in front of her work colleagues!


The once proud and beautiful law intern, Alisha Royce, is returned to the city under the care of her one-time rival, Gretchen Wilder. But having been both physically and mentally altered during her time on Jacob’s depraved farm, Alisha will have to resume her career from the very bottom—and that means having to accept the authority of the office minions that she once looked down upon.


Alisha hopes that she can slot in quietly, but the man behind her ordeal, senior partner David Van Hook, has other ideas. Alisha’s professional reputation is quickly destroyed as she is compelled to sexually humiliate herself in the most degrading fashion in front of her work colleagues—as well as her new neighbors at Lakeside Gardens.


This book is a direct sequel to Alisha is Sent to the Farm, and a spin-off from the Annabel and Mr. Nash series. To find out how Alisha was originally blackmailed into submitting to this nightmare world of subjugation, please read Annabel and Mr. Nash Part Two.


Contains humiliation, interracial, punishment, office, cosplay, milking.

(57,000 words)

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From law intern to beast of burden!


Proud, intelligent and ambitious, Alisha Royce is an attractive African American law intern with a bright and promising future. But when she receives a compromising message from twisted pervert, Darius Nash, her ordered world is quickly turned upside down. After submitting to a few degrading performances with her ex-friend Annabel, Alisha is taken to a secluded upstate farm where she is to be mentally and physically ‛reconstructed’ under the cruel hand of sadistic white farmer Jacob Johnson and his two sons.

Stripped naked on arrival, Alisha is reduced to the lowest possible status as over the coming weeks, she is made to crawl around in compost, milked like a cow, kept in a pig sty, forced to plow the fields as a beast of burden, and trained as a show pony.

After being deliberately addicted to a prolactin-inducing aphrodisiac, Alisha’s once-sharp mind is scrambled to the point where she almost loses her own identity—but the strong-willed young black woman remains determined to survive her ordeal and somehow return to her career in the city again.

This book is a spin-off from the Annabel and Mr. Nash series. To find out how Alisha was originally coerced into submitting to this nightmare world of subjugation, please read Annabel and Mr. Nash Part Two.

Contains public humiliation, exhibitionism, interracial, hucow, ponygirl.

(55,000 words)

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Annabel is pulled deeper into her nightmare world of humiliation and depravity as she desperately tries to stay focused upon her future inheritance.


The beautiful young heiress, Annabel of Pemberton Hall, is pulled deeper into her nightmare world of humiliation and depravity as she desperately tries to stay focused upon her future inheritance.


In Annabel—Live-in Maid to the Gentry, she is sent to work as an unpaid scullery maid in the luxury home of powerful lawyer, David Van Hook. Here she learns what life is like at the very bottom under the cruel hand of the sadistic head housekeeper, Veronica.


In Annabel Meets her Master, she finally comes face to face with Van Hook himself—and discovers that he is every bit as twisted as she had feared—while Veronica uses her authority to introduce Annabel to the dubious pleasures of dominatrix lesbian sex, and Annabel later learns what is hidden behind the mysterious cell door.


In Annabel the Rubber Maid, Annabel’s appearance is drastically altered as Mr. Van Hook and his cruel household staff keep up their relentless daily torments. Tightly encased in a stifling rubber suit, Annabel is in danger of losing her mind as she gamely struggles to carry out her meaningless duties.


And in Annabel’s Trust Fund, Darius Nash, Alastair Barclay, and Annabel’s former circle of high society friends are promised an afternoon of debauched entertainment and financial reward if they attend her trust fund party—but who will be laughing at the end of the day?


This book is the third and final part in the series chronicling Annabel’s reluctant relationship with Mr. Nash—as well as a host of other unsavory characters!


Contains humiliation, exhibitionism, fetish, bondage, spanking, punishment.

(55,000 words)


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Annabel continues her compulsory year of servitude!


Following on from Annabel’s Initiation, Transformation, Descent, and Public Disgrace in Part One, Annabel continues her compulsory year of servitude under the cruel tyrant, Darius Nash.


In Annabel’s New Life, she discovers to her dismay that her demeaning housemaid duties now include sharing Nash’s bed on a nightly basis. On top of that, the endless sequence of sadistic punishments continue unabated—including a humiliating dog and pony performance at a birthday party!


In Annabel Gets a Playmate, her friend Alisha is coerced into joining in with Nash’s depraved bondage games—and the two girls find themselves becoming a lot more intimate in the process!


In Annabel Goes to Work, the young heiress is again exposed to public ridicule and torment at the hands of her nemesis, Helen.


And in Annabel Helps the Homeless, she is made to play out the role of a sexy nurse for a group of elderly male vagrants at a shelter—where she is reintroduced to the depraved Dr. Schafer and his terrifying Nurse Ingle.


This book is the second of a three part series chronicling Annabel’s reluctant relationship with Mr. Nash—along with a host of other unsavory characters!


Contains humiliation, exhibitionism, cosplay, bondage, housemaid, pony girl, puppy play.

(59,000 words)


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Annabel must spend a year living with a much older man!


Arrogant, pampered, and stunningly pretty, twenty year-old heiress, Annabel, is shocked to learn that she must spend a year under the tutelage of a middle-aged disciplinarian called Darius Nash—or she will lose access to her enormous trust fund!


Initially outraged, Annabel has no choice but to comply if she wants to get her money, but she figures she has both the looks and guile to wrap the old lecher around her little finger. By the end of the first day however, she realizes that she has seriously miscalculated—and very soon she is reduced to the role of Nash’s personal sex toy!


Resolving to endure Nash’s endless torments in order to secure her fortune, Annabel has to constantly remind herself that she can eventually rebuild her old life, even as both her pride and her clothing are systematically stripped away from her.


Among many other degrading indignities, she is made to play the role of a sexy maid for Nash and his card playing cronies, and has to undergo a painful and humiliating medical exam by a disbarred doctor—but her biggest test arrives when Nash decides to show off the newly subservient Annabel in front of her former circle of high society friends.


Can she possibly endure all of this punishment in order to secure her future financial independence?


This book is the first of a three part series chronicling Annabel’s reluctant relationship with Mr. Nash—as well as a host of other unsavory characters!


Contains humiliation, exhibitionism, cosplay, bondage, older man / young woman, fetish.

(52,000 words)


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Jenifer learns that old Herbert is a far more manipulative and sadistic adversary than she could possibly have imagined!


With her husband’s business on the brink of bankruptcy and the bank about to foreclose on their home, young Jenifer Marlow decides to use her considerable charms to persuade the bank manager, Herbert Franklin, to grant them a stay of execution. What she doesn’t realize is that Herbert is a dirty minded old man who has been freed from a sexless marriage after the recent death of his wife.


Instantly spellbound by Jenifer’s incredible beauty and stunning figure, Herbert seizes this unique opportunity by granting her a moratorium on their loans, but with one caveat—Jenifer must come to work for him at the bank as his personal assistant. This was not a part of her plan, but Jenifer figures she is capable of handling this lecherous middle-aged man’s advances, so she reluctantly agrees.


But once the deal has been struck, Jenifer quickly learns that old Herbert is a far more manipulative and sadistic adversary than she could possibly have imagined! Before she has time to catch her breath, Jenifer is coerced into dressing up in increasingly skimpy outfits—much to the amusement of the rest of the bank staff. While Herbert is systematically turning Jenifer into his office pet, he deliberately creates the false impression that she is an unmarried, oversexed bimbo with an infatuation for her new boss.


Jenifer gamely tries to keep her demeaning office life secret from her loving husband, but as Herbert gathers even more leverage on the young couple—including some highly compromising sexual blackmail footage of Jenifer—his vice-like grip on her gets tighter by the day.


Jenifer is soon reduced to a virtual slave at the bank, ridiculed and scorned by the rest of the staff and publicly humiliated by Herbert on a daily basis. With her marriage facing ruin, her old life dismantled, and her reputation collapsing fast, Jenifer’s resistance slowly deserts her as she gradually becomes accustomed to satisfying Herbert’s increasingly twisted needs.


Contains blackmail, humiliation, behavior manipulation, cuckold, exhibitionism,  discipline, reluctant sex.

(56,000 words)


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Felix has done something very strange to Emma, and now she has to follow his every command to the letter!


An unexpected arrival at her door, a puff of white powder, and Emma’s world is suddenly turned upside down. She is a young and attractive businesswoman, Felix is a weird looking middle-aged man dressed in an old-fashioned suit. But Felix has done something strange to Emma, and now she finds herself compelled to follow his every command to the letter!


It soon becomes clear that Felix is not planning on leaving her house any time soon—and that he is also a man possessed of extremely bizarre sexual tendencies!


Dressed up in antiquated and demeaning costumes, Emma is quickly reduced to the status of a slave in her own home. But then it gets worse as Felix builds a Victorian schoolroom in her attic and invites her friends and business colleagues along to witness and partake in her escalating humiliations.


As Felix worms his way deeper into her inner thoughts, Emma’s mental faculties become increasingly compromised while her sexual appetites grow out of control. Relentlessly exercised, punished, and shamed in front of her peers, Emma is driven to question whether she might even be responsible for this humiliating dilemma herself.


As her days of enslavement go by, Emma desperately tries to cling on to her sanity while she attempts to figure a way out of Felix’s invisible, but very real, mental trap!


Contains mind control, humiliation, forced exercise, exhibitionism, discipline, cosplay.

(59,000 words)


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Fiona must dance to Gordon's tune!


New York City girl, Fiona Perry, is young, pretty and ambitious—she is also a professional identity thief. After hacking into the NYPD Missing Persons Archives, Fiona steals the identity of a missing heiress with Scottish ancestry. But before she can fraudulently claim her inheritance, Fiona learns that she must compete in a Highland dancing competition on the remote Hebridean Isle of Brae.


On arrival at the island, she is greeted by the Campbell family—the very people she is intending to swindle. Little does she know that they are already onto her, and after being confronted with evidence of her crime, she is given a choice by the family patriarch, Gordon Campbell—either she remains on the family farm to be punished by them until the day of the Highland games, or he will send her back home to face the US authorities.


Believing that she has no choice, Fiona reluctantly agrees to stay, but she soon learns that Gordon and his sidekick, Uncle Archie, have a far more sinister and depraved training regimen planned for her than she could ever have imagined. Along with daily spankings on her bare buttocks with the fabled Scottish tawse, Fiona is publicly exercised to the point of exhaustion, with endless workouts, marching drills and dance routines—either dressed in humiliating costumes or simply naked! Every islander on Brae has witnessed Fiona’s increasingly cruel degradations by the time the Highland games begin—but with the end of her ordeal in sight, is Gordon really going to let her go?


Contains public nudity, humiliation, forced exercise, spanking, vegetable fetish.

(78,000 words)


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Lily is innocent - but nobody believes her!


Framed for a crime she didn't commit, Lily Drew is offered a chance to avoid jail by working at Benny's Department Store. It seems like a good idea until she meets the lecherous owner, Vic Benny. Lily's initial misgivings about him are soon justified as Vic gradually sucks her into his depraved world where she is compelled to run around the store as a virtual slave in ever increasing states of undress.


Lily is reduced to the lowest rank of the employees, working long, humiliating hours, for next to no pay, and her workload soon includes displaying herself in the showers and jacuzzis in front of leering male customers.


Eventually, Lily is coerced into demonstrating sports equipment and electronic lady razors and body massagers—naked in front of large crowds of weekend shoppers! As Lily's performances become more and more explicit, word spreads, and before long the whole town is packing out Benny's to catch a glimpse of Lily, the shamefaced TrimShave girl!


Contains public humiliation, forced exhibitionism, spanking, shaving, unwilling masturbation, naked exercise, puppy play.

(55,000 words)


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Their lives degenerate into a daily routine of hard labor, demeaning punishment, and perverted sexual service!


Celebrated feminist and investigative journalist, Tyra Dove, is asked by a friend to look into the sudden disappearance of her younger sister. Based upon the research of her assistant Laurie Bass, Tyra is led to the isolated hilltop village of Foley.


Too late, Tyra discovers that she has walked into a trap set by her sexually depraved newspaper colleague, Alex Mundy, and she becomes the latest captive in a nightmare world of female subjugation. Striking a deal with the village’s leader, a self-proclaimed occultist named Valentine Vang, Alex also lures the naïve Laurie to Foley, where Vang uses his mysterious hypnotic potions to transform her into an illiterate, sex-crazed neurotic, and then subjects Tyra to some degrading mental and physical alterations of her own.


Laurie is then sent to live with a lecherous old man in the village, and Tyra becomes the slave of a sadistic, disciplinarian farmer. Corporal punishment, humiliation, and systematic brainwashing, are all meted out with cruel regularity as their lives degenerate into a daily routine of hard labor, demeaning punishment, and perverted sexual service. To her dismay, Laurie finds herself perpetually unable to curb her carnal urges, and Tyra suffers further torment when Vang programs her to become sexually addicted to Alex.


With no outside help on the way, both women soon come to realize that if they don’t regain control of their own minds they will be trapped forever. But with such an intricate web of phobias and addictions implanted in their heads, it is hard enough to endure the daily indignities heaped upon them, let alone formulate a plan of escape!


Contains mind control, magic ritual, non-consensual sex, discipline, ducking, pillory, slavery.

(77,000 words)



The reason I love Lorenzo’s writing is, he’s a no-holds-barred type of author. Anything is up for grabs in his novels… Seriously, what is not to love about this? (Goodreads)


Super story and well-written SM scenes - 5 out of 5 (A1 AdultEbooks)


“Excellent story, great characters, great ending! (A1 AdultEbooks)


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Lucy spreads her carnal magic dust among Nick's close circle of friends!


After inheriting a house, Nick advertises for a tenant to share his expenses - and along comes Lucy, an eccentric, outgoing, Japanese-American art student, with a passion for drawing manga cartoons. She is vivacious and sexy, and it isn’t long before Nick succumbs to temptation and visits Lucy’s room - where he discovers that she has somewhat unusual and demanding sexual needs.


Over the following weeks, Lucy lures Nick into her lascivious world of sexual role-play, and—reluctantly at first, but with ever-increasing enthusiasm—he eventually becomes her bondage master. Always full of surprises, Lucy spreads her carnal magic dust among Nick’s close circle of friends and very soon, he becomes completely intoxicated by her. Every day is an adventure with Lucy, as Nick’s previously chaste existence is transformed into one of bondage, spanking, cosplay, and along with Lucy’s best friend Summer, wild threesome sex.


Then Lucy’s psychotic ex-boyfriend—yakuza hit-man, Johnny Ho—unexpectedly arrives on the scene. When Lucy suddenly disappears, Nick traces her to Johnny Ho’s secluded up-state cabin, where he she is being held against her will. Nick is then captured himself, and Johnny Ho forces him to participate in Lucy’s daily pain and humiliation sessions—in an attempt to break the love that binds them.


Over the next few days, Nick and Lucy’s world descends into a dark routine of sexual torment and degradation. As Lucy gradually withdraws into herself, Nick realizes that time is running out, and that he must find a way out of their trap before he loses her forever.


Contains abduction, group sex, roleplay, bdsm, sadism, restraints, prolonged sexual torture.

(77,000 words)



“I really liked the hardcore BDSM in the book between Nick and Lucy… I was happy with both the purchasing and reading experience.” (Adult eBook Shop)


“Great storyline, great scenes, elaborate characters, thriller as well as great S/M play, and not for the weak at heart.” (BDSM Books)


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In return for his silence, she is to obey his every command!


When OFS Software sales executive, Henry Shepard, is assigned to work with new recruit, Kristin Hartman, he thinks his luck has taken a turn for the better. Young, stunningly beautiful, and with a body to die for, Kristin is the object of every man’s desire. Henry’s hopes are quickly dashed however, as Kristin uses her charm and wits to beat him to the vacant vice presidential position, and later takes great pleasure in firing him.


Whilst wallowing in his defeat, Henry unexpectedly discovers that Kristin’s rise to power involved illegally acquired software. He confronts her with the evidence of her crime and offers her a deal: in return for his silence, she is to obey his every command—effectively becoming his slave.


Kristin is initially horrified but after considering her options, reluctantly agrees to go along with his arrangement until she can figure a way out. She soon discovers however, that Henry has no intention of giving her a moment’s rest, as she is systematically stripped of first her clothing and then her dignity.


Caned, collared, gagged, and publicly humiliated, Kristin is kept in a constant state of fear, pain and confusion. Henry meanwhile, is discovering a new dark side to himself as he pushes Kristin’s limits of degradation ever further.


Convinced now that he has Kristin totally under his control, Henry takes the game to a higher level when he gives her a new job description at OFS—she is to become the office bimbo and has to sexually service clients and co-workers alike.


Now at her nadir, Kristin begins to lose her identity as she carries out her increasingly demeaning instructions without protest. She dimly recalls the proud and intelligent woman she once was, but can she find an escape route before her subjugation becomes complete and irreversible?


Contains blackmail, social humiliation, gagging, caning, collaring, corporal punishment, training.

(70,000 words)



“We have a winner! Lorenzo Marks is my new favorite author. If you like sexual humiliation of uppity women, buy this book!” (BDSM Books)


“This is one of the best stories of its kind that I have read concentrating on the psychological debasement and social humiliation of a young career-oriented woman… I hope Mr. Marks can keep up the good work and others follow his lead.” (BDSM Books)


“If you like a story on humiliation, and if you’d like to read about an ambitious beautiful woman… torn down utterly from her lofty state to a position of a mere twenty-something year old sex toy. Then this book is for you…. Well written.” (BDSM Books)


“Sadomasochistic storytelling at its best.” (Amazon Kindle)


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