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At five minutes before four o’clock, exactly as ordered, Kristin’s red Mitsubishi pulled up outside. He watched her crossing his lawn, a pink umbrella above her head, and he tried to convince himself that he wasn’t dreaming.


She rang the doorbell and Henry decided to let her wait to see what she would do. It was a gamble. She might leave. But after a few apprehensive seconds, she rang it again. How different from the impatient Kristin he had known in the office!


Henry opened the door and, looking thoroughly miserable, Kristin followed him into the hallway.


“Hang your coat on the hook and come inside,” Henry said curtly.


He went into the living room, sat on the sofa and tried to get a grip on himself. This was role play, and it was vital that he maintained a dominating presence. He couldn’t afford to display any weaknesses.


When she came into the room, he was delighted to observe that she had followed his dress instructions to the letter. She had even put on the black push-up bra, plain to see under the thin fabric of her blouse. He did note that she had buttoned the blouse all the way up, but this feeble attempt at modesty only served to arouse him more. The rest of her outfit, the tight skirt, the stockings and the high heels, were all exactly the same. The only difference was that she had tied her hair back, but he would allow her that oversight.


She stood awkwardly as he perused her.


“You can remain standing,” he said.


He detected a flash of venom in her eyes, but she remained where she was.

So far, this was working.


“As I explained on the phone, there are going to be some rules which you must remember. I’m sure a smart executive like yourself shouldn’t have too much trouble doing that.”


Again, a brief expression of resentment, but she managed to stay composed.


“First, there is the question of how we communicate. From this moment on, you will address me as ‘Master’.”


In spite of her predicament, Kristin let out an involuntary snort of laughter.


“Excuse me?”


Her reaction infuriated and embarrassed him. Clearly she hadn’t yet grasped the fact that he was serious about this.


“Are you hard of hearing?” he said. “Or are you just being dense?”


Kristin wiped the look of amusement off her face and said, “It’s just that…”


“The second rule is, you never talk unless I instruct you to do so,” Henry snapped. “Understood?”


His abrupt tone seemed to take her by surprise.




“Yes, who?”


He watched her closely. There appeared to be some kind of internal wrestling match going on in her head. Her cheeks reddened, and then she said “Yes, Master.


Henry could have whooped with delight. If the guys in the office could only see him now. He continued with his stern demeanor.


“Excellent. Now we’re making some progress. Third, and most important, you will immediately obey my every instruction, without pause or comment, no matter what. If you fail to do so, you will be punished.”


Kristin opened her mouth to speak, and then closed it again. Henry guessed she wanted to know what the punishment would be.


He got up off the couch, came around the coffee table and stood in front of her. They made brief eye contact, and then she looked down. She visibly stiffened as he studied her closely. She hadn’t applied as much make-up as before but she still looked absolutely stunning. In such close proximity, it was hard for him to keep his breathing level. What a shame, he thought, that she turned out to be such a snotty cow. Then again, maybe not.


“Now we’re going to put this to the test,” he said. “I want to see how much of this you have taken to heart and how serious you are about staying out of prison.”


Hearing the word ‘prison’, she flinched and looked at him.


Now comes the moment, thought Henry. Now I find out exactly how much of a hold I have. If she’s ever going to back out and make a run for it, now will be the time.


He braced himself and then said, “Take off your blouse.”


She must have been prepared for something like this because she didn’t shout or scream. Instead, she blushed beautifully and let out a low, quivering breath.


“I can’t,” she whispered.


This was better than Henry could have hoped for. If she had ripped off her blouse and stared at him defiantly, it would have been a disappointment. This coy, almost childlike Kristin, that he had never seen before, was much more thrilling.


“You can’t or you won’t?” he asked.


“I can’t,” she repeated.   


“Why can’t you?”


Again she breathed deep, her full breasts rising and falling.


“Not here,” she said. “Not in front of you.”

This was exactly what Henry had wanted to hear. Kristin had reached her crossroads. Even though she knew her life would be destroyed, she simply could not bring herself to expose her body to him. It was time to raise the game to a whole new level.


He let out an exaggerated sigh.


“Well in that case, you’d better go home.”


He saw the relief visibly wash over her.


“Do you mean it?” she asked.


Henry shrugged and nodded.


“Sure. If you can’t do it, you can’t do it.”


A nervous smile played across her lips.


“I can go?” she asked.


“I’m not stopping you.”


Kristin stayed where she was, a slight look of confusion flickering across her face.


“Is there anything else you want me to do?”


“Nope,” Henry said, heading back to the couch.


Kristin hesitated, watching him open his laptop,


“So… I’ll be going then,” she said.


Henry didn’t answer, so she turned uncertainly towards the hallway.


“By the way,” Henry said. “You can expect the FBI’s Computer Hacking and Intellectual Property Unit to be paying you a visit sometime on Monday.”


He looked up and saw that Kristin had stopped in her tracks. Slowly she turned around and looked at him with wide eyes.




“Well, the deal’s off, isn’t it?” Henry said matter-of-factly.


“But I… I came as you asked. I dressed like this for you…”


Henry looked at her, his face blank.


“I tried to do what you wanted. Really I did,” Kristin said, her voice rising.


Still Henry didn’t respond.


“I can’t do it. I can’t undress for you,” she repeated.


“Well then, best of luck. You tried, I guess.”


She looked at him with an expression of utter disbelief.


“Are you really going to do it?” she asked.


“I told you I would,” Henry replied. “It was you who broke the agreement, not me.”


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