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Alex sat still for a moment, relishing the sight of Laurie lying on her couch. Her terra cotta locks cascaded over the cushions and her chest rose and fell as she slept deeply. Then he rose and picked up their glasses and went into Laurie's cramped kitchen. Rain still lashed against the window as he rinsed the glasses thoroughly. Apparently Laurie was a smart girl, so if she suspected anything when she woke up, it would be best to eradicate any traces of the Rohypnol he had slipped into her drink.


Returning to the lounge, Alex knelt down and peered at Laurie's freckled face. Her eyes fluttered under her eyelids and she had a slight smile on her parted lips.


"Sweet dreams, honeypot," Alex whispered as he planted a light kiss on her cheek. Then he raised one of her eyelids and looked into her eye. Satisfied that she was completely out of it, he took her Mac Book from her bag and sat at the dining table.


Naively, Laurie hadn't password protected her computer, so it was a simple enough task to look up her most recently accessed files. Now Alex hoped that whatever she was currently working on would lead him to Tyra Dove. He still wasn't sure what he planned to do when he found out what she was up to, but it hardly mattered anymore - his resentment had now evolved into something of an obsession.


Over on the couch, Laurie mumbled and turned her face to one side. One arm was above her head and the other dangled over the side of the couch. Her sweater had ridden up slightly, revealing a glimpse of bare midriff, and Alex felt a familiar surge of excitement.


His desire to control, hurt, and degrade women had first manifested itself during childhood when he had deliberately locked a female cousin in a closet during a game of hide-and-seek. When she had finally been rescued hours later, crying and shaking, he had scarcely been able to conceal the erection in his shorts whilst professing his innocence to his parents. Then later in adolescence, spying on the family housemaid through a peephole as she prepared for bed, his orgasm exploding at the sight of her heavy, dusky breasts, and the rich thatch of hair beneath her belly. In college, he had finally overcome his guilt and accepted his urge for what it was. He could still remember his first date-rape victim, a doe-eyed classmate who had been forced to relocate after he had anonymously pinned naked pictures of her on the campus notice board. Others followed, and even after a close shave with the police, he still couldn't tame the animal inside.


In adult life, he had become more circumspect, covering his tracks more carefully, and his good looks had made picking his targets a lot easier. But with each conquest, his compulsion had become ever more demanding. Ordinary romantic sex didn't come close to satisfying it. For Alex, there was no gratification in bringing bodily pleasure to a consenting woman - he needed to take without asking.


Which was what he was doing now as he briefly scanned Laurie's files. She was very meticulous and organized, even conveniently labeling a folder for Tyra which contained sub-folders titled 'Foley', 'Occult', 'Missing Persons', and 'Valentine Vang'.


Valentine Vang. Now why does that name ring a bell?


Alex copied the relevant files to his laptop before returning her Mac Book to her bag. Then he knelt down and once again scrutinized his sleeping beauty's face. He marveled at how long her eyelashes were and gently kissed each of her eyelids. She smelled of vanilla perfume and coconut shampoo. He raised her delicate hand and examined her well-manicured, indigo-colored fingernails.


Then he slid his hand under her sweater. Her flesh was smooth and warm. He moved his hand up over her ribcage until he touched the base of her bra. Gently, he raised her sweater, revealing her milky white belly inch by tantalizing inch. Bunching her sweater up under her chin, he paused to drink in the view. She was wearing a red bra with a little bow in the center. Underneath, her big, soft breasts were lightly dotted with freckles. Man, he simply had to unleash those puppies!


A quick inspection revealed that Laurie's bra was a front-loader which was just ideal for his purposes. He undid the clasp, moved the cups aside, and let out a trembling breath. They had to be at least forty inches, with pink and puffy areolas. Alex leaned down and placed his lips against her left nipple and then traced his tongue around it, teasing it to erection. He heard Laurie issue a slight moan and he pulled away quickly. He stayed quite motionless until he was sure she was still unconscious before resuming his licking and sucking on her right teat.


When both of her nipples were rigid, Alex took one in each hand and raised her breasts upward pulling them into cones. Then he pulled them outwards, and then he rotated them, slapped them, and then he placed the palms of his hands flat against them and squeezed them tightly. He continued to maul and suckle Laurie's breasts for a good five minutes before turning his attention to her leather pants.


He popped the metal stud and pulled down the zipper and started working the leather over her ass. This proved to be a bit tricky because the pants were such a tight fit, but after some lifting and maneuvering, he managed to work them down to her calves and then pulled them off her feet. She was wearing a delightful pair of red-checked gingham knickers underneath.


Alex caressed her long legs, savoring the moment, but he couldn't contain himself for long. Taking the hem of her knickers between his fingers, he slowly pulled them down her legs, watching in awe as her rust-colored bush came into view.


Alex stood up and surveyed his prize. With her sweater bunched up around her neck, her tits exposed, and naked from the waist down, he knew what he had to do next, and he picked up his camera and recorded the delicious scene for prosperity.


Now it was time to get a little more personal. He raised Laurie's left leg and placed it on the back of the couch. Then he pushed her right leg aside so that her foot was resting on the floor. With her thighs wide open, her plump pussy lips now revealed themselves to him, and it was another breathtaking sight to behold. He took another couple of photos of her in this obscene position before opening his fly and extricating his rigid member.


Kneeling again, Alex parted Laurie's pubic hair with his thumbs and placed his nose against her well-pronounced labia, inhaling her feminine fragrance. He poked out his tongue, tasting her slight saltiness and then pushed into her velvety interior. As he began to work his tongue in and out, he thought back to their earlier lunch date that Laurie had so readily agreed to. She couldn't have imagined in a million years that a few hours later Alex would be eating her cunt out!


Alex took his time, knowing that there was no danger of her coming round any time soon. He found her clitoris with the tip of his tongue and began tracing little circles around it. Laurie groaned again and he felt her push her crotch against his face. Oblivious though she was, somewhere in her subconscious her pleasure sensors were aware of what was happening down there. Coming up for air, Alex noted with satisfaction that her pussy was absolutely sopping. He put his middle three fingers together, inserted them into her cunt, and then started to pump vigorously. All too soon, Laurie came, a gasp coming from her lips, and a spurt of ejaculate from her cunt.


Next, Alex climbed up onto the couch with her, kneeling between her spread thighs and began to masturbate. As he built to his own climax, he closed his eyes and found himself thinking of Tyra.


He came with a muted cry and looked down to see a projectile of his sticky cum land on Laurie's mound. It was followed by another salvo which hit her just below the navel. Breathing hard, Alex reached down and rubbed the gooey mess into Laurie's bush. Zipping himself back up, Alex took a few more shots of his unwitting victim. Then he set about the business of dressing her, first slipping the gingham knickers back up her thighs to again cover her wet cunt, then the awkward business of getting her tight pants back on, before refastening her bra and pulling her sweater back down.


When he was done, she looked no different than before, except that her cheeks were a little flushed. He kissed her on the forehead and said, "Thank you my little lovely. I think you and I are going to become very good friends."


After a quick search of Laurie's small apartment, he located a message pad, and scribbled out a note which he left on the coffee table.


Best to keep things cordial at this stage.


Then he poured himself a drink, opened his laptop, and logged on to an adult chat room he belonged to - while he had been jerking off over Laurie's pussy, he had quite suddenly remembered where had heard the name of Valentine Vang.

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