Lorenzo Marks' Deviant Tales
Lorenzo Marks'Deviant Tales 

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Lorenzo Marks


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Chapter One


Tell me we’re not lost!” Jasmine said, perching herself on a rock. At nineteen, she was the youngest woman in the group, and arguably the prettiest.


Candice frowned at her sister before returning her attention to the map spread out on the grass. It had been difficult to get Jasmine to agree to the trip in the first place, but Candice had finally convinced her it would do her some good to get away from her endless chatting and social networking for a few days. Now she was beginning to wonder if it had been worth the effort. Jasmine had done little but moan ever since they had started out on the hiking trail early that morning.


Convincing Dexy and Robin to come along had been a whole lot easier. Dexy was an aerobics instructor and a total health nut while Robin, although deskbound during the week at her accounting practice, was an expert skier and was a former college archery champion. Now they waited while Candice tried to figure out how they had gotten off the main trail. Much of this mountain range was designated parkland, and the trails were frequently signposted, but Candice hadn’t seen any sign of civilization for some time now.


We’re supposed to be here on the Blue trail,” she said.


But in that case there should be a river nearby,” said Robin, peering over her shoulder. “I don’t see one.”


Maybe we should just head back the way we came,” Dexy said.


Oh, please!” Jasmine moaned. “We’ve walked miles! Can’t we just call a park ranger to pick us up?”


No signal up here, sweetie,” Candice said. “Look, we’ve got plenty of daylight yet. I think we should push on for another half an hour, and if we don’t see anything recognizable, we’ll head back. Plan?”


Okay, let’s do it,” Dexy said, uncapping her water bottle.


With an audible groan, Jasmine shrugged her backpack over her shoulders and stood up.

What if there are bears?” she whined.


Then we make a lot of noise and blow our whistles,” Candice said cheerfully. “Come on.”


Dexy and Robin led the way with Candice bringing up the rear behind her sister. They were all dressed pretty much the same, t-shirts or vests, shorts, and hiking boots, and Candice thought that they looked a pretty darn good group too—Jasmine in particular, with her tight, round butt under her denim cut-downs. Up ahead, Robin, as black as midnight, strode powerfully forward, the muscles in her calves rippling with each step, followed by Dexy, her shock of red hair flowing behind her. Candice herself was in excellent shape thanks to regular visits to the gym, and despite this slight error in her calculations she was still enjoying the late summer sunshine and fresh mountain air.


Through the trees, Candice saw the glint of sunlight on water, and she stepped off the trail to get a better look. Sure enough, a fast-flowing river was running parallel to the trail about two hundred yards away.


Hey guys! I see the river! We must have taken a wrong fork back there!” she called out as she rejoined the dirt track, but her companions had already disappeared from view around a bend. She broke into a jog to catch up, but when she rounded the bend, she saw that the three young women had company in the shape of two men with hunting rifles balanced in the crooks of their arms.


Candice slowed to a walk and approached cautiously. There was something about the men’s body language that she didn’t like. As she joined the group, she observed that they were both middle-aged, unshaven, and badly in need of dental treatment.


What’s going on?” she asked.


Um, these gentlemen have offered to show us the way back to the trail,” said Dexy uncertainly.


Ray’s my name ma’am,” said the taller of the two, removing his cap to reveal a nearly bald pate. “And this here is my cousin Jess.”


Jess, younger looking, with keen, narrow eyes, spat a line of tobacco juice onto the ground by way of a greeting.


Well, thank you for your offer—Ray,” Candice said, noting the appreciative way Jess was eyeing her younger sister. “But I think we’ll be okay. I’ve just—”


Well now, I insist,” Ray said. “These unmarked trails can be dangerous if you don’t know your way around. Me and my cousin have lived up here all our lives and know the place like the backs of our hands.”


Candice glanced at his rifle which was thankfully still pointing at the ground. “Really, there’s no need, we can find our own way.”


City girl don’t want our help.” It was Jess speaking for the first time, his voice a menacing low drawl. “Just plain rude, if you ask me. Why did your darkie friend ask for help in the first place then?”


Candice glanced at Robin who gave her an apologetic shrug. With the abrupt change in tone, a little knot of fear twisted in Candice’s stomach as she realized what a vulnerable position they had suddenly found themselves in. These men were armed, and for all they knew, could be quite dangerous, so antagonizing them didn’t seem like a good idea.


Well perhaps you could escort us back down to the fork in the trail,” Candice said in a conciliatory tone. “That would make us feel a lot safer.”


Ray raised his chin. “You sassing me, girl?”


N-No,’ Candice stammered. “I meant—”


You meant to patronize the stupid hillbilly? That what you were thinking?”


Candice opened her mouth to reply but she had already deduced that anything she said would just piss these suddenly hostile rubes off even further.


Look,” Robin said, clearly annoyed at Jess’s earlier racial slur. “She didn’t mean to offend you, none of us did. I asked for directions because I thought we were lost, but my friend just said she knows where we are so we don’t need any assistance now. Thank you for your help but we are going back down the trail. Good day.”


She took Jasmine’s hand and turned haughtily on her heel. “Come on, let’s go!”


Candice knew that Robin's authoritative demeanor was just an act designed to preempt any worsening of the situation, but it had clearly backfired as Ray now raised his rifle and pointed it at the back of Jasmine’s head.


No!” Candice screamed, causing Jasmine and Robin to spin back around in alarm.


You got two choices,” Ray said. “You come along with us or the young lady becomes the victim of an unfortunate hunting accident.”


You wouldn’t!” Robin yelled. “We have families who will come looking for us and then you will be—”


Her tirade was abruptly cut off by a sharp crack followed by the sound of a bullet slamming into a tree a few yards behind them. Jasmine yelped in fright and leaped behind Candice while Dexy dropped into a protective squat, her hands pressed over her ears.


Jesus Christ! These men are insane! Candice thought. Behind her Jasmine begin to sob, and anger welled up inside her. There was a knife and a can of pepper spray in her backpack but there was no way she could get to them with this madman pointing his rifle at her.


Well, what’s it to be?” Ray said.


W-Where are you taking us?” Candice replied, trying to stall for time.


Oh, you’ll find out. But it’s a long hike so I want to make sure you girls don’t get heatstroke, so you’d be best losing some of that cumbersome clothing.”


A wicked grin spread across his face. “You first, miss high and mighty. Drop your pack and take off the shorts.”


What did you just say?”


You heard me. I want you to take your shorts off—now!”


This can’t be happening! Candice thought frantically.


I-I won’t” she mumbled.


Oh, no?” Ray said, cocking the rifle and pointing it at Dexy who was still crouching on the grass. “I’m going to count to three and if those shorts aren’t off by the time I—”


Okay! Okay!” Candice shouted, slipping her backpack off. She undid the button of her white shorts and abruptly pulled them down her legs and over her hiking boots. She was wearing a pair of blue nylon stretch-fit briefs underneath, and the two men’s eyes immediately dropped down to her bulging crotch.


Looks like she’s not wearing a bra under that vest,” Jess smirked.


Oh please don’t make me take it off! Candice thought desperately. She had chosen to go braless because it felt so much freer, but she hadn’t in her wildest dreams imagined that the outlines of her nipples would today be ogled by a couple of crazy locals like this!


Your turn now, young lady,” Ray said, waving his rifle at Jasmine. “Come on out.”


Her face wet with tears, Jasmine emerged from behind her elder sister. She was terrified to the core but her survival instincts told her that it would be a terrible idea to try and make a run for it. Apart from her socks and boots, she was wearing a red and white checked shirt and a pair of denim cut-downs. She stared mesmerized at the barrel of Ray’s rifle as he pointed it at her groin.


Lose the pack and then drop your shorts.”


With a miserable whimper, Jasmine followed her sister’s lead and nervously removed the garment. Before they had set out, Candice had advised against wearing cotton underwear to avoid chafing, and because she had been told there was a waterfall with a natural pool on the route, Jasmine had opted for a purple Spandex and nylon one-piece, instead of underwear. Oh how she regretted that decision now as the two hicks studied the little purple triangle that fitted so snugly over her mons!


Going swimming, huh?” Ray said. “Well, best get that shirt off in that case.”


Jasmine looked at her sister for support, but Candice could only shake her head sorrowfully. It was clear that for now they were helpless and so with a shuddering sigh, she unbuttoned her shirt and slipped it off over her shoulders, holding the garment modestly up in front of her.


Drop it on the ground so we can have a look at you,” Ray grinned.


Turning her face away, Jasmine did as she was told, unable to comprehend that she was actually standing in the open air in front of these complete strangers wearing only her socks, boots and swimsuit.


But to her dismay she discovered that her unveiling wasn’t quite complete because Ray then said, “You can’t swim in your shoes. Take them off too!”


There was complete silence as everyone waited while she untied her boots, removed them and then pulled off her socks. Oddly, as exposed as she felt in the tightly fitting swimsuit, the cool earth beneath her bare feet made her feel twice as vulnerable.


Ray now turned his attention to the cowering Dexy. “Now you, Red. Stand up and take off that t-shirt.”


Very slowly, Dexy straightened up on trembling legs. Her black shirt had the slogan Love Redheads! emblazoned in big white letters across her sizable bust, which now seemed entirely inappropriate under these horrible circumstances.


Get on with it, we’ve got a long walk ahead of us,” Ray said.


After ditching her backpack, Dexy tugged the shirt up over her head, and then biting her lip, she tossed it onto the growing pile of clothing on the ground. Her big, white, freckled breasts bulged inside her sports bra and she couldn’t stop herself form covering them with her arms.


Those look way too good to hide, Red. Get that bra off and give them some air!”


Please don’t make me,” Dexy moaned.


Damn, you city girls sure are willful!” Ray said, raising his rifle again.


Dexy shrieked in panic and quickly reached around to unhook her bra. Sniveling now, she pulled the straps down her arms and then took the cups away. Terrified of the rifle pointed at her head, she threw the undergarment away and closing her eyes tight, forced herself to hold her arms rigidly by her sides. Her big, white breasts jiggled as she shook with fear, their light brown areolas as round as golf balls.


Well, look at those beauties!” Ray said. “More than a handful there huh, Jess?”


Yup. I think old Uncle Wilbur might want to have some fun with those! Always was a titty man.”


Well yeah, if he can remember what to do with them! It’s certainly been a while!” Ray laughed.


Probably hang onto those teats and try and get some milk out of them!”


Sure looks like she’s ready to burst, don’t she?”


With Candice down to her vest, briefs, socks and boots, Jasmine clad only in her scanty swimsuit, and poor Dexy standing topless before them, the two redneck cousins finally turned their attention to Robin who had been watching the proceedings with growing horror. She took an automatic step backward as Jess pointed his own rifle at her and said, “What about this black bitch?”


H-How dare you!” Robin snarled. “You fucking rednecks! You won’t get away with this. People will come looking for us!”


They might, but they’ll have a tough time finding you where we’re headed,” said Ray. “Now because you’ve just been rude, you get to walk natural.”


Robin clenched her fists by her sides, her nostrils flaring. She was furious but the sound of that gunshot still rang clearly in her ears. “What do you mean?”


You get to take it all off, black girl. It’ll be like you are back in the jungle!”


For a second Robin was going to spring at him, but she caught Candice’s eye and saw her slowly shake her head. Her friend was right. These freaks looked as though they were capable of anything. Survival had to be their main priority before figuring a way to escape from this nightmare.


Fuck you to hell!” Robin muttered as her backpack joined the other ones on the grass. She pulled her gray sweatshirt up over her head to reveal her white support bra which contrasted against her ebony skin. Throwing her shirt on the ground, she glared at them defiantly.


Heck, those are almost as big as Red’s boobies!” Jess said.


Come on big mouth,” Ray said. “We haven’t got all day. We need to be home before sundown.”


Shaking with rage and frustration, Robin kicked off her walking shoes and then pulled down her shorts. She was aware that her friends, already in state of semi-undress themselves, were pointedly looking away, leaving the two mountain men to lustfully ogle her open-air striptease. Avoiding their hungry eyes, Robin unhooked her bra, and then after taking a deep breath, pulled it away from her body and let it drop to the grass at her feet. Now she was in just her white nylon panties and socks. Hooking her thumbs in to the waistband of her underwear, she suddenly panicked and said, “I can’t do this!”


Ray raised his eyebrows and pointed his rifle at Jasmine, who was hugging herself in an attempt to protect her own modesty. “How you going to explain yourself to her family, huh?”


Oh you miserable fuck! Robin thought and with a nasal snort of fury, pulled her panties down over her long, muscular legs and stepped out of them. There was no point in delaying them any further, and she bent forward, supporting her pendulous black breasts with one arm as she tugged her socks off her feet. Incredibly, she was suddenly as naked as the day she was born, out in the wilderness, while her close friends shuffled uneasily beside her.


Tie her hands,” Ray said, pulling a length of rope out of his pocket and handing it to his cousin. “I think we might have some trouble with this one.”


Jess came up close and looked into Robin’s eyes. “Hands behind your back, bitch!” he breathed into her face. Robin winced and turned her face to one side as she complied with his order. He moved behind her and she stiffened as he touched her for the first time, crossing her wrists and then tightly binding them with the rope. When he was done, she stood wretchedly before them, unable to hide her considerable breasts with their dark, pointed nipples, and the curly thatch of hair that flourished between her legs.


Okay ladies, pack your clothes and put your backpacks back on. We’ve got a long walk ahead of us,” Ray said, stuffing Robin’s discarded clothes into her pack. “You go on ahead so I can watch that lovely black ass of yours! Let’s get going girls!”


He shoved Robin in the back, and with a sob of outrage she started along the trail, naked and tied, with the cool earth under her bare soles. Behind her, Dexy, with her exposed breasts bouncing freely in the warm air, had no choice other than to watch her friend’s naked, undulating buttocks as they began their journey deeper into the mountains.


Jasmine, next in line wearing just her swimsuit, cried out as she stepped on a sharp stone, but when Candice went to help her sister, she felt Ray’s rifle barrel in her back. “Keep walking, and no slacking. And you get up right now, missy.”


Rubbing her sore foot, Jasmine straightened up and, after giving Ray a reproachful look, began hobbling forward.


The poor kid! Candice thought despairingly. How many miles is she going to have to walk barefoot along this trail? Robin too? They’re going to be in agony by the time we reach wherever it is they are taking us?


And that raised more questions in her head—how far were they being taken from civilization? How long would they be keeping them there? And most worryingly of all—what were they planning to do with them?





Chapter Two


After trekking up a steadily inclining path for a few miles, the trail came to an abrupt halt at the edge of a mountain lake where a wooden motorboat was moored to a dilapidated jetty. Candice surveyed the scenery looking in vain for any landmarks that she could use for reference. It had been a particularly tiring route, and certainly not the one that Candice had planned for them when they set out that morning! If she had been a little disoriented when they’d had the misfortune to encounter these two nasty hicks, now she had absolutely no idea where they were.


Because they had been forced walk barefoot, Jasmine and Robin had suffered the most, and on more than one occasion Candice had heard her younger sister whimper in front of her as he tender soles had landed on a sharp stone or jutting tree root. Keenly aware of Ray’s menacing presence behind her, Candice had been compelled to watch Jasmine suffer in silence, and as her own legs started to ache, she had felt the guilt creeping in. It had been solely her idea to come up here, and by default that meant she was responsible for the awful predicament they now found themselves in. She desperately hoped that Jasmine wouldn’t hate her after this nightmare was over.


All aboard ladies!” Ray said.


The rotting boards creaks precariously under Dexy’s weight and when Jasmine stepped gingerly across, she caught a splinter in her heel, causing her to squeal out in pain. After they had both flopped miserably into the boat, Robin hung back awkwardly, trying to keep the frontal area of her naked body averted from everyone’s view. During their forced march, she had been up at the front of the column behind Jess, and all that Candice had seen of her African-American friend for the past hour or so had been her sweat-covered back and her dark, bare ass. Now the shame in Robin's face was heart-wrenchingly clear to see as she shuffled on her bare feet with her hands securely bound behind her back.


Even though Candice had been forced to hike in just her vest, briefs, socks and boots, the other three girls had suffered worse. After having been forced to go topless, Dexy now sat with her knees drawn up and her arms hugging her plentiful breasts, while Jasmine, stripped down to her purple swimsuit, sat quietly rubbing the dirt-encrusted soles of her bare feet. But at least they had been left with something to protect their modesty, unlike poor Robin!


Seeing the black girl’s attempt to hide herself, Jess grinned wickedly and gripping her by the arm, turned her so that they could all see her nakedness. Her ample breasts wobbled in the late afternoon sun as he roughly pushed her into the boat, and unable to support herself with her hands, she landed in a most undignified fashion with her thighs apart, giving them all a glimpse of her hairy crotch.


Jess untied the mooring rope while Ray cranked up the outboard motor, and they were soon out on the open water with the trail shrinking into the distance. Gloomily, Candice realized that with every mile, they were being taken further and further from a quick rescue.


Backpacks off,” Ray said. “You won’t be needing them where you’re going.”


They continued in silence while Jess went through their personal belongings. Under the monotonous drone of the outboard, it was difficult to hear what he was saying, but he seemed to be keeping up a running commentary as he fished out their cellphones, spare clothes and other accessories. Candice watched him furtively as finally came across her survival knife, whistling appreciatively as he ran his finger along its razor sharp blade, before fishing out her pepper spray and sticking it in the pocket of his hunting jacket.


There go my last two hopes of getting us out of this hole, she thought dolefully.


On they went, further into the wilderness, as the sun sank lower in the sky and a chill breeze wafted across the water. Candice rubbed her bare arms, while the other three girls sat hunched over with their faces against their knees. Their body language was becoming increasingly worrying for Candice who already knew that she wouldn’t be able to overpower both of these men on her own. Although Jasmine was still just a kid, Robin and Dexy were high spirited young women who knew how to stand up for themselves, but ever since they had been forced to expose themselves, their morale seemed to have evaporated.


She was snapped out of her reverie when Ray shut the motor off and she looked up to see that they were gliding in to the opposite shore. When they made landfall, Jess lifted Robin to her feet and manhandled the naked, black girl ashore. Jasmine and Dexy remained huddled in the boat and then Candice felt the cold steel of Ray’s rifle barrel in the back of her neck.


Move, bitches!” he snarled.


With a whimper, Jasmine rose on unsteady legs, and then Dexy, hugging herself tightly, followed her onto dry land. With Ray prodding her from behind, Candice went next, and their bizarre little procession continued again, this time minus their backpacks. Jess led them along a narrow dirt path that cut through a copse of trees and then quite suddenly they found themselves in front of a small cabin with smoke curling up from the chimney and animal skins hanging from the rickety porch. The cabin was surrounded by black mud and although it was still daylight, the small clearing felt dank and dark, sending a shiver up Candice’s spine.


Welcome to your new home, ladies!” Ray said. “Wilbur, get on out here! We’ve got company!”


The door swung open and an old man with a huge belly waddled outside. “What’s all the noise about—oh my!”


He stepped off the porch and peered at each of the cowering girls in turn through the cracked lenses of his spectacles.


Well haven’t you found a fine bunch this time!” he said, licking his lips.


This here is Uncle Wilbur,” Ray said. “And he’s going to pick one of you for a wife.”


Y-You can’t be serious!” Dexy muttered incredulously. “We have husbands and boyfriends waiting for us! You can’t just take people like this!”

Well, you’re standing here aren’t you, Red?” Ray said.


Wilbur had moved in front of Dexy now, and a sloppy grin spread across his face.


I like this one!” he said. “Look at those big titties!”


Dexy looked away and hugged her bare breasts even tighter.


Don’t be like that,” Ray said. “Show Wilbur what you’ve got.”


I-I can’t!” Dexy moaned.


Don’t make me have to ask you again,” Ray said menacingly as he raised his rifle.


Dexy shook her head in despair as she lowered her arms, presenting Uncle Wilbur with her large breasts. Wilbur pinched one of her pink nipples and she let out a gasp of outrage.


Letting go, Wilbur said, “Make them bounce.”


Nooo!” Dexy wailed in low moan.


With her attention on Dexy’s terrible predicament, Candice, along with everyone else was take by complete surprise when Jasmine unexpectedly bolted. As she darted towards the woods, her golden hair flying behind her, Jess aimed his rifle at her little bouncing buns.


Don’t shoot her!” Candice screamed, knocking the barrel skyward with her forearm so that the shot rang out harmlessly in the air.


Damn you!” Jess growled, taking aim again. But before he had a chance to fire again, two more mountain men appeared out of the woods. One was powerfully built with a big, bushy beard, the other quite skinny and no more than a boy. Seeing the men, Jasmine veered away, but her bare feet slipped in the mud and she slid on her backside right towards them.


Just as the bearded man grabbed hold of Jasmine’s pony tail, Candice felt a sharp pain in the back of her head and then everything went dark.






Come on! Hup! Hup! Get those boobies bouncing, Red!”


Candice opened her eyes and tried to focus. As her faculties returned she immediately thought of Jasmine and tried to stand up, but quickly discovered that she had been immobilized. Hogtied was a better way to describe it as she struggled with her bonds. She was lying on her side in the mud, and although she couldn’t see it, she knew that her wrists and ankles were bound together behind her back—painfully so.


She could also feel the air on her feet which meant that they had removed her boots and socks, but as far as she could tell, she was thankfully still wearing her vest and briefs. Which was much more than could be said for poor Dexy as Candice gradually processed what she was seeing. All of the mountain men except Ray were sitting on the porch of the cabin drinking what must be moonshine from glass jars. From the look of them they already seemed pretty inebriated as they laughed and jeered at Dexy while Ray put her through her paces.


Dexy had been stripped completely naked now, her pubic bush on display and as red as the hair on her head. It seemed that old Wilbur had been so taken by Dexy’s ample bust that Ray had decided to put on a show for him—at Dexy’s expense!


Stark naked, she was performing a series of jumping jacks for the leering mountain men, and from the grimy state of her sweat covered skin, it looked as though she had been doing a variety of exercises. But this with this particular routine, Wilbur was certainly getting his wish as Dexy’s tits bounced wildly up and down, while she jumped and kicked out her legs giving her pussy plenty of air time. Dexy’s cheeks were bright crimson, and Candice guessed that would have been caused as much by sheer humiliation as exhaustion.


Leery of attraction the men’s attention, Candice kept as still as possible whilst craning her neck to see where the other two were. With a little subtle maneuvering, she managed to spot Robin—and immediately wished she hadn’t. The unfortunate African-American girl was still naked with her hands tied behind her back, but now she was on her knees between the big bearded man’s legs, her head bobbing obscenely up and down!


Dear God, no! Surely not! Candice thought in horror.


Candice stared transfixed as the man casually grabbed a handful of Robin’s hair and yanked her off him, revealing his enormous erect cock, wet with Robin’s saliva! Then, twisting her head back, her raised a jar of moonshine to Robin’s lips, and poured it down her throat. Robin retched and coughed as the burning liquor traveled down her esophagus, but she had barely recovered before the huge man had her mouth impaled on his dick once more.


Uncle Wilbur and the skinny—actually gaunt was more appropriate—kid weren’t paying attention to the lewd public sex act going on beside them. They were far more interested in Dexy’s naked exertions as Ray now instructed her to get down on her hands and knees.


Panting heavily, Dexy’s flopped down, the mud squelching between her fingers and toes, and her gigantic breasts swinging pendulously beneath her.


Look at that fat ass!” shouted the skinny boy. “She looks like a big, white sow!”


She sure does!” laughed Wilbur. “Make her squeal, Ray! Make her like I’m gonna when I take her to my bed tonight!”


You heard them,” Ray said, standing over the quivering, prostrate girl. “Get crawling and get squealing before I take a whip to that big ass of yours!”


M-Mnph!” The tears were rolling down Dexy’s face now, and Candice knew well what a proud and dignified woman Dexy was. To have been forced to perform in such a degrading manner already would be something she would never fully be able to get over. But this new order was beyond anything Candice could imagine. Forcing a respectable woman to imitate a lowly animal in front of them without a stitch of clothing on? How could these people be so cruel?


I’ll say it one more time, Red,” Ray said. “Squeal like a sow, or you’ll be sorry!”


Candice wanted to look away, but for some reason found herself watching fascinated as her friend began to crawl around in circles in the mud, her tear-soaked face a mask of misery as she emitted a series of high-pitched squeals punctuated by her sobs of shame.


Candice closed her eyes trying to tune out of the peals of laughter emanating from the porch. She still couldn’t quite believe that things had escalated so crazily out of control so quickly. Only a few hours ago, they were all looking forward to a pleasant hike in beautiful scenery. By now they should have been back in the lodge, showered and clean and ready for a delicious dinner. Instead they were lost in the mountains and being held as slaves by a bunch of crazed rednecks who didn’t seem at all bothered about the possibility that somebody would come looking for them. And yet, as unreal as it all seemed to be, there was no denying the cold, damp mud against her cheek, nor the burning ropes that pulled her ankles and wrists painfully together. Nor either the awful sight of proud and educated Robin, sucking a mountain man’s monstrous cock, as well Dexy’s humiliating pig impersonation!


After making her go round and round for what seemed like forever, Ray finally told Dexy to get to her feet. Candice opened her eyes again and although Dexy now had her back to her, she could see that the shattered girl’s shoulders were heaving. There were only a few rays of sunshine poking through the leaves now, and the men all picked up their jars to take the party inside the cabin. The bearded man effortlessly hauled Robin to her feet, and they disappeared from Candice’s view. With a bit of prodding and pushing, Ray managed to convince Dexy to climb the stairs where Wilbur was waiting for her, and almost insultingly, he took Dexy by the hand and escorted her inside.


Ray hadn’t even bothered to check on Candice but then the way she was bound up ensured that she wouldn’t be going anywhere soon. So Candice lay there in the gathering darkness and listened to the sounds of the men’s laughter mixed with distressed female’s screams—and all she could do was wonder whether Jasmine was in there with them.






Chapter Three


Her head swimming, Robin blinked away the tears that the foul moonshine had brought to her eyes and watched with shock and disgust as poor Dexy’s torment continued. They were inside the cabin now, the men sitting around on crooked furniture with their jars of liquor in hand, ready for the next part of their perverted show.


In a corner of the room, Robin knelt at Bart’s feet, stark naked with her hands bound behind her back, as if she were his newly-acquired pet. As much as she abhorred drinking, a part of her was grateful for the mind-numbing effects of the alcohol he was forcing on her, as it just about kept the awful reality of her situation at bay. So much was happening so quickly that it seemed inconceivable that only that morning she and her three friends had set out on the hiking trail, full of energy and high spirits. Now they were the captives of a bunch of crazed rednecks, deep in the mountains, with no realistic hope of escape in the foreseeable future!


Beside her, Bart took a slug of moonshine and then without even glancing at her, rested the jar on top of Robin’s head. Ordinarily, back in the sane world, Robin the proud African-American certified accountant would of course have been outraged at such treatment. Even though this fearsome mountain man was a complete stranger to her, he was already treating her as if she were his personal property! But these were no ordinary circumstances—not only were these rednecks mentally deranged, they were also extremely dangerous! There was no doubt in Robin’s mind that when Jasmine had attempted to run away earlier, Jess had fully intended to shoot her!


Terrified and in still in a state of complete shock, Robin stayed motionless and forced herself to accept being used as a piece of furniture. After all, it paled into insignificance compared to the vile act she had been forced to perform with this smelly giant out on the porch earlier! She still couldn’t fully process the fact that she had actually had this pig’s penis inside her mouth! How could she ever hold her head up again? But he had been so powerful, and it had happened so quickly, and she had been so scared of being killed—what was she supposed to have done?


But the fact remained that it had happened, she had sucked him like a cheap whore, his filthy thing repeatedly slipping in and out of her mouth, his bulbous glans bumping against the back of her throat, and she hadn’t fought him, hadn’t even had the courage to bite his invading cock. That was what she would have to live with for the rest of her life, and dwelling upon it brought fresh tears of shame to her eyes.


But as much as she had suffered, by comparison poor Dexy was going through absolute hell. The attractive redhead was positioned on her knees in the center of the room. Ray had instructed her to keep her legs and back straight and clasp her hands together behind her head. Like Robin, Dexy remained stark naked, and this position forced her to thrust out her plentiful breasts, which were of course the focus of everyone's attention.


Robin painfully recalled how Dexy had already been made to exercise in the nude for them, purely as a pretext to make her large boobs bounce around for their amusement, the jumping jacks, push-ups and jogging on the spot made all the more cruelly ironic given that Dexy was an aerobics instructor! What had followed however had been far, far worse as Dexy had then been forced to crawl around and around, her pendulous boobs swinging beneath her as Ray had ordered her to squeal for them like a stuck pig! How devastated the poor girl must be feeling right now!


But it was her big, white tits that had most captivated these perverted rubes, and Dexy, normally so cheerful and bubbly, looked a picture of woe as she anxiously waited for the inevitable assault. Ray, the man who Robin had so foolishly asked for directions that morning, circled his trembling prey before placing his hands under her breasts and lifting them up.


Damn this udders are heavy!” he said to much general amusement. “Uncle Wilbur, are you sure you can handle all this?”


I’m sure gonna try,” Wilbur said. “Whatever I can’t get in my mouth is wasted anyways.”


How did you grow such a big pair of titties, huh?” Ray said to the crimson-faced girl.


Dexy merely looked at him miserably, her eyes glistening with embarrassment.


Cat got your tongue?” Ray snapped, and letting her breasts fall, he proceeded to vigorously slap them. With the increasingly inebriated mountain men looking contentedly on, Dexy’s wobbling tits quickly turned a deep shade of red, and as the pain accumulated, Dexy couldn’t help but let out a little mewl of pain with each new blow.


Now Ray turned his attention to Dexy’s large, light-brown nipples. He was gentle with them at first, tugging and toying each one to erection in order to further increase her humiliation. In spite of her demeaning situation, Dexy's sensitive nubs responded to this unexpected treatment and to her chagrin, she let out an involuntary groan.


Listen to her! She likes it!” cried Junior.


Is that right, Red?” Ray said mockingly. “You like me playing with these buttons?”


No! Please stop!” Dexy whimpered, closing her eyes in embarrassment.


We don’t believe you,” Jess pitched in. “Look how far they’re sticking out now!”


Ray moved slightly to one side so everyone could see, and taking each of Dexy’s now-erect nipples between thumb and forefinger, lifted her breasts upward and outward. As he increased the pressure with his fingers, Dexy opened her eyes again and let out a gasp. Now, to the delight of the others, Ray proceeded to rotate Dexy’s breasts in circles, then stretch them wide apart, before yanking on her nipples so hard that she nearly toppled forward.


"Oh! Ow" Dexy moaned as the suddenly rough treatment brought tears to her eyes.


You think that hurts?” Ray snarled. “That ain’t nothing!”


Letting her breasts fall back into their natural position, he went over to a wooden box in the corner and returned with two nasty-looking fish hooks. “Now these are gonna hurt!”


Dexy stared at the hooks in horror. “D-Don’t! I’m begging you!”


Ignoring her pleas, Ray said, “You stay nice and still now, or I’ll be using a knife on you instead!”


Terrified at the implications of the threat, Dexy kept her hands behind her head, bit her lip, and braced herself. Ray then took her left nipple in hand and stretched it out as far as it would go whilst placing the sharp tip of the hook on the side of her teat. A high pitched whimper escaped Dexy’s lips as he slowly increased pressure until finally the skin broke and the barbed tip of the hook began to disappear into Dexy’s tender flesh


Now she screamed openly, her arms automatically coming down from her head, but Ray halted her attempt to protect herself by smacking her smartly across the face with his free hand.


Put those hands back up!”


Her breaths coming in great heaving gasps, Dexy reluctantly did as she was told, and Robin stared hypnotized, as the fishhook reappeared on the other side of Dexy’s nipple. Ray stepped aside so that the others could see the hook hanging from Dexy’s teat like a crude body adornment.


Uncle Wilbur,” Ray said. “Come and do the other one. She’s your woman, after all.”


Wilbur rose unsteadily from his seat and took the other fish hook from Ray. Dexy’s tears flowed freely now as she tried to prepare herself for the next agonizing piercing.


Was that too painful, honey?” Wilbur said before taking a swig from his jar of moonshine. Then he leaned down and closed his lips around Dexy’s right nub. Robin could see his cheeks fluttering as the old man sloshed the alcohol around her nub, before letting it go and spraying the rest of the alcohol over her breast.


There you go, nice and clean for your next piercing. Ready? One, two, thee!” he said cheerfully, and before Dexy had time to react, Wilbur yanked her nipple roughly forward and simultaneously jabbed the hook straight through to the other side! Dexy screamed wildly again, her obvious anguish making Robin physically cringe.


Beside her, Bart felt the movement and rapped her on the head with the base of the glass jar. “Stay still you, or you’ll be getting the same.”


She sure looks pretty,” said Junior as they all gazed at her newly pierced nubs.


Ray wiped away the droplets of blood with his thumb which made Dexy draw a sharp intake of breath. “You think so? Maybe she wants a couple more? What do you say, Red?”


P-Please, no,” Dexy sniveled. “It hurts!”


Sure it hurts. No pain, no gain. Wilbur go fetch me some more of those hooks.”


Wilbur came back with a whole handful of hooks this time, and now the two men proceeded to work on the wincing, yelping woman in earnest. Robin stared with growing horror as her friend was gradually transformed into a freakish parody of a Seventies punk rocker! They started with her ears, first one in each lobe, then adding a second with Wilbur working on one side and Ray the other. Egged on by Bart, Jess and Junior, and fueled by more and more moonshine, the men descended into a bloodthirsty frenzy as one hook after another was inserted into Dexy’s pale skin.


When they had finished, the sobbing, shaking woman looked utterly absurd. Apart from the hooks in each of her nipples, Dexy had now been adorned with six more around each of her ears. They had also stuck four more hooks through her lower lip, as well as two in each of her nostrils. The coup de grace however, produced the biggest reaction from their poor victim.


Open your mouth and stick out your tongue, Red,” Ray grinned, brandishing the last hook in front of her face.


Pleath, no!” Dexy uttered, shaking her head and running her tongue around the sore and bloody inside of her lip.


Either you open your goddamn mouth or it goes through your clit!” Ray warned her.


With a despairing whimper, Dexy hesitatingly offered him her tongue. As Ray went to stick the tip of the needle in however, she simply couldn’t stop herself from automatically retracting it.


Okay, your choice,” Ray said. “Part those thighs and I’ll see what I can find inside that red bush of yours.”


Her eyes now wide in desperation, Dexy hurriedly opened her mouth and thrust her tongue back out again.


Ha! Ha! She really does want you to stick her, Ray!” Junior laughed.


Dexy’s whole body quivered as Ray casually picked his spot and then forced the metal down through the soft flesh of Dexy’s tongue. Robin literally shuddered as her friend let out a long bestial gurgling cry that filled the room.


Now you look pretty,” Ray said, standing back to admire his handiwork. “I don’t know why you’re crying. I thought you city girls liked jewelry!”


You know what?” Jess said, reaching into the wooden kit box. “A hook don’t look right unless its got some line attached to it.”


Ray let out a low chuckle, as he took the nylon line from Jess. “You’re right. Let’s tie her up. Put your hands behind you back Red.”


NNgh!” Dexy mumbled, her speech now severely impaired by the hook in her tongue.


Ray handed a length of line to Wilbur who proceeded to bind Dexy’s wrists together tightly behind her back. Then, casually whistling through his teeth as if he was out on a day's fishing, Ray began to thread a piece of line through the eyelets of each of the hooks attached to Dexy’s nipples. After tying them off, he added another length of line to the hook in her tongue, and then gathering them together, he knotted them together at the other end.


Okay, Red,” he said, as Dexy stared imploringly up at him with her lanced tongue poking out of her mouth “Let’s go for a little walk.”


He pulled back on the fishing lines until they were taut and then stepped back so that the strong nylon started to pull Dexy’s nipples forward. Dexy squealed, open-mouthed as the painful hooks tugged on her sensitive nipples and tongue.


Come on, Red,” Ray said briskly.


Cheered on by the rest of the drunken men, Ray proceeded to lead Dexy around the room, her nipples and tongue stretched agonizingly forward as she wobbled awkwardly along on her knees. As she passed Robin, their eyes briefly met and the abject shame and misery in her friend’s eyes was plain to see. If Robin would have to bear the mental scars of this ordeal, then Dexy would be carrying a lot of physical ones to remind her of this terrible night—that was assuming of course, that they ever got out of this madhouse in one piece!






Chapter Four




She was woken by the bright sun in her eyes, and coming to her senses, Robin became aware of a dull, persistent throbbing in the back of her head. She tried to move her face away from the light but something hard was gripping the back of her neck, preventing her from turning it to either side. Her throat was parched, but on attempting to swallow, she also discovered that a crude wooden device had been jammed between her teeth, forcing her jaws apart.


A warm breeze caressed her bare skin, and by tilting her head forward she could see that she was still naked. She wiggled her toes which barely brushed against the grass, and then tried to raise her legs, only to find that they were shackled together at the ankles by a heavy chain. Her arms were also tightly bound behind her back, and after a little experimentation, Robin concluded to her dismay, that she was effectively immobilized.


Quickly realizing that to struggle against her bonds would waste valuable energy she might need at a more opportune moment, Robin concentrated instead upon trying to subdue the bubble of panic rising in her stomach by breathing deeply through her nostrils and focusing upon the treeline directly in front of her. Although she was incapable of looking around at all of her surroundings, Robin was pretty sure that this was not the same clearing that they had all been taken to the previous day.


The last thing she remembered was kneeling by the side of that frightening mountain man called Bart, while watching poor Dexy crawl naked around the floor, her body cruelly punctured by dozens of fishhooks. In between forcing Robin to suck on his thick, rancid cock, Bart had insisted on pouring several jars of moonshine down Robin’s throat. She wasn’t a drinker by any means, and it had only been a matter of time before the powerful liquor had gotten the better of her. At some point during the madness, she had obviously passed out, and now here she was, naked and incapacitated, and with a hangover from hell!


As the sun rose higher in the sky, Robin turned her attention, as best she could, to what might have become of the others. She had no way of knowing how far she had been transported the previous night, and for all she knew, she could be miles away from them by now, although she didn’t think that likely.


Dexy was the last one of her friends she had laid eyes on, and it was a painful image to recall. The poor woman had been forced to exercise to the point of exhaustion in front of those leering hillbillies, before being made to perform that excruciatingly embarrassing squealing pig impression! The fact that Dexy taught an aerobics class back in the city seemed to add insult to her emotional injury. Even so, that would have been nothing in comparison to the physical pain the buxom redhead had been forced to endure later on, when Ray and Uncle Wilbur had systematically inserted the fishhooks into the most sensitive areas of her body!


Robin’s last glimpse of Candice had been just before she and Dexy had been manhandled inside the cabin. Their de facto leader had spent the duration of Dexy’s exercise ordeal trussed up on the muddy ground in just her vest and briefs, with her wrists and ankles bound awkwardly together behind her back. And what about Jasmine, the beautiful blonde teenager who had foolishly tried to escape? After Candice had saved her younger sister’s life by disrupting Jess’s rifle shot, they had all watched in horror as Bart had dragged Jasmine off by her hair towards a small outhouse. Was she still inside there? Or had they merely finished her off out of sight? Robin emitted a gargled sob from the back of her throat as she tried to banish that awful possibility from her mind.


Wherever they all were right now, it was clear that these madmen had no intention of letting them go. Ray had said as much, hadn’t he? It still seemed beyond belief that they were all going to be kept as wives! And yet Dexy had already been taken by the toothless old Uncle Wilbur, and Ray appeared to be saving Candice for himself. That left his cousin Jess and that skinny boy Junior to fight over Jasmine—maybe even share her?—while Bart had apparently laid claim to Robin. She let out another involuntary wail of misery at the prospect of spending months, perhaps years, living in sexual servitude to that hairy giant of a man.


And that miserable thought raised the question of why had she been left alone out here, instead of being subjected to the endless rapes that she had been bracing herself for. Was this part of some sadistic training ritual, designed to break her spirit? She recalled now, with some regret, how she had displayed her feisty nature on first encountering Ray and Jess back on the trail. Well, whatever they had planned for her, as fearful as she was, Robin resolved not to let herself down by giving in without a fight!


Her convoluted thoughts were interrupted by the squeak of rusty door hinges, and a moment later the bearded figure of Bart loomed in front of her. A new wave of terror surged through her and a spontaneous mewl emanated from the back of her yawning throat. Bart watched her for a few seconds, his dark, unsmiling eyes roaming up and down her secured, naked body. The fact that Robin had already been forced to perform fellatio on this disgusting man several times the previous evening, did nothing to diminish the self-consciousness she felt right now. And it got even worse a moment later when she heard Ray’s unmistakable voice off to one side. “Well, it looks like our nigger bitch is wide awake, bright and early!”


As the apparent headman of this depraved mountain village appeared in her field of vision, Robin looked away, her inability to close her mouth somehow exacerbating her sense of vulnerability. The two men studied her at their leisure a little while longer before Ray said, “Well, let’s get her in the hole. We’ve got hunting to do.”




Robin’s heart began to beat a little harder as Bart crouched at her shackled feet. She heard a sliding sound followed by a thud, and was then immediately overwhelmed by a vile stench that wafted up from below. Against her better judgment, Robin craned her neck forward, and although her limited view was mostly obscured by her breasts, she could make out a circular opening in the grass a few inches in front of her dangling feet.


Dear God! They’re going to put me in there? What is that terrible smell? It smells like—shit!


Careful now, Bart,” Ray said. “Looks like she’s getting ready to piss herself!”


And sure enough, to her chagrin, Robin could feel a little dribble of urine trickling down the inside of her thigh. Bart straightened up, gave her a sneering grin, and then moved off to one side. With mounting dread, Robin now heard a metallic cranking sound and her entire body rose up off the ground. She swung helplessly for a moment, and when the cranking noise started again, she slowly began to descend into the reeking hole. Galvanized with fear, Robin attempted to kick her feet, but the chain attached to her ankles was way too heavy. A moment later, she felt her bare toes make contact with a cold, glutinous fluid—and Robin began to struggle against her bonds in earnest.


Nangh! Nng! Gargh!”


Oh please, don’t do this! She screamed in her head. You can’t drown me in a fucking cesspit!


Don’t understand a word you’re saying, honey,” Ray mocked. “And I thought you were a college educated girl!”


Inch by inch, Bart lowered her secured body, as first her feet and then her shins disappeared into the thick, stinking goo. With lateral movement impossible, Robin started jerking her head up and down, a thin bay of revulsion issuing from her open mouth. Disgusted at the sensation of the thick muck between her toes, she twisted her waist in a last frantic attempt to escape the inevitable.


Just look at her!” Ray laughed. “She really don’t want to go in there, does she?”


She’ll get used to it, in time,” Bart growled.


In time? Dear God! How long are they planning on keeping me in there?


She was submerged up to her navel now, and unable to feel anything solid under her feet, Robin had no way of ascertaining just how deep the pit was. Her fevered mind again considered the possibility that they actually intended to drown her in fecal matter! This was so wrong! She was a good woman. She had worked hard in life! Surely it couldn’t all just end like this? What a dishonorable way to go!


As the slimy surface made contact with the undersides of her breasts, Robin’s bladder gave out, and she closed her eyes in shame as she added to the human waste that was swallowing her. When she opened them again, she could no longer see the jeans-clad legs of her two tormentors, her head having sunk below the rim of the pit. The stench was breathtaking now, and she retched several times in succession, her eyes blinded by tears.


As the cool, clinging muck rose up to her neck, she raised her chin in utter disgust. Now she understood why her mouth had been wedged open! A couple more inches and the surface layer of shit was about to pour unimpeded over her lower lip! She retched again, drew her neck back as far as possible—and then her feet unexpectedly hit terra firma.


Oh, thank God! They’re not going to drown me after all!


Her elation was short-lived however, as she blinked away the tears and took in her underground surroundings. With her head tilted back, she ascertained that she was a foot or so beneath the earth’s surface. She swiveled her eyes forward, and directly in front of her face was the open end of a blue pipe. That definitely did not bode well.


With her bare feet just touching firmer earth, Robin quickly determined that she needed to stay on her toes with her face slightly inclined in order to prevent the skin of brown sludge from flooding into her gaping mouth. If she was going to have to spend any length of time down here, as she now figured she most likely would, then that might end up becoming no easy feat!


The two rednecks’ faces appeared in the circle of blue sky above her, and as much as she resented having to look up into their eyes, the prospect of lowering her chin and taking in a mouthful of human waste was simply not an option. She retched again as she thought of the bacteria and parasites that were dwelling inside the pit with her. If she failed in her battle to keep her face above the watery crap, she knew that she would risk exposure to any number of diseases!


Just look at you now! Fancy city girl bathing in shit like a black pig!” Ray sneered.


With the harness preventing her from turning her head to either side, Robin shut her eyes tight to spare herself of the sight of his pitiless expression.


Oh, you may well close those angry eyes,” Ray said. “But Bart has made sure that big mouth of yours will remain wide open! And it really is one big mouth, ain’t that so, Bart?”


Fuck yeah!” Bart chuckled. “Took all of my seven inches!”


Robin gagged again, the stench of the pit still tormenting her nostrils as she involuntarily recalled the image of Bart’s thick, white cock. He was right. In her terror, she had indeed taken it right up to the back of her throat like a street whore. She couldn’t imagine what her circle of friends at home would say if they ever found out about that—a respectable member of an urban African-American community deep-throating an uneducated, white trash country hick! Perish the thought!


Now I expect you’re waiting for me to tell you why we’ve dropped you into that stinking hole,” Ray said. “You’re probably wondering if you did something wrong. Perhaps you didn’t please Bart enough with your nigger mouth? Or maybe this could be your punishment for sassing me back on the trail?”


Robin opened her eyes and forced herself to look up at his hateful face. Of course she wanted to know why she was in here! At least then she might have a starting point from which to prevent it from happening again. If she was ever going to figure out how to escape from this evil place, it certainly wasn’t going to happen down in a filthy cesspit!


Sad fact is, though, there is no reason,” Ray said. “We just figured that you belong down there. Now your friends are all serving their new husbands by cooking, cleaning, and well, you know, just performing. But you’re not even worthy of being a mountain man’s wife. You’re the wrong damn color, for starters! So you’ll just have to stay in there until we can figure out what to do with you.”


For all the physical assaults on her senses right now, Robin was actually paying close attention to this sick man’s words. And if she had just heard him right, as a black woman, they didn’t even consider her worthy of being an impoverished mountain man’s sex slave! As degrading as that was, it led her back to the dreaded question—did that mean they were planning on eventually killing her after all?


She desperately needed to ask him that, but or course she had been turned her into an open-mouthed statue, buried up to her neck in human crap! She couldn’t talk, move her arms and legs, or even shake her head! She was utterly useless!


I don’t know about you Bart,” Ray said. “But I can’t take this stink anymore.”

“Me either,” Bart said. “Let’s get her covered up.”

As the two heads disappeared, Robin involuntarily broke wind into the soup of excrement she was immersed in, the bubble popping on the surface behind her. But she was too terrified to worry about those kind of niceties right now.


Don’t go! Tell me how I can be a good slave! You can’t leave me alone down here!


Yet without any further comment from above, Robin watched in horror as Bart slid the wooden lid back into place with a solid thump, and her world was suddenly plunged into darkness.






How much time had passed since she had been left alone in the pit, Robin could only guess at. She had spent the whole time focusing on keeping up on her toes so that her lower jaw didn’t slip below the viscous veneer of poop. She had taken a modicum of comfort from the ambient light that had found its way through the wooden lid. She wasn’t in total darkness, thank the Lord! That might just have sent her insane! As her eyes had grown accustomed to the gloom, she had been able to distinguish the circular wall of the pit above the sloshing muck that she was immersed in. She could also make out the round aperture of the pipe directly in front of her face—and that was what held all of her attention right now.


At first, it was nothing more than a distant subterranean rumbling sound that had alerted her. Then the movement of the pipe had caught her eye. Being extremely careful not to lower her aching neck too far, Robin now watched with growing consternation as the plastic began to vibrate in front of her.


The rumble intensified, sounding now more like a rush, and as the pipe trembled more violently, she suddenly anticipated what was about to occur. Emitting a gargled scream, she tip-toed backward, but only managed to move a couple of inches before bumping against the back of the hole. Frantically, she shimmied to her right, her shoulder bouncing against the dirt wall, but there was simply no room to maneuver her face away from that wretched pipe!


She craned her neck back as far as it would go, and saw that the that ropes suspending her exited through a cut-out in the wooden lid. In desperation, she attempted to jerk her head from side to side, but the wooden device holding her from behind was vice-like and unmovable.


The rush had by now built to a crescendo, and Robin could only brace herself in despair as she finally comprehended why they had restrained her this way. Her open mouth, the lack of lateral head movement, the positioning of the pipe—all had apparently been engineered with malicious precision. Now all she could do was wait for the inevitable.


Panting uncontrollably, Robin’s eyes grew wide with horror as she saw the brown discharge pouring out of the opening. Within seconds it had turned into a powerful gush, and before she had time to blink, her entire face was covered in warm, slimy shit that filled her eyes, nostrils, and inevitably her cavernous mouth!


For an eternal moment, she could neither see, hear, nor breath, and a bolt of panic shot through her entire body. She jerked against her bonds, coughed, snorted, and jerked her head violently up and down. It took several more seconds before she realized she was breathing through her nostrils again, but with that came the revolting sensation of muculent goop sloshing around her mouth. She could smell it and taste it, and now the retching came in earnest.


This cannot be happening! I have shit in my mouth! Human shit! Their shit! It’s all over me! Everywhere! Every inch of my body, in my hair, inside every orifice! Oh, no, no! You disgusting bastards!


Just the idea that she was wallowing naked in a mixture of other peoples’ dissolved feces sparked another bout of hysteria, and Robin writhed and twisted against her bonds, but all to no avail. Tiring quickly, she eventually stilled her body and focused instead upon trying to eject the brown filth from her mouth. She was still gasping and she had to take care that she didn’t choke on the revolting stuff! The problem was, with her jaws pried apart, it was as much as she could do not to swallow any of it as well!


The next half an hour was a supreme test of Robin’s self control. Her natural instinct of course, was to fight and scream her way out of that putrid hole, but doing so merely stirred up more of the shitty water around her. It was a painful and difficult learning process, but eventually Robin forced herself to remain motionless and allow the surface to settle. Her open mouth remained half full of the vile liquid feces however, and so her bodily actions were limited to pushing as much of it out as she could with her tongue.


The minutes ticked by, and the day above grew hotter. The crap that had covered her head began to dry, turning into a thin hard crust. She could feel it in the corners of her eyes, inside her nostrils, and caking over her stretched lips. She tried to convince herself that it was only mud, and not the product of other peoples’ bowels, but that didn’t work. God, how she wanted to take a shower right now!


After much sustained effort, Robin succeeded in flicking most of the shit out of her mouth. The problem now was that her calves were beginning to ache after standing on her toes for so long, and she began to feel stabbing pains in the back of her neck. Miserably she understood that this too, had to be part of their meticulously planned design. She had a choice. She could suffer the pain, or lower her feet and head—which would mean taking in another mouthful of human waste! The cruelest part was that the sick fuckers were leaving the onus upon her whether or not to allow the awful sludge inside her mouth! And to think she had earlier written them off as a bunch of stupid rednecks! More tears sprang to her eyes, and these ones were not caused by her sporadic retching. Robin angrily blinked them away—she had always been a fighter, and she would damn well hold her head up for as long as she was able!






She kept a rough track of time by watching the thin bars of sunlight moving around the damp mud walls of the pit. She knew she had been down there for hours, but how many she could only guess at. The pain in her calves and neck had long since become intolerable, and so after a long internal argument, she had been forced to make a compromise with herself.


As much as it disgusted her to her very soul, she had no option other than to lower her feet for a minute or so—and subsequently the rest of her body—before standing back up on her toes to get her mouth out the swill. This of course meant that the almost blissful relief she felt in her leg and neck muscles when resting, was offset by the nauseating sensation of liquefied shit rushing into her open mouth. A new round of spontaneous retching would immediately result, and she would thrash around with her tongue in a futile attempt to eject the putrid scum, but because the surface level was about an inch higher than her chin, this would be a waste of time until she lifted her aching body back up higher again.


Eventually, sheer exhaustion took over, and she miserably resigned herself to standing with a mouth half filled with macerated excrement. Astonishingly, after a while, she realized she had stopped retching, and by breathing through her nose, she managed to avoid choking on the shit. Although this eliminated much of the physical torture, her anguished mind now went into overdrive. She was also becoming a little worried that the smell was no longer as offensive as when she had first been dropped in here. She recalled Bart’s remark that she would eventually get used to be covered in human shit.


God forbid!


The sheer injustice of what they were doing to her almost drove her over the edge with fury. Robin was an educated woman, not a subterranean organism feeding off human waste! How the fuck dare they! Then, just as her outrage threatened to consume her completely, she heard the telltale far off rumble as the dreaded plastic pipe started to quiver in front of her face again.


Oh, please no. Not again!


As she stared wide-eyed at the shuddering plastic opening, it occurred to her now that she had probably been deposited in a communal cesspit that served all of the cabins. This would mean that whenever any of them flushed, their stinking waste matter would flow through the rudimentary plumbing system directly into her face! And this could easily occur dozens of times before they finally freed her!


Unable to turn her head, she frantically tried to bite down on the wooden rods holding her jaws apart. She couldn’t do anything about being splattered in the face, but if she could just break the homemade gag, at least she wouldn’t have to suffer the disgrace of taking yet another mouthful of sewage on board. As the telltale surging noise increased in volume, she squeezed her aching jaws together as hard as she possibly could, but even as her head felt like it was going to split apart, the infernal gag held firm! With a whimper of despair, she jerked back against the mud wall of the pit as the brown slime erupted towards her. Her mouth was instantly filled with putrid muck as once more, her entire head was coated with liquefied poop! Robin screamed like a madwoman inside her head as human excrement again clogged her nostrils, eyes and mouth!


The stinking deluge abated almost as quickly as it had arrived, leaving Robin retching and coughing up the shit-water swilling around her tongue and teeth. She was desperate to get it out of there, but with the gag making it impossible for her to spit, she was doomed to either leave the crap where it had settled or swallow it! Tears of rage filled her eyes as she gagged and heaved again and again. This simply couldn’t be happening!


As the latest discharge of shit began to harden on her face and in her hair, the pit gradually darkened, and Robin’s feverish mind turned over the nightmarish events of the past forty-eight hours. It really didn’t seem that long ago since she, Candice, Dexy and Jasmine had been hiking along a marked trail in a national park, secure in the knowledge that they would all be tucked up in a clean bed by the end of the day. How that had all changed when they had encountered those two vile hillbillies, Ray and Jess!


They had been stripped, forced to march for miles off course, and then taken by boat to God knew where, deep in the mountains. Ray had laughed when Robin had said they would be rescued soon. Undoubtedly their families and friends would already be getting concerned that none of them had made contact for so long, but they would surely be considering the possibility of an accident rather than abduction at this point. And what if Ray and his cronies had left false evidence out there in order to point any rescue parties in the wrong direction? After all, they had confiscated their backpacks and everything they had been carrying, so it was entirely possible that could have been part of their plan.


Her convoluted thoughts fast-forwarded to today’s appalling events. After the depraved party in the cabin the previous night where Dexy had been so horribly tortured with fish hooks, and Robin had repeatedly been forced to perform fellatio on Bart, she had been convinced that a long night of rape was sure to follow. How wrong she had been. Standing up to her nose in human excrement had not even remotely factored into her reckoning!


As night began to fall, and there were no signs of activity above ground, Robin was left with nothing to do but stare at the darkening outline of the pipe, and think. When were they going to come back for her? Ray had said she would stay down here until they had decided upon her fate. When was that going to be? In spite of her own horrible circumstances, she still couldn’t help wondering what was happening to Jasmine, Candice and Dexy right now.


During the dark night, she periodically tested her bonds, but any movements she made caused the pool of shit water in her mouth to swill around, which would result in more uncontrollable gagging. As her deep misery started to get the better of her, Robin found herself longing for anyone to come—even one of the crazy mountain men. They could do with her whatever they wanted up there. Anything had to be better than this! Feeling lonely and abandoned, Robin let out a moan of desolation that only emerged as a low shitty gurgle.


Then she heard that now-familiar distant rumble reverberating down the pipe.


Shit! Literally!


Somewhere among the network of cabins, somebody had flushed their latrine. It could have been Bart, or Ray, or Uncle Wilbur, or maybe even one of her own friends. It didn’t matter who. Very soon, Robin’s head was going to be coated with another layer of wet, smelly poop. As utterly wretched as she felt right now, Robin couldn’t help letting out a mirthless, strangled laugh—because tonight she really was in deep shit!





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