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Behind The Barred Window

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Update and New Free Story Chapter

29 September 2017


Hi there,


Just a little update to let you know what I've been doing recently – a lot of writing, in fact!


First off, 'Alisha Goes Back to Work' is turning into something much larger than I had originally intended, and I have decided to make it a full length novel to be published in the Twisted Needs area of my website (no publisher's restrictions on content there!)


I have also been developing a FemDom story which I hope Pink Flamingo Media will publish. This one is right out of left field for me, but I am finding it quite intriguing to explore how the shoe fits the other foot, so to speak.


So, simultaneously writing two completely different types of story has been a challenge, and very time consuming. They are both still a way off completion, but it won't benefit anyone if I rush them and put out sub-standard work.


That said, I have received a number of emails asking when I am going to produce something new, so to keep everyone interested, I am revisiting the free stories that I started a couple of years back. I will only be updating them chapter by chapter, but will endeavor to put something out every two to four weeks.


And I'm kicking off with 'Welcome to Redneck Country'. Please click the image below or just go to my website to read it for free.


Hope you enjoy it, and thanks for your patience,



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  • Vanessa (Saturday, September 30 17 03:36 pm EDT)

    Thank you, Lorenzo! The updates about what will be forthcoming with Alisha and your new femdom venture excite me with anticipation. The new chapter of Welcome to Redneck Country is awfully arousing. Thanks so much for the new shit!

  • Loeman (Saturday, September 30 17 05:59 pm EDT)

    Very much looking forward to the next continuation of Alisha, however long it takes, and extra excited with the hint of 'no holds barred'.

    Excellent work on Robin. Its nice that she's adjusting so well, we all have to make the best of our circumstances.

    And who knows? Maybe she will learn to lift herself up the right way - by her own bootstraps.

    Or, uh, whatever her feet are strapped in.

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Lily the TrimShave Girl

12 March 2017


Wandering through the bathroom section of a department store recently, I encountered a display hot-tub half-filled with cold water, and standing nearby, a bored-looking salesgirl holding a few brochures. I discreetly observed her pale, almost schoolgirlish face framed by shoulder-length black hair, and her slender body, hidden under a baggy white t-shirt and red sweat pants. She was probably a college kid, earning a few bucks at the weekend, and she seemed oblivious to my presence as I covertly checked out her tight little ass.


Fully sympathizing with her lack of interest in the empty corner of the store, I found myself wondering how much busier it might have been had she been wearing a bikini, actually sitting in the hot tub! And what if she was in there against her will? Perhaps her angry boss had ordered her to show off her body as a punishment for her poor sales performance.


As I left the store, my filthy imagination began to kick in, and I tried to picture the look of shame on her cute face as a crowd of eager shoppers gathered around to watch her soaping her wet body.


By the time I got home, I had visualized an entire fantasy in which the wretched girl is forced to advertise more and more store products in increasingly humiliating ways in front of the general public. What a delightfully titillating scenario!


So I came up with a name that seemed to fit this petite girl perfectly, and then added a set of circumstances whereby she would be at the mercy of a cruelly perverted store owner, set in a town populated by lecherous old men, jealous housewives, and horny teenagers:


Lily Drew is innocent, but nobody will believe her!


Convicted of a crime she didn’t commit, Lily is spared from serving jail time if she agrees to undertake two years of ‘supervised employment’ at a local department store. For sweet Lily, this sounds like a far better alternative than being locked up. Unfortunately for her, the owner of the store, Vic Benny, is not only an unscrupulous and ruthless individual, but also harbors unusually depraved sexual fantasies – and if Lily thinks her prayers have been answered by this arrangement, then Vic is about to ascend to a pervert’s heaven!


This 55,000 word novel includes the usual ingredients of a Lorenzo Marks non-consensual sex fantasy – voyeurism, public stripping, shaving, and forced exercise, to name just a few – focusing on the public humiliation of a timid young girl in front of an unsympathetic and lecherous audience made up from her very own community!


Click the image to read the first two chapters for free.





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  • simon (Sunday, March 12 17 05:12 am EDT)

    Another fine tale of humiliation and degradation of a poor innocent. I'm looking forward to your novel and updates of the unfinished stories.

  • Vanessa (Saturday, March 25 17 09:43 am EDT)

    The plight of Lily the TrimShave Girl was yet another wonderfully crafted tale by Lorenzo, and stirred by own twisted need to find out what happens to Alisha after she leaves the farm and returns to work at the firm. I'm hoping Lorenzo will let us know soon.

  • Boby (Friday, September 01 17 09:08 am EDT)

    Can u please continue with the principle wife and the repayment plan, both great stories and no updates for ages

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Alisha Part Four and Twisted Needs

5 November 2016


Hi again! Thanks for your patience!


The fourth and final part of ‘Alisha is Sent to the Farm’is now available.  To access the story, newsletter subscribers can go to the relevant Free

Stories page and enter the Free Stories master password. (This is also the same one you received for ‘The Principal’s Wife). If you are not yet a subscriber, then please sign up (the form is on the home page) and I will send you the password!




“Final, did you say?”


Yes, but fear not. Alisha’s trials and tribulations back in the city can be followed in my new and upcoming membership area:



The majority of my new work as well as continuations of current stories, will start appearing in this exclusive paid membership area too. It won’t  be expensive, but by signing up, you will have access to new material that will not be available anywhere else on the internet. I will still be posting up teasers and opening chapters for free, but ‘needs must’ as they say, so all the really juicy stuff will be found here.


Details to follow. Look forward to seeing you there!


While we are on the subject of money, below is the link to my new Patreon account. Patreon is a crowdfunding platform for artists, musicians, writers, video makers, gamers, street performers, you name it. The idea is to help financially support your favorite creators in order to allow them more time and resources to create more and better work for their fans to enjoy. Sounds like a win-win situation to me!


Anyway, I am still building my creator page, and I am working on a little promo video for it, but I have already received my first pledge (thank you, Frank!)  It is still early days but I would be grateful if you take a look when you have the time.


As always, I hope you enjoy reading about Alisha’s latest humiliations!


Happy perving!



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  • Loeman (Tuesday, March 21 17 12:02 am EDT)

    This is the best of the best. I was directed to it on Literotica and it has become my favorite erotic work.

    I'm very excited for more, for adventures as dark and deep... Or even darker and deeper. For more Alisha and those that have become companions to her adventure.

    Thank you for doing what you do so, so well.

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Back on the Island!

26 August 2016 


So here I am, finally relocated on the island with the crystal clear ocean waves lapping just a few feet away from my front door! I have moved on from the trauma, eliminated all the mental clutter, and now it's time to deliver. (Yeah, yeah, I hear you say, promises, promises...)


Well, it hasn't been easy, but the creative juices are beginning to flow again, so here is the long awaited Part Nine of Annabel and Mr. Nash. I hope it works for you, and I really do appreciate your patience and loyalty. No passwords required this time because this episode will soon be out on the Literotica site anyway.


Stay tuned for more dirty stories, and as always, comments, suggestions, and criticisms, are all gratefully received.






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  • Polly Jones (Wednesday, October 05 16 07:19 am EDT)

    How do I obtain a password for the stories on your site?

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11 June 2016.


I have been receiving a number of e-mails from fans wondering when I am going to put out more stories - understandably so, given the length of time since my last offering.


I just wanted to reassure everybody that I am still writing, and I am currently working on my latest novel along with the next installment of Annabel and Mr. Nash.


Unfortunately, with everything going on, writing time has (again) been frustratingly limited recently. The good news is that I shall soon be returning to the tropical island life, and my new part-time day job will free up much needed downtime that I can devote to my tales of depravity. So, all things being equal, output should increase over the remainder of the year.


I have plenty of new ideas too, and I have just finished the cover art for a new story based loosely upon the movie 'Sweetwater' where January Jones plays a young widow who takes revenge upon an entire wild west town, and in particular, a local corrupt and evil religious leader who murdered her husband and then raped her in her own home....



It doesn't take a lot of imagination to see where I plan to go with that, and unfortunately for the female protagonist in my own story, she won't be getting away from her 'religious training' quite so easily!


Meanwhile, Annabel has already started her own training as a lowly chamber maid in a house full of sadistic perverts. I am already well in to that one, so stay tuned! And I haven't forgotten about Alisha or the rest of my unfortunate leading ladies either!


Just wanted to let you all know that I am still alive and kicking and that I am presently rearranging my lifestyle so that I can focus more fully on my stories. By the way, those of you who have signed up for my newsletter will be notified automatically whenever I publish a new story or episode. So if you haven't signed up yet, please do so!





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  • Maury (Wednesday, July 26 17 01:51 pm EDT)

    thank you for all the work! I like the idea of the eventual return of annabell to Nash. I see her signing over power of atty to him. Then he would move everyone to the estate where she would be the lowest member of the household. I see Nash making her available to Bobby, which she of course will love and then using her information and Bobby's cooperation to ensnare Helen. I can see Annabelle kept in her home place nude and in restraints, hooded and plugged at times and under Nash's control. I find that relationship more erotic than any other I've seen in the series. One way to help ensnare helen might be to make her dependent on the pleasure that comes with dominating Annabelle. you probably already thought of this. I caught a hint or two.

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Out of the ashes...

Posted: 28, January, 2016

Hi everyone, a new year and a fresh start! The dark clouds are parting and I see a light at the end of the tunnel – and more importantly, I’ve got my mojo back!


Now that a bleak chapter in my life appears to be over, it’s time to start writing new chapters for your favorite tales of sexual perversion. As I mentioned in my first blog on 4 September last year, I’ve set up an e-mail newsletter which I hope you will sign up for. All story updates and any other news will then be sent directly to your inbox as they transpire.


I’m kicking off the New Year with the second part of ‘The Principal’s Wife’ (chapters 6-11). In order to entice you to sign up for my newsletter, I’ve protected this installment, but as soon as you have signed up, I will send you the password. It is still free of charge but I am keen to see who is out there and what the general interest is. I hope this isn’t too much of an imposition for you.


If you do decide to sign up, please note that I am maintaining this site by myself, so there might be some initial teething problems. If something doesn’t work right, please send me an e-mail so that I can fix it!


Now that I am getting my nose to the grindstone again, all ongoing projects will be updated on a rotational basis (I know some of you have your own personal favorites but please be patient – there is only one of me!)


Apart from the free stories and future novels at Pink Flamingo, I also plan to start adding some story serials and novellas for sale on my website. I haven’t decided whether to create a members area or just add them on a pay as you go basis, but these tales will be darker and dirtier than I am normally allowed to publish on other sites, and will also be exclusive to customers on my e-mail listing. And if anybody has any suggestions regarding character type or storylines, I would be delighted to hear them.


Lot’s of plans and much to do, so I’d better get writing! Wishing you all (belatedly) a happy and prosperous 2016!




Sign up for my newsletter here:

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  • Walter Jack Crawford (Friday, January 29 16 02:15 pm EST)

    Hi Lorenzo
    Great to have you back!
    Re: the password for The Principal's Wife 6-11.
    I copied it down, but how do I use the password? A silly question mayhaps, but I am a silly person at times.
    Anyway, delighted that you're writing again, as i'm beginning to get withdrawal symptoms. No one out there can write quite like you. And I for one, would be happy to pay for your stories. The darker,
    dirtier and more humiliating the better!
    In my search for good material that would appeal to me, I have bought some dross before, but you're writing is absolute quality.
    All the best.

  • frankflares (Friday, January 29 16 02:25 pm EST)

    No comments

  • Lorenzo (Friday, January 29 16 05:04 pm EST)

    Hi everyone. It should have been automated, but I messed it up! I will e-mail everyone the password individually until I figure it out. Meanwhile, just click on the story page and enter the password
    I sent you into the box! Sorry... early days!

  • Lorenzo (Friday, January 29 16 05:06 pm EST)

    To make it easy, just click on the picture of Mrs. Lambert above and that will take you to the relevant page!

  • Vanessa (Friday, January 29 16 06:53 pm EST)

    Welcome back, Lorenzo! And such a marvelous return with a new series of chapters to the free story, "The Principal's Wife." The poor woman's humiliating torment has been taken to new levels. I marvel
    at the machinations of your devious imagination, along with your skill in describing the torments and the emotional turmoil of the hapless characters compelled to endure them. Thank you for sharing
    your creative gifts with us again.

  • Lorenzo (Saturday, January 30 16 12:27 am EST)

    Thank you, Vanessa - it's good to be back!

  • Sam (Monday, February 01 16 10:48 pm EST)

    Hi there, how do you get the password? I sign up for the email and it sent me an email for the newsletters but I haven't received an email with the password yet... Excuse my run or sentence. :P

  • Frank (Monday, February 01 16 11:38 pm EST)

    Great stuff, how often will updates be posted?

  • Lorenzo (Tuesday, February 02 16 10:27 pm EST)

    Hi Sam and Frank! As I mentioned above, I have sent you the password in a separate e-mail. Please let me know if you did not receive it yet. Updates will be posted as quickly as I am able to without
    degrading the quality of my work. Again, all comments, suggestions and story ideas are most welcome!

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Posted: 11 November 2015

I received a gentle nudge from my number one fan yesterday, and I must apologize for not keeping up my weekly post. I am going through a turbulent time at the moment, and unfortunately my writing has taken a backseat because of it. I won't bore you with the details, and I am not a person to make excuses, but please be assured that I am pushing on when I can. Future posts may not come as regularly for the time being, but I fully intend to keep them up. The same goes for all my stories and my latest novel. Thank you for your patience and please keep checking back.



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  • Walter J Crawford (Friday, December 18 15 03:58 pm EST)

    Hi Lorenzo
    Hope you are well. Whilst browsing through BDSM Library of which i'd thought i'd already read just about everything of interest, I chanced upon Grace's Hard Lessons 1 and 2. by Toxic Avenger. It's
    very good indeed, and in some ways reminiscent of Kristin's Demotion.
    I know you're going through a turbulent time, though I hope everything works out, whatever the problems may be.

    All The Best


  • http://anarchia-online.historiaroja.pl (Monday, February 22 16 10:28 pm EST)

    I truly love your website.. Excellent colors & theme.
    Did you make this amazing site yourself? Please reply back as I'm trying to create my own website and would like to know where you got
    this from or exactly what the theme is named.

  • Lorenzo (Wednesday, February 24 16 12:39 am EST)

    Hi! The site is hosted by 1&1 and it is really easy to use 'paint-by-numbers stuff' - even for a non-techie like myself! I can't remember what the name of this layout is, but there is a wide
    selection to choose from.

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Forced Regression

Posted: Friday 23 October, 2015

This little piece was inpsired by a nice little video clip on Garth Toytanen's Blog under the heading 'Medicalised Discipline and Control Within the Home, and posted on 13 October. The clip itself is called Nurse Helena Job Search Part 01 and although the dialogue is in French, it's not hard to get the gist of what's going on!


Click on this link Forced Regression to read my own take on this titillating fetish!





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  • Vanessa (Saturday, October 24 15 07:38 am EDT)

    Another subgenre that could use your authorial skills and cruel imagination Lorenzo. So many of other Adult Baby stories are cookie-cutter and vanilla in character and plot, utterly tame and lame,
    along with being white-bread in race-ethnicity. Vanilla and white bread cookies? Yuck! With so little quality writing in this subgenre, you could really make your mark Lorenzo. ;)

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The Art of Joseph Farrel

Posted: Friday 16 October, 2015

As well as writing about sexual bondage and humiliation, I have also started learning digital art to illustrate my stories, and I occasionally spend time browsing the internet so that I can study the work of the experts, specifically in the world of BDSM artwork. There are thousands of amazing renders out there, many of them so realistic that they could easily pass for photographs of actual people, and my hope is to one day accumulate the skills necessary to render lifelike images of my own damsels in distress.


During my wanderings through cyberspace, I have also encountered some wonderful BDSM sketches and paintings, many of which were created years before the advent of digital art technology. The great advantage of artwork - be it digitally rendered or hand drawn or painted - is that the artist has the latitude to create wildly exaggerated BDSM scenarios that would be impossible to replicate with live models.


There are plenty of masters out there, past and present, who have dazzled me with their depictions of female pain and humiliation, but my favorite has to be the late Joseph Farrel, whose work seems to pop up on nearly every BDSM artwork website.


I haven’t been able to learn much about the man himself, other than that he was a Frenchman who produced his work in the Sixties and Seventies. The majority of his scenes involve violence and extreme torture, but there are also many that depict a hapless lady (or more) in a state of undress and exposing her body to a group of leering onlookers. Farrel’s attention to detail is quite remarkable, and he takes a lot of trouble to ensure that the woman’s face is suitably contorted into an expression of shame and humiliation, while her tormentors are laughing in delight at her misery. The victims are usually well-bred ladies who are forced to degrade themselves in front of low-class people, which  makes their anguish all the more titillating, especially as they look as though they are performing in front of employees or other folk that they had previously looked down upon. My readers know that this is exactly the style of psychological humiliation that I try to capture with words, and Farrel does this so beautifully with his finely crafted drawings.


Although most of his female captives are attractive, not all are young – indeed Farrel seems to have a preference for the abuse of refined and mature ladies – and he chooses not to give them all perfect hour-glass figures. Far from it in fact, as his women come in a variety of shapes and sizes just as they do in the real world. I am also intrigued by the artist’s fascination with enforced body modification, particularly breast enlargement and disfiguration, as well as swollen bellies through giant enemas or forced pregnancy.


As far as I can ascertain, there are no full-length stories featuring Farrel’s work, and each picture stands alone telling a story within itself. Certainly, all that is required is a vivid and dirty imagination, and there is enough packed into each drawing to inspire a multitude of story ideas, and indeed a few vignettes and short stories based upon his pictures such as Dark Nupital by Surtea at  Understories have been posted around the net.


Below are some of my own personal favorites, but larger collections can be found at  ImageFap  FALart and  Mark Desadov's World or simply Google ‘Joseph Farrel Art’.

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  • Walter Jack Crawford (Friday, October 16 15 11:52 am EDT)

    Hi Lorenzo
    I Also love the work of Joseph Farrel. I particularly like the fact that the people in his art work seem to be having a great time at the expense of their 'victim'
    I managed to pick up a book of some of Mr. Farrel's artwork in Paris, quite a few tears ago. And thank you for your links regarding his art. There are quite a few images I hadn't seen. Another French
    artist I really admire is Georges Pichard. What is it about the French!? Well, the did have the divine Marquis I suppose.
    Another artist whose stuff I love is Hans Braun. Though I daresay, you may have seen some of his work.
    How is the writing coming along. Can't wait for more of your stuff. I must have exhausted just about everything else out there of interest to me. So much rubbish! Ah well, at least it's Friday!

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Inspiration From Hollywood 2: Deliverance (Part Two)

Posted: Friday 9 October 2015

Hi! Here's part two of 'Welcome to Redneck Country!' click here


There are no entries yet.
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Inspiration from Hollywood 2: Deliverance (Part One)

Posted: Friday 2 October 2015



The inspiration here is – predictably – the ‘squeal like a pig’ rape scene from the 1972 thriller, Deliverance, but I only took away a vague concept of a party of city slickers getting caught up with some gun-toting country locals, and there are many other movies (Wrong Turn (2003) and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003 release) spring immediately to mind) which could have triggered similar ideas. Also, as my sub-genre is ‘Maledom’, I have shifted gender for this fantasy, turning the unfortunate adventurers into a group of young women:


Click here to read 'Welcome to Redneck Country!'

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  • Vanessa (Friday, October 02 15 02:23 pm EDT)

    Another enticing slice, and great pics! Thanks, Lorenzo! Can't wait to find out who squeals.

  • Vanessa (Friday, October 09 15 09:56 am EDT)

    OMG, I LOVE this story! I desperately hope it continues. I have backpacked, camped, and taken day hikes with men, couples, and with just women, and I totally identify with this story ... especially
    so as an African American professional woman who has had her own encounters with white rednecks in rural and urban settings. I find this whole scenerio so scary and intensely arousing, like a
    nightmarish fantasy. Please continue it, Lorenzo!

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Behind The Barred Window

Posted: Friday, 25 September 2015

I am constantly scouring the internet in search of quality fiction within the realm of my own sub-genre – that is, non-consensual maledom, humiliation, and forced behavior modification –  however there doesn’t seem to be much out there that delves sufficiently into the mental and emotional mindsets of both the tormentor and the tormented that I feel is essential for setting the scene adequately. For me, the ‘what’ is almost secondary to the ‘who’ and the ‘why’, or put another way, if I am not given a sufficient introduction to the protagonists so that I know what they are feeling in every sense as their relationship unfolds, then I quickly lose interest in the story. Sadly, this is all too commonplace with much of the non-consensual/reluctance erotic literature available on the net.


So I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon Garth Toyntanen’s blog at www.toyntanen.blogspot.com. Garth’s work is a lot more fine-tuned than mine, focusing on the enforced institutionalization of pretty, shapely young women, usually under the supervision of strict matrons, guardians, or doctors who, under the guise of contrived medical or mental health care, seemingly voluntary psychological experiments, or unwarranted behavioral correction of ‘wayward’ girls, take great pleasure in meting out sadistic punishments to their wretched victims.


Needless to say, these ‘patients’, ‘volunteers’ or ‘offenders’ are always perfectly healthy, intelligent, well-adjusted young women, and the fact that their captors are deliberately regressing them whilst purporting to be ‘curing’ or ‘correcting’ them, makes their plight so deliciously unfair and unnecessary. To the uninformed observer, these girls would be what they appear to be – psychotic, delusional, mentally challenged, short-sighted, lisping, stuttering, incontinent, infantile social rejects that need constant attention, restraint, and above all, discipline, with only the girls and their captors knowing the truth of the matter.


What I like most about Garth’s work is that he gets inside the minds of his characters, so we can experience the gleefully cruel gratification derived by the persecutors, and the shame and anguish of their victims. Crucially, he keeps this up even as his physical descriptions become more graphic. Knowing what the hapless wenches are going through, their futile attempts at rebellion – mercilessly put down every time – and their growing confusion followed by the gradual acceptance of their dismal fate, all serve to heighten the thrill.


Their misery and despair is constantly reinforced by verbal reminders of their predicament, its total and irreversible permanence, and the fact that they will never go on to lead normal, fulfilling lives, never get married or have children, that their planned further education at college will never happen, as indeed their prior schooling will also be forgotten, never to be used again. They are staring at a long, bleak future of abject servitude because, they are constantly told, that is all they are worthy of, and in time they will come to believe it themselves.


Caning, spanking, enemas, body restraints, plain and ugly regulation haircuts, unflattering and uncomfortable uniforms, tedious and mind-numbingly repetitive chores, forced masturbation, drug-induced brainwashing involving mental regression and sexual reorientation all abound in these delightfully depraved tales.


I thoroughly enjoyed reading Garth’s novels, and if you are into the psychological aspects of the disciplining, humiliation, incarceration and exploitation of comely young women ( and if you enjoy reading my own stories, you must be!) then I highly recommend them as an entertaining and titillating read. Click on the book covers below for individual descriptions of Garth’s titles:

Apart from his novels, Garth posts regularly to his blog at www.toyntanen.blogspot.com and if you subscribe to his e-mail listing the posts will arrive  in your inbox, usually accompanied with decadently thought-provoking images such as the one below which I found particularly stimulating! There are also numerous links to like-minded blogs and websites that Garth has obviously spent years researching and gathering. Plenty of juicy material to peruse there!

But that’s not all there is to Garth Toyntanen’s ‘Institutionalized’ world. His original site, ‘The Institute’ www.theoriginalinstitute.com first created in 1996, is described by its author as ‘a work in progress and a labour of love’ and indeed it appears to be, and though I have yet to explore every page, I found plenty of images, artwork and texts pertaining to his beloved subject matter.


It’s worth mentioning here that Garth is also collaborating with the excellent period spanking and discipline artist Roger Benson, with a series of polls on his blog to promote Roger’s upcoming book as well as an annex site www.theoriginalinstitute.com/Benson showcasing his art and written work. There are some superb illustrated novellas available here, free of charge in PDF format, and well worth a read.


 Garth Toyntanen’s novels, blog and websites are testimony to the passion he feels for his lascivious themes, and as the author himself puts it: “If you are an aficionado of the imposition on vulnerable young ladies of strict discipline and humiliating uniforms by the judicial application of cane, tawse, riding crop, and by less orthodox psychological means – then this is the place for you!”





Discussion closed
  • Vanessa (Friday, September 25 15 07:10 pm EDT)

    Thank you Lorenzo for links to Garth's marvelous work and resources! The meticulously, sensuously detailed stories of the relentless physical, verbal, psycho-emotional torment, exploitation and
    devastation of these young women, and accompanying artwork, are a treasure!

Inspiration from Hollywood 1: Rampart (Part Two)

Posted: Friday, 18 September, 2015



Here’s part two of my fantasy inspired by a piece of dialogue from the 2011 movie Rampart: Click here



To be continued? A lot of possibilities now that they have Carmen at their beck and call. Weekly meetings, each getting more depraved than the last, perhaps? Maybe turning her into a drug addict and then using that as leverage to get her to perform ever more degrading acts? Something to think upon.


The next one in this series was inspired by a scene from the 1972 thriller ‘Deliverance’ – you can probably guess which one!




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  • Vanessa (Friday, September 18 15 05:32 pm EDT)

    Yes, please continue Rampart! As you say, a lot possibilities for what they do with Carmen, and what she is turned into. I am imagining a slew of them already ... On the other hand, "Deliverance" ...
    Hmm, well the most obvious scene is the fat guy getting ass-raped and being forced to squeal like a pig. That is quite veer from Rampart. Wow.

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Inspiration from Hollywood 1: Rampart (Part One)

Posted: Friday, 11 September 2015

One of the advantages of writing sex stories about domination and control is that it is a theme that pervades the very core of our society – which means that there are concepts for different scenarios everywhere I look. Every relationship, whether in marriage, the workplace, school or college, social interactions, sports, religion, government, in fact in any sphere of life, is based upon control in some way, shape or form, however subtle that it may appear to be.


Therefore, when I’m casting around for ideas, I don’t ever have to look too far. All it takes is a certain everyday situation that can be extrapolated in a sexual way, and although I obviously exaggerate my characters and their interrelationships, my fantasies probably wouldn’t be too far off what might really happen if it weren’t for social taboos (and often the law) getting in the way!


Everybody has sexual fantasies, whether they are willing to admit it or not, and many of them are stimulated by their day to day experiences, which in the case of my Maledom and Humiliation sub-genre might include the hot secretary at work, the bespectacled female doctor, the upwardly mobile businesswoman, the ditsy soap actress, the macho policewoman, the aggressive lawyer, the strict teacher, the lonely housewife, the insolent babysitter, the hardbody female athlete – the list goes on.


As I have a rather vivid – and dirty – imagination, I find myself constantly looking at life from this angle (sorry, I can’t help myself) and one of my sources of inspiration comes from the many movies I like to watch.


I’m going to launch this blog with the first of a series of vignettes based upon particular movie scenes that have stirred my creative juices over the years. This one is the opening scene of the 2011 movie Rampart in which Woody Harrelson plays a renegade cop talking to some fellow officers whilst on a break. His rookie partner is an attractive female officer and Harrelson’s character, ‘Date-Rape’ Dave Brown, verbally bullies her in front of two other male officers.


Noticing her untouched French fries, he tells her to finish them. When the female rookie complains that she doesn’t eat fries, Brown comments that she shouldn’t have ordered them in that case and then says, “Finish those fucking fries if you want to make probation.”


When the rookie unwillingly complies, Brown asks her, “Did your dad ever discipline you?”


The woman replies that she never met her father and the scene moves on from there, but the possible ramifications set up by the subtle undertones of sexual control sent my imagination into overdrive.


Click on the image above or here to read my fledging story 'Officer Carmen's Probation':


I will publish the second part of this vignette next Friday. In the meantime, if anybody has a suggestion from another movie or television show that has triggered a sexual daydream, I would love to hear about it and also try and weave a story around it.


Best regards,



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  • Vanessa (Friday, September 11 15 06:24 pm EDT)

    An enticing slice. Looking forward to next Friday's serving. Although based on a fantasy inspired by a segment of movie, there's plenty of realism here that only increases the arousing effect. You
    bring us inside of her so well that I identify and empathize with Carmen, and yet, shamefully, am wet as I await to read her fate.

  • Vanessa (Friday, September 18 15 05:42 pm EDT)

    Yes, please continue Rampart. As you say, the possibilities are plentiful for what they do to Carmen and what she turns into. And to have this happen by cops while she is attempting to function as a
    cop! ... And next up Deliverance? Wow, if it is based on the scene that first comes to my mind (pig squeal), that is quite veer in a different direction ...

  • Walter Jack Crawford (Tuesday, September 22 15 01:59 pm EDT)

    Hi Lorenzo
    The 'what if' movie thing s quite interesting, though, I have to say, i'm even more interested in the fate of Annabel in the hands of the gentry. I do hope you'll find the time to get back to that
    gem of a story, plus your novel, of course.
    Mainstream movies, have rarely ever fired up my erotic imagination. Many years ago, there was a kind of forced strip scene in 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid' Very tame really, but I did find it
    a bit sexy, as it was so unexpected. However, if i'd have made the film 'Secretary', it would have been banned in two minutes!
    All The Best.

  • lorenzo@lorenzomarks.com (Tuesday, September 22 15 06:09 pm EDT)

    Hi Walter.

    Please rest assured that I am far from finished with poor Annabel yet! So much on the agenda at the moment.

    I always keep the e-mails of my loyal fans on file, and I never forget any of you. Stay tuned and thanks for your support!

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Lorenzo's Blog and other plans...

Posted: Friday, 4 September, 2015


Hi everybody. In case you were wondering when the next Free Story updates are due, I just wanted to let you know that I am currently focusing all of my time and energy on completing my latest novel (which is already well overdue) and I am therefore putting all other projects on hold for the time being. Sigh. I wish there were more hours in the day!


Anyway, I expect to be done in the next few weeks, and after that I promise that you will be seeing a lot more of Annabel, Alisha, Jenifer, Emma and Caroline, as well as a brand new cast of unfortunate young ladies that you have yet to be introduced to!


In addition to that, I will be starting a weekly blog right here, where I shall be sharing my ideas, observations, inspirations, and discoveries on the web, all pertaining of course, to my deep fascination with themes of sexual and social control and humiliation. Please feel free to return to this page often, as this will be where all update notifications to Free Stories and any other news will be posted. Once I start producing regular blogs, I will add a free e-mail sign-up form so that they can be sent directly to your inbox if you prefer.


On top of that, I am planning a paid Members Club which will give subscribers exclusive access to stories that will remain unpublished anywhere else on the internet, and because these stories won’t have to conform to external publisher’s guidelines, I will have the freedom to push the boundaries of decency with these tales more than I am usually allowed! More about that in due course, and again, check back here for details when the time comes.


As I said, I am very time-constrained right now, but I wanted to assure you all that I haven’t stopped writing and that there is plenty more to come.


Thanks for your support and stay tuned!






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  • Walter Jack Crawford (Tuesday, September 08 15 02:07 pm EDT)

    Great to hear you're still writing! The weekly blog thing is also a great idea.I'm also very much into the theme of sexual and social control of attractive young females. I have many, many ideas
    regarding this. I eagerly await you're novel, and wish you much success with it. All the best.

  • Rommel (Saturday, September 12 15 04:55 pm EDT)

    I'm so glad you're starting a regular blog!. Kristin's Demotion is still one of my all time favorites. Can you give us some info on your upcoming novel? Maybe theme or setting? Thanks!

  • Lorenzo (Sunday, September 13 15 05:52 am EDT)

    Hi Rommel. The plot runs along similar lines to Kristin's Demotion (one victim and multiple tormentors, BDSM, social humiliation etc.) except the the main protagonist this time is a (fictitious) T.V.

  • Vanessa (Friday, September 18 15 05:35 pm EDT)

    Nicely done pictures for Rampart BTW. The pictures add a lot. I love them!

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