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Annabel and Mr. Nash


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Chapter One


“This is just so unfair!” Annabel exclaimed, pushing out her bottom lip.


Across the table, Aunt Sissy shook her head sadly and wondered what had happened to the sweet young girl she had been raising for the past twenty years.


“Think of it as a learning experience,” Aunt Sissy said. “Before I put such a vast sum of money at your disposal, I want to be sure you are mature enough to handle it responsibly. I wouldn’t want you squandering it all before your reach your thirties.”


“I am mature enough!” Annabel pouted, folding her hands across her breasts.


Oh yes, and don’t you just look it! Aunt Sissy couldn’t help smiling. Nevertheless, looking at Annabel’s sulky expression right now, she was certain that she had made the correct decision.


Aunt Sissy had decided several years earlier that she would bequeath a large portion of her money to Annabel when she reached the age of twenty-one. In the form of a trust fund, the cash would made available in monthly increments. She had informed Annabel about her good fortune several years ago, but now she wondered if she had made a mistake in doing so. As the pretty girl had blossomed into a beautiful young woman, so her personality had deteriorated. Perhaps it was the certain knowledge that she would never have to work for a living that had made her become so arrogant. Whatever the reason, as Aunt Sissy had watched her transformation with growing alarm, she had concluded that drastic measures needed to be taken.


That was why she had hired Mr. Darius Nash to take on the role of Annabel’s guardian until she came of age. Mr. Nash was an old acquaintance with a reputation as a strict disciplinarian. Sissy was certain that after a year under his tutelage, Annabel would emerge a quite different young lady. And to make sure that Annabel played her part, Sissy had just informed her niece that it would be for Mr. Nash to decide whether he felt she was worthy of her bequeathal or not. In short, he had been given total power over her financial future for the period of one year.


“I’m afraid, Annabel,” Aunt Sissy said, as Barclay the butler refilled her wine glass, “that this is not negotiable. Either you buckle down for a year, or I can think of any number of worthy charities that would benefit from your loss.”


Seeing that her aunt was absolutely in earnest, Annabel calmed down a little and said sulkily, “Well, what would I have to do then?”


“That is entirely up to Mr. Nash. He knows what his job is, and he’s very good at it. Hopefully he will be able to mold you into a sensible, polite young lady. If he cannot, then he will still get paid, and the only loser will be yourself.”


Annabel’s sweet blue eyes grew wider. “You mean I have to do anything he tells me?”


“That is the deal, Annabel.”


Using her full name like that, rather than her pet name of ‘Bell’, confirmed that her aunt was indeed serious. Nonetheless Annabel remained defiant.


“What if I simply refuse to obey him?”


“Then Mr. Nash will inform me that he has failed in his task, and you will have to go to work for a living.”


Annabel considered this. She supposed she could go to work, but it was a miserable prospect when an alternative life of idle luxury awaited her. How bad could a year under the supervision of this man be? He might even turn out to be a nice person. Annabel was certain she could use her considerable charms to twist him around her little finger – he was a man after all.


“Alright,” she said petulantly. “I’m really unhappy about this, but I suppose if you insist. When is he due to arrive?”


Now was the time, Aunt Sissy knew, when Annabel’s resolve was about to be severely tested.


“I’m afraid you won’t be staying here,” Aunt Sissy said.


Annabel dropped her fork. “What?”


“Mr. Nash was quite clear about that. You’ll be moving into his house for the duration.”


Annabel stared at her aunt in shocked silence. She had lived her entire life at Pemberton Hall. She knew every inch of the twelve bedroomed mansion – the spacious kitchen, the recreation room, the sauna, the heated pool – how could she live without all that? Ever since she was a small child, she had roamed its landscaped grounds, showing envious friends around the small lake, the gazebo, the rose arbor, and the copse of ancient trees where she had received her first kiss.


“His house? You’ve got to be kidding!” Annabel cried.


“I can assure you I am not,” Aunt Sissy said firmly.


“You mean I’ve got to sleep there?”


“Of course. You’ll be living there with him full time.”


Annabel’s head was now in a spin. “Well what if he, you know, tries something?”


“I have the utmost faith in Mr. Nash’s professionalism. You will be perfectly safe,” Aunt Sissy said. “Now you’ve got twenty-four hours to think about it. If you decide to accept, Barclay will drive you to Mr. Nash’s residence tomorrow morning. If not, you’d better start scouring the job vacancies in the newspaper.”






Chapter Two


Annabel slumped in the passenger seat of her aunt’s Mercedes and looked glumly out of the window at the receding front portico of Pemberton Hall. As Barclay turned into the circular driveway, it finally struck her that she wouldn’t lay eyes on the home she grew up in for another twelve months. She now realized how much she had taken her pampered lifestyle for granted. It was true that she could be a bit arrogant at times, and in desperation, she had admitted as much to Aunt Sissy, even promising to mend her ways, but no amount of pleading would sway her stubborn aunt. It was as confusing as it was exasperating – Aunt Sissy had always let Annabel get her own way.


Well so be it! Overnight, Annabel had decided that nothing was going to come between her and her money. She would take whatever this Mr. Nash threw at her, and some. She would show them all that she was a lot more resilient than she looked. By the time she was through, Mr. Darius Fucking Nash would be sorry he had ever met her!






While Annabel slept during the two hour drive, Alastair Barclay, manservant and chauffeur to Aunt Sissy for over thirty years, took the opportunity to surreptitiously check out the ravishing young beauty sitting beside him. He had watched her blossoming over the years, and had spent many a night masturbating in his room whilst conjuring up lewd images of her in his head. Despite his best efforts, he had never managed to catch her in the nude, but he could always draw upon a delicious memory of her frolicking in the pool with some girlfriends the previous summer.


From his secluded position in the rose arbor, he had been able to ogle her svelte, bikini-clad body for over an hour. Oblivious to his voyeuristic presence, she had unwittingly displayed her charms to him, and he vividly recalled her long, smooth legs, her taut stomach, and her surprisingly well-developed breasts. It had only taken a little imagination to fill in the details needed during his nightly self-gratification sessions.


He continued to glance furtively over at her as she slumbered, once again unaware of his attentions. Barclay knew from the way she had taken to deliberately flouncing around the house in miniskirts, tight shorts, and low-cut tops, that she was aware of the effect she had on him. But the snooty bitch was only doing it for fun to aggravate his frustration – no way was a twenty year-old babe going to show even the slightest interest in an old bachelor like him!


Gazing a little too long at her cute, up-turned nose, and her parted silky lips, Barclay almost rear-ended the vehicle in front and had to stamp on the brakes, causing Annabel to jerk forward and open her eyes.


“What?” she mumbled.


“Sorry, Miss Annabel,” Barclay said.


“For God’s sake be careful, you idiot!” Annabel snapped angrily.


“Yes, Miss Annabel,” Barclay said.


As she settled back again and closed her eyes, Barclay gripped the steering wheel tightly. Even Mistress Sissy didn’t speak to him like that! Then he thought about what was in store for young Miss Annabel and he smiled wickedly. Very soon, the tables would be turned, and she would quickly learn how it feels to eat humble pie. And thanks to his deal with Darius Nash, not only would Barclay be there to witness her demise, he would quite soon no longer have to rely on his imagination to fuel his sexual fantasies either!






Darius Nash studied the glossy photographs of Annabel with a mixture of disdain and excitement. All his life, he had despised the privileged rich, particularly those who had never had to work for their money. He had been brought up the hard way by his strict, uncompromising father, and along the way, he had learned the value of old-fashioned discipline. Although he hadn’t made a great deal of money in his fifty-six years, Darius had established a well-earned reputation as a tough troubleshooter that had kept him gainfully employed until a rather unfortunate incident had caused him to drop off the radar a year ago.


He had been working as a store detective, generally looking out for shoplifters, when he had had the great fortune to catch a rather attractive female staff member trying to sneak out some stolen items. Knowing that the store’s policy meant mandatory dismissal, the tearful girl had begged Darius to let her off. She was so desperate to keep her job that Darius had seized the opportunity to offer her a deal – instead of reporting her, the hapless girl would have to submit to several private punishment sessions administered by Darius himself. In a panic, she had reluctantly agreed, and for the next three delirious Friday evenings, Darius had given the distraught girl a series of spankings and canings whilst she was in increasing states of undress. It had all come to a premature and unpleasant end when the girl’s husband, suspicious of the accumulating welts on her buttocks, had forced the truth out of her and reported Darius to the store manager.


Had it not been for the store’s desire for discretion, coupled with a generous pay-off to the aggrieved couple, Darius would have faced legal proceedings, and his long-concealed kinky tendencies would finally have been revealed to all.


As it was, apart from being blackballed within the local security community, his reputation remained mostly intact. Even so he still needed to pay the bills, and just when his savings were starting to run out, his old friend Sissy had popped up out of the blue with a unique problem that she believed would be right up his street.


Looking once more through the pictures of the exquisitely pretty young morsel, Darius couldn’t have agreed more.






Chapter Three


Annabel’s attitude of defiance took an unexpected dip as she looked up at the somber two-story brownstone. Standing alone on the sidewalk with her suitcases and bags, she was suddenly overcome with serious misgivings about this whole arrangement. Barclay had driven off without even ringing the doorbell and introducing her, and despite the contempt she had for the old servant, she had to admit she could have done with a bit of moral support.


Come on, he can't be that bad, she thought as she ascended the stone steps. She looked at the green painted door for a full minute and wondered if she was making a terrible mistake. She had every right to turn around and leave. But where would she go? Aunt Sissy had made it quite clear that she could not return to Pemberton Hall unless she successfully completed her year with Mr. Nash. There were friends she could stay with, but the prospect of being in somebody else’s debt was too humiliating to contemplate, and with both her parents dead, Aunt Sissy was the only family she had ever known.


A movement in the front window sparked her into action and she hastily jabbed at the brass doorbell. She was gripped by another impulse to run away and stepped back a pace, but the door swung inward and Annabel’s heart sank. Ever since she had made the decision to go through with this, Annabel had harbored a quiet hope that Mr. Darius Nash might turn out to be youngish and possibly even handsome. The man standing in the doorway was neither. He was at least four inches taller than Annabel, with a long, hooked nose, pinched lips, dark beady eyes, and shiny, black hair.


Ugh! Please tell me you are Mr. Nash’s butler! Annabel thought despairingly.






My, oh, my! She is even more delightful than her pictures suggested!


Darius took a moment to appraise the succulent young twenty year-old standing on his doorstep. She had lovely round eyes of the deepest blue, a delightfully small button-nose, and plump, sensuous lips that were just made for kissing. Her auburn hair hung in long, loose curls about her shoulders, and her complexion was pale and flawless. For a slender girl, she looked as though she was hiding a rather generous pair of breasts underneath her baggy sweater, and the sexy curves of her legs were clearly defined by her skin-tight jeans. How could this vision of angelic beauty be giving Sissy such a headache?


Maintaining his mask of disapproval, Darius barked, “Yes?”


To her credit, Annabel did not appear to find him intimidating, although her distaste was evident in her eyes. A lifetime of privileged luxury had clearly equipped her with an abundance of self-confidence, but far from bothering Darius, this only served to excite him more. The task of reducing her to a groveling little house slave would now be that much more enjoyable.


Proudly raising her chin, Annabel said, “My name is Annabel…”


“Yes I know who you are,” Darius interrupted, keen to quickly establish the upper hand. “Quite frankly, I’m only doing this as a favor to Sissy. I value my privacy and I’m not used to having unruly youngsters in my house.”


He looked Annabel up and down, pretending to be unimpressed by what he saw. “However, a promise is a promise, so you’d better come in.”


An indignant look passed over her face and she opened her mouth, but before she could reply, Darius turned on his heel and disappeared back inside the house.






Unruly? How dare he! Does he really think that I want to be here? Annabel fumed silently. Facing the empty doorway, she reminded herself that it still wasn’t too late to change her mind. In fact, she could leave whenever she chose to.


But the money!


She took several deep breaths and then turned towards her bags. With Barclay already gone, it looked as though she would have to carry them herself. There was obviously no point in asking the contemptible Mr. Nash for any help. It took her two trips to carry all of her baggage into the dingy hallway. There was no sign of Nash.


“Hello? she called out, regarding the faded wallpaper and worn carpeting with contempt.


“Close the door and come in here,” she heard Nash’s voice coming from a doorway just down the hall.


Still unused to being on the receiving end of orders, Annabel did as she was told. She had come this far, so she may as well humor the old fart for now. The living room was a little brighter, the morning sun casting dust-filled golden beams across the furniture. Nash was sitting in an armchair but he didn’t invite Annabel to sit, and frankly she didn’t want to. So she stood in the middle of this unfamiliar room and glared at him.


“Well,” he said finally. “Before we begin this unpleasant exercise, I’m going to lay out a few house rules. I expect you to abide by them at all times.”


Annabel bridled, but reminding herself why she was here, she remained silent.


“Did you hear what I said?” asked Nash.


Annabel nodded.


“I didn’t hear you.”


She folded her arms and shuffled her foot. “Yes.”


“You will address me as Mr. Nash at all times, is that understood?”


Biting her lip and staring out of the window, Annabel muttered “Yes…Mr. Nash.”


Nash crossed his legs and made a bridge with his fingers. “Well, it’s a start I suppose. Now the second item on the agenda concerns your wardrobe.”






Chapter Four


Darius wasn’t sure how much Annabel’s inheritance meant to her, but he knew that Sissy was worth a sizable fortune. It was amazing what people were prepared to put up with if the price was right. Now, as he once more allowed his eyes to roam over Annabel’s body, he was about to find out what her limits were. He had already decided to push the boundaries straight away. If she went along with this next part of his game, her gradual, but relentless, dismantling would surely follow.


“What about my wardrobe?” she asked haughtily.


Darius raised his eyebrows and waited.


With an exaggerated sigh, Annabel said, “What about my clothes, Mr. Nash?”


“They’re not suitable,” he said simply.


“What do you…?”


“Enough!” Darius shouted loudly enough to make Annabel jump. “I will not have you questioning my every word! Now you will remain silent unless I tell you to speak! Is that clear?”


Her cheeks coloring up, Annabel opened and closed her pretty little mouth like a goldfish, before finally nodding slowly.


“You are well aware of the consequences of any disobedience on your part, and I can tell you right now young lady, that I am on the brink of calling your aunt and cancelling our arrangement!”


Annabel, who had been looking angrily at the carpet, now raised her head and looked at him.


Ah! That hit the spot!


“Now I want you to think long and hard before I issue your next instructions, because if you disobey, you know where the door is,” Darius said.


He gave Annabel a few moments to absorb the fact that she was in no position to barter with him. This was important. No matter how much she hated it, Darius had to maintain total control.


“Are you ready?” he asked finally.


Her lovely blue eyes glistening, Annabel softly said, “Yes, Mr. Nash.”






Never in her life had Annabel been spoken to in such a way! Who the hell did this guy think he was? His loud voice had startled her, but his reference to her inheritance had been clear enough. He was as deadly serious about this as Aunt Sissy was.


“We’re finally getting somewhere,” Nash said. “Now I see you have brought along quite a bit of luggage, and later on, we’ll take a look at what you may keep. In the meantime, you will only wear that which I provide for you.” He gestured towards a small pile of clothing on the coffee table. “There are other outfits upstairs, but you will begin your training with this one.”


Annabel gazed sightlessly at the table, trying to process his words. He’s going to choose my clothes for me? No way had she even suspected that this was coming up.


“I want you to change your clothes now Annabel,” Nash said, snapping her out of her stupor. She looked at him in shocked disbelief and saw a strange and unsettling look in his eye.


“Here?” she said in a barely audible voice.


“What did we say about talking without permission?” Nash said. “Yes, right here, but you may turn around.”


Annabel’s head started to swim and she felt her legs trembling. This isn’t happening! I’ve only just got here! He’s an old man! We’re complete strangers and he wants me to strip in his living room!


“I’m sorry, I can’t…” she began.


“Think, Annabel,” Nash reached for his cell phone and waved it at her. “What happens in this house is between us. No-one ever needs to know, and in one year it will all be over. But if you fail to comply with my every wish, your entire future will change with one phone call. It’s your choice.”






Darius felt his cock hardening as the poor girl wavered in front of him. Her options were simple enough – untold riches in exchange for a year of miserable subservience – and yet it was undoubtedly the hardest decision she had been forced to make in her young life. She was beautiful, proud, arrogant, obviously pursued by an army of lovelorn young men, and here she was, faced with having to undress in front of an unattractive middle-aged man!


Annabel remained frozen and Darius held his breath. They had arrived at the moment of truth. Either she would run for her life or she would begin to undress – and in doing so, deliver Darius into his own perverted version of heaven!


Two tears trickled down Annabel’s flushed cheeks as she stepped out of her shoes while her fingers popped the button on her jeans. Briefly catching Darius’s eye, she turned around and worked them down over her shapely thighs. Darius caught a glimpse of her pink panties beneath her sweater as she bent forward at the knees and stepped out of her jeans. Then she straightened up, and after a moment’s hesitation, pulled the sweater up over her head. As she let the garment fall to the floor, her soft red-brown hair settled over her bare shoulders.


Darius felt his erection intensify as he visually drank in the rear view of her semi-clothed body. Her shoulders were broad, her waist was thin, her ass was round but firm, and her legs were long and well-proportioned.


There was another protracted pause as Annabel evidently considered the next step of her humiliating ordeal, but then she reached around and unhooked her bra strap, and seconds later, it too was lying on the little heap of clothing at her bare feet. All that remained now were her panties, and Darius leaned forward as she pulled them slowly down, revealing the tantalizing cleft between her buttocks inch-by-inch, until her whole ass was exposed. Demurely, she bent at the knees again, keeping her legs tightly together as the tiny piece of pink cotton reached her ankles.


Then she straightened up and wrapped her arms around herself, and Darius had to stifle a giggle of delight. Annabel was already standing naked in his house!






Chapter Five


Annabel had been so torn in making her decision to actually strip in front of Nash, that she had completely overlooked the fact that her new set of clothes were over on the coffee table. Acutely aware of her new state of vulnerability, she was frantically wondering how she could collect them without exposing herself, when she felt his breath upon her back.


Eyes wide in terror, Annabel’s body went rigid. What if he touched her? Her natural inclination would be to run out of the front door, but how could she when she was naked? She clamped her knees together and tightened her arms around her breasts, awaiting the worst. But the dreaded contact never came. Instead she watched with trepidation as Nash reached around and picked up her own clothes, and then replaced them with the other set.


“You can get dressed now,” she heard him say from behind her.


Annabel awkwardly bent down, turning to the side to avoid giving him a rearview glimpse of her crotch, and picked up the pair of panties on the top of the pile. Even in her desperation to cover her bare buttocks, she couldn’t help but think twice after she had examined them. They were made of plain white cotton, and were at least a size too small for her


Where the hell did he get these ugly things?


Annabel seriously doubted if she could get into them, but not wanting to spend another second with her crotch and ass exposed, she hurriedly pulled them up her legs. When they reached mid-thigh, she felt the small openings dig into her flesh, but with no other alternative, after a bit of a tug she succeeded in hauling the waistband up around her hips. She felt absurd in the dowdy undergarment and could feel it molding itself snugly around her ass cheeks and pubic mound.


Annabel was dismayed to find that Nash had not included a bra, but anxious to hide her breasts, she put on the undersized gray blouse he had left there, and buttoned it up as far as it would go over her ample bust. Next came a short black, pleated, flannel skirt, which only reached the tops of her thighs. Finally, she pulled on a pair of white ankle socks and then stepped into a pair of brown buckle-down flats. Annabel could not have imagined how ridiculous she must have looked, but at least she was clothed again.






Darius could have clapped with delight. He sat back and appraised his new creation for a moment. In just a couple of minutes, he had transformed the fashionable young lady that had arrived on his doorstep into a parody of a badly dressed frump!


What an amazing effect a change of clothes can have!


But even this unflattering outfit could not detract from Annabel’s natural beauty, and he stared with rapt attention at the way her buoyant breasts pushed against her blouse. Because of the restricting size of its band collar, she had been forced to leave the top three buttons undone, ensuring that her cleavage was perfectly visible, and to Darius, she looked good enough to eat!


There was just one more detail to add, and handing Annabel a rubber band, he said, “Tie your hair back into a ponytail.”


Looking absolutely foolish, Annabel reluctantly bound her beautiful hair, and then, unable to stand it any longer, she blurted out, “I look stupid!”


“Which is exactly the way I intend to treat you until you show me that you deserve otherwise,” Darius said sternly.


More tears of fury brimmed in Annabel’s eyes and she looked out of the window.


“Now that you are suitably attired, we’ll move on to your rules of conduct,” Darius added.






Annabel stood and listened glumly as Nash read to her from a large sheet of paper. She found it hard to concentrate because her cheeks were on fire with anger and humiliation. Some of the rules got through, but after a while it seemed that she was forbidden from doing just about anything without his permission. In spite of her predicament, she tuned out and tried to figure out if there was some way she could strike a deal with this pervert. In a year’s time, she would have money of her own. Perhaps she could persuade him to leave her alone in return for the promise of a financial reward.


“…failure to do so will also be liable to any punishment I see fit,” Nash concluded.


He put the sheet to one side and said, “I don’t expect you to remember all your duties, so I will tape the list onto the refrigerator in the kitchen. Now I suppose I’d better show you around the house.”


As Annabel followed him through the various rooms, she wondered how her life could have been altered so quickly. Yesterday she had been living in sumptuous splendor without a worry in the world. Now her home was this poky, dusty place that smelled of years of decay and neglect.


There wasn’t much to it – on the ground floor was the living room and kitchen, and a handkerchief back yard, while upstairs consisted of three bedrooms and a bathroom. Indeed, it all seemed very mundane and ordinary until Nash showed her where she would be sleeping.






Chapter Six


When Darius opened the door to Annabel’s room, he braced himself again in anticipation of her sudden flight. Perhaps he had been a little impetuous, but all of his plans depended on her greed. There was no point in half-measures and he needed to know from the outset how much she was willing to put up with. She had already stripped in front of him, albeit extremely modestly, and she was now wearing the first of the many kinky little outfits he had bought for her. This was merely the next stage of her psychological readjustment to her new life.


At first glance, Annabel’s room just looked like a depressingly austere bedroom, with an iron-framed bed, a closet, and in the corner, a rather chunky-looking wooden chair. But Darius watched her closely as she quickly took in the little refinements that he had made prior to her arrival. Attached to each corner of the bed frame was a long metal chain connected to a leather cuff, while a closer inspection of the heavy chair revealed that it was fitted with wrist and ankle straps, a metal neck choker, and that it was firmly bolted to the floor.


Wordlessly, Annabel opened the closet. The left hand side was devoted to her new wardrobe, but on the right was a hastily assembled collection of whips, canes, gags and hoods that Darius had obtained from an online bondage store. It was a work-in-progress because he hadn’t been given much time, but even now the implications were all too clear – this was to be Annabel’s punishment room.


Things had been moving apace, and understandably, Annabel was probably having difficulty digesting what she was seeing. She kept turning slowly around, her eyes wide and her mouth hanging open, before settling her disbelieving gaze upon his face.


“You can’t be serious,” she eventually said.






He’s mad! Annabel thought wildly. Is he planning on keeping me prisoner here?


“Oh, I am,” said Nash, scrutinizing her with his twinkling dark eyes. “Remember, it’s only for a year. I guarantee you will emerge unscathed. Your aunt knows where you are, so your safety is assured.”


“Yes she knows where I am, but does she know about all of this?” Annabel said.


Nash considered this and said, “Perhaps not in so much detail, but she knows that I am a disciplinarian. I know what you are thinking. If you tell her that I am a sexual sadist, she’ll surely cancel the arrangement. But I can remove this equipment very quickly and it will be your word against mine. I think you know who she is going to believe.”


Annabel suddenly felt light-headed. Her recent conversations with Aunt Sissy were confirmation enough that he was right. She had made it quite clear that Annabel’s future was in this depraved maniac’s hands! If she only knew precisely what he intended for her niece!


“Let me clarify,” Nash said, a little more boldly. “These punishments are only here for when you disobey. I was in earnest when I promised your aunt that I would correct you. If you follow my rules and behave, then you will avoid a lot of pain and discomfort.” Then he grinned wickedly. “You’ll just have to be a good girl.”


Annabel’s heart pounded in her chest and her breaths came in short bursts. The money! Think of the money! Just follow his stupid fucking rules and you’ll get through this! He’s not going to kill you!


The troubling question was, what exactly was he going to do to her?






When Annabel stayed where she was, Darius breathed a little sigh of relief. He had been quite ready for her to balk at this point, but he had to admit that he would have been more than a little disappointed to have lost this gorgeous young treasure. Now he was confident that he had her.


Having reassured her about her long term safety, it was important that he lived up to his end of the deal. She had only been in his house an hour and she had already suffered two major shocks to her system, so it would probably be wise to slow things down a bit. Still, rules were rules, and he needed to start as he intended to go on.


“On that subject,” he said, “I’m afraid you’ve already broken my rule about talking out of turn.” She looked at him anxiously and he continued, “But as you’ve only just arrived, I’ll be lenient with you.” Then, noting the flicker of relief in her eyes, he added, “So your punishment will be a mild one.”


Earlier downstairs, when she had been displaying her naked rear to him, it had taken a great amount of willpower not to cup his hands over those sumptuous orbs of flesh. Now, as he considered what her penalty might be, he was sorely tempted to administer a light spanking across her backside.


No. Too much too soon, he thought. If I reel her in carefully enough, I’ll have a whole year to sample her fleshy delights.


“Let me see,” Darius said, opening the closet. “We should let the punishment fit the crime.”






Chapter Seven


Because of the rapid speed at which events had been unraveling, Annabel had been practically on auto-pilot as she had followed Nash around his shabby dwelling. She was still unable to fathom out how she had allowed it to come this far. It had all been so awfully bizarre that it was almost possible to believe she was having a terrible dream and that any moment, she would wake up in the air-conditioned comfort of Aunt Sissy’s Mercedes.


That bubble of illusion popped now as she looked in bewilderment at the odd little device that Nash had retrieved from the closet. It wasn’t very complicated – a thick leather buckling strap with a blue plastic ball in the middle – but even as she comprehended what it was for, Annabel simply couldn’t accept that he was going to put it into her mouth.


Nash dangled the ball gag in front of her face, and she watched it swinging back and forth as if she was being hypnotized.


“Until you learn to keep quiet,” Nash said. “Open up, there’s a good girl.”


Annabel had already clamped her lips together, and now she shook her head and snorted through her nostrils.


“Or perhaps you’d prefer a more painful punishment,” Nash said, nodding towards the closet.


Annabel’s horrified gaze shifted to the hanging rack of whips, paddles and canes and took an involuntary step backwards.


“I’ll count to three,” Nash said. “And if those pretty lips aren’t wide apart by then, I’m going down to phone your aunt.”


Annabel whimpered and again she shook her head, only this time it was because she didn’t want him to make the dreaded call.




Think of the money!




Annabel opened her mouth.




“Aah!” said Annabel, as if she was about to undergo a dental examination. Then, Nash very carefully placed the ball between her teeth.






Oh, what perfect little white teeth! Such a dainty little tongue and healthy pink gums! Not a hint of tooth decay! Sweet, fresh breath! She is as enticing on the inside as she is on the outside! And I'm sure that her other bodily openings will prove to be just as welcoming!


Darius permitted himself a few seconds to peer into Annabel’s gaping mouth. Little did the luscious filly know how many times he intended to violate this tender orifice over the coming months. He placed the plastic ball on her tongue and she instinctively clamped her teeth down onto it. Resisting the urge to kiss her on the nose, he moved behind and secured the leather strap around her head.


Placing a hand on each of her shoulders, Darius turned Annabel so that she could see herself in the full-length mirror on the closet door. It was the first time they had made physical contact and his cock stirred in appreciation. Standing behind her, inhaling the heady mixture of her shampoo and skin cream, Darius noted with glee, the utter anguish in her eyes.


“There,” he said softly.


“Mmph!” Annabel replied, as a trickle of saliva ran down her chin.


They remained motionless for a full minute, Darius savoring every detail of her, particularly the way her braless tits thrust against her cotton blouse. He could only make out the faint shadows of her areolas and he was happily dwelling upon what color they might be when it occurred to him that his muzzled beauty was waiting for him to tell her what to do next.


Darius cleared his throat and said, “Well, now that we have a little peace and quiet, you can go and collect your bags.”






In a befuddled haze, Annabel went back down to the hallway. Her luggage was of course, exactly where she had left it. Could that only have been an hour ago? None of this seemed possible, and yet the humiliating ball gag in her mouth served as a constant reminder that this was actually happening. She looked wistfully at the front door and then reluctantly picked up her suitcase.


It again took two laborious trips before her bags were all laid out on the bedroom floor. A moment later, her creepy host came in with a stack of bin liners and perched himself on the edge of the bed.


“Let's take a look at what you can keep,” Nash said, as he unzipped one of her expensive leather suitcases. “I doubt there will be very much.”


Instinctively, Annabel reached out to stop him. It was a reflex reaction – she didn’t let anybody touch her stuff – and as soon as her fingers made contact with his arm, she pulled back. But she was too late.


Nash gave her a scornful look and said, “Did you just touch me, you horrible little girl?”


Outraged, Annabel flushed and mumbled through her gag. That is my own personal stuff!


Nash rose and went over to the closet. “And I thought we were making progress,” he sighed.


Annabel watched anxiously as he fished around in one of the drawers. When he turned around he was holding a pair of handcuffs.


“Nngff!” Annabel shrank back against the wall ready to defend herself, but Nash didn’t attack, or even approach her. He simply shook his head and walked out of the room.


Annabel remained rooted to the spot. The demeaning clothes and the gag were bad enough. No way was she going to allow him to cuff her! Then she heard Nash’s wimpy voice drifting up the stairs. “Hello Sissy, it’s Darius. Very well, thank you. Yes, she’s here but I’m afraid you were right, she’s far too much of a handful. I’m afraid we didn’t even make it past the first hour...”


Annabel felt her knees go weak. Somehow, she had clung on to the notion that his threats had been idle. It had been inconceivable to her that her inheritance was really at risk. How foolish she had been! Oh, fuck! I've blown it! All my money is going down the drain!


She pounded down the stairs and into the living room. “Gnu! Stff!”


Nash looked up at her and then said to Aunt Sissy, “Excuse me a moment.”


Annabel stood before him breathing hard through her nostrils.


“What is it?” Nash asked with a deadpan face.


Annabel pointed to the phone and then shook her upraised palms at him.


“Dnt. Plss!”


Nash watched her for a long moment, then asked, “Are you ready to behave?”


Annabel nodded her head furiously.


“I mean, really behave? No more resistance? You will accept everything I tell you, and obey without question?”


The implications of that last sentence were not lost on Annabel. There was to be no negotiating with this man. He demanded her total obedience. Realizing now that she was well and truly trapped, Annabel again nodded her head.






Chapter Eight


Back up in Annabel’s new bedroom, Darius sorted carefully through her belongings. As would be expected, they were all top-drawer designer products, Gucci, Christian Dior, Victoria’s Secret, nothing but the best for little miss high-and-mighty. And one-by-one, Darius took great pleasure in dropping each one into a bin liner as Annabel watched forlornly on.


“They’ll be perfectly safe in the attic where they will be waiting for you next year,” he said.


He noted a duller expression in Annabel’s eyes as she knelt on the floor beside him. Perhaps she had finally resigned herself to her fate. She had no way of knowing that his phone call to Sissy had been a bluff. He hadn’t even dialed. But as with each of the tests that he put to her so far, she had passed with flying colors. Now he was more confident than ever that she would eventually become his own possession, body and soul.


With the ball gag still in her mouth, her chin slick with drool, and her hands now cuffed behind her back, she looked so mouthwateringly vulnerable that Darius found it hard to hide his erection. There would be a time in the not-too-distant future, when Annabel would eagerly attend to his pent up passion with hands, mouth, or cunt, as he saw fit, but there was work to be done before that became a reality.


For now, he contented himself with the look of torment in her eyes as he casually tossed her shoes, clothes, sunglasses and handbags into the plastic liners. A couple of times, he heard a stifled moan from Annabel as a favorite dress or top was condemned to the dusty attic.


“Not to worry,” Darius said brightly. “I’ll be sure to buy you some replacements. We can go clothes shopping together. I think you’d like that, wouldn’t you?”


Unable to reply, Annabel nonetheless thrilled Darius by miserably shaking her head.






From her position on the floor, Annabel watched her beloved clothes disappear into the bin bags. The rotten old bastard had no intention of letting her keep anything! She knew now that she was doomed to wear his humiliating outfits for the next twelve months. And what had he just said about going shopping? It hadn’t occurred to her that they might be going outside together. God forbid that any of her friends should see her!


“Ah, what have we here?” Nash said, holding up a tiger-striped thong.


Annabel flushed as he inspected it. When she had been packing, she had not even remotely suspected that her host would end up examining her smalls! Having arrived at her underwear, Nash picked out a few more pairs of tiny panties, a couple of push-up bras, and a number of scanty tops and vests that Annabel sometimes wore to bed.


“We’ll keep these,” he said with a naughty wink, and then turned his attention to her vanity case.


All of her cosmetics went into the bin liners, but he put her i-phone and Sony VAIO laptop to one side. “And we’ll take a look through these later,” Nash said. “I suspect that there are a couple of potential boyfriends that need dissuading.”


When he came to her jewelry box, he paused and looked at the gold and diamond studs in her earlobes.


“I’d forgotten about those,” he said, and Annabel flinched as he struggled awkwardly to twist them out, although she managed to exert enough self-control to remain still.


“Any other body adornments?” he asked, looking her over. “No tongue studs, thank God. Oh yes, you won’t be needing this.”


Reaching behind to her cuffed wrists, Nash unbuckled the beautiful Tag Heuer wristwatch that Aunt Sissy had given Annabel for her eighteenth birthday, and dropped it into the bin liner.


With a tug of her heart, Annabel realized that she was watching her old life disappear before her eyes.






After storing Annabel’s personal effects in the attic, it was time for lunch. Darius removed her ball gag and wiped her chin with a Kleenex. Interestingly, Annabel no longer resisted, instead assuming a petulant silence. She had obviously decided that she could endure these indignities if that was what it took to secure her fortune. Darius wondered what her reaction would be later on when he upped the ante. His plan was to bring her down gradually over a period of time, but the sexual stirrings that this delightful girl induced in him were becoming harder to endure by the minute.


Because he had deliberately kept her handcuffed, Annabel was unable to feed herself and so Darius patiently spooned scrambled eggs into her mouth. He watched entranced, as she daintily chewed and swallowed. Her cheeks burned bright pink and there was undoubted rage in those moist eyes, and yet still Annabel kept her counsel. Perhaps she thought this was the way to avoid being gagged again. Unfortunately for her, it didn’t matter how many of his rules she tried to obey – Darius would always find excuses to heap more torments upon her.


Her lunch was washed down with a glass of plain water which Darius tipped into her mouth a little too fast, causing her to cough some of it up over her blouse. Darius let his gaze shift down to her chest, and now the outlines of her nipples were quite visible against the damp material.


Annabel saw him looking and her blush deepened, and Darius could feel his cock straining against his underpants. How long could he possibly hold out before he succumbed to temptation? Did she have any idea what he had in store for her? And most importantly, would she allow it to happen?






Chapter Nine


Annabel surprised herself at how much resolve she possessed. She had opted to remain silent for a couple of reasons, the most pragmatic of which was to avoid being forced to wear that obscene little gag in her mouth again. But her taciturnity was also a weapon – because she understood now that this was psychological warfare. His apparent objective was to strip away her dignity, and by refusing to react to his abuses, she hoped she was winning small victories. If he wanted to treat her like an imbecile, then so be it. This was all about her money now, and she had already suffered more in the past couple of hours than at any time in her life. What more could he do?


But as Nash gazed longingly at her sodden shirt, a nagging concern that had been with her ever since she had been forced to change her clothes in front of him, now surfaced with an appalling clarity. She suddenly understood that her stay here would not merely consist of a series of minor indignities – this revolting old man actually desired her!


She felt stupid for not having seen it coming because she was accustomed to turning men’s heads wherever she went. But surely Aunt Sissy would never have purposely placed her in this predicament?


This new realization put a whole new perspective on things. Annabel had been disgusted enough at the brief touch of his fingers when he had put the gag in her mouth and then later removed her earrings, but that had been their only physical contact so far. She didn’t think she could possibly bear to allow him to even lay his hands on her, let alone whatever other sordid ideas he may be entertaining.


Nash finally dragged his eyes away from her chest and said huskily, “It looks as though we need another change of clothes.”






Darius opened one of the fitted drawers in the closet and selected a sexy blue, padded, push-up bra. After studying her photographs, he had approximated Annabel’s bust size, but now that they were in close proximity, he realized that she was rather more well-endowed than he had thought. It looked as though this was going to be a bit of a squeeze. Oh well, too bad.


Annabel kept her wide blue eyes on him as he parked himself back down on the bed. Her gorgeous fleshy lips were slightly parted and her chest rose and fell under the moist shirt. Slowly, so as not to startle her, Darius reached for her blouse, flicked open a button, and Annabel averted her eyes.


“I’m afraid I may have underestimated your size,” Darius said, undoing another button, “but we’ll just have to make do.”


When he reached the last button, the blouse parted slightly, and he allowed his eyes to linger on the twin semi-globes of mammary flesh that were now exposed. He had wanted to delay the moment, but his need to see her was now urgent and he tugged the blouse out of the waistband of her skirt and slipped it over her shoulders.


Her breasts now fully exposed to him for the first time, Annabel drew a sharp breath – and so did Darius. They were absolutely perfect in shape and texture, but it was her perky nipples that took him completely by surprise. They had puffy pink areolas and their pointed tips poked up like little coat pegs.


She really is perfection! Darius thought deliriously. He licked his lips as he imagined himself feasting on those exquisite teats – but it would not be today. They had just passed another major milestone together, and it was possibly the most important one so far. Little lady muck was permitting him to ogle her naked breasts, and yet still she maintained her vow of silence!






Keeping her eyes fixed on the array of punishment instruments at the back of the closet, Annabel’s body quivered as she felt him drinking in her semi-nakedness. He had already seen her unclothed from behind, and now he was studying her exposed chest in excruciating detail. She could feel her eyes brimming but willed herself to stay under control. If this was what he wanted, then she would have to endure the humiliation – she had already gone further with his sordid little games than she could ever have imagined. So let him look.


After several endless minutes had passed, Nash placed the cups of the bra under her breasts, and then she felt his hot breath on her neck as he fastened the straps. With her wrists still shackled behind her, she had no option other than to helplessly allow him to dress her. As with the rest of her clothing, the bra was too tight and bunched her soft flesh upwards.


Annabel was just wondering what her change of shirt would be when Nash cleared his throat and said, “Stand up now, Annabel. It’s time to begin your chores.”


Annabel flushed with surprise and indignation. She was supposed to walk around the house in this obscene little brassiere?


Without waiting for her, Nash got off the bed and said, “The list is taped to the refrigerator door. If you’re not done by teatime,” he flicked his thumb towards the closet. “You’ll be going to bed with a sore ass.”






Chapter Ten


It was going better than expected, and much faster. Darius’ original schedule had allowed for a lot more stubborn resistance than Annabel had offered so far. She had only been here for a couple of hours, and already he had had the pleasure of scrutinizing most of her uncovered body.


Sitting in his study in front of Annabel’s laptop, Darius allowed his mind to wallow in the memory of her naked buttocks, her long, smooth legs, and the charming dimples in the small of her back, down which, flowed her glossy auburn hair. He returned to the vision of her soft, clean, open mouth with its pink, moist tongue and rows of perfect teeth. Finally, he closed his eyes and conjured up the succulent image of those spectacular white breasts, crowned by the most mouth-watering nipples he had ever seen.


He pulled out his cock, which had remained in a permanent state of arousal ever since their close encounter upstairs. He was sorely tempted to call her into his study and have her bring him off with her hand, and he was ninety percent certain that she would have done it. But Darius was an aficionado of delayed gratification and wanted to bask in the knowledge that he would, quite soon, be sampling the juicy delights of Annabel’s pert young body.


After a few deft strokes of his shaft, Darius pressed it back into his underpants and regarded the images on Annabel’s Sony VAIOS. Imagination was a fine thing, but before their year was up, he intended to have his own hard drive filled with souvenir pictures of every moment of Annabel’s steadily accelerating process of sexual debasement.






Somewhat dazed, Annabel read down the list of household chores stuck to the fridge door. It all seemed pretty standard stuff – not that Annabel had ever done a stroke of housework in her life. The problem was, Nash hadn’t un-cuffed her wrists, so how the hell was she supposed to manage with her hands behind her back?


She was still trying to come to terms with the fact that he had ogled her bare breasts. Who did this despicable man think he was? She had somehow forced herself to stay motionless by drawing back into her mantra – Think of the money! Think of the money! – and it had just about worked. Even so, the touch of his calloused fingertips when he had fastened her bra had made her skin crawl.


She turned her attention once more to the list. Nash’s warning about getting it all done by teatime still rang clear in her ears. She was prepared to do whatever was necessary to avoid being thrashed on her ass by the loathsome pig!


According to Nash’s written instructions, all of the cleaning supplies she needed were kept in the cupboard under the sink. With her wrists secured behind her back, Annabel had no choice but to turn around and kneel down in order to open it. Reaching behind, she groped for the handle and then turned and peered inside.


Figuring that the list had to be completed in order, she grabbed a feather duster and then struggled to her feet. With a tremulous sigh, she went into the living room and, breasts bouncing and straining against the restrictive bra, began to flick at the tallboy behind her.






Armed with his Canon Sure Shot, Darius crept into the kitchen. He had deliberately left her alone for the past hour or so, but now he could wait no longer.


He had wondered if she would balk at serving as his housemaid, but no, there was dear sweet Annabel, shuffling backwards around the floor with a mop clasped in her hands behind her back. She looked up sharply when his camera flashed, and a brief look of resentment sparked in her eyes.


“How are we getting along?” Darius asked, consulting the list. “Not bad. You’ve done the dusting, filled the washing machine, washed the dishes, taken out the trash, and now you’re almost finished with mopping the floor. I’m impressed. Perhaps you’re not as useless as I had feared.”


He took another shot of her wobbling, restrained breasts, and then took a close-up of her flushed face.


“Please don’t,” Annabel uttered.


“Oh, I simply must have a lasting record of our time together,” Darius beamed. “I think we’re going to have a lot of fun!”


Annabel pursed her lips and snorted daintily through her nostrils. With her hair in a ponytail, the short, pleated skirt barely covering her white panties, and her sexy bra thrusting her breasts out, she looked most alluring.


Darius took the mop and rested it against the kitchen table. Then he fished a small key out of his pocket and unlocked Annabel’s handcuffs.


“You’ll need a bit more dexterity for your last chore,” he said.






Chapter Eleven


Annabel’s elation at finally having her wrists freed was tempered only by the fact that Nash was going to supervise her final task of the day. Even though he had already seen them, she didn’t like the way her breasts wobbled as she followed him out into the garage.


There was no car, just a row of wooden shelves lined with paint tins, hose pipes, gardening tools and other mundane paraphernalia, a small workbench, and a step ladder propped up in the corner.


In the center of the concrete floor, three pairs of shoes sat on a sheet of newspaper, along with a duster, two brushes, and two tins of shoe polish.


“As you might have noticed, I’m quite fastidious about my appearance,” Nash announced. “One of your duties while you are here will be to ensure that my shoes are spotlessly clean. By that, I mean I expect to be able to see my face in them.”


Annabel stared glumly at the floor. She had never cleaned a pair of shoes before in her life!


“I’m going back inside but I’ll be back to inspect them before tea. For your sake, they had better be polished properly.”


Annabel noticed that Nash’s disturbingly familiar tone upstairs had been replaced by the pompous manner he had used on her arrival. She decided that she preferred this one. She waited for him to leave but what he said next took her completely off balance.


“I don’t want you getting polish over your skirt, so you’d better take it off and give it to me.”


He said it in a matter-of-fact way, but Annabel could see it excited him. After the briefest hesitation, she unbuttoned the skirt, stepped out of it, and handed it to her tormentor.


Nash’s eyes traveled up and down the length of her body. Clad only in the undersized push-up bra, cotton panties, ankle socks, and shiny flat shoes, Annabel felt quite ridiculous.


Then without another word, Nash left her alone in garage to get on with her demeaning task.






Darius didn’t give a shit about how thoroughly Annabel polished his shoes. He had let her off lightly so far, even complimenting her on her efforts. This had been a deliberate ploy to put her off her guard and make her think that apart from being a somewhat kinky experience, her stay here would not be all that bad.


Annabel had swiftly concluded that the best way to avoid having any of those instruments of pain used on her was to toe the line. What she didn’t realize was that Darius wanted her to break the rules – and the best way to do that was to keep changing them.


Darius left her in the garage, and after pouring himself a generous glass of whisky, settled back in front of Annabel’s VAIOS. He spent the next hour rummaging through her various social networking accounts – the silly girl had kept herself signed in to all of them – and gradually acquainted himself with Annabel’s busy social life. She had a wide circle of fashionable and beautiful friends, and several male admirers. One in particular, a handsome lad called Bobby, seemed particularly struck with her, and judging from her messages, Annabel appeared to feel the same way. Before leaving Pemberton Hall, she had told Bobby that she would be out of the country for a year, but they had agreed to stay in touch via the internet. In the past few hours alone, Bobby had sent four unanswered messages. The poor lad would soon be going frantic!


Darius grinned and finished his drink. Annabel didn’t have to worry about her friends because he had every intention of eventually letting them see her – but by that time, it would be the last thing in the world that she would want!






Her right arm was aching by the time Annabel finished shining the last pair of shoes. She had been so intent upon completing her task that she had remained kneeling for the best part of an hour, and now she sat back and massaged her legs to get the circulation going again.


While she had been polishing, her mind had drifted, and she had found herself thinking about her friends. Her biggest fear was that in her absence, that bitch Helen would try and muscle in on Annabel’s boyfriend, Bobby. She was confident that Bobby would wait for her – he was that smitten – but it was essential that she kept in contact with him. She hadn’t expected that Nash would confiscate her stuff, so now she would have to try and please him in order to get access to her laptop. If she was going to go through another three hundred and sixty-four days of purgatory, it was vital that her old life was waiting intact for her at the end of it.


The door opened and Nash came across and silently inspected the shoes. Still seated, Annabel watched him with trepidation. She really had buffed them up to a super shine and despite the look of distaste on the old fart’s face, she was confident there was no way he could reasonably disagree. After a long and thorough examination of each pair, Nash nodded and looked at her.


“You’ve done well, Annabel,” he said. “Not at all bad for your first day. And I’ll be happy to report that back to your aunt.”


For the first time since her arrival, Annabel smiled at him. “Thank you, Mr. Nash.”


But then his eyes dropped to her chest and he frowned. “Oh dear,” he said. “What have we here?”






Chapter Twelve


Darius’ original idea had been to have Annabel keep at it for several more hours. Sooner or later, her patience would snap and she would give him an excuse to punish her. But the shoes were positively gleaming – even the soles had been cleaned.


His frustration at having been outsmarted, quickly turned to glee however, when he noticed the tiny smear of brown shoe polish on the left cup of her bra. It was the only blemish that he could see, so evidently the girl had been extra careful not to dirty herself. Sadly for her, she had now given him the opening he had been looking for.


Annabel glanced down and immediately wiped at the smudge with her thumb, causing her breast to shudder charmingly.


“You’ve only had your new outfit a couple of hours and its already filthy,” Darius said, keeping his voice stern.


Annabel looked at the stain – which she had only made worse – and then back up at him incredulously. “It’s only a little mark,” she said.


“I told you I didn’t want your clothes getting dirty,” he said. “Now I’ll have to put it in the wash.”


They held eye contact as Annabel grasped the implication of his words. Darius held out his hand. “Come on. Give it to me.”


“I can wash it myself,” Annabel said hopefully. Even though he had seen her naked breasts only a couple of hours before, she clearly didn’t want to suffer that humiliation again.


“Don’t argue with me, girl,” Darius snapped. “Hand it over right now, or my call to your Aunt Sissy will be quite different.”


At hearing her aunt’s name, Annabel’s shoulders slumped in defeat. She knew that he was toying with her now, and she could do absolutely nothing about it. Lowering her eyes, Annabel unhooked her bra and let the cups fall away. Released from their tight confines, her wonderful boobs reassumed their natural shape, bouncing freely. Darius only got a glimpse of them however, before Annabel automatically wrapped her arms around herself.






The rotten bastard! Annabel thought woefully. He just wants to look at me again!


“Ruining your clothes and talking back,” Nash said. “I think that deserves a spanking don’t you?”


Annabel kept her head down and bit her lip. Now she understood that all her efforts had been in vain. Nash was going to do whatever he pleased with her, and if she wanted to keep her inheritance she would just have to let him.


“I’m waiting for an answer, young lady,” she heard him say.


Sulkily, she nodded her head.


“I didn’t hear you.”


Annabel groaned inwardly. He wants me to say it!


“Yes,” she mumbled.


“Yes, who?”


With a sudden intake of breath, Annabel hissed, “Yes, Mr. Nash!”


Nash looked at her sharply, and said, “We’ll have to do something about that temper too.”


He’s deliberately provoking me! Annabel thought. I’ve got to keep myself under control.


Then Nash unexpectedly sat down next to her on the floor and she instinctively tightened her arms around her. He studied her face for a moment and she blushed and turned away. In the blink of an eye he had managed to resurrect that painfully intimate scene from the bedroom. Acutely aware of her near nakedness, Annabel could almost feel his arousal. She wanted to run but found herself frozen with fear.


She couldn’t even contemplate the thought of him spanking her, and yet she was spiraling irreversibly towards that outcome. She suddenly felt as though she was out of her depth. This was only the first day and already he was making her feel like a guilty kid!






With her pretty reddening face averted, Darius took the opportunity to dip his finger into an open tin of brown polish. Before she had time to react, he reached over and dabbed it onto the end of her nose. Annabel instantly recoiled at his touch and rubbed at her nose furiously.



“What’s this? There’s more polish on you!” Darius could barely contain his excitement as he drew another coffee-colored smudge along her thigh.


Annabel squirmed away from him. “Don’t! What are you doing?”


“It’s not me,” Darius said. “You’ve been very careless. Look there’s another one.”


Trying not to smile, Darius jabbed his finger against her belly-button, leaving another stain. Annabel began breathing hard and that delightful bottom lip came out again.


“You know what I think?” Darius said. “I think you did it on purpose. You like being dirty, don’t you?”


“No, I do not!” Annabel’s voice rose to an indignant wail.


“Be quiet!” Darius snapped, and once again her resolve crumbled at the sound of his voice. “If you want to be a messy girl, then so be it. Now put down your arms and stay still.”


In truth Darius had no idea where all this was coming from, but he was beginning to lose a little self-control and he dearly wanted to have another look at those splendid breasts. He raised two thickly coated fingers and waited while Annabel mentally wrestled with his command. Then, to his utter joy, she meekly lowered her arms, once more revealing her naked charms to him.


As if driven by an unseen power, Darius slowly rubbed his fingers over each of Annabel’s nipples in turn. Her whole body went rigid and she gasped – but she didn’t pull away. Quite suddenly, without any real planning, they had crossed the Rubicon. It was the first time that he had actually touched her breasts, and meeting no resistance from Annabel, he scooped up a thick lump of boot polish and got to work.






Chapter Thirteen


Nash had a strange and delirious look in his eyes as he took Annabel’s breasts in his hands and began to massage the foul polish into her flesh. She could feel him squeezing and caressing them and along with the smell of the polish, it made her feel like throwing up.


When he had finished coating her breasts, Nash started on her face. Annabel closed her eyes and kept her lips together as he smeared the brown muck over her cheeks, forehead and chin. Perhaps she could hide within herself while this vile outrage was being performed on her. Nash was to allow her no respite, however.


“Open your eyes and mouth!” His voice had taken on a chilling, womanly pitch.


Her breathing coming in short staccato puffs, Annabel obeyed. Instantly, his polish-covered fingers were inside her mouth. She could taste the awful stuff on her tongue, and then he began rubbing it around her teeth and gums. Annabel gagged as his fingers touched the back of her throat, making her eyes water. She was approaching a point of panic and was just about to flee when he withdrew his hand.


She looked at him through bleary eyes as she tried to pull herself together. She had no idea what she must look like with her face and breasts painted brown, but from the look on Nash’s face, it seemed to appeal to him.


“You like that, don’t you?” Nash said, running his tongue over his lips.


Numbly, unable to comprehend what was happening to her, Annabel nodded in agreement.


“Then its time to take some photos,” Nash said.






Darius took a few pictures with his Sure Shot and then examined them on the LED screen. He had to stifle a giggle because it looked exactly like the wretched girl was covered in excrement! That gave him a disgusting idea.


“Stand up, Annabel.”


Her brown face a picture of misery, Annabel did as he asked. “Now I want you to bend over.”


Another benchmark. Would she do it? Darius gasped with ecstatic joy as Annabel slowly, almost painfully, bent forward, her copper-colored tits dangling freely beneath her. Darius knocked off a couple more shots and then said, “Now I want you to turn around.”


This time, Annabel nearly demurred. “Why?”


“Because I said so, that’s why!”


It was becoming almost too easy. Every time she hesitated, all he had to do was become the authority figure. By unexpectedly shifting gears with his persona, he could keep her constantly wrong-footed.


Her anguish visible on her chocolate-stained face, Annabel turned and offered him a rear view of her body. The undersized panties were drawn snugly between the cheeks of her ass, and the outline of her prominent hammock, with its delectable parting cleft, was plain to see.


Darius scooped up the remains of the polish from the tin and after pausing for effect, drew a thick brown skid-mark along the valley between her buttocks. At his touch, Annabel’s head shot up, and her ass-cheeks clenched.


Darius sat back and admired his handiwork. “You dirty girl!” he mocked. “You look as though you’ve soiled yourself!”


As he began to circle her, taking pictures from all angles, Annabel finally broke down in tears.






Not content with Annabel’s abject humiliation, Nash made her scroll through the pictures one-by-one. The front views were bad enough, her face a brown mask, and her coated breasts looking obscenely dark above her white belly. But he was right about the mark on her panties – on the screen it looked as though she really had disgraced herself. The whole revolting gallery suggested that she had been playing in her own feces!


Sobbing quietly, Annabel handed him back his loathsome camera. Her defeat was absolute and complete. Not only had he succeeded in manhandling her breasts – something that she had believed she would never allow – but he had humiliated her in the most painful way. Her appearance was everything to her, and now she looked like a disgusting pervert!


But now that he had assumed total control, it seemed that Nash had no intention of letting up.


“I’m going to upload all of your photos to your laptop,” he announced happily.


Now Annabel stopped sobbing and looked at him. He’s been looking at my laptop? My God! Everything is on there! What has he seen?


Annabel wiped her runny nose, leaving a brown mark on the back of her hand.


“Why?” she asked woefully.


“Oh, just another insurance that you’ll behave yourself. From now on, all of the thousands of pictures I intend to take of you will be waiting on your hard drive.”


Already sensing the answer, Annabel said, “Waiting for what?”


“Waiting to be posted on your social networking accounts, of course. I’ll bet your friends would be shocked, and probably rather amused, if they saw these images of you fouling your panties.”


“You wouldn’t!” Annabel gasped. The thought was too much to contemplate.


Imagine Helen seeing them! The whole world would know within hours! And what about Bobby? More tears flowed freely as she begged, “Please, don’t do it!”


“That remains entirely up to you”, Nash beamed. “If you are a good girl, you’ll have nothing to worry about.”


“I will be,” Annabel nodded vigorously. She would be willing to put up with anything within the confines of Nash’s house if it meant avoiding public humiliation.


“You will be what?” Nash asked.


“Huh?” Annabel blinked at him through watery eyes.


“Say it.”


Drawing a shuddering breath, proud Annabel mumbled, “I will be a good girl, Mr. Nash.”


“Excellent. In that case, let’s go back upstairs. You need to take a bath.”






Chapter Fourteen


Luxuriating in the moment, snapping away at Annabel’s brown-stained backside as she mounted the stairs ahead of him, Darius congratulated himself on his latest victory. He figured that princess Annabel would be mortified if anyone were to even hear about what she was going through right now – but to have photographic evidence, and in the public domain? Even if she lasted the year out, the poor girl’s reputation would forever be in tatters!


Prior to hanging this threat over her, he would have expected some objection towards taking a bath – because surely she had to understand by now that she would not be bathing alone – but she had immediately risen and, sadness etched all over her painted face, turned towards the door.


As they entered the poky little bathroom, Darius’ penis stretched his underwear. Now would come another landmark in their blossoming relationship – very soon, he would finally get to look at Annabel’s naked pussy.


While the water was running into the tub, Darius sat on the toilet seat and studied his unwilling victim. She really did look quite ludicrous and she knew it. He could only imagine the deep shade of red that would now be burning under her coated cheeks. Her lovely blue eyes peeped out at him miserably as she awaited the inevitable.


“Well, you’ll have to get out of your shitty knickers now, won’t you?”


Annabel let out a strangled groan, “But I didn’t… it isn’t… you made me…”


This kind of role-play was a total turn-on for Darius. If acted out well enough, it almost became real, and right now, arrogant Miss Annabel had been caught in the process of a most obscene act of self-debasement. An embarrassing bath, followed by a painful spanking were now going follow.


“Enough blabbering, you silly girl! Take your dirty panties off this instant!”






Feeling lower than ever before in her entire life, Annabel took hold of the waistband of her panties and leaning forward, slid them slowly down over her thighs and calves.


“Straighten up! Let’s have a look at you,” Nash barked.


He was back in his school teacher mode but now, in her nudity, Annabel drew no measure of security from it. If anything, it was worse. As she stood before him, her panties around her ankles, her vulva on display to him for the first time, she actually felt as though she had done something wrong. Intellectually, she understood that she was in the clutches of a sick pervert, but she was still unable to shake off a deep sense of shame.


She stood in silence, listening to the faucet running, while Nash’s eyes bored like laser beams into her crotch.


Why does he find it so fascinating?


A good two minutes passed before he finally looked up at her tortured features.


“You really are quite lovely, Annabel,” he said finally.


Once again, he had switched from the strict disciplinarian back to the enamored father-figure. Actually squirming now, Annabel was overcome by a powerful urge to turn away – but by now she understood the rules.


Nash stepped past her, turned off the faucet, and sprinkled bath salts into the tub.


“In you get,” he said, watching her curiously.


Acutely aware of her nakedness, Annabel climbed over the side and lowered herself in. The water was nice and hot and the salts were soothing against her skin.


If it hadn’t been for Nash’s ugly face looming over her, she might even have enjoyed it.


“Sit back and relax,” Nash said throatily, and reached for a flannel.






Trying to keep his fingers from trembling, Darius set about cleaning the boot polish off Annabel’s breasts. They were half submerged, so with his other hand he first cupped the bottom half of her right breast and then lifted it out of the water. Annabel stared fixedly ahead as he cleaned her firm flesh, pausing to give her prominent nipple a squeeze and a tug through the flannel. To his delight, and Annabel’s obvious dismay, her teat quickly swelled and lengthened at his touch.


Then he proceeded to her left breast, invoking the same physical response.


Allowing her generous mammaries to float just below the surface, Darius took a clean flannel and wiped Annabel’s face. He had been right – the girl could not have been blushing any deeper. Not only was he becoming increasingly familiar with every detail of her body, but it seemed she was physically reacting to his caresses in a sexually positive way.


When the polish had been removed from her face, Darius shampooed her lovely red hair and then decided it was time to get even more personal. He had earlier been entranced by the red thatch of hair between her thighs. She had an unusually well-pronounced mound but her cunt was neatly packaged, affording him no visual access to her pussy lips.


In a barely audible voice, he ordered his young captive to stand up.






Chapter Fifteen


Annabel rose up out of the water so that her pubic area was now level with Nash’s face. Embarrassed beyond belief, she didn’t know where to put her hands – but Nash did.


“Hand’s behind your head, dear,” he said in a low and quivering voice.


When Annabel had complied, he added, “And now part your legs.”


This time she demurred. He had already tweaked her nipples to attention and her body’s reaction had mortified her. Was he now going to invade her last bastion of self-respect?


“Come on, we haven’t got all night,” Nash breathed, his eyes fixed upon her crotch.


Annabel held her breath and shuffled her feet apart, making ripples in the bathwater. Now she felt more exposed than ever. When she felt the flannel press against her mons, she closed her eyes. Then she felt the palm of his hand massaging the material into her most intimate parts.


He’s not interested in washing me! she thought frantically. He just wants to get me aroused!


And to Annabel’s growing dismay, that was exactly what was happening. She could feel his probing fingers parting her outer labia, and then worming their way inside her body. She let out a little desperate moan as the warmth gathered in her belly. How could she possibly have allowed this to happen? Was her inheritance really worth all of this shame?


Her knees jerked in little spasms when Nash’s fingertip tickled her bud. She could feel herself getting wet and as her arousal began to build, she was suddenly terrified that he might bring her to orgasm whilst standing naked in the bath tub.






Breathing in her musky feminine scent, Darius continued stroking and tickling Annabel’s sweet, damp cunt. She was making little squeaking noises now, and her hips twitched whenever he made contact with her clitoris. He was surprised at how receptive the girl was, and he wondered if she was feeling the same way.


Before she could climax however, Darius pulled his hand away and he heard her let out a shuddering sigh of exasperation. Now her inflamed and wet lips were quite prominent and seizing the moment, Darius pulled out his camera once more .


“Open your eyes Annabel,” he commanded, and when she obeyed, their was no mistaking her expression of shame mixed with lust.


“More for the album,” he said, and proceeded to preserve Annabel’s bath time for prosperity. When he had captured her nude and glistening body from various angles he held out his hand and said, “Let’s get you dry.”


Clearly demoralized, Annabel readily took his hand and allowed him to towel her down, again spending most of the time on her breasts, ass, and cunt. Now it was time to have another peek inside that luscious soft mouth. Annabel had brought along a large collection of toiletries which Darius had already transferred to the bathroom. He picked up one of her toothbrushes, squeezed on some paste and said, “Open wide.”


She was responding to his instructions automatically now, and he spent several enjoyable minutes brushing the shoe polish off her teeth. Then, delighted with the progress he was making, he told Annabel to follow him to her room.






Inside Annabel’s new bedroom, Nash said, “Because you soiled your panties, you’ll forfeit dinner tonight and go to bed early.”


Annabel stared at him dully. The traumatic sequence of the day’s events were catching up with her fast. It was ludicrous that a girl of her age should be going to bed while the sun was still up, but in fact she rather relished the prospect. At least then she would be left alone – or so she hoped!


He went to the closet and handed her a pair of striped pajamas. “Put these on.”


Annabel held up the pajamas and groaned inwardly. At home she had a whole wardrobe devoted to a range of sexy lingerie. Once again the garments were too small for her, but she just about managed to squeeze herself in. She caught herself in the mirror and cringed at how absurd she looked. If her friends could only see her now!


Nash must have been reading her mind, because the next moment she saw a flash and heard him say, “Smile!”


After her latest humiliation had been recorded, Nash told Annabel to lie face-down on the bed. Still feeling somewhat stupefied, she did as she was told, and then turned her head to one side to watch what he was up to next. Even though she was fast becoming accustomed to his warped games, she was still taken by surprise when he guided her wrist up to the corner of the bed and secured it in the leather strap.


Her earlier torpor now gave way to a rising panic as he went around the bed binding her ankles and finally her other wrist. Spreadeagled and face down, Annabel waited with a thumping heart while Nash returned to the closet.






Chapter Sixteen


Darius opened a drawer filled with a variety of sex toys that he had also purchased online. Annabel would get to experience them all in due course, but for now he selected a rather obscene-looking, black rubber, inflatable penis gag.


When he returned to the bed, he reveled in the look of sheer disbelief on Annabel’s face as he placed it against her lips.


“Suck on it,” he chuckled. “I don’t want to hear you crying during the night.” His words weren’t meant entirely as a joke because he was sure his charge would be shedding a few private tears later on.


For a moment Annabel looked as though she was going to turn her head, but then those sumptuous lips parted and Darius popped the phallic-shaped gag into her mouth. Next, he began squeezing the attached bulb pump, and inflated the gag until it completely filled Annabel’s mouth, puffing out her cheeks.


“There,” he said, patting her on the head. “You look like a little chipmunk!”


After taking a close-up picture of her flushed face, he reached down and pulled her pajama bottoms down to her knees, exposing her lovely round ass.


“Now you get the spanking you deserve,” he announced.


There were any number of whips, belts and canes that he could have selected from the closet, but he decided that for the first time, he would use a wooden paddle. He brought the first stroke down across her cheeks and Annabel let out a muffled yelp of surprise. As he continued the assault, his eyes fell upon the velvety cunt lips nestled between her spread thighs and the hard-on that had been with him for most of the day now took on a new intensity.






Her breasts squashed beneath her, Annabel felt the burning in her buttocks building with each slap of the paddle. The pain wasn’t intolerable yet but was fast approaching it. With her ankles bound to the corners of the bed, she knew that Nash could examine her privates at his leisure, but that was the least of her worries. For the first time, she was physically restrained. Up until now, if he had attempted to ravish her she could have fought him off – albeit risking the loss of her inheritance – but now she was physically helpless.


Her head was spinning with a mixture of emotions. He had almost succeeded in bringing her to climax in the bath tub, and for the briefest of moments she had actually wanted him to finish his filthy little task. As her passion had clamed down, she had hated herself for even vaguely entertaining that thought. But what if he attempted something now? How would she respond?


The fire in her backside was now beginning to really hurt and she realized that she was crying through the vulgar gag with every blow. Then the onslaught was suddenly over and Annabel braced herself for the worst.






Slightly out of breath, Darius examined Annabel’s ruddy ass cheeks. It was no good. He had intended to finish the spanking and then wish her a curt good night, leaving her rear-end exposed. He hadn’t imagined in his wildest dreams that he would have achieved such intimacy with her on the very first day, but events had progressed much faster than he had anticipated.


He was still tempered by the possibility that if he took advantage of her too soon, she might just possibly decide enough was enough and then he would be at her mercy. He didn’t need another flirtation with the law.


But those tantalizing folds between her buttocks looked too delicious to resist. Kneeling between her outstretched legs, he gently placed a hand on each of her burning butt cheeks. Feeling his touch, Annabel’s body stiffened. Should he go any further? Remembering that she had allowed him to wash her breasts and then push the flannel inside her pussy in the bathroom, he opted to take the risk.


He prized her cheeks apart and lowered his face towards her puckered asshole.


Even her ring-piece is a work of art!


Then he placed his lips against it. Annabel shrieked around her penis gag and he felt her buttocks tighten under his palms. But there was to be no going back now. He poked out his tongue and jabbed at her anus, pushing a little deeper each time until he finally breached her sphincter muscle.


Annabel began to twist her hips in an attempt to eject his tongue from inside her asshole. He let go of her buttocks, allowing them to close around his face, and then inhaled deeply, picking up the heady aroma of her adjacent sex.


Ignoring Annabel’s stifled ululations, he sat up and freed his erect penis from his pants. He gazed rapturously down at both of her exposed bodily openings. She was still squirming and crying as if she understood exactly what was on his mind.


He desperately needed release but he was still nervous about penetrating her at this early stage. Opting for a compromise, Darius leaned forward and laid the length of his shaft between her buttocks. Then reaching around under her arms, he lowered himself on top of her and rested his cheek against hers.


Using her ass as cushioning, he began sliding his penis up and down between her buns.


“It’s okay,” he whispered into her ear. “It will be over in a moment.”


And it was. He rapidly picked up speed, grunted hard, and then all of his pent-up passion came spurting out of him.


He lay on top of her for a few seconds, becoming aware that her cheek was slick with tears. Then he raised himself up and looked at the sticky mess he had deposited on her back. He scooped it back over her buttocks and then massaged it in, leaving them red and shiny. Finally, he zipped himself up and kissed her salty cheek.


“Sleep tight, my dear,” he said. “I think you and I are going to get along fine.”


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