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Annabel and Mr. Nash


© Lorenzo Marks 2013-2020. All rights reserved. Not for sale.







Chapter Seventeen


Annabel didn’t sleep for a long time. It was well over an hour before her tears stopped, but even then her mind was a whirlwind of agitation. Everything that Nash had inflicted upon her during the day seemed so unreal that had she not been shackled face-down on the bed, she could easily have believed it had all been a horrible nightmare.


In less than a day, she had been stripped, forced to dress up in humiliating clothes, covered in shoe polish, bathed, paddled on her naked buttocks, and then finally… what did he do to her? The violation that she had been expecting had thankfully never materialized, but the revolting masturbation that had followed, had left her on the brink of despair. She could still feel his hard penis sliding up and down between her buttocks and his sticky, clammy mess as he rubbed it into her skin!


Once more she was on the verge of quitting. With the obscene penis gag in her mouth, and her arms and legs spread wide, there was nothing she could do right now. But when Nash eventually released her from the bed, she would demand her possessions back and leave. She simply would not be able to stand a whole year of this abuse.


As a parting shot she would inform Nash that she intended to report him to the authorities. That would give the sadistic old pig something to think about! She pictured him falling to his knees, begging her not to report him – or would he? He had told her that he could remove all his kinky paraphernalia in no time, and that it would be her word against his. Meanwhile he would be certain to call Aunt Sissy, and then her future life of luxury would be over before it began.


With her pajama bottoms at half-mast and her semen-coated buttocks exposed, Annabel’s tortured and conflicted mind finally succumbed to sleep.






Darius awoke in his own bed with the most fabulous erection. He had to admit that he had gotten way ahead of himself with Annabel on her first day, but the young woman had proven too gorgeous to resist. He allowed himself a few moments to relive the sensation of his cock sandwiched between her warm ass cheeks.


Oh Lord, I even licked her asshole!


Darius put his hand to his mouth to stifle a sudden burst of laughter. He realized how close he had been to actually mounting her from behind, and was glad that he had withstood the temptation. He doubted if the young missy was still a virgin, but it was a possibility. He would have to clarify that today. What mattered now was taking the bull by the horns while she was still in a state of shock. He couldn’t afford to let her recover.


He climbed out of bed, threw on a robe, and then went into Annabel’s room. There she was, the stuff of his dreams, sleeping soundly. Her head was turned to one side, her luxurious red tresses partly obscuring her graceful features. He crept a little closer to examine her semen-encrusted buttocks and then recorded the image with his Sure Shot.


With the flash of the camera, Annabel’s eyes snapped open. She looked disoriented, no doubt expecting to wake up in her own bed at Pemberton Hall, but then she began to strain at her bonds, uttering mild ululations through the gag.


Darius parked himself beside her and stroked her hair out of her face.


“Good morning, Annabel,” he said in a kindly manner. “I hope you slept well. I have a lot of fun and games lined up for you today.”






Why am I still here? I should have left as soon as he untied me!


She had had every intention, and yet she had allowed Nash to deflate the penis gag and remove it from her mouth, uncuff her wrists and ankles, and then guide her into the bathroom. She had already decided that if having a sexual relationship with Nash was the price of her fortune, then she would gladly forfeit everything. She was in love with Bobby, a handsome muscular sports jock, and her lithe young body was designed for a virile stud like him, not this ugly middle-aged man.


She stood in the bathroom in her jammies, and watched in horror as Nash allowed his bathrobe to slip over his shoulders and onto the floor. She held his gaze, willing herself not to look down at the erection that he was surely pointing at her.


“Raise your arms, Annabel,” Nash said.


Sluggishly she did as she was told, and was temporarily blinded as he tugged the ill-fitting top over her head. Nash’s eyes automatically dropped to her beautiful breasts and Annabel watched transfixed as his Adam’s apple danced in his throat. Then he knelt and pulled her pajama bottoms down – and they were suddenly both naked together for the first time!


Wordlessly he took her by the hand and they stepped into the tub. Nash pulled the shower curtain across and turned on the water. As he took Annabel gently by the shoulders and positioned her under the spray, the tip of his penis bumped against her thigh and she yelped in surprise.


While Nash poured liquid soap into his hands, Annabel felt the confines of the curtained tub closing in on her, but still she was unable to run. Inevitably, Nash started by soaping her breasts, and once again Annabel closed her eyes.






Chapter Eighteen


I don’t believe I’ll ever get bored with these puppies! Darius thought happily, as he massaged Annabel’s breasts.


She had her eyes screwed tight shut and her fists were clenched, but judging from the erect state of her swollen nipples she didn’t look as though she was in any discomfort – expect perhaps, that of her humiliation! He deliberately spent a long time on her boobs, lifting them up, squeezing them, and then rotating his palms slowly around her nubs before tugging on them and stretching them out – which elicited a gasp from the wet and naked girl.


Eventually he re-soaped his hands and knelt down before her as if he was about to propose marriage – but his intentions were nowhere near as gallant! Mesmerized by her stunning young body, he paused to scrutinize every dip and curve – her trim little waist, her cute, indented bellybutton, her full hips, and her long, shapely legs. He marveled at the way the water dripped from her nipples and then ran in rivulets down her tight stomach and over her firm thighs.


Finally he turned his full attention to her compact little honeypot under its covering of soft, downy red hair. He had invaded her most private space before in this very bathtub of course, but then he had made sure to use the flannel as a buffer.


Emboldened by the events of the previous day however, he now fully intended to delve inside her again, but this time with his bare fingers, flesh against flesh.


Tremulously he placed his soapy fingertip against Annabel’s slit and immediately her eyes opened and she lurched backwards, banging her head against the tiling.


Darius waited anxiously. Had he finally gone to far?






He touched me there!


It was not the first time that he had probed her most sacred parts, but this time without the protection of the flannel, the sensation of his bare fingertip against her vulva had felt like an electric shock. Even after all she had been through, Annabel had still been clinging to the vain hope that he wouldn’t really go all the way with her. Now she realized she was just being naive and stupid. With every physical contact he was getting bolder, going a little further each time, in order to groom her for the inevitable ultimate act of intercourse!


She jammed herself into the corner as hard as she could, hoping for a reprieve of some sort. He was still kneeling below her and the running water obscured her view, but she felt the palm of his hand against her inner thigh, pushing it aside firmly and relentlessly until he had positioned her left foot on the rim of the tub.


Her tears began to flow, mixing with the shower spray, as he touched her again. This time she had nowhere to go as his digital invader wormed its way between her outer labia, drilling deeper until she let out an involuntary moan.


When she was fully impaled, Nash gently withdrew his finger almost completely, and then slid it back inside her again, seeking out her g-spot – and to her mortification, finding it! In and out it went, his thumb pushing against her prepuce on each inward thrust, and inescapably she felt herself becoming lubricated as he increased his rhythm.


Annabel pressed her palms flat against the tiles and mewled through her clamped teeth as the arousal built inside her.


He’s doing it again! she thought miserably. And this time he’s going to make me come!






In a state of rapt delirium, Darius fixed his eyes upon Annabel’s juicy wet cunt. He had planned to bring her to the point of orgasm and then deny her again, but once more this desirable young morsel was derailing his plans!


He could just about hear her guttural warbling over the noise of the shower, and as he upped the tempo of his finger-fucking, her thighs began to shake and her stomach muscles twitched. He turned his head to one side and pressed his cheek against her flat belly whilst continuing to pump his hand back and forth.


He could hear her stomach juices gurgling and could feel her breasts bouncing on top of his head as her climax approached. Suddenly she squealed and gripped his hair, and then her foot slipped off the rim, and the next moment she was sliding down into the tub with him. She quivered and jerked and slapped him on the back of her head but still he kept on, adding a second finger now, slipping in and out of her slick cunt with ease.


With water cascading over their naked bodies, they lay in the tub in a ungainly embrace. Annabel’s left leg was draped over the side, leaving her inflamed pussy open as Darius sought to bring her to another peak. Somehow he had one of her nipples clamped between his teeth, and he pulled at it, making her squeal in pain.


He rose up onto his knees, pulled his fingers out of her sopping pussy, and turned off the shower faucet. Annabel was staring up at him with wild, big eyes, her shiny breasts rising and falling with each juddering breath. He looked down at her puffed-up labia surrounded by matted red hair, and knew that he could quite easily mount her right now with his rigid cockhead just inches away from her Holy Grail.


But there was something not quite right. By lying there in a posture of apparent submission, she was actually subtly turning the tables on him. He had already lost his self-control, and with it, most of his dignity. By succumbing to her overwhelming charms, it would appear as if he needed her, and that was not the impression he wanted to create at all – and it was a situation that needed to be immediately redressed.






Chapter Nineteen


Waiting – but not at all ready – for the worst, Annabel watched in amazement as Nash slowly rose to his feet and stepped out of the tub. He had a glowering look on his face that seemed to intimate that she had done something wrong.


She remained supine, legs asunder, too surprised and relieved to think about covering herself up, and she watched him apprehensively, wondering what the hell was going on in that depraved mind right now.


Nash stood naked in the middle of the bathroom and turned to face her. Aware of his aroused condition, she kept her eyes on his. There was something very disquieting about the way he was regarding her, and now she covered her breasts and crotch with her hands.


Finally, he spoke. “Do you see what you have done?”


Oh shit, the authority figure is back!


Not understanding, Annabel remained silent.


“Get out of the tub.”


Still keeping her hands strategically placed, Annabel maneuvered herself into a standing position and then gingerly stepped out onto the vinyl-covered floor.


Apparently attempting to make his meaning clearer, Nash glanced down towards his groin. “Look at what you have done, Annabel.”


The penny had dropped, but there was no way she could bring herself to look.


“You know the penalty for failing to obey me,” he warned her.


Oh, no, I can’t look at it!


“If you don’t acknowledge the problem you have caused, I’m going downstairs…”


“Okay, okay!”


Grimacing, she allowed her eyes to drop down to Nash’s midriff. He had a fairly substantial belly which was covered with a layer of dark, coarse hair. Below it, protruding from a thick, curly black nest, his excited member jutted towards her.


Horrified, she immediately looked back up at his face.


“I said, look at it!” Nash snapped irritably. “This is all your doing.”


How is it my fault? Annabel thought helplessly.


Again she reluctantly lowered her eyes. It was thick and quite long, and it curved upwards like a banana with a glistening purple plum on the end.




“As you are responsible,” Nash said, “I think you should do something about it, don’t you?”






It was as much as he could manage to keep the quiver of excitement out of his voice. Once more he was going to test the limits of her endurance, but more importantly, he was in the process of manipulating the situation so that it would appear as if she were the guilty party.


“Come over here and get on your knees, and have a good close look at what you have created with your disgusting performance in the shower.”


She glanced up at him and almost spoke back, but then thinking better of it, shuffled forward and dropped to her knees so that her face was inches from his swollen bell-end. He looked down at her, and seeing that she was focused upon his navel, shouted, “Look at it!”


Annabel jumped at his command, and lips trembling, directed her gaze at his proud member. Her mortification only served to arouse Darius further, and his cock twitched in anticipation. Now that she was on her knees before him, the fun and games could begin.


“Well, what do you have to say for yourself?”


Knowing better than to look away, Annabel kept her pretty eyes on his erect cock and mumbled, “I… I don’t know.”


“Then let me help you,” Darius said. “You say ‘I am sorry for sexually arousing you with my disgraceful behavior in the shower, Mr. Nash.’”


After a moment’s delay while she was evidently weighing up the unfairness of what he was making her say, Annabel repeated the absurd statement.


“And I deserve to be punished for it,” he added.


Almost choking on the words, Annabel reiterated her guilt.


“Very well,” Darius said. “But before your punishment begins, you’ll have to take care of the problem you have created.”


He swallowed, and yet again braced himself for her sudden flight.


“Do you understand what I have just said?”


Annabel’s only response was a single tear rolling down her crimson cheek.






Above her, Annabel’s tormentor said, “Hurry up girl, I haven’t got all day.”


It was obvious what he wanted, but she had to ask him anyway. “What do you want me to do?”


His verbal torment was relentless. “What do you think, dummy?”


With a low sigh, Annabel raised her hand, and with shaking fingers, wrapped it around his shaft. It had finally happened, and the cruel bastard had engineered it so that she was the initiator of this latest vile act between them. His silence told her to get on with it, and so she began to slowly masturbate him, something she had only ever performed on Bobby before.


She could hear his breathing quickening as she slid her fingers up and down, and belatedly remembering that she was directly in the line of fire, she pulled her face away.


“Get back in place,” Nash breathed huskily.


Annabel squeezed out another desolate tear as she comprehended what his intention was.


Oh, you sick pig!


But he wasn’t finished there. “Open your mouth.”


Shocked, Annabel halted her pumping action.


“Do it!” he hissed.


She could have let go, could have stood up there and then and walked away from her fortune, but she didn’t. Something was compelling her to stay and finish the task. Maybe it was the fact that if she went now, everything she had already endured would have been for nothing. Or was it the fear of him distributing those humiliating pictures of her to her friends? She was no longer sure of what she was doing or why, so she just fixed upon the only constant that made sense anymore.


Think of the money!


Feeling like a two-bit whore, Annabel opened her mouth. She could no longer see his glans, and now she stared blankly at his fat stomach, trying not to retch at the sensation of his skin moving under her fingers as she worked his stiff cock.


She heard Nash issue a low, guttural grunt, and in the next instant the first spurt of his seed hit the back of her throat. Instinctively she let go of his dick and jerked her face away, but not before the second salvo hit her on the nose.


“Ugh!” Annabel gagged and tried to hawk up Nash’s briny issue, but to her utter dismay he had already clamped his hand over her mouth.






Chapter Twenty


What a sight!


As Darius came down from the throes of his heady orgasm, he gazed in wonder at his beautiful young victim. A white sticky glob of his spunk dangled from her cute little nose. She remained kneeling, and although he had his hand over her mouth, incredibly she wasn’t fighting to get free. Her glistening eyes were focused upon his navel, and she was making strange little mewling noises as she struggled not to swallow his semen. Poor thing! Why did she think he was forcing her to keep her mouth shut?




She mumbled something through his fingers and shook her head.


“You’re already going to be punished for masturbating in the shower, so I suggest you don’t make things worse for yourself. Swallow.”


He felt her hot breath streaming out of her nostrils onto his hand as she contemplated this latest disgusting outrage.


“We’ll stay here like this until you do as I say,” Darius admonished her. “But let me tell you that you have already made your punishment worse.”


Annabel made a plaintive gurgle and then Darius watched her neck muscles contract as she gulped his ejaculate down into her stomach.


The seal of our intimate bonding!


Darius could never have dreamed of achieving so much, so soon! Satisfied that she hadn’t faked it, he removed his hand and she let out a spluttering gasp.


“Did it taste good?”


Annabel didn’t respond, but the defeat in her eyes was plain to see. How would she ever be able to recover from this? Even though they hadn’t had intercourse, and her lips hadn’t actually touched his glans, they had climaxed in turn whilst naked together in the bathroom. You couldn’t get much closer as a couple than that!


But Darius’ depraved imagination was already dreaming up so much more.






Back in her bedroom, Annabel waited while Nash flipped through her clothes rack for her new outfit for the day. He had put his robe back on thank God, but she couldn’t shake the image of his flabby, hairy body from her mind – in particular, his thick, veiny, purple-headed penis!


So much had occurred since her arrival that she was having trouble on focusing. She felt as though she had already been here a year, and Pemberton Hall seemed like a distant memory. She understood amid her distress that she was in danger of being totally eclipsed by this odious man. Somewhere, somehow, she was going to have to remain focused on her prize. In a year’s time, she would be rich and independent – then she could plot her revenge.


Meanwhile she stood naked and feeling quite nauseous at the though of his sperm settling in her stomach while this complete stranger laid her clothes out on the bed.


She supposed she shouldn’t have been shocked after what she had been through, but the ridiculously skimpy cosplay maid’s uniform still caught her unawares.


“Put it on,” Nash commanded, whilst ferreting through one of the closet drawers.


He hadn’t provided a bra, and when Annabel had buttoned up the black top, she understood why. Trimmed with white lace, it barely covered her breasts, and the material was so sheer, her nipples were clearly visible. The skirt – if you could call it that – was made of the same see-through nylon, had a small white apron sewn into the front, and stopped at the tops of her thighs. There were no panties on the bed, only a pair of white silk garter belts which Annabel donned with distaste.


Finally she stepped into a pair of black five-inch pumps and looked at herself in the mirror. She was a comical parody of a French maid, and for all intents and purposes may as well have been naked. Even though he had seen – and touched – everything that mattered by now, somehow this bawdy outfit made her feel even more exposed!






Darius turned around and surveyed his sexy little maid. Perfect! He couldn’t wait until she was house-trained and he could show her off to some of his more like-minded associates. She looked absolutely delectable – but he still had a few finishing touches to make.


First, he handed her a small white cap. “Can’t have a maid without the proper headdress."


After she had put on the cap, he sat on the bed and placed her tiger stripe thong, a pair of linked silver balls, and a plastic zip-lock bag beside him.


“I told you I would allow you to wear some of your own clothes,” he said. “I’m sure you wouldn’t want to go about your chores with your cunt exposed all day.”


Despite all they had done so far, she still colored up beautifully!


“In case you thought I had forgotten about your punishment, you were wrong,” Darius said. He held up the balls and they jingled when he shook them.


“These are ‘Ben Wa’ balls. Many women like to walk around with them inside their pussies. It keeps them in a constant state of mild arousal. These have got little chimes inside, so I will be able to hear you as you attend to your duties.”


Relishing Annabel’s open-mouthed expression, he handed her the balls and said, “Put them in, that’s a good girl.”


She stared, dumbfounded, at the silver balls in her hand. “In…?”


“Inside your cunt, dear,” Darius said, off-handedly. “You know, the one you are so fond of playing with.”


When she continued to stare at them in disbelief, he added, “Are you looking for additional punishment?”


He watched entranced, as his shame-faced faux-maid opened her legs, and then awkwardly spread her labia. She pursed her lips, turned bright crimson, and looked away from him as the little metal intruders disappeared from view.


“Excellent,” he said, feeling his cock rising again. “But this is supposed to be a punishment, so I’m going to add a little something to your underwear.”


He opened the zip-bag and sprinkled the contents into the gusset of Annabel’s thong.


“These are dried, crushed, maple seed pods.”


Annabel simply looked at him, the blushing in her cheeks now accentuated by the ‘Ben Wa’ balls she had just inserted into her vagina.


“Home-made itching powder,” Darius explained contentedly. “By the time the little silvery hairs have worked their way up into your ass and pussy, you’ll be very sorry that you were such a wanton little girl in the shower.”






Chapter Twenty One


An hour later, the itching in Annabel’s crotch and between her buttocks, had become almost unbearable. She had loaded the washing machine, vacuumed and polished, and was now dusting in the living room while Nash sat in an armchair reading a newspaper.


Almost reading that is, because she was aware that every minute or so, his beady eyes would flick up over the top of the page to secretly ogle Annabel’s ass or cleavage. Earlier he had instructed her about ‘deportment whilst cleaning’ which involved walking with her shoulders back in order to accentuate her bust, and worse, whenever she needed to reach down for something, she was to bend at the waist while keeping her legs straight. Not only was this uncomfortable posture inconvenient, but it afforded Nash a generous view of her buttocks, which were effectively naked on either side of the small strip of material that ran up between them.


As she had set about her tasks, with the revolting little balls tinkling softly inside her, Nash had made sure to record her movements with the ever-present camera.


If those pictures were ever to be made public…!


Thankfully, nothing of a sexual nature had transpired yet, although she was acutely aware of the fact that she was still carrying his semen in her gut. She had hoped to have an opportunity to sneak back to the bathroom and throw up into the toilet, but Nash had refused her permission to go.


Now however, her embarrassing and exposed condition was secondary to the agonizing torment going on between her legs. He had previously forbidden her to scratch while she performed her duties, but now the irritation was driving her crazy, and she began to wriggle her thighs as she flicked the feather duster over the furniture.


Finally the excruciating sensation was just too much to stand, and her hand automatically dropped under her micro-skirt, her fingers frantically scratching at the front of her thong.


“Ahem,” Nash said from behind her. “What do you think you are doing?”






Gleefully, Darius watched the wretched girl withdraw her hand from beneath her skirt. Under the pretense of reading the newspaper, he had been surreptitiously observing her progress, and as the minutes had ticked by, her attempts at keeping her composure had grown increasingly futile.


At one point, Annabel had bent over with her legs straight, as per his instructions, and he had immediately whipped out his camera to capture the image of her gorgeously rounded ass cheeks. As soon as the flash had gone off, she had jerked upright again, but not before he had had time to spot a delightfully raw area around her mons. On examining the camera’s display screen, his suspicions had been confirmed – the itching powder was definitely doing its work!


When Annabel failed to turn and face him, Darius said, “I told you not to scratch yourself. What kind of a girl plays with herself in public? Did you do that in front of Mr. Barclay at Pemberton Hall?”


Her shoulders stiffened at the mention of her former servant’s name, and without reply she continued to dust. Observing her in the skimpy uniform, with the sexy white garters, and the high-heels emphasizing the smooth lines of her legs, Darius was becoming seriously aroused again. But mindful of his earlier loss of poise in the shower, this time he would have to engineer a way of touching her that would also allow him to maintain his hauteur.


The way that Annabel’s ass and thighs were twitching told him that she was on the threshold of losing it. After fighting for so long, the agitation in her nether regions had to be reaching unbearable proportions!


Darius now decided to play his ace card. “Although you are forbidden to touch yourself, I am quite happy to do the honors for you, if you so desire.”


She stopped dusting and turned towards him. Her flustered expression was confirmation enough that she was desperate for relief.


“Please, Mr. Nash,” she said in a barely audible whisper. “I can do it myself. May I go the bathroom?”


“Absolutely not. I’ve offered my assistance, but if you don’t want it, then you had better get on with your work.”


Hiding his exultation at her embarrassing dilemma, he pretended to return to his paper. Incredibly, Annabel dug in and continued to dust, although her jiggling hips betrayed her agony. However, she only lasted another couple of minutes before she turned towards him again and said, “Okay.”






It was hopeless! The last thing in the world that Annabel wanted right now was for Nash to touch her privates again, but the irritation was driving her insane! He had already been there, so it wasn’t as if she couldn’t survive it. Let the horrible pig have his fun! As humiliating as it would be, at least she would get some respite from her torment.


Nash lowered his paper. “Okay, what?”


Annabel drew a breath and said, “Okay, you can scratch me.”


“Don’t do me any favors,” Nash snorted. “Do you think I haven’t got anything better to do than play with your pussy?”


Annabel blinked and gaped at him. “But I though you wanted to…?”


“Wanted to what? You’re the one with the itchy cunt.”


The vicious bastard! Surely he’s not going to leave me in this state?


But when Nash returned his attention to the paper, it became evident that he most certainly was!


Her eyes brimming up yet again, Annabel drew on every ounce of her resolve and forced herself to ask him. “Will you do it?”


Once more, those nasty dark eyes engaged hers. “Ask nicely.”


Oh, you rotten fucker!


Annabel wiped her eyes with the back of her hand and looked at the ceiling.


“Please will you… scratch me?”


“Scratch you where, Annabel?”


Almost hyperventilating with shame, Annabel said, “My… my… crotch!”


“Your crotch, or your cunt?”


Shaking her head in despair, the tears now rolling freely, and the itching between her legs forcing her to rotate her hips wildly, Annabel yelled, “My cunt! Please scratch my cunt, Mr. Nash!”






Chapter Twenty Two


Mission accomplished!


Now Darius would get to play with Annabel’s soft, juicy pussy again, only this time he could pretend that it was all a tiresome chore! Even worse for the hapless girl, he intended to keep up the illusion that she was somehow to blame for her troubled condition. This was definitely the way forward, and in time he hoped that Annabel would eventually come to accept his sordid charades as reality.


Feigning impatience, Darius folded his paper and said, “Oh, very well. Come over here, turn around, and bend over.”


Even in her agony, Annabel hesitated at such an indecent request.


Still fighting, eh?


“If you don’t come over here right now, you’ll lose your chance. I won’t offer again.”


With a look of desolation on her pretty little face, Annabel approached him, turned her back and bent forward. The ridiculously small maid’s skirt rode up over her buttocks, giving him a lovely close-up of her inflamed labia which flared out on either side of the thong.


Darius swallowed hungrily and said, “All the way down, and grab your ankles.”


Annabel did as she was told, practically thrusting her delectable hammock into Darius’ face. Her body went rigid as he took hold of her waistband, slowly pulled her thong down to her knees, and drew a delighted breath.


Oh, my dear God, the ‘Ben Wa’ balls have been working their magic too!


Not only were Annabel’s pussy lips red, moist and swollen, but her anus and perineum were also slick with her seeping juices.


Almost choking on the words, Darius said, “Open your legs dear, so that I can get a better look.”


With a mournful sigh, Annabel shuffled her feet apart until the thong was stretched thin between her spread knees. Darius raised his right hand and gently rubbed his thumb along her irritated cunt lips, and in spite of her obvious mortification, Annabel groaned with pleasure.


The poor lamb must have been in agony!


Using both hands now, Darius parted her labia and inhaled her feminine musk. He could see one of the silver balls inside her soft, pink vagina, and he gave it a little prod, causing Annabel to yelp. Continuing to stroke at her puffed up sex, Darius now placed his thumb against Annabel’s wrinkled little anus, and gradually worked it inside.






Beside herself with shame, Annabel clung to her ankles and looked upside-down at her tormentor. The relief that his probing fingers were providing her was almost divine, and as he pressed his thumb deeper into her itchy asshole, she responded automatically by pushing back onto him.


Ooh, that feels so good!


She hated herself for feeling this way, but there was no denying it – the wicked old bastard was not only soothing her pain, but with the help of the persistent ‘Ben Wa’ balls, he was quickly bringing her towards another unwanted climax!


As her ecstasy built however, Annabel suddenly became aware of another sensation building in her bladder. Horrified, she let go of her ankles and tried to straighten up. To her shock and chagrin, she felt a stinging blow across her right buttock.


“Get back down!” Nash hissed.


“But I need to… oh, fuck! Please stop!”


“Stop?” Nash mocked. “But a moment ago, you were begging me to scratch your quim. I wish you’d make up your mind, girl!”


“No, you don’t understand!” Annabel wailed. “I’m going to… oh!”


Nash had his thumb deeply embedded inside her anus now, rotating it around and blissfully easing the burning inside. With his other hand, he alternated between tickling her mons and tugging at her pubic hair, before plunging three fingers inside her and literally fucking her with his hand.


Frantically, Annabel tried to wriggle away. She was being ripped apart by the blessed release he was giving her, the impending explosion between her legs, and the horrible prospect of losing control of her bladder.


In the end, predictably, Nash gave her no choice. As she bucked her hips, he grabbed hold of the waistband of her skirt, and the next moment a wave of ecstasy pulsed through her body. Her orgasm was so powerful that she crumbled onto her hands and knees, and screamed with pleasure.


But Annabel’s euphoria was soon replaced by paralyzing horror as her bladder finally gave way, and she felt herself gushing over his hand.






Darius felt her hot piss on his fingers, but he didn’t remove them. Instead he watched mesmerized, as the yellow liquid emerged first as a dribble, then a trickle, and very quickly turned into a powerful spurt.


She was on all fours now, her face buried in her arms, her naked rump thrust up towards him. He allowed her urine to soak his shirtsleeve and then fall in a noisy cascade between her spread thighs, drenching her taut thong, before forming a spreading dark stain on the carpet.


The whole spectacle – her juiced-up cunt, her inflamed labia, her red-raw asshole, and her misery at disgracing herself in front of him – almost had him coming in his pants!


He was quite amazed at how much piss the distraught wretch was producing, and from the way she was moaning into the carpet, evidently she was too!


Eventually the yellow waterfall receded to a dribble down the insides of her thighs. The air was filled with the heady scent of her sexual arousal mixed with the more acrid smell of her micturition.


Annabel was crying openly now, her shoulders heaving and her face as wet as her ass and legs.


Darius pulled his fingers and thumb out of her sensitive holes and tried to pull himself together too. The girl looked utterly broken, and he realized that he had just opened a window of opportunity to compound her debasement completely.


Slotting back into his authoritarian role, Darius said, “Do you know what you have just done?”


Annabel was too distraught to respond, so he continued, “I obviously overestimated you. Sissy didn’t warn me that you weren’t house-trained.”


Then he had the most delicious idea, and said, “I think I might have just the cure for that.”






Chapter Twenty Three


Up in Annabel’s punishment room, Nash ordered her to strip. Still in a horrified daze at the way she had just shamed herself, Annabel complied without comment or hesitation. She stood naked before him, unable to meet his gaze, in the awful knowledge that she had just emptied her bladder all over his hand and then his carpet!


Up until today, Annabel had always prided herself on her dignity and bearing. She was an immaculate dresser, and was scrupulous about keeping herself well-groomed. She had no dirty habits and avoided people who did. When Nash had molested her in the shower, she had been able to draw upon some measure of solace in the fact that he had been the instigator, not she. Even her confession in the bathroom had been dictated verbatim by him, and they both knew it. But there was no way she could accuse him of forcing her to pee all over the place! That had been her bodily reaction alone, and as much as she tried to convince herself that it would never have happened under any other circumstances, she simply could not dislodge the overwhelming sense of guilt that she felt right now. It was for that reason that she allowed Nash to guide her over to the heavy wooden chair in the corner.


“Sit,” Nash commanded, and numbly she planted her bare ass on the cold wooden seat. She stared straight ahead as he set about strapping her wrists and ankles to the arms and legs of the chair. But when he locked the metal choker around her neck, she was suddenly galvanized by a bolt of panic.






Darius was quite startled at the noise Annabel was making. She had been unusually subdued since they had come upstairs, but as soon as he fastened the restraining collar she began to holler for all she was worth.


“Please! Let me out! I promise to be good! Don’t keep me here!”


Interesting, Darius thought. She managed to pass the night tied to the bed, but this device has sent her into a frenzy!


But rather than free the terrified girl, Darius had already thought of an exquisitely appropriate method of keeping her quiet. Trying to ignore her ear-piercing pleas, he went over to the closet and returned with a gag – but unlike the ball-gag that he had used to silence her the previous day, this one was fitted with a large metal ring.


Because she was yelling at the top of her lungs, he succeeded in jamming the ring between her teeth and securing the leather strap around the back of her head before she was aware of what had happened. Still she continued to protest, but with her jaws now forced wide apart, all she could manage was a continuous gurgling scream.


Darius stepped back to survey his latest masterpiece. Stark naked, totally immobile, with her lovely mouth stretched into an ugly gape, Annabel was a vision of vulnerability! Fascinated, he peered at her pink tongue thrashing around inside her mouth, and at her lips, glistening with her saliva. As the first rivulets of drool started to roll down her chin, Darius took his camera out of his pocket and started snapping away. When he had taken several shots of his bound captive, he unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock.






Because of the tight collar holding her head back, Annabel couldn’t look down, but she instinctively knew that he had exposed himself again.


“As is my custom, the punishment will once again fit the crime,” Nash said, stepping forward until he was inches from her face. “As you apparently get excited by piss-play, I’m going to treat you to some of my own.”




In vain, Annabel tried to turn her head as Nash lifted his right leg and put his foot on her thigh. Placing one hand against the back of her head, he leaned forward and then fell silent. With her mouth converted into an open and willing receptacle, there was absolutely nothing Annabel could do to stop this! A wave of hopelessness swept over her as she waited for him to concentrate upon his dirty task.


Frantically she strained at her bonds, but they didn’t budge. Then she heard him gently sigh, and the first splashes of his warm urine hit the back of her throat. Annabel coughed and withdrew her tongue as far back as she could, but the flow quickly intensified, and now she began to choke.


Her panic soon escalated into hysteria as her mouth rapidly filled up with his piss. Unable to breath, she swallowed awkwardly, gulping down his waste, but there was so much that it soon overflowed down her chin and over her breasts. Her ears were filled with the gushing sound of his excretion, and her nostrils with its briny smell.


The total indignity of what he was doing to her was soon swamped by an all-consuming terror.


He’s going to drown me!


Reduced to nothing more than a human toilet, Annabel centered her attention on survival, breathing through her nose and emitting a continuous succession of hacking coughs, as the torrent went on an on.






Chapter Twenty Four


Does it get any better than this?


As the pressure in his bladder began to ease, Darius looked lovingly down at his woeful prey. She was absolutely soaked in his piss, and steam rose from her gleaming skin. With her eyes tightly screwed shut, she could not see his rapidly swelling erection, but she would be aware of its presence quite soon.


His own breathing trembling, Darius guided the tip of his cock to her lower lip, and then gently stroked it all the way around as if he was applying her lipstick. Unable to turn away, Annabel’s only response was to wail unintelligibly. Darius started to pump himself, and then moved his hips forward so that his cockhead was now inside the fleshy cavern of her mouth. As his glans made contact with her tongue, she again tried to retract it. Her fight was absolutely useless of course, and Darius entertained himself for a while by teasing her, prodding at her tongue first, then dabbing at her palate, before thrusting his cock against the back of her throat.


While Annabel gagged in response, Darius felt his cock convulse, and after a quick jerk of his wrist, he emptied his load straight down her esophagus. She choked and retched but had no option other than to allow his sticky seed inside her once again.


As his orgasm subsided, Darius stayed in place, squeezing out the last few drops of his semen onto her tongue.


Then he stepped off her thigh and sat down heavily on the bed. Annabel’s eyes remained closed, and more tears mingled with the urine on her face as she balled up her fists.


After he had regained a semblance of control, Darius tucked his dick away and picked up Annabel’s damp thong.






He's done it again! There is even more of his disgusting mess sliding down my throat, soon to mingle with his piss, his waste water, created in his body, and now inside my own!


It was the intimacy that Annabel found the most distressing. She had already resigned herself to the fact that she would be endlessly dressed up, paraded, humiliated, stripped, and then groped, but by turning her into a vessel for his bodily fluids, he was creating an illusion that they were somehow connected, that there was some kind of union between them.


And how could she refute that there was? The filthy acts that she had been forced to participate in during their brief time together, had probably exceeded the normal sexual activities of most loving couples already! The distance that she had been hoping to keep between them had already been bridged.


Enveloped in a fog of revulsion and horror, Annabel tried to vomit up his foul


secretions, but with her mouth as incapacitated as the rest of her naked body, she could only create a strangled retching sound as Nash once more appeared in her field of vision.


“What a silly noise you are making,” Nash said. “This should quieten you down, and hopefully after a few hours, it might also cure you of your deviant watersports fetish.”


He dangled Annabel’s thong in front of her face before screwing it up in his hand and then pushing it into her yawning mouth. Absurdly, as she felt herself being stuffed full with the sodden garment, Annabel recalled the day she had bought it at Bloomingdale’s. It was supposed to have been a treat for Bobby, but now it had been converted into yet another object of her degradation.


With the ‘Ben Wa’ balls still teasing the inside of her vagina, her anus and labia raw and agitated, and her urine-soaked underwear plugging her stretched mouth, Annabel could have been forgiven for thinking that her punishment was now complete. But Nash fetched one more item from the infernal closet. At first, Annabel was unable to ascertain what the black pouch was for until he stretched it between his hands and began to pull it down over her head.


“I’m going to give you plenty of time to ponder your wanton behavior, Annabel,” he said, and the last thing Annabel saw as he rolled the clinging rubber over her eyes, was Nash’s hideous leering face, and then she was plunged into darkness.






Darius took his time documenting his handiwork with his camera. The rubber hood covered the whole of the top of Annabel’s head, including her ears, stopping just above her nostrils in order to permit her to breath. When he had taken a good two dozen shots from a variety of angles, he pressed the soiled thong deeper into her mouth, before kissing her on each of her nipples.


Such had been the rapid escalation of her destruction, that he wanted to press home his advantage quickly and completely. It had been barely twenty-four hours since he had first laid eyes on this delightful young girl, and just look at her! Utterly unable to move apart from wiggling her fingers and toes, the deprivation hood made the perfect finishing touch to the next stage of Annabel’s training.


Even though she appeared to have resigned herself to his perverted games, he knew that deep inside her mind, there would be a secure chamber, an inner sanctum, in which she would have locked away her true self. Darius was certain that the only thing keeping her going now, was the thought of emerging from her ordeal with her personality intact. And contrary to his earlier promise, Darius already knew that he had no intention of ever letting her go. He was totally infatuated, and a year of playtime with this wonderful morsel was way too short.


However, the only way he was going to be able to keep her, was by reprogramming her psychological make-up, and if he was successful, long before the year was up, Annabel would have lost all perception of the life she’d had before – let alone the one she dreamed of in the future.


Therefore, step one of her reconditioning, which had just begun, would consist of a period of sensory isolation and loneliness, during which she would come to welcome any human contact – no matter how warped or perverted it might be.






Chapter Twenty Five


There was no way of knowing how many hours she had been sitting there. She could no longer feel her arms or legs, although the persistent itching in her ass remained. The rubber hood tightly encasing her head ensured that she could neither see nor hear, but at various intervals, Nash had come to check on her.


This she knew, because after an interminable amount of time, he had finally removed her thong from her mouth, after which he had squirted a sweet-tasting liquid onto her tongue. Even in her steadily deteriorating mental condition, Annabel had surmised that this must be some kind of glucose solution to keep her from dehydrating, and although she had been incapable of swallowing, it at least took away some of the bitter saltiness of her own urine that she had been forced to endure for so long.


For a long while, she had hyperventilated, having never before experienced such a sense of helplessness and isolation, but as time had wound relentlessly on, her tormented mind had started to run an endless loop of images cataloging her shame and misery at Nash’s perverted hands. With no reference to time or space, she had been forced to watch this disgusting carousel, and as she had relived the pleasure she had taken from her forced orgasms, it gradually occurred that he might be right, that maybe she had always been a filthy little slut, and it had merely required someone like him to draw it to the surface.


At some stage she must have drifted into a tortured sleep, because she was startled by the touch of his hands as he unbuckled the straps on her wrist and ankles. When he freed her neck, she turned her head from side to side and tried to stand, but her knees buckled, and if her hadn’t caught her under the arms she would have collapsed onto her face.






With some difficulty, Darius maneuvered Annabel onto the bed and then removed her ring gag. She had been sitting motionless for four hours, and apart from the electrolyte drink he had poured onto her tongue, she had ingested nothing all day expect for his piss and spunk! Reducing her to a malleable submissive was one thing, but he needed to make sure that she stayed healthy.


While Annabel lay like a rag doll on the bed, he took the handcuffs out of the closet and cuffed her wrists behind her back. There was no resistance on her part, not even a whimper of protest. Suddenly alarmed, he put his ear to her nose and watched for the tell-tale rise and fall of her breasts.


Good Lord! She’s fallen asleep!


Even when he began to massage the circulation back into her legs, she failed to respond. When he had worked his hands up and down all of her limbs, he spread her pussy lips and pushed two fingers into her cunt. As he hooked his middle finger under the first ‘Ben Wa’ ball, Annabel let out a gasp of surprise and tried to sit up.


“Ooh! Please take the hood off. I can’t see! Is that you, Mr. Nash?”


Darius pulled the balls out of her cunt and patted her on the shoulder. She seemed to relax a little then, perhaps recognizing the now-familiar touch of his fingers.


“Please Mr. Nash,” she repeated. “Please take it off. I understand now. I’ll be good, I promise.”


Darius paused and watched her luxuriant red locks protruding from under the hood as she turned her head blindly from side to side. Naked, with her arms shackled behind her, and unable to see or hear, she was his physically to do with as he pleased. And from the sound of her soft, imploring voice, something had snapped emotionally inside her too.






She assumed it was just the two of them there, but for all she knew there could have been a crowd of onlookers ogling her nude body. Right now, she couldn’t have cared less. The only thing that mattered in her life was getting this suffocating hood off her head.


She was trying to talk to him, and apart from his hand resting on her shoulder, she had no way of knowing what, if anything, he was saying. She really was willing to do anything to avoid being secured in the darkness and silence like that ever again! But how could she convince him?


For a second, Annabel weighed up her options, and then knowing what he had always wanted from the very beginning, she abruptly came to a momentous decision. With a heaviness in her heart that she had never known before, Annabel stopped moving and lay back on the bed. Then she opened her legs, and with a juddering breath said, “Please fuck me, Mr. Nash.”


Heart pounding, she felt his fingers leave her shoulder, and she waited for the inevitable assault. She had already witnessed how hard he found it to control himself. The next few seconds seemed to drag on forever, but still there was no contact. Was he still there?


Annabel spread her thighs wider and raised her hips of the bed. Perhaps he was getting undressed. Or maybe she needed to sound more convincing.


“Mr. Nash? I… I’m feeling… you make me… horny. I want you, Mr. Nash. Take me… I beg you!”


When Nash still didn’t touch her, Annabel wondered if she had just made a terrible mistake. After all, the point of her punishment had been to curb her dirty sexual habits, and here she was, asking him to fuck her like a common whore!


Now she tried to backtrack. “I’m sorry, Mr. Nash. I didn’t mean to offend you. It’s just that I thought you liked me, and well I like you, so…oh!”


To her chagrin and surprise, Annabel discovered that her vagina was still slightly wet as she felt Nash’s swollen glans pushing against her labia.






Chapter Twenty-Six


Something must indeed have broken deep within her psyche! Darius thought in wonderment, as he watched his cuffed and hooded captive eagerly offer him her succulent pussy. Could it be that he had already achieved his objective in such an incredibly short space of time? There was a good chance that she was tricking him because she was a devious little soul – but then Darius was somewhat adept at mind-games himself.


The fact was, he was well within his rights to penetrate her because Annabel was actually begging him to! Okay, a court of law might want to take her physical and psychological torture into account as mitigation, but he was confident that they were well past that eventuality. The bottom line here was that she was trying to initiate intercourse, not him.


With that in the back of his fevered mind, Darius unbuttoned his trousers, let them fall down, and then stepped out of his shoes. After sliding his y-fronts down his skinny legs, he knelt on the bed between her outstretched thighs, and pointed his throbbing member at her sex.


She was starting to apologize now, probably mentally squirming at her impropriety, and her discomfiture only served to heighten his arousal further. The sorrowful girl didn’t know what to do!


Leaning forward on his hands, with his forearms lifting her knees, Darius prodded at her opening. With a wiggle of his hips, he pushed forward and was both delighted and surprised when she yielded to him with relative ease. He shuffled forward, his tongue lolling out, as his prick slipped deeper inside her, and oh my, was she tight!


He hadn’t planned or expected their first coupling to take place like this, and in her own way, Annabel had yet again managed to defy him by dictating the course of events. But it was too late now. Even though she stunk of dried urine, he was going to fuck her, nice and slowly, relishing each sweet thrust.


And yet, as he pushed himself in as far as he could, their pubic hair mingling together, he managed to remind himself of the importance of this moment. There would never, ever, be any turning back after this – Annabel would have to be all his.


Leaning forward on his elbows so that his face was directly above hers, Darius used his thumbs to remove her hood.






Annabel tried to blink away the stinging sweat in her eyes. She could feel Nash’s fetid breath on her face, and of course his thick rod inside her. As she regained focus, she saw that he had angled her legs up under his arms, so that her feet were on either side of her head.


He was breathing heavily, and she suspected that his lack of movement was to delay the premature ejaculation they were both surely anticipating. With no option other than to look up into those dark, pitiless eyes, Annabel waited for him to speak.


Finally, he said, “You asked for this, didn’t you?”




“You begged me to fuck you.”


In spite of herself, Annabel felt the heat rushing to her cheeks. “Yes.”




It sounded like a stupid question, but she understood the rules of the game and she had to give him the answer he craved.


“Because… because I love you, Mr. Nash.”


“And you will do anything for me?”


An unbidden tear trickled out of the corner of Annabel’s eye as the brutal reality of the situation engulfed her.


“Yes, anything.”


“No matter how vile or abhorrent it may be?”


Annabel’s reply was barely audible. “Yes.”


“Very well,” Nash said huskily. “In that case, I will grant you your disgusting little wish, and give you the fucking that you so obviously need.”


He began to move slowly, only the slightest thrusting motion, but yet again her treacherous body responded, giving him the lubrication he required.


“Do you want me to kiss you?” he hissed.






“Kiss me, please.”


Nash planted his mouth over hers, and pushed his tongue deep into her mouth. As their tongues thrashed together, Annabel knew that she had crossed another irreversible threshold. This wasn’t the same as him ejaculating into her mouth. Now they were making love, and she was submitting to her new master!






Darius accelerated slowly, trying his best to draw out this pivotal moment in their relationship. It seemed inconceivable that the lovely young woman submitting to him was the same haughty bitch that had turned up on his doorstep only the day before!


Feeling her lovely breasts squashing against his chest, and the tight velvety walls of her cunt squeezing his rigid shaft, he withdrew his tongue and kissed her on the eyes and nose, and then wiped her matted hair away from her forehead and kissed that too. Then he came. There was no question of him delaying it. As his seed rushed into her womb, Annabel’s shoulders jerked and she exhaled into his mouth.


He remained inside her for a long time, certain that this time, she hadn’t climaxed. Again, he was overcome with resentment that she had used her youth and female charms to wrest the advantage away from him. There was of course, only one method that he knew of, that would correct that imbalance.


He pulled out of Annabel unceremoniously, eliciting a gasp from the hapless girl.


“There,” he said brusquely. “You’ve had your fuck, and I hope you enjoyed it, because every time you indulge in your lewd addictions, I will punish you for it.”


Standing, he continued, “Go over to the punishment chair.”


“Please, no!” Annabel rolled into a terrified ball.


“I don’t intend to strap you in again,” Nash said, turning to the closet. “But if you don’t get over there now, I just might.”


Out of the corner of his eye, he saw her jump up off the bed. After a cursory inspection of the rack, Darius selected an old-fashioned bamboo cane that he had been looking forward to using.


“Turn around, put your hands on the chair and push out your butt.”


Her whole body trembling, the gorgeous young woman that he had just violated, obediently presented him with her naked rear.


“Legs apart, head down!”


When Annabel had assumed the humiliating and submissive posture, he raised the cane high above his head.




He delivered the first stinging blow before she had time to prepare for it, and Annabel shrieked in pain.


“You deserve to be punished, don’t you Annabel?”




Two welts began to rise on her perfect white cheeks.


“Yes!” she huffed.





“You are a dirty, oversexed slut who is infatuated with her master, aren’t you?”




“Aah! Yes, Mr. Nash! Please! It hurts!”




Annabel’s ass was now crisscrossed with angry red lines.


“From here on, you will obey each and every command instantly and with gratitude, won’t you?”


Annabel’s head came up in anticipation of the next blow, but it never came.


“Y-Yes, Mr. Nash,” she sobbed.


“Okay.” Darius lowered the cane, and ran his hand lovingly over Annabel’s contused buttocks, causing her to flinch. “Next week, I will be having some friends over for a poker night. By that time, I expect you to have become a well-presented, efficient maid, who will humbly and enthusiastically carry out any command she is given. If you embarrass me, even in the slightest, your chastisement today will seem like a treat in comparison to what I will do to you, is that clear?”


Annabel sniffed, head down and legs apart, displaying the soft folds of her hammock between her ruddy ass cheeks. “Yes, Mr. Nash.”


Licking his thin, purple lips in heady anticipation, Darius said, “Very well, then. Let your training begin.”

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