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Annabel and Mr. Nash


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Chapter Thirty Eight


Three days had passed since the strip poker night, and although she had not been forced into  any further sexual encounters, Annabel knew that something within her had been altered permanently. Try as she might as she went about her menial household tasks, she was unable to erase what had happened from her mind. Every time she closed her eyes, she saw only the leering faces of her tormentors, and even more disturbingly, recalled every minute detail of their erect penises – with which she had become so intimately familiar!


 The worst part was that she couldn’t shake the feeling that she was somehow to blame. Intellectually she understood that she had been manipulated and coerced into stripping for them and then allowing them to violate her body. But deep down inside, she knew that ultimately it had been her choice to remain in this depraved madhouse. Initially it had been all about the money, but Nash’s constant insinuations were beginning to seep into her psyche. Was it really possible that she was taking a subconscious pleasure from being degraded in this way? What had happened to the proud and self-confident young lady that she used to be?


Right now, she felt nothing but disgust and self-loathing as she stared back at herself in the mirror on her closet door. She was currently being punished because Mrs. Craddock had found a speck of food on one of the dishes that Annabel had previously washed. For the past hour, Annabel had been standing motionless, with nothing to do but gaze at her own absurd image and think.


She was standing stark naked in the middle of her room. Mrs. Craddock had secured her thumbs together with plastic tie-wraps half way up her back, and then balanced a glass of water upon her head. Then Mrs. Craddock had left Annabel alone with the parting warning that if she were to spill one single drop, a far more serious punishment would ensue.


And so here she had remained, listening to the muted sounds of the house, afraid to move a muscle, and endlessly replaying in her head the devastating scenes from the weekend that simply refused to go away.





After spending two hours at Annabel’s laptop scrolling through her social networking history, Darius figured he had a pretty good grasp of who was who within her inner sanctum of friends. Many of the recent conversations had centered around Annabel’s lack of communication over the past few days. Evidently she was something of a celebrity within her social circle, her beauty, style, and future wealth making her an irresistible attraction to the rest of the in-crowd.


A few of them had paid visits to Pemberton Hall, only to be informed that Annabel had ‘gone away for a while’ and that she would ‘contact them again when the time was right’. With no other information forthcoming, her friends had concluded that she was safe, and that her disappearing act must be in some way linked to her inheritance. Technically they were right on both counts, although Darius thought they would be more than a little shocked if they were to see how far their idol had fallen over the past week!


The latest exchanges made reference to an upcoming pool party at the home of a sexy-looking blonde called Helen. Also, judging from some of the comments he had read, Darius noted that Annabel’s boyfriend, Bobby, was rather upset by Annabel’s unexplained silence, and that Helen was trying to capitalize by inviting him to the party.


Interesting. One of Annabel’s so-called friends is planning to make a move on her man.


From the way Bobby still talked about Annabel, Darius doubted that even a hot babe like Helen would have any chance at this early stage, but as he followed the dialogue, the germ of a fiendish idea began to formulate in Darius’ mind. It was time for the new Annabel to go public – and by Saturday night, neither Bobby, nor any of Annabel’s other admirers, would retain any further romantic interest in her at all!


He composed his thoughts for a moment, and then began typing a message to Helen.





After Annabel had been standing still for over two hours, Mrs. Craddock returned to the room, took the glass of water off her head, and freed her thumbs. Annabel’s legs ached from such prolonged immobility but she was hesitant to move until the old woman gave her permission.


Feeling decidedly uncomfortable under Mrs. Craddock’s gaze, she remained motionless, unsure of what to do with her hands. As Mrs. Craddock scrutinized her exposed body, Annabel wondered, not for the first time, about the sexual leanings of this sadistic housekeeper. An awful image of Mrs. Craddock’s revolting husband ejaculating into Annabel’s stretched open mouth suddenly resurfaced, and she wondered if the old woman knew about it.


Mrs. Craddock finally nodded and said, “Come with me to the kitchen.”


Annabel glanced at the closet. “Aren’t I going to get dressed first?”


“You won’t be needing clothes for your exam,” Mrs. Craddock said, and for the first time, Annabel thought she detected the faintest of smiles on her face.


Exam? What does she mean?


Perplexed and apprehensive, Annabel followed her down the stairs. Even though her customary maid’s uniform was extremely revealing, walking around the house without a stitch on made her feel that much more vulnerable.


Earlier, when she had been standing in her room, Annabel had heard the doorbell ring followed by voices downstairs, and now she wondered anxiously if the visitors were still here. When she reached the kitchen doorway, she wrapped her arms around herself and froze. Nash was seated at the kitchen table which had been covered with plastic sheeting, and standing next to him were a small man in a white coat, and a stern-looking woman in a nurse’s uniform.








Chapter Thirty Nine


The suggestion that Annabel be subjected to regular medical exams had come from Mrs. Craddock. When she had also informed Darius that she knew of a debarred former doctor who would be more than willing to accommodate Annabel’s special requirements, she had shown no indication that this would be anything other than a regular examination. But after observing her cruel and titillating treatment of Annabel over the past week, Darius knew that this was going to be anything but straightforward for the poor girl.


Dr. Schafer was a diminutive man with a bald head, a goatee, and round steel-rimmed spectacles perched on the end of his nose. His assistant nurse was tall, with intense black eyes, and had her dark hair tied up in a severe bun beneath her cap.


On arrival they had presented themselves politely and professionally, as if they really didn’t have anything deviant planned for their young patient. Darius had happily gone along with the role-play, relishing the prospect of watching Annabel being put through a series of painful and embarrassing procedures under the pretext of maintaining her health.


Now he watched as the naked girl spotted the ominous-looking medical equipment they had laid out on the kitchen unit, and to his delight her knees began to tremble.


“Annabel,” Darius said. “I’d like you to meet Doctor Schafer and Nurse Ingle. I’ve explained your medical problems to them and they will be coming here periodically to treat you.”


Annabel looked at them mutely, the shaking now spreading through her whole body.


“Please,” she finally whimpered. “I feel fine. There’s no need…”


“Come, my dear,” Dr. Schafer said in a creepy voice. “You don’t have to be afraid. I’m here to make you better.”


He held out his hand, and Annabel took a step back.


Darius feigned exasperation and said, “For goodness sake! Must you always act so immaturely? If you refuse to cooperate with the doctor, you know what will happen. Now get in here this instant!”


For a second it looked as if she would bolt, but then the quivering girl allowed Dr. Schafer to take her by the arm and guide her up onto the kitchen table.






What do they mean by medical problems? There’s nothing wrong with me!


Dr. Schafer had positioned her on all fours on the table, making her feel horribly exposed without any clothes on. Nash and Mrs. Craddock had taken their seats, and now the spiteful-looking nurse picked up a curious-looking vinyl sleeve from the kitchen unit.


“Bend your arm so that she can put it on you,” Dr. Schafer said softly.


Annabel had always been afraid of doctors, and could hardly bring herself to step inside a hospital, but when she’d had to, she had always acknowledged that they were there for her benefit. But after everything she had suffered here, she knew perfectly well that this weird little doctor was not interested in her wellbeing in the slightest. In a state of near-panic, she allowed the silent Nurse Ingle to slip the sleeve over her arm and then zip it up tightly, which forced Annabel to bend her arm back with her fingers touching her shoulder. Then she repeated this process with Annabel’s other arm, obliging her to lean forward on her elbows.


Wordlessly, the nurse moved behind Annabel and pulled her right ankle up so that her calf was pressed up against the back of her thigh. Once Annabel’s leg was snugly bent double inside its sleeve, Nurse Ingle completed her task by securing Annabel’s left leg in the same fashion.


Blushing furiously, her body shivering and covered in goose bumps, Annabel could only imagine what kind of a sight she presented, balanced on her elbows and knees, and as naked as the day she was born. It came as no surprise when Nash pulled out his trusty camera.




The quietly professional manner in which this perverted doctor and his assistant were going about their work, only added to Darius’ growing excitement. Judging from the wicked-looking contraptions that they had arranged on the kitchen unit, Annabel was going to be in for a long, uncomfortable, and horribly embarrassing afternoon! Her cheeks had already turned their usual deep pink as she braced herself for the coming torture. With her finger tips touching her shoulders and her dainty feet stuck up in the air behind her, she already resembled some kind of four-legged beast perched up on the table. But her disfigurement was about to get much worse!


Nurse Ingle fetched the dog collar that Darius had previously used on Annabel after the card game, and swiftly fastened it around the wriggling girl’s neck. Next, just as Darius had done on the preceding weekend, she placed two little metal hooks inside Annabel’s nostrils and pulled the attached strings up over the top of her head, before affixing them to the back of her collar. Once again, Annabel’s pretty nose had been transformed into a little pig’s snout!


Darius didn’t need to guess what was coming next. When Nurse Ingle prompted Annabel to open her mouth, the terrified girl clamped her lips shut and within the restrictions of the nose hooks, tried to shake her head. Darius would ordinarily have said something at this point, but today he figured that this corrupt medical team had everything under control.


He was right, but he didn’t anticipate the sudden and brutal technique that Nurse Ingle would use to make Annabel open up her mouth. Without warning, she thrust two fingers inside Annabel’s distended nostrils, blocking off her air supply. It must have hurt too, because the nurse had long, red fingernails. Sure enough, after a few seconds, Annabel’s mouth opened with a deep huff, and the plastic extension device was quickly jammed between her lips. Then Nurse Ingle ratcheted it out to its fullest width, once more pulling Annabel’s mouth out into a ridiculously broad grin.


Unable to move, propped up on her knees and elbows, with her face contorted into a freakish mask, Annabel’s eyes yet again filled up with tears.


“Thank you, Nurse Ingle,” Doctor Schafer said in a formal manner. “Now we’ll commence with the irrigations.”


Darius’ cock bulged in his pants as he snapped away with his camera.


By God, these people are good!






Chapter Forty

Because of the nose hooks pulling her head back, Annabel was unable to see what they were doing behind her, but when she heard the sink faucet running, her sphincter muscle automatically tightened.


Irrigations? He can’t mean…


Annabel jerked suddenly as she felt something hard touch against her puckered anus.


“Just try to relax, dear,” Dr. Schafer said comfortingly.


Oh God, no! Not there!


As Dr. Schafer began to force the intruding object into her body, Annabel tried to protest, but with her mouth forced wide open, she could only muster a gargled “Aah!” sound. Prior to arriving in this lunatic asylum, the very idea of anything penetrating her there would have been unthinkable, but now her anus was as accessible as every other orifice in her body. A sharp pain shot through her as her sphincter finally yielded and she felt the tube-shaped invader easing deeper inside her rectum.




Annabel waited with trepidation for the sudden gush of water that was sure to follow, but instead, Nurse Ingle appeared in her field of vision once more, and placed a bowl of water on the table beneath Annabel’s chin. Next she produced a small plastic syringe from her top pocket, and with a malicious smile, filled it from the bowl. Then she stuck the nozzle of the syringe inside Annabel’s right nostril and slowly depressed the plunger.




 As the tiny jet of liquid shot up her nose and back down into her throat, Annabel simultaneously felt a powerful cold surge exploding inside her rectum.  




Her whole body went rigid from shock as she coughed up the water in her mouth. Before she had time to recover from the first assault, Nurse Ingle promptly ejected a second spurt up into Annabel’s left nostril, whilst behind her, Dr. Schafer pumped another flood of water into her bowels.


The synchronized watery assault was so quick that Annabel didn’t have time to assimilate which orifice was causing her the most discomfort. Her mouth was filling up with water, and the steady succession of nasal injections were making her hack constantly. Meanwhile, as the pressure in her bowels began to build, Annabel started to feel the first sharp abdominal cramps.





Darius lowered his camera for a moment and watched in awe as Annabel’s suffering intensified. Her eyes rolled madly in their sockets as she tried to dispel the water that Nurse Ingle was shooting into her nostrils. Behind her, Dr. Schafer was squeezing a rubber pump attached to the hose that protruded from Annabel’s asshole. The other end was submersed in a deep bowl of soapy water, and as Dr. Schafer gradually emptied it into her bowels, Annabel scrunched up her lovely little toes in distress.


It was her sheer helplessness that Darius found so captivating. Balanced as she was on her knees and elbows, Annabel’s attempts at shifting forward were easily checked by Nurse Ingle’s firm hand on her shoulder. Right now for Annabel, standing upright like a normal human being was an impossibility, and, unable to close her expanded mouth, she was also incapable of uttering a single intelligible sound. Darius had no idea what the wretched girl must be thinking, but even her shame and embarrassment surely had to be secondary to her incessant choking combined with the liquid pressure building inside her. 


Water ran freely from Annabel’s nose and mouth now, spreading out over the plastic sheeting and onto the kitchen floor. Two strings of snot dangled from her distorted nostrils, and her tongue thrashed around wildly in her gaping mouth. Minutes passed, and Darius watched with fascination as Annabel’s once-flat belly began to swell.






Mercifully, Nurse Ingle finally ended her liquid bombardment, although it took more than a minute before Annabel finally got her breathing under control. The downside was that her mind was now free to focus fully upon the increasingly painful cramps in her abdomen. She had never felt so uncomfortably full in her life!


In her side-vision she saw yet another flash from Nash’s camera, and then she heard him say, “She’s really beginning to bloat out. Are you sure this is safe?”


Dr. Schafer replied, “Don’t worry, Mr. Nash. I know what I’m doing. As per your instructions, your patient will be physically undamaged after her treatment. You’d be surprised at how much the human body can take.”


And how much has she taken?”


“Ordinarily, I wouldn’t administer more than two quarts, but given Annabel’s circumstances, I’m giving her a gallon.”


As the sharp stabs in her stomach increased in frequency, Annabel emitted a gargled cry.


A gallon of water inside me?


Utterly defenseless, Annabel could only listen to the repetitive hiss of the hand-pump as the evil little doctor filled up her bowels.


“There,” Dr. Schafer said briskly. “That should do it.”


Annabel gasped as the tube was pulled roughly out of her. Before she had a chance to eject any of the water however, she felt another hard object replace it, and she emitted another moan of disapproval as her anus was abruptly plugged again.


The spasms and flashes of pain were constant now, and Annabel instinctively strained to relieve herself, but unable to expel the foreign object, the huge enema remained inside her body. Incapacitated by her bonds, Annabel could only gurgle in pain when Nurse Ingle reached under her body and gently squeezed her enlarged stomach.


“We’ll leave it in there for while so that she’s thoroughly cleaned out,” Dr. Schafer said to his nurse. “Now help me lift her up so that we can check for lactation.”






Chapter Forty One


As they levered Annabel backwards into a kneeling position, Darius blinked in wonderment. He could hardly believe what they had done to her once-gorgeous body. In addition to the temporary contortion of her facial features, she now looked as though she was in the early stages of pregnancy!


Nurse Ingle went over to the kitchen unit and returned with two glass cylinders which were connected by a plastic tube and a small battery-operated vacuum pump. Annabel seemed to be totally preoccupied by the pressure in her distended belly as Nurse Ingle placed the cylinders over her nipples while Dr. Schafer switched on the pump. As it buzzed into life, Annabel’s already prominent pink nubs were rapidly sucked into the vacuum, stretching them out to over an inch in length.


Dr. Schafer leaned in close before announcing, “No sign of lactation. I’m increasing the suction.”


He twisted the small dial on the pump, and the whirring noise became louder. More bestial ululations emanated from Annabel’s throat as her breasts were pulled deeper into the cylinders, squeezing them into two misshapen tubes of white flesh.


When Annabel still refused to provide milk, Dr. Schafer turned off the pump, but instead of pulling the glass cylinders off her squashed mammaries, he simply left them to dangle ludicrously on top of Annabel’s bulging stomach. Darius raised his camera yet again to capture the depraved spectacle.


The tormented girl was now emitting a continuous low gargling sound from the back of her throat. With her mouth and nose stretched out of shape, her stomach obscenely swollen, her elongated, tubular tits encased in the hanging cylinders, and her arms and legs bent double, she looked absolutely and delightfully ridiculous!






Annabel was so intent upon her efforts to expel the plug from her anus, that it wasn’t until Dr. Schafer and Nurse Ingle maneuvered her off the table that she realized they had removed her arm and leg bindings. She stood on wobbly legs, the glass suction cylinders swinging to and fro, and her bloated stomach jiggling, while she awaited the next part of her ordeal. The aching in her open jaws, the constant tugging of the hooks in her nostrils, the constriction of her crushed breasts, all paled into insignificance compared with the incessant cramping in her abdomen. Her bowels were pushing of their own accord now, and she instinctively reached around to grab at whatever was obstructing her anus – only to have her hand slapped away by Nurse Ingle.


“We’ll just take a few measurements now,” Dr. Schafer informed his small audience.


Oh, please! I really need to go to the bathroom! Why won’t you let me go?


Disregarding Annabel’s obvious state of agitation, for the next few minutes, Dr. Schafer ran a tape measure over every conceivable part of Annabel’s naked body. Her arms and legs, her back, her hips, the length of her feet, the circumference of her thighs, the dimensions of her contorted face, her newly increased waistline, even the extended length of her glass-encased breasts, were all measured and then recorded on a clipboard by Nurse Ingle. Throughout it all, Annabel found it increasingly difficult to keep still, and was compelled to clamp her knees together and wiggle her ass as her internal discomfort intensified.


Nurse Ingle then placed a set of bathroom scales on the floor and Annabel obediently stepped up onto them. Her thoughts were far from rational now, but she hoped that the quicker she complied with their instructions, the sooner they would allow her to relieve the pressure in her bowels. While she stood awkwardly on the scales, Dr. Schafer stooped to read her weight.


“A hundred and twenty-eight pounds.”


Even through her agony, the number instantly registered with Annabel. She had always been obsessed with her weight and checked it daily – and for the past three years, she had never been an ounce over one-twenty.


There is eight pounds of water swilling around inside me! she thought despairingly. What must I look like?


As he had done on so many other occasions, Nash seemed to read her thoughts, because he raised the camera to her face so that she could see the display screen. Annabel let out a warbled cry of dismay as she stared in horror at the monstrosity that she had been transformed into.


Her nose was a turned-up snout, and her mouth was stretched into an enormous yawning grin that exposed every single one of her small white teeth. Her normally pear-shaped breasts had been contorted into two pale sausages, capped with long, pink nipples. But the source of the bulk of her discomfort – her obscenely bulging belly – was what shocked her the most. How would she ever look normal again? Would she be able to fit into her own clothes? What about stretch marks?


“Okay, I think we have enough data for now,” Dr. Schafer said. “Now I want to check Annabel’s strength and fitness. There will be more room if we go out into the yard. Nurse Ingle, would you be so kind as to bring the jump rope?”






Darius had seen Annabel go through her exercise and posing routine with Mrs. Craddock before, but even his perverted imagination couldn’t have conjured up a scene like this. With Nurse Ingle on one side, and Mrs. Craddock with her crop on the other, Annabel tried her best to get her knees up as she swung the yellow rope under her legs. The only sounds in the secluded garden were Annabel’s strangled breathing, the slapping of the glass cylinders encasing her breasts, and the gurgling of the water sloshing around inside her bouncing, swollen stomach. Copious amounts of drool splattered from her open mouth, and her beautiful hair flew up in an auburn spray behind her head as she laboriously skipped over the rope.


Darius couldn’t take his eyes off Annabel’s enlarged stomach as it wobbled and shook with her jumping. The absurd glass cylinders that tightly imprisoned her squashed tits flailed around insanely, banging against Annabel’s face on each upward motion. Occasionally the unfortunate girl was forced to stop when the rope became entangled around her feet, but each time she would immediately receive a sharp crack across the buttocks from Mrs. Craddock’s crop.


After about ten minutes, Dr. Schafer called a halt to the exercise and instructed Annabel to turn around and bend over. Her body heaving and sheened with sweat, Annabel wearily complied, giving them all a clear view of the black rubber plug jammed inside her asshole, and below it, the succulent petals of pink flesh nestled between her thighs. Dr. Schafer took hold of the butt-plug’s little handle and after some twisting and tugging, plucked it out of her body. Immediately, a dribble of soap water followed, accompanied by a mournful groan emanating from Annabel’s other end.


“Turn around, put your hands behind your head, and give me twenty squats,” Dr. Schafer said.


There was no hesitation from the distraught girl now, and as she dropped down into the undignified pose, a line of discolored water spurted between her legs onto the lawn. As she straightened up, she let out a shuddering sigh of relief. Up and down she went, and each time she lowered herself into a crouch, more soapy water was purged from her bowels. Her four tormentors watched in silent pleasure at Annabel’s liquid evacuations, as with each ejection, her face turned a deeper shade of scarlet. This was the most intimate of bodily functions, but due to the intensity of her suffering she was performing it in front of them quite readily.


After five deliciously heady minutes, the eruptions from Annabel’s anus diminished to a trickle down the insides of her thighs. She stood upright, knees shaking, hands still clasped behind her head, and tears of shame rolling down her flushed cheeks.


Dr. Schafer broke the silence. “Nurse Ingle, would you please hold the patient steady while I remove the suction cups?”


Darius looked on in utter delight as the nurse moved behind Annabel and locked her arms tightly around her. Dr. Schafer then hooked his fingers into the two glass rings situated at the bottom of the cylinders and pulled backwards. With Nurse Ingle holding her in place, Annabel’s breasts were stretched even further as the cylinders resisted relinquishing their tight grip on them. Gradually, her distorted teats eased free of the glass, and then with an embarrassingly loud pop, they sprang free. Dr. Schafer staggered backwards and Darius had to put out his hand to stop him falling onto his ass.


“I think that will do for today,” Dr. Schafer said. “Nurse Ingle, would you please remove Annabel’s mouth and nose restraints? And then perhaps you and Mrs. Craddock can take her upstairs for a bath.”







Chapter Forty Two


Helen Parker still could not believe her eyes as she scrolled through the images on her i-pad for the tenth time. She was simply unable to reconcile the humble and shamefaced girl in the pictures with the haughty, self-assured Annabel that she had known and envied for the past five years.


Periodically, she paused the slideshow in order to more closely examine some of the images that particularly grabbed her attention. As incredulous as they were, she also found them strangely exciting. She put a hand to her mouth to stifle a titter when she came to the series of Annabel in her brown-stained panties. Then there were the shots of her exercising and posing in a leotard that was way too small for her womanly curves. And the absurdly comical faces she was pulling!


She stopped at a picture of Annabel strapped into a chair, stark naked, with a rubber hood covering the top half of her face, and with her mouth stuffed with a pair of panties. Helen had never seen Annabel nude before, and she was shocked at how aroused the image made her feel.


She closed the file and gazed out of the French window across the lawn to the pool. The maid had finished setting up the outside bar, the barbecue was ready to go, and extra garden furniture had been arranged on the patio. Helen’s pool parties were always good fun, but she was eagerly awaiting this one with far more excitement than usual.


When Darius Nash had unexpectedly messaged her earlier in the week, she had initially ignored him. It was only when he had explained that he was now Annabel’s legal guardian and that he had a proposition that would be of benefit to both of them, that she had cautiously replied. After several more communications, including the selection of photos that he had entrusted her with, they had come to an agreement.


It seemed that Nash was keen to isolate Annabel from her former circle of friends, but of far greater interest to Helen, that he particularly wanted to end her relationship with Bobby. He had also been insightful enough to figure out that although Helen was keen to move in on Bobby, he still only had eyes for Annabel.


Nash’s proposed solution had had Helen licking her lips in anticipation. She had always harbored a private jealous grudge against Annabel because she had always been the center of attention wherever she went. But after tonight, if Nash delivered on his promise, Annabel’s reputation would be destroyed beyond repair – and Bobby would be so repulsed by her behavior that he would be certain to fall straight into Helen’s arms!






Considering Mrs. Craddock’s usual exacting standards, Annabel’s day had been surprisingly relaxed. After showering and dressing in her skimpy maid’s outfit, she had prepared and served Nash’s breakfast and then spent the rest of the morning doing light housework. Thankfully, she had seen little of Nash, who had been mostly ensconced in his study.


In the three days since her demented medical exam, to Annabel’s relief her body had reverted back to its original shape. Her stomach was as flat and toned as before her ordeal, with no indication of the hideous bloating induced by Dr. Schafer’s awful enema, and her face was as beautiful as ever. Evidently, Nash intended to keep his word that she would suffer no permanent physical side-effects resulting from her depraved punishments – but he had not made any guarantees about the psychological damage. As she went about her lowly chores, the nightmarish scenes from the strip poker night now mingled with the memory of the medical exam, and together they spun constantly around in her head.


Something else had happened to her as well – in all her years growing up at Pemberton Hall, she had spent many an hour in front of her mirror, vainly brushing her long red tresses, and checking her face for the slightest of blemishes. Now however, whenever she caught sight of her reflection, she would quickly look away – not because her appearance was any less appealing, but because she simply couldn’t face herself anymore. This self-loathing was a new and desolate emotion, and she wondered miserably if it would remain with her long after she had said good-riddance to Nash and his disgusting acquaintances.


Not long after lunch, Mrs. Craddock interrupted Annabel’s dark ruminations by calling her upstairs for a bath.






Darius closed Annabel’s Sony laptop, satisfied that in Helen Parker he had found a new ally. During the course of their electronic conversations, Darius had ascertained that not only was Helen totally enamored with Bobby, but that there was also no love lost between her and Annabel either. In fact, it seemed that throughout their years together at senior high and after, Annabel had been the only girl capable of getting the better of Helen, which she had done with regularity.


Helen was beautiful, but Annabel was stunning. Helen was popular, but Annabel was the center of attention. All the boys were attracted to Helen, but they absolutely worshipped Annabel. Annabel had been the Prom Queen, Annabel had been the head cheerleader, Annabel had dated the best-looking boy in school – and if Annabel hadn’t been there, Helen would have had all of those things.


But thanks to Darius, that was all about to change. Not only was he was giving Helen the opportunity to steal Annabel’s boyfriend, but also to eliminate her from their social scene forever. He realized that he had taken a huge risk by involving an outsider, but if it went to plan, Annabel’s world would continue to shrink until the only person that mattered was her lord and master – Darius Nash.


“Mr. Nash, Annabel is ready for her inspection,” Mrs. Craddock said from behind him.


Darius swiveled around in his chair and smiled contentedly. Annabel was dressed in the same clothes he had selected on her first day here – the undersized grey blouse with band collar, black pleated flannel skirt, white ankle socks, and buckle-down flats. Perfect! With her hair tied in bunches, it was just the geeky, bland look he wanted her to present to her trendy pals! There was one other refinement he had asked Mrs. Craddock to attend to, however. 


“Come here, sweetheart,” he crooned.


Head down, the blushing girl shuffled forward, and very slowly, Darius raised the hem of her skirt, and then took in a sharp breath of delight. After her bath, Mrs. Craddock had shaved her pubes, and as per his instructions, she now wore no underwear. Darius gazed adoringly at her sumptuously smooth vulva before gently caressing it with his finger tips. Annabel gasped at his touch and raised her head, but didn’t pull away.


A good sign. Her resistance is gradually weakening.


“What a pretty little snatch,” he said, lowering her skirt, and her blushes deepened.


“Now today you are going to be given a special treat. But before we leave, I want you to sit down and type a message to your friend, Bobby.”


Annabel glanced anxiously at her laptop on Darius’ desk. “Bobby?”


“Yes. I’m afraid you’ve got some rather bad news for him.”






Chapter Forty Three


Alastair Barclay could hardly contain his excitement as he knocked on Nash’s front door for the second time in a week. After Annabel’s deflowering the previous weekend, he had gone back to his duties at Pemberton Hall in somewhat ambivalent mood. On the one hand, he had fulfilled a lifelong sexual fantasy. He had had the pleasure of watching Annabel being wickedly taken down from her lofty perch, and had then actually mounted her from behind and deposited his seed inside her womb! When it had been time for his goodbye kiss, the wretched girl had hardly been able to look him in the eye!


But during the following days, an emptiness had descended upon him which he had been unable to shake off. His all-too-brief sexual liaison with the stuff of his dreams had left him aching for more. He had paid Nash handsomely for the heady experience and was quite willing to do so again. The problem was that the old reprobate seemed to have a detailed and carefully structured program laid out for Annabel’s ruin, and whoever she saw, and whatever she did, was entirely down to his discretion. This meant that when Alastair had eagerly inquired as to when she would next be available, the miserable swine had refused to commit himself.


So for the next six days, Alastair had been in a state of constant agitation, once more reduced to  masturbating himself to sleep – albeit with a souvenir collection of photos on his computer to help stimulate his memories of that wonderful strip poker night.


Then, out of the blue, Nash had called him, outlining his plan for Annabel’s public shaming in front of her friends, and asking if Alastair would be willing to help him add some authenticity to his charade. Wouldn’t he just!


The door swung open and there she was, dressed up in a drab blouse and skirt ensemble complete with flat heels. What a come down for the fashionable young miss! Her friends were going to be totally shocked at her new unstylish look!


Nash appeared behind her, greeted Alastair, and handed him a plastic beach bag. When Alastair hesitated, Nash said,“ Please understand that it’s important for you to revert back to your former role as Annabel’s manservant today. I have given her precise instructions regarding her behavior, so all you have to do is follow my lead.”


This just gets better and better! I can pretend to be her considerate butler again, but she will never be able to ignore the fact that she submitted to me on her hands and knees like a bitch in heat!


Alastair carried the bag to his waiting vehicle and opened the passenger door. “Miss Annabel,” he smirked at the desolate girl. “If you please.”





“I’m so glad you decided to come, Bobby,” Helen purred, handing the handsome young sports jock a cold Schlitz.


Laying on his sun lounger in his tight Speedos, Bobby smiled weakly, although Helen did observe his eyes lingering on her breasts as she pointedly leant over him – she had deliberately chosen her skimpiest two-piece, which left little to the imagination. The last thing she wanted was competition from Alisha and Samantha, who were currently frolicking in the pool with Josh. Along with Trent, who was contentedly barbecuing their burgers and steaks, they were all single, and she hoped that they might pair off as the alcohol flowed. Drew and Chelsea, her other two guests, were already dating, and were so hot for each other that they would almost certainly retire to one of the spare bedrooms before the party was over.


“I nearly didn’t,” Bobby replied. “I still can’t believe she broke up with me like that. Everything was going so well.”


“Sometimes you just don’t know people,” Helen said, putting her hand on Bobby’s thigh.


He glanced at her hand but didn’t move it away, and she winked at him.


“Who is this other guy, anyway?” asked Drew from across the patio.


She said he’s her new guardian, whatever that means,” Bobby said bitterly. “She’s been living with him for the past two weeks.”


“I thought she went overseas.”


“Yeah, so did I,” Bobby snorted.


Helen sighed. “If she lied to you about that, she was probably lying about her feelings for you as well.”


 “I feel like such a jerk!” said Bobby.


“Are you sure you don’t mind my inviting her? She sounded quite keen to show off her new… boyfriend.”


“No, I’ve got to see this with my own eyes. She could have at least had the guts to tell me to my face.”


“Well,” Helen said, looking over his shoulder and across the lawn. “Now’s her chance, because here they come.”






As they approached the poolside patio, Darius’ earlier misgivings about attending this party were somewhat mitigated by the sight of the four bikini-clad young ladies who were now watching himself, Barclay, and Annabel with great interest – as far as he was concerned, the four boys in attendance may as well not have existed.


My, my, what a bevy of beauties! Wouldn’t they look just lovely crawling around naked and ashamed in my little house?


Helen, a curvy blonde whom he recognized from her internet photos, was sitting next to a well-built young guy, who he assumed must be Bobby. From their close proximity, it looked as though she was already working on him.


Clever girl! When macho Bobby sees Annabel fawning all over me, he will be sure to rebound off Helen to restore his battered ego!


Back in his study, Annabel had initially balked at sending Bobby his ‘Dear John’ message, and it had taken a few minutes of threatening and cajoling before she had sadly typed it out. Then he had given her a detailed description of the role she was to play when they got to Helen’s house – with a reminder of the grim consequences if she should fail to perform.


She had listened with growing disbelief, before bursting into tears and whining, “But I’ll be the laughing stock!”


“That may be,” Darius had said. “But you know what will happen if you disobey me. Think about it. When your year is up, you’ll have more money than all of them put together. Perhaps after today, your so-called friends might ostracize you. So what? You can always get new friends. But if you don’t go through with this, everything you have endured so far will be for nothing.”


Now, as they crossed the manicured lawn, Darius whispered, “Take my hand.”


He reached out and grasped air, and turning, saw that Annabel was standing stock-still a couple of yards behind himself and Barclay, with a look of absolute terror on her face.


“Annabel!” Darius hissed. “Do I have to go over this again?”


Dressed in her insipid, unfashionable outfit, Annabel whimpered, “I can’t do this! Not in front of my friends!”


Darius wondered uneasily if she really had finally reached her limit. He was ninety-nine percent sure that having come this far, she would find the fortitude to continue. However, although she had somehow dredged up the resolve to weather the degradations he had heaped upon her within the privacy of his home, this was something altogether different. Her reputation was about to be publicly annihilated – which he had initially promised her would not happen. By moving the goalposts, there was now a possibility that he might lose everything he had accomplished with her so far.


“Think about our conversation, Annabel,” Darius said carefully. “Friends come and go, but your inheritance is forever.”


Annabel’s knees were shaking and her cheeks had again turned their now-familiar bright red.


Darius held out his hand again. “So, what’s it going to be?”


With a final moan of despair, Annabel put her trembling fingers into the palm of Darius’ hand, and they walked to the patio.






Chapter Forty Four


Annabel wished the ground would open up and swallow her as Helen stood to greet them. All of the select members of her inner sanctum were here – the beautiful crowd whom she had permitted to associate with her! She had always, in a condescending way, accepted them as her friends, but now they looked anything but genial as they each regarded her unattractive, elderly boyfriend, and her peculiar get-up with a mixture of shock and distaste. The only person smiling was that jealous bitch Helen, and why wouldn’t she be? Bobby was sure to have told them about Annabel’s message by now.




Annabel glanced at him nervously, and was devastated to see the look of utter contempt in his eyes. Realizing that she was still holding Nash’s hand, she tried to pull away, but he gripped her tighter, and so she stood unhappily beside him as they made their introductions.


“Mr. Nash,” Helen stood and offered her hand. “It’s very nice to meet you.”


“And you too, Helen. Please call me Darius.”


Through her tortured haze, Annabel picked up something complicit in the way they spoke to each other – and then it suddenly hit her that this whole thing was a set up.


She knows! Nash has told her about our arrangement, and she’s going to use it to get Bobby!


“Annabel, honey, how are you? We’ve all been so worried,” Helen said.


Annabel stiffened, but sensing Nash watching her, forced a feeble smile. “I’m fine thank you, Helen.”


Helen greeted Barclay, and then introduced everyone else. Despite her efforts at joviality, there was a noticeable tension in the air, and the awkward silence was broken when Bobby suddenly snapped, “This guy, Annabel? You dumped me for him?”


Annabel looked around at them all hopelessly. She desperately wanted to tell them the truth. Surely they must realize that there was no way on earth she could have fallen for a revolting old man like Nash. But they were all awaiting her answer, and mournfully she knew that there was only one she could give.


Feeling just two feet high, she mumbled, “Yes Bobby. I’m sorry, but I love him.”


Another astounded silence followed, during which Bobby’s eyes angrily flitted from Annabel’s face to Nash’s and back again.


“This is bullshit!” he snarled. “I’m out of here!”


As he stormed off, Helen chased after him, shouting, “Bobby! Wait up!”


Nash cleared his throat and said, “Perhaps coming here wasn’t such a good idea. We should go.”


When nobody immediately objected, Nash squeezed Annabel’s fingers painfully, and remembering the ground rules, she asked, “Please can we stay?”






Alastair was inwardly delighted at the drama that was unfolding before him. He had had the pleasure of waiting upon all of these obnoxious brats at some time or another at Pemberton Hall, and they had all treated him in the same offhand manner that Annabel had. How he wished that Nash could find a way to lure them into his depraved world of sexual humiliation – or the girls, at least.


Surreptitiously checking them out, he once more felt a stirring in his nether regions as he visualized them being put through their paces by Nash and his wicked housekeeper. They were all extremely attractive girls – Chelsea, dark-haired, slender, and pert-breasted; Alisha, a stunning African-American, with almond-shaped eyes and enormous breasts that strained at her bikini-top; and Samantha, her platinum-dyed hair cropped short, a diamond stud in her navel, and legs that went on forever.


The three boys, Trent, Drew, and Josh, all looked as though they had stepped out of the pages of a glossy magazine too, and it was Trent who spoke first. “Hey man, look, if Helen invited you, then pull up a seat. What’s your poison?”


“Well if you’re sure there won’t be a problem…?” Nash said, and Alastair grinned inwardly.


The devious old bastard is certainly a good actor!


“Nah!” Trent moved behind the makeshift bar. “Helen will calm Bobby down.”


“Okay then,” Nash said cautiously. “But Annabel is a little overdressed. Is there somewhere she can change into her swimsuit?”


“There’s a bathroom through those French windows. Can’t miss it.”


“Barclay,” Nash said. “Would you please escort Annabel to the bathroom?”


“Of course, Mr. Nash,” Alastair said. “After you, Miss Annabel.”


Alastair found it difficult to keep a straight face as he led the red-faced girl into the house – with everybody except Nash watching them in shocked amazement.




“So how did you two guys, um… get together?” Alisha asked, eyeing Darius suspiciously as he sipped his drink.


“As I explained to Helen,” Darius said, “Annabel’s aunt has hired me to supervise her for a year.”


Yeah, but why?” asked Drew.


Darius cleared his throat, feigning uneasiness. “Well, as you probably know, Annabel is due to inherit a sizable trust fund when she comes of age, and her aunt is afraid that she is too… immature to handle that sort of money. My job is to, shall we say, guide her in the right direction.”


Trent, who had returned to the grill, said, “Got to say, the old lady’s got a point.”


Please,” Samantha said to him. “Like you are all grown up!”


“Yeah, but I’m not going to become a rich bitch without having to work for it.”


“What I don’t understand,” said Chelsea, “is how much she has changed! It doesn’t make any sense. I mean, Annabel was always the life and soul of the party, but she hardly said a word just now! And those awful clothes!”


“Yeah, like what have you been doing to her, man?” asked Josh, and Darius was sure he detected a hint of amusement in the young man’s tone.


In fact, he had been watching them all very closely since they had first laid eyes on the ‘new’ Annabel, trying to gauge exactly what they really felt about her. During his hours spent eavesdropping on their internet conversations, he had picked up more than a couple of caustic remarks regarding her prior arrogance and vanity, which had given him a slight indication that they might just be enticed into becoming willing accomplices in her downfall.  


Actually, I was asked to instill in her a sense of responsibility and discipline, and I was surprised at how quickly she has accepted her new position.” He leaned forward and said in a conspiratorial voice. “In fact, I have discovered that she actually enjoys being told what to do.”


“So you told her to say she was in love with you?” asked Alisha.


“Oh no, not at all. But I suspect that this infatuation is a by-product of her newly discovered desire to be controlled.”


“So let me get this straight,” said Drew. “Somehow, you have awakened some deeply hidden submissive yearnings in her, and she gets turned on by being ordered around?”


“As bizarre as it sounds, that is correct,” Darius said. For Alisha’s benefit, he added, “The reason I am telling you all of this, is so that you won’t be taken by surprise by her behavior today. I would greatly appreciate it if you would all pretend to go along with her somewhat kinky games.”


“Annabel, taking orders?” laughed Samantha. “I can’t wait to see this!”


Darius leaned back happily, as his suspicions were finally confirmed. This group of spoiled brats were like hyenas! Their so-called friendships were just a façade to mask the bitter rivalry that festered below the surface. If he had calculated correctly – and he usually did – by the time this little gathering was in full swing, the girls would be wallowing in Annabel’s misery, and the boys would be getting to know her a lot more intimately than they had ever dreamed of!






Chapter Forty Five


When they reached the bathroom door, Annabel went to take the beach bag from Barclay but he made no effort to release it.


Belatedly understanding his intention, Annabel said, “There’s no need for you to come in with me.”


“Is that so?” Barclay whispered. “Don’t make the mistake of believing this play-acting, missy. The rules have changed now, and don’t you forget it. I fucked you last week, and I’m going to keep on fucking you for as long as Darius allows it. So you can drop your pretenses and do exactly as I say, or I will inform Darius of your misbehavior immediately!”


Barclay’s outburst was so unexpected, that Annabel could only stare at him incredulously. She had come to accept Nash and Mrs. Craddock’s authority, but it had never occurred to her that she would be taking orders from her former manservant!


During her long session in Nash’s study before they had left, Nash had given her a set of rules to abide by. One of them, heartbreakingly, was to shun Bobby at all times, and to make it obvious to one and all that she absolutely doted on Nash. She had also been instructed not to initiate any conversation, and to answer any questions briefly, without in any way indicating that she was acting against her will.


The most perplexing instruction however, was that she was to comply with any request given to her by anybody unless Nash indicated otherwise.


She couldn’t possibly imagine any of her friends wanting her to do anything for them, so she didn’t fully understand the point. But now, here was Barclay, rudely telling her that he would be joining her in the bathroom! If she refused, then she would be technically breaking Nash’s rules! Forlornly, she turned and went into the bathroom and Barclay followed, locking the door behind them.





Even though he had already once had the pleasure of enjoying Annabel’s lovely body, Alastair could not suppress a shiver of excitement as his prey stood timidly before him. Unlike at the poker night, this time he was in control. He didn’t want to arouse everyone’s suspicions by taking too long, so he got straight to it. “Okay, Miss Annabel, lets get you out of your clothes.”


After a brief delay, Annabel started to turn away, but he said, “Uh-uh, young lady. Facing me, and no covering yourself with your hands either.”


Alastair watched rapturously as once again, the object of his desire began to undress in front of him. First she stepped out of her shoes, and then slowly rolled down her ankle socks. When her legs and feet were bare, she hesitated, but then unbuttoned the blouse and shrugged it over her shoulders. To Alastair’s surprise and delight, she wasn’t wearing a bra. She managed to stop herself from covering her succulent nipples, before undoing her skirt and then allowing it to drop to the floor. She straightened up in front of him, arms at her sides, and eyes lowered.


Alastair stared in amazement at her freshly shaven mound. “My goodness, Annabel,” he breathed. “Your ‘lady garden’ has gone! Well, lets have a look at what we’ve got for you in here.”


He rummaged in the bag until he found her swimming costume and held it up for them both to inspect. Annabel’s face immediately fell, while Alastair’s broke out into a wicked grin. Darius had done himself proud yet again by selecting a black micro bikini that was clearly way too small to accommodate Annabel’s generous bust!


“Here you are,” he said, handing it to the stricken girl.


In spite of her obvious qualms, it was marginally better than being naked, and she didn’t waste any time wriggling into the snug outfit. She pulled the skimpy g-string up between her legs and tied the strings, and although the tiny triangle of lycra just about covered her smoothly shaven  vulva, its shape was clearly defined. She took a lot longer wrestling her sizeable breasts into the bikini top, and try as she might, it proved impossible to get them all in, leaving two half-moons of flesh exposed underneath the material.


“You look delightful,” Alastair mocked the shamefaced girl. “Now you are ready to go out and play with your friends.”


Annabel glanced anxiously at the door, her expression making it clear that that was the last thing she wanted to do in this revealing little ensemble! Well, no problem, there was something that Alastair badly needed from her first anyway. Without preamble, he unzipped his fly and produced his erect member. Annabel’s eyes automatically flickered down before she quickly looked away again.


“Please, Barclay,” she said. “Don’t make me do this.”


“Come on, it’s not like you haven’t had it in your mouth before,” he said.


Evidently realizing that resistance was futile, Annabel dropped to her knees, and then Alastair placed his hands on her head as she squeamishly wrapped her lips around his penis for the second time in her life.






Annabel immediately detected a palpable change in the air when they re-emerged on the back patio. There had been a stilted atmosphere earlier as her friends had tried to process Annabel’s uncharacteristically humble demeanor and bizarre attire. But in the fifteen minutes or so that she had been in the bathroom with Barclay, it looked, to her dismay, as though they were actually warming to Nash, and everyone was chatting quite freely now.


She was still trying not to throw up after having just swallowed Barclay’s semen. If anything, it had been even more unpleasant than their public coupling on the strip poker night. At least then he had seemed entranced by her. This time he had guided her movements by roughly manipulating her head back and forth, and on several occasions, holding his hot, hard penis deep inside her throat until she had been forced to frantically slap his thighs to get him to release her.


That hideous memory was receding rapidly now as they approached the pool deck. How could she possibly let them see her in this revealing get-up? On the way over, she had tried to prepare herself for the coming ordeal. Her friends, the very people whom she had lorded it over for the past five years, were going to watch her being treated like a retarded bimbo! In spite of her addled and wretched state of mind, she had managed to remind herself that deep-down, she really didn’t care about them, and that when this nightmare was over, she would at least be able to start anew somewhere else.


But right now, that counted for little as Samantha looked up and gasped, “Oh, my God!”


All heads turned as one, each with an initial expression of shock that was quickly replaced by undisguised amusement. Her cheeks on fire, Annabel now understood that nobody was going to come to her rescue. All of those years of arrogant boasting and one-upmanship were going to come back and haunt her with a vengeance. And yet, as much as she longed to curl up and die on the spot, some unknown force propelled her forward to face her ultimate humiliation.






Chapter Forty Six


As Annabel walked stiffly towards them in her undersized two-piece, Darius discreetly observed the reactions of her peers. After their initial surprise, they were now wearing fascinated grins on their faces, except for the beautiful black girl, Alisha, who stared open-mouthed at Annabel and said, “What in God’s name are you almost wearing?”


Annabel came to a halt and stood awkwardly beside Darius’ sunlounger. As per his instructions she was trying to keep a sweet smile on her face, but he could see the anguish in her eyes. He wanted her to feel humiliated of course, but his main objective was to create the impression that Annabel was behaving this way of her own free will. Her friends must have suspected that he had some kind of a hold over her, but if Darius was reading their faces correctly, they seemed prepared to overlook their suspicions so that they could enjoy the forthcoming show. The only person who appeared dubious was Alisha, but as long as Annabel remembered her lines, there really wasn’t anything she could do about it.


“I picked it out for her,” Darius said.


“Couldn’t you at least have chosen something that fits?” asked Chelsea incredulously.


“I believe that a beautiful body like Annabel’s deserves to be on show,” Darius said.


“And Annabel agrees, don’t you, dear?”


Annabel maintained her fragile smile and meekly nodded.


He patted his thigh and said, “Sit down, my dear.”


Her cheeks turning an even deeper shade of crimson, Annabel lowered her pretty ass and settled onto Darius’ lap. He put his arms around her waist and, after a brief hesitation, she responded by draping her left arm around his shoulder.


“If you give me a kiss, I’ll let you have a soda. Would you like that?” Darius said.


Annabel nodded again, and haltingly tilted her head until their lips touched. Darius opened his mouth and, as a confirmation of their intimate relationship, pushed his tongue between Annabel’s lips. He felt her instinctively try to pull away, but he gripped her waist firmly until she eventually yielded her mouth to his. Her breath was hot in his throat as their tongues met, and his dick sprang to attention under her buttocks.


When they finally broke apart, Darius said, “Well? What do you have to say?”


She looked into his eyes pleadingly, but Darius wasn’t going to let her off the hook.


“Annabel, remember your manners.”


She drew a trembling breath and said, “Thank you for my kiss, Mr. Nash.”




 Trent spat a mouthful of beer onto the patio. “
Mr. Nash?


“We’ve decided that Annabel should always address her elders in a respectful manner,” Nash said. “She has confided in me that she missed having anauthority figure around when she was growing up, and I am more than happy to fill that role if she so wishes.”


“She never mentioned anything like this before,” Alisha said.


“Well, as I explained earlier, we’ve unearthed a number of deeply concealed idiosyncrasies in her personality over the past couple of weeks.”


Listening to the unfolding conversation, Alastair was quite impressed at what a skilled manipulator Nash was proving to be. He had even managed to lure the skeptical Alisha into talking about Annabel as if she wasn’t even there!


Meanwhile Annabel’s face was a masterpiece as she struggled to preserve the brainless grin on her lips while her pretense at loving happiness was being betrayed by the constant blush in her cheeks and the look of sheer mortification in her eyes. Surely her friends must have spotted her contradictory expression – so why hadn’t anybody mentioned it?


Alastair had spent many an hour serving drinks and snacks to these kids at Pemberton Hall, and he had often wondered what they really thought of Annabel as she had shown off in her fabulous home. Whether they bought any part of Nash’s story or not, it looked as though the were becoming aware of an opportunity here to bring the mighty Miss Annabel down from her high-horse with a resounding bump – a fall from which she would never recover!


There was something else noticeable about Annabel’s body language as she sat on Nash’s lap – the absurdly small bikini top was losing its battle to protect her ample breasts, and the twin bulges of flesh underneath were slowly escaping their confinement. Annabel must have been all too aware of this, because Alastair noticed that she was unsuccessfully trying to free her arm from around Nash’s neck. All too soon, her nipples would be ready to reveal themselves, and a quick glance around the patio confirmed that the rest of the boys were surreptitiously awaiting that exquisite moment too!


Whilst observing this subtle interplay, Alastair had tuned out of the dialogue, but his musings were rudely interrupted when somebody behind him exclaimed, “You have got to be shitting me!”


Looking around, he discovered that Helen had managed to persuade Bobby to return to the party.








Trent handed Annabel a glass of cola with a pink drinking straw. “Here you go. Are you sure you don’t want something stronger?.”


Before she could reply, Nash said, “Annabel doesn’t drink alcohol anymore.”


“No way!” Trent exclaimed. “She can’t resist my famous margaritas!”


“That was before,” Nash said. “Now she lets me choose what she eats and drinks.”


“Good God!” Alisha muttered, and Chelsea let out an involuntary snicker. 


Nash guided the straw to Annabel’s lips and, feeling even more foolish by the second, she reluctantly sucked on it. She was acutely conscious of the fact that her breasts were pushing out from under the tiny bikini-top, and that it was only her prominent nipples that were now holding them in. God forbid that the guys should get to see them here! Over the past few years, they had all hit on her at one time or another, and whilst she had reveled in the attention, she had always smoothly rejected them. Now she could see them all secretly hoping for a glimpse of her pink nubs, and she knew that there would be nothing she could do to stop them from looking!


Apart from Nash and Barclay, the only person present who had seen them before was, of course, Bobby, but he was now pointedly talking to Helen, only occasionally glancing in Annabel’s direction with a thin sneer fixed upon his lips. How she desperately wanted to jump off Nash’s lap! If she could only explain to Bobby what was really going on, he would be certain to drop Helen like a hot potato!


But instead, she could only sit helplessly watching as Helen flirted with him, and all the while that Annabel was canoodling with Nash, she was sending Bobby a clear message that she was no longer interested in him!


As she struggled to hold back the tears, Trent passed around the margaritas and then announced, “I’m roasted! Drew, watch the steaks while I cool off.”


As Trent jumped into the pool, Josh picked up a football and launched it across the water before diving in himself. They passed the ball back and forth a couple of times, and Trent shouted, “Anyone else want to play?”


Much to Annabel’s relief, nobody was interested. She had resolved to focus upon keeping as motionless as possible, lest she suffer the awful embarrassment of accidentally exposing her breasts to everyone, but to her horror, Nash had other plans. He patted Annabel lightly on the ass and said, “Why don’t you go and join them?” 






Chapter Forty Seven

 Annabel shifted on Darius’ lap slightly, clearly unwilling to make any sudden movements, and by now, also probably reading Darius’ mind.


And you would be absolutely correct, my dear! It won’t be long before you are displaying your once-unobtainable assets to this group of horny young lads!


After it became plain that she wasn’t going to move, Darius pressed his lips against her ear and whispered, “Get into the pool now and follow my lead – or else.”


With the faintest of whimpers, Annabel raised her delectable butt off Darius’ lap.


The lump in his pants was quite obvious, but nobody was paying him any attention because all eyes were fixed on Annabel as she reluctantly walked to the shallow end of the pool. With her breasts jiggling beneath the over-stretched top, and the g-string riding up the crack of her ass, she was most definitely a sight for sore eyes!


As she made her way self-consciously down the steps, Darius saw that the boys had stopped playing, and were now eyeing her with a palpable hunger.


As she lowered herself into the water, Darius noticed that she was anxiously tugging down on the bikini top, but it was obvious from the way her breasts were straining at the small triangles of lycra that she was ultimately fighting a losing battle!


“Throw Annabel the ball,” Darius prompted wickedly.


Josh briefly tore his eyes away from Annabel’s chest. “Huh?”


“She wants to play, too.”


“Oh! Okay. Here Annabel, catch!”


Darius’ rules were simple, and Annabel was in no doubt about the consequences if she disobeyed them. With a look of absolute terror on her face, she raised her arms to catch the ball, and her magnificent boobs finally broke free.






Annabel instinctively grabbed the tiny top and pulled it back down, but because of its inadequate size, she was unable to work the material securely over her breasts. When she had first put it on in the bathroom, she had only managed to harness her bust by pulling it upward and then tying the string behind her neck. Now she realized, in order to cover herself again, she would have to take it off completely and repeat the procedure.


In a total panic, Annabel reached behind and untied the bikini, but before she had a chance to put it back on, she heard Nash say, “That’s a good idea, Annabel. The silly thing is going to keep riding up anyway. May as well leave it off.”


Under a dark cloud of despair, Annabel suddenly became quite still. Nash had outwitted her again. In the context of her earlier briefing in Nash’s study, the meaning of his comment was crystal clear – from now on, she would have to remain topless in front of everybody. Only she, Nash, and Barclay knew that it was a command, not a suggestion, and yet as far as everybody else watching was concerned, she had removed the damned thing of her own accord!


She became aware that she had put her arm across her chest, and now, totally crestfallen, she lowered it, giving everybody an unobstructed view of her naked breasts.






At first there was a stunned hush as everybody stared in amazement at Annabel’s naked breasts. Alastair had to admit that, as familiar as he was becoming with Annabel’s luscious young body, it was impossible to drag his eyes away from them!


After a seemingly endless moment, Trent broke the silence with a simple comment. “Holy shit!”


Alisha sat bolt upright and said, “Annabel! What are you doing? Cover yourself, girl!”


Keeping her arms by her sides, Annabel glanced imploringly at Nash, who said,

"Would you rather go topless, Annabel?”


If it were possible for her to turn any redder, Alastair was sure that she would have, and yet the tortured girl still managed to conjure up a quivering smile. “Yes, Mr. Nash.”


“And do you like showing your titties off to everyone?”


Annabel nodded imperceptibly, and again mumbled. “Yes, Mr. Nash.”


Alastair quickly scanned her audience – Trent, Drew, and Josh all had their eyes glued upon Annabel’s magnificent jugs, Helen was positively beaming, and Samantha, Chelsea, and Alisha were all gaping, open-mouthed. Clearly, this was a first for all of them – except Bobby, who had a face like thunder!


Nash, ever the thespian, put on a show of concern, and said, “Very well, but I wouldn’t want them to burn. Barclay, there is a tube of sun lotion in Annabel’s bag.”


As Annabel climbed out of the pool, Alastair quickly located the tube and was eagerly about to squirt some cream onto his hands, when Nash said, “Annabel, would you like one of the boys to help you?”







Chapter Forty Eight


For a second, Annabel almost broke character, but she just managed to catch the cry of protest rising in her throat. It was unbearable enough just to be sitting there half-naked in front of her friends, but now Nash wanted one of them to touch her! She had only ever allowed Bobby that pleasure before!


Feebly, she uttered, “Yes, Mr. Nash.”


As crushingly ashamed as she was, Annabel couldn’t help but cast her eyes around the astounded group. Like her, they all seemed to be struggling to come to terms with the fact that this was actually happening!


Trent said, “Are you serious?”


Instead of replying on Annabel’s behalf for a change, Nash nudged her lightly in the back with his knee. Annabel bit her lower lip and then mechanically replied, “Yes, I’d like one of the guys to rub the lotion into my breasts.”


“What a slut!” Bobby muttered, and his words cut through Annabel like a knife.


“Well, guys?” Nash said cheerfully. “Any volunteers?”


Drew looked as though he was about to say something, but Chelsea punched his arm and said, “Don’t even think about it, pal!”


That only left Trent and Josh, who were both watching her curiously. Annabel knew that they would love to get their hands on her – they had both tried to date her on several occasions before she had hooked up with Bobby. Her only hope was that they would recognize the vulnerable position she was in, and would be decent enough not to take advantage of it.


Unfortunately, as Annabel was rapidly learning about the male members of the species, very few of them, when presented with a delectable target like herself, would pass up such a golden opportunity.


“Hell, I’ll do it!” said Trent.


That sparked Josh into action. “I don’t mind helping either!”


“Well, why don’t you take a tit each then?” Nash said heartlessly.


As the two lustful young guys approached her, Annabel’s head started to swim. She was about to be openly fondled in front of everybody – including her ex-boyfriend!


This cannot be happening!






Trent got there first and took the tube of sun lotion from Barclay. Darius was not surprised at how quickly these two lads were adapting to this steamy situation. There was something about this girl that brought out the worst instincts in a man. Perhaps it was her residual air of inaccessibility that made her so irresistible – or maybe it was just her smoking hot body!


As Trent squeezed a generous blob of cream onto his palm, Alisha cried, “Trent, stop that right now!”


Trent paused, his hand hovering close to Annabel’s left breast. “I will, if Annabel wants me to.”


Darius took a breath and waited. He could see Annabel’s shoulders had tensed. Obviously there was nothing in the world she would want less than to have Trent pawing at her, and if she balked now, he would certainly desist. On the other hand, giving him permission to touch her would pave the way for the next stage of her total abasement.


After what seemed to be an interminable pause, he heard Annabel quietly say, “It’s okay, Alisha.”


The pretty mocha-skinned girl let out a snort of exasperation. “Helen! Do something!”


Helen shrugged. “If it’s what she wants…”


“Annabel?” Trent said.


Annabel nodded imperceptibly, and so Trent smiled and gently cupped his hand underneath her breast. The humiliated girl let out a gasp which Trent mistakenly took as an indication of her desire.


“You like this, do you?” he said, moving his palm up across her nipple.


Now Josh came up, and kneeling on Annabel’s other side, said, “Make room, bro.”


He picked up the plastic tube and squirted a white line across her right breast. Then he tenderly spread the lotion around with his fingertips, focusing mostly on her puffy areola.


Annabel closed her eyes and another involuntary moan escaped her lips as her slippery breasts wobbled and shook under Trent and Josh’s fingers.


“You see?” Helen said. “Annabel’s having fun!”


For once, Alisha had no reply, and Darius caught Helen’s eye and winked.







With her eyes tight shut, Annabel tried to stifle yet another groan as her nipples quickly stood to attention. Even though she was abhorring every second of this awful situation, her deceitful body was nevertheless responding to the boys’ ministrations!


Her mind was also a swirl of conflicting emotions. On the one hand, she was under Nash’s strict instructions to create the impression that she was enjoying the experience, but she still desperately wanted to somehow convey her true state of subjugation to Bobby. Incredibly, only Alisha seemed to understand that Annabel was not really okay with this, but with Annabel being forced to consistently confirm that she was quite happy, how long would it be before even Alisha gave up on her?


She was so intent upon the tingling sensation in her nipples that she was totally taken by surprise when she felt a hand on her stomach. Her eyes snapped open, and she found herself looking into Josh’s dark eyes.


“Would you like us to do the rest of you?” he asked.


With Nash sitting close by, Annabel glumly remembered that she was compelled to go along with anybody’s suggestions unless Nash countermanded it.


Damn you, Josh!


“Yes, please, Josh.”


Trent looked at Nash. “Is this okay with you?”


“As long as Annabel is happy,” Nash replied.


Happy? I’m half naked, in a state of arousal, and my friends are all watching me!


“Well then, stand up, honey,” Trent said. “Let’s get that g-string off you.”


Utterly defeated, Annabel took his hand and stood up. She kept her eyes focused on the flower bed across the lawn while they all stared at her. Still kneeling, Josh and Trent took a side each and undid the tie-strings. As the skimpy piece of material fell away, Annabel’s freshly-shaven vulva came into view, and Chelsea shrieked, “Oh, my God! Just look at her!”






Chapter Forty Nine


Now completely naked, Annabel held her arms close to her sides and balled her fists whilst trying to ignore the avid stares of her unwanted audience. It was body language that Darius had become accustomed to, revealing her inner turmoil as she battled to maintain her naked pose.


Detecting the tacit approval of the majority of the group, Darius decided to seize the moment and escalate Annabel’s torment. As Trent and Josh began working their way up her legs, Darius said, “Move your arms, Annabel.”


When the miserable girl raised them out to her sides, he added, “Put your hands behind your head, so that the boys can get to you properly.”


This time there was a telltale hesitation before Annabel complied. Darius wondered if the others had noticed the subtle alterations he was making to his wording. He was no longer ‘asking’ or ‘suggesting’, and there were no more terms of endearment. He finally felt confident enough to steer this little get-together in the direction he wanted.


When Trent and Josh reached her thighs, he simply said, “Open your legs, Annabel.”


The faintest movement of her head was followed by a shuffling of bare feet.


“Wider than that,” Darius said, still keeping a covert eye on the others, who appeared completely enthralled with the display of exhibitionism unfolding before them.


Annabel emitted a tiny mewl of shame as she gave her bare pubes more air. Darius noticed Barclay shifting around for a better look as Trent and Josh finally reached her exposed cunt. Almost solemnly, Trent squeezed out a dollop of cream onto his hand, added some to Josh’s palm, and then they proceeded to slide their fingers between Annabel’s legs.







Feeling their fingers softly ticking her most private parts, Annabel again tried to mentally withdraw from the shamefulness of the present moment, but the harder she tried, the more vivid her physical perceptions became. She really was actually standing here on Helen’s back patio, stark naked, while her friends looked on in bemused but fascinated silence!


Nash had tried to convince them that she was taking a perverse pleasure out of this humiliating ordeal, but surely they had known her too long to really believe that. The truth was, with the possible exception of Alisha, they all had their reasons for going along with Nash’s disgusting pantomime. It was obvious what Trent and Josh wanted, and should events evolve along the lines of the poker party, Annabel had no doubt that Drew would be a more than willing voyeur when it happened. The fact that Bobby hadn’t intervened meant that she almost certainly had already lost him, and he would therefore draw a vengeful gratification from her public disgrace. As for the girls, Helen’s main motive was to steal Bobby away, as well as, along with Samantha and Chelsea, wallow in the spectacle of their former role-model’s total degradation.


As she stared fixedly into the distance, she felt her outer labia being pulled apart, and then heard Trent say, “Well, look at that! Annabel’s getting wet! She really is enjoying herself!”


“So she is!” Samantha put her hand over her mouth and giggled. “Annabel! Really!”


Oh, God! They can see inside my body!


“It’s so soft and pink,” Trent said. “I’d better put a some lotion inside so it doesn't burn!”


As his digit invaded her velvety opening, Annabel drew a sharp breath. Woefully, she understood that it was only a matter of time before she would be having sex with these boys. All she could do to retain a modicum of dignity was to keep her counsel and avoid eye contact as much as possible. Unfortunately for her, Nash was, as usual, way ahead of the game.






Darius quickly assessed the rapidly degenerating atmosphere and decided it was time to play his trump card. Despite everything that he had put her through, Annabel still seemed to be able to draw upon a mysterious quality that enabled her to rise above the indignities being thrust upon her. It was probably the same infuriating characteristic that had inwardly antagonized her friends over the years. But Darius had come to know young Miss Annabel rather well over the past fortnight, and he believed he might have found a way to breach her last remaining bastion of defense.


While Trent and Josh continued to massage Annabel’s ass and pussy, Darius cleared his throat and announced, “Apart from satisfying Annabel’s kinky sexual urges, there is another longstanding issue that she wishes to resolve.”


Nobody spoke, the only sound being the squelching of the boys’ hands as they moved over Annabel’s shiny skin.


Darius went on, “She has confided in me that she feels deep remorse for the way she has treated you all in the past.”


Now Annabel turned to look at him with an apprehensive frown on her flushed face.


“When I told her we would be coming here today, she though it would be a good opportunity to apologize to you all.”


“Annabel has never apologized to anyone in her life!” Drew exclaimed, nearly choking on his cocktail.


“That was the old Annabel,” Darius said. “But now that she has discovered her new self, she wants to wipe the slate clean and start anew. I trust that you are all willing to accept her apologies?”


After a stunned silence, the air was filled with a chorus of approval.


“Excellent,” Darius said. “But I told her that I want it to be sincere, so….” He paused for effect. “She has agreed that she should be punished at the same time.”


Annabel was looking at him pleadingly now, and her bare legs were beginning to tremble again.


I’ve got you! Darius thought with satisfaction. Nowhere to hide now, Annabel!


“Punished how?” asked Josh.


“Well, I find that a sound spanking is always a very effective way to bring arrogant young ladies down to earth,” Darius said. “Barclay, would you please fetch Annabel’s paddle from her bag?”






Chapter Fifty


“Are you saying that we get to watch Annabel being spanked?” Trent asked in amazement.


“Actually, no,” Nash said. “As you are the offended parties, I think it would be fit and proper if you guys were to administer her punishment.”


As Annabel listened to this verbal exchange, all of the strength drained from her legs and she sank to her knees. Each time she thought she had reached the darkest depths of this ongoing nightmare, it just kept getting worse! The very people whom she had had wrapped around her little finger for years, were now being given permission to spank her on her bare buttocks!


“Look, she must be keen,” Helen mocked. “She’s already on her knees!”


“That’s her favorite position,” she heard Nash say. “She likes to be on all fours, don’t you Annabel?”


Knowing that her voice would betray her state of abject misery, Annabel merely leaned forward on her hands and knees and waited for the worst – but Nash was just getting warmed up!


“That’s not how we do it, is it?” he said. “You know the position. Up on your toes, legs apart, and push out your butt.”


Oh, you spiteful bastard!


With an indignant moan, Annabel assumed the humiliating position, fully aware that she was now giving everyone an unhindered view of her spread labia.


Nash said, “Okay, who wants to be first?”


“I will!” Trent and Josh said in unison.


“I admire your enthusiasm,” Nash smiled, “but I would like to give one of the girls a turn.”


Annabel didn’t need to guess who would jump at the opportunity first. “Okay, I’ll do it!” Helen said, taking the paddle from Barclay.


“What do you have to say to Helen?” Nash said, as the blonde girl took up position behind Annabel’s proffered behind.


From her vulnerable position, Annabel uttered a choked reply. “I’m sorry, Helen.”


“Sorry for what?” Nash asked.


Annabel knew what he was after, but the words simply wouldn’t come. The next instant, she felt a stinging blow across her left buttock.




“Well, we’re waiting,” Nash said patiently.


Thwack!  The next searing blow struck Annabel’s right cheek, and Helen wasn’t holding back either!


“Hungh! I’m sorry for being so arrogant!”


“And for being such a snotty bitch,” Helen said.




“Ow! I.. I’m sorry for being such a snotty bitch, Helen!”


Another painful smack landed on Annabel’s rump and she yelped in pain.


“And for telling Alisha’s boyfriend about the New Year’s Eve party,” Helen added.


Oh no! Not that!


“What?” Alisha said.




“Tell Alisha what you did,” Helen said.


“Ai! Pl…please…” Annabel gasped, her ass really starting to burn now.


“I thought you wanted to confess your sins?” Nash chipped in.


Helen again brought the paddle down hard across Annabel’s scorched cheeks, and this time she was unable to stop the tears from flowing.


“Ooh! Ah! Okay! I… I’m sorry Alisha, I…”


“Look at her while you confess,” Nash interrupted.


Through blurry eyes, Annabel made eye contact with her former friend.


“What did you say to Ricky?” Alisha demanded. “You swore you would keep it a secret!”


Annabel didn’t know which was more painful, the stinging in her rear end, or the look of fury in Alisha’s eyes. It had been pure malice that had prompted Annabel to tell Alisha’s boyfriend about her drunken one-night stand at the party. Ricky had promptly dumped Alisha, leaving the poor girl devastated. Annabel had no idea how Helen had found out about it, but there was no denying her guilt this time.


“Ricky told me,” Helen explained to Alisha. “It was Annabel who ratted on you. Right, Annabel?”




“Eeh!” Annabel was openly crying now. “Y… yes… I told him! I’m so sorry Alisha!”


“You bitch!” Alisha snarled. “And I was feeling sorry for you! Helen, give me that paddle!”





Now that was a turn up! Darius thought, as Alisha took over Annabel’s punishment session. Well done, Helen!


The powerful black girl was merciless as she rained a succession of blows across Annabel’s smarting buttocks. Annabel yelled at the top of her lungs each time she was struck, her head shaking wildly from side to side, and her dangling breasts swinging to and fro as she wriggled her tortured rump.


A quick glance around the patio revealed that everyone was relishing Annabel’s crushing humiliation, and Darius was now satisfied that when he inflicted her ultimate indignity upon her, there would be no remonstrations.


After Alisha had vented her fury by adding another dozen spanks, Darius decided that there was one more piece of Annabel’s personality that needed to be chipped away before he moved on to the next step in her total debasement.


“Now it’s time to formally apologize to Bobby,” he said.


With her thigh muscles straining to keep her up on her toes, Annabel managed to croak between sobs, “I’m sorry… Bobby… for dumping you.”


With a venomous look in his eye, Bobby said, “Don’t worry about it. I’m glad you did. Look at the state of you now, showing off your wet cunt! There’s no way I would want to get back with you after this performance!”


“Would you like to give her something to remember you by?” Darius asked him.


“Hell, yes!”


Bobby leapt up, grabbed the paddle out of Alisha’s hand, and proceeded to pepper Annabel’s  contused ass with a flurry of potent swats. After almost five minutes of this, the howling girl could take no more and her knees gave out and she crumpled into a sniveling heap on the floor.


While Darius gave her time to pull herself together, he secretly observed that every male present was sporting a sizable erection. The time was ripe to shatter Annabel’s reputation completely.






The burning in Annabel’s buttocks was agonizing, but it paled into insignificance compared with the aching in her heart. Bobby had said what they all felt. Everybody hated her now! They were all perusing her at their leisure while she lay at their feet, and since her confession to Alisha, any lingering sympathy they may have had must surely have evaporated. Now she had been reduced from her former celebrated status to nothing more than a pitiful source of amusement to them!


She miserably watched Trent make up another round of margaritas while they sadistically commented on her red-raw ass. She desperately wanted to put some clothes back on when she heard Trent describing how wet her vagina had been when he had slipped his finger inside, but she knew that her ordeal was not yet over.


A moment later, Nash confirmed this by saying, “You still have to apologize to Trent and Josh for being a cock teaser.”


Annabel remained on the ground, knowing very well where this was going to lead.


“Up on all fours, Annabel,” Nash commanded.


Woefully, Annabel rolled over, and then got up onto her hands and knees.


“What do you have to say?”


She drew a shuddering breath and haltingly said, “I am sorry… for being a… cock teaser.”


“I don’t think she really means it, do you?” Nash asked.


“Nah,” Trent said. “I don’t believe she’s sorry at all.”


“Perhaps another round of spanking will help,” suggested Helen.


Annabel’s heart started to pound – there was no way she could endure that much pain a second time!


“Please don’t!” she whimpered.


“Then how are you going to convince the boys that you really are sorry?” Nash asked.


Annabel looked at him beseechingly – she didn’t need to be a mind-reader to understand his implied meaning.


For God’s sake, don’t make me say it!


“Oh well, it’s the paddle again, I guess,” Nash sighed.


“No!” Annabel gasped. “I… can you… will you, please… fuck me?”


Prostrate and naked, Annabel hung her head in abject shame. She had just declared herself to be a wanton whore in front of everyone!


Feigning indifference, Trent said, “Okay, if you really want to.”


Annabel looked up in time to see him drop his swimming shorts, revealing his throbbing erection. As he moved around behind her, Josh also slipped out of his ‘Speedos’ and knelt in front of Annabel’s face. She closed her eyes as she felt the tip of his glans touch her lips whilst Trent simultaneously prodded at her labia.


Horrifyingly, she was still well-lubricated, and with a jerk of his hips, she felt Trent’s cock slip into her, causing her to groan loudly. As soon as she opened her mouth, Josh pushed his dick inside, and she automatically closed her lips around it.


As the two boys worked up a rhythm, Annabel was forced to listen to the others’ cruel remarks.


“Annabel, you dirty girl! Two guys at the same time!”


“I’ll bet she’s been secretly doing this for years.”


“I think you’re right. She looks very accomplished at it.”


“All this time, acting like miss prim and proper, too!”


“And just listen to the noise she’s making!”


“Yeah, I never knew that she was such a horny bitch!”


After a few minutes of pumping, the two boys pulled out of her and Annabel opened her eyes. To her shame and self-disgust, a thin string of saliva mixed with pre-cum connected her lips to Josh’s glistening cockhead.


Alisha grimaced. “Eew! Gross!”


The boys switched positions, and Annabel now found herself staring at Trent’s proud manhood, which was now coated with her own vaginal juices. Numbly, she accepted it into her mouth without protest as Josh took his turn to invade her from the rear. Once more they rocked together, Trent pushing his cock deep into her throat, with his bush of pubic hair tickling her nostrils, and Josh working up steam, his thighs slapping rapidly against Annabel’s sore buttocks.


The vulgar ‘spit-roasting’ seemed to go on forever, with the boys changing places twice more. Just when Annabel was miserably wondering how long they intended to keep up this debauched performance, Trent unexpectedly ejaculated into her mouth, and Annabel coughed and gagged as his semen hit the back of her throat. With her face pressed up against Trent’s belly, she heard Josh grunting behind her, and then felt his dick spasm as his hot seed flowed deep inside her womb.


To Annabel’s dismay, her treacherous body reacted to these dual emissions, and she squealed around Trent’s cock as her body convulsed with a mighty orgasm. They remained locked together while their climaxes subsided, and when the boys finally pulled out of her, Nash said, “What do you have to say, Annabel?”


They had it all now. She had just climaxed like a cheap harlot whilst impaled at both ends on her former friends’ cocks! There was to be no going back, and everybody present would remember this day for the rest of their lives.


Irrevocably crushed, Annabel mournfully said, “Thank you for fucking me.”


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