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Annabel and Mr.Nash


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Chapter Fifty One


“Am I going to be kept clean like this all the time now?”


Sitting in her punishment chair, with her bare legs hanging over the wooden arms, Annabel couldn’t help but look at herself in the closet mirror. With her hair tied back, and her flower-patterned, sleeveless smock pulled up to her waist, she was at least spared an embarrassing view of her exposed crotch, which was blocked out by the back of Mrs. Craddock’s head.


Only a shadow of red-brown stubble had grown back in the forty-eight hours since her excruciatingly shameful performance at the pool party, but after pressing a hot, damp towel against her vulva, Mrs. Craddock had gently scraped all of Annabel’s emerging pubic hair away, until she was once again smooth as silk.


“This is how Mr. Nash wants you to present yourself to him,” Mrs. Craddock said, giving Annabel’s mons a final wipe-down. Goose bumps rose up on Annabel’s arms, and to her chagrin, she discovered that the old woman’s tender ministrations were having an unsettlingly pleasant effect on her.


“Present myself?” Annabel asked anxiously.


Just as he had done after the poker night, Nash had kept his distance since they had returned from Helen’s house, and Annabel’s only companion had been Mrs. Craddock. As much as she loathed the strict old housekeeper, Annabel had been grateful for the respite. Somehow her daily regimen of supervised housework, exercise and ablutions, acted as a kind of feminine buffer against the periodic ordeals of sexual humiliation that Nash liked to arrange for her. Even when Mrs. Craddock punished her for minor infringements, the pain and embarrassment were tempered by the fact that they were two women alone together. Now however, it sounded as if Annabel was being groomed for another intimate liaison with her twisted master.


“From now on, Mr. Nash has decided that you will be spending more time attending to his personal needs,” Mrs. Craddock said, sitting back to admire her handiwork.


Annabel gulped involuntarily. What needs?


“You are very fortunate to have been born the way you are,” Mrs. Craddock said wistfully. “Such beauty.”


And then to Annabel’s astonishment, Mrs. Craddock leaned forward and kissed her just above her labia. With her legs akimbo, and naked from the waist down, Annabel braced herself. Her suspicions had obviously been correct – the sadistic old bitch really was attracted to her!


But instead of the expected oral invasion of Annabel’s most personal parts, Mrs. Craddock merely sighed and stood up. “Come along, girl. Mr. Nash is waiting for you.”





When Mrs. Craddock brought Annabel into the living room, it took a measure of self control for Darius to avoid looking up from his magazine. It was imperative that he maintain a superior air of disdain to hide the excited anticipation he was actually feeling. Having shown considerable restraint up until now, he had decided that the time was right for Annabel to become his full-time lover. Yes, he would still take pleasure in farming her out to friends and acquaintances, but with her spirit now broken, he was now ready to take full possession of her gorgeous young body.


He was sitting in his favorite armchair with his bare feet resting on a leather footstool. Naked beneath his dressing gown, he held the magazine over his lap to hide his erection.


“Annabel is here for your pedicure,” Mrs. Craddock said.


Pretending to finish a passage, Darius finally looked up over his reading glasses. His beautiful young charge was dressed in a simple smock that stopped at the middle of her thighs. He had instructed Mrs. Craddock not to allow Annabel any underwear, and he could see the shamefaced girl’s hardened nipples poking against the cotton material.


Excellent! The stimulant is starting to take effect!


After Annabel’s humiliating medical exam the previous week, Dr. Schafer had sold Darius a large supply of a powerful aphrodisiac. Darius had no idea what it was made from, but the good doctor had assured him that once ingested, it would leave Annabel in an intense state of sexual arousal. Even better, he had informed Darius, continuous dosages would have a cumulative effect on her body, meaning that Annabel’s libido would continue to grow stronger every day.


Unbeknown to the poor girl, Mrs. Craddock had been spiking her food with the compound since Monday morning, and already Annabel was starting to look a little flustered. Now Darius could begin another deliciously naughty game – even though she would still find their lovemaking as abhorrent as ever, Annabel would now have to suffer the shame of physically enjoying the erotic pleasures that her newly supercharged body would give her. And without the knowledge that her sex drive was being artificially enhanced, she would be driven down to a deeper level of self-loathing!






Oh, crap! A pedicure?


Annabel nervously knelt down in front of the footstool, upon which had been placed a set of clippers, nail files, scissors and shaping tools. She looked with distaste at Nash’s yellow toenails and waited for him to speak, but he had returned to his magazine.


“Don’t tell me you need instructions?” Mrs. Craddock said. “I’m finished for the day.”


“No, Mrs. Craddock,” Annabel sighed heavily. “I can do it.”


“Very well, I’ll be off then,” Mrs. Craddock replied. “Good afternoon, Mr. Nash.”


“Good day, Mrs. Craddock,” Nash said, his face still hidden behind the magazine.


Annabel listened to the old woman close the front door behind her and then hesitatingly got to work. Although in her previous life, Annabel had been a VIP customer at an upscale health and beauty spa, she was quite an accomplished manicurist herself – although she had never imagined that she would ever have to attend to anybody other than herself!


As Annabel squeamishly clipped away at Nash’s thick, horny nails, her mind drifted back to her devastating ordeal at Helen’s pool party. After her humiliating spanking, followed by the revolting ‘spit-roasting’ by Trent and Josh, she had spent the rest of the party naked, serving their drinks and food, and forced to listen to their cruel and belittling comments.


Annabel had awoken the following morning under a suffocating cloud of misery and unworthiness, and she had followed Mrs. Craddock’s instructions like an automaton, as if there was now another ‘self’ inhabiting her body. But as the day had worn on, her attention had gradually been drawn to an unsettlingly pleasant sensation manifesting within her body, and today, if anything, she was feeling even more sexually aroused!


She was acutely aware of her erect nipples under her inadequate clothing, and there had been an embarrassing dampness between her legs all morning. This unexplained state of excitement so soon after her public humiliation, had left her feeling both bewildered and concerned. Was she, on some base level, now taking a filthy carnal pleasure from her ongoing abasement?


When she had finished filing Nash’s toenails, Annabel sat back on her heels and inspected the results of her efforts. His feet were still ugly, but she had to admit there had been some improvement. Then she quickly chastised herself for taking even the slightest measure of satisfaction from this revolting job. She had just become acquainted with every detail of Nash’s toes, and that was just the kind of intimacy that she was trying to avoid!


Annabel cleared her throat, and Nash lowered his magazine. “Not bad,” he said, leaning forward to examine his feet. “Now, I want you to open my robe and ‘mow the lawn’ as I believe you young ladies like to call it.”


Annabel blinked, unsure if she had heard correctly. “Excuse me?”


“You have a pair of scissors there,” Nash said, with a bored sigh. “I want you to trim my pubic hair.”






Chapter Fifty Two


Beneath his veneer of nonchalance, Darius could feel his heart hammering away in his chest. His cock was at full-mast now, and his whole body tingled with anticipation. Even though he had already witnessed Annabel unclothed in a variety of degrading scenarios of his own invention, his physical contact with her had been limited. But very soon, that was all about to change! As Dr. Schafer’s wonderful aphrodisiac continued to intensify her sexual desire over the coming weeks, Annabel would quickly discover that Darius’ throbbing cock would be the only outlet for her bodily cravings!


Still looking numb after her weekend ordeal, the only indication of Annabel’s revulsion was a slight turn-down of her luscious lips. But she had been through so much by now that she was past making verbal objections, and she merely reached up and untied Darius’ robe. As the woolen garment fell apart, Darius’ erect member came into view, laying like a fat sausage on his round belly.


After the briefest hesitation, Annabel picked up the scissors, while with her other hand she raised his shaft into an upright position. Darius let out a shuddering sigh at the sensation of her slender fingers around his cock, while the miserable girl snipped away at the dense thatch of dark hair surrounding its base.


As she went about her lowly chore, Darius noticed that she was dropping the loose hair onto the foot stall. In spite of his heightened state of excitement, he managed to say, “Don’t leave it on there.”


When Annabel paused and looked up at him quizzically, he added, “Put it in your mouth.”


This time there was a tiny flash of repugnance in the wretched girl’s eyes as she unwillingly scooped up the small pile of hairs and then, to Darius’ utter joy, pushed it between her lips.


Even though Annabel wasn’t actually massaging his dick, he felt it jerk of its own accord.


How does she manage to turn me on so easily?  


In a throaty whisper, he said, “Swallow it.”


Mouth closed, and eyes moist, Annabel breathed hard through her nostrils and closed her eyes as her throat contracted. She made an audible gulping sound, followed by a hacking cough as Darius’ discarded pubic hair descended down her gullet.


Incredible! Darius thought, rapturously. All of her old standards have been eradicated! I do believe that there is no longer anything that this poor lassie won’t do for me now!






By summoning up enough saliva, Annabel had managed to condense Nash’s pubic hair into a mashed wad, making it just about possible to swallow. Trying not to heave at the thought of it settling in her stomach, Annabel was about to resume trimming, when Nash said, “Okay, that’s enough.”


She put down the scissors and waited with trepidation. Nash’s erect penis was still in her hand, and by now she didn’t need much imagination to guess what was coming next. However, as so often in the past, Nash would prove her wrong yet again.


“Now kiss the soles of my feet.”


Even after all she had been through, this new and unexpected request sent a wave of disgust through her. In her brief time here, she had been forced to repeatedly show off her naked body, been humiliated, spanked and caned, had all of her orifices variously filled with semen, urine, and soap water, and had been compelled to have sex with six different men – but somehow she found this the ultimate debasement! She hated herself now, and hardly knew who she was anymore, but from somewhere deep within, she could still hear the old Annabel fiercely protesting.


Fuck him! the voice said.


“Who is your master?” Nash asked.


You will not kiss his feet! the voice screamed.


“Answer me, Annabel.”


Annabel looked at the hardened skin on his heel.


Don’t do it!




Even though she thought she had none left, a solitary tear escaped Annabel’s eye as an internal fire flickered and died, and the dissenting voice faded into silence.


“You are, Mr. Nash,” she said, and then leaned forward and pressed her lips against the bare sole of Nash’s foot.






Curious to discover how far she had descended, Darius now added, “Lick them.”


Without looking up at him, Annabel poked out her dainty little tongue and began to lick the arch of his foot. Darius was not ticklish, but the mere sight of this once-arrogant heiress lapping away at his bare sole was enough to make him want to giggle with delight.


My little puppy girl. Hmm. Now there’s an idea!


“Now I want you to suck my toes.”


It was impossible to tell what was going on in that pretty little head now, because she had closed her eyes, but Darius watch in fascination as the big toe of his right foot disappeared between her soft lips. He could feel her tongue darting between the gaps as she slowly worked her way along, coating each toe with her saliva. Breathing heavily, Darius reached out, pressed his hand over hers, and began sliding it up and down his shaft. The only sounds in the room were the ticking of the wall clock, Darius’ heavy breathing, and Annabel’s gentle slurping noises each time she pulled off one of his toes. To his satisfaction and delight, when Darius released her hand, she continued to stroke his erect cock.


Darius laid back in ecstasy as his beautiful slave girl knelt humbly before him, her hand slowly pumping his shaft, and her mouth now amazingly stretched around every toe on his right foot. She was also emitting some rather telltale sounds in her throat, reminding Darius that the poor girl was no longer in total control of her own physical responses.


Even though Annabel hadn’t picked up the pace with her hand, the sheer perverted pleasure of watching her demean herself like this was bringing Darius close to climaxing over her fingers – which wasn’t quite the happy ending he had planned.


Pulling her hand away, Darius gasped, “That will do, my dear. It’s time to go up to my room.”






Chapter Fifty Three


Annabel stood awkwardly at the foot of Nash’s bed. It was the first time she had been permitted to enter his bedroom – although for her it was a dubious honor. Like the rest of the house, its furnishings were simple and antiquated. When Nash slipped out of his robe to reveal his naked body, she suddenly found herself longing for her own little punishment room.


Nash rolled over onto his stomach on the bed, presenting Annabel with a view of his hairy ass and purple scrotum. As revolting a sight as it was, to Annabel’s dismay, her nipples were still rock-hard, and as much as she had been sickened by having his toes in mouth, there was no denying the warm glow of arousal in her belly.


What the hell is wrong with me?


“I want a nice relaxing massage,” Nash announced into his pillow. “Use the oil on the nightstand.”


Annabel groaned inwardly, but after the disgusting act she had just performed in the living room, surely this should be easier to handle. As she reached for the dispenser however, Nash said, “Take off your dress first – and then straddle my back.”


Oh, fuck!


Annabel’s heart sank as she reluctantly lifted the smock over her head. Even though Nash had seen her naked on several occasions now, the fact that they were both nude and alone in the house together, made her feel especially uneasy. Very conscious of her proud nipples and her shaved crotch, Annabel squirted some oil into the palm of her hand and climbed onto the bed. There was no way of performing this unwholesome task without making intimate physical contact with the old pervert, and so, biting her lip, she parted her thighs and lowered herself down onto Nash’s buttocks.






Darius savored the exquisite sensation of Annabel’s damp pussy pressing down on his ass cheeks as she massaged his neck and shoulders. Before she had climbed on top of him, he had noted the way her pink nipples were jutting out, and he wondered what she was making of her newly enhanced concupiscence. It would be interesting to see how she handled her conflicting emotions as her sexual yearnings intensified.


As she pressed her thumbs into the small of Darius’ back, he said, “I was looking at one of your social networking accounts today. It seems that your ex-boyfriend and Helen have become something of an item.”


He smiled to himself as Annabel’s hands briefly froze. “Apparently after we left the party, Bobby stayed over, and one thing led to another. Keep going. Do my buttocks now.”


Annabel resumed her kneading, and Darius continued, “I think it’s for the best. They make a handsome couple, and Helen is such a well-bred young lady. There’s no way a catch like Bobby should have wasted himself on slut like you.”


Annabel remained silent, although Darius did notice that her fingers were digging a little harder into his wobbling flesh.


“I called Helen to congratulate her,” Darius went on. “And you’ll be pleased to know that I have given all of your old friends an open invitation to visit you. You’d like that, wouldn’t you? I know you are particularly fond of Josh and Trent.”


Annabel let out a little whimper, and turning over, Darius was gratified to see that his little monologue had had the desired effect. Even though she appeared to be operating on auto-pilot, he was still capable of inducing a tear or two.


He took hold of his stiff cock and waved it at her. “Climb on board.”






As much as she despised this cruel and vulgar man, Annabel couldn’t help letting out a reflexive squeak of pleasure as she slid easily down his shaft. It felt as if all of her pleasure sensors had been amplified, and she was unable to stop herself rotating her hips as she impaled herself on him.


“My, you have turned into a horny bitch!” Nash grinned up at her.


He reached up and pulled on her sensitive nipples, making her gasp.


“Ride me,” Nash said, his breath quickening, and Annabel was unable to resist. She gripped his forearms, and ground her pelvis hard into his. He was squeezing her breasts now, scrunching them together, and then pushing them back and flattening them against her chest.


Annabel threw her head back and closed her eyes. She had no idea why she felt this way but she was helpless to stop it now. All she knew was that her body needed release, and it had to be now. Nash raised his hips, pushing himself deeper inside her and Annabel cried out in ecstasy.


“That’s it!” Nash breathed. “Make yourself come!”


Annabel didn’t need any encouragement, and her whole body jerked as her orgasm pulsed through her. It was immediately followed by another, and Annabel slumped forward, her face directly above his, her nipples brushing against the hairs on his chest, and before she knew what had happened, her tongue was inside his mouth, their saliva mingling and their teeth clashing.


A third and fourth climax swept through her, and then Nash suddenly moaned into her throat, spurted inside her, and then she collapsed on top of him.


As she gradually regained control of her body, it suddenly hit her that she had just had the most incredible sexual experience with the person she hated the most in the whole world! Somewhere out there, Bobby and Helen were beginning a normal, healthy, romantic relationship, and here she was, stuck in this dingy little house, intimately involved in her own sick and disgusting union with an ugly man who was easily old enough to be her father! She began to sob into his neck, and she felt Nash’s hand stroking her hair.


“There, there,” he crooned. “Don’t be sad. Even though Bobby is out of your league now, I still find you attractive, and I’ve got some good news for you – starting from tonight, you will be sharing my bed!”


What? Annabel raised her head and looked at him in dismay.


“That’s right!” Nash kissed her on the nose. “From now on you are going to be my slave by day, and my lover by night!”






Chapter Fifty Four


Over the next few days, Annabel’s daily routine slipped into a simple, albeit unpleasant, pattern. Forbidden to leave Nash’s bed without his permission, she invariably awoke before him, and would then be forced to lay naked by his side, listening to his snoring until he finally stirred.


Unlike the first two weeks, when she either completed her ablutions alone, or under Mrs. Craddock’s supervision, now she had to shower with Nash – which also meant soaping, rinsing, and drying him – before dressing in her maid’s uniform and preparing his breakfast. After he had eaten, Nash would either retire to his den, or – if Annabel was lucky – go out on an errand if Mrs. Craddock was on duty. After  her housework was completed, there might be an odd job to perform in the garage or garden, followed by a tiring exercise and posture session, for which she would have to change into her undersized leotard. The evenings would be spent attending to whatever whim took Nash’s fancy. This might take the form of a neck massage, manicure or pedicure, serving him drinks or snacks, or merely sitting quietly at his feet while he watched television or read.


Then would come the part that Annabel dreaded the most – bedtime. Her constant state of arousal was reaching almost unbearable proportions now, and to her utter mortification, as she went about her duties, she would catch herself secretly anticipating the disgusting nightly sex sessions she was forced to perform with Nash. Such was her need for release, that as disgusting as she found the act itself, her carnal yearnings would quickly take over, and she would eagerly bring herself to orgasm after shuddering orgasm. After they were done, Annabel would collapse into an ashamed and exhausted sleep until she opened her eyes the next morning, and then her demeaning daily cycle would begin again.


Annabel accepted this new submissive lifestyle with a dull resignation, and operated under the premise that if she managed to please both Nash and Mrs. Craddock in their respective ways, she might be spared any further sexual humiliations involving people from outside.


That fragile hope was cruelly shattered the day that Tom Craddock arrived to pick up his wife.






Annabel was hanging out the laundry and thinking about her phone call with Aunt Sissy earlier that morning. It had been an unexpected opportunity to talk to her aunt, but before dialing, Nash had given her a detailed briefing on how the conversation should proceed. Very quickly, Annabel had understood that there would be no chance of passing on a coded message about what was happening to her, and as Nash had sat with his cheek pressed against hers, she had miserably reassured Aunt Sissy that everything was going along just as Nash had described it.


Today Annabel was dressed in one of her alternative outfits, a red and white checked tea towel tied around her waist, with another matching piece covering her breasts. As usual, the inadequate pieces of cloth barely hid her charms, and the brisk late summer breeze kept lifting up her ‘skirt’ whenever she reached up for the clothesline.


Clasping two wooden clothes pegs between her lips, Annabel was on tiptoe holding up one of Nash’s shirts when she heard Tom Craddock’s voice behind her.


“Hey, kiddo! Remember me?”


Annabel froze, aware that her skirt was riding up high enough to expose the lower half of her buttocks.


How could I forget? You had your penis in my mouth! I was forced to swallow your sperm! You sucked my nipples and pushed lime wedges up my asshole!


“Damn, I’d forgotten what a lovely butt you have!” Craddock leered. “I can see your cunt lips, you know?”


Annabel spun around and held Nash’s shirt up in front of her. “How did you get in here?”


Such was Nash’s confidence in his total domination of Annabel by now, that he had gone off on an errand, leaving Annabel unattended in the house – and his belief was fully justified because it had never entered her head to try and leave. What purpose would that serve after all that she had endured so far? But she had never expected anyone else to come in – particularly as she had checked herself to make sure the door was locked.


“Is Mrs. Craddock back?” she asked cautiously.


“Nuh-uh. But I’m taking her to her sister’s for the weekend and she told me to wait for her here.”


Annabel looked at the key in his hand and her heart began to race. Her and this fat little pervert alone in the house together? For how long? Nash and Mrs. Craddock had only been gone for an hour!


“So,” Craddock said, snatching the shirt away. “You want to show me the rest?”






Annabel instinctively made a run for it, but as she passed him, Craddock caught the knot on the side of her wraparound and it easily came away in his hand, leaving her naked from the waist down. She bounded barefoot across the back patio and slammed into the locked back door.


Oops!” Craddock snickered. “Must have accidentally turned the latch. We’ll just have to wait for them to get back. Now, how are we going to amuse ourselves?”


Annabel slid down the door, and hugged her knees to her chest. “Please, I have to finish my chores or I’ll be punished.”


“That’s okay,” Craddock said, examining Nash’s shirt. “Washing day, huh? Come on, don’t be scared. I’ll help you.”


Annabel warily watched him like a cornered animal.


“You really don’t have any choice,” Craddock said, lowering the shirt towards the freshly cut lawn “If you don’t let me play with you, I won’t let you finish your job.”


Annabel looked at Nash’s shirt in horror. If there was so much as a single grass stain on there, she would be in serious trouble!


“Okay, have it your way,” Craddock said, reaching for the laundry basket.


“No!” Annabel leaped to her feet, her hands covering her naked pubes. “You promise… you promise you won’t do anything?”


The fat, bald man grinned nastily. “I promise I’ll let you finish hanging out your laundry, that’s all.”


Annabel let out an exasperated sob. It’s going to happen again! This hateful little man knows I have no choice! And when he touches me, I know that my disgusting body is going to betray me too!


Warily, she approached him and accepted the proffered shirt. When Craddock reached for her top, she reflexively shrunk back.


“Come on baby,” he said. “Uncle Tom wants to play!”


With a disheartened sigh, Annabel stepped forward and allowed Craddock to untie the top. He gazed at her exposed nipples and said, “Look at you, all puffed up and ready for action!”


He leaned forward and kissed each of her swollen nubs, sending an unwanted tingle of pleasure down Annabel’s spine.


“Carry on, then,” he said, and so Annabel was forced to hang out the washing in the nude, while Mrs. Craddock’s lecherous husband looked on.






Chapter Fifty Five


Her cheeks glowing, Annabel picked up two wooden clothes pegs and reached up to hang Nash’s shirt on the line. As she raised her arms, Craddock moved up behind her and placed his hands on her waist, causing her to jump.


“Easy, baby,” Craddock said, his breath hot on her neck. “Don’t mind me, just concentrate of finishing your work before my wife gets back.”


While Annabel pegged the shirt, Craddock slid his hands around to her flat stomach and then up over her breasts. Annabel’s breathing quickened as his fingers found her hardened nipples.


“Oh, yeah,” he whispered. “You’re really up for it, aren’t you?”


Just as Annabel had feared, her treacherous body was already responding to Craddock’s touch, and she could feel herself becoming damp between the legs.


“Please,” she gasped. “I have to finish this first.”


I have to finish this first? Annabel thought in horror. What the hell did I just say? I don’t want this disgusting little man to touch me... do I?


“Okay, a deal’s a deal. Work first, play later,” Craddock said, and with a light kiss on her shoulder he released her sensitive nipples.


In spite of the fact that Craddock had already seen every detail of her anatomy before, Annabel demurely kept her thighs pressed together as she picked up a pair of Nash’s underpants. When she reached into the basket however, Craddock beat her to it and snatched up a handful of clothes pegs. When Annabel straightened up, he said, “Turn around a moment. I want to try something.”


Her heart pounding, Annabel did as she was told.


“Stay perfectly still,” Craddock instructed, and then to Annabel’s astonishment and outrage, he clipped a peg to her right earlobe.


“Ow! That hurts!” she said, reaching up.


Craddock pulled her wrist away and grinned up at her. “It suits you, he said. Have another one.”







Annabel stood helplessly naked in the afternoon sun, as Craddock snapped a second peg on her other earlobe. Apart from the fact that they pinched her painfully, she knew that she must look absolutely ridiculous! But her latest tormentor was far from done. As Annabel stood meekly before him, Craddock went into a kind of childish frenzy, and began decorating her ears with the wooden pegs.


Annabel winced each time another one was clipped on, and by the time he stopped to admire his handiwork, Craddock had attached five pegs around the edges of each of Annabel’s ears. Tears of pain and shame welled up in her eyes, but still Craddock continued with his depraved little game.


“Aah!” Annabel flinched as he stuck a peg on her stiff right nipple.


“Eek!” Craddock followed up by pegging her left teat.


“Ooh! That’s sore!” Annabel whimpered. “Please take them off!”


Craddock had a familiar glazed look in his eye as he pulled one more peg out of the basket. “We’ll have to do something about that wagging tongue of yours. Stick it out.”


“No,” Annabel moaned desperately. “I’ll be good. I’ll… I’ll suck your cock!”


“My, haven't we turned into a dirty little slut?” Craddock chuckled. “Now stick it out.”


Despairingly, Annabel opened her mouth and offered him her tongue.


“Not like that. Stick it out further, and keep it flat,” Craddock said, peering inside her mouth.


“Hungh!” Annabel braced herself as Craddock squeezed the wooden peg open, and then tantalizingly slowly, closed it onto her tongue.




My God, that hurts!


“Very good,” Craddock said, appraising his sadistic efforts. “Get back to work then.”


Unable to retract her tongue, Annabel immediately started to drool as she returned to her embarrassing, and now painful, task.






Feeling idiotic beyond words, her nipples, ears and tongue hurting unbearably, Annabel hurried to hang out the remainder of Nash’s laundry. Each time she bent down to retrieve an item of clothing, she felt Craddock’s wandering hands squeezing her buttocks or tickling her pudendal cleft.


She already understood that he intended to have her when she was done, but what actually worried her more was Mrs. Craddock’s impending return. If she came back now, perhaps Annabel would be spared from Tom Craddock’s lewd attentions, but a far worse scenario would be getting caught in the act.


Locked out of the house, Annabel was now at Craddock’s mercy. Nervously, she turned to face him. The loathsome toad licked his lips eagerly as he tugged on the pegs clamping Annabel’s nipples.


“Hah!” Annabel cried out in pain as a line of saliva swung from her chin.


Without speaking, Craddock took Annabel by the wrist and guided her over to one of the garden chairs.


“Bend over and hold onto the arms,” he hissed.


As Annabel despondently complied, she felt Craddock’s hands on the inside of her thighs, pulling them wider apart until she was offering him an uninterrupted view of her naked rear. Hearing the sound of Craddock’s zipper, Annabel closed her eyes and rested her forehead on the back of the chair. Then with her pegged tongue hanging out of her mouth, she could do nothing but listen to the afternoon birdsong as Craddock casually entered her.






Chapter Fifty Six


Craddock took his time, slowly drawing his penis in and out of her, obviously secure in the knowledge that Annabel was his to play with at his leisure. Even as recently as a week ago, Annabel would have been horrified to think that she would submit so readily to such a disgusting old man. But she had now sunk to such a low level of self-esteem that being fucked from behind in the open air seemed to be no more than she deserved. At least this time, there weren’t any witnesses.


The other thing though, was almost more shameful than she could bear – her pussy was sopping wet, and she was actually pushing back with each of Craddock’s thrusts in order to maximize his penetration.


He's right! She thought woefully. I'm a slut!


Annabel could hear Craddock panting as he picked up the pace. Then his stubby fingers tightened around her sides, and with a guttural moan, he erupted inside her. Annabel raised her head and she stamped her bare feet on the flagstones, as she too, reached her climax.


“God, that felt good!” Craddock exclaimed.


“Aah!” Annabel replied, the peg on her tongue waggling in the air.


A bewildering feeling of carnal bliss mixed with a disturbing sense of remorse flooded through her as she slowly descended from her high. There was no denying that she had really needed that release, but what a demeaning way to get it! This wasn’t lovemaking! She had simply been used as a receptacle for Craddock’s disgusting cum!


As he pulled his prick out of her, Annabel opened her eyes and then froze in shock – Nash and Mrs. Craddock had returned, and were watching them from the kitchen window!






As the back door opened, Annabel’s legs began to shake uncontrollably.


Oh, shit! She saw me fucking her husband!


As Nash and Mrs. Craddock approached, Annabel straightened up and reached up to remove the peg from her tongue.


“Don’t touch it!” Mrs. Craddock snapped, her face like thunder. “Hands by your sides!”


Rigid with fear, Annabel immediately stood to attention, highly conscious of Tom Craddock’s sperm trickling down the inside of her thigh.


“Thomas, what is the meaning of this?”


Hurriedly zipping himself up, Tom Craddock breathlessly said, “It wasn’t me, my dear. She seduced me!”


“Is that so?” Mrs. Craddock glared at Annabel who, unable to make a coherent response, frantically shook her head.


“She was hanging out the washing and I merely came out to say hello,” Craddock explained. “The next thing I knew, she had stripped off her clothes and opened my fly. I’m sorry darling, but I just couldn’t resist her persistent advances. Can you forgive me?”


Dimly, Annabel understood that this was yet another debauched game, but so intense was her terror of the old woman, that she desperately tried to absolve herself.


“Nng!” she gurgled, still shaking her head from side to side.


“What?” Mrs. Craddock snapped.


“I… int… oo.. it!”


Nash, who had been quietly admiring the clothes pegs adorning Annabel’s nude body, said, “Are you accusing Tom of being a liar?”


Annabel stopped shaking her head and looked at him tearfully as she realized that she had stepped into yet another of Nash’s traps. Of course this had all been pre-planned! She was once more the unwilling victim of one of their perverted sports.


Her shoulders slumped and she shook her head a little less enthusiastically this time.


“In that case you have earned yourself a severe punishment for being such a profligate nymphomaniac. And with a married man, as well!”


But he was at the strip poker game! Annabel screamed in her head. He pushed lime wedges up my ass!


“Mrs. Craddock,” Nash said. “Perhaps you’d like to accompany me upstairs where we can discuss Annabel’s punishment.”


After they had been left alone, Tom Craddock snuggled up behind Annabel and cupped her breasts in his hands. He buried his face in her long, red hair, and said, “I hope you enjoyed your fucking, because oh, boy, are you going to pay for it now!”






When they returned to the back yard, Annabel was as they had left her, naked and shaking with fear, her pegged tongue ludicrously poking out of her mouth, and her ears and nipples also crowned with wooden pegs, while Tom Craddock sat on one of the garden chairs pretending to look appropriately sheepish.


You dirty little bastard! Darius smiled inwardly as he laid Annabel’s latest instruments of torment onto the garden table.


After a brief consultation with Mrs. Craddock, they had opted to keep Annabel’s punishment relatively simple – at least for them, if not for Annabel! Darius picked up a roll of duct tape and said to Annabel, “Bend over, and hold on to the arms of the chair again.”


Annabel reluctantly reassumed the same position in which she had just surrendered herself to Tom Craddock, and then Nash swiftly wrapped the tape around her wrists, securing them to the chair. Next he handed Mrs. Craddock the bamboo cane that Annabel was so terrified of. As the old lady tested it out with a few air swishes, Darius noticed Annabel’s body jerk involuntarily. She was probably expecting to get a thrashing across the buttocks, but although her ass was going to be the cause of much pain and discomfort, it would not be coming in the way she expected.


Darius picked up the remaining items on the table and moved around behind Annabel’s naked rump. He had recently acquired a string of anal beads from an online bondage store, and it was now time for Annabel to become acquainted with them. The nine silicon balls were arrange in a series ascending in size from half an inch in diameter, up to the largest central bead – which was not only an outrageous three inches across, but was also covered with uncomfortable-looking inverted dimples – before descending back down to the smallest size again.


Although Annabel had already experienced the discomfort of a huge anal water enema, he doubted whether the poor girl would be prepared for this latest indignity. Indeed, she was now eyeing the beads and the tube of lubricant in his other hand with a look of horror, and the comical-looking peg jiggled crazily on her outstretched tongue as she made a strangled moan of protest.


“Tom,” Darius said. “Would you be so kind as to pull Annabel’s buttocks apart?”






Chapter Fifty Seven


Feeling the cool air on her exposed anus as Tom Craddock pried her cheeks apart, Annabel reflexively clamped her thighs together. She immediately received a slap on her right buttock and heard Nash say, “Don’t make this any worse for yourself!”


With an inward moan of hopelessness, Annabel allowed them to manipulate her legs out wider, painfully conscious of the fact that her pussy lips were still very much damp and inflamed. But in spite of her abashment at being under such close scrutiny, it wasn’t her crotch that she was worried about! She had managed to get a glimpse of the string of beads in Nash’s hands, and despite her relative naivety regarding sexual matters prior to her arrival in this lunatic asylum, she had endured enough by now to figure out exactly which orifice they were intended for! It was the largest bead that had particularly caught her eye – how in God’s name was Nash ever going to get that frightful thing inside her?


Nash’s cold fingertips prodded at her opening, and then she felt her sphincter painfully yield as his lubricated digit slipped inside. A second finger followed, and Annabel emitted an unladylike grunt as he worked them in and out of her body, making sure that she was greased up enough to accept the wicked-looking string of beads.


She actually heard his fingers popping out of her asshole and then, before her anal ring had time to close, Nash began to insert the smallest bead into her. Annabel tightened her grip on the chair as the larger second and third beads followed, stretching her anus out to over an inch in width. She began to pant heavily, and she tried to focus on the growing pool of her saliva on the seat of the chair as her discomfort quickly escalated into a relentless, tearing, agony.






Darius watched transfixed, as Annabel rotated her beautiful round ass in an attempt to alleviate the soreness in her enlarged asshole. She was making a continuous wailing noise now, and although they were protected from prying eyes by high brick walls, Darius didn’t want to risk attracting any unwanted attention.


Leaving the string of beads dangling from her back end, he retrieved the duct tape and then plucked the clothes peg off her tongue.


“Please! Take them out! They hurt so much!” Annabel implored him with round, watery eyes.


Without replying, Darius promptly slapped the end of the duct tape across Annabel’s lips and then proceeded to wrap the roll several times around her head until she was well and truly muzzled. With the silver tape encasing the pegs attached to her ears and also binding her lustrous red hair to her head, she looked both amusing and desirably helpless!


Returning to Annabel’s rear end, Darius squeezed some more lube onto the baseball-sized central bead. Her butthole had already been expanded enough to cause the poor girl considerable distress, but this was going to cause some serious disfiguration!


Who could have devised such a malicious instrument of torment?


Using both of his thumbs, Darius pushed against the bead, as behind him he heard Tom Craddock laugh, “I don’t think Annabel’s butt-hole is going to be big enough for that!”


Ignoring him, Darius braced his feet and pushed with all his might. Slowly, Annabel’s anal opening grew and grew, and the large, stippled ball began to disappear from view, eliciting a muffled scream from Annabel. Just as her asshole looked as though it could expand no further, her sphincter suddenly accepted the offensive trespasser and literally sucked it inside.


Annabel let out an indignant snort as Darius completed the relatively easier task of filling Annabel’s rectum with the remaining, smaller beads. Finally, all that remained on view was the plastic pull-ring protruding from Annabel’s red-raw asshole. Bound to the chair, Annabel’s nude body writhed in pain as she sobbed into her gag.


Satisfied, Darius took a seat and said, “Mrs. Craddock? If you please?”






A red mist of fury engulfed Annabel as she instinctively strained to expel the string of beads from her rectum. Her body felt totally stuffed, and her recently-violated anus was on fire! She no longer cared what she looked like as she frantically flexed her bowel muscles. She was so focused upon this all-consuming task that it took a few seconds before she registered that Mrs. Craddock was talking to her. “I said, raise your right leg, Annabel.”


Annabel’s mind was in such a turmoil that she was at first unable to process the old woman’s words, but a searing crack of the cane across her buttocks soon caught her attention.


“I won’t ask again,” Mrs. Craddock said.


Petrified of receiving another stroke, Annabel quickly raised her leg as required.


“Higher,” Mrs. Craddock said. “Bend your knee and ankle so that the sole of your foot is facing upwards.”


Apprehension now accompanied Annabel’s pain as she adopted the absurd pose.


“Hopefully, this will remind you not to play around with other people’s husbands in the future.”


Before Annabel had a chance to reflect on how unreasonable all of this was, an inconceivable  flash of pain tore across the sole of her foot. Annabel shrieked into her gag and waved her leg around wildly. Such was the intensity of her suffering that she was momentarily sidetracked from the agonizing beads plugging her ass!


“Now lift up your other foot.”


Her body shaking in terror, Annabel reluctantly raised the her left foot. Trying to ready herself for the impending stroke of Mrs. Craddock’s cane, she took a deep breath though her nose. A few seconds passed, but nothing happened.


The cruel bitch is toying with me! For God’s sake, just get it over with!


With her bowels bursting, her anus inflamed, her nipples and ears numb from the relentlessly pinching clothes pegs, and balanced on the toes of her right foot, Annabel’s body was unable to take the strain any longer, and to her utter mortification she felt her bladder suddenly let go.






Chapter Fifty Eight


A gush of yellow piss unexpectedly erupted from between Annabel’s legs and cascaded onto the flagstones, forcing Mrs. Craddock to jump back to avoid getting splashed.


“Filthy girl!” Mrs. Craddock brought the cane down hard onto Annabel’s upturned sole, leaving an angry red stripe across the sensitive flesh. The anguished girl bellowed into her gag, and her left foot shot up into the air before slamming back down into the spreading pool of urine between her legs.


Darius had seen Annabel in a number of painful situations since her arrival, but he doubted whether she had ever experienced such concentrated agony as this. Her face was soaked with tears which ran down over the duct tape and dripped from her chin.


“Right foot,” Mrs. Craddock commanded.


“Nnn! Plss!” Annabel begged.


Immediately, Mrs. Craddock laid another stinging blow across Annabel’s ass, causing the girl to squeal like a stuck pig as she wiggled her burning rump.


“Right foot!”


With a snort and a whimper, Annabel raised her right leg again, giving Darius a clear view of the raised welt bisecting her foot. Once more, Mrs. Craddock slashed the bamboo cane across her sole, triggering another frenzied one-legged jig from Annabel. As she twisted and struggled against her bonds, Darius noticed the that the first two anal beads had popped out of her asshole, and were swinging around like a little tail.




Annabel was making a continuous whinnying sound now, and it took three attempts for her to muster the courage to offer her left sole again. After a long, sadistic pause, Mrs. Craddock brought the cane down hard again, and once more Annabel howled and danced for them.


Mrs. Craddock looked at Darius who nodded. “Thank you, Mrs. Craddock.” He squatted down next to the sobbing girl and grabbing her chin, turned her face towards him. “I’m am going to leave you here so that you have plenty of time to ponder your indiscretion today. And while you are at it, I expect you to have squeezed out all of the beads by daybreak. If not, you can expect further punishment. Is that understood?”


Annabel nodded sorrowfully as Darius pinched off a line of snot dangling from her nose and wiped it on her right breast.


“Good. Mrs. Craddock, as Annabel will be otherwise occupied tonight, would you be so kind as to prepare supper before you leave?”






As the shadows lengthened across the lawn, Annabel gradually began to get a grip on herself. For a moment back there, when Mrs. Craddock had been viciously whipping the soles of her feet, she thought she was going to lose her mind. It was still way too painful for her to stand on her flat soles, so with her wrists taped to the arms of the garden chair, she remained bent over, balancing on the tips of her toes.


In her peripheral vision, she could see Mrs. Craddock pottering around in the kitchen, so even as her calves and thighs began to ache, she remained motionless for now. As the fiery pain in her buttocks and feet began to subside, her focus of attention returned to the anal beads jammed inside her. Nash had told her that she had to push them all out by morning, which on the one hand meant she would be bound in this uncomfortable position for hours, but at least she would have plenty of time to complete the humiliating and painful task.


Although she couldn’t see what was happening behind her, by contracting her sphincter muscle she deduced that a couple of the smaller beads were already out of her – but it was the middle one that she was most concerned about. When Nash had earlier forced it inside her, she had thought she was going to explode! This time however, the onus was on Annabel to force the vile object back out through the tiny, sensitive orifice.


Unsure of whether Nash intended to check up on her or not, Annabel decided it would be prudent to get on with the distasteful deed. If she ejected the whole string before dark, perhaps Nash would allow her back inside.


After a few minutes of grunting and squeezing, she felt the third bead slip out of her. The next one though was a different proposition, and Annabel winced as she felt it expanding her anal ring. Twice she thought she had expelled it, only for her sphincter muscle to give out and allow it to slide back inside her body. Finally, Annabel pushed as hard as she could and the two-inch bead popped free.


Ugh! God, that hurt! It’s like being constipated!


Breathing heavily through her nose, Annabel decided to take a rest. It was going to take a superhuman effort to get past the monstrous central bead with its wicked little bumps.






After enjoying one of Mrs. Craddock’s pre-cooked casseroles, Darius crept into the kitchen and peered out of the window. As expected, Annabel was still attached to the chair, although she was now kneeling on the flagstones. Not wishing to be discovered, Darius shifted his viewpoint so that he could see how much progress she had made with the beads.


In the glow from the kitchen window, he could just make out four of the smaller beads dangling between her thighs, which meant that the vicious three-inch bead was now blocking her anal canal. She really did present a delightfully absurd picture, taped naked to a piece of garden furniture, her head half-encased in duct tape, her nipples pinched flat by the clothes pegs, and the obscenely ridiculous string of beads emerging from her ass like a rear appendage!


Annabel had her head turned to one side on the seat of the chair, and apart from the gentle motion of her dangling breasts, she was quite still.


Goodness me! I do believe she has fallen asleep!


After covertly observing his beautiful slave for another minute, Darius returned to his den, poured himself a drink, and settled own for another exploratory session on Annabel’s laptop. He eavesdropped on Annabel’s friends’ online chatting for while, noting with satisfaction that Bobby and Helen were still getting along just fine. Jose and Trent were still raving about the incredible pool party, and so Darius couldn’t resist inviting them over for a return match – using Annabel’s identity, of course!


It was by pure chance that he happened upon the curiously titled ‘MY SAFETY DEPOSIT BOX’ folder hidden away in Annabel’s video library. When he double clicked it, four sub-folders appeared, labeled ‘Helen’, ‘Samantha’, ‘Alisha’, and ‘Chelsea’, respectively, and even more interestingly, they were all encrypted. His pulse quickening, Darius sat back thoughtfully.


Now I wonder what information my ditsy little lover has obtained about her former girlfriends that would require password protection?






Chapter Fifty Nine


It had been a long, miserable, and uncomfortable night, punctuated by sporadic snatches of troubled sleep, and increasingly desperate attempts to dislodge the rest of the revolting string of anal beads from her rectum. As much as she wanted to however, Annabel was simply unable to summon up the courage to force the enormous middle bead through her tiny anus. Each time she got close, the awful searing pain that ripped through her was too much too bear.


It’s like trying to pass a bowling ball!


Eventually, her tear-filled frustration had given way to weary resignation as she had miserably accepted the fact that until somebody came to her assistance, the bowel-clogging beads would have to remain embedded inside her. As the hours had ticked by, she had instead concentrated on alternating her posture between kneeling on the hard patio and straightening her legs and pushing out her butt, in order to ease the incessant aching in her limbs and back.


Awoken by the dawn chorus, she raised her head and looked around blearily. The black and gray shadows of the night were slowly being colored by the sun rising into the brightening sky. Since she had been forced to share Nash’s bed, she had become accustomed to watching the dawn break while he snored contentedly beside her, and so she knew from habit that it was now a little after six.


She wondered what time the fat old pig would be getting up. He didn’t seem to have a regular job to go to, so his daily routine varied. Under any other circumstances, Annabel would have savored every second without his presence, but she was so sore and thirsty that she was – as incredible as she found it – actually eager to see him!


Despite her aggravated condition, she was forced to wait another two hours with the sun on her back before the kitchen door finally opened. Nash leaned on the doorframe with a cup of coffee in his hand and watched her for a moment before coming around to inspect her rear end.


“Still in there, eh?” he said. “I thought I told you to get rid of them?”


Annabel shuffled her bare feet and gurgled into her gag.


“Perhaps you like beads inside your ass, is that it? Do they make you feel good?”


“Nnn!” Annabel cried frantically.


“Very well,” Nash said. “If that’s what you want, you can keep them.”






After freeing her wrists from the chair, Darius took Annabel into his den and made her kneel on the floor in front of him. From the way she gingerly lowered herself onto the carpet, it looked as those she was in a great deal of discomfort – as well she might. He couldn’t imagine what it must have felt like to spend an entire night with those irritating balls stuffed up inside her! Not to mention being doubled over with a sore ass and smarting feet, and with the added torment of the clothes pegs pinching her ears and nipples. No wonder she had such a pathetically mournful look in her lovely blue eyes!


First Darius unwound the duct tape, which proved harder than he would have thought, and resulted in quite a few strands of Annabel’s red hair being torn out. As she gasped for air, he plucked the pegs off her earlobes, and then pulled the other two off her nipples. Again Annabel sucked in a breath as the blood suddenly rushed back to her soft, pink nubs.


“Is that better?” he asked.


Lowering her head, Annabel mumbled, “Yes, thank you, Mr. Nash.”


“I expect you must be quite hungry and thirsty.”


Annabel nodded, still looking at the floor.


“Well, as Mrs. Craddock is off for a couple of days, you’ll have to prepare breakfast on your own. But first, I have something to ask you. Stand up and take a look at your laptop.”


Now Annabel made eye-contact with him as she unsteadily rose to her feet.


Yes, that’s right. Your laptop means the outside world doesn’t it!


He pointed to the secret folders he had discovered earlier. “I have been trying to get into these, but you have protected them for some reason.” He noticed the look of apprehension on Annabel’s face as she looked at the names of her four former girlfriends.


“So,” Darius said. “What is the password?”






Oh shit! How did he find that?


Back in her former life at Pemberton Hall, Annabel had been secretly building a dossier of potentially compromising photos of the other girls, some covertly take on her own phone, others acquired via various means from third parties. She didn’t know why she felt the need to do this, except that she thought they might come in useful one day.


Her initial impulse was to tell him she had forgotten the password – once he saw the pictures and attached notes, Nash would not be able to resist using them for his own nefarious ends! But then she thought back to the humiliating pool party and they way they had all turned upon her.


Why the fuck should I care how he uses them?


“I’m waiting,” Nash prompted.


Annabel opened her mouth and blinked twice – her mind was a blank!


“Well?” Nash drummed his fingers on the desktop.


“I… I can’t remember it,” Annabel stammered.


It was true! Her psyche had been so devastated by Nash’s endless series of painful degradations that she literally had no idea what it might be.


“That’s a pity,” Nash sighed. “Because I was going to take the anal beads out of you. But until you give me the password, they shall remain in place permanently, day and night, the only exception being when either I or Mrs. Craddock remove them for toilet breaks. How does that sound?”


It sounds awful!


“Please, Mr. Nash,” Annabel whined. “Just give me a moment to think.”


“Oh, you’ll have plenty of time to think, waddling around like an old woman while you do your chores. Turn around and grab your ankles, I’m going to push them all the way back in again.”


“Oh please don’t, I’m begging you. I’ll remember it, I promise!”




With a whimper, Annabel assumed the degrading position. She felt Nash’s fingers on her buttocks and then her sphincter being stretched apart as he began to push the string of anal beads back inside her.


Think, for God’s sake Annabel!


She knew it wasn’t a difficult password – she wasn’t that sophisticated when it came to computers, and besides, she had never expected that anybody else would ever see the files.




Annabel wobbled forward as the first bead re-entered her rectum.


“Painful, is it?” Nash asked. “Then why don’t you tell me how to get into your blackmail files?”


Blackmail! Of course! How could I be so stupid?


“Ech! Stop, Mr. Nash! Please!” Annabel grunted. “I can remember it now! It’s ‘blackmail911’.


Nash stopped pushing and said, “Now that wasn’t so difficult, was it? And as a reward, I’ll take the beads out for you.”






Chapter Sixty


Darius felt a sudden rush to his dick as he hooked two fingers into the plastic ring that dangled from Annabel’s asshole. It wasn’t just the sight of her naked behind that had excited him – he was pretty sure that he had now gained access to some damaging information about Annabel’s lovely young friends – and that meant an opportunity to try and trap one, if not all of them, into joining his sexually depraved world.


As he tugged slowly on the sting of anal beads, he cast his mind back to the pool party. Even though Annabel’s suffering had taken up the majority of his attention, he could still recall Chelsea’s slim physique with her small, pert breasts, and long-legged Samantha’s green eyes and short platinum hair. But he already knew who he was going to focus on first – Alisha, the gorgeous African-American girl, who had captivated him the minute he first laid eyes on her! The fact that she had made no secret of her distaste for Darius, would make ensnaring that proud young woman all the more pleasurable!


A mewl of discomfort from Annabel drew him back to the present, and he watched in fascination as the fourth bead emerged from her butthole. The biggest one that she had been unable to pass, was next in line, and Darius intended to have a bit of fun with it.


Using two hands, he leaned back in his chair and pulled on the string. After some initial resistance, he saw her anal opening begin to expand as the three-inch wide ball slowly revealed itself.


“Ah!” Annabel moaned, and gripped her ankles tighter.


When the bead was halfway out, he heard Annabel emit a low, guttural, bark as if she was defecating. A little more, and she would be able to squeeze the bead out by herself.


Not just yet, my dear! Darius smiled wickedly, and stopped tugging on the ring.


“Oh!” Annabel gasped in frustration, as the large, stippled sphere receded back inside her rectum again.


“Mr. Nash! Oh, God, please take it out!”


“Before I do, I want to know if you enjoy having foreign objects stuffed up your ass.”


“Wha.. what? No, I…”


“Oh, dear,” Darius said. “That wasn’t the answer I was looking for at all.” He slapped her lightly on the ass and added, “It looked like we’re done here. I’ve got things to investigate on your computer, so you’d better start doing your housework.”


Instead of straightening up, Annabel actually wiggled her naked ass in front of Darius’ face.


“I can’t take this anymore! Please pull it out!”


“Then answer my question,” Darius said.







As was usually the case with this sick bastard, Nash was making no sense at all! Annabel was begging him to remove the beads that had been stuck inside her body for hours, but in order to be released from her agony, she was supposed to tell him how much she liked having her ass violated!


What the fuck! Tell the old pervert what he wants to hear!


“I do like it,” Annabel cried.


“What’s that?” Nash said.


Fuck you!


“I like having things in my… my asshole!”


“Really? Nash said. “You’ve never mentioned it before during out lovemaking.”


Through her exasperation and discomfort, Annabel suddenly comprehended where this was heading.


“Would you like me to stick my cock in there?” he asked.


Annabel closed her eyes and bit her lower lip. It was the same old game – she was expected to be the instigator of his twisted fantasies. Even though she had found their nightly sex sessions vile enough, he had never made her perform anything other than oral sex and straight intercourse. But after today, she realized that a new and disgusting addition to their depraved repertoire was going to be introduced.


Of course, Annabel understood that she had no choice. She knew that Nash would happily have her totter around the house all day with the obscene string of anal beads jammed up her, and so with a heavy heart, she said, “Yes, please, Mr. Nash, I’d like you to… put it in there.”


“I’m not convinced,” Nash said. “Be more specific.”


There really is no limit to the mental cruelty that this man can inflict! Annabel thought miserably.


She took a deep breath and shouted, “I’m begging you, Mr. Nash! Please will you fuck me up the ass!”






Unable to contain himself any longer, Darius unzipped himself and fished out his hard dick. He had often entertained the idea of taking Annabel anally during their nightly trysts, but for some reason he had always held back. Now that her virgin ass had been well and truly stretched however, he couldn’t think of a more appropriate moment to violate that hole.


Once more, he pulled hard on the string, and his efforts were greeted by an accompaniment of bestial grunts and groans from Annabel. As the huge bead once more appeared, Annabel let go of her ankles and braced herself with her hands on the floor.


I can’t believe that this is the same haughty young lady that turned up on my doorstep a few weeks ago! Darius thought. I wonder if she even realizes how far she has sunk!


It certainly did make for a most bizarre but arousing spectacle, with Annabel bent over and straining for all she was worth, while Nash slowly extracted the insulting beads from her rectum. All of a sudden, the central bead popped free, and with her anus stretched three inches wide, the other beads followed with ease.


Darius gazed in amazement at the pink interior of Annabel’s ass. He had never before had the pleasure of staring into one that big! Annabel still hadn’t moved, and it suddenly occurred to him that she was waiting for him to ass-fuck her!


Pulling himself together, Darius placed the beads next to Annabel’s laptop, stood up, and promptly slipped his cock into her rapidly contracting anus. He remained still as her rectal muscles closed around his shaft, and they both sighed together – although, he suspected, for entirely different reasons!


Dear Lord! Darius mused, as he gently rocked his hips. Her butt is totally impaled in my cock!


The fleshy cavern that he had just peered into was now so snug around his penis, that Darius knew it would only take a couple of pumps before he shot his load into her bowels. He placed his hands on her waist, and asked, “Are you enjoying this?”


Annabel gave out a high pitched mewl, as he suddenly erupted inside her.


“Yes Mr. Nash,” she puffed. “Thank you for fucking my ass!”


Darius slumped back in his seat, pulling Annabel back with him onto his lap. He stroked her long hair to one side and rested his chin on her shoulder with his prick still semi-erect inside her asshole.


Another memory for us to share! Another taboo broken!


“You are very welcome, my dear,” he said huskily. “Now when she returns from her trip, Mrs. Craddock is going to teach you some new and interesting tricks.”


Darius felt Annabel’s hot cheek against his, as she turned her head inquiringly.


“It is Mr. Eddie’s birthday on Sunday, and I am throwing him a party.” Darius reached around and gently tugged on her sore nipples. “And you, my sweet girl, are going to be the star attraction.”






Chapter Sixty One


“Here’s to a very happy birthday, Eddie!” Nash said, raising his flute of champagne.


Alastair Barclay followed suit as he, Tom Craddock and his wife, Helen, Trent and Josh, all wished Eddie Yeats many happy returns.


It was a pleasant afternoon, with just a hint of a cool breeze to remind them that fall was just around the corner. Helium-filled balloons floated from the chairs and clothes line, and the garden table was adorned with a fine buffet which the guests were now nibbling on as they made small talk.


Alastair couldn’t help dwelling upon what a curious bunch they were – five middle-aged folk and three attractive twenty year-olds, all co-conspirators in the steady and relentless sexual torment of one unfortunate young lady. Even though they had gathered to celebrate Yeats’ birthday, the jovial atmosphere was charged with an underlying electricity as they anticipated the imminent arrival of the guest of honor – which was the sole reason why any of them had turned up in the first place.


In his e-mailed invitation, Nash had promised them an afternoon of entertainment involving Annabel, and judging from the interesting props on display, it looked as though the devious old swine had dreamed up another titillating treat for them to relish.


The yard had been converted into a weird kind of obstacle course, with two wooden jumps, a paddling pool filled with water, and a metal tray covered in gravel all arranged in a circle on the lawn. When everybody had had enough to eat, and their glasses had been replenished, Nash tapped his glass with a spoon and said, “Listen up, everyone! In honor of Eddie’s fifty-sixth birthday, I present for your enjoyment, ‘Annabel’s Dog and Pony Show’!”






Darius settled back into his chair and beamed at the rapt expressions of his guests’ faces as they watched Mrs. Craddock go into the house to fetch Annabel. After spending the morning helping Mrs. Craddock prepare the buffet, she had been confined to her punishment room. Before receiving his guests, Darius had checked in on the terrified girl, who had been perched on the end of her bed, already dressed in her humiliating costume. She had looked at him pitifully as he had complimented her on her outfit, knowing perfectly well how much she was dreading her ordeal to come.


For the past week, after completing her chores, Annabel had been mercilessly drilled in the back yard by Mrs. Craddock for five hours, non-stop, every day. Even the slightest hesitation or mistake had been met by a severe thrashing from Mrs. Craddock’s crop, with the result that she had now been conditioned to respond perfectly to the old woman’s every command. Darius had watched a couple of sessions but had generally stayed away because he wanted to enjoy the show as much as the others.


The eager silence in the back yard was finally broken by Trent who asked, “’Dog and Pony Show’? What the fuck is…?”


He was cut short as Helen let out a squeal of delight, and they all turned to see Mrs. Craddock leading an extremely red-faced Annabel out across the lawn. She was stark naked, with her pussy, as ever, cleanly shaven, but it was the rest of her attire that drew gasps of excited approval from the guests. Her arms had been bound together at the wrists and elbows, and were folded together halfway up her back. A leather bridle had been fitted onto her head, with a rubber bit jammed between her teeth, and a strap running over her crown, on top of which flew a long, multicolored feather plume. Her lustrous red hair had been tied back into a ponytail, and attached to her nipples were two painful-looking metal clips, from which dangled silver bells that jingled merrily as she pranced into the garden.


With Mrs. Craddock and her riding crop hovering menacingly nearby, Annabel trotted with her knees up high before coming to a halt on her toes in front of her captivated audience.






Oh my word! Alastair thought. Nash never disappoints, does he?


He immediately felt his cock stiffen as Annabel presented herself to them like a show pony. Her naked body looked even more voluptuous than he remembered it, and even though it looked as though she had lost a couple of pounds, her breasts remained as full and proud as ever. He allowed his eyes to travel down to her smooth, hairless crotch, and was pleasantly surprised to see that her labia were slightly swollen and damp.


Well, well! It looks as though young Annabel is getting as turned on by this pony play as the rest of us!


But when he looked at her face, it was apparent that even if her body was reacting to her alfresco display of exhibitionism, the mortified girl was not enjoying the experience one little bit! Alastair had become accustomed to seeing Annabel blushing in recent weeks, but today her cheeks were positively crimson! He tried to catch her eye, but she was desperately trying to avoid visual contact with any of them.


Mrs. Craddock gave Annabel a tap on the buttocks with her crop, and said, “Kneel, Annabel.” The light contact couldn’t have hurt, but Annabel flinched nonetheless, and to Alastair’s delight, she promptly put her right foot forward and lowered her left knee onto the grass. “And welcome your guests.” Mrs. Craddock added.


Her eyes moist with shameful tears, Annabel slowly nodded her head like a dressage pony as she reluctantly made eye contact with each member of her lustful audience. With her teeth bared in an insane grin around the rubber bit, her chin coated with saliva, and the little bells attached to her nipples glinting in the afternoon sunlight, the poor girl looked absolutely ludicrous – and judging from the pained expression in her eyes, she quite obviously felt it, too!


“She’s so cute!” Yeats finally declared. “How long have you been training her?”


“Just under a week,” Mrs. Craddock said proudly.


“And does she do tricks?” Helen asked with a mischievous grin.


“Most certainly. Annabel has been practicing very hard, and she is keen to demonstrate to you all how clever she is. Stand up, Annabel!”






Chapter Sixty Two


  After the swift and often agonizing punishments that had been an ever-present part of her training sessions, there wasn’t any question of Annabel refusing Mrs. Craddock’s instructions. Even so, as she raised herself up onto her toes again, she knew that the next few hours were going to require a lot more resolve than she had anticipated. It was one thing performing like a circus animal for the old bitch when it had just been the two of them together, but now, in the presence of her former peers and Nash’s sick friends, the crushing weight of humiliation was suddenly plummeting Annabel to new depths.


“Up!” Mrs. Craddock said, and urged on by another tap of the crop, Annabel cleared the first, foot-high jump, and landed toe-first with a splash into the paddling pool. She remained in place, kicking up the water for a full minute before Mrs. Craddock gave her the command to continue. Breathing a lot harder, and her legs and thighs soaked with water, Annabel took three springing strides, leapt over the second jump which was twice as high as the first, and then winced in pain as she landed on the tray of gravel. Once more she jogged on the spot until she was allowed to move, this time grunting in pain as the sharp little rocks dug into her bare soles.


“And, go!” Mrs. Craddock called out, and off Annabel went again, stark naked except for her demeaning bridle and plume, while her appreciative audience clapped and laughed.


Around and around she went, leaping into the air, her little bells jingling from her crazily bouncing breasts, then stamping her feet into the water, before leaping even higher over the second jump, and then painfully running on the spot in the gravel tray again.


By the end of the third circuit, Annabel was snorting heavily through her nose, and sweat was running into her eyes. In training, she had never had to complete more than two circuits without a rest, but as she started her fourth lap, it began to dawn upon her that this ordeal was going to be far tougher than she had previously imagined.






For the next twenty minutes, Mrs. Craddock kept Annabel hard at it with no respite, while the birthday guests relaxed with their drinks and watched happily. Even as their conversations resumed, Darius noted that all eyes remained glued upon the naked, perspiring, pony-girl that Annabel had been transformed into. With her tinkling breasts wobbling around beautifully, and her colorful plume flying high above her head, Annabel appeared to be finding it harder and harder to lift her tiring legs over the jumps.


Only when Annabel skidded onto her knees with a resounding splash into the paddling pool did Mrs. Craddock finally bring an end to her torture. After giving the exhausted girl a moment to catch her breath, the cruel housekeeper ordered Annabel to sit on the crossbeam of one of the jumps. As she lowered her naked crotch onto the hard wood, Annabel let out a gargled cry through her rubber bit. Even though she braced herself on tiptoe, Annabel was unable to prevent her pussy lips from wrapping themselves around the beam.


Trent leaned forward in his seat and said, “Is that pussy juice I see?”


Sure enough, as the tormented girl shifted backwards to ease her discomfort, Darius observed that her highly aroused cunt had left a sticky coating on the wood. Blushing furiously, her naked body gleaming with perspiration, her breasts heaving, and the muscles in her thighs straining, Annabel once again presented a delectable picture of total submission. In fact, her subjugation was now so complete that the assembled group no longer displayed any surprise at Annabel’s cruel fate, and the general atmosphere had taken on an air of amused contempt, as if Annabel had brought all of this upon herself.


And in truth, Darius mused, you could say that she really has.






Once Annabel had her breathing under control, Mrs. Craddock took her inside to prepare for the second part of her kinky show. While they were waiting, Mr. Nash opened a bottle of wine, and then they compared the pictures and videos of Annabel’s pony show on their cell phones.


Trent chuckled and shook his head. “I’m still having trouble getting used to this. The high and mighty Annabel reduced to a mere performing animal!”


Helen Parker could not have agreed more. For her, the thought of Annabel being kept in a state of constant bondage and degradation had awoken something intensely arousing within her. She was puzzled by her reaction, but embraced it fully as she recognized that even though she had already taken Bobby away from Annabel, and witnessed her total fall from grace, she still craved so much more!


“So we’ve seen the ‘pony’,” Yeats said. “Now we get to see the ‘dog’?”


Nash merely grinned cheekily, and Josh said, “You’ve got to be kidding! I cannot wait to see this!”


Helen glanced down at Josh’s bulging crotch and a shiver of excited anticipation traveled down her spine as she felt her own nipples hardening. Indeed, as she glanced  around at the others’ expectant faces, she could really sense the sexual tension sparking around the back yard.


“Ah,” Nash said. “Here they are. Is everybody ready for part two?”


If Annabel’s naked pony show had been sensational, then the sight that greeted Helen as she turned in her seat was nothing short of mind-boggling. Mrs. Craddock had removed Annabel’s bridle and plume and replaced it with a dog collar and leash! The distraught girl was still naked, but this time she was crawling on all fours, with the tinkling bells still dangling from her pinched nipples.


There was a spontaneous round of applause as Mr. Craddock led Annabel out into the yard, and once again presented her to the assembled guests.


Noting the contorted expression of shame on Annabel’s face, Helen couldn’t resist leaning forward and patting her on the head. “What an adorable little puppy!” she said, and she raised Annabel’s chin so that the poor girl was forced to look her in the eyes.


“Bobby’s at a ball game today,” she said spitefully. “But I promised him I would bring back plenty of videos for him to see what a pathetic creature you have become.”






Chapter Sixty Three


Alastair could barely contain himself as he stared at the heavenly sight of the once proud Annabel, now naked, leashed, and collared, and down on her hands and knees. Even after everything she had endured, the red-faced girl still looked utterly humiliated, which only fueled his excitement further!


“Annabel, turn around and heel!” Mrs. Craddock said.


Just as she had with the pony girl show, Annabel responded immediately to the old woman’s command, shuffling around and then rising up onto her toes with her legs straight and thighs parted, so that they could all see the soft, wet folds of her cunt lips.


Why the hell is she so horny? It’s quite obvious that she is hating every moment of this!


Then Mrs. Craddock did something that almost had Alastair coming in his pants – reaching into her apron, she produced an enormous rubber dildo with a long furry tail attached to it! Helen gasped with delight and exclaimed, “Good God! She’s going to get a tail, as well!”


Mrs. Craddock handed the vulgar sex toy to Yeats. “Eddie, as it’s your birthday, would you do the honors?”


Yeats eagerly jumped out of his chair and crouched down behind the trembling girl. Turning the dildo over in his hands, he said, “This has got to be a foot long. It’s going to hurt like hell without lubrication.”


Behind him, Nash offered, “Annabel looks pretty lubricated. Why don’t you use her own nectar?”


“Good idea!” Yeats said, and with his left hand, he parted Annabel’s puffed-up petals. As he inserted the tip of the massive phallus into her, Annabel emitted a startled squeak. Inch by inch the black cock disappeared inside her cunt, and Annabel moaned louder and louder until she was impaled on a good six inches of rubber.


Yeats withdrew the dildo and inspected it. Even from where Alastair was sitting he could see that it was shiny with Annabel’s vaginal excretions.


“Brace yourself, honey,” Yeats said, and he placed a hand under Annabel’s belly before pushing the dildo up against her tight asshole.






“Ooh! Ah!” Annabel cried out in pain as the large bell-end of the dildo breached her sphincter.

“Stay in place, Annabel!” Mrs. Craddock snapped when the poor girl began to wobble on her arms and legs. Aided by her own bodily fluids, once her bunghole had yielded to Yeats’ steady pressure, the dildo slipped easily inside her.


“Ow! Oh, it hurts!” Annabel yelled.


“Be quiet, or you’ll feel my crop!” Mrs. Craddock admonished, and the trembling girl immediately clammed up.


Darius massaged his erect penis through his pants as he watched the entire twelve inches of hard rubber vanish from sight. He had invaded that puckered little hole with his own cock on several occasions since that first time in his den, but he knew that Annabel had never been able to get used to it.


“There!” Yeats returned to his chair in triumph as everybody started filming Annabel’s newly acquired tail.


“Such a long doggy tail!” laughed Tom Craddock. “Aren’t you going to wag it for us?”


Darius couldn’t see Annabel’s face, but he was willing to bet that it had just turned a few shades redder – and not just from embarrassment, either!


“Do as my husband asks,” Mrs. Craddock said. “Show everybody how happy you are.”


And to much general amusement, Annabel complied with the humbling request, wiggling her rump so that her tail waved back and forth in the air.


“She looks like she’s really enjoying herself!” Helen chuckled.


After allowing her to humiliate herself for a couple of minutes, Mrs. Craddock gave Annabel her next instruction. “Roll over, and show.”


There was the briefest of delays this time before Annabel lowered herself and then rolled over onto her back. Avoiding their faces by staring straight up at the sky, she then braced herself on her arms, raised her butt off the grass, and parted her thighs as far as they would go. There was another frenzy of photography as they all savored the close-up view of Annabel’s wet and pouting pussy.


“You’re right, Helen!” Trent said. “She is absolutely dripping! She must be getting a lot of pleasure out of this!”


Annabel’s scarlet cheeks and moist eyes said it all. The wretched girl was having a hard enough time of it without her body betraying her! And the best part was, Darius still hadn’t told her that she was being artificially stimulated, which could only add to her rapidly building sense of unworthiness and self-loathing.


Mrs. Craddock kept Annabel indecently displaying herself for a full five minutes while her audience chuckled and made crude comments. Then it was time for her to go ‘walkies’.






Basking in the deliciously heady atmosphere, Alastair watched Mrs. Craddock lead Annabel over to the paddling pool. Naked and crawling like an animal, the little bells attached to her nipples chinking merrily, and the dildo-tail protruding form her asshole, Annabel had surely been plunged to her lowest depths so far. He thought back to how uppity she had been in her former life at Pemberton Hall when he had been her humble manservant. Now the devastated young woman could hardly bring herself to look him in the eye!


When they reached the paddling pool, Annabel paused, but Mrs. Craddock jerked on her leash and said, “Get in and drink!”


Alastair gazed in awe as the nude girl climbed into the water, and to his utter joy, lowered her face and poked out her little pink tongue, and began to lap it up. Annabel must have worked up a terrible thirst during her pony show, because it looked as though she was carrying out the demeaning act with a degree of enthusiasm.


“I’ve got an idea,” Yeats said, and after untying one of the helium-filled balloons, went across to where Annabel was drinking, and to everyone’s mirth, attached it to the base of her tail.


“Oh, Annabel!” Helen laughed. “You look absolutely priceless!”


Finally Mrs. Craddock pulled on the leash again, and with the balloon wobbling above Annabel’s plugged ass, walked her back towards the patio. She then unclipped the leash and Annabel waited, head down, for the next part of her ordeal.


Mrs. Craddock dipped into her apron again, handed Yeats a wooden spoon, and said, “Now Annabel wants to play ‘fetch’.”






Chapter Sixty Four


If it was possible to dread any one aspect of this horrible afternoon the most, for Annabel this had to be it. Even though there wasn’t much else they could do to humiliate her any further, there was something about this game that hurt her more deeply than the rest of her vulgar performances. Perhaps it was that up until now she had only been putting on a show for them, which deep down, they all knew she was performing against her will. But now there would be interaction with her tormentors, and she would be forced to be an active participant in her own degradation.


And then there was the deeply disturbing reaction of her own body, which after hearing their cutting remarks, evidently none of them had missed. She was as baffled as she was worried about this constant state of arousal that had been growing more and more powerful within her every day. How could she be sexually excited at being abused in this manner? But there was no doubting the tingling between her legs, the dampness covering her crotch and thighs, and the constant throbbing in her tightly clamped nipples. To her utter despair, she realized that if things got out of hand – and they most certainly would – she would probably not be able to control her carnal urges!


Miserably, Annabel waited whilst trying to avoid the avid stares of the party guests. Then Yeats lobbed the spoon over her head and shouted, “Go get it, girl!”






For the first time that day, it looked to Darius as though Annabel was about to disobey. Even though any real resistance had effectively been eliminated by now, he had noticed that there were still some demeaning acts that touched a nerve deep within her – and evidently behaving like a keen-to-please pet was one of them!


But it only took the slightest movement of Mrs. Craddock’s raised crop for the ‘Pavlov’ effect to kick in, and Annabel quickly lifted up onto her toes and scampered away with her tail swinging cheerfully, and the balloon bobbing high above her naked body.


The dildo stuffed deep into her rectum was obviously causing her a great deal of distress too, because she moved with an almost crablike gait, much to the amusement of her audience. Darius was also pleased to see that the effect of the aphrodisiac was becoming increasingly more amplified, and her swollen cunt lips and the insides of her thighs, were now slick with her vaginal fluids.


The spoon had landed in a flower bed, and when Annabel returned to the patio with it clamped between her white teeth, her chin was covered in wet earth.


“And beg!” said Mrs. Craddock, who was now taking a well-earned rest in one of the garden chairs.


With a wretched expression in her eyes, and her blushes now spreading all the way down to her chest, Annabel sat up on her knees and raised her arms with her elbows bent, and her fingers pointing down as if they were dog paws. Darius didn’t know if it was a part of her training or not, but she was also panting hard, her tinkling breasts rising and falling rapidly, and her teeth locked into a ridiculous doggy grin around the spoon handle.


After she had spent a sufficient amount of time in this degrading pose, Mrs. Craddock said, “Give the spoon to Mr. Eddie.”


Looking almost grateful, Annabel dropped the spoon at Yeats’ feet, but maintained the begging position and continued to breathe deeply with her mouth open.


“Holy fuck!” Josh snickered. “I can’t believe I used to be totally infatuated with this girl!”


Darius noticed that Yeats, who was normally full of inventive ideas, was at a loss for words as he gazed adoringly at their naked puppy-girl, so he prompted, “I think Annabel is waiting for a reward, Eddie. How about giving her a bone?”






Snapping out of his reverie, Yeats didn’t need Nash’s crude innuendo to be spelled out for him, and with a lecherous smile, he unzipped his fly and pulled out his thick, hard cock.


“Is this what Annabel wants?” he purred, shaking it in front of her face.


“Wag your tail if you do,” Mrs. Craddock put in.


Her eyes brimming with tears, her face almost as red as her hair, Annabel shook her ass from side to side, swinging the artificial tail merrily – as if sucking Yeats’ penis in front of them all was going to be the highlight of her day.


“Come and get your reward then,” Yeats said, and he unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants and underwear down to his ankles.


Alastair’s throat went dry as Annabel leaned forward and placed her lips against Yeats’ cockhead. He recalled how well hung the guy was from the strip poker night, and he was sure that Annabel would have somewhat less pleasant memories of that too.


To Alastair’s astonishment and exhilaration, Annabel quickly demonstrated to them all that she was no longer an amateur at oral sex. Evidently Nash had been giving her plenty of practice! After taking his glans between her lips, Annabel cupped Yeats’ balls with one hand, grabbed the stem of his prick with the other, and then traced her tongue up and down the length of his shaft.


Yeats closed his eyes and groaned with pleasure. “Oh, sweet Jesus! Darius, what the hell have you been doing to this girl?”






Chapter Sixty Five


As loathsome as she found this disgusting task, Annabel was quickly losing her self-control. At the first taste of Yeats’ thick, veiny penis, a fire had started to glow in her belly, and it was spreading alarmingly fast!


She was vaguely aware of Helen making a rude comment about what a whore she had become, but as she took the full length of Yeats’ manhood into her throat, she knew that there was no question of her failing to complete this pornographic act in front of them.


She was torn between utter self-disgust, abject shame, and sheer sensual pleasure. There was nothing erotic about this – she had been behaving like an animal all afternoon, and now she was acting like a bitch in heat! In a hot-blooded frenzy, she jerked on Yeats’ thick rod, opening her mouth wide to catch his seed as it shot in a white, glutinous spray against the back of her throat. She coughed and hawked his semen up into her mouth just as a second salvo was launched.


She was acutely aware that what she was doing was vile, revolting, and belittling, but for some unknown reason she found herself savoring Yeats’ briny-tasting issue. Without being able to stop herself, she pulled away from Yeats’ crotch, and after displaying the contents of her mouth to her rapt audience, swallowed every drop of his cum, and then licked her lips.





She’s finally snapped! thought Alastair.


There was a perplexed, unfocused look in Annabel’s eyes as she sat back on her haunches and waited for the next round of instructions. Even Mrs. Craddock sounded a little taken aback when she said, “It looks as though Annabel wants to play some more.”


Without prompting, Annabel shook her lovely ass in approval as everybody gawped in amazement, and Mrs. Craddock said, “Well go on then, you dirty little puppy girl. Who do you want to play with next?”


Annabel looked at them each in turn. Her hair had fallen across her flushed face, and her beautiful blue eyes looked so big and wild that she looked ready to explode!


After a moment’s consideration, Annabel picked the spoon up between her teeth and dropped it at Trent’s feet. “Hey there, girl!” he said, and promptly threw it backhand into the air. Annabel had turned and was in hot pursuit before the spoon had even landed, and was soon kneeling and begging in front of the horny young guy, her nude body again sheened with perspiration, and her full breasts undulating with each deep breath.


As Alastair watched her eagerly take Trent’s cock into her mouth, he realized that he was witnessing a defining moment in Annabel’s conversion from a respectable young heiress, to this naked, sex-crazed, mindless beast. There was no doubt in his mind that she was in a state of mental turmoil, but a savage craving had been triggered within her, and had completely taken her over – and somewhere deep inside that slurping, sweating, naked, wild woman, the old dignified Annabel would be watching with helpless horror.






Annabel’s indecent game of ‘fetch’ went on for another hour. After she had sucked off all five of the male guests, Mrs. Craddock called for a break. Annabel looked absolutely spent, her nude body soaked with sweat, her shiny breasts heaving, and her tongue dripping residual sperm from her gaping mouth.


The men sated, they drank and talked some more, and Mrs. Craddock came out with Yeats’ birthday cake. When it looked as though Annabel had recovered sufficiently, Darius called her over. She seemed to have come down form her frenzy of temporary insanity as she knelt submissively by his side, and her usual expression of defeat combined with shame had returned. Darius patted his slave on the head and placed a chunk of birthday cake between her teeth.


“Chew it slowly,” Darius said. “That pretty little mouth has been working overtime this afternoon.”


His comment raised a few chuckles, and Annabel’s blush returned with a vengeance.


That’s more like it! My little tormented, conflicted, Annabel is back with us again!


“Annabel has done a very good job of satisfying the men here today, don’t you think?” Darius asked the contented group, and he was greeted with a chorus of approval.


“I think she deserves a reward for all her hard work. Annabel, go and lay on your back on the lawn.”


She glanced at him anxiously before complying with his instruction.


“Now open your legs wide, and pull out your tail.”


Giving everybody a clear shot of her inflamed labia and plugged-up asshole, Annabel looked skyward again as, with an unfeminine grunt, she worked the huge rubber dildo out of her rectum.


“Excellent,” Darius said. “Now I want you to put it in your cunt and make yourself come.”


Annabel raised her head off the grass just high enough for Darius to observe her look of utter mortification. Then with a whimper of misery, the beaten girl gripped the rubber phallus with both hands and slid it into her wet pussy.


Just as it had earlier, the aphrodisiac triggered a fast bodily response, and the desolate young woman soon began to pick up the pace. As the dildo slipped in and out of her cunt, she arched her back and raised her feet up onto her toes.


Cell phones began to flash again, as her rapt audience watched Annabel pleasure herself in the most obscene fashion. Evidently, the artificial stimulant that was coursing through her veins had such a powerful grip on her that she was literally unable to stop herself!


Annabel began to moan in ecstasy as her climax neared, and to the uncontained delight of the others, she began to ejaculate  long squirts of cunt juice over her hand. When she finally reached orgasm, Annabel’s whole body trembled and she let out a long, strangled cry of relief.


She stayed still for a long moment, her butt raised up off the grass, and the absurd tail hanging from her inflamed cunt. Then, utterly exhausted, she collapsed onto the grass and threw her arm over her face in shame.


Helen lowered her phone, and said, “I can’t wait to show Bobby this video of his ex-girlfriend, stark naked except for a dog collar, and masturbating in the open air with a giant rubber dildo!”


Darius tuned out from the barrage of cruel comments that followed, and instead turned his thoughts to his next potential victim. By now, Annabel’s former friend Alisha, should be in a state of total shock and confusion, and if he had played his hand correctly, before long Darius would have the stunningly attractive black girl under his control too.



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