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Annabel and Mr. Nash


© Lorenzo Marks 2014-2020. All rights reserved. Not for sale.








Chapter Sixty Six


For the entire weekend, Alisha Royce had remained locked in her apartment, taking no calls, while she frantically considered her options. Her first reaction when she had received Nash’s shocking e-mail had been to contact the police, but after reading the full message, she had had second thoughts. Not only was it patently clear that this horrible little pervert was quite prepared to follow through with his threats, but more chillingly, that he was not working alone. He had concluded his message by informing Alisha that should he receive a visit from the law, he had arranged that the pictures would still be released by an accomplice.


With shaking fingers, she once more scrolled through the images that he had sent her. There was no point in calling his bluff and denying that the attractive African American girl shown enjoying a line of coke was indeed Alisha, because the covertly taken photos were so clearly defined. She remembered the night well – New Year’s Eve, the same night that she had foolishly cheated on her boyfriend, and subsequently lost him because of that malicious bitch Annabel!


Alisha closed her eyes and rubbed her temples. One stupid night, a total one-off, which was now coming back to haunt her again. And who the hell had taken the pictures? The fact that they had landed in Nash’s lap, could only once again point to fucking Annabel!


But for the umpteenth time, Alisha reminded herself that the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ no longer mattered. The simple fact was, Nash had made it quite clear that he was willing to release these pictures to her employers at Bale, Thomas and Farringdon, which would probably bring her bright future in the legal profession to a premature end. Alisha had worked hard to get to her current position and she was only too aware of how hard it was for a young black woman to succeed in what was still predominantly a white man’s world. She had a senior mentor of her own race in the firm, and she was already highly regarded by her boss. She wasn’t entirely sure of how he would react on seeing these incriminating shots, but after agonizing for two full days, she already knew that she was not prepared to take the risk.


And, feeling sick to her stomach, Alisha knew what that meant – she was going to have to agree to Nash’s demands.






In his bed, Darius put his arms behind his head and closed his eyes in pleasure as Annabel’s tongue lapped gently around his scrotum. He liked to start the day off with a leisurely blowjob, and his reluctant slave had become quite proficient at them.


Darius could hardly contain his excitement after receiving Alisha’s reply. Quite apart from her elegant beauty, the young lady possessed an air of strength and pride that would take a lot of breaking down. Of course, being an aficionado of both physical and psychological domination, Darius was going to relish every second of the challenge. It would be interesting to see how long it would take her to lose her dignity and self-respect after performing some of the demeaning acts he had in store for her.


He glanced down at the top of Annabel’s head bobbing up and down on his groin. After her initial resistance to his depraved games, she had crumbled quite rapidly, but Darius suspected that he would need to take a slightly different approach with the noble Alisha. He had gleaned a little background information about her from Annabel’s laptop, and he was already formulating how he was going to proceed. There would be nudity and sex of course, but he would need to find out exactly what made Alisha tick and what values she holds dear – and then systematically force her to violate each and every one of them!






Keeping to the far side of the street, Alisha furtively glanced at the curtained front window of the drab brownstone as she passed it for the third time. She still couldn’t believe she had made it this far, and she had even once walked all the way back to the station, clinging to the vain hope that this nightmare might just go away by itself. But as the train had pulled into the platform, she had remained motionless as the other passengers pushed past her, and then forlornly watched it speed away without her.


Now she stopped at the end of  the street and breathed deeply as she tried to summon the courage to actually knock on Nash’s front door. She checked her watch, and discovered to her dismay that her procrastination had made her ten minutes late! What if he had already sent off the pictures? In a panic, she turned on her heel and headed back towards Nash’s house.


Images of Annabel’s naked ordeal at Helen’s pool party flooded her head. She had tried to convince herself that Nash might have something else in store for her, but it was quite obvious that the depraved old man was an utter pervert. Alisha recalled how she had caught him surreptitiously ogling her body as she had sunbathed in her bikini beside Helen’s pool – particularly her sizable breasts. She was quite accustomed to having men stare at her bust, but Nash’s beady little eyes had made her skin crawl. Now she was about to place herself at his complete disposal! What if he told her to take off her sweater and bra? Alisha didn’t think she would ever be able to bring herself to do that.


When she reached Nash’s house, she again lost her nerve, but as she quickened her pace, Alisha heard the door open and then Nash’s creepy voice behind her. “You may as well get it over with and come inside. You’ve come this far, after all.”






Chapter Sixty Seven


Darius settled into his favorite armchair while Alisha Royce, legal secretary and part-time law student, stood uncomfortably before him. She was wearing a pair of khaki slacks, a baggy white sweater, and flat, brown shoes – the sort of sensible but stylish get-up that Darius would have expected of her. Her naturally frizzy hair had been straightened, and hung in loose curls down to her shoulders, and somewhat surprisingly given her unfortunate circumstances, she was wearing a pair of large, round, golden earrings.


In spite of her obvious uneasiness, Alisha maintained eye contact with him, her chin raised in defiance – totally unaware that her resistance only increased Darius’ sadistic pleasure. He let her simmer in silence for a moment, relishing the way she eyed him with contempt, her full lips slightly parted in a rather enchanting sneer.


“Well now,” Darius said finally. “Before we proceed with our little arrangement, I want to be sure that I am going to have your full cooperation – by which I mean your total obedience.”


“What do you want me to do?” Alisha said.


“Whatever I want,” Darius replied simply.


Alisha’s jaw dropped. “I can’t do what Annabel did, you know, at the party!”


Oh, my dear! Darius thought. You haven’t seen the half of it!


“You mean, get naked in front of people? Why ever not? The skimpy bikini you were wearing left little to the imagination.”


Alisha turned her face away angrily, showing Darius her finely chiseled profile.


The fact remains,” Darius continued, “that either you do anything that I tell you to – and I mean anything – or your bosses at Bale, Thomas and Farringdon will soon discover that their angelic young rising star is in fact, a cokehead.”


Alisha turned back to face him, eyes blazing. “I am not! That was a one-off mistake! And how did you..?”


“Enough!” Darius snapped. “I did not invite you here to argue with me! Either you abide by my rules without question, or we can call it quits now – and you can go find a job waiting tables!”


Just as it had before with Annabel, Darius’ sudden change of tone had the desired effect, and Alisha immediately clammed up, albeit breathing heavily through her nostrils.


“So?” Darius said. “What is your decision? Are you going to behave and do as I say?”


Staring at the wall above Darius head, Alisha nodded imperceptibly.


“Say it.”


Alisha snorted. “Okay!”


Excellent! Darius thought. We’ve taken the first important step!


“Very well, then,” he said. “You can begin by removing that ugly sweater.”






Even though she had half-expected it coming, Nash’s first instruction sent a bolt of panic through Alisha. She had only just arrived here for God’s sake, and already the perverted old pig was telling her to take her top off!


“Can’t we…?”


Nash raised his eyebrows. “Can’t we what?”


“Can’t we do something else?” Alisha tried feebly.


“Like what? Play dominoes?”


The condescending tone of the man made Alisha want to hit him. He was treating her like an idiot!


“No, I meant, I can work for you. Clean or cook or something?”


“I already have a sexy little maid, remember? Although I will most certainly think up some menial tasks for you to perform over the coming months. Getting back to the point, I thought I just made it clear that you are to obey my every command, immediately and without question.”


Alisha looked at her shoes miserably. There was no point in pretending – this despicable man was not going to back down.


“I’ll make it easy for you,” Nash said. “If you haven’t taken off that sweater by the time I count to three, all bets are off, and I’m sending the pictures.”


Now Alisha looked backup at him, wide-eyed. It was all happening so fast! On the way over, she had been harboring the vague notion that she might be able to somehow negotiate with him, but the moment of truth had arrived!




Alisha gripped the hem of the sweater, but was simply unable to bring herself to raise it. Even though he had already seen her in her bikini, this was an altogether different scenario!




Oh God! How can I possibly do this?


“Three! Okay that’s it, you can go home,” Nash said, raising himself up from his armchair.


“No! Please!”


Nash gave her a level stare. “What? You obviously don’t intend to keep your side of the bargain, so why should I?”


“I’ll do it!”


“So you keep saying.”


Alisha’s heart was hammering in her chest, and her throat had gone dry. This was the worst of nightmares, exposing herself to a disgusting middle-aged white man. Biting her lip, Alisha closed her eyes and pulled the sweater up and over her head, and then clasped it in front of her breasts.


“Give it to me,” Nash said.


Stiffly, Alisha did as he said, before quickly wrapping her arms around herself.


“Arms at the side. Now.”


Alisha emitted a tiny mewl of anguish as she again complied. Even though she was wearing a bra, she had never felt so vulnerable in her life. After a long pause, she heard Nash say, “My goodness, Alisha, I had forgotten just how enormous those udders are!”






Her plain white bra contrasted delightfully against her mocha skin, but it was the sheer size of those amazing jugs that captivated Darius so much. They had to be forty inches plus, and he was just itching to unveil them for his viewing pleasure.


But first things first. Alisha already looked devastated, and her expression of contempt had given away to one of horrified shame.


Interesting how quickly people lose their composure when they are forced to expose themselves, Darius mused.


He leaned back in his armchair and said, “Now that you are going to be spending your weekends here, I think we should first get to know each other a little better.”


Alisha didn’t reply, but the way she was trying to control her breathing was having a superb effect on her undulating bust.


“You grew up in the projects, didn’t you?” Darius said.


Alisha now made eye contact with him, no doubt surprised that he knew anything about her past.


“Oh yes, I’ve been making a few inquiries. I find it interesting that a young woman with such a humble past managed to integrate herself into such an elite circle of privileged white people.”


Still, Alisha kept her counsel, although Darius could see in her eyes that she was becoming increasingly agitated.


“Your mother is West Indian, is she not? Your father from Brooklyn? Your employers are providing financial assistance for you to study law part-time while you work your way up through the firm?”


Alisha’s look of astonishment was a delight to behold. What she didn’t know was that most of this information had come from Helen Parker, whom for Darius, was becoming an increasingly useful ally.


“Okay,” Darius said. “If you don’t want to talk to me, we’ll just continue learning about the rest of you. Take off your shoes, socks and slacks.”


“Wait,” Alisha said, alarmed. “I’ll tell you about myself. What do you want to know?”


“Oh yes, you will,” Darius said. “But not until you are standing before me in your underwear.”


“I can’t do that!” Alisha cried.


“Don’t be silly, of course you can. You didn’t mind flaunting your body beside Helen’s pool, did you?”


Alisha’s pained expression betrayed her thoughts – that had been different because then she had been in control. When she failed to move, Darius gave her an exaggerated sigh. Look, if you are going to make this so difficult every time I give you an order…”


“Alright!” Alisha said, and angrily stepped out of her shoes, unbuttoned her slacks and then pulled them off. She was wearing a pair of yellow ankle socks, and she had to bend forward to remove them, giving Darius a splendid frontal view of her dangling breasts.


Oh, my dear God! Darius thought ecstatically, as Alisha straightened up before him, now wearing nothing other than her panties, bra, and earrings. This really is going to happen, after all!






Chapter Sixty Eight


Standing in this unfamiliar house in her underwear while Nash scrutinized her body, Alisha was seized by a sudden urge to flee. Ever since she had received his ultimatum, her imagination had been running wild with terrible images of what he might do. But she had never truly been able to conceive that this could actually happen to her. She was Alisha Royce, dignified and proud, a young upwardly mobile professional woman, respected by her peers and employers. How could she have allowed herself to get drawn into this awful predicament?


 Nash bided his time studying her, and it took Alisha a huge amount of resolve not to cover herself with her hands again. His eyes lingered on her crotch for an uncomfortably long moment and then Nash said, “So you come from an impoverished background, and you’ve worked extremely hard to better yourself. Are you ashamed of your low-class roots?”


At first Alisha didn’t register the question, such was her current state of discomfiture. Then she shook her head imperceptibly. “No, I’m proud of who I am.”


“Really? What about your friends? Do they know?”


“I have nothing to hide,” Alisha said, mustering as much dignity as possible given the circumstances.


Nash nodded thoughtfully. “Nothing to hide, huh? In that case, I’d like you to pull your panties down to your knees.”


Alisha blinked. “Excuse me?”


“I want to see your cunt, Alisha.”


Now she reflexively swallowed, and to her chagrin, her legs started to tremble. Was the rotten bastard goading her?


“You’d better do as I say right now,” Nash said. “Because I am getting very tired of having to repeat myself.”


Oh Christ no! I can’t do this!


“Okay, that’s it,” Nash sighed, levering himself up from the armchair. “I’ve had enough…”


“Mnnh!” Alisha emitted a despairing sob, and then, looking up at the ceiling, hooked her fingers into the waistband of her panties and lowered them to her knees.





“Oh, my goodness! That’s quite a thicket you were hiding down there!”


With the humiliated girl still looking skywards, Darius feasted his eyes on the luxuriant, triangular bush nestled between her dark thighs. After several weeks of playing with Annabel’s pale, smooth mound, this made a fascinating contrast, and he couldn’t wait to get the two hapless girls together.


“Do you ever trim it?” he asked.


Intently studying the ceiling as she exposed her most intimate parts to him, Alisha whispered, “What?”


“Your pubic hair. Your ‘lady garden’. There’s so much there, I rather think you just let it grow wild. Unusual for a modern young woman not to take an interest in her own body hair.”


Alisha chewed her bottom lip, her long legs gently quivering.


“Let’s find out,” Darius said. “I want you to place your hands behind your head. Do it now.”


Now Alisha did look at him, and he was gratified to note that his taunting had finally brought a little moisture to her eyes.


“Quickly!” he barked, and Alisha’s body jerked before she raised her arms and locked her fingers together behind her head. It was her armpits that Darius was interested in, and they were quite bare.


“So you shave your armpits, but not your cunt. Odd. Do you leave that jungle down there as a kind of protection? Something for a man to fight through?”


Alisha closed her eyes and imperceptibly shook her head. Darius could only guess as to what she must be thinking right now. Here she was, showing off her quim to a middle-aged white man who was openly discussing her private and personal bodily grooming habits with her.


“Well I’m afraid it doesn’t look right,” he said.


Alisha opened her eyes again.


“From now on, I forbid you to shave your armpits as well.”


When Alisha opened her mouth to protest, Darius said, “No arguments. We’ve been through all that. Nobody at work is going to see it, are they? Unless of course, you are fucking your way to the top.”


“How dare you!” Alisha hissed quietly.


Ooh, that hit a nerve!


“Remember your predicament,” Darius warned her. “I’ll brook no insolence from you.”


Alisha huffed and lowered her eyes.


“That’s better,” Darius said. “So in a couple of weeks, I expect to see two lush clumps of black hair growing under your arms. You’ll look much more… Amazonian.”


With her panties at half-mast, her hands submissively clamped behind her head, Alisha was already far removed from the dignified young professional woman that he had called into his house not thirty minutes earlier – and her dismantling had only just begun!






Biting back tears of anguish, Alisha simply could not believe that this was actually real. It had all occurred so rapidly! She had intended to barter with him, maybe offer him some kind of a compromise, but the man was relentless! A short while ago, it would have been utterly inconceivable to her that she could strip to her underwear in front of a complete stranger – let alone expose her naked pubes to him!


And what was this thing about underarm hair? Already, he was interfering with her personal grooming! Was there no end to this man’s depravity?


Nash’s next instruction came as a shock, but no surprise. “Okay, let’s bring those fun bags out to play.”


Alisha had never heard the crude and insulting term before, but she knew exactly what he meant. Stalling for time, she said, “I… do you want me to lower my arms?”


“Of course I do,” Nash said. “How else are you going to take your bra off?”


Alisha felt a stab of indignation. Not only was he stripping her naked, but he was talking to her like she was a complete imbecile!


Nash sighed when Alisha failed to move. “Um, now, if you don’t mind?”


Miserably, Alisha reached around and located the clasp on her bra strap. She unhooked it and then paused – even though he was already privy to the sight of her uncovered crotch, revealing her breasts to him felt like a far worse indignity. Since reaching puberty, Alisha had always been proud of her generous bust, and she had quickly learned to use it to full effect whenever she wanted something. She would often see the men in the office stealing glances at her prominent boobs, and on one occasion she had even caught her own boss covertly staring at them.


But now the source of her power over men was going to be used to further belittle her. At Helen’s pool party, she had observed Nash ogling her, no doubt fantasizing about what her naked breasts must look like. At the time, she had smiled inwardly, safe in the knowledge that he would never find out. Oh, how foolish she felt now!


“I said, now!”


Nash’s sudden change of tone made Alisha jump, and she snapped her out of her inertia. Groaning despondently, she lowered the twin cups of her brassiere and let them fall away, allowing her enormous mammaries to spring free. In a final desperate attempt at concealing her modesty, Alisha held the garment in front of her chest until Nash snapped, “Drop it on the floor and put your hands back behind your head!”


After Alisha had reluctantly obeyed, Nash leaned forward in his seat, and said, “Oh, Lord! Those are absolutely spectacular, my dear girl!”






Chapter Sixty Nine


Darius could feel his cock straining against his underpants as he feasted his eyes on the devastated young black woman. How quickly he had stripped away her dignity – along with her clothing! 


He let his eyes roam over every inch of her beautiful, smooth, dark skin, pausing at the delightfully titillating sight of her panties stretched between her knees, and then up to the curly dark triangle of hair between her thighs, over her flat, muscled stomach, before resting on her massive tits.


They really were a work of art, and despite their size, they managed to defy gravity by jutting out proudly, punctuated by two prominent chocolate-chip nipples. Finally, he looked at her exotic, dark face highlighted by those enchanting oriental-style eyes – which were now glistening with her increasing shame.


Deciding that it would be a nice kinky touch to leave her big, golden earrings in place, Darius was now ready to move on to the next stage of Alisha’s torment.


“It must be quite a burden, carrying those great big balloons around all day,” he said wickedly. “I’ll bet you never go braless, do you? Look at they way they are hanging down to your belly button!”


The was a wounded look in Alisha’s eyes as she actually glanced down at herself! Of course, his comment had been a total lie, and they both knew it, but he had said it to lay the groundwork for her next level of debasement.


He stood and picked up a silver chain from the coffee table, and as he waved it under her nose, a look of increasing alarm spread across Alisha’s face. Approximately twelve inches long, the chain had two vicious looking metal clamps attached to either end. Darius slowly opened them in front of Alisha’s face, and she gasped and took a step backwards.


“Come now,” Darius smirked. “This is going to help you keep those big jugs standing to attention at all times.”


Eyes wide, Alisha shook her head. “Please don’t!”


Darius closed the gap between them and nodded slowly. “Oh, yes I will. And if you don’t want to make things worse for yourself, you’ll remain quite still while I put them on you”






Alisha stared in horror as Nash allowed the first clamp to close around her right nipple. An agonizing flash seared through her breast as the metal bit down on her sensitive nub, squashing it flat.


“Aah!” Alisha shrieked, her body jerking.


“Stay,” Nash said, as if addressing a pet dog.


“Nmph!” Alisha bit her lip as the second clamp mashed her left nipple.


Oh God, that hurts!


“Excellent!” Nash said, appraising his handiwork. Alisha too, looked down at the chain looped between her breasts. The intense pain in her crushed nipples was showing no sign of abating, and she frantically wondered how long he intended to leave these awful clamps in place.


“Now today you are going to learn how to carry the weight of those ridiculously oversized udders,” Nash said cruelly. Then he raised the chain, painfully pulling on her nipples and lifting her breast upwards and outwards.


Alisha let out a sharp hiss as he moved the chain up in front of her face. In spite of all the indignities that Nash had already heaped upon her, Alisha was ill-prepared for what was coming next.


“Take it between your teeth,” he said, his face inches from Alisha’s, her pinched nipples brushing against his shirt.


This was too much! He was treating her like an animal!


“No,” Alisha said, her bottom lip trembling.


“No?” Nash raised his eyebrows. “After all this, you have now decided to trash your career?”


Alisha let out an exasperated sob as she was again reminded of how she was totally at this sick fuck’s mercy. Unable to comprehend that she was actually doing it, she leaned forward and clenched the chain between her teeth. When Nash let go, she immediately felt the weight of her breasts pulling on the chain.


Ungh!” For the first time, a single tear escaped her eye as she stood meekly before him. Holding her bare breasts up by the chain, and with her panties around her knees, she had never felt so degraded in her entire life.


“You will keep the chain in place until I say otherwise,” Nash said. “Is that clear?”


Unable to articulate an intelligible response, Alisha miserably nodded her head, wondering how this ordeal could possibly get any worse.






Annabel’s arms, legs, and back ached terribly as she snipped away at the grass with a pair of tiny nail scissors. She had been at it for over an hour, and had been instructed by Mrs. Craddock to keep going until somebody told her she could stop.


After the harsh old housekeeper had left, Annabel had at least been allowed the luxury of some ‘alone time’ as she carried out her pointlessly difficult task. Dressed in a one-piece swimsuit that was so small that the gusset was stretched uncomfortably between her wet and swollen labia, she had inched her way around the lawn on her hands and knees and let her addled mind wander.


In a permanent and shameful state of arousal, logical, coherent thought only came to her sporadically these days, and she spent most of her time on auto-pilot as she went about her chores. As boring and menial as they were, at least she was spared the incessant pain and humiliation that accompanied the rest of her time under Nash’s dominion.


The latest of these outrages to her dignity had of course, been the morale-shattering ‘dog and pony show’ that she had been forced to perform the previous weekend. She was so well conditioned by now, that there had been no question of her disobeying Mrs. Craddock’s commands, but the experience had left her with a deeper sense of self-disgust than ever before. With all of her previous degradations, it could have been argued that she had been acting under duress, and more importantly, that her audiences had been aware of that fact. But by prancing on her toes like a little show pony, and then scampering around naked on her hands and knees to fetch the wooden spoon with her ‘tail’ wagging happily behind her, she had given her former friends the clear impression that she was quite contentedly living out her new sub-human lifestyle.


Nothing could have been further from the truth, of course, but Nash had succeeded in manipulating her so deviously, that she sometimes caught herself wondering if she really had brought all this upon herself. After all, it was her basic greed that had allowed events to degenerate to their current state – and it was on that nebulous financial target, which now seemed a thousand years away, that she attempted to focus on with each arduously passing day.


Lost in her meandering thoughts, with her face inches from the grass, Annabel hadn’t heard the back door open behind her, and she started when she heard her master’s voice.


“Annabel, you can stop that for now. Somebody is here to see you.”






Chapter Seventy


Darius had been having so much fun humiliating his new captive, that he had briefly forgotten how much Annabel so easily turned him on. As she turned to face them, he gazed hungrily at her juicy cunt lips which were wrapped around the ludicrously tight band of lycra running up the middle of her crotch. Annabel still had no idea that her food was being spiked with Dr. Schafer’s powerful aphrodisiac on a daily basis, and Darius had no intention of ever letting her find out! Their nightly lovemaking was becoming increasingly intense and for Darius at least, deeply satisfying as the poor, sex-crazed girl frenziedly attempted to relieve her pent-up passion on the end of his cock. Afterwards, as she lay gasping in his bed, with her cunt or asshole filled with his sperm, her eyes would brim with tears as she yet again had to come to terms with her unexplained filthy and wanton behavior!


Right now, however, those lovely blue eyes grew as wide as saucers as she took in the unexpected sight of Alisha, who also gasped in shock, letting the chain slip from her mouth.


“Oops!” Darius chuckled. “You’ll have to be punished for that, but leave it there for now, I want you two to get reacquainted. Annabel, stand up and come over here.”


The red-haired beauty struggled to her feet and nervously approached her naked former girlfriend. It was difficult for Darius to ascertain which of the two girls felt the more awkward. Alisha had already witnessed Annabel’s total abasement at Helen’s pool party – indeed she had even participated in her public spanking – but now, with her panties at half-mast and her exposed nipples connected by the painful and humiliating chain, she hardly held the upper hand.


He allowed the two high-society bitches a moment to take in the situation before deciding it was time to inflict further damage to their already fractured relationship.






As ridiculous as she felt in her current state of undress, Alisha’s embarrassment was quickly transformed into shock and fury when she heard Nash’s next words.


“Alisha has agreed to join us every weekend,” he informed Annabel. “And I have you to thank for her compliance.”


Annabel’s cheeks turned red and she looked away from Alisha’s eyes. Alisha too, turned to Nash. “What do you mean?”


“Well, I found your incriminating pictures on Annabel’s laptop, isn’t that right, Annabel?”


Annabel looked at her feet and mumbled incoherently.


“Answer clearly,” Nash warned her in a low voice. “And look at Alisha while you speak to her.”


Annabel reluctantly raised her flushed face and weakly said, “Yes.”


Momentarily forgetting her own compromised position, Alisha demanded, “Why would you have those pictures? How did you get them?”


When a flustered Annabel failed to respond, Nash said smugly, “Oh, your ‘friend’ here has been busy compiling a blackmail file on you. I don’t know if she ever intended to use it, but it doesn’t matter now. The point is, sweet Annabel not only destroyed your relationship with your boyfriend, but now she has managed to drag you into this mess. What do you think of that?”


Alisha didn’t know what to think – at that instant she was incapable. All she knew was that her life had been shattered not once, but twice, thanks to this stupid bitch whom Alisha had once so admired. Instinctively, she lashed out and struck Annabel across the cheek with the palm of her hand. Annabel shrieked and staggered backwards, but Alisha grabbed her long red tresses and jerked her closer. Forgetting about the panties around her knees, Alisha stumbled and pulled Annabel down with her by the hair.






Annabel tried to fight back but she was no match for the powerful black girl. Her long hair was on fire as Alisha gripped it with both hands and threw her onto her back. Annabel let out a deep grunt as Alisha knelt on her abdomen, knocking the wind out of her. As Alisha landed a stinging blow across her face, Annabel started to panic.


Why doesn’t Nash stop her? Does he want her to kill me?


Through watery eyes, Annabel caught sight of the silver chain attached to Alisha’s nipples, swinging just above her face, and as Alisha brought her hand up again, Annabel grabbed it. Alisha’s open palm froze in mid-flight and she let out an anguished squeal. Encouraged, Annabel jerked on the chain, and twisted it, stretching Alisha’s crushed nipples towards her.


“Agh! Oh, fuck! Let go!” Alisha screamed.


“Then… stop hitting me…” Annabel puffed.


Thankfully, the enraged black girl lowered her hand. The pain in her eyes was all too evident, and Annabel eased her grip on the chain without actually letting go. The clamps must have been agonizing, because suddenly all the fight seemed to have left Alisha and she let out a woeful sob.


“You stupid, stupid, girl!” she moaned. “How could you have done this to me?”


Seeing the immediate threat had passed, Annabel released the chain and gasped, “I’m sorry Alisha, really I am!”


Alisha merely shook her head and awkwardly struggled back upright. Behind her, Annabel saw Nash positively beaming after watching their scrap.


“I think Annabel deserves to be punished, wouldn’t you agree, Alisha?”


For a moment, Alisha stared at him blankly, but then she snorted heavily through her nostrils and nodded her head.


“Very well,”  Nash said. “In that case, you will carry out the punishment.”






Chapter Seventy One


What a cat fight!


Darius’ warped imagination was already running riot over how he could exploit these two young ladies’ mutually developing animosity. Not only would he have them inflicting pain on each other, but they would soon also become accustomed to being intimate in perverted ways that they couldn’t possibly conceive of. Every weekend, they would be forced to adopt the role of torturer, as well as kinky lesbian lover! If they disliked each other now, in a few weeks time they would positively despise each other. And wait until they were forced to perform in front of Eddie, Tom and Alastair!


Relishing the limitless possibilities, Darius told the girls to wait for him in the back yard while he bounded up the stairs and went into Annabel’s punishment room. Without Mrs. Craddock to help him, there was a chance that Alisha might take the opportunity to run for it, but he doubted she would now. Annabel certainly wasn’t going anywhere, and if they wanted to resume their fight, they were welcome to. Darius would simply sit back and enjoy the show until they had exhausted themselves, and then their ensuing punishment would be doubly taxing.


 He sorted through Annabel’s closet drawers – which were now crammed with a variety of bondage and sex toys – and located what he was looking for. Collecting his Canon Sure Shot on the way, he returned to the yard where, to his satisfaction, both girls were obediently waiting for him. He noted with interest that they had retreated a few yards from each other and were staring in opposite directions.


Perfect! The more you hate each other, the more fun I’m going to have!


Now they both turned to look at him, or more accurately at the giant strap-on dildo he was carrying. Shocked expressions turned into horror as the two captive girls simultaneously comprehended what he had in mind.


“Annabel, take off your swimsuit,” Darius commanded. “And Alisha, put your chain back between your teeth.”


When both girls merely stared at him in disbelief, he snapped, “Do it now!”






Alisha watched dumbfounded as Annabel flinched at Nash’s barked order, and quickly unpeeled the undersized one-piece from her body. Alisha clearly recalled Annabel’s shameful nakedness at the pool party, but now that she too, was effectively naked, the sight of Annabel’s puffy pink nipples and shaven pubes, made her feel especially uncomfortable. Then there was that hideous-looking phallus that Nash was brandishing. Even though she had no experience in these matters, it was obvious to Alisha what the sick bastard wanted them to do. The only question was who was going to do what to whom!


With a tiny measure of relief, Alisha’s question was answered when Nash handed her the strap-on. “As you may have observed,” he said. “Annabel’s pussy is a little on the damp side. So we’ll combine her punishment with a little bit of sexual release. Put it on.”


Alisha stared in disgust at the proffered sex toy and slowly shook her head. “I can’t wear that thing,” she muttered.


Nash sighed. “Do I have to remind you yet again of the predicament that you are in?”


Alisha’s shoulders slumped as, her head swimming, she watched her hand reach out and grasp the leather straps.

I’m a law student! she thought helplessly. I prick-tease the men in my office. They dream of dating me! How has he succeeded in bringing me down to this level so quickly?


“I can’t,” she whispered again, but she had already positioned the vile object over her vulva.


“I’m not a lesbian,” she protested as she looped the lower strap up between her legs and buckled it to the horizontal strap encircling her waist. She looked across at Annabel, who was staring at the rubber penis projecting from Alisha’s groin with a confused mixture of lust and terror.


“A big black cock for the law student!” Nash laughed as he raised his camera. The flash brought Alisha back to the moment with a bump – she really was here in Nash’s yard, with metal clamps pinching her numb nipples, a rubber phallus strapped to her crotch, and her panties still caught halfway down her legs!


Then, to Alisha’s utter astonishment, Nash shouted, “Annabel, heel!”






Normally, after Mrs. Craddock’s endless and brutal training sessions, Annabel would have instantly dropped onto all fours and presented her naked rear for inspection. At this point in time however, she was absolutely mesmerized by the proud, black penis that was poking out from Alisha’s crotch. She was already resigned to the fact that she would soon be impaled on it, but even though she had in recent weeks become thoroughly accustomed to accommodating various men’s dicks, she simply couldn’t get her head around the fact that Alisha was about to fuck her!


It wasn’t that long ago that they had been friends, and along with Helen, Samantha, and Chelsea, they had spent many happy hours shopping, going to the movies, or nightclubbing together. How long ago that all seemed now!


“I said heel, girl! Do you want me to fetch the cane?”


At the mention of the cane, Annabel’s conditioning kicked in and she assumed the humiliating position, making sure that her legs were straight, her thighs apart, and her ass thrust out. She was acutely aware that her pussy was sopping wet, and now that she knew what was coming, her abashment was accentuated by an unwelcome tingle of anticipation – just as with Nash every night, in spite of her mental anguish, she was physically aching to be fucked!


“I told you to put the chain back between your teeth, “ she heard Nash say to Alisha. “I want those fat tits of yours pulled up at all times.”


Annabel looked back through her open legs and saw the inverted figure of Alisha miserably comply with Nash’s order. Waiting forlornly, she fully comprehended how far they had sunk as Alisha took up position behind her. Nash had them both fully under his control and they would have no choice but to follow his every command, no matter how repulsive or humiliating it may be. These two former young socialites, were now the sexual playthings of a dirty-minded middle-aged man!


Annabel tensed as she felt the thick tip of the dildo press against her inflamed labia. “Give her all eight inches,” she heard Nash say. “I want you to make her come!”






Chapter Seventy Two


Darius set his camera on video mode as he captured the titillating spectacle of the African-American law student slowly penetrating the white-skinned redhead with an artificial cock. The contrast in their skin color was quite fetching!


When she had pushed the entire length of the dildo inside Annabel’s cunt, Nash said, “Alisha, hold Annabel’s legs up.”


The shamefaced girl glanced at him apprehensively before awkwardly gripping Annabel’s thighs and lifting them so that her long legs stuck out on either side of Alisha’s waist. Impaled on the strap-on, Annabel was forced to take her upper body weight on her hands. Her hair and breasts hung down, brushing the grass, and her face was bright red from – Darius presumed – a combination of embarrassment, arousal, and physical exertion.


“Now take her for a walk,” Darius said, his voice quivering with excitement.


Alisha looked at him, aghast, so Darius explained, “You push, and Annabel can walk on her hands.”


He zoomed in on the contorted expression of shame on Alisha’s face, the chain clasped between her teeth, and her massive jugs riding high, as they clumsily began to shuffle around the lawn.


“Keep going around in circles,” Darius said, taking a seat on one of the patio chairs.


For the next twenty minutes, he made the two humiliated young women totter about, coupled together in an obscene parody of a wheelbarrow race. As they staggered around and around, the movement of their bodies caused the dildo to move in and out of Annabel’s wet cunt, and it wasn’t long before the distraught girl started to grunt in a most undignified way. All to soon, with her feet sticking out horizontally and her forehead just above the grass, she started to moan and shudder as the aphrodisiac pumping through her veins did its work.


As her unwanted orgasm pulsed through her body, Annabel’s arms gave out and she collapsed face-first onto the lawn. Poor Alisha, still holding her breasts up by her teeth, was unable to support her, and she too, toppled forward, sinking to her knees with the strap-on dildo still deep inside Annabel’s pussy.


The lewd spectacle was so comical that Darius couldn’t help laughing, which prompted a low moan of dismay from Alisha as she allowed the chain to slip from her teeth once again.






If she had felt humiliated before, Alisha’s current state of utter mortification made her want to curl up into a ball and die. That awful pig of man, whom she wouldn’t ordinarily have given so much as a second glance, was actually laughing at them! This whole depraved game had been his idea, and yet he was making them look like perverted lunatics.


Alisha had no idea what Annabel had to be thinking at that moment, but if this was an example of what she had been forced to endure over the past few weeks, she was probably losing her mind. Alisha was already beside herself with outrage and shame, and she had only been here a couple of hours!


As she knelt, panting on the grass and staring at her saliva dripping onto Annabel’s ass cheeks, she heard Nash say, “Oh dear! You’ve dropped the chain again. You’re not making a very good start are you, Alisha?”


Alisha looked at him pleadingly. During their tiring walk around the back yard, her jaws and neck had ached terribly. Nash had said she was to keep holding them up until otherwise instructed – how long would that be?


“I was prepared to cut you some slack the first time, because you are new at this,” Nash said. “But I’m afraid that was strike two, so now you are going to have to be punished. Come with me upstairs – you too, Annabel.”






As Annabel followed them up to her punishment room, she still couldn’t quite wrap her brain around that fact that Alisha was actually here. Had she really just fucked her with a strap-on dildo? Even after all the revolting acts that she had been forced to participate in, that had to be the most surreal!


After removing her strap-on, Nash once more put the chain attached to Alisha’s nipples back between her teeth. With her large, dark brown breasts pulled up and out, Alisha looked thoroughly devastated, and Annabel could only sympathize with her. She remembered all to well how quickly Nash had orchestrated her own descent, constantly keeping her off guard, and bombarding her with physical and psychological abuse until she hardly knew who she was anymore.


 “Get on the bed, Alisha,” Nash said. “On all fours, legs apart, with your lovely big ass pointing at me.”


Alisha let out a little cry of objection before grudgingly adopting the obscene position. Annabel couldn’t help but gaze at Alisha’s plump, brown labia between her parted thighs, and to her chagrin, she felt a warm throbbing sensation in her belly. Ever since her libido had gone into overdrive, she had gradually come to suspect that Nash was behind it. Now she was more convinced than ever that her sexual impulses had been secretly altered – because in all the years that she had known Alisha, she had never entertained the slightest of lesbian yearnings. Nor with any of her girlfriends for that matter – so why was her body responding this way to the sight of the naked, prostrate black girl?


While Annabel was wrestling with this uncomfortable realization, Nash had been rummaging in her closet. Now he handed her a wooden paddle and said, “Remember the thrashing that Alisha gave you at the pool party?”


How could she forget? That had been the possibly the worst day of Annabel’s life!


“Well, guess what?” Nash said. “It’s payback time!”






Chapter Seventy Three


At first Darius didn’t think that Annabel was going to put much effort into it. There was no question of her refusing, but he understood that most normally adjusted people were loathe to inflict physical pain on others without some sort of justification. But as she worked up a rhythm, alternating between Alisha’s ass cheeks, so Annabel began to deliver each swat with increasing power. Evidently reminding her of the humiliating beating she had received from Alisha at Helen’s party had done the trick!


Darius sat back in Annabel’s punishment chair to enjoy the spectacle. It certainly was a most arousing scene – a beautiful naked redhead spanking an equally attractive black girl on her bare ass! And the fact that there was no love lost between them made it all the more stimulating. He wondered if they had any inclination of how intimately they were going to get to know each other over the coming months!


As the pain steadily intensified, Alisha started to make little whining sounds through her gritted teeth. When she began to rotate her ample buttocks in an attempt to alleviate the stinging pain, Darius fixed his gaze upon the meaty, dark labia between her parted thighs and felt the blood rushing to his dick!


“That will do, Annabel,” he said. “You’ve had your fun. Alisha’s ass looks really sore – so now it’s time to kiss it better.”


Annabel stopped mid-swing and glanced at him. Her cheeks were flushed from the exertion of the spanking, her lovely breasts heaving as she tried to catch her breath. Darius held out his hand and she gave him the paddle.


“On your knees,” Darius said, “and kiss Alisha’s ass.”






In a flustered daze, Annabel did as she was told. Since her ordeal had begun some weeks ago, she had been subjected to some depraved sexual torments that she could never previously have imagined possible – but they had all involved men. Okay, Mrs. Craddock had given her a couple of nervous moments, but so far Annabel had been spared the trauma of having to perform any lesbian acts – now she was being told to kiss the naked buttocks of Alisha Royce!


Trying not to think about where this was most likely leading to, Annabel took a breath and pursed her lips. With the chain still in her mouth, Alisha could only manage a gargled moan of protest as Annabel leaned forward and pressed her mouth against Alisha’s right ass cheek. Clearly, her sexual orientation was as straight as Annabel’s – unfortunately, as Annabel had learned only too well, her objections would only add stimulus to Nash’s twisted creativity!


After she had lightly kissed Alisha’s other cheek, Nash said, “Keep going. Kiss them all over and don’t stop until I say so.”


With the musky scent of Alisha’s pouting labia in her nostrils, Annabel proceeded to pepper Annabel’s round ass with light butterfly kisses. Incredibly, Alisha remained in position, although her gathering squeals of outrage gave away her revulsion at Annabel’s attentions. By now, Annabel knew that Nash was merely getting warmed up, and he confirmed it a moment later by saying, “Use your tongue now.”


As revolted as she was by this disgusting performance, once again Annabel’s modified libido had other ideas. Lapping her tongue against Alisha’s dark, velvety skin, she felt the heat in her belly beginning to build as she gradually coated Alisha’s buttocks with her saliva.


Even though she knew that there was no limit to Nash’s vulgar imagination, Annabel still momentarily froze when he whispered her next instruction. “Pull her cheeks apart and put your tongue inside her asshole.”


With a low moan of resignation, Annabel put her hands on Alisha’s sore buttocks and pulled them apart, exposing her small, black anus. Alisha emitted a squeal of discomfort but stayed put.


Oh, God! Annabel thought. He wants me to put my tongue in there?


Miserably, Annabel knew that there was no point in trying to delay the inevitable, and her little pink tongue emerged from between her lips. At first contact, Alisha jumped and Annabel pulled away, but after a brief pause she touched it with the tip of her tongue again.


“Push it in,” Nash breathed. “Work it deep inside her.”


Feeling sick to her stomach, but also shamefully excited, Annabel probed at Alisha’s tiny anal opening, pushing her face forward until it was pressed up against Alisha’s parted cheeks.






Darius leaned forward for a closer look as Annabel continued to rim Alisha’s asshole. He still couldn’t believe that the proud African-American was allowing her to do it, but somehow she was managing to stay on all-fours with the chain between her teeth, while he former friend violated her rectum with her tongue. Darius had no idea what she had been thinking before her arrival, but he doubted if this scenario had even remotely crossed her mind.


Watching Annabel’s tongue disappear deeper inside Alisha’s rectum, he knew that his conflicted young slave would be experiencing intense sexual excitement despite her revulsion at what she was being made to do – such was the extraordinary power of Dr. Shafer’s secret aphrodisiac!


Gazing fondly at the enforced lesbian act, Darius began rubbing his cock through his pants. His own passion was reaching almost unbearable proportions and he desperately wanted to mount Alisha from behind. Prudence prevailed however, as he reminded himself that the miserable young woman had only been under his control for a couple of hours, and if he rushed things, she might bolt. No, for now he would let the two young women learn things about each other that they would never previously have dreamed of – and for the moment at least, Darius would have to content himself with being their sexually pent-up voyeur!






Chapter Seventy Four


The usually lucid and uncluttered mind of Alisha Royce was reduced to a confused whirlwind of emotions as she felt Annabel’s wet tongue wiggling inside her rectum. To her horror, she discovered that it was actually quite a pleasant experience – although it was something that she would never have permitted he ex-boyfriend, Ricky, to do to her. The thought of her estranged lover brought her back to the reality of her terrible situation. She was stark naked, balanced on her elbows and knees, her nipples cruelly pinched between sharp metal clamps which were suspended by a chain held between her teeth, while her former friend was licking out her asshole! All this in front of a lecherous old white man!


Now her delirium was accompanied by a welling rage as she once more comprehended fully how much she was being violated. And yet, as tempting as it was to tear herself free and make a run for it, she still managed to remind herself of why she was here. Yes, this was awful, horrible, but it was just the three of them in this small private room. Annabel was being subjected to the same indignities, and as much as she hated him watching her, if Nash was the only witness to their debasement, in order to save her career she might just be able to endure it.


With a jolt, she realized that Annabel’s tongue had redirected its assault to her exposed crotch, and was now lightly licking at her labia. Alisha let out a snort of shock and disapproval – was Annabel going down on her of her accord? She hadn’t heard Nash say anything.


Oh fuck, that feels so good! Oh please stop! The silly bitch is going to make me come!





Alisha slammed the palm of her hand onto the mattress and her well-toned body jerked as her orgasm pulsed through her. Annabel pulled away, panting, her nose, mouth and chin, slick with Alisha’s pussy juice.


Darius picked up his camera, set it to video mode, and took a close-up of the pink, open interior of Alisha’s cunt, before moving around to her contorted face. As he had done with Annabel, the more damaging material he could accumulate, the less likely his new young captive would be to have a change of heart later on.


Now that they had succeeded in bringing each other to orgasm, it was time to force them to hurt each other again. This was the pattern of torment that he had in store for them – alternating sessions of pleasure and pain to supplement their newly acquired mutual animosity. Over the coming weekends, they would be spending many intense hours together, and it would be interesting to see if their shared degradations would bring them closer together, or drive them further apart!






After Annabel had brought Alisha to a climax, Nash gave them a moment to calm down before sending them down to his garage. It had been a while since Annabel had been in here, and the first thing she had noticed were the new and bewildering fixtures and fittings that had been added. During her weekly chores, she had occasionally seen Eddie Yeats carrying a tool bag – mercifully, apart from the occasional grab at her breasts or ass, he hadn’t made any attempts to sexually assault her – and she had also heard a lot of banging and sawing coming from the garage.


Now, to her consternation, she could see what it had all been about. A wooden plank with four holes bored into it had been bolted a few inches above the concrete floor, there was a small wooden cage in one corner, and beside it sat a sinister-looking headless, rocking horse –  with an obscenely large plastic dildo sticking up from its seat. Nash was building a sex torture dungeon!


Overhead, various chains and ropes were dangling from the crossbeams, and now Nash positioned the two girls beneath them, facing each other inches apart, before handcuffing their wrists behind their backs. Next, he forced a wooden stick between Annabel’s teeth which he then secured with a string around the back of her head.


With both girls gagged – Alisha was still holding her breasts up by the chain in her teeth – the sadistic old pig then proceeded to loop the end of one of the ropes around Annabel’s breasts, pulling them tight so that they were painfully bound together, before securely tying them off.


“Now, Alisha,” he said. “I want you stand on tiptoe.”


Looking down into Annabel’s eyes with a look of pained bewilderment, Alisha did as she was instructed. Nash then spent a long time repeating the breast-tying procedure on Alisha, ensuring that there was no slack in the vertical rope before binding Alisha’s large breasts tightly.


He looked up at the ceiling, testing the tautness of the rope, and following his gaze, Annabel saw that the rope was looped over a pulley in the ceiling.


“Now,” Nash said. “I want you two girls to be good while I go outside and run some errands.”


Without further comment, he gave them each a pat on the ass and left them alone. Naked, and bound together by their breasts, they had no option other than to look at each other, which was almost as painful as their physical discomfort, given the overall circumstances.


Is this it? Annabel thought. Is this all he wants us to do?


After a minute or so, however, she understood why Nash had been so particular about keeping the ropes tight. As Alisha’s calves began to tire, she started to grunt and moan through her gritted teeth, and then finally Annabel felt a searing pain in her own breasts as Alisha pulled downward in order to alleviate the aching in her calves. Now Annabel was up on her toes, her breasts stretched agonizingly upright. She gasped around the wooden gag, and tried to pull herself back down, but Alisha was stronger and stared at her defiantly.


Oh no, you don’t, you bitch! Annabel thought furiously. She had no way of knowing how long Nash intended to keep them there, but she was damned if she was going to spend the whole time with her breasts on fire and her legs aching.


As she jerked suddenly downwards, fire tore through her breasts, but she succeeded in catching Alisha off guard, and the black girl was yanked upward with a squeal of pain. As Alisha attempted to pull herself back down, Annabel planted her feet wide apart and leaned backwards to give herself better leverage. Seeing her tactics Alisha did the same, and Annabel felt the looped circles of rope biting into her tortured breasts as their bizarre game of tug-of-war began in earnest.






Chapter Seventy Five


Alisha’s nostrils flared angrily as for the umpteenth time, she used all of her waning strength to pull Annabel up onto her toes. Immediately, she felt the burning in her trussed-up breasts as the redhead began to fight back. For such a slender girl, Annabel was a lot stronger than she looked, and Alisha felt her strained calves being stretched yet again as Annabel leaned backwards. They had been doing this for half an hour, and already Alisha felt physically shattered.


It’s no good. As much as I hate her, we are going to have to share the burden or we’ll kill each other!


The question was how to communicate? She was tempted to drop the chain, but with her hands cuffed behind her she would not be able to recover it, which meant she might get punished by Nash for lowering her breasts.


Lowering my breasts? What kind of depraved world have I descended into here?


She looked down at Annabel’s swollen boobs which had by now turned almost purple due to the reduced blood circulation, and wondered what damage was being done to her own. Catching Annabel’s eyes again, she shook her head slowly.




Annabel stopped tugging, and holding her gaze, Alisha nodded slowly, as she allowed Annabel to settle back on the flat soles of her bare feet. Hopefully, the moron would recognize this concession as a truce and she would soon reciprocate in kind.


Alisha gritted her teeth around the metallic-tasting chain that she had carried around for so long, and waited for as long as possible while her tired legs trembled and her suspended breasts ached for release from their torment. Then, when she had given Annabel as much respite as she could manage, she gradually lowered herself – and was mightily relieved when Annabel allowed her breasts to pulled skywards.


Even though their suffering would be no less severe, at least now they would give each other a minute or so of relative deliverance until Nash decided to untie them.


How long they would have to wait for that moment, Alisha could only guess.






By the time Darius returned home, the girls had been strung up together for – he checked his watch – almost two hours. He hoped he hadn’t made the ropes too tight – there needed to be some circulation to their breast tissue – but he was pretty sure they would have eventually learned to divide the amount of suspension time equally.


It’s  important that they learn to give and take, he thought contentedly, as he opened the connecting door to the garage. Because there’s going to be so much more sharing to come!


Sure enough, the two tied-up young women were quite motionless – Alisha resting, Annabel straining to stay up on the tips of her cute little toes.


Ah, how sweet! Well, let’s see how they cope with their next joint venture!


“How are you, ladies?” Darius chirped as he set about untying the rope binding their breasts. As the blood rushed back, Annabel let out a tortured whine through her gag. Once Alisha’s massive tits were also freed, Darius abruptly pulled the metal clamps off her nipples and she let out a gasp of shock, dropping the chain in the process.


“We’ll dispense with that for now,” he said, un-cuffing both girls and then removing Annabel’s wooden gag. “You are both rather sweaty, so come with me up to the bathroom.”






Showering with Nash had become a regular occurrence for Annabel, so she was not particularly fazed when he began to undress. Alisha on the other hand, didn’t know where to look as the middle-aged pervert slowly revealed his fat, hairy body.


“Close the plug and run a tub, Annabel,” Nash said, pulling off his pants. His cock was already poking out rudely, and Annabel noticed Alisha gasp and turn her face away.


“I want you to get in together,” Nash said. “You can let it fill while you are washing each other.”


Through force of habit, Annabel immediately climbed in and sat in the shallow water. Alisha remained standing however, wrapping her arms around her sizable breasts. At first Annabel didn’t understand why she had suddenly become so shy, considering that Nash had already seen every inch of her. Then she looked across at Nash’s naked body as he rose from the toilet seat.


Oh, right. She’s never seen him naked before. Well, she’d better start getting used to it!


She thought back to the first time she had seen him nude – in this very bathroom – and dimly recalled her own angst when he had forced her to look at his hardened penis. How long ago that seemed now!


“Get in the tub right now, Alisha,” Nash said, moving towards her. His naked proximity was all the motivation the black girl needed, and she hurriedly stepped over the side and sat with her legs tightly closed between Annabel’s knees.






Once again, Alisha’s immediate gut instinct had been to flee, but reminding herself that all of the horrors she had endured so far would be for nothing if she demurred now, she sat looking intently at Annabel’s face through the rising steam, trying to ignore Nash’s stiff cock quivering just inches from her face.


“Annabel, I want you to wash Alisha’s fat titties now,” Nash said, kneeling beside the tub and raising his camera.


Suppressing a twinge of indignation at his crude and childish language, Alisha drew a sharp breath as she felt Annabel’s fingers gently soaping her aching breasts. To her consternation, she felt her nipples tightening under Annabel’s tender caresses, something which the ever-observant Nash spotted too.


“Ooh!” he giggled, zooming in on them with his camera. “Are you enjoying this, Alisha?”


Alisha closed her eyes in shame, and unexpectedly found herself wondering what her friends were doing right now. Samantha and Chelsea had planned a shopping trip, but Alisha had made up a work-related story in order to clear her weekend for this twisted sicko! How she dearly wished she was with them as Annabel’s deft digits kneaded and pressed her sensitive skin.


“When I ask you a question, I expect and answer,” Nash warned.


Alisha bit her lip. “I… I.. no, I’m not…”


“Not enjoying yourself, naked in the tub with your former friend?” Nash taunted her. “Then why are your nipples sticking out like bullets?”


Oh, the pig! Why can’t he leave me with at least a modicum of decency?


“Let me tell you how it’s going to be,” Nash said, lowering the camera. “As well as being my personal slaves, from now on, you and Annabel are also going to be lesbian lovers.”


Now Annabel stopped massaging Alisha’s breasts and both girls turned to look at him.


“Yes that’s right. I’m guessing that neither of you are that way inclined, but that’s beside the point – your new relationship will be for the benefit of myself and my close friends. I know how you feel about each other, particularly you, Alisha, but right now I want you to kiss and make up – literally.”






Chapter Seventy Six


Darius gazed approvingly at the two naked lovelies in his bathtub as they reluctantly inched their faces closer together. It was quite evident from their mutual expressions of distaste and embarrassment that he had presumed correctly about their sexual persuasions. As their lips touched, he took a picture, the flash prompting them to quickly separate.


“That wasn’t much of a kiss was it?” he mocked. “Come on girls. You are supposed to be in love with each other. Do it again, and this time I want a nice long, open-mouthed French kiss – with lots of tongue action!”


He switched his Sure Shot over to video mode and watched them through the display. “Make it good, ladies,” he chuckled. “The camera is rolling!”


Through the steam, he zoomed in to catch every detail as Annabel’s mouth closed over Alisha’s full lips. The two girls had unconsciously edged closer so that their breasts were now squashed together, and Annabel’s long legs straddled Alisha’s waist.


Both of his unwilling lovers had their eyes closed as they performed for him. Annabel’s tongue was indeed deep inside Alisha’s mouth, causing the black girl to emit a series of little muffled squeaks. When Annabel finally came up for air, Darius said, “Keep going. I’ll tell you when to stop.”


Annabel looked into Alisha’s eyes apologetically before planting another open-mouthed kiss on her lips, her hands coming up to rest on Alisha’s damp shoulders. However shameful and revolting she might have found this homosexual act, Darius knew that her aphrodisiac-enhanced body would be responding quite favorably to it.


After keeping them at it for a good five minutes, Darius said, “Okay, lover-girls, you can stand up now. We’re going into the bedroom.”





I hate him! I hate her!


Despite the screams of outrage in her head, Alisha remained stoically silent as she battled to preserve her dignity, although, naked and wet – he hadn’t allowed them to towel themselves off – her efforts were proving increasingly futile.


Nash told her to lie on her back on the bed, with her feet up against the headboard, and her legs splayed disgustingly wide apart. Then, to Alisha’s horror, he had Annabel climb up on top of her the opposite way around, so that each girl’s face was positioned directly next to the other one’s crotch.


Oh, shit no! Surely not!


Even though Annabel had already once succeeded in bringing Alisha to a climax with her tongue, this arrangement seemed that much more intolerable. By having them service each other simultaneously, he was adding weight to the illusion that they were eager and willing lovers. As she felt Annabel’s satin tongue begin to lap at her labia, Alisha was suddenly struck by the horrifying prospect that they might eventually come to enjoy each other’s bodies. She had heard stories of how women convicts had been converted to lesbianism whilst serving time in jail!


These confused and rambling thoughts quickly dissolved as Nash pushed Annabel’s butt downward until her wet, bare pussy was pressed against Alisha’s face. Its pungent aroma filled her nostrils and Alisha’s kept her lips pressed firmly together as Annabel’s thighs blocked out the light.


“Use your tongue, Alisha,” she heard Nash’s voice from above her. “I want you to make your girlfriend come again.”






Darius carefully filmed the hot lesbian ‘sixty-nine’ session as if he were a porn film producer. He delighted in the contrast between Alisha’s coffee-colored skin, and Annabel’s pale flesh. Their still-wet bodies squelched together as they licked and slurped between each other’s thighs. As Annabel proficiently flicked her tongue against Alisha’s clitoris, the black girl moaned loudly into Annabel’s cunt, and she arched her back, bracing her strong legs against the headboard, and lifting them both up off the mattress.


Annabel meanwhile, was grinding her crotch into Alisha’s face, coating it with her sticky secretions. His own passion rising to an uncontrollable level, Darius discarded the camera and, slipping his hand under Annabel’s mons, he lubricated his cock with her steadily flowing juices. Then he pressed his swollen, purple glans against Annabel’s bunghole and leaned forward. Annabel squawked and brought up her head in surprise as his cockhead breached her anal ring. Directly below, Alisha shook her head and tried to break free, but as Darius sunk deeper into Annabel’s rectum, he pressed down on the small of her back, trapping the black girl in place as his balls settled over her eyes.






Oh, dear God, I’m going to throw up!


Trapped between Annabel’s thighs, with Nash’s scrotum blocking her vision, Alisha fought to get out of her claustrophobic, fleshly prison. She could feel Nash’s rigid penis moving against her tongue through Annabel’s vaginal wall.


He’s fucking her in the ass – right above my face!


Very quickly, Annabel expertly brought Alisha to a second orgasm, and when the spasms finally subsided, her exhausted body went limp. She could fight them no longer, and she resigned herself to her fate. Nash had seen everything there was to see, and she had already been forced to partake in despicable acts that would stay with her for the rest of her life. What more could he do to her?


Absurdly, she saw herself arriving for work on Monday morning, greeting everybody in her usual brisk and cheerful manner. Hi, guys! What did you get up to this weekend? In spite of herself, she gave out a humorless snort of laughter, whilst at the same time, Nash grunted above her and then she felt his cock withdrawing from Annabel’s asshole. As his wrinkled ball-bag rose from her face, she blinked in the light and took a deep, rasping breath – just in time for Nash’s cock to unload its hot, viscous contents into her mouth.






Chapter Seventy Seven


Disembarking from the train, Alisha felt a knot of dread tightening in her stomach. In a few minutes, she would be knocking on Nash’s front door, ready to begin another weekend of sexual slavery, humiliation, and torment. She couldn’t believe she was actually going back!


The previous week, she had only had a vague notion as to what Nash might do to her, but by the time she had finally been released on the Sunday evening, she had vowed that she would never allow herself to be put through such an awful, disgusting ordeal again.


At work on the Monday, she had gone about her duties in a kind of daze. Everything was as it had been on Friday, her desk and her computer, the quiet, but busy hum of the office as her colleagues efficiently went about their business. But Alisha had changed on the inside – and she knew that it was irreversible. By the middle of the week however, the events of the weekend had started to take on a dreamlike quality, as if she had imagined the whole sordid affair, and she gradually started to feel something like her old self. By Friday morning, she had decided that she would rather live with the consequences of her indiscretions – nothing was worth what Nash had put her through.


But then, as a sharp reminder, Nash had sent her an e-mail, along with an array of attached images of her lesbian trysts with Annabel. He had advised her that should she decide to renege on their agreement, not only would they be accompanying the photos of her cocaine use to her employers desk, but they would also be sent out to her circle of friends.


Tearing her eyes away from the pornographic images, Alisha had fled to the ladies’ washroom and emptied her stomach into the basin. Looking at her reflection in the mirror, she understood fully that this nightmare was for real – and that it was never going to go away.






For Annabel, this part never got any easier. The rest – sleeping with Nash, Mrs. Craddock’s harsh discipline, even the painful and embarrassing medical ‘exam’ –  as awful as they were, remained preferable to Nash’s social occasions, when his little band of twisted friends would come around to play.


The only possible plus-point was that she might be spared center stage tonight. Selfishly, she suspected that dubious honor would be bestowed upon Alisha, who had been upstairs with Mrs. Craddock for most of the morning. Annabel had heard a lot of thumping around through the ceiling, interspersed with a number of loud shrieks, which meant that Alisha was in ‘training’ for something.


She had wondered if Alisha would even turn up this weekend. The wretched girl had received quite a baptism of fire the previous week, although she hadn’t been forced to undergo anything like the varied tortures and humiliations that Annabel had been through.


All in good time, she though sourly. Now that Alisha was firmly in Nash’s clutches, he would never let her go.


She turned her attention to the snacks she was preparing, and wondered if Nash’s guests would consist of the usual group of deviants. A shudder ran down her spine as she contemplated the prospect of having to sexually service them again. She was becoming quite familiar with Tom Craddock’s and Eddie Yeats’ bodies – their erect penises in particular – but in spite of her unexplained and unwanted orgasms, she could never pretend she took any pleasure from them.


And then there was her former manservant, Alastair Barclay. She had grown up bossing him around, acutely aware of his lecherous stares as she had grown into womanhood. How she had enjoyed subtly prick-teasing the lecherous old fool, flaunting her body by the pool whilst pretending not to notice him lurking in the rose arbor.  


She suppressed another shudder as she recalled the intimate moments they had had together since her subjugation. Who was the fool now?





The playing cards had been put to one side, buffet snacks devoured, and alcohol – served by Annabel in her skimpy maid’s uniform – liberally consumed. Alastair Barclay was no great drinker, but he had indulged in a few glasses of a rather good Cabernet which had left him enveloped in a rosy glow of anticipation.


Nash had promised them all a ‘surprise’ after their poker game, but typically he had refused to divulge any details. All Alastair knew was that it would most certainly involve deviant sex, but as Annabel had been hovering around them all evening in her revealing little costume – frequently getting her ass and tits groped by Tom Craddock and Eddie Yeats – he was at a loss as to what the surprise might be.


“So when do we get to play with our favorite housemaid?” Craddock asked, greedily eyeing Annabel’s cleavage as she bent forward to fill a glass.


“All in good time,” Nash said. “I thought you might like a little variety tonight.”


“Variety?” said Yeats. “You mean there’s somebody else here?”


Nash beamed triumphantly, and called out, “Mrs. Craddock? If you please.”


The door opened almost immediately and the old housekeeper entered the room. For an awful moment, Alastair wondered if she was the surprise, but then Mrs. Craddock turned towards the open doorway and said, “Come on girl, don’t just stand there.”


Alastair craned his neck to see who was standing in the passageway, but whoever it was must have been hiding behind the door.


Then he heard a girl’s voice that he recognized but couldn’t quite place. “I can’t do it!” she pleaded. “I can’t go in there!”






Chapter Seventy Eight


“If you don’t get in here right now, I’ll thrash you so hard you’ll be forced to stand up all week!” Mrs. Craddock snapped, waving her riding crop.


Darius glanced around at the expectant faces of his friends as Alisha cautiously crept into the room.


“Holy fuck! A beautiful black girl!” said Craddock.


“Alisha!” Barclay gasped, and then said to Darius, “How did you…?”


“Never mind the ‘how’,” Darius grinned. “Suffice to say that Alisha will be every bit as compliant as young Annabel has been for your pleasure.”


“You’re kidding!” Craddock said. “We get to fuck her too?”


Hearing his words, Alisha flinched and took a backward step to the doorway.


“Stay where you are!” barked Mrs. Craddock. “And keep your hands by your sides.”


The poor girl promptly froze and stood nervously before them. Darius had given Mrs. Craddock a basic outline of what he wanted, but had opted to trust the old woman with the details. Looking at Alisha now, he was not disappointed.


She was wearing tiny leopard skin-print panties, but instead of a bra, her mammoth, naked breasts had merely been fitted with a pair of silver-sequined nipple tassels. Copper bangles tinkled on her wrists, fur-covered bands encircled her ankles, and her feet were bare. To complete the effect, her long black hair had been tied into ‘cheerleader’ bunches, and her own large gold hoops dangled from her ears. Finally, and most interestingly of all, Mrs. Craddock had decorated Alisha’s cheeks and forehead with dozens of little white dots!


Well, well, Mrs. Craddock. You are even more creative than I thought.






Alisha stood before her leering audience and wished the ground would open up and swallow her. That old bitch Mrs. Craddock had made her study herself in the mirror upstairs before making her entrance, and she was well aware of how ludicrous she looked! She was a proud, educated law student, but now she looked like a parody of an African tribal dancer!


She had no idea who two of the men were – one was bald and squat, the other big and somewhat menacing – but she certainly recognized Barclay, the butler at Pemberton Hall. Of course, he had also been present at Helen’s pool party when Alisha had been shocked to observe Annabel’s humiliating fall from grace. If she had only known what was in store for herself!


Annabel was now sitting on the big man’s lap, and he had his hands on her breasts. Alisha’s ex-friend – and now reluctant lesbian lover – was looking at her curiously, no doubt relieved that she was not to be the star attraction tonight.


For her part, Alisha still didn’t know if she had the fortitude to go through with this. Earlier in the week, Nash had e-mailed her some links to dance videos that she was to copy and practice. To her dismay, the clips all showed young women in skimpy clothing performing ‘booty’ dances – in other words, Nash expected Alisha to learn how to shake her ass to music!


Of course Alisha knew how to dance, and in the past it had been for her own pleasure at nightclubs, enjoying the lustful looks she was receiving from the young men watching her moves – but this was something entirely different!


Nash said, “Alisha, I know you are already acquainted with Alastair Barclay, but I’d like you to meet Mrs. Craddock’s husband, Tom, and my other good friend Eddie Yeats.”


Trying to keep her knees from shaking, Alisha blinked and stared at them. Was she supposed to say hello?


“So what are you going to do for us?” Nash said.


Alisha was momentarily confused by his question. He had told her to practice all week, hadn’t he? But then she got it. The sadistic bastard was playing with her! At first she couldn’t bring herself to say it, and she merely gazed at the amused expressions on their faces, but then feeling ridiculously like a contestant on ‘America’s Got Talent’, she meekly said, “I… I’m going to dance for you.”






Annabel’s nipples were rock-hard underneath Yeats’ calloused palms, her highly-sexed body reacting once more of its own accord to his clumsy touch. Like the rest of them, she couldn’t take her eyes off Alisha as Mrs. Craddock turned on the music player, and the first bars of ‘Calabria 2007’ filled the room. The lively music seemed totally out of place in the stuffy little house, but she was sure that this middle-aged male audience couldn’t have cared less what music was being played.


It was Alisha’s near-naked body they were interested in, and Annabel had to admit that the elegant black girl looked strangely arousing in her exotic get-up. She felt her cheeks heating up as she recalled their enforced lovemaking the previous week, and wondered with a mixture of trepidation and excitement if she was going to be a part of this kinky performance yet.


At Mrs. Craddock’s prompting, Alisha turned her back to them, and then hesitatingly began to rotate her hips. It was only the slightest of movement, and when Tom Craddock laughed, “Come on! Shake that booty!” Mrs. Craddock gave Alisha a swift crack across the buttocks with her crop.


Alisha yelped, and animated by the stinging pain, raised her arms and began to gyrate her backside in earnest. Craddock clapped his hands together, and Yeats said, “That’s it, girl! Get that ass moving!”


Annabel watched mesmerized, as Alisha picked up speed, her big, round butt describing perfect circles in time to the rhythm of the music. She had never seen Alisha do anything like this before, and could only imagine that she had been recently practicing.


After a minute or so, Mrs. Craddock gestured with her crop, and Alisha turned back around to face them. A wretched expression was etched on her face as she now began to swing her enormous breasts in time to the beat, causing the silver tassels to spin around and around.


“Way to go, honey!” Tom Craddock laughed. “Swing those puppies!”






Chapter Seventy Nine


Fingering his boner through his pants pocket as he absorbed the alluring spectacle, Alastair Barclay noted with interest the patches of coarse black hair sprouting from Alisha’s armpits as she raised her arms high above her head. As with all of Annabel’s friends, he had often covertly checked her out at Pemberton Hall when she had come to visit, particularly when she had been sunbathing in her bikini by the pool, and like the others, she had always been impeccably groomed.


No doubt, another kinky modification specified by Nash, he mused.


The miserable girl herself was studiously ignoring their faces as her splendid tits bounced wildly around, the silver tassels hypnotizing him with their endless rotations. He glanced across at Annabel, who was still perched upon Yeats’ lap, and felt a sudden surge of impatient lust. This new, lewd world he had joined, where two gorgeous young women were enslaved to a bunch of dirty old men, was bringing out his basest instincts, and he badly needed a fuck! But as ever, Nash was in charge, and he would set the pace.


“Lose the bikini,” Nash said, his quavering voice giving away his own state of arousal.


Alisha hesitated, her eyes briefly locking with his, and then averting them again she pulled on the drawstring on the side of her bikini bottoms, and they fell away to the carpet.


Alastair leaned forward as the hapless young woman, resumed her gyrations, her vulva now exposed to them all. Unlike Annabel’s hairless little package, Alisha’s mons was blanketed by a thick triangle of black, curly hair.


As the music faded out, Alisha lowered her arms, but a flick of Mrs. Craddock’s crop persuaded her not to cover herself.


“Quite a jungle you’ve got down there!” Yeats laughed, and for the first time, Alastair detected a little moisture collecting in the devastated young woman’s almond-shaped eyes.






An electrically-charged hush descended on the room as the four middle-aged white men ogled Alisha’s bare body. For some reason the music had provided a measure of cover for her degrading performance, and she found herself longing for more. Just standing here like this, while she allowed these vile men to inspect her most intimate parts, was almost more than she could bear.


Finally, Nash broke the silence by instructing her to remove the nipple tassels. They were only stuck on with liquid latex, and Alisha let out a mewl of shame as she completed her unwrapping by revealing her dark, stubby nipples. Her nudity seemed to her to be accentuated by the earrings, bangles and ankle bands that she was still wearing – not to mention the horrible, faux tribal decoration adorning her face.


After what seemed like an endless spell of agonizing exhibitionism, Nash said, “Well, what did you think guys?”


“I don’t know,” Tom Craddock said, wiggling his fingers in the air. “I’ve seen better.”




“Not much rhythm for a black girl,” Yeats agreed.


Absurdly, Alisha discovered that she was both aggrieved and disappointed at their derogatory remarks. Even though she had been forced to perform for them in the most demeaning and undignified way imaginable, she really had done her best!


“Well, Alisha,” Nash said in a school masterly voice. “It looks as though you haven’t put enough effort into your performance. My guests feel rather let down. How do you think you can make it up to them?”


Alisha opened her mouth, and to her frustration, her eyes started to brim with tears. “I… I don’t know.”


Nash grinned at her wickedly. “No? Well, I do. A spanking, followed by an apology, and then you can ask each of my guests in turn how you can make amends for your failure to entertain them.”






Darius had learned over the past weeks that it usually paid dividends to give Mrs. Craddock a free hand in dispensing Annabel’s punishments – the mean old housekeeper often came up with humiliations that even put Darius to shame!


The old woman didn’t disappoint now as she fished into her apron and produced a shiny pink vibrator.


“Open up,” she said curtly


Alisha glanced at her with a look of horror, but she looked to be in such a turmoil that she meekly parted her jaws and allowed Mrs. Craddock to place the sex toy sideways between her pearly white teeth.


“Bite down, and don’t you dare let it go.”


Mrs. Craddock then told Alisha to turn around, place her hands on the dining table, push out her butt, and spread her legs. The unhappy girl reluctantly complied, giving them all a wonderful view of her the fleshy hammock between her legs. From this exposed and obscene position, her brown pussy lips pouted delightfully through her mat of bushy pubic hair.


To the obvious pleasure of Darius’ assembled guests, Mrs. Craddock proceeded to administer a series of rapid blows with her crop across Alisha’s ass cheeks. They looked and sounded extremely painful, and the distraught girl soon confirmed this by sobbing loudly through her clenched teeth.


 Then Mrs. Craddock did something that took even Darius by surprise. Laying down her crop, the old woman removed the vibrator from Alisha’s mouth and after switching it on, worked it all the way inside her cunt.






Chapter Eighty


With the pink vibrator whirring relentlessly away inside her pussy, Alisha was led back over to her lecherous audience and made to kneel before them.


Her face was awash with tears now, causing the white dapples on her face to run.


Got to give the girl credit, Alastair thought. It took quite a thrashing to finally break her.


“What do you have to say for yourself?” Nash said, looking down at her disdainfully.


Looking utterly defeated, Alisha sobbed, “I’m sorry I danced so badly for you.”


“I hope you are. I expect my guests to be treated with more respect. Now, how are you going to make it up to them?”


As enjoyable as it had all been so far, this was the moment that Alastair had been waiting for.


Alisha wiped her eyes with the back of her hand and looked at Nash imploringly. By now, the implications of his words would have been crystal clear.


“I.. I don’t know…” she mumbled.


Nash gave an exaggerated sigh. “And I thought you were a law student. Not very bright are you? Maybe Annabel can help you?”


Still up on Yeats’ lap, Annabel looked at Nash with a start. Clearly, she had been hoping to remain a spectator.


“Well?” Nash asked. “How does Annabel atone for her sins?”


Her cheeks flushed pink, Annabel evidently knew the drill well. She slid off Yeats’ lap and onto her knees in front of Nash. Lowering her pretty blue eyes, she said, “Please sir, may I offer you a blowjob?”


Good Lord! Alastair thought. She has been completely tamed!


Nash looked back and forth between the two kneeling young women. “Yes you may,” he said thoughtfully. “But first you can get us all in the mood by playing amongst yourselves”






“Alisha, remove Annabel’s uniform.”


Acutely aware of the intense gaze of the nearby men, Annabel stood and looked down at her former friend who remained on her knees. Her face was streaked with white lines where her tears had caused her make-up run. Even with their new love-hate relationship, Annabel couldn’t help but feel a twinge of sympathy.


When Alisha failed to make a move, Annabel, aware of the risk of further punishment, took her by the wrist and pulled her hand up to her black miniskirt. Alisha remained motionless, head bowed until Nash prompted, “Alisha?”


Then, still without looking, she tugged on the skirt until it was around Annabel’s knees. With only her white cap, see-through top, fishnet stockings, and five-inch pumps to remove, Annabel should have been naked in a less than a minute, but Alisha was clearly not in a mood to cooperate.


“Perhaps you’d like to feel more of Mrs. Craddock’s crop?” Nash suggested.


That did it. With a shuddering sigh, Alisha pulled the skirt all the way down and Annabel helpfully stepped out of her shoes. Next, Alisha slowly rose to her feet and removed Annabel’s blouse.


“You can leave the cap and fishnets on,” Nash said. “After all, you have your bangles and ankle bands, so it wouldn’t be fair if Annabel were completely naked.”


Tom Craddock sniggered and then Nash announced, “I should advise everybody that Annabel and Alisha have recently become lesbian lovers. Why don’t you show everybody how much you adore each other, girls?”


It was clearly obvious that Alisha had no intention of initiating the first move, so Annabel leaned forward and planted a gentle kiss on the black girl’s lips. Immediately a tingle of excitement shot through her and she kissed her again, this time pushing her tongue between Alisha’s plump dark lips.


Alisha moaned into Annabel’s mouth but didn’t pull away, and incredibly she allowed Annabel to explore her teeth and palate with her tongue. It wasn’t the most intimate they had been by any stretch of the imagination, but it was their first time in front of an audience!


They continued to kiss passionately for a minute or two, just inches away from four leering old men, the only noises in the room being the slurping of their entwined tongues, and the steady buzz of the vibrator inside Alisha’s pussy. With her artificially enhanced libido, Annabel didn’t require any battery-operated toys to make her own pussy to juice up!


Nash must have been drawn to the sound of the electronic device too, because he said, “Alisha, I want you to get down on all fours now, and Annabel, you will remove the vibrator – with your teeth.”






Her face twisted in shame, Alisha dropped onto on her hands and knees while Annabel took up position behind her. Then the redhead placed her hands on Alisha’s buttocks and parted them, exposing to everyone the base of the plastic vibrator rotating between her swollen labia. With a little maneuvering, she managed to grip the device with her teeth and pulling back her head, deftly removed the rude little device.


Unsure of what to do next, she turned to look at Darius whilst attempting to hold the sex toy between her lips. She looked both lovely and comical as the whirring, rotating device slipped free and landed on the carpet, much to the amusement of her audience.


“Don’t worry about that,” Darius said, reaching under his chair. “I’ve bought you both a present.” During the week he had procured an eighteen-inch, double-ended latex dildo, which he now handed to Annabel. “I think you know what to do.”


Handling the vulgar, flesh-colored dildo as if it were a live snake, Annabel placed the bulbous tip against Alisha’s still puffed-up pussy lips, and slowly pushed it inside. As it entered her, Alisha raised her head and gasped in surprise – it was a lot longer and thicker than the pink vibrator had been!


When it was halfway inside Alisha, Annabel turned around so that her ass was facing the black girl’s, and reaching between her legs, inserted the other end into her own cunt. Then she shuffled backward, impaling herself on its length until their buttocks were touching.


Now the two young lovelies were locked together, Annabel’s paleness contrasting beautifully with Alisha’s dark-toned skin.


“Well,” said Darius, taking a photograph for his collection. “I do believe you two are going to have hours of fun with that!”


The two girls stayed as still as they could, trying not to stimulate each other with any unnecessary movements. Darius knew that Annabel wouldn’t need much to explode with a  shattering orgasm, and he could see the frown of concentration on her flushed face.


“Gentlemen,” he said briskly. “I think its time for the blowjobs they promised us. Who wants to go first?”


Craddock and Yeats were the quickest to volunteer, and as they positioned their rigid members in front of the girls’ stricken faces, Darius gave himself a symbolic pat on the back for another job well done. He had taken a chance with Annabel, and an even bigger risk with Alisha, and yet here they both were, jointly impaled on a rubber dildo, each sucking on a middle-aged man’s cock!


If he could reduce them to this demeaning level, how much further down into the abyss would they be prepared to descend? Darius fully intended to find out.


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