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Annabel and Mr. Nash


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Chapter Ninety Five


Sitting in the passenger seat of Alastair Barclay’s Honda CR-V, Annabel nervously wondered what was in store for her today. After all of the sexual humiliations she had been forced to suffer at the hands of Darius Nash and his evil cronies, she would have thought that she would by now have become immune to any further suffering inflicted upon her. But the ever changing scenarios that Nash devised for her meant that she remained constantly on edge regarding her immediate future.


His vile imagination seemed limitless, and Annabel was mentally and emotionally unable to keep up with it. As usual, she had been kept in the dark about her ‘work’ today, and judging from the increasingly squalid scenery in this unfamiliar part of the city, her upcoming trials would most probably be as bad as, if not worse than anything she had experienced so far. Would she have to perform like a dumb animal again? Or perhaps she would have to disgrace herself sexually in front of a leering audience. She might be caned or whipped, or have to perform revolting lesbian acts as she had with Alisha. Anything was possible with these sick bastards, and even after all this time, it never got any easier.


This morning, Mrs. Craddock had dressed her up in a starched white button-up tunic, and a little white cap emblazoned with a red cross perched upon her head. She was also wearing sheer white stockings, and had white tennis shoes on her feet. Ominously, she had not been provided with any underwear, leaving her naked underneath. Her red hair was still cut into an unattractive short bob, and Mrs. Craddock had for some reason coated Annabel’s lips with a very garish shade of red lipstick which, along with some dark eyeliner, blue eye shadow, and rouged cheeks, had the effect of making her look a bit like a toy doll! Beneath her almost cartoonish nurses uniform, her vulva remained cleanly shaved, a daily routine that Mrs. Craddock seemed to take great pleasure in undertaking. To add to Annabel’s already acute discomfiture, the tunic closely fitted her body and her permanently erect nipples were plainly visible as they strained against the tight material.


Annabel gazed forlornly out of the window as they passed rows of shuttered shop fronts and empty warehouses. Wherever they were headed was going to be unchartered territory for her, because with her privileged upbringing she had only ever previously frequented the most fashionable and upscale districts of the city. How distant those memories seemed now after weeks and weeks of sexual slavery under Nash’s dominion. How long had it been exactly? Two months? Three? She still remembered that the original arrangement had been for one year, after which she would be free, and more importantly, extremely wealthy. It went without saying that things could never quite be the same again. Of course she would never be able to face her so-called ‘friends’ again after the way they had utterly humiliated her the previous week. Her one-time sweetheart, Bobby, was now in love with her former rival Helen, and Trent and Josh had used her body repeatedly as, adding to Annabel’s mortification, Samantha and Drew had looked on in disgust. She caught herself flushing now as the horrible images of that morale-crushing weekend at Helen’s house came back to haunt her.


  Annabel returned to the present with a jolt as Barclay swung into a cracked asphalt parking lot and stopped the car in front of a redbrick building. They were parked in front of the entrance which consisted of green double doors, above which hung a sign that read: MERCY CLINIC & SHELTER FOR THE HOMELESS.


Annabel gulped as she connected the implications of the sign with her faux-nurse’s uniform. Was this going to be her job for the day? Helping to take care of sick and smelly hobos? As much as the idea repelled her, at least it would be preferable to the unbearable suffering she had been subjected to at Helen’s place. But by now Annabel had become attuned to Nash’s deviant thinking processes, and with a hollow feeling in her stomach, she knew that there would be a lot more required of her today than simply washing feet or taking temperatures.


 She followed Barclay into the lobby and was immediately swamped with a sickly feeling of trepidation as she took in the austere surroundings. The walls were painted a drab olive, and stark neon lights illuminated the room. Three plastic orange chairs lined the left wall, while an ancient gray-haired man sat behind a desk to the right. The air was filled with the unpleasantly mixed odors of disinfectant and stale urine, triggering Annabel’s innate loathing of hospitals and doctors.


But her apprehension quickly turned to outright dread when Barclay approached the desk and said, “Hello there, I’m looking for Dr. Schafer. Is he here yet?”


Did he say Dr. Schafer?


At the sound of the evil doctor’s name, her knees started to quiver. She had been through countless ordeals since arriving at Nash’s house, some too humiliating to describe, but nothing had been as physically agonizing as her ‘medical exam’ at the hands of Dr. Schafer. How could she possibly forget the awful cramps in her belly as he had filled her with water while her arms and legs were bound up? And the milking cups that had so cruelly crushed her breasts while she had been forced to jump with a rope as her enema had squirting obscenely out of her rectum? Then there was that sadistic nurse Ingle who had forced jets of water up Annabel’s nostrils. Annabel didn’t think that she could ever face those maniacs again.


“Ah, yes,” the old man said, squinting with interest through his lenses at Annabel. “He’s in the dormitory, just down the hall.”


“Thank you,” Barclay said. “Come along Annabel.”


Annabel’s days of refusing to obey orders were long since over, but it was on shaky wooden legs that she walked behind her erstwhile butler to face her tormentors once again.






Chapter Ninety Six


Alastair pushed through another set of double doors and found himself in a well lit room with rows of metal-framed beds along each side. He had never met Dr. Schafer before, but he had heard about Annabel’s painful and humiliating medical exam at Nash’s house and he was both eager and curious to observe what he had planned for the hapless young woman today. Alastair had also learned that the ongoing suffering of Annabel’s former friend Alisha Royce was also being fueled by some powerful drugs provided by this banned former doctor.


Although as her driver, Alastair hadn’t been given any details about Annabel’s duties here, he had already concluded that, like her fabricated job at Helen’s house, this was merely a set-up prearranged by Nash as a pretext to having her perform for the four down-and-outs that now sat expectantly watching her from their beds. Evidently Nash had pulled some strings to arrange the use of this venue, which looked like a genuine shelter but was clearly being used as a stage today – upon which Annabel was undoubtedly going to be forced to put on a memorable show for these lucky guys!


Dr. Schafer, small and bald, with a goatee and round spectacles, was seated behind a steel trolley upon which an array of medical instruments and pharmaceuticals had been arranged. A tall and  frightening-looking nurse was busy handing out plastic cups of water and pills that looked suspiciously like Viagra to the four disheveled and unshaven ‘patients’. They were all dressed in uniformly striped pajamas through which Alastair observed that a couple of them didn’t even need the sexual stimulant, if that is what it was!


“Dr. Schafer, I presume,” Alastair smiled, extending his hand. “I believe you are familiar with Annabel?”


The doctor’s handshake was limp and clammy, but there was a sinister gaze in his steely eyes that hinted as to why he had been struck off the A.M.A.’s register. Alastair instinctively perceived that here was a man who took great pleasure from hurting and degrading his ‘patients’ – particularly if they happened to be attractive young women like Annabel!


“Of course I am,” Dr. Schafer said, his eyes fixed on his cowering victim. “Such a brave young lady as I recall, and long overdue for another examination. But her first task today is to help attend to the needs of the other patients here. Annabel, I’d like you to meet Frank, Randy, Oscar, and Jimmy.”


Looking around the room, none of these old vagrants looked particularly sick, just old and worn out from alcohol abuse. In fact the sight of this new pretty young ‘nurse’ had already inspired a few lewd comments and excited laughter amongst them. Annabel, her face turning beetroot, kept her wide eyes to the front, studiously avoiding those of Dr. Schafer. She looked absolutely terrified at the prospect of another thorough examination in front of these dirty old men!


“Now, Annabel,” said Dr. Schafer, coming around from behind the trolley. “First off, I want you to introduce yourself to Frank over here. Frank, would you please stand up at the end of your bed?”


Frank looked like he was the oldest one there, with sagging jowls, no teeth, and wisps of white hair clinging to his bald pate. He climbed off the bed and stood in his jammies while Nurse Ingle took Annabel by the wrist and pulled her close to him.


“Say hello to Frank,” Dr. Schafer prompted. Annabel glanced helplessly at Alastair before mumbling her greeting whilst simultaneously staring at her tennis shoes.


“Hmm, that wasn’t much of a welcome was it?” Dr. Schafer said. “The boys have been looking forward to your visit and I want you to be nice to them. I think it would be better if you gave Frank a kiss.”


Annabel let out a muted whinny, and Alastair could just imagine her distress – not only was the guy old enough to be her grandfather, but his chin was covered in white stubble, and his tongue kept flickering in and out over his glistening, purple lips!


My goodness! Alastair thought. A few months ago, Annabel was dating the most desirable young jock in college. Now she’s about to be forced to plant a kiss on this rancid old dude!


Closing her eyes, Annabel tilted her face up and puckering her lips, quickly touched her mouth against his. Unable to help herself, she immediately pulled away, spat on the back of her hand, and wiped it on her tunic.


“She obviously doesn’t like the taste of yer baccie, Frank!” Randy, one of the other vagrants, laughed.


“Well, she’ll have to get used to it,” said Dr. Schafer. “Annabel, try that again please, but this time I want you to open your mouth and offer Frank your tongue.”


Now Annabel did looked pleadingly at the nasty doctor, but there was to be no respite. “Or perhaps, you’d like Nurse Ingle to give you a few injections instead,” Dr. Schafer said.


That did it. Dr. Schafer had obviously hit upon a weak spot, because with a groan of misery, Annabel parted her velvety lips, and placed them over old Frank’s mouth.


I’ll bet the old shit didn’t expect this when he woke up this morning! Alastair thought as he watched Frank’s knobbly hands gripping Annabel’s waist. And neither did she!






Chapter Ninety Seven


Eew! Gross! His mouth tastes disgusting! Annabel thought as her tongue bobbed along Frank’s toothless gums. She had been forced into some indecent encounters with a few middle-aged guys since her tenure at Nash’s house had begun, but this revolting man was by far the oldest. He had to be at least eighty years old!


 Annabel had long since ceased to be surprised at the depths to which Nash expected her to descend these days. Shocked yes, and always revolted and ashamed of herself, but not surprised. Anything was possible, but what was Nash expecting to happen here? She had become physically used to having sex with much older men by now – if not mentally and emotionally – but surely this old fuck wouldn’t be able to manage a hard-on?


After what seemed like a lifetime, Dr. Schafer finally allowed her to pull away. She could taste his second-hand tobacco in her mouth and she tried hard not to gag. Frank just stared at her through his filmy eyes with a smile as wide as his face, making Annabel feel thoroughly defiled. She could hear the other tramps whooping and clapping, and she suddenly felt like one of those strippergram girls!


“Okay, now that you two are acquainted, I want you to pull down Frank’s pajama bottoms, Annabel,” Dr. Schafer said.


“What?” Annabel said, aghast, although she should have guessed that it was coming.


“I want you to test whether Frank has an inguinal hernia or not,” Dr. Schafer said. “It’s a perfectly normal practice young lady.”


Annabel hadn’t a clue what the doctor had just said, but the idea of exposing this decrepit old bum’s lower body while everybody watched on, filled her with a sudden dread. What if he did have an erection? Would she have to touch it?


“Hurry up, my dear,” Dr. Schafer said. “You’ve still got the other three patients to check out.”


Oh God! I’m going to have to go through this with all of them!


With shaking fingers, Annabel reached for the waistband of Frank’s pajama bottoms and, feeling the hairs on his belly, worked her fingers inside. Then, much as one would whip a sticking plaster off the skin in one go, she yanked his pants down to his ankles, fixedly looking at his face rather than at his genital region. Frank meanwhile, looked as though he was in heaven, his smile still smeared across his craggy face.


“Now the procedure is very straightforward,” Dr. Schafer said. “Annabel, you are to cup Frank’s testicles with your hands while he coughs twice. Have a good feel around the whole area and if you detect any unusual bulges, let me know.”


As always, there was no point in resisting the inevitable – she might just as well get on with the vile act. Even though this scene was masquerading as a medical one, Annabel was very well aware that all Schafer wanted to do here was embarrass her in front of these hobos. They knew it too, judging from the yells of encouragement as she tentatively moved her hand under Frank’s pajama top, being careful to try and avoid his penis. Unfortunately she had been correct in assuming him to be impotent and her fingers brushed against his flaccid member, making her jump and pull her hand back.


Breathing heavily out of her nostrils, Annabel steeled herself, and tried again. Coming around the side, she found his wrinkled sac with her fingers and suppressing a moan of revulsion, wrapped them around it.


Frank gazed happily into her eyes, still beaming like a kid on Christmas Day, and said, “You want me to cough now honey?”


Then he did, without turning his head to the side, and splattering Annabel’s face with droplets of spittle in the process. Annabel screwed her eyes up in displeasure but somehow managed to keep her fingers around his saggy scrotum. She wasn’t sure what she was supposed to be feeling for down there but when Frank coughed a second time, she definitely felt his balls contracting, and worryingly, his limp cock twitching against her wrist.


“Well, Nurse Annabel?” Dr. Schafer said. “Anything?”


“Um… I-I don’t know…” Annabel stammered.


“She’s just playing with Frank’s balls!” Oscar laughed, making her flush even deeper. “What kind of a nympho nurse is this?”


“A dirty little redhead!” said Jimmy. “And a real hottie, too!”


Feeling ever more ashamed of what she was doing in front of them, Annabel desperately wanted to let go of old Frank’s scrotum, but she was now so deeply conditioned to obey that she kept her hand on his balls while the lewd comments kept on coming. 


“You like getting it on with old guys, sweetie?


“Did you ever touch your daddy like that?”


“Look how she’s hanging onto Frank’s nut sack! I’ll bet she wants to give it a kiss!”


Amidst the verbal assault, Annabel was becoming aware that Frank’s penis had lengthened and hardened some, but still lay against her inner forearm. She was so accustomed to these nasty games by now that she had already resigned herself to where this was heading, but this guy was so old that she doubted whether he would ever be able to achieve an erection, let alone maintain one!


“Never mind, Nurse Annabel,” Dr. Schafer said. “We’ll move on to the next test. I want you to check Frank’s temperature. You can let go of his testicles now – this is supposed to be a medical exam, not a groping session.”


Trying to ignore the general mirth generated by the doctor’s insulting remark, Annabel withdrew her hand with great relief. Taking this smelly old man’s temperature couldn’t be as bad as being forced to touch his private parts, could it?






Chapter Ninety-Eight


If old Frank was experiencing problems raising it, Alastair was having no such trouble as he watched Annabel getting up close and personal with the old vagrant. Alastair had, over the past few months, witnessed Annabel engaging in a number of crude sex acts with several of Nash’s close group of middle-aged accomplices – himself included – as well as two young men of her own age, not to mention a lesbian tryst with her former friend Alisha, but now she was entering a whole new sexual arena!


He had observed a gradual change in Annabel’s demeanor since her year in servitude had begun, and although she was still clearly deeply ashamed of the perverted acts she was forced to perform, her defiant and haughty nature of old seemed to have evaporated completely. He doubted whether she had come to fully accept her new lowly status in life, but she was managing to keep her resentment well hidden. Alastair’s pleasure now came not from watching her resistance being broken down, but form the obvious self disgust she felt during her obscene performances.


“You’ll be taking Frank’s temperature rectally,” Dr. Schafer said to Annabel. “Frank, would you mind bending over the end of the bed please?”


The revulsion in Annabel’s dainty features was plain for all to see as the old man willingly turned around and leaned over the metal frame at the end of the bed. Then, without any further instructions from the doctor, he reached around and parted his butt cheeks, exposing both his asshole and his dangling ball-bag that Annabel had just been caressing. Annabel took an involuntary step backward at the revolting sight, but his buddies thought it was hilarious.


“Now we need to find a thermometer,” said Dr. Schafer, visibly reveling in Annabel’s hopeless situation.


Alastair had already noticed that there was an absurdly large thermometer sitting on the steel trolley that would certainly bring tears to old Frank’s eyes if it were to be inserted into his rectum, but Dr. Schafer said, “Oh, dear, it seems that Nurse Ingle forgot to bring any of a suitable size. How unfortunate. But not to worry, you can just use your tongue instead. That will suffice for an approximate reading.”


What a wicked brute! Alastair thought deliriously. Even though he was maintaining a thin pretense that there was some practical purpose to this depravity, Dr. Schafer had obviously pre-planned everything to maximize Annabel’s progressive humiliation! They could all see how disgusted she had been at having to cup Frank’s scrotum, but now she was being ordered to put her tongue into his asshole!


“Please…” she whimpered. “I can’t do that!”


“Okay then,” Dr. Schafer said briskly. “Nurse Ingle, would you start preparing Annabel’s inoculations, please. She will require thirty injections today.”


Annabel’s eyes grew as wide as saucers, and she gasped, “No! W-wait! Okay, I’ll d-do it!”


Her crimson face took on a desolate expression as she reluctantly sank to her knees behind Frank’s spread ass cheeks. Then, ever so hesitantly, she poked out her little pink tongue and moved her face forward until it connected with Frank’s protuberant ring-piece. Repelled, she immediately pulled away, but Dr. Schafer was merciless. “Keep it there, Nurse Annabel. You can’t possibly tell if Frank has a temperature from such a brief contact. And I want you to push your tongue inside, not just lick it.”


There was an audible whine from the stricken girl as she again touched Frank’s butthole with the tip of her tongue. Whatever she had been dreading would happen to her when they left this morning, she couldn’t possibly have anticipated something as depraved as this!


Alastair noticed Annabel’s throat bulging as she worked her tongue into Frank’s back hole, and for a moment he thought she was about to throw up. She was breathing heavily though her nostrils, and Alastair cringed inwardly at what Frank’s crack must smell like! Dr. Schafer kept her there for a full minute before finally allowing her to come up for air.


“So, does Frank have a temperature?” Dr. Schafer asked.


“Blech!” was all Annabel could manage in reply as she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.


“Don’t you even think about kissing me after doing that!” Randy sniggered.


“Not to worry,” Dr. Schafer said. “Nurse Ingle has brought along a bar of carbolic soap to wash her mouth out with – hygiene is very important, after all. Now, Annabel, finally I need you to take a sperm sample. Nurse Ingle, if you please?”


The sadistic nurse picked up a plastic cup and placed it on the floor beside Annabel. The red-faced girl looked at the cup, then at Dr. Schafer, before glumly turning her face back towards Frank’s hairy ass.


Oh, Lord! Alastair laughed inwardly. He should have guessed that this was on the agenda, and once again, despite Dr. Schafer’s official tone, it was just another façade designed to force Annabel to try and induce Frank into attaining an erection! Actually, as the old derelict turned around and straightened up, Alastair noted that he was already halfway there! Still kneeling, Annabel saw it too, and with what looked like a great effort of will, she falteringly wrapped her slender digits around his swinging member.


Annabel’s face was a picture of disgust as, still on her knees in her cute little nurse’s outfit, she slowly moved her hand up and down Frank’s semi-flaccid shaft, its purple glans popping in and out of view with each stroke. For once there were no crude comments, and a hush descended upon the room as the small group of onlookers watched this pretty young redhead being forced to masturbate a man old enough to be her grandfather!






Chapter Ninety Nine


Trying not to focus her eyes upon her filthy task, Annabel attempted to stroke some life into Frank’s half-erect penis, not because she wanted to encourage any further sexual developments with him, but because she was afraid of what her punishment might be if she failed. When Dr. Schafer had mentioned injections, a wave of terror had swept through her. She practically had a phobia about needles and even though she had been trained to obey anyway, the specter of thirty injections was enough to cow her into a state of total compliance!


She could still taste his sweaty anus, and thinking about the sensation of his puckered rim against her lips while she pushed her tongue inside, nearly made her retch again. She had been forced to do many disgusting and shameful things in the past few months, but that had to count as one of the vilest, something she would have to live with for the rest of her life – and yet she really had done it, that was the level of control they had over her now.


She could feel his wrinkly skin moving under the palm of her hand, and out of the corner of her eye, she glimpsed his bulbous glans, but there was no indication of any further stiffening, and as her wrist began to get tired, Annabel began to suspect that this was as much as the old guy could manage.


A few minutes had passed by in silence, but now Frank’s fellow hobos were starting to taunt both him and Annabel, which added to her shame because it somehow implied that they were united in this intimate act. This had always been Darius Nash’s overriding goal of course – to give the appearance that Annabel really was a worthless whore who actually enjoyed the perverted acts she was obliged to carry out.


Finally, Dr. Schafer said, “We’re not really getting anywhere, are we? You’re obviously not arousing Frank enough, Nurse Annabel. Let’s try and give him some increased stimulation. Let go of his dick for a minute and stand in the middle of the room.”


Feeling irrationally guilty at having let everybody down, Annabel did as she was told. All eyes were upon her as she waited for the next instruction, and when it came, Annabel was not in the least bit astounded.


“Take off your tunic, Nurse Annabel.”


Avoiding the lecherous stares of the four homeless men, Annabel hesitatingly worked her fingers down the buttons on the front of the tunic. As if pre-arranged by a stage director, a shaft of sunlight suddenly appeared through a nearby window, casting her in a bright spotlight as she shrugged the simple garment over her shoulders. She had been ordered to undress in public so many times now that she knew it was futile to attempt to cover herself, so she kept her arms straight at her sides, allowing everybody to ogle her effectively nude body.


“Look at that gorgeous cunt!” Randy exclaimed. “Bald as a baby’s ass!”


“And what a fine pair of titties with big pink nipples!” added Oscar.


Blushing furiously, Annabel stood awkwardly in front of her admirers as they commented on every detail of her body. Unfortunately, the object of the exercise was to excite Frank, and although he looked deliriously happy, his dick still hadn’t become fully erect.


“Turn around and bend over, and then pull your buttocks apart just as Frank had to do for you,” said Dr. Schafer, sounding rather un-doctorlike at the moment.


Miserably Annabel complied again, giving them all a rear view of her most private orifices. Somebody wolf whistled, which was followed by a spontaneous round of applause, making Annabel feel cheaper than ever!






For Alastair, no matter how many times he gazed upon Annabel’s nude body, it never got boring. The young woman was an absolute stunner and right now, bent double and pulling her ass cheeks apart in front of a group of leering hobos, she was a sight to behold!


Wearing just her cute little nurse’s cap, white stockings, and sneakers, she was the epitome of every dirty old man’s hospital fantasy – and there was plenty more to come yet! Standing directly behind her, Frank looked as though he had fallen in love as he stared entranced at Annabel’s puffy hammock and the tidy little butthole just above. Alastair discreetly checked out the old guy’s cock, and it had certainly lengthened and swollen some more.


Such is the power of the pussy! Alastair mused.


After making Annabel maintain the obscene pose for a couple of minutes, Dr. Schafer allowed her to straighten up, and then he said, “We’d better take the opportunity to clean up her dirty mouth, don’t you think, Nurse Ingle?”


With a nasty smile, the silent ‘nurse’ picked up a pink block of carbolic soap from the trolley and approached the red-faced girl. It occurred to Alastair that he hadn’t heard Nurse Ingle utter a single word so far, and he wondered if she might be mute. She definitely had no need to vocalize her intentions as she reached over and gripped Annabel’s button nose tightly between her thumb and index finger!


Annabel emitted a strained yelp, and as her lips parted, Nurse Ingle roughly jammed the bar of soap between her teeth. As the cruel woman tried to push the soap deeper into her mouth, Annabel reflexively clamped her teeth down, but Nurse Ingle knew exactly how to overcome any resistance, and to Alastair’s amazement and delight, she reached down with her other hand and scraped her long fingernails along Annabel’s tender labia. Annabel’s eyes grew wide as Nurse Ingle sought out her clitoris, and when she felt the sharp tip of her Nurse Ingle’s nail, Annabel gasped in pain, permitting the heartless nurse to wedge the soap deep inside her mouth.


“Walk up and down for us, Annabel,” Dr.  Schafer commanded. “Give everybody a good look at you.”


Yet again, Annabel’s persecutors had succeeded in turning her into ridiculous spectacle, and yet as the hapless girl trudged forlornly along the dormitory, gagging and retching, her splendid tits bobbing, and her lovely round ass undulating, Alastair found himself sporting an erection far superior to old Frank’s!






Chapter One Hundred


Annabel’s legs felt like jelly as she paraded her naked body back and forth in front of the snickering group of lecherous hobos. Her eyes were watering from Nurse Ingle’s pinching grip as well as the absolutely vile taste of the soap in her mouth, which was causing her to gag continuously.


The proud and arrogant Annabel of old seemed like an ancient memory now. She had become thoroughly accustomed to being naked in front of strangers whilst being forced to behave in the most demeaning of ways, and yet the deep sense shame and self-loathing never seemed to wane. Lord knew she had tried so hard to intellectually and emotionally distance herself from these soul-crushing episodes, but each time new witnesses were introduced to her total comedown, the acute feelings of embarrassment and worthlessness just came rushing back anew.


After several pass-byes, Nurse Ingle caught Annabel’s arm and swiveled her around in front of Frank again. The odious bar of soap was roughly extracted from Annabel’s mouth, leaving a foul-tasting residue on her teeth, and a bitter after-taste in her throat.


“Kneel down and try again, Nurse Annabel,” Dr. Schafer said.


Swallowing hard, Annabel again sank submissively to her knees so that her face was level with Frank’s semi-hard penis. She numbly wrapped her fingers around it and began to jerk him off again. Still the old fuck couldn’t quite get it fully up, so in exasperation Annabel instinctively opened her mouth in readiness to accommodate him. This reflex must have been subconsciously added to her psyche as a result of the countless blowjobs she had been forced to perform since falling under Nash’s control! Realizing in horror at what she had almost done, she let go of his dick, but unfortunately she had already sealed her fate.


“Excellent idea, Nurse Annabel,” Dr. Schafer said happily. “I’m glad to see that you are taking your work seriously. Please continue with the fellatio.”


“I was right!” Jimmy yelled from behind her. “She’s a fucking nympho!”


Nothing could have been further from the truth of course, but with her unfaithful body permanently in heat, they would all have had plenty of time to observe her erect nipples and swollen labia during her march past, and there was no hiding the fact that physically at least, she was indeed highly aroused, which only served to exacerbate her shame.


With no other choice than to obey, Annabel lifted up Frank’s cock and with disgust, accepted it into her mouth. Feel the soft skin resting against her tongue, she could hardly believe that she was actually doing this with such a grizzled old man! Before she had fallen into the clutches of Darius Nash, Annabel had never given head, finding the process quite disgusting, but in the past few months she had technically become quite the expert. That didn’t make it any easier on an emotional level as she felt the old vagrant’s shaft gradually stiffening inside her mouth.






Dragging his eyes away from the fascinating sight of Annabel on her knees sucking off an octogenarian, Alastair studied the faces of the other three homeless men in turn. Their rude comments had dwindled off again as they watched Annabel’s oral sex act in rapt silence. Whatever they had been expecting earlier, they now knew that they were all going to get a turn with the pretty young redhead and their eyes shone with excited anticipation.


Well, you might not be enjoying this, Annabel, he thought, but you are certainly going to make some washed up old men very happy today!


After a couple of minutes, Annabel pulled herself off him, coughing and spluttering, to catch her breath, but after Nurse Ingle slapped her on the back of the head, she quickly resumed her unenviable task. During the brief interval, Frank’s dick had come into view, and it was now clear that Annabel was finally succeeding in her carnal mission. Glistening with Annabel’s saliva, the old fellow’s tool was almost completely erect, the plum-shaped head poking proudly out of its sheaf of skin. Alastair wondered how long it had been since that had last happened. 


The room was filled only with the sound of Frank’s heavy panting and Annabel’s noisy slurping as her head bobbed back and forth with increasing rapidity. For Alastair, it was a deeply erotic spectacle, given the previously arrogant personality of the young woman now being forced to service an old, unhygienic-looking tramp in front of strangers. To make the exhibition even more degrading for her, Annabel’s body, pumped daily with Dr. Schafer’s secret and powerful aphrodisiac, would be responding in kind, forcing her to endure the emotional turmoil caused by a mixture of repugnance and shame along with deep sexual pleasure!


Without warning, Frank let out a peculiar sigh and jerked his hips. Annabel simultaneously threw her arms out wide, fingers spread, and emitted a strangled cry. As she slipped her mouth off Frank’s cock, Dr. Schafer snapped, “Spit it into the receptacle, Nurse Annabel!”


With a desolate expression on her crimson face, Annabel looked around for the plastic cup on the floor and then leaned over and allowed Frank’s seed to trickle between her lips into the cup. The old boy’s member was already wilting but the dirty deed had been done.


Now the other three began to pipe up again, clearly impressed with Annabel’s oral skills.         


“Way to go, Frankie boy!”


“You too, Nurse Annabel! Champion cocksucker!”


“And she enjoyed herself! Look at how her nipples are poking out!”


Annabel kept her head bowed as Nurse Ingle picked up the cup of semen and placed it on the trolley. Alastair was sure that they wouldn’t be testing it – after all, Dr. Schafer was no longer legally allowed to practice, and this whole thing was obviously another of Nash’s charades – but they might be saving it for some other wicked purpose later. In due course, Annabel would find out. Meanwhile, her ordeal in the homeless shelter was picking up pace.


“Well, don’t just sit there,” Dr. Schafer said. “You have three more patients to attend to – and to save time, you can check them all together.”






Chapter One Hundred and One


Annabel watched with increasing dismay as the three remaining vagrants quickly removed their pajamas and huddled around her. Unlike old Frank, all three of them had full erections, which they now waved in front of her burning face. She had no choice but to notice that Randy was particularly well-hung as he slapped his cockhead against her cheek.


“I know you are keen to get sucking again, Nurse Annabel,” Dr. Schafer unkindly stated. “But I’d like you to stand up and introduce yourself properly with a nice welcoming kiss first.”


Introduce myself? Annabel fumed. They’ve seen every private detail of my body! What else could they need to know about me?


 Forlornly, she got to her feet, feeling somewhat claustrophobic at the close proximity of the three unclothed drifters. There was far too much gray body hair, wrinkled skin, and male testosterone around for her liking. On auto-pilot, she French-kissed each one in turn, allowing them to explore her mouth with their tongues, feeling their broken, yellowing teeth with her own tongue. As she was rotated around, the remaining two would grope her ass and breasts, making her squeal into the mouth of whoever she was currently kissing.


Then it was time for the repugnant ‘temperature taking” session. One by one, she knelt behind their spread ass cheeks and worked her tongue into their brown holes, feeling sick to her stomach as their ass hair tickled her nose. As a crowning insult, when she started rimming Oscar, he broke wind into her face, almost making her to throw up!


To speed things along. Dr. Schafer had Annabel cup their balls and blow them off at the same time. Back on her knees, she spent the next fifteen minutes licking and sucking, always with somebody’s testicles in hand. Oscar and Jimmy both had sizeable beer bellies, which as they crowded in around her, intensified her sense of confinement.


Oscar came first, his hot issue hitting the back of her throat. Annabel coughed it up into the new receptacle on the floor, and was quickly ordered to resume her unpleasant chore. This time however, Dr. Schafer commanded her take Jimmy and Randy’s penises at the same time. Annabel recoiled in terror. Randy’s dick had to be at least eight inches long! She doubted if she could accommodate it on it’s own, let alone with Jimmy’s alongside it!


But try she must, and stretching her mouth as wide as she possibly could, she allowed the two horny old men to guide their shafts between her spread lips. As they nudged themselves deeper into her throat, Annabel breathed frantically through her nostrils. At one point, she really thought she was going to suffocate, but when she tried to pull back, she felt Nurse Ingle’s cruel fingers holding the back of her head firmly in place.


Fuck! She’s going to kill me! Annabel thought desperately.


But survival mode kicked in, and she instinctively relaxed her throat and managed to control her breathing while the two men, side by side, gently pulsed their dicks in and out of her mouth. When Jimmy came, Randy pulled his thick penis out and began to rapidly masturbate in front of Annabel’s face. She looked at it in astonishment whilst keeping her lips together with Jimmy’s semen still inside. Almost hypnotized by Randy’s enlarged cockhead, Annabel was taken totally by surprise as the first salvo hit her in the face. She flinched and tried to turn her head, but Nurse Ingle behind her was too strong, and another powerful spurt of ropy white semen landed on her nose.


Feeling almost faint, Annabel leaned over and deposited Jimmy’s semen into the receptacle on the floor. Then, at Dr. Schafer’s bidding, she wiped most of Randy’s bodily fluid off her nose, cheeks, and chin, and flicked it all into the receptacle.


As the three old men caught their breath, Annabel sat numbly back on her heels. She had been forced to perform some hideous acts of depravity over the past few months, but right now, she felt filthier than ever before.






While Nurse Ingle was retrieving the cup of mixed semen, and the four sated old vagrants were putting their jammies back on, Dr. Schafer selected a peculiar metal contraption that reminded Alastair of a small bear trap from the trolley. He approached the desolate figure still kneeling on the floor, and told her to rise to her feet.


“Open wide,” he said, tapping her on the chin with the device. Annabel looked at it uncomprehendingly before obediently parting her jaws. The instrument consisted of a thin steel bar that looped around on itself, forming a narrow figure-of-eight shape. Dr. Schafer placed it inside Annabel’s mouth so that the upper and lower portion of the bar rested just behind her teeth. Then he began ratcheting the two sides apart using a small lever on the side of the instrument.


Alastair’s mind raced back to the unforgettable poker night when he had first had the indescribable pleasure of watching Annabel debase herself. Part of her punishment that night had included a plastic mouth extender that had stretched her lips into a grotesquely wide grin that had exposed every one of her teeth. This was obviously another similar dental instrument, which in this case, was designed simply to keep the jaws apart. Alastair doubted that Dr. Schafer intended to carry out any dental treatment today, its purpose being to serve as a kind of pseudo-medieval torture device!


As Dr. Schafer kept on pressing the lever, Annabel’s eyes grew wider and wider along with her stretching jaws. A genuine dentist would never have deliberately subjected his patient to such discomfort of course, and Alastair suspected that the good doctor had tampered with the apparatus in order to allow it to open up much wider than its manufacturers had intended! Indeed, by the time he was done, Annabel’s teeth were jammed further apart than ever before in her young life, and her pink tongue flashed around inside her mouth as she let out a gargled moan of anguish.


 Dr. Schafer then produced what at first glance looked like a large pair of scissors from his pocket, and for a second Alastair had the insane notion that he was about to cut out the distraught girl’s tongue! But on closer inspection he observed that the end of the ‘blades’ were in fact flat steel circles and that the tool was actually a spring-loaded tongue clamp.


“Stick out your tongue, please,” Dr. Schafer said, in what was, given the circumstances, a wholly inappropriate bedside manner.


“Aah!” Annabel replied, as the clamps bit down on her tongue, their weight pulling it out of her wide open mouth. Not only did she look to be in a great deal of distress, but as per usual with Darius Nash and his deranged friends, she looked quite absurd with the metal frame jammed between her teeth, her mouth forced open impossibly wide, and the clamp swinging freely from her chin.






Chapter One Hundred and Two


Oh God, my jaws are aching already! Annabel thought frantically. How long does he intend to keep this hateful thing in place?


A fleeting, unbidden reminder of her previous medical ‘exam’ under the direction of this twisted doctor flashed into her mind – skipping naked with a jump rope in the back yard of Nash’s house, her stomach obscenely swollen by an enormous enema, with two painfully tight suction cups hanging from her breasts! This monster didn’t understand the meaning of the word ‘mercy’, and she just knew that the disfiguration of her mouth would only be the first part of her long suffering today.


“We’ll begin by taking her temperature,” said Dr. Schafer. “Nurse Ingle, would you please put her in the correct position?”


Annabel watched with trepidation as the tall, sinister nurse picked up what looked like a pair of mittens, each with a small metal d-ring sewn into the end. Then she roughly grabbed hold of Annabel’s right hand and worked it into the glove. The insides were thickly padded giving Annabel no room at all to wiggle her fingers, and the cuff consisted of a leather strap, which Nurse Ingle now tightened and buckled securely. Once the second glove was firmly in place, Annabel’s hands had been rendered quite useless, but Nurse Ingle wasn’t done yet. Next she fished a white, leather collar out of her apron and proceeded to fasten it around Annabel’s neck. Attached to the collar were two snap-locks, and Nurse Ingle raised Annabel’s arms up in turn, attaching the d-rings on the gloves to either side of the collar.


With her hands and arms disabled, Annabel was now lowered onto a stool directly in front of the group of leering old tramps. Her absolute terror of this vicious woman was such that she didn’t even offer a token of resistance when Nurse Ingle moved around behind her, placed her hands underneath her knees and then lifted Annabel’s legs up so that her feet were beside her gloved hands. Legs apart, Annabel’s most private places were on clear and vivid view to all and sundry, and despite having already displayed her nudity to the four homeless men – not to mention having just performed fellatio on each them – this posture made Annabel feel even more vulnerable and exposed!


She had been so preoccupied by all of this that she hadn’t noticed Dr. Schafer approaching from the side. Perhaps, in her former pampered lifestyle, the large, plastic syringe he was holding would have confused Annabel at first, but she would never forget the terrible enema this evil doctor had administered to her before, and she felt her anus puckering up automatically as Dr. Schafer squatted down in front of her.


“Blinking up at her through his glasses,” the doctor said. “We’ll just have to clean you up a bit first. Don’t want you making my instruments all messy, do we?”


With her jaws forced apart, and her tongue hanging out, Annabel was hardly in a position to reply, but she did emit a choked gargle of outrage as the hard plastic tip of the syringe breached her sphincter.






What a delightfully vulgar sight! Alastair thought as he watched Dr. Schafer press the plunger in, to slowly squirting the syringe’s liquid contents into Annabel’s rectum.


Almost immediately, the anguished girl began to scream and struggle, and Nurse Ingle had to keep a firm grip on Annabel’s legs to stop her from toppling off the stool. Alastair had no idea what the syringe contained – he had watched Dr. Schafer empty a large brown glass bottle into a bowl, from which he had extracted the clear liquid – but it was apparently extremely painful. The room was filled with Annabel’s strained gurgling as she battled unsuccessfully to free herself from Nurse Ingle’s hold.


When the syringe was empty, Dr. Schafer rose and went back to the bowl to refill it. Annabel was twisting her head from side to side now, the clamp on her tongue swinging back and forth. Alastair’s eyes were drawn to her swollen cunt lips, and her damp, hairless and shiny vulva, and he felt his cock twitch in his pants. With these four randy old men in attendance, he doubted that he would be given the opportunity to partake in today’s proceedings, but it was still a deliciously  enlightening experience to watch this sick medical pair at work.


Their technique seemed to revolve around adding layer upon layer of physical torment to their hapless victim, so that eventually she wouldn’t be able to focus on any one particular part of her tortured body. Right now, her jaws had to be aching terribly, but she looked rather more concerned with the pain in her abdomen as she shook her constrained hands in agony.


Once again, Dr. Schafer slowly emptied the contents of the syringe into Annabel’s body, and by now her vocal protestations had deteriorated into a deep, animal bellow. With her eyes rolling in their sockets, and saliva dripping freely from her chin and tongue, she was totally unrecognizable as the well-heeled mistress of Pemberton Hall that Alastair had waited on for so many years.


With her enema doing its work inside her, Dr. Schafer stepped back to let nature take its course. The four old men watched in fascination as they waited for Annabel’s bowels to move, but Dr. Schafer was already preparing the next phase of her misery. Picking up the ridiculously oversize thermometer – could it have been designed for a bull, or perhaps an elephant? – he liberally coated the end with Vaseline, and then said, “After Annabel has evacuated her bowels, I wonder if any of you gentlemen would be kind enough to insert this into her rectum?”






Chapter One Hundred and Three


Even through the agony of the intense cramps in her lower abdomen, Annabel felt utterly humiliated at the inevitable prospect of having to eject this stinging liquid from her insides in front of everybody. Yes, she had taken their penises into her mouth and rimmed their anuses, so there really wasn’t much left to hide from them, but somehow this intensely personal function felt like the deepest violation so far. There wasn’t any question of her holding it in – the pain was too much, and besides, she wouldn’t have any choice in the matter. She could already feel her bowels pushing, and as the four pajama-clad old men stood back in readiness, Annabel closed her eyes in shame.


All too soon she heard the first trickle, felt the release in pressure, and then sent out a low sigh of relief as her body started ejecting the enema with ever increasing power. Hearing her personal waterfall splattering onto the linoleum, Annabel couldn’t help opening her eyes. Between her spread thighs, she saw the now brown-tinted fluid arcing through the air and forming an expanding puddle on the floor. It seemed to go on forever, the blessed relief transcending her intense embarrassment. Finally, she squeezed out the last few spurts, followed by a series of undignified farts, much to the amusement of her band of onlookers.


“What a mess you’ve made,” Randy said, stepping around the filthy puddle to position himself in front of her exposed crotch. Annabel looked at the enormous thermometer in his hands, and her brief calm was interrupted by a new wave of terror. She knew exactly where that was going, and even though she had long ceased to be a stranger to anal penetration, the bulbous glass head of the instrument had to be at least two inches across!


Renewing her desperate struggle, she felt Nurse Ingle’s claws digging into the soft flesh of her thighs. Meanwhile, Randy knelt down and placed the end of the thermometer against Annabel’s already sore anus.


Please, God, no! It’s too big! Annabel screamed in her head as the old bum began to push. She could feel the cold glass pressing into the small opening as Randy grunted, “It won’t fit!”


Indeed, Annabel seriously doubted that the old guy would have the strength to force her anus open that wide, but then he was joined by Jimmy, and with both of them pushing as hard as they could, Annabel’s sphincter suddenly relented and as her body accepted the cold glass invader, Annabel felt as though she was going to be torn apart!






Even if her mouth hadn’t been forced wide open, Alastair doubted whether her garbled enunciations would have made any sense. He had witnessed Nash’s depravity on several occasions, and Mrs. Craddock also knew how to inflict extreme suffering, but for sheer cruelty, Dr. Schafer had to beat them both.


When the two panting old vagrants finally stopped pushing, there had to be five inches of the huge thermometer inside Annabel’s ass! Her clamped tongue lolled around on her chin, and her bound hands thrashed around as she tried in vain to escape Nurse Ingle’s grasp. But when she was released, Annabel had no option but to stand up with her legs apart, because the thermometer was well and truly wedged inside her.


“Randy, would you and the boys please take Annabel for a shower? You’d better take off what’s left of her uniform, but leave everything else in place,” Dr. Schafer said. “And please make sure she is thoroughly cleaned,” he added, handing Randy the bar of carbolic soap that had earlier been wedged inside Annabel’s mouth.


When Annabel had been marched through the double-doors by the four old men, Alastair stood by uncertainly watching Nurse Ingle attaching a pair of leather cuffs to one of the bed rails. Dr. Schafer, who had returned his attention to the items on the metal trolley, looked up at him and said, “Mr. Barclay, perhaps you would go with them just to make sure things don’t get out of control. Let’s have the patient back here in about half an hour.”


By the time he had located the bathroom – a bleak chamber of painted brick and high, opaque windows – the guys had already removed Annabel’s hat and shoes and were in the process of peeling off her stockings while the giant thermometer protruded from her asshole like a grotesque tail!


The shower stall was a large walk-in affair, with three rusty shower heads arranged in a row along the wall. To Alastair’s surprise, the hobos all stripped naked as well before manhandling the stricken girl inside. She still had the collar around her neck, and with the mittens attached to it, Annabel’s arms were kept held up in a gesture of apparent surrender.


“Okay, honey,” Randy said, his cock already at full-mast. “Time to give you a bath.”


For the next thirty minutes, Alastair watched the writhing mass of nudity with a mixture of revulsion and carnal fascination. The four wrinkly old men, with their big wobbling bellies, hairy man-tits, and sagging skin, slid up and down against Annabel’s voluptuous and youthful form, while they slathered her with soap. Annabel was turned and pulled and shoved back and forth between them under the gushing water, coughing constantly because of her physical inability to close her mouth.


It was interesting to observe how the homeless guys’ initial amazement at their good fortune to be able to play with such a stunning young woman, had now been replaced by a general aura of confidence and control. They had seen enough of Annabel’s submissive nature to realize that they could do with her as they pleased without fear of recrimination. It was a similar evolution to the one that Alastair had witnessed at Helen’s house with Annabel’s former friends.


There was a sharp clap from behind, and turning, Alastair saw the intimidating figure of Nurse Ingle. He had been so mesmerized by the lewd spectacle in the shower that he hadn’t noticed her enter the bathroom. Neither had the four dirty old vagrants who had by now lifted Annabel up in the air, Randy behind her with his arms under her armpits and his hands squeezing her wet breasts, Oscar and Jimmy holding up a leg each, while Frank was kneeling in front of her spread, shaved pussy with his tongue poking out. Before he had a chance to make contact however, Nurse Ingle clapped her hands again, and the startled old men obediently carried the gasping girl back into the dormitory.






Chapter One Hundred and Four


Annabel could only imagine what they must have looked like as they came stumbling and shuffling through the doors. Held aloft with her hands bound up in the degrading mittens, Annabel was utterly helpless, and through the swirl of her physical torments she prayed that they wouldn’t lose their balance and drop her on her ass and shatter the glass thermometer that was impaling it!


Even though her jaws and tongue were numb, and her anus was on fire from being stretched so wide, it was, as usual, the enforced intimacy with these reprehensible people that affected her the most. She had been cast as the leading role in an insane comedy show which, no matter what unfolded in the future, would always be a part of her dark and dirty history. When her ‘annus horribilis’ was over, she would obviously never tell anybody about how she had sexually serviced these four ancient old bums, but the awful memory would stay with her for the rest of her life.


She was unceremoniously dumped on her bare feet in the middle of the floor, a small pool of water quickly forming on the floor beneath her. To Annabel’s relief, Nurse Ingle plucked the clamp from her tongue, but to her greater disappointment, the painful metal brace between her teeth was left in place.


“Now I want to get your temperature after a little light exercise,” Dr. Schafer said. “Running on the spot will suffice, I think. Knees up high, and off you go!”


Nurse Ingle delivered a sharp smack across her right buttock, and Annabel immediately complied with the doctor’s instructions. Only a few coarse remarks from her audience interrupted the sound of Annabel’s labored breathing and the slapping of her bare feet on the wet linoleum. She knew how absurd she must look with her hands trussed up by her shoulders, her mouth stretched wide open, and the thermometer jutting out of her ass, but after about ten minutes of jogging, her focus of attention turned towards her increasing state of fatigue. She wasn’t sure how long she could keep this up, but her fear of attracting further punishment was enough to keep her struggling on.


After what seemed like an eternity, Dr. Schafer finally allowed her to rest. While Annabel stood there panting heavily through her gaping mouth, Nurse Ingle pushed her forward over the end of a bed rail, and in the next instant Annabel felt the wretched thermometer being slowly extracted from her body. The blissful relief she was experiencing at being unplugged came to an abrupt ending as the large globular end of the thermometer reached her sore sphincter. Annabel braced herself, but there was to be no gentle coaxing out of the instrument by the cruel Nurse Ingle. Instead she simply yanked it hard and Annabel cried out in agony as it extended her anus even wider before finally popping free.


Further compounding her misery, Frank said, “Just look at that black hole! You can see all the way inside her!”






Alastair did look with extreme interest at the gaping cavity that Annabel’s butthole had been transformed into, and from the way her thighs were quivering, it looked decidedly painful! As her tortured orifice began to contract back towards its original size, Dr. Schafer approached the bed with a long white feather in each hand. “Now I want to check the patient’s skin sensitivity,” he said. “Would you prepare her for the testing please, nurse?”


Nurse Ingle quickly gripped Annabel by the shoulders and manipulated her over onto her back on the bed. Then she unceremoniously yanked Annabel’s ankles apart and locked them into the two cuffs that she had attached to each end of the bed rail.


Dr. Schafer handed a feather each to Frank and Oscar. “Would you mind checking the sensitivity of Annabel’s feet?”


“You mean tickle her?” asked Frank with a cheeky grin.


“That’s correct,” Dr. Schafer said blandly, as if tickling a bound girl’s bare feet was a perfectly normal part of medical procedure.


The two vagrants began stroking the tip of their feathers up and down the soles of Annabel’s feet. The anguished girl immediately let out a high-pitched squeal and scrunched up her toes as she frantically tried to pull away. Anchored to the bed rail with her hands incapacitated, all Annabel could do was swivel her head from side to side and arch her back as the two laughing old men caressed the arches of Annabel’s feet.


It was difficult to tell with her jaws forced apart, but Alastair assumed that Annabel was actually laughing, although the tears that were streaming down the sides of her face suggested she was finding this latest assault anything but pleasurable.


Randy and Jimmy were gathered around the bed now, and when Alastair moved in to join them, he saw that Dr. Schafer was opening a plastic container filled with metal pins. “If you would be kind enough to help, gentlemen,” he said, “I also want to test the skin on Annabel’s breasts and vagina. Make sure you push the pins in far enough that they stick – like so.”


Alastair watched open-mouthed as Dr. Schafer inserted a good quarter of an inch of the pin into Annabel’s left areola. Her gargling screams reached a new pitch at the sudden stabbing pain, and her naked form writhed around frantically on the bed. Now the vagrants got to work themselves, adding more and more pins to each of Annabel’s nipples until Alastair counted eight arranged around each one.


But her torment wasn’t finished yet. While Annabel was being used as a human pin-cushion, Nurse Ingle had tightly rolled up a piece of toilet tissue into a long, thin line. Placing her hand on Annabel’s forehead to keep her head still, she began poking the end of the tissue inside Annabel’s left nostril, pushing it all the way to the back, and irritating the delicate tissue inside until the distraught girl began to sneeze.


Dr. Schafer meanwhile had directed Randy and Jimmy down Annabel’s body towards her bald crotch. Her damp and inflamed cunt lips presented a juicy target for the shiny little pins, and Annabel’s cries became even louder as they pierced her puffy labia. Her head thumped up and down on the mattress and she shook her gloved hands as if she was having a fit. All the while she was being pricked, the other two tramps kept up their relentless tickling, and Alastair’s gaze was drawn to her dainty pink feet as they twisted and turned inside the metal shackles.


By the time they had emptied the container, Annabel had at least twenty pins sticking out of her pussy lips, and from the manic expression in her moist, blue eyes, it looked to Alastair as if they had finally managed to drive her insane!






Chapter One Hundred and Five


Get them out of me!


Coherent thought was beyond Annabel by now as the relentless addition of the pins seared the most sensitive parts of her body. Coupled with the excruciating tickling on the soles of her feet, she had been reduced to a helpless wreck, thrashing around on the bed while this gang of leering old men stood merrily above her. Quite apart from the stinging pain, Annabel was in a state of abject horror at the thought having her soft skin being pierced. Her fear of doctors and hospitals was intense enough, but her dread of needles was far worse!


She couldn’t see clearly because the incessant sneezing induced by the length of tissue paper aggravating the insides her nostrils was making her eyes water constantly, while the maddening tickling of her feet was now almost sending her over the edge! Just as she felt a new wave of hysteria begin to envelop her, she heard Dr. Schafer say, “Well, I think her circulation is in good working order, that will be enough. Nurse Ingle, would you be so kind as to remove the pins? Then let’s get her sitting up so that she can take her medication.”


Even through the almost neurotic state she had put in, Annabel caught the word ‘medication’ and wondered what Dr. Schafer could possibly be giving her. She had long ago deduced that he had to be behind her constant state of sexual arousal, and she was far too well acquainted with the evil bastard to entertain the vaguest notion that any pharmaceuticals he intended to plant inside her would be intended for her well-being.


Nurse Ingle proceeded to extract the pins one by one from Annabel’s sore nipples and inflamed labia. Then Randy and Jimmy pulled her up by her arms like a rag doll, so that she was sitting on her backside with her splayed legs still locked against the bed rail. Nurse Ingle then proceeded to tie a length of cord around Annabel’s left big toe, and then loop it over her shoulders and around her neck before locating her right foot and tying it off on her other big toe. Thus secured, Randy and Jimmy let go of her and she remained in place, gloved hands up, legs out, and head bent slightly forward.


Now it was Dr. Schafer’s turn again to pile on the suffering again. He picked up a small orange egg-shaped object which was attached to an electrical wire and a plastic control box. Then he parted Annabel’s exposed labia with one hand and inserted the device inside her vagina. When he turned on the control box, the egg began to throb inside her, immediately sending an unwelcome surge of pleasure through her belly.


“Would you please administer Annabel’s medication, Nurse Ingle?” Dr. Schafer said.


Unable to move, and with her mouth jammed open, Annabel could only watch on feebly as the sadistic nurse placed two green pills underneath her tongue. Then she moistened the inside of Annabel’s mouth and throat with a liquid spray that tasted vaguely of urine. As a final, utterly demoralizing indignity, Nurse Ingle then fetched the plastic cup filled with the combined semen of the four hobos, and poured its contents over Annabel’s tongue!


“The tablets will slowly dissolve and enter her bloodstream,” Dr. Schafer informed his admiring audience.


“What are they for?” asked Frank.


“They will help her to dream,” Dr. Schafer said. “Now, I believe that tea and sandwiches have been served in the recreation room. Shall we?”






Is that it? Have they finished playing with me now?


All alone in the dormitory, Annabel could do nothing but sit in the increasingly uncomfortable position. She could wiggle her toes and rotate her ankles, and of course move her arms and head, but she would remain seated on the bed, unable to raise her ass from the mattress until Dr. Schafer freed her from her constraints. For all she knew, he might have her sitting here all night – it was entirely up to him.


These were the parameters of Annabel’s existence now – old sadistic perverts dictating every little detail in her life. They even had control of her sexuality, a detail she was being reminded of right now as her hot pussy leaked vaginal fluids onto the sheets as the little orange egg whirred away inside her.


 All of a sudden, she felt utterly drained of energy and she couldn’t help closing her eyes. Strange images flitted into her head as she dropped into a kind of semi-sleep. She saw herself with the old gang, Bobby, Helen, Samantha, Drew, Trent and Josh, sunning themselves beside the pool at Pemberton Hall.


She was her former self, confident and admired by all, her long red tresses flowing behind her as she raced Bobby to the pool. Lurking in the background was Barclay, her creepy old manservant, watching, wishing, and wanting, as the three young girls deliberately flaunted their bikini-clad bodies in front of him. What fun to be able to hold such power over somebody…


“Just look at you!”


Annabel opened her eyes groggily and saw Helen Parker leaning against the bed opposite. She looked absolutely gorgeous in a tight-fitting red dress ands silver pumps. As high school and college rivals, they had always tried to outdo each other, and aware of her own naked and hog-tied circumstances, her cheeks burned like fire.


What is she doing here?


“You’ve become an even filthier whore than the last time I saw you – and that was bad enough. At least then you were fucking boys of your own age! Now you are doing men old enough to be your grandfather! I always suspected you were a sick puppy, but this is beyond belief!”


Annabel tried to protest her innocence, but all that came out of her stretched jaws was a choked bubbling sound.


“Can’t even speak,” Helen mocked, and to Annabel’s amazement, she had quite suddenly changed into a halter top and jeans.


How did she do that so fast?


Helen came up close with a spiteful smile on her lips and traced her fingertips over Annabel’s right nipple. “You know I set you up, don’t you? It was all part of my plan to get Bobby. And it worked. He hates you now. No, he pities you, but not in a sympathetic way, more like the way somebody pities an alcoholic or obese person.”


Helen was naked now, her body glowing like gold, and Annabel blinked and shook her head. She could feel Helen’s hand on her breast, but she had to be dreaming, hadn’t she? Then something distinctly weird happened – Helen’s neatly trimmed blonde bush transformed into a long penis, hanging out of a black nest of pubic hair. When she looked back up, Annabel was staring into the face of Trent.


“Hi sweetie, remember us?” His voice sounded odd, as if there were two people talking at the same time, and then, right in front of Annabel’s eyes, the face morphed into Josh’s. “We thought we would come together, seeing as how you like fucking us both at the same time!”


“Don’t take any notice of them, Bell.”


Now Annabel turned her head in the direction of the familiar voice of Aunt Sissy, who was inexplicably sitting cross-legged on the bed next to hers. 


Aunt Sissy? Is that you? Look! Look at what they are doing to me!


“I know exactly how you feel,” Aunt Sissy said, as if reading her mind. “It happened to me too. I know it’s awful, but you will come out of it a stronger person, and with all of the riches you deserve. Besides, you have no choice. We never did. These are the rules…”


“Yes, my little cocksucker!” said Darius Nash who had somehow appeared behind Aunt Sissy and was now massaging her neck. “And you know what happens when you break the rules, don’t you?”


Get away! Annabel screamed in her head, losing any remaining semblance of mental composure. Leave me alone, all of you! You’re not real!


To her dismay, she realized that she had just wet herself, and as the shameful warmth spread beneath her naked buttocks, a thick gray fog enveloped her.






Wow, baby, you’re so wet!” Bobby said, working his fingers inside Annabel’s red satin panties.


I’m a different girl, now,” Annabel whispered. “I know how to make you happy.”


Bobby chuckled. “Really? And what can you do for me?”




Bobby inserted two fingers between Annabel’s labia and began moving them in and out of her.


Oh God!” Annabel groaned, closing her eyes. “That feels so good!”


You said ‘anything’,” Bobby breathed into her ear. “Tell me about that.”


I know how to give head now,” Annabel said. “I’m real good at that.”


Now you’re talking,” said Bobby. “How about anal?”


No problem there, my sweet. I’ve taken plenty up my asshole these days.”


You never used to talk like that before,” Bobby said, but now Annabel detected a slight note of disgust in his voice.


Isn’t that what you wanted…?”


What?” Bobby said, his fingers pumping faster now. “For you to be a slut?”


No!” Annabel protested. “I’m not…”


Yes you are!” Bobby snarled. “You are a whore, not my pure, innocent Annabel anymore. You’re a cocksucking bitch. Now, I want you to come for me, slut…”




Annabel opened her eyes, disoriented at first in the gloom, but a few bars of moonlight illuminated the opposite wall and with a sinking heart, she remembered where she was. She was lying on her back again, her ankles still cuffed to the bed rail, and her hands still bound up in the mittens attached to her neck collar, but the hateful metal mouth brace had finally been removed.


She was still writhing around on the mattress because there really was a pair of fingers fucking her pussy. She knew that the shadowy figure sitting on her bed wasn’t Bobby, but in the dim light she couldn’t make out his features.


“You like that, don’t you?” he said. “You’re so fucking wet!”


He leaned closer and now in the moonlight Annabel saw the reflection of his glasses, and his thin hair and lined forehead, and she recognized him as the antiquated old man in the lobby when she had arrived with Barclay that morning.


She immediately began squirming around, trying to extricate his fingers from her moist interior. “Stop! Please!”


“You don’t mean that, do you? I saw how much fun you had with the boys today. I just want to see what all the fuss was about.”


“Barclay!” Annabel yelled, her voice echoing off the walls.


“He’s not here,” the old man said, unbuttoning his pants. “You were so far out of it, it was decided to leave you here overnight. He’ll come and get you some time tomorrow. In the meantime, you can relax and enjoy yourself.”


As he dropped his pants and climbed on top of her, Annabel saw dark shapes moving on the other beds in the dorm.


“What’s going on?” somebody said in a bleary voice.


A light was switched on, and Annabel saw that several of the beds were now occupied by more smelly old homeless men. One by one, they sat up and looked at the sex act taking place at the end of the room. Annabel felt the old guy’s cockhead pushing past her labia and she opened her mouth to scream, but he immediately slipped his fingers between her lips.


“Don’t you bite now,” he whispered. “Any trouble, and I’ll be sure to inform Mr. Barclay in the morning.”


Miserably, Annabel relaxed her jaws and allowed him to move his bitter-tasting fingers around the inside of her mouth. At the same time, he penetrated her with a grunt, and began to rhythmically slide up and down her body. Annabel turned her head to the side, feeling his wet tongue in her ear, and watched in dismay as the rest of the old vagrants in the room climbed down off their beds


Resigned to her fate, she closed her eyes, and all she could see was Bobby shaking his head sadly, with a look of derision on his face.



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