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Officer Carmen's





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Chapter One


At just before eight in the evening, Probationary Officer Carmen

Vasquez stood on the sidewalk of a quiet Los Angeles neighborhood and stared apprehensively at the illuminated front window of Officer Larry Wilson’s modest bungalow.


Even though she prided herself on her determination to overcome adversity – which she had done on several occasions during her troubled childhood – she could feel her heart beating in her chest and the sweat prickling the back of her neck.


As Wilson had instructed, she was still in her uniform and because of the extra paperwork he had left her back at the station, she hadn’t even had an opportunity to go home and take a shower before reporting to his home at the stipulated hour.


Carmen had no idea why she had been summoned here, but fresh out of the Academy, and with Wilson as her assigned Training officer, she knew that her fledging career depended upon staying on his good side for a year so here she was, like it or not. The fact was she didn’t like it at all, not only because it was highly irregular – not to mention suspicious – but also because during the first few weeks of her probation she had taken a distinct dislike to the man.


He was old school, one of the last of the renegade types that had made headlines during the Rampart scandal, and she had already heard whispers that he still sometimes crossed over the line of what was legal and acceptable in the line of duty. Certainly his boorish behavior and sexist attitude hadn’t endeared him towards her, and it was the unsubtle and vulgar passes that he often made at her that made this unwanted liaison most worrying of all.


Carmen knew that she was an attractive woman, and although she didn’t exactly regard herself as the feminine type, she kept herself in good shape and was aware that she had already caught the attention of more than a few of her fellow officers. But up until now she had kept them all at bay because she had no intention of getting into a relationship that might distract her from her ultimate ambition of one day becoming a detective.


Carmen fingered her utility belt as she walked up the pathway and rang the bell. Worst case scenario, she would spray the son-of-a-bitch if he tried anything. As she waited on the porch, Carmen heard the muffled sound of male voices coming through the door.


Oh crap! He’s not alone!


Now she was starting to feel really concerned. Who the hell was in there and what did they want with her? Common sense told her she should just walk away but she knew she would receive a whole load of shit from Wilson the next day if she did, so she willed herself to stay put.


Before she had time to change her mind, the door swung open and Wilson was suddenly looming over her with a lopsided grin on his face. “Officer Vasquez! Right on time. Come on in and join the party.”


“Party?” Carmen said. “I thought this had something to do with work?”


“Well it does,” Wilson said, standing to one side. “In fact your whole future in the LAPD depends on it, so you’d better get your ass in here right now!”


Carmen hesitated and looked up and down the street. There wasn’t anyone around to witness this but even if there were all they would see is a uniformed officer apparently responding a call. With her Glock 9mm, Taser, and pepper spray all easily accessible, Carmen took a deep breath and reluctantly stepped over the threshold.


Her heart sank even further on seeing the other two cops in the untidy living room. Andy Munro and Sal Terrell were both known associates of Wilson’s and rumored to be just as dirty. There was a half empty bottle of Bourbon and some shot glasses on the glass coffee table and from the looks of them, all three men were half-drunk.


With a sense of foreboding, Carmen remained in the doorway, feeling foolish in her uniform when all of them were in off duty clothes.


“Take a seat, Vasquez,” Wilson said, gesturing to an empty armchair.


“I think I’ll stand.”


“That’s an order, rookie,” Wilson said. “Sit the fuck down!”


For the first time, Carmen’s apprehension was tinged with a little fear as she perched her butt on the edge of the seat. She didn’t like the way the three guys were grinning at her, but she had come this far, and her well-equipped utility belt provided her with a modicum of comfort.


“So what’s this all about?” she asked, trying to sound cooler than she felt.


“It’s a social get together,” Wilson said, handing her a shot glass full of neat Bourbon. “We’ve been on the beat for three weeks now and I haven’t really got to know you.”


That was the way Carmen had preferred it, but summoning her to his house like this with his buddies here just so that they could become better acquainted didn’t sound right at all.


“I don’t drink liquor,” Carmen said, leaving him holding the glass in front of her face.


“You do now,” Wilson said, his blue eyes twinkling. “If you want to make probation, that is.”


Carmen looked at the glass, then at him. She didn’t mind the odd beer or glass of wine, but she was by no means a hard drinker. She was torn between the risk of making a terrible mistake or becoming an object of ridicule. Maybe she was overreacting. If she fled now and acted like a frightened girl, these pieces of shit would make sure the whole precinct knew about it.


“One glass?” she said, taking it from him.


“Just the one,” Wilson said, retaking his seat.


Carmen paused, and then raised the glass to her lips. The liquor burned her throat and she fought to avoid coughing it up in front of them.


“Don’t sip it, finish it,” Wilson said.


“Women cops!” Terrell snorted. “I shudder to think what she’s going to be like when the shit hits the fan out on the street.” He filled his own shooter glass and knocked it back in one.


“Fuck you, Terrell!” Carmen snapped, and angrily downed her own drink, slamming the glass onto the coffee table.


“That wasn’t so hard, was it?’ Wilson said.


“I thought there was going to be some purpose to this,” Carmen said, standing. “But if you brought me here to get me drunk so you could gang-bang me, you’ve made a fucking mistake!”


“Whoa! Where the hell are you going?” Wilson said.


“Home. I’m tired and I need a shower.”


“I didn’t give you permission to leave yet, Probationary Officer Vasquez!”


Reminded of her vulnerable position, Carmen paused in the doorway. There was no doubting that Wilson could seriously hinder her career if her chose to do so. Despite what people said, he had never actually been caught red-handed doing anything wrong and was generally respected on the force. Still, she didn’t like where this was headed and she needed to draw the line.


“I’m going,” she said, and started towards the front door.


“If you leave now, I’m going to arrange for you to have a blood test in the morning.”


Carmen hesitated and then turned to face him. “What for?”


“Because that drink was laced with PCP,” Wilson reached into his pocket and extracted a plastic bag of white powder. “And I will report my suspicions that you are a user based on your unusual behavior on duty.”


Carmen’s jaw dropped. “Bullshit!”


“Uh-uh,” Wilson said, waving the bag back and forth. “You’ll feel its effects soon.”


Now Carmen was in a total quandary. Having to overcome Wilson’s negative recommendations would be one thing, but failing a drug test was a whole new proposition – she would get kicked off the force, for sure!


“You’re bluffing,” she said unconvincingly.


“Maybe I am. But are you willing to take the risk?”


There was something about the smug way he was looking at her that told Carmen he definitely wasn’t bluffing. She suddenly felt a little giddy, and the room swayed before her.


“I’ll tell them you made me take it!” Carmen said, as to her dismay her eyes began to brim with tears. “You’ll be the one who gets busted!”


“Is that a fact? I’m a decorated policeman who has been on the job for fifteen years. And I have two other officers here who will testify that you are lying. Who do you think they’re going to believe?”


His words struck her like a thunderbolt. She knew he was right, and now she was really at his mercy. “W-What do you want from me?” she heard herself say.


“Stick around and play for a while,” Wilson said. “If you’re a good girl, everything will turn out fine for you. But if you continue to disobey me, then you can forget about becoming a fully fledged  LAPD officer.”


“P-play?” her voice sounded distant. She guessed she knew what he meant, had figured it out ever since she had walked into the room, but for some reason she had clung to the idea that there was some other, more decent reason for calling this meeting. How stupid she felt now!


“Do what you are told. Spend the night here. We’ll have a little fun. Nobody else will know about it.”


“I-I won’t do that. Not with you.”


“Damn she’s willful,” Terrell sighed.


“Yes she is. Didn’t your father ever discipline you as a child?” asked Wilson mischievously.


“What? No!” Carmen was beginning to feel oddly detached, as if this whole developing nightmare was really happening to somebody else.


“He never spanked you?” asked Munro, addressing her for the first time.


“I think that’s what she needs,” said Wilson. “A good spanking will cure her of her stubbornness. Come over here and take off your boots and pants, Vasquez.”


Carmen couldn’t believe that these assholes were actually serious! She was a grown woman, for Christ sake! Slowly shaking her head, she quietly said, “I can’t.”


Now a mean look passed over Wilson’s face. “Either you get back in here and get those pants off, or get the fuck out and be ready to hear from Personnel Division in the morning!”


Carmen simply did not know what to do. She was feeling so disoriented that she thought she might faint, but even though she was in a state of shock at this sudden horrible turn of events, it occurred to her that her unsettled state of mind was indeed being caused by the narcotic that he had spiked her drink with.


Miserably, Carmen wiped a tear away with the sleeve of her arm and resumed her place in the middle of the room. Her career meant everything to her and if she had to endure a little humiliation in front of these three pricks, as long as it stayed private, then she would just have to somehow get through it.


Looking away to the right, she bent down and removed her boots, placing them neatly together on the carpet. Suppressing a shuddering sigh, she popped the button on her pants and slid the zipper down, before reluctantly peeling them off. She then folded the garment – part of her proudly acquired uniform – and placed it on top of her boots. She was wearing a pair of plain white boxers underneath and she was painfully aware that all three male cops had leaned forward in their seats for a closer look.


Oh shit, I can’t believe I’m doing this!


“Very good, Officer Vasquez,” Wilson finally said. “I knew there was a woman hiding under there somewhere.”


Munro sniggered and Wilson continued, “Why don’t you give us a look at that nice round Latino butt of yours?”


Biting her lip, Carmen edged awkwardly around so that she had her back to them, reflexively placing her hands over her buttocks.


“No, not like that,” Wilson said. “I want you to grab your ankles and push your booty out so that we can get a good long look at it. All the male cops in the precinct have been wanting to see this ever since your pretty little ass turned up, isn’t that right guys?”


“Been thinking about it all the time,” Terrell agreed.


Her mind in a whirl, Carmen bent forward and wrapped her fingers around her ankle socks, giving her male audience an obscene view of her rear end. She still couldn’t quite accept that she was actually standing in Wilson’s home, performing this indecent act in front of three practical strangers! With her head inverted, she caught sight of movement between her legs, and then she heard Wilson’s voice right behind her! Panicking, Carmen started to straighten up but she felt his hand pushing on the back of her head.


“Stay in position, Officer, or I make the call to personnel.”


With a despairing whimper, Carmen grabbed her ankles again.


“That’s a good girl. Now I want you to ask me to spank you.”


Oh, you fucking piece of shit! Leave me with some pride, at least!


Closing her eyes, Carmen mumbled, “Please… spank me.”


“That didn’t sound like she meant it, did it fellas?”


“Nah,” Munro said. “She doesn’t want to be punished.”


Of course I don’t want to be punished, you asshole! Carmen screamed in her head.


Wilson said, “Say ‘please spank me, Sir, I’ve been a naughty girl’.”


At first the words stuck in her throat, but mindful of the alternatives, Carmen managed to get it out. “P-Please spank me… S-Sir, I-I have been a naughty girl.”


Just humoring Wilson’s twisted game made her feel sick to her stomach, but the laughter that erupted behind her almost reduced her to tears.


“Very well, seeing as how you asked so nicely, Officer Vasquez, I will discipline you because your daddy obviously did not, and I think you really wanted him to.”


Then, to Carmen’s utter horror, she felt Wilson’s fingers tugging at the waistband of her boxers! Her whole body stiffened as she felt his other hand firmly pushing into the small of her back.




Carmen couldn’t help letting out a sob of despair as she felt Wilson slowly tug her underwear down over her buttocks, feeling the cool air on them, and then also on her most private and feminine place between. She felt the cotton undergarment sliding down her thighs until they were around her knees, and then the room was filled with an appreciative silence.


Finally, Terrell said, “Holy shit! That is one sight to behold!”


They’re all looking at my naked ass while I’m submissively bent over for them! How can I ever look them in the face again!


Carmen felt as though she was in the pits of Hell! Everything she stood for was being stripped away from her. One of the reasons she had enrolled with the LAPD had been the pride and respect she felt from wearing the uniform. Now she was effectively naked from the waist down with three drunken rogue cops leering at her!


But if Carmen thought she had reached her nadir, she was sorely mistaken…’

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