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Officer Carmen's





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Chapter Two


‘Bent double, wearing just her police tunic and socks, with her boxers down at half-mast around her knees, Officer Carmen Vasquez had never felt so vulnerable in her entire life! To make even more of a mockery of her ‘authority-figure’ status, she was still wearing her utility belt with all of its accessories including her Glock 9mm, but because of the threat of blackmail she was now under, she couldn’t even use that to protect herself!


“What do you think of those peaches, gentlemen?” Wilson said, still positioned right beside her exposed rear.


“That is one sweet ass!” Munro said. “But I want to see more flesh. What are you hiding between those buns, honey?”




Outrage pulsed through Carmen at his crude words! Up until today, if not their equals, then she had at least worn the same uniform and carried a sidearm like the rest of them. But now they were regarding her as a mere sex object, a bimbo! Under ordinary circumstances, Carmen would have had any number of put-downs at the ready, but in this indecent pose, she could only bite her lip and take it.


“He wants you to part your thighs,” Wilson said, helpfully. “Come on, show the guys your snatch!”


Her legs quivering with anger and shame, Carmen slowly did as she was told, inching them apart until she knew they could all see her plump labia. Partly because of her inverted position, but also from the sheer embarrassment of what she was doing, her cheeks were burning hot. An hour ago, it would have been inconceivable that she could ever have done something as demeaning as this!


“There she is! Now we’re talking!” said Terrell. “I knew the bitch would be good for something!”


“Nah!” Munro said. “Still not good enough. I want to see her butt hole!”


Wilson sniggered and said, “You heard him, rookie. Reach behind and spread those cheeks!”


“P-please…” Carmen said, feeling her dignity crumbling away by the second. “I-I can’t do this!”


“She says ‘please’!” Wilson said. “How about that? Well if you can’t complete a simple task like that, what good are you? I guess I’ll have to make the call, and then all of this public exposure will have been for nothing.”


“You can’t do that!” Carmen said. “I did as you asked!”


“You don’t get it do you, rookie? This is just the beginning! We’ve got all fucking night here!”


Her head swimming, Carmen now knew that the inevitable was going to happen. She had come this far, and there was no going back. Yes, she could still tell them all to fuck themselves but where would that leave her? She would be off the force, kicked out in disgrace with no way back, and they would all still have the memory of seeing her like this to laugh about! Wilson had quickly and skillfully placed her just where he wanted her – both physically and figuratively!


Woefully, she reached behind and then, filled with self-disgust, grabbed her buttocks and parted them. The fact that Wilson had made her do it herself made the act feel even more demeaning. It was as if she willingly was putting on a lewd show for them!


“That’s a tight little hole, sweetie,” Munro said, “Don’t you take it up the ass?”


A sudden flash made her jump, and then realizing what it was, yelled, “No! Don’t take pictures!”


Her head bobbed up but Wilson roughly pushed it back down. “Relax, Vasquez. Keep showing us that brown button or you know what will happen. Just keep thinking of your probation.”

More flashes followed, and Carmen could only imagine what the images looked like! A female police officer, naked from the waist down, showing off her anus, apparently of her own volition! God forbid that should ever get onto the internet! Now they had even more material to blackmail her with!


Up until now, the only physical contact Wilson had had with her had been with the back of her head and when he had pulled her boxers down. But now she felt him touch her in a place that would ordinarily have been strictly off limits! As his searching fingers pried her labia apart, she let out a moan of despair.


“Well lookee here!” Wilson said. “She’s all moist and pink on the inside!”


The inevitable flashes followed and Carmen felt as though she was going to die of shame on the spot. They are looking right inside my body while I obligingly expose myself to them!


As the rogue cops took pictures of her most intimate and private place at their leisure, Carmen felt Wilson’s other hand fumbling at her utility belt. Then he said, “Let go of your ass and cross your wrists behind your back. At first Carmen didn’t understand, but after she had reluctantly complied with his order, she felt the cold steel of her handcuffs snap shut around each of her wrists in turn.


“You have the right to cry like a baby…” Wilson said, as he pulled his fingers out of her vagina and then gave her a hard slap across the right buttock. With her hands cuffed behind her, Carmen staggered under the force of the blow which was hard enough to sting, but not to make her cry out.


I won’t do it! I won’t make a sound in front of them!


Wilson proceeded to deliver more slaps to her bare rump, and although the pain was beginning to accumulate, it was nothing compared to the hurt she felt inside as the camera flashes kept on illuminating the room. It was her worst nightmare – she was being disciplined like a naughty child by a group of uncultured pigs – she had always hated that expression but it seemed quite appropriate now – whom she despised!


After ten minutes, Wilson’s assault on her backside ended, and to her credit, Carmen had managed to keep her sobs of anguish inside. She felt quite fuzzy-headed from having been kept in this position for so long, and when Wilson told her to straighten up and turn round she nearly fell over. Now she was able to see their leering faces, as all three of them studied her pubic area.


“Is that a Brazilian?” Terrell asked.


Refusing to dignify his question with an answer, Carmen looked away, but she knew that she was blushing furiously, and the tears brimming in her eyes told her that they were close to getting what they obviously wanted.


She blinked the emerging tears away stubbornly, but not in time to stop one from rolling down her cheek. “Oh look, the rookie is crying!” Munro said.


“I told you she hadn’t got what it takes,” Terrell said, still gazing longingly at her crotch.


“She’s never going to make it as a cop,” Munro agreed. “But she might make a good little cocksucker!”


“That’s true,” Terrell said. “Look at those pouting lips. Nature only designed them for one thing.”


Carmen listened to their puerile banter incredulously as the lips they were referring to began to tremble. She had never felt so degraded in her entire life!


“On your knees, officer!” Wilson said. “Let’s find out!”


Carmen had been so determined not to look at any of them that when she was roughly forced down by Wilson, she was horrified to be staring straight at his erect penis! She turned her head away in disgust, but he roughly yanked it back around again by her chin.


“Open up,” he breathed, squeezing her lips into a pout. Carmen clenched her teeth and screwed her eyes shut as she felt his hot, swollen glans touch her mouth.




 It suddenly struck her that this was the man she would be sitting next to in the patrol car for the next year! How could she even function if they had the memory of this moment between them? Every time he looked at her and smiled, they would both be thinking about the same thing!


“Suck it!” Wilson hissed, and she felt a sharp slap across the side of her face.


“P-Please!” She said, but as she opened her mouth, she felt the fleshy tip of his cock wiping back and forth across her lips, leaving a sticky residue in its wake.


Oh God, no! This is really going to happen!


Another painful blow landed on her cheek, and she let out a sob which allowed Wilson to slip his penis inside her mouth. She tried to pull her head back, but he had his fingers locked around the back of her head.


“Don’t even think about using your teeth, Vasquez,” Wilson said from above her. “It will be the last thing you ever do!”


With a whirlwind raging inside her head, Carmen allowed him to guide her head back and forth along his stiff shaft. She could feel the skin moving on her tongue and when his cockhead hit the back of her throat, she gagged. Through closed eyelids, she saw the telltale flashes going off again as Wilson allowed her to come up for air, and vaguely she understood that she was now doomed. There was no way she could ever let them post a picture of her giving head on the internet, so now she was theirs, body and soul. She would have to do everything they asked without question or her career and her reputation would be all over.


The nightmare went on for several minutes before Wilson finally grunted and she felt his sticky seed hit the back of her throat. She coughed and retched as he pulled out, and allowed his semen to dribble over her bottom lip while she gasped for air.


“So how was she?” Munro asked, finally lowering his smartphone.


“Not bad for a rookie,” Wilson said, panting a little himself.


“Well,” Munro said, unzipping his fly. “As they say, practice makes perfect! Get over here, Vasquez!”


Kneeling with her boxers around her knees, her arms restrained by her own handcuffs, and her mouth full of Wilson’s revolting come, the fight suddenly went out of Carmen. After this, nothing else mattered. They had all the evidence they wanted. She figured it was only a matter of time before they fucked her, and then it occurred to her that if she gave out once, they would come back for more. This could continue on a regular basis for the next year – or even longer!


She shuffled across until she was facing Munro’s thick rod. She despairingly opened her mouth to accommodate him, but Munro said, “Whoa! Not so fast, rookie! I know you like your cock, but I want you to take your time. Use your tongue and lick it up and down, like a good little hooker.”


The tears started to flow freely now as she realized that was exactly what she was to them now. A cheap whore to be used whenever they wanted. As she flicked at his erection, she felt Wilson’s hands come around and start unbuttoning her tunic. She kept working on Munro’s cock, coating it with her saliva, as Wilson fumbled inside her bra and popped her breasts out. Feeling him pinching her puffy nipples, Carmen wrapped her lips around Munro’s glans, tasting his pre-cum.


Terrell’s camera flashed again – of course he would be next – and as she took Munro’s length into her mouth, with Wilson behind her working her nipples to erection, she resigned herself to a long and awful night. But if she could just get through it, tomorrow was another day – although she didn’t even want to think about that.



To be continued...

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