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Repayment Plan


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Chapter Five


Mercifully, the banking hall was deserted as Jenifer clip-clopped across to Franklin’s office in her brand new five-inch heels. Along with an outrageously short skirt that barely concealed her skimpy panties, and a blouse that clearly revealed her prominent cleavage, her outfit was the embodiment of every sexist male’s office fantasy! She had already been forced to endure the appreciative stares of the security guards in the lobby as she had presented her hastily arranged ID card – issued in the name of ‘Miss’ Jenifer Pickett’ as Franklin had decreed.


As this was her first day, Jenifer had no idea what to expect other than that she was now firmly in the clutches of a lecherous man who was easily old enough to be her father! She could only pray that whatever he had in store for her would take place within the confines of his office.


She knocked on the door, and when there was no reply, timidly opened it. With some relief, she entered the empty room and closed the door behind her. She wasn’t sure why Franklin had set her such an unreasonably early starting hour, but she had half expected him to be waiting for her so that he could continue where he had left off yesterday without worrying about any interruptions from his staff. Now, as she stood awkwardly in the center of the same room that he had ordered her to strip to her underwear, she was more puzzled than anything else. What did he expect her to do until his arrival – and when would that be? She remembered him saying that he expected her to welcome him with a French kiss and a cup of coffee whilst dressed in just her panties and bra! Was he serious about that?


Jenifer hated being in this awful situation, but she simply didn’t know what else to do. Her head in a whirl since yesterday’s interview with Franklin, she had juggled the other areas of her life as best she could, telling her husband, Scott, that she was needed early at the boutique, and then calling in sick to the owner. She hadn’t told them that she was now an ‘employee’ at the bank because she was buying time in order to figure a way out of this mess without disrupting her real life. Realistically she knew that it was only a matter of time before somebody would recognize her here, and then she would have to say something to Scott, and also imply that she was working here of her own volition – Franklin had been quite clear about that.


Maybe she was fooling herself, but Jenifer couldn’t accept that this bizarre arrangement was really going to continue for any length of time. Surely the old lecher would grow tired of her eventually. The worrying part was how far would she have to go before that time came. She couldn’t even comprehend the idea of actually having sex with the old fart, but was that even what he wanted? He was quite noticeably aroused by her, but something told her that there was more to this than just sex. She vividly recalled that wicked glint in his eye as he had ordered her to strip to her underclothes and pirouette for him, and she had been acutely aware of the way he had reveled in her embarrassment and the total control he had assumed over her.


With a nervous sigh, Jenifer took her cell phone out of her purse, checking the time, and then for any text messages. It still wasn’t too late to back out, but deep down she knew that she was committed to this thing. In her mind, as long as her house was safe there was still a future for herself and Scott. Whatever Franklin made her do, she would need to keep reminding herself of that.


As the clock ticked annoyingly on the wall, she sat for a while, then stood and paced, before once again taking the seat where she had originally agreed to Franklin’s proposal. Through the door, she could hear the first of the bank’s employees turning up for work, and a fresh wave of anxiety gripped her. This wasn’t a game. She was really here and there were a lot of real people out there. She consoled herself with the possibility that Franklin might just use her as an office ‘gopher’ but she knew that was unrealistic. Quite clearly, the filthy old man had much lewder intentions.


Just when her patience was reaching breaking point, the door swung open and Franklin strode briskly into his office. Unsure of what was required of her, Jenifer stood up, but Franklin didn’t so much as acknowledge her presence. She watched him remove his coat and then set his briefcase on his desk before he finally looked at her.


“Coffee,” he snapped. “The coffee-maker is in the staff lounge on the far side of the main hall. You can ask for directions if you get lost. And tomorrow I expect it to be waiting for me. I always arrive just before eight, so make sure you are ready each morning”


Then he opened his briefcase and took out his laptop. Jenifer hovered for a moment, but when he added nothing further, she went cautiously out into the main banking hall. Acutely aware of her scanty attire, she attempted to pull the two sides of her gaping shirt together, but with the top three buttons gone, it was impossible to conceal her generous bust.


Taking a deep breath, Jenifer walked as confidently as she could across the hall, trying to ignore the sideways glances she was getting from the rest of the arriving staff. She didn’t know if they knew who she was, but with her ID badge pinned over her left breast, it would be obvious that she wasn’t a customer. As she passed the tellers’ booths, Jenifer couldn’t help but notice how neatly and professionally dressed the other women were. Sensible business suits with pants or respectably long skirts were the norm here – in stark contrast to the naughty get-up she had been told to wear! She felt like a cheap whore, and wondered if that was what Franklin had intended. Was this his not-so-subtle way of punishing her for previously attempting to use her looks to secure his cooperation?


She peeked inside the small lounge which was furnished with a couple of sofas, tables and chairs, a refrigerator, a water cooler, and the coffee-maker, which to her dismay was being utilized by another of the bank’s stylishly dressed female employees. Jenifer hesitated, not wanting to make contact with anybody else if at all possible, but at that point the woman turned around. She was gray-haired, with cool blue eyes set in an elegant, angular face, and wore an ID on her lapel that read, MRS. MIRIAM SOUTHGATE – FOREX DEPT.


   Miriam’s eyes instantly dropped to Jenifer’s exposed cleavage and then moved downward to her bare thighs, and a thin, knowing smile crept across her lips. “Good morning… Miss Pickett,” she said, coming closer to read Jenifer’s ID tag. “I don’t believe we’ve met.”


“No… I… it’s my first day,” Jenifer mumbled, feeling the heat rising in her cheeks.


“Oh, I see,” Miriam said, with an amused twinkle in her eye.  “And which department are you working in, my dear?”


Bridling somewhat at the condescending form of address, Jenifer said, “I’m Mr. Franklin’s new personal assistant.”


Glancing at Jenifer’s name tag again, Miriam corrected, “‘Trainee’ assistant.”


“Well, yes. I’ve just started…” Jenifer said weakly. She was normally a self-assured person but after the events of the past twenty four hours, she found that she was easily intimidated by this refined woman.


“And you wanted to create a good impression by dressing nicely for him?” Miriam smirked, her eyes again roaming over Jenifer’s scanty attire.


Jenifer wasn’t sure how to respond, so she pressed her lips together and looked away as Miriam continued, “Well, I think you’ll certainly have got his attention by now – along with every other male member of staff in the building!”


Jenifer wanted to slap the sarcastic bitch, but she just stood there, feeling increasingly foolish. Desperate to get back to the ‘safety’ of Franklin’s office, she said, “Well, Mr. Franklin is waiting for his morning coffee, so if you’ll excuse me…”


“How sweet,” Miriam said, moving aside. “I expect he’ll have you running lots of little chores for him.”


Turning her back on the spiteful cow, Jenifer kept her counsel as she prepared Franklin’s coffee. The woman’s goading was cruel and unnecessary, but Jenifer had to concede that at least she was being honest. How could any of the employees at the bank be expected to take Jenifer seriously, dressed as she was?


“Anyway, I have serious work to be getting on with,” Miriam's voice came from behind her. “Welcome to the bank, sweetheart. I’m sure you’ll be very popular!”


Inwardly cringing, Jenifer also clearly heard Miriam’s parting comment: “So Herbert’s found himself a piece of eye-candy!”






Chapter Six


Herbert was rather pleased with the superior, off-hand manner he had assumed on his arrival today. He wanted to keep young Mrs. Marlow – or Miss Pickett, as he preferred to think of her now – continually on the back foot, and by talking to her as if she was a lowly junior trainee, he was establishing the ground rules early.


In truth however, he had been so excited about their arrangement that he had hardly slept a wink all night! His imagination had run riot dreaming up endless humiliations for the young woman, which he couldn’t wait to put into practice. Within a few months, he was confident that she would be transformed into a mindless bimbo, endlessly striving to please him but always falling short, her self-esteem gradually diminishing day after day!


An silly electronic whistle emanated from Jenifer’s bag on the desk, and dipping his hand inside, Herbert located her cellphone. The message was from a woman called Clare, whom he assumed was her employer at the boutique. So the crafty little missy hadn’t yet handed in her notice! Well, there was plenty of time to take care of that – after preventing Jenifer from turning up at the boutique for a few weeks, he was pretty certain that they would eventually be forced to let her go. There was also still the issue of her husband to take care of. The incompetent fool was bound to become suspicious eventually, but Herbert was willing to bet that once his crushing financial burden had been lifted, with a little encouragement Scott Marlow would be prepared to turn a blind eye to the unusual requirements of his wife’s new job.


Mindful of the repercussions if his plan was ever exposed, Herbert had already decided that the key here was for everybody else to believe that Jenifer was here of her own free will. He had already warned her to keep their deal a secret, and he would quickly spread the news that the idea of becoming his personal assistant had come from her alone. Word would soon get around that she was a cheap slut who was willing to do anything to save her home, exonerating Herbert from any accusations of inappropriate behavior. On the contrary, he would be seen as the good guy trying to help out a struggling young couple, while she would be looked down upon as a wanton hussy by the entire staff!


When Jenifer came back into his office with his coffee, Herbert caught his breath. He had hardly looked at her when he had breezed in earlier, but now he could see that she had followed his dress instructions to the letter. She had indeed removed a further three buttons from her blouse, and her purple bra was almost entirely on view. The tight skirt had either been altered or she had bought a new one which left little to the imagination, and she was tottering delightfully on a pair of five-inch pumps. As commanded, her long legs were bare, their comely lines beautifully emphasized by her high heels.


Dear Lord! Herbert silently giggled to himself. I’ll bet she attracted some interest out there just now!


Gathering himself, he frowned at the tray she had placed on his desk as if she had done something wrong. On the contrary, she had left his coffee black, and added a pot of milk, a teaspoon, a saucer of sugar cubes, and even some sweeteners just in case. The fact that she was already trying so hard to please, was as endearing as it was exciting.


Without saying thank you, Herbert dropped two sugar cubes into his coffee, and as he stirred it, said matter-of-factly, “What’s wrong with this picture?”


Jenifer looked at him with a sweet little frown of her own. “I-I’m sorry, I don’t understand.”


Herbert let out an exaggerated sigh. “Dear me, we aren’t very bright, are we? What did I say about your morning routine? How am I to be welcomed each morning? Surely you haven’t forgotten already?”


As her hand reflexively came up to her chest, it was evident that Jenifer hadn’t forgotten, but had opted to ignore his instructions in the hope that he might have. No chance! He had been thinking about this moment all night!


“Come on, Miss Pickett,” Herbert said, already feeling his prick getting hard under the desk. “You are supposed to give me a nice kiss, remember?”


Just as it had the day before, Jenifer’s face immediately turned an enchanting shade of pink. She wobbled on her high-heels for a second before moving uncertainly around the desk towards him, but Herbert put up his hand.


“And? What else?”


Jenifer visibly gulped as she halted a foot away from him.


“Is this really so difficult?” Herbert sighed again. “You’ve already stripped to your underwear for me once, so it’s not like you are doing anything new. And you had better get comfortable with it because I expect you to be waiting for me in your bra and panties every day from now on.”


Biting her bottom lip, Jenifer glanced out of the window before flipping open the remaining two buttons of her blouse. Herbert pretended to be more interested in his coffee as she shrugged off the blouse and then twisted the micro-skirt around her waist so that she could unzip it. Seconds later she was standing before him in just the matching purple bra and panty set, as well as the black pumps on her feet.


Despite his Oscar-winning performance so far, Herbert’s heart rate picked up as she leaned down towards him. His breath coming in little shudders, he couldn’t help but stare at her cleavage as she bent awkwardly over him, her reddened face descending towards his. This was their second kiss, but it was no less exhilarating for him as their mouths touched. Her breath was warm and honeyed, and when he pried her soft lips apart with his tongue, she emitted a little whimper but offered no resistance.


Their tongues flickered together for a moment before Herbert quickly pulled away in case he creamed his underpants! He had never been as horny as this in his life, but then again, he had never kissed a woman as hot as this before!


“That was a little better,” Herbert conceded, his quivering voice betraying his true feelings of arousal. “I’ll give you a pass today, but if you err in your duties again you will be punished, young lady.”


He noted the look of alarm in her lovely blue eyes, but he guessed she was learning the rules quickly now and had therefore decided that it would be wise not to question him as to the nature of any ‘punishments’. He ogled her semi-naked figure for a while as he sipped his coffee, marveling at what a stunning specimen she was, while the poor girl shifted uncomfortably under his gaze. It suddenly occurred to Herbert that he had been so captivated by her looks that he had forgotten to check whether she had left her wedding band at home.


“Hold out your hands.”


As she extended her bare fingers for inspection, Herbert experienced that glowing power surge again. By acquiescing to his demand regarding the ring, she had, in his mind, drawn a tangible line between her married life and her new world of subservience with him. She was no longer Mrs. Jenifer Marlow, but merely a sexy little bubble head called Miss Pickett, his humble slave who would in time – he hoped –become his sole property for life!







Chapter Seven


Squirming under Mr. Franklin’s lecherous gaze, Jenifer couldn’t escape the feeling that she was in some way deeply betraying Scott. It was cruelly ironic that in order to save her home and she believed, ultimately her marriage, she was undoubtedly going to have to cheat on her beloved husband with this unattractive middle-aged man!


However, she had already committed herself to this course of action, no matter how loathsome it might prove to be. Here in this office, behind closed doors, she would allow this dirty old bank manager to do with her as he pleased – just so long as Scott never found out about the details!


Adding to her feelings of culpability was the fact that she had left her wedding band at home, albeit under orders from Franklin. Along with being forced to revert to her maiden name, Jenifer simply could not get away from the idea that she was somehow conspiring to shut her husband out of her new ‘life’ here at the bank. She wasn’t even allowed to tell anyone that she was actually married! Once again, it occurred to her that this was precisely the impression that Franklin wanted to convey about her – his pretty, dumb blonde, willing to fuck for favors!


Well let them speculate all they wanted – provided that they had no actual proof that she was behaving inappropriately, she would just keep to herself and maintain her dignity as far as possible. No doubt that arrogant Miriam woman was already spreading the muck around. So be it! They could whisper and stare all they pleased – Jenifer Marlow was made of sterner stuff than that!


Just when Jenifer was beginning to wonder if Franklin was going to leer at her semi-clothed body for the rest of the day, he said, “Well, I have work to do, and so do you, Miss Pickett. But before you get started, I need to make a few more minor alterations to your office uniform.”


Uniform? She was standing in her underwear, for Christ’s sake!


Jenifer watched him fish around in one of his desk drawers before producing a pair of shiny scissors. A new sense of foreboding settled upon her as she quickly comprehended that they could serve only one purpose in Franklin’s warped mind.


True enough, snapping the blades together for effect, the lecherous old businessman then touched the sharp points against Jenifer’s navel, causing her to suck in her stomach. Teasingly, he then trailed the scissors down to her waistband, and slipping a blade inside, snipped clean through the elastic just beside her left hip. Jenifer immediately felt the material loosen and had to resist the urge to hold up the waistband as Franklin repeated the procedure on the right side.


The ruined panties now hung limply about her waist, staying up only because of the snug fit between her buttocks. If she stayed motionless, she felt that they would remain in place, but Jenifer instinctively knew that as soon as she started walking, she would have to hold them up with at least one hand. But if that prospect wasn’t daunting enough, now Franklin stood up and grinning like a naughty schoolboy, sliced completely through the bra straps over her shoulders! As the elastic fell away, Jenifer felt her heavy breasts jiggling with their new-found freedom.


Still not quite satisfied, Franklin then leaned forward and craning his neck over Jenifer’s shoulder, cut away at the back strap, until that was also hanging in two useless pieces. To her dismay, Jenifer was now forced to accept that the rest of her day would be spent in a constant battle with gravity to keep everything up!


There was no point in asking why he was behaving in such an unreasonable and puerile fashion. She already understood that he was finally getting to act out long-suppressed sex games – and that she was his new toy!


Satisfied with his ill-intentioned tailoring, Franklin said, “That should keep your mind from wandering. Now, you’d better get dressed before I set you a simple errand to perform.”


Keeping her knees pressed together, Jenifer bent down to retrieve her micro-skirt, and then after a bit of fumbling and wriggling, she managed to work the tight-fitting garment up over her thighs. After fastening it in place, she reached behind and pulled the gusset of her panties deep into her crotch to give it just a bit of purchase. Then she put her skimpy blouse back on, fastening the two surviving buttons, and trying to arrange the uselessly dangling bra-straps so that the roughly-hewn ends wouldn’t look too obvious through the light material.


“Very good,” Franklin said contentedly.  “Now I would like you to accompany me to where all of our junior employees begin their careers at the bank – the ‘waste room.’


And before Jenifer had time to respond, Franklin had opened the door to the main banking hall and with a grand sweeping gesture, said, “This way, please, Miss Pickett.”






Chapter Eight


Hobbling awkwardly behind him as they passed the rows of now fully-occupied desks, Jenifer’s earlier resolve to somehow ‘contain’ this situation had quickly been rendered somewhat futile. She was painfully aware of the countless eyes upon her as she held one arm across her chest while the other hovered behind her buttocks, lest her precariously secured underwear free itself from between her thighs.


Feeling increasingly self-conscious, Jenifer focused her eyes on Franklin’s back as he strode rapidly ahead, making it increasingly difficulty for her to maintain her dignity as she strove to keep up. As the senior employee in the building, Franklin was receiving plenty of respectful early morning greetings from his staff along the way, but in her peripheral vision Jenifer was acutely aware that it was she who was really attracting everybody’s attention. And why not? Wobbling along on high heels with her knees pressed daintily together, her tiny skirt barely covering her buttocks, and her breasts wobbling freely under the loosened bra, the intriguing ‘Miss Jenifer Pickett – Trainee’ would most certainly be creating quite a stir already!


 Through a ‘STAFF ONLY’ exit, they descended two short flights of stairs before entering a dingy basement which was filled almost entirely with stacks of cardboard boxes from floor to ceiling. In the center of the dusty room, illuminated by an overhead fluorescent light, was a large metal shredding machine.


“Welcome to ‘waste’,” Franklin beamed. “As its name implies, this is where all of the surplus and redundant paperwork finally ends up. However before it is bagged and sent to the dump, everything must be shredded for confidentiality purposes – and that is the first task of all of my new minions arriving fresh from school!”


A little out of breath from hurrying across the banking hall, Jenifer tried to process this unexpected development. Yes, she knew that she was now ‘employed’ at the bank, but after all of the kissing and semi-undressing, she had been bracing herself for a long day of sexual harassment in Franklin’s office. Now, it seemed, she was going to be spending some time away from him – away from everybody, in fact – down here below floor level!


On the one hand, she felt a little relived to be out of the sight of the rest of the staff, but perhaps she was fooling herself. Maybe Franklin had chosen this location for its privacy. Here with the door locked, he could molest her to his heart’s content without fear of interruption. But Franklin was to keep her guessing yet again. Tapping the two stacks of boxes sitting nearest the shredder, he said, “You can take care of these first. That should keep you occupied.”


Jenifer gazed up in dismay at the boxes which towered well above her head. Clearly she had been mistaken about Franklin’s intentions, as he apparently did intend for her to earn her keep while she was here! Having mentally prepared herself to deal with his sexual advances, Jenifer felt an irrational stab of rejection at his surprisingly abrupt disinterest. But was he just toying with her? After all, what had all the kissing and posing in her underwear been all about? And then cutting through her bra and panties? She had assumed that little prank had been designed to make her slowly reveal her most personal parts to him as the day progressed, but now she wasn’t sure what he had in mind.


“The machine is simple enough to operate,” Franklin was saying now. “Green switch for on, red for off. It’s auto-lubricating and jam proof, so even a bimbo like yourself shouldn’t be able to break it.”


 Jenifer flushed and bridled at his insulting words, but let him continue with his condescending instructions. “When the bin is full, put the shredded paper into these black bags and tie them off with the sewn-in wraps. Oh yes, there’s a small step ladder in the corner so that you can reach the upper boxes. That’s about it. I’ll be back to check on your progress after lunch. Any questions?”


In spite of her serf-like status, Jenifer had to ask, “Is there any air-conditioning? It’s a little warm down here”


Franklin dabbed theatrically at his forehead as if he hadn’t noticed, then said, “So it is. I’ll see if I can have a fan sent down for you." Then he grinned wickedly. "In the meantime, if you find yourself getting a little overheated, you can always strip down to your underwear again!”


He went to the door and then paused. “Oh, by the way. I expect you to have finished the two stacks by the time I return – if not, you can expect to pay a forfeit!”


Jenifer gaped at the empty doorway after he had gone, trying to process what he had just said. A forfeit? What the hell was that supposed to mean?


All she knew was that the terms of her ‘employment’ remained the same – do as she was told or the deal was off and her matrimonial home would be repossessed. If forcing her to undertake menial office tasks fit only for unqualified teenagers was his idea of entertainment, then she would simply have to humor him. She knew now that she was involved in a weird game of Franklin’s making, and she was beginning to suspect that his ultimate goal was to in some way break down her resolve.


Sliding the step ladder over to the first stack, Jenifer set her jaw grimly. Fuck him and his forfeits! She would have this lot shredded and bagged long before the sick pervert came back to check up on her – and she would happily relish the disappointment in his face when he saw that she had outmaneuvered him! If this was how it was going to be, then bring it on!


Without Franklin there to order her about, she gratefully slipped out of her uncomfortably tall heels and climbed up the small stepladder. Keeping her thighs clamped together to ensure that her panties stayed in place, she reached up with both arms to get a grip on the highest box. Now unrestricted, the cups of her brassiere immediately fell away from her breasts, but knowing she was alone she let them be, pulling the heavy box away and awkwardly stepping backwards down onto the hard concrete floor.


By the time she had set the box down, her useless bra was hanging around her midriff. Irritably, she tugged it back up into place, but quickly recognized that with her hands being  occupied, she would be fighting a losing battle! If she was going to get this lot shredded in time, then she was going to have to be pragmatic about it. She padded barefoot across to the door, but finding that it had no lock, she dragged a couple of boxes across and pushed them up against the door as an attempt at a safeguard, and then whipped the infuriating brassiere off and tossed it onto the floor.


Now her breasts swung naked and free under the flimsy material of her blouse, but she was actually relieved for the newfound freedom. It was so close down here that she was already beginning to perspire, and it hadn't been more than ten minutes!


Wiping her brow with the back of her arm, Jenifer punched the green button on the shredding machine, and dressed in a tiny skirt with ruined panties clinging to her crotch, with her breasts unencumbered beneath her two-button blouse, she set about completing her menial task.







Chapter Nine


Fortunately there wasn’t a lot of real work to be done today which might distract Herbert from the titillating show unfolding on the screen of his laptop. Unware that she was being watched via three strategically placed hidden cameras, the feisty Miss Pickett seemed to be attacking her trivial chore with some gusto!


Quite apart from her stunning good looks and amazing bodywork, Herbert detected a keen intelligence behind those captivating blue eyes, and although she was no academic, he was sure that a steady program of mindless jobs like this would eventually start to wear her down emotionally and intellectually. But with the threat of punishment hanging over her head, she would be forced to take her lowly duties quite seriously. Certainly she seemed to be doing just that as she began feeding the shredder clad in her thin blouse and short skirt.


The light in the basement wasn’t the best, but Herbert's secretly installed cameras were state of the art, and with a little fine tuning on his keyboard, Herbert managed to get a clear definition of Jenifer’s profile as she bent to retrieve more print-outs from the pile at her feet, her dangling breasts silhouetted beautifully against the sheer material of her blouse.


It had been an unexpected bonus that she had so quickly dispensed with the lacerated bra, but then the unsuspecting girl was under the impression that she had been left to her own devices. There was also something quite alluring about her working in bare feet on the concrete floor too, an image which conjured up scenes from bygone days when women knew their place in society.


Periodically Jenifer would pause to wipe her brow, and he could see that her luscious body was working up quite a sweat. Of course, there was an air-conditioning  unit set flat in the ceiling, but the confused young woman was obviously not thinking straight enough to figure that out. Besides, Herbert had made sure to throw the breaker switch in the panel outside, in case she became hot and flustered enough to desperately seek out some form of ventilation.


Anyway, he had promised her a fan and indeed it was on its way – although Miss Jenifer Pickett might not be altogether happy when it arrived!





With the noise of the shredder blotting out all other sounds, Jenifer let out a shriek of surprise when she felt a finger prodding her in the shoulder. Whirling around, she fully expecting to see Franklin standing there, but instead two young male employees were staring with a look of utter amazement at the prominent outline of her unfettered breasts! Jenifer reflexively wrapped her arm across herself and glanced helplessly at her useless brassiere over by the door.


Like Jenifer, the two unexpected visitors were wearing plastic trainee tags, identifying them as 'Kevin, and 'Peter' respectively. Jenifer punched the red button on the shredder, and squealed, “What do you want?”


With his eyes still glued to her chest, Kevin thrust an envelope into her hand. “Mr. Franklin sent us.”


Jenifer looked at him uncertainly and then opened the envelope with her free hand. Inside was a memo bearing the bank’s letterhead, under which was typed ‘Trainee Program Team A’, followed by a list of three names – Kevin Barton, Peter Vaughn, and Jenifer Pickett. The next line read, ‘Job Description: Waste Duty. Monday 12th – Friday 16th, 10am – 1pm’. It was signed by ‘Mr. Herbert Franklin, Branch Manager’, but Jenifer’s eyes were immediately drawn to a scrawl in red ink along the bottom, which announced, ‘Kevin and Peter are in charge. Do EXACTLY what they say, or else!’


Jenifer looked back up at her two youthful supervisors, trying to make sense of Franklin’s menacing addendum - particularly the second sentence. She had no way of knowing how much these two lads knew about her current predicament, and although it was quite possible that Franklin had briefed them fully, she somehow doubted it. In all likelihood, they had simply been told to report to the basement so that they could show the ropes to a new starter, and they would probably have been expecting  to find another spotty-faced teenager like themselves.


Certainly, the hang-jaw expressions on their faces betrayed the fact that they most certainly hadn’t been prepared for the sight of a perspiring young woman clad only in a revealing  blouse and skirt! The question was, had they already read the memo and consequently the handwritten note at the bottom, and if so, now that they had laid eyes upon her, were their imaginations already running riot with the possibilities it raised?


Totally baffled as to what possible satisfaction Franklin could be deriving from this fabricated  encounter, Jenifer tried to reassure herself that nothing untoward was likely to happen between her and these two fellow trainees. It was inconceivable that the whole branch would be co-conspirators in Franklin’s dirty little scheme, so it would appear that his strategy here had been to send these two unsuspecting teenagers into this potentially combustible situation simply to see what might transpire!


Emboldened by the thought that these two inexperienced kids probably wouldn’t have the courage to seize the opportunity that Franklin had presented them with, Jenifer took a brief moment to assess her unwanted companions. Physically, they weren’t at all imposing, just a pair of skinny kids out of high school with the pasty-faced look that suggested countless hours spent indoors in front of a computer screen. From the look of them, Jenifer guessed that they were most likely virgins, which should give her the upper hand were they to attempt getting familiar.


Despite all of the above rationalizing, there was still one major factor that she could not avoid – ultimately Franklin’s word was law, and by virtue of the note in her hand, he had just delegated that authority to these two salivating adolescents. Miserably, she understood that if push came to shove, she would have no choice other than to do what they wanted her to!


“Mr. Franklin said you might be getting a bit overheated,” Kevin said, fishing in his pocket, “so we brought this for you.”


He held up a tiny hand-held battery operated fan, and when the little plastic blades whirred into life, he pointed it at Jenifer’s face. In the stifling heat of the basement, the directed breeze was indeed very welcome, but it did nothing to decrease the temperature in her flushed cheeks. Franklin was obviously mocking her with this stupid little device, a clear demonstration of her impotence in this increasingly inhospitable workplace, where even her physical comfort was now outside of her control.


“Thank you,” Jenifer said grudgingly as she reached for the fan, but Kevin pulled it out of reach with just the hint of a rather unsettling smile.


“No, it’s okay,” he said, “We’ll keep you cool while you climb up the ladder and bring down the next pile of printouts, okay?”






Chapter Ten


It was more of a suggestion than an order, but Jenifer was sure that if she demurred, one of these two youngsters would report it back to Franklin. There was a noticeable look of mischief in Kevin’s eyes now as he watched Jenifer hesitantly place her bare foot on the bottom rung of the stepladder. He was obviously well aware that by making her climb up there, she would be presenting him and his buddy with an excellent upward view of her partially covered rear end – but was he aware of the state of her severed waistband?


Jenifer took a couple of tentative steps up the ladder, her right hand automatically dropping to protect the rear of her crotch as she did so. The top of the stack was still a couple of feet higher, and when she raised her leg again the unstable ladder wobbled under her weight, causing her to brace herself against the boxes with her hands. With her backside exposed, Jenifer felt a sudden cool rush of air against the cleft between her ass cheeks, and she emitted a little yelp of surprise.


“You’re looking a bit sticky in there,” Kevin said from below, and Jenifer closed her eyes in mortification. She was a married woman, and these kids, at least four years her junior, not to mention perfect strangers, were already examining her most personal parts!


Realizing that to dawdle meant more ogling time for them, Jenifer reached up for the uppermost box. There was no question of using just one hand, and as soon as she stretched up to pull the box clear, she realized to her horror that her slack panties had suddenly slipped an inch downward! Tottering on the stepladder with the box balanced on her head, Jenifer was compelled to stay quite still to avoid falling backwards onto the hard floor. Quickly realizing that she wasn't going to make it, Jenifer yelled, “Can you help me with this box? I’m going to fall!”


Even as the words left her lips, Jenifer realized that in her panic she had just set herself a trap and she stiffened as she felt the palms of Kevin’s hands pressing against her exposed buttocks. “Don’t worry Jenifer, I’ve got you!” he said gallantly, “Peter, give us a hand here, will you?”


“No! Wait! Not there!” she cried as Peter’s fingers gripped her waist. Then she felt her body being pulled away from the ladder and the box slipping from her grasp, and before she knew what was happening, she was in a horizontal position, looking up at the bright fluorescent tube light. As the two young men eased her to the floor, Jenifer became aware that Kevin’s right hand had somehow worked its way between her clammy thighs, while the other was squeezing her left buttock. At the same time, Peter had moved his arms under her armpits wrapped his fingers around her breasts!


In the oppressive heat, Jenifer was acutely aware of their masculine proximity, and she began to push away at the ladder with her toes. “Okay!” she yelled. “That’s enough! Let me down, now!”


“Easy,” Kevin breathed into her ear as they maneuvered her down to the hard floor. She immediately struggled to get back up, but Kevin said, “Just relax for a second, you had a bad scare.”


“I’m okay,” Jenifer protested, now fully alert to her vulnerable position beneath them. She began to thrash her legs, frantically trying to get some space and she twisted over onto her stomach, wrenching herself free and crawling blindly towards to exit.






Totally enthralled, Herbert gazed longingly at Jenifer’s naked butt as she scurried along on all fours, oblivious to the fact that her knickers had now slipped down to her knees. The looks on the two young trainees kneeling beside the stepladder told him that they were getting a beautiful eyeful of Jenifer’s rear-end, and he zoomed in with one of the cameras for a closer look. Sure enough, he caught a delightful glimpse of her fleshy hammock snuggled between her wobbling ass cheeks!


Before he had sent the two trainees down to help her, he had explained that Jenifer was a special ‘equal opportunities’ employee, who would need more than a little assistance with the simplest of tasks. He deliberately hadn’t mentioned that she happened to be an absolute honey with a figure to die for! As he had suspected, these two lads had quickly adapted to the situation without any further elaboration required on Herbert's part. The confined space, suffocating heat, Jenifer’s relative lack of clothing, and male teenage testosterone would surely do the rest.


On camera, he saw Kevin say something and then a moment later, Jenifer came back into frame, standing now, and pulling her panties back up, with her head hanging down in a posture of embarrassment at her unintentional flashing. Satisfied that Jenifer had managed to get herself under enough control that she wasn't going to flee, Herbert closed his laptop and decided he would take an early, long lunch. The unfolding scenes down below would all be recorded for his viewing pleasure later. He wondered how far the boys would go now that they comprehended the level of dominance they had over their lovely new charge.


 He was still impatient to partake in Jenifer’s fleshly delights himself of course, but by putting her out to ‘work’ in another part of the building, he was hopefully putting up a smokescreen that might quell the chit-chat that was undoubtedly spreading throughout the building.


Yes, Miss Jenifer Pickett would indeed become his personal whore in due course, but there was much work to be done in the interim to paint a public picture of her as an airheaded nympho, a horny, easily confused slut who would eventually be fair game for every red-blooded male employee at the bank! And by that time, nobody would blame Herbert for falling for her seductive charms! would they? Over the course of the coming year, it would become normal for Jenifer to be universally regarded as the office bicycle, the washroom cocksucker, and Mr. Franklin’s very own bimbo assistant – but the truth of the matter, his coercive manipulations and her inner shame and humiliation? Well that would remain very much their secret!





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