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The Mentalist


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Chapter Six


Emma opened her eyes and looked at the small plastic alarm clock on the beside table. It was ten to six. At first she was disoriented in these unfamiliar surroundings. Her bedroom and her bed were much bigger and better furnished than this small room. Then everything came back to her in a horrible rush. Felix Tanner.


The previous day, after spending two more painful hours cleaning imaginary dust, Emma had been summoned by Felix to her living room. He had then asked her to place her hands on the coffee table and bend over with her legs apart. Feeling helpless beyond words, she had complied and then passively allowed him to pull the feather duster out of her asshole. He had then made her hold the unpleasant smelling item while he gave her a lengthy and boring lecture on all the do’s and don’ts she would have to comply with in the future. There had been so much information that she couldn’t possibly remember it all, but as he had previously explained and she was rapidly discovering, her subconscious mind would automatically respond to all of his verbal programming.


After the lecture, he sent her to the box room where she had undressed, taken a shower in the half bath along the hall, and then slipped into one of the frumpy nightgowns hanging in the closet. All of this done as if it were her regular daily habit. She had then collapsed onto the bed and listened to the sound of her television downstairs while to get to sleep. Despite her exhaustion from the long dusting sessions, her mind had been in a spin as she had tried to figure a way out of this nightmare. As it stood, Felix had a vice like grip over her every physical movement, and possibly a lot more than that. She was a prisoner in her own home.


Emma rolled over onto her side, pulled up the long nightgown, and gently fingered her anus. The tissue was still inflamed and sore from where she had been forced to impale herself on it. Unbidden, her mind replayed that soul crushing moment as she had pushed back onto the wooden handle as if by her own volition. This was the cruelest part of the magical spell he held over her. With just the slightest suggestion, he could make her do anything so that it would appear to an outside observer as if she was the instigator of her own actions. That also made it more complicated if she was going to enlist any outside help.


As if triggered by an internal prompt, she abruptly got out of bed, pulled the nightgown over her head, and hung it in the closet. She gazed at the small alarm clock. It was exactly six o’clock in the morning. Now she recalled Felix describing how she would rise at six every day from now on, and that is exactly what she had done. She was being programmed.


Naked, she padded down the hall to the half bath, stepped into the shower stall, and ignoring the hot water faucet, stood under an icy jet of water for a full five minutes. Then she toweled herself off, brushed her teeth, and returned to the box room. Her heart sank as she automatically began to dress in the Victorian chambermaid uniform that Felix had brought her. She no longer owned any normal clothes of course, because at his bidding she had given them all to goodwill—along with her music, books, cosmetics, and every other personal possession that he had deemed unsuitable.


She slipped into the horrible crotchless bloomers and then pulled on the black and gray hooped knee length socks. Then she put on the corset, tightening it as much as she could, before slipping the cotton petticoat over her head. Then came the heavy black dress, the maid’s cap, and finally the ugly old granny boots. She looked miserably at herself in the mirror. No make up, of course—not now, or ever, if Felix had his way. God, if her friends at Bloomingdale’s could see her now!


She clumped downstairs to the kitchen, put a pan of water on the stove, popped two slices of bread into the toaster, and turned on the kettle. While she waited for the water to boil, she stood at the window and looked out at her back yard. In a rare moment of tranquility since Felix had invaded her home and her life, Emma weighed her options. It was clear now that the disgusting old man had successfully permeated her subconscious to the point that he didn’t even need to be in her presence to control her anymore. Otherwise she would have been straight out of that back door. But here she stood. The seemingly endless inventory of requirements she had been forced to listen to had obviously been designed to cover most eventualities. That also meant she would not be able to phone or message anybody for help—even if she had access to her phone. This left only one opportunity for escape—at some point, he would have to take her out in public. As much as she dreaded this eventuality, it appeared to be her only hope of somehow sending out a signal that she was being kept under duress. Until then, she would just have to suffer within the confines of her own home.


She returned to the kitchen counter and set about boiling eggs, buttering toast, and making a pot of tea. Before today, her normal morning routine involved juice, coffee and bran, with the portable television playing in the background. Now she worked in silence. But just then, as she put Felix’s breakfast onto a tray, she looked up with a start. It suddenly dawned upon her that she hadn’t been silent at all because she had just caught herself humming the last few bars of Old MacDonald Had a Farm! She was still programmed to hum children's nursery rhymes while she worked! Dear God, she had to get out of this mess!


Back upstairs, she balanced the tray on her left arm and knocked on the door of the master bedroom. After a few silent beats, she heard Felix call out, “Enter.”


Emma opened the door and walked into what had until yesterday been her bedroom. Felix was propped up on a pillow going through her cellphone. As she placed the breakfast tray on the bedside table, she couldn’t help noticing his hairy man tits visible above the covers. Jesus! I actually French kissed that ugly pig yesterday!


She stood to one side of the bed, watching him going through her phone, hoping the sick bastard would have a heart attack or something. He ignored her and scrolling through her social media contacts. While she helplessly waited, she looked at her dresser, now bereft of her former possessions, and she felt a dull ache in her heart. Would her life ever be the same again?


Felix put her phone to one side, pulled himself up, and said, “Give me the tray.”


As Emma obediently did as she was told, Felix said, “I see you have a busy social life—or should I say, you had one.”


Emma stood back and watched him slice the tops off the eggs as he continued, “And Steve looks like a handsome young man. How long have you been seeing him?”


Emma's heart missed a beat. Steve, her lover. She didn’t know if she had been programmed not to lie to him, but she said truthfully, “About six months.”


“Hmm.” Felix bit into a slice of toast. “Are you in love?”


Emma glanced at him. “I, uh, don’t know.”


“Because you understand of course that you are going to break up with him today.”


Another thud in Emma’s heart. “Excuse me?”


“I explained all of this to you yesterday. You are my mistress now. I have no intention of sharing you with anyone.”


Emma watched this overweight swine dropping crumbs over her sheets, and thought about how fit and handsome Steve was. She didn’t know if she wanted to marry her boyfriend, but she had absolutely no intention of spending the rest of her life with Felix Tanner, so to make her point she said, “I love him.”


“Really?” Felix glanced at her and sipped his tea. “You wouldn’t cheat on him?”


“No,” Emma said defiantly.


“I see.” Felix put his cup down and said, “Strip down to your bloomers.”


“W-Why?” Emma said, even as her fingers automatically raised the dress.


“Because I want to test your loyalty to your boyfriend,” Felix said.


Emma already had the dress over her head, and when it was on the floor, she quickly took off the petticoat and corset. Then she bent down and removed her shoes and socks. When she straightened up, wearing nothing but her knee length, crotchless bloomers, she saw that Felix had pushed the blanket down the bed. He was naked. She glanced at his fat, hairy belly, but her eyes were quickly drawn to his big, fat, erect penis! She gasped and looked away. This was all happening too fast!


Felix held up her cellphone and said, “Come over to the bed. I want you to talk to Steve.”


“I-I can talk over here,” Emma said, but she still shuffled to the edge of the bed, now looking anywhere but at his engorged member.


“Yes, but I want you sitting on my cock now,” Felix said, like it was the most natural suggestion in the world.


Emma inhaled deeply. He knew she was going to do it, and so did she, and as much as she hated herself for it, there was no way she could stop this. Ever since she had grasped the depth of power he held over her, she had understood deep down that this was always going to happen—she just didn’t expect it to be right now!


She put her right knee on the bed and then lifted herself over so that she was straddling Felix Tanner’s naked body. Now she watched in disgust as her left hand wrapped itself around his warm cock while Felix watched her with an amused twinkle in his eye. As she maneuvered her hips into place, Emma’s mind was a whirl of conflicting emotions. He’s making me do this! But he’s not doing anything! I know, but he hypnotized me, and he just told me to do it! But it’s your hand holding his penis! Yes, but I totally do not want to do this! He’s disgusting! Then get off him! I can't! This is so unfair!


Emma placed the bulbous head of his cock against her labia and she let out a little gasp. She was only a small girl and he was much bigger than she would have imagined. Suppressing a sob of shame, she opened her thighs wider and tried to work his cockhead inside. After a moment, Felix said, “You’re too dry. Suck on your fingers.”


Emma gave him a look of revulsion, but within seconds she was sucking on all four fingers of her right hand. “You look like a child,” Felix chuckled. “Take your fingers out of your mouth and play with your cunt.” As an afterthought, he said, “And suck on your thumb while you’re doing it.”


What did he just say? Emma felt her cheeks heating up as she reached down between her legs with her right hand and simultaneously popped her left thumb into her mouth. Feeling deeply ashamed as well as utterly absurd, Emma sat on the thighs of this fat, middle aged man, slowly masturbating herself to arousal while sucking her thumb like a baby. She felt sick to her stomach, and yet she was powerless to stop herself!


Felix picked up her phone and took a photo of her. “Shall I send this to Steve?” he giggled.


Emma squealed around her thumb, and shook her head. Felix said, “You look so cute with your thumb in your mouth. I’ll tell you what, from now on, whenever you feel embarrassed or afraid, you’ll feel impelled to suck your thumb, just like an infant. Even in public. It will act as a pacifier and help to calm you."


Emma’s eyes grew wide as her imagination sped through the implications of his words. She was twenty three years old, and he intended to turn her into a compulsive thumb sucker! And sure enough, her agitated state was quickly replaced by a warm secure feeling in her belly. Oh sweet Jesus! He’s actually done it!


“There. Feeling cozy?” Felix said. “But here's the rub. Even though your thumb sucking will make you feel secure, your shame and embarrassment at such childlike behavior will remain. Which after all, is what you deserve because you never really grew up, did you? I mean those little titties are hardly those of a mature woman, and let’s not forget those cute Hello Kitty boxers you were wearing yesterday.”


Emma’s eyes began to water as she turned her face away from his. To make her situation even worse, the comforting effect of sucking her thumb was starting to cause a reaction between her legs, and she could hear her feminine juices squelching between her fingers. So could Felix, who cruelly noted, "Sounds like you are ready—so climb on board.”


He hadn’t mentioned anything about removing her thumb from her mouth, so Emma shifted forward and edged his glans between her vaginal lips. It was a very tight fit, but she was now lubricated enough to get his cockhead inside her. Then she adjusted her position and allowed gravity to do the rest. As she slid further down his shaft, a deep moan emanated from around her thumb. While Felix closed his eyes and sighed, Emma stared fixedly at the flower painting hanging above her bed.


I cannot believe I'm doing this! His penis is deep inside me! she thought wretchedly.


Felix said, “Rock yourself gently, my dear. No need to rush. I don’t want you coming too soon.”


Emma let out a stifled sob as she dutifully obeyed his subliminally directed commands. For the next few minutes, the only sound in her bedroom was the sound of their their rapidly increasing breathing and their sex organs squelching together. An independent observer would have assumed that this was a normal lovemaking session between consenting adults— albeit one much older than the other.


Eventually Felix opened his eyes and handed Emma her phone. “Take your thumb out of your mouth now, dear,” he said. “It’s time to call your boyfriend.”





Chapter Seven


“Where the hell have you been, Em?” Steve voice was calm but there was an edge to it.


Emma, as programmed, continued to rock slowly back and forth on Felix’s cock while she spoke on the phone to her boyfriend. “I-I haven’t been well.”


“Oh, I see,” Steve’s tone softened a touch, but then he said, “So bad you couldn’t even answer the phone or respond to my messages?”


“I’ve been sleeping a lot,” Emma said. “Sorry.”


“You sound a little out of breath,” Steve said. “What are you doing?”


“N-Nothing!” Emma blurted as she continued to ride Felix’s cock.


There was a pause at the other end, and then Steve said, “Don’t bullshit me, Em. Is there something you want to tell me?”


Felix had been tapping on his own phone and now he held it up a note for Emma to read.


“Uh, yes, but I need to tell you in person,” she panted.


“Why can’t you tell me now?”


At this point, to her horror, Emma felt herself approaching orgasm, and she stammered, “I-I can’t! I’ll meet you at Baskin-Robbins in the mall at three!”


She heard Steve draw a breath. “Are you breaking up with me?”


Before Emma could think of a response, she felt Felix ejaculate inside her and then she climaxed too. Mortified, she jammed her thumb in her mouth to keep from crying out but was unable to hold back a high pitched whimper.


“Emma, what the hell is going on?” Steve said. “Is somebody else there?”


Emma pulled her thumb out of her mouth and gasped, “N-No! Really!”


“Fuck this shit!” Steve said, and he hung up.


Emma’s body jerked and she slumped forward, her face on the pillow next to Felix’s head. As she lay limply she processed what had just transpired. Entirely against her will, she had just cheated sexually on her boyfriend while he was talking to her on the phone! And the worst part was she had done all the work herself! Steve must have known what she was doing. She felt like a cheap whore!


She sobbed into the pillow for a while, but then got herself under control and raised herself up. The pillow was damp and so were her cheeks. She could feel Felix’s hard cock inside her but even though she desperately wanted to get off him, her body remained where it was because he hadn’t given her the verbal cue to do so. She stayed as still as possible in her crotchless bloomers, feeling his cum inside her, and prayed that he wouldn't make her start riding him again.


Felix said, “Not bad for a first coupling. Are you using contraception?”


Of course under normal circumstances, Emma would have told this complete stranger to mind his own damn business, but given that he had just ejaculated inside her without any protection, she meekly nodded. Felix said, “Well that’s good. We don’t want any unwanted pregnancies, do we?”


What other kind could there be between us? Emma thought wretchedly.


“I take it Steve's not happy?” Felix said, maneuvering himself up onto his pillow. Emma leaned away from him and miserably shook her head. “Well, we’ll see if he turns up this afternoon. I hope he does. It’s important that he see with his own eyes how you have fallen for an older man. You can climb off me now, you little nympho. Go into the bathroom, take off your bloomers, and get in the shower.”


Still feeling unfairly guilty about what she had just done, Emma stripped off and stood in the shower cubicle. She gingerly touched herself between the legs and when she felt Felix’s semen trickling out of her she quickly retracted her fingers in disgust. She turned on the shower and began to soap herself, keen to clean every trace of him from her body. Before his unwanted intrusion into her life yesterday, she wouldn’t have even given this middle aged freak a second glance if she had passed him in the street, and yet they were already as physically intimate as a married couple. She wiped away fresh tears and continued to rub copious amounts of liquid soap over her skin, giving particular attention to her pubic area. She was so intent on her task that she didn’t hear the bathroom door open, and when Felix put his hands on her waist, she yelped and almost slipped over.


“Save some of that soap for me,” Felix crooned, his breath warm on her ear. Emma’s body stiffened as she felt his thick penis prodding against the back of her thigh.


Dear God, is this old pig always aroused?


Felix slid his hands up to Emma’s shoulders and maneuvered her around so that she was facing him, her nipples brushing his hairy chest. “You can soap me first. Take your time and make a good job of it.”


With the corners of her mouth turned down in revulsion, Emma’s hands automatically went to work. She soaped his man tits with their rude pink nipples, then down over his fat belly, but avoided contact with his jutting prick. He turned around and she soaped his back, as disgustingly hairy as his front, then she squatted down to wash his flabby buttocks. Her mind kept wandering back to poor Steve and their meeting later this afternoon. Would he even show? He quite rightly sounded seriously pissed before hanging up on her.


Felix turned around again and Emma jerked her head back to avoid his swinging dick. She guessed she shouldn't have been surprised at his next suggestion, although it still made her stomach turn. “While you are down there, why don’t you give me a nice blow job?”


Emma opened her mouth to protest but no words came out. Instead, she wrapped her lips around his glans and began to gently suck him off. She felt sick to her stomach as she slurped on his thick rod, but there was nothing she could do to stop herself. She was his puppet and she had no way to fight it. Felix turned off the shower and the only sound in the bathroom was Emma’s slow steady gobbling and gulping. The sensation of his engorged cock on her tongue was enough to make her puke, and she retched when he grabbed her head and pulled her face into his thick pubic hair.


“I know you're enjoying yourself, but could you please hurry it up now, Emma?” Felix said. “I want you to make me come and I want you to swallow my sperm.”


Emma squeezed out another tear as she involuntarily sped up her sucking action. She gagged a couple more times as he cockhead jabbed at the back of her throat. He came quickly, his briny issue filling her mouth, and she let out a warbled cry of outrage. Felix sighed and placed his hands on the side of her head and raised her face. “Show me.”


The verbal instructions were vague, but Emma knew exactly what he meant. Blinking back tears, she opened her mouth and poked out her sperm covered tongue. Felix smiled down at her and said, “And swallow.”


Emma swallowed, then heaved, and then snorted heavily through her nostrils. Her whole world was rapidly falling apart. Not only had this horrible man taken over her life in the most humiliating way, but she had now fucked him and sucked him like a dirty little slut—and there was no way she would ever be able to take that back.






Down in the living room, still naked, Emma knelt at the coffee table in front of her laptop and wrote an email to Bloomingdale’s requesting a week of leave at short notice. She pressed send and prayed that the message wouldn’t leave a black mark against her name. She had worked hard to establish a good reputation in her career, but now, like everything else in her life, it was suddenly out of her control. For all she knew, Felix might never let her work again!


While she was at her laptop, Felix went upstairs and returned with a small leather bag. “Get up on the chair and drape your legs over the sides,” he said.


Emma's treacherous body immediately followed the obscene request. The chair was her favorite recliner, but she wasn’t at all happy about being in it right now with her legs spread wide. Felix pulled up a pouf and settled himself directly in front of her exposed crotch, and said, “I’ve been thinking about how our relationship should progress.”


What relationship? Emma thought, as she stared up at the ceiling. This vile man is a complete stranger to me. He doesn't know anything about me, nor I of him. And yet, there he was gazing directly into her exposed crotch, a private place that he had violated only an hour before.


“I know I said that we will be living as man and wife, but on reconsideration, I don’t think you’re emotionally ready for that yet,” Felix said.


But that didn’t prevent you from making me fuck you, did it? Emma thought bitterly.


She heard squelching as he rubbed his hands together. “I mean you’re not even physically well developed, are you?”


Then he touched her vulva and she squealed and lurched forward. “Oh no, that will not do at all,” Felix said. “I want you to sit back and let me work on you until I allow you to move.”


Even though she was extremely tense on the inside, Emma’s body duly relaxed on command. Now she felt him rubbing some sort of ointment into her pubic hair, and she sucked sharply in between her teeth. Felix said, “So as I was saying, you’re very slightly built, skinny in fact, your hips aren’t very broad and your tits are like little bee stings.”


Emma flushed and closed her eyes. The fact was she couldn’t dispute what he had just said. She had always been a little self-conscious about her somewhat undeveloped figure.


“And then there’s your mousy hair," he went on, "and let’s not forget those silly Hello Kitty boxer shorts you had on yesterday. You are still very much a little girl, aren’t you?”


“I-I’m twenty three years old!” Emma said, suppressing a grunt as his fingers worked the ointment around her mons. “I am a buyer for Bloomingdale’s. I earn a good salary and I own this house. I’m not a child!”


“Really?” Felix said. “I beg to differ.”


Emma felt a scraping sensation on her crotch and she tried to lean forward but her body refused to obey. “W-What are you doing?”


“I’m giving you a shave,” Felix said. “Little girls don’t have pubic hair, do they?”


Emma’s heart began to thump. Where the hell was he going with this?


“P-Please don’t!” she said.


“Come now,” Felix said. “You should know by now that you have no choice in the matter. As I said, I have been rethinking the dynamics of our relationship. Rather than living as adults, I believe you are in need of a father figure, which I am willing to provide.”




Felix continued, "So tell me about your real father.”


Emma didn't respond. What was there to tell? He deserted Emma and her mother when she was a baby.


“Did you ever know him?” Felix pressed.


You bastard! That’s none of your business.


“I want you to speak truthfully to me, Emma.”


Emma’s eyes brimmed again as she mumbled, “No. He left just after I was born.”


“Uh-huh.” Felix continued to scrape away at Emma’s vulva and to her chagrin she started to feel a little moist down there.


“And your mother?”


“S-She lives in California.”


“And are you in regular contact?”


Emma bit her lip and then said, “No.”


“There! Nice and clean!” Felix sat back and wiped Emma’s crotch dry with a towel. Emma peeked down her body and stared with horrified fascination at her naked mons. She really did look like a little girl now! Felix reached into his bag and pulled out a brown glass bottle. He twisted out the rubber stopper and then poured some liquid onto a flannel. As he began to rub it into her groin, Emma hissed. “Ah! That stings!”


“I know, but it won’t last long. It’s just the ointment burning out the hair follicles.”


“The what?”


“It’s a special preparation. You can’t get this in the pharmacies, but it’s very effective. One application and you’ll never be able to grow pubic hair down here again.”


Never? Dear God, what is he doing to me?


“I’ll do your armpits after this,” Felix said.


“But why?” Emma felt panic sweeping through her, but still she lay back with her legs out wide. Her body wasn’t listening to her!


“Because until you develop a little maturity, you are going to be daddy’s little girl. I can provide you with all the parental guidance that you have been missing!” Felix said as he massaged the caustic oil around her vulva. Emma’s eyes watered and not just because of the stinging pain.


“There, all done down here. Now, put your hands behind your head and I’ll do your underarms.”






Chapter Eight


Felix decided they would take the bus to the mall. Emma had a new sportsback which she usually drove there, but Felix had contemptuously declared that she was now too young to drive. And heaping on the humiliation, he had dressed her in a red and white checked frock with a white apron and tied in the middle with a bow, white ankle socks, and white buckle down sandals. As a final demoralizing touch, Felix had set a plastic yellow headband on her head. The outfit was of course designed to give her a prepubescent look, and that is exactly how she felt as she anxiously followed Felix down to her front gate. He had also left her braless, because in his opinion she didn’t need one, but at least her freshly shaven pubes were covered—albeit by her Hello Kitty lady boxers, which Felix seemed rather fond of.


When they reached the street, Felix held out his hand and Emma stared at it in dismay. Surely he wasn’t expecting her to take it out here in public view? Felix just smiled at her reticence. “Poor Emma, why do you persist in fighting me? Oh well, I'll just have to say it out loud then—please take hold of my hand, dear.”


The words! Always the spoken words! Emma glanced nervously up and down the street as she immediately she grasped Felix’s hand, and was relieved to find that for now it was deserted. She wasn’t on particularly close terms with anyone around here because most of her friends were work related and lived in the city, but she was acquainted with some of the local people and she desperately didn’t them to see her like this! She was a fashion buyer at Bloomingdale’s after all!


They reached the end of the street and joined the main road that would take them into the city. There were a lot of pedestrians here and already Emma’s juvenile ensemble was attracting the odd stare and double take from passers by. Even though she was of diminutive stature, it had to be obvious to everyone that she was actually an adult. Emma could only wonder what was going through the minds of the people they passed as they walked to the bus stop.


Felix kept a firm grip on Emma’s hand as they joined a short queue consisting of two middle aged women and a young guy in a leather jacket who glanced up from his cellphone, gave Emma a quick appraisal, and then started chuckling to himself. Hearing him, the two older ladies broke off their conversation and stared at Emma, one of them shaking her head in disgust.


So Felix whispered, “My stepdaughter. She’s a little simple.”


The woman’s expression softened, and she said, “Oh. What’s your name, dear?”


Emma blushed deeply and looked away. This was only their first public encounter and she already wished the ground would swallow her up!


“Don’t be rude, sweetie,” Felix said, squeezing her fingers. “Tell the lady your name.”


Cheeks burning, Emma looked at the floor and mumbled, “Emma.”


“Aw! Such a sweet name!” the other woman said.


Dear God, get me out of here! Emma thought desperately.


Mercifully, her prayer was answered as the bus arrived and she followed Felix to the back, studiously avoiding the eyes of the scattered passengers. Felix gestured her to a window seat and he slid in beside her. Emma stared miserably out of the window, wondering if he intended to keep her constantly close by his side from now on. The bus pulled away and Emma watched the familiar shops and restaurants roll past. This was the easy part, of course. When they reached the mall, there was a far higher likelihood of her bumping into someone she knew—she dearly hoped that it wouldn’t be somebody from work.


She had slumped into a sulking silence since they had left her house, but now she said, “Why are we meeting Steve?”


Felix said. “I told you. You’re going to break up with him today.”


“But why couldn’t I have just done that on the phone?” Emma’s voice was almost a whine.


“I thought I’d explained that too. It’s far more effective if he actually sees you with me. Break up is such a difficult thing and the first stage of grief is always denial. It will help him to get past that quicker when he sees how much you dote on me.”


Emma felt a lump forming in her throat. “But what if I just tell him that I still love him and that you are forcing me into this—relationship?”


Felix smiled and patted her hand. “Well, you can try that if you like.”


Emma stared back out of the window. At least she had learned something of value. It seemed that Felix hadn’t yet gained power over her speech, and he certainly couldn’t control her inner feelings. Maybe, just maybe, she could sow enough doubt in Steve’s mind to get him thinking that all was not what it seemed. The niggling worry here was Felix’s complacent attitude. He seemed totally confident that this meeting was going to work out exactly the way he intended. How she wished he knew what he was planning!


As the bus approached the suburbs of the city, Emma felt her stomach knotting. They were about five minutes from the mall, where she often enjoyed shopping with her friends on weekends. Now she was gripped with a sense of foreboding as they drew closer. She couldn’t possibly let Steve see her dressed like this! What if he was waiting inside the ice cream parlor and she walked in holding Felix’s hand?


All too soon the bus pulled up and Felix stood. “Come along Emma. Give me your hand again.”


They waited on the sidewalk for the bus to pull away and Emma looked anxiously at the big stone and glass facade of the mall. Even this early on a Sunday, the car park was nearly full, and there was sure to be a busy lunchtime crowd up on the restaurant floor. Emma often ate here with clients and coworkers but now, all dressed up in her cute frock and pretty white shoes, Emma prayed to God that none of her regular crowd would be here.


Inside, the mall was already busy with Sunday shoppers. Emma had frequented this place hundreds of times before, but for the first time she felt totally intimidated by it. As they made their way deeper inside, Emma became aware of the odd looks she was receiving from the other shoppers. It was only when the y reached the escalators that realized she had put her thumb in her mouth!


Oh my God! That's exactly what Felix said would happen whenever I get stressed or embarrassed!


She whipped her thumb out of her mouth and reflexively wiped it on her dress, which made Felix smile. They rode the escalator to the floor where most of the clothing stores were located, which prompted Fiona to ask him, "Where are we going?"


"Well now that we have decided you have some growing up to do, we need to purchase and appropriate wardrobe for you."


Emma's mind went into a spin. Wardrobe? Surely he's not talking about children's wear?


They passed several regular clothing stores and designer boutiques, all of which Emma knew well, and she kept her face averted in case any of the staff should recognize her. Finally they reached a trendily designed store which Emma had never had a need to visit before. The sign, written in brightly illuminated bubblegum style lettering said 'Urban Kids'. She was vaguely familiar with this company through her work at Bloomingdale's, and with a sinking heart she understood that her fears had indeed been realized – Felix was taking her into a children's clothing store!


The store was spacious and brightly lit, but to Emma's relief there weren't too many other customers. As soon as they entered, she felt the eyes of the female shop assistants on her, and as Felix pulled her deeper inside, she kept her eyes fixed on the floor. Then she heard an assistant say, "Good afternoon sir, how may I help you?"


Felix said, "I'm looking for some new outfits for my stepdaughter here."


"Your stepdaughter?" the woman repeated.


"Yes, that's right," Felix said. "Emma, don't be rude. Say hello to the lady."


Emma kept her head bowed as she mumbled her greetings.


"Well now, that's not how we greet people, is it?" Felix said. "Look at the nice lady and speak up."


With her cheeks burning furiously, Emma raised her face and muttered, "Hello."


The woman was older than the other sales assistants, and Emma saw from her badge that she was the head sales assistant and she was called Cynthia. She regarded Emma curiously and said, "So how old are you, Emma?"


"She's twelve," Felix said.


Cynthia looked at him dubiously. "Really?"


Felix glanced around the store and said in a soft voice, "Okay, as you can see, Emma is not a child in the physical sense. The fact of the matter is that she has – special needs."


"Special needs?" Cynthia said. "Are you sure you've come to the right place?"


"Well I think so," Felix said. "You see Emma suffers from a rare form of clinical arrested development. She's quite a clever girl, but for reasons the doctors still haven't determined, she remains emotionally stuck in preadolescence."


Cynthia raised an eyebrow and looked at Emma who promptly looked away.


"And how am I supposed to help?" Cynthia said.


"These shopping trips are all part of Emma's therapy," Felix said. "Simply put, she feels more comfortable wearing preadolescent clothing. I know it sounds very odd, but then Emma's condition is hardly text book."


Cynthia regarded him shrewdly. "I would have thought the opposite might have been the case."


"You would, wouldn't you?" Felix said. "But I can assure you that I am following the strong advice of Emma's psychiatrist."


Emma looked up at him. Whatever in hell was he talking about?


Cynthia still looked doubtful, so Felix took out his wallet and produced a gold Amex card. "I can also assure you that money will be no object."


Emma looked at it the card with shocked indignation. He had stolen her card!


Now Cynthia smiled and placed a reassuring hand on Emma's shoulder. "In that case, sir, where would you like to begin?"


To Emma's great dismay, Felix decided to start off in the girl's underwear section! However it was mercifully deserted and Emma hoped that they would get this part out of the way before anyone else came into the store. Felix wandered along the racks before finally selecting a pale blue training bra with matching briefs. In any other circumstances, they looked innocent enough, but this was anything but a normal situation. They also looked worryingly small.


"Um, you may find those a little tight," Cynthia said. "They're meant for an eleven year old."


Felix said, "No, I think they'll fit. Why don't you try them on, Emma?"


Cynthia pointed out, "We have a no return policy for undergarments once they have been worn."


"That won't be a problem," Felix smiled. "We're here to spend!"


Cynthia gave him a long look. She seemed to have figured out that Emma was not exactly thrilled to be in the store, and that there was more going on here than Felix had told her. But instead of coming to Emma's assistance, Cynthia smiled and said, "As you wish, sir."


"Please call me Felix."


"Okay. Felix. The changing cubicles are in the corner over there."


"Ah," Felix feigned a compassionate expression. "That constitutes a bit of a problem, also. I'm afraid Emma suffers from acute claustrophobia. She won't last five seconds in there."


Emma stared at him in horror. "I-I do not!"


"Come now, Emma. There's no need to be shy about your many mental afflictions. The nice lady understands, don't you Cynthia."


Cynthia seemed to have tuned into Felix's bullshit now, but to Emma's dismay, the shop assistant seemed to be enjoying the role play. "Of course I do."


"B-But it's not true!" Emma said, catching herself just before she nearly popping her thumb in her mouth again!


"Very well," Felix sighed. "I understand that you want to show us what a big girl you are. Off you go then."


Emma snatched up the junior bra and panty set and started off toward the cubicle. When she reached the cubicle door, she glanced back at Felix. He smiled and gestured for her to go inside, so she did, sliding the door closed behind her. The interior was white and decorated with rainbows and flowers and smiling cartoon animals. There was a bench, a rail with hangers, and a full length mirror. She was about to unbutton her silly frock when out of nowhere a terrible panic swept through her. Her breathing came in shallow gasps and her palms grew sweaty. A tightness gripped her chest and she suddenly felt nauseous. Her head began to swim and all of a sudden she just had to get out of that cramped little room!





Chapter Nine


"There, there" Felix said soothingly. "At least you tried."


Emma looked up at him in a momentary state of confusion. She didn't even remember leaving the cubicle but now she was clinging on to the old bastard! She immediately pulled away in disgust and saw that Cynthia was gazing at her with a mixture of pity and amusement, and she was clearly now reveling in Emma's discomfort! To make it worse, Emma's panic attack had attracted the attention of the other sales assistants in the shop, as well as one or two nearby shoppers. Emma caught the eye of a little girl checking out shoes with her mother. The girl, who could only have been about eight or nine, gave her a sneering look of contempt, and to her chagrin, Emma felt herself blushing. Felix was turning her into a pathetic little child in full view of everybody, and there was nothing she could do about! Worse still, as far as these witnesses were concerned, her regressed mental state had nothing to do with Felix at all. They were probably full of admiration for his patience and understanding! She wanted to scream with frustration, but even that had been programmed out of her. Everything was ass backwards! She was a silent victim here, a nobody knew!


Only Cynthia, with her thin smile, seemed to suspect that there was something more sinister going on, but instead of coming to Emma's rescue, she seemed to be getting turned on by Emma's public embarrassment. Now she suggested, "Why don't you try them on behind the clothes racks in the corner? There aren't many people around so nobody will notice if you are quick."


Oh, you bitch! Emma thought. Why are you helping him?


"That's an excellent idea!" Felix beamed.


"N-No," Emma meekly protested. "Not here in the store."


"Well, where else is there? You have to try " Felix said. "Do you want to try the changing cubicle again?"


Emma's shoulders slumped and she suppressed a sob of despair. She was trapped and they both knew it. Cynthia collected the underwear from the cubicle and handed them to Emma. Feeling the eyes of the entire shop staff on her, Emma scurried over and ducked behind the low rack of clothes. There wasn't much cover, and from a certain angle she could clearly be seen, but regardless, she automatically took off her frock and quickly slipped out of her Hello Kitty boxer shorts. The junior briefs were quite pretty with lace trims, but Emma was in no mood to admire them—she just wanted to hide her freshly shaven pubes as quickly as possible. Sure enough, as she worked the panties up her thighs, she discovered that they were indeed too small for her—but of course that had been Felix's intention when he had selected them. Eventually she managed to wriggle into the panties and then reached for the trainer bra. Emma was small breasted, but just as with the panties, she struggled to get herself into the bra. When she had adjusted the underwear as best she could, she peeked over the top of the rack to see that Felix and Cynthia were both smiling patiently at her.


"Well?" Felix said. "Are you ready?"


"Y-Yes," Emma said coyly. "They fit fine, thank you."


"No, silly," Felix said. "You have to show us just to be sure. Come on out now."


"There's no need, really—" Emma began, but of course she was already obediently heading out into the open. On the way she caught sight of herself in a mirror. As she already knew, the briefs were skin tight, clearly revealing the shape of her hairless vulva with its tiny, hungry slit. Likewise, the trainer bra left nothing to the imagination, and her prominent nipples were quite visible.


Felix said, "Are you comfortable?"


Comfortable? I feel like I'm being crushed!


"Why don't you go for little walk around the store? But do take your shoes off first, they look silly with your underwear."


Emma did her best not to push her ass out too far as she undid the straps on her shoes. Then, as always, totally against her will, she began to walk around the store in just her undies and ankle socks. Her cheeks were on fire now and she couldn't help noticing the amused smirks of the watching salesgirls. Did they have any clue that she was doing this under duress? None of them seemed to have any sympathy for her.


With her legs operating on autopilot, she did a complete circuit of the store, trying not to make eye contact with the salesgirls or shoppers that she passed. When she reached the front of the store, she became aware that she had attracted the attention of a few teenage boys who were gawping at her through the shop window, so she hurried on back to the underwear section.


Felix and Cynthia both agreed that the bra and briefs were a good fit, and now Felix set about wasting Emma's credit card with enthusiasm. He selected a whole range of items, all designed for preteen girls, and all too small even for Emma's slender frame. Each time she put on an item behind the clothes rack, she then had to make an embarrassing circuit of the shop, and with each change of clothes, she noticed to her dismay that the shop was getting increasingly busier!


By the time Felix was done, Emma had publicly modeled several junior bra and panty sets, a variety of pajamas and nighties, several cute little dresses, and a selection of cutsie footwear and accessories. The most humiliating item however, he saved for last.


"Now I say, what is this?" he asked Cynthia, as he held up a pink one piece.


"That's a bodysuit," Cynthia said. "It can be used for yoga and exercise, or even as an alternative sleepwear."


"Oh, we simply must have one! Emma go try it on!"


Emma reluctantly accepted the garment and disappeared behind the clothes rack. She held it up an examined it with growing trepidation. The pink bodysuit was made of stretchy fabric consisting of something called polymide and elastane according to the label. At first, Emma couldn't see how she was going to get into it! She slipped out of the nightie she had just modeled, leaving herself in just her ankle socks. Not wishing to be naked in this shop for a moment longer than she had to, she tried to get into the tight leggings. Unfortunately the material was so snug, that she was forced to remove her socks first. She sat on the ground and struggled to get the fabric over her feet and ankles. After a lot of tugging and twisting, her bare feet pushed through, and she worked the tight material up over her legs and thighs. When the bodysuit was up to her waist, she paused to catch her breath. Looking down between her legs, she noted to her horror that every detail of her smooth vulva was plainly on show!


After another struggle, she managed to squeeze her body into the upper part of the suit. Her chest felt very constricted and she took a few long, deep breaths before standing up. She already knew by now that she was expected to model the humiliating item, and she stepped out from behind the safety of the clothes rack once again. A quick glance in the mirror told her all she needed to know—the hideous thing looked as though it had been spray painted onto her body!


She turned to face Felix and Cynthia, who had now been joined by two of the salesgirls. They all smiled at her, unable to conceal their delight at her demeaning and revealing attire. Emma really didn't know what to do with herself. She had walked around this store dozens of times over the past hour or so, in all kinds of belittling costumes, but this one made her look effectively naked!


"Well, you look absolutely irresistible!" Felix said. "What do you think, ladies?"


Cynthia and the two salesgirls giggled their appreciation while Emma squirmed with embarrassment. Cynthia said, "If I may suggest a couple of accessories?"


"Of course," said Felix. "You're the expert."


Cynthia wandered over to a couple of places in the store and then came and stood in front of Emma. She held up a plastic headband with two red hearts attached on springs. In spite of everything she had recently been through, Emma could not believe her eyes! Was this woman serious? This ridiculous adornment had nothing to do with clothing—she was simply adding to her humiliation! When Cynthia moved to put the headband on her, Fiona reflexively jerked her head back, and inevitably she heard Felix utter the magic words. "Emma, be a good girl and let Cynthia finish your outfit."


Cynthia tried again, and of course this time Emma stayed quite still—just like the good girl she was programmed to be! She wanted to cry through the sheer frustration of it all, but she refused to give them the satisfaction. Next, Cynthia tied a pretty blue bow around Emma's neck. And finally, she clipped a pair of plastic My Little Pony earrings to Emma's earlobes. Cynthia stood to one side and everybody commented on how cute Emma looked. They were all chuckling of course, because she knew she looked totally absurd!


"Footwear," Felix said. "She can't go outside in bare feet."


Emma looked at him in horror. Outside? What did he mean? Surely he didn't intend for her to go outside looking like this?


"I know!" said one of the sales assistants. She dashed over to the shoe section and came back with a rainbow patterned pair of sneakers. She went to hand them to Emma, but Cynthia said, "No, Gail. That's not how we serve our customers, is it?"


"Sorry, Cynthia," Gail said. "Please take a seat, Emma."


Feeling decidedly light headed by now, Emma sat on a vinyl seat and passively allowed this woman, who looked about her own age, to place the sneakers onto her feet and tie the laces. They were tight, but Gail manged to squeeze them on. She gave Emma's foot a reassuring pat and smiled, "There, I thought you were a size six!"


The other sales girl snickered and right now Emma could have died on the spot!


"Stand up, Emma," Felix said. "Let everybody have a good look at you."


As she stood up, she heard a tinkling musical sound and quickly deduced that it was coming from her feet. She looked down and saw that multicolored lights were flashing all around the sides of the sneakers. How embarrassing! This nightmare was getting worse and worse! Everybody in the mall would see and hear her coming now!


"Totally adorable!" Gail said.


"I agree," said Felix. "Well, we have to get to the salon, so let's get this stuff wrapped up and paid for."





Chapter Ten


As much as it pained her to do so, Emma dutifully signed the credit card slip as Felix verbally requested. He arranged for all these useless items of clothing to be delivered to Emma's house after which Cynthia and Gail cheerfully waved them off.


Holding Felix's hand, Emma peered out of the shop doorway with mounting trepidation. The Sunday shopping crowd was in full flow, which turned out to be a blessing as they merged with the throng. The crush made it harder for people to get a good look at her, although her musical, flashing sneakers were still drawing some unwanted attention. Mostly she attracted no more than a quick glance because with her svelte figure she guessed she did at first glance look like a young teen. Only those that gave her a more than cursory inspection could see that she was actually much older than her preadolescent attire suggested.


On the next floor were the beauty salons. Emma kept her head down and her eyes averted as they passed the one that she usually patronized. Felix led her into a trendy looking place called Buzz Cut. It was kind of small and exclusive, and to her relief, there wasn't anybody in there that she knew. Felix went to the reception desk and introduced himself. The pretty redhead said, "Yes, Mr. Tanner. A one o'clock appointment for young Emma with Carly. You're right on time. Please take a seat."


Now the receptionist looked at Emma curiously. Emma flushed and looked out of the window. Even on a twelve year old, her get up would have looked ridiculous, but it was plainly obvious that she was in her early twenties notwithstanding her somewhat underdeveloped physique!


After a few minutes, Carly came over. She was tall and spiky blonde with a generous bust, and dressed in trendy jeans and a t-shirt. She looked about twenty, and oozed confidence and swagger.


"Hi Emma—" she started, but then did a double take when she saw Emma.


"Is everything okay?" Felix said.


"Sure," Carly said. "I just expected Emma to be a little—younger, is all,"


Now the other hairdressers stopped what they were doing to have a look at Emma, and the other two customers were checking her out in the mirrors. How Emma wanted to curl up and hide! Everywhere she went, people were just gawping at her and with very good reason! God knew what they must have been thinking! The most worrying part was the longer this went on, the greater the chance that word would get back to Bloomingdale's. Emma's reputation was in serious jeopardy!


Carly led Emma over to her chair and tied an apron on her. Then she gave Emma a reassuring smile and removed the childish headpiece. "We'll leave this over with Mr. Tanner, shall we?"


Emma could only nod in embarrassment. As Carly began to comb her hair, it occurred to Emma that she had no idea what was going to be done to it, and she was too afraid to ask. Evidently, Felix had already explained what was needed when he had made the appointment. Carly tried to make a little small talk as she worked but it soon became apparent that she didn't know whether she was talking to an adult or a child, so she quickly slipped into an awkward silence. Half an hour later, she was done. "There. Is that what you had in mind, Mr. Tanner?"


Felix put down the magazine he was reading and went for a closer inspection. "That's excellent, Carly. Just what we wanted."


Carly gave him an inquisitive look, and then said, "Emma? How do you like your hair?"


Emma stared dejectedly at her reflection. Since leaving college and starting her career at Bloomingdale's, she had worn her mousy hair in a simple off the shoulder bob. It suited the shape of her face and made her look stylish and professional, which was just right for a fashion executive. Now that Carly was done, she had a stupid fringe cut with pigtails! What the hell was Felix doing to her? Now she looked more like a kid than ever!


"Emma, remember your manners," Felix said. "Answer Carly, please."


Emma could have screamed. She was an intelligent woman with a well paid job! Not some stupid child! But Felix's programming was unyielding, and she softly said, "It's very nice, thank you."


Carly smiled at her sympathetically. She must have already figured out that Emma was mentally challenged and she was doing her best to be tactful about it. After they had paid using Emma's credit card again—Carly unwittingly dealt the final blow to Emma's self-esteem by giving her a silver balloon to take home.






They sat at a table near the front window in Baskin-Robbins. Felix had ordered an iced coffee for himself and a chocolate sundae for Emma for 'being such a good girl'. Felix sipped his coffee and scrolled through Emma's phone while she silently seethed. As was becoming usual, they were getting strange glances from the other customers, but none of them could have guessed in their wildest dreams what was really going on here. Could they have imagined that earlier that morning cute little Emma had been riding on uncle Felix's cock and had then sucked him off in the shower? Because that was what the disgusting old pervert was artificially manufacturing here—a pseudoincestuous relationship for which he could never be held accountable. And at the end of the day, what could Emma say? That she had been hypnotized? She already looked as if she had lost her mind. That would surely just confirm it to whoever might be listening.


Her chocolate sundae arrived, the waitress who looked no more than seventeen, giving Emma a superior smile. Emma looked at the ice cream with distaste, so Felix said, "Come on, eat up. It's not free, so don't waste it."


Yes, and I know who will be paying for it! Emma thought angrily as she picked up the spoon.


To an observer, it would appear that she was enjoying her ice cream, but with every spoonful she swallowed, she was aware she was getting closer to the moment when Steve was due to arrive. She couldn't even begin to imagine what his reaction would be when he saw her dressed like this! And yet, despite drawing upon all of her inner resistance, her body continued to follow Felix's instructions, and sitting in her skin tight body suit, with her flashing, musical sneakers, her My Little Pony earrings, her silly heart headband, and with her silver balloon tied to her chair, she scooped up the ice cream and ate it all just like the silly little girl that Felix wanted her to be.


Felix continued to snoop through Emma's phone, gleaning more and more details from her personal life. He glanced up and saw that she was scowling at him, but he seemed unfazed by her simmering hostility. Instead, he asked, "Are you enjoying your ice cream?"


"No," Emma said sulkily. "I never eat ice cream."


"Well, you're doing a pretty good job of it, then," Felix smirked. "But I suggest you slow down a bit. Your nipples are sticking out."


Emma looked down and saw to her chagrin that he was right! She looked self consciously around the restaurant and edged a little closer to the table. Her phone pinged and Felix said, "Ah, good. Steve is in the mall."


Emma almost choked on her ice cream. She had been clinging to the faint hope that Steve wouldn't show. The poor guy must have guessed that she intended to break up with him today, but he still loved her enough to try and change her mind. Emma choked back a sob. There had to be something she could do to let Steve know what was really happening here!


Felix said, "Now don't fret, my dear girl. Just follow my lead. Steve will be just fine. Within a month or so, he'll be over you and he'll hook up with a normal girl in no time. After all, I don't think after this meeting he would be interested in seeing you again anyway."


This was so unfair! Emma wasn't a baby and she wasn't stupid! All of this had been fabricated by Felix, but nobody could see it! Not Cynthia, nor Gail, nor Carly, and certainly not Steve when he got here. People see what they see and actions speak louder than words! Emma felt her eyes brimming up, and just to rub salt into her emotional wounds, Felix offered her his handkerchief.


While she was wiping her eyes, she heard Steve's voice. "Em?"


Emma froze and held the handkerchief over her face.


"Emma. What's going on?" Steve said.


"Why don't you take a seat, Steve," she heard Felix say.


Steve then said, "I'm sorry? Who the fuck are you?"


"My name is Felix Tanner, Emma's new home carer."


Steve snorted. "Her what?"


"Why don't you sit down and we'll explain everything," Felix said calmly.


"Fuck you," Steve said. "Emma, are you going to talk to me?"


"Emma, please put the handkerchief down and look at Steve," Felix said.


Emma had no choice but to obey of course, and her cheeks turned an even deeper shade of red as Steve stared at her in shocked amazement. "What is this? Are you going to a fancy dress party?"


"This is how Emma prefers to dress now," Felix said.


Steve dragged his eyes away from Emma and looked at Felix. Then he decided to sit down.


"Who are you again?"


"Felix," said Felix, offering his hand. Steve didn't take it. He looked back at Emma. "Em, you have one minute to tell me what the fuck is happening here or I am walking straight out of that door and I will not come back!"


Emma felt her eyes brimming again and she dabbed at them with the handkerchief. "I-I can't do anything about it," she stammered.


"About what?"


"Her paraphilic infantilism," Felix said.


"Her what now?" Steve said.


"Emma suffers from adult baby syndrome."


Steve regarded him for a long moment. "Bullshit."


"Just take a look at her," Felix said. "Emma, why don't you take a little walk and show Steve your new shoes?"


Oh, God no! Please don't make me humiliate myself any more than this!


But of course she compliantly stood up because Felix had just suggested it, and then feeling idiotic beyond words, walked through the store in her silly pink body suit while her flashing sneakers played their cheerful little tune in front of all the bemused customers. When she returned to the table, she sat down and hung her head in shame.


Steve was silent for a long while. Then he said, "Em, is he forcing you to do this?"


Finally, Emma sensed a possibility. She looked up at her handsome young boyfriend and said, "Yes, he is."


Steve stood up. "Okay, you fucking old freak. I don't know what's going on here, but I'm taking Emma home, and if you ever go near her again, I'll beat the shit out of you!"


"Well that would make things a little difficult for me, considering I live with Emma now," Felix said.


Steve looked at Emma. "Is this true?"


Emma stared at her lap and nodded.


"I moved in yesterday, all legally signed and sealed. Isn't that so, Emma?" Felix said.


"B-But I don't remember doing it!" Emma blurted out. "He tricked me into it!"


"Come now, Emma, you know that's not true. You told me you needed help and supervision twenty four, seven." Felix said. "Steve, you're welcome to look at the paperwork. Both of our signatures are on the contract."


Steve was beginning to lose his bluster. He said, "So let me get this straight. Emma has this weird kid fetish that I never knew about, and you've been hired to what, help her?"


"Attend to her needs," Felix said. "Although, I'm ashamed to admit that our relationship became a little complicated yesterday."


Steve narrowed his eyes. "Complicated how?"


"Well, I really shouldn't be telling you this because I could lose my license, but I feel that as you were Emma's boyfriend, you have a right to know."


Steve swallowed. "Is this about the phone call this morning?"


"I'm afraid so," Felix said. "You see it has emerged that young Emma also suffers from a condition called erotic transference."


Steve groaned and closed his eyes. "Oh God, so that explains the heavy breathing over the phone."


"I'm very sorry, Steve, but Emma was quite persistent," Felix said.


Steve shook his head at Emma. "This is just too sick!"


"I-It's not true!" Emma cried, "You have to believe me!"


"Okay," Steve said. "Then look me in the eyes and tell me you didn't have sex with this creep."


"I-I—" Emma choked back a sob and looked away.


"Jesus Christ!"


"He made me do it!" Emma sniveled.


Felix looked at Steve and shrugged apologetically. "Emma, stop crying now. Why don't you sit on my lap and give me a nice kiss like you did in bed this morning?"


No! Don't do this to me now!


But Emma's internal screaming was futile as she meekly slid along the bench and climbed onto Felix's lap. Then her world totally collapsed around her as she opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue, and started French kissing Felix in front of her boyfriend in the ice cream parlor!


The kiss went on and on, or so it seemed to Emma. She could see Steve out of the corner of her eye, just sitting there and staring in disbelief. She wanted with all her heart to disengage, to wipe her mouth, to spit Felix's saliva onto the floor, but Steve wasn't seeing any of that. He was watching his beloved girlfriend dressed up like a little girl, tongue wresting with a middle aged, pot bellied man. There could be no doubt in his mind now that there was a sexual relationship going on between shrink and patient. How could there not be? A tear escaped Emma's eye when Steve stood up and said, "Fine. I've seen enough."


Felix ended the kiss and Emma slurred, "Steve, no! It's not what you think!"


Steve gave her a pitying smile. "Really? So this guy just forced you to sit on his lap and stick your tongue down his throat, did he?"


"Y-Yes! He's controlling my mind!"


"Save it, Emma! I've seen enough. I hope you enjoy your sick little fantasy world. Jesus, I feel like such a fool! Goodbye!"


With a sob of anguish, Emma helplessly watched her former boyfriend storm out of Baskin-Robbins. It was over. Just like that. There was no way she would ever be able to repair the damage after this.


Felix said, "Forget about him. I'll bet he's got a new girlfriend within a week. Now why don't you slide over, Emma dear? You're starting to make me feel a little uncomfortable."


As Emma wriggled across, she felt his hard penis moving underneath her crotch, a disgusting reminder that they had indeed been in a sexual relationship since that morning. While Emma sat staring forlornly at the door, hoping in vain that Steve might have a change of heart and come back to save her, Felix continued scrolling through her smartphone.


"I say, you've got a lot of Facebook friends, Emma. We should post some pictures of your latest life event, don't you think?"


Facebook? Oh please, no!


"Why don't you go get your balloon and pose for snap?" Felix smiled.


As with every innocuous suggestion that Felix presented, Emma knew that her body would simply go ahead and perform it, and sure enough, she promptly collected the silver balloon and stood by the window while Felix snapped away. Behind him, everybody was looking at her, some even taking pictures themselves of the overgrown child in the window!


Felix then summoned Emma back to the table and to her horror, proceeded to take a couple selfies of them together, one of them cheek to cheek, the other with Emma kissing his cheek.


"Perfect!" Felix said. "I'll just post these to your public feed."


"P-Please don't!" Emma gasped. "Everybody will see them!"


"My dear child, that's the whole point," Felix said. "It's time your friends found out the truth about you. We need to start getting them involved. In fact, I think I'm going to send out a general invitation to anybody that wishes to come and help with your treatment!"


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