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The Mentalist


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Chapter Twelve


When Emma opened her eyes, she didn’t bother looking at the alarm clock on the bedside table—she already knew that it was exactly ten before six in the morning because her exact waking time had already been programmed into her subconscious by Felix. Just as she had done yesterday, she knew that she would soon be taking an ice cold shower in the half bath and then preparing Felix’s breakfast down in the kitchen.


But this morning it quickly transpired that she first had an additional and extremely unpleasant task to fulfill. Letting out a groan of self disgust, she propped herself up against the headboard and raised her cotton nightgown. Her fingers moved swiftly towards her smooth mound as she parted her thighs. She was already wet with anticipation as she slipped her finger between her puffy labia and focused intently upon the three large pornographic posters on the wall at the end of the bed.


When Felix had made her take these pictures of his erect penis the previous evening, she had almost laughed out loud at his pathetic male vanity. She wasn’t laughing anymore. After printing out the glossy color posters on her own printer and then sticking them to the wall as instructed, she recalled Felix saying ‘cunt lips’ to her before everything had gone blank. This disgusting phrase was, she now had to assume, a trigger which sent her into a hypnotic trance during which Felix could program pretty much any behavioral changes into her that he wished. She had emerged from her fugue some time later with absolutely no memory of what had just transpired. She hadn’t yet figured out why he sometimes chose this hypnotic method as opposed to the verbal suggestions that he normally used to manipulate her with—except that she would have no clue as to the nature of her altered state of mind until external circumstances revealed it to her.


Such was the case with the pictures of Felix’s engorged cock. Before going to bed last night, she had spent thirty minutes intently studying the pictures while gently caressing her breasts and crotch. By the time she had drifted off to sleep she had every vivid detail of his loathsome member deeply embedded into her mind. But that wasn’t the worst part. She had woken up thinking about it too, and even though she still found the thought of his old man’s cock deeply repulsive, her preconditioned body apparently thought very much the opposite! She could only assume that during her hypnosis session, Felix had inculcated her with a powerful physical need very much at odds with her emotional feelings!


Now she lay back, bringing herself nearer and nearer to a shameful climax as she stared at Felix’s thick phallus, but just as she was about to receive her much needed release, she abruptly pulled her fingers out of herself and stood up.


What the—?


Emma certainly hadn’t wanted to come, but as she pulled the nightgown over her head she looked down at her puffy, pouting, hairless mons, and let out a sob of frustration. Damn him to hell! she thought, wiping away a tear. As she padded naked along the passageway to the half-bath, she wondered what kind of cruel game Felix was playing with her now. She stepped into the shower and turned the faucet on cold, gasping as the icy blast hit her body. After soaping herself thoroughly for exactly five minutes, she got out and toweled herself down, her skin now cool all over her body except for the accursed hot spot between her legs. Leaving that ruffled area until last, she let out a little moan as her fingertips teased her inflamed lips, and she willed herself to pull them away.


I must be emotionally strongthat’s all I have left!


She finished drying herself and brushed her hair, and then went back to the box room, slipped into her crotchless bloomers, and then stuck the small maid’s cap on her head. Then, bare breasted and barefoot, she proceeded down to the kitchen.


As she prepared Felix’s eggs, toast, and tea, Emma tried to focus her mind on this new and unpleasant development, although she found it difficult to concentrate with such raging heat between her legs. She had gradually come to the realization that even though Felix had gained total control of her physical movements and even her speech, she still retained dominion over her own mind. At first she had been terrified that he might be able to program her to fall in love with him, but now she was confident that there were certain limits to the control he exerted over her. And this, Emma understood, as did Felix, was vital to her chances of someday breaking free from him.


By now, the established rules were painfully simple enough. If Felix merely suggested she do something—no matter how vile or embarrassing—her subconscious immediately commanded her body to do it. If his verbal patter in any way left her open to make her own mind up, then she had the power to refuse him. For example, if he were to ask her whether she desired him, phrased as a question, she could—and always would—tell him emphatically no. Yes, they both understood that he could always command her to say she wanted him, but their mutual knowledge that she truly didn’t, would render the exercise worthless to him. Now it seemed, he was trying a different tack by instilling this intense physical need into her. He was testing her resistance to the most powerful emotion of them all—sex.


Upstairs, Felix was in her bed of course, and as she brought him his breakfast tray, her eyes were involuntarily drawn to the tent formed under the sheets by his erect cock. To her chagrin, she actually gulped audibly and Felix glanced up at her with a wry grin. “Did you sleep well, my little nympho?”


Emma blushed and looked away. He already knew that she had been masturbating in front of the pictures because he had obviously implanted the suggestion the previous night. Now she stood foolishly by, wearing just her crotchless bloomers and maid’s cap, and watched him work on his breakfast while he studied his notepad. Not for the first time since this old pig had invaded her life, she felt utterly helpless and increasingly useless. A few days ago, she had been a self-motivated career girl—now she waited meekly for her next instruction while desperately trying to ignore the gathering warmth in her belly.


The previous morning, after he had finished his breakfast, Felix had casually ordered her to straddle his penis and slowly fuck him while she talked on the phone to her now ex-boyfriend, Steve. A sharp stab of anguish accompanied the memory of that moment, and yet as she again glanced at the shape of his cock under the sheets, a disturbing sense of anticipation began to creep over her. To her dismay, it occurred to her that on some basic, carnal level, she might actually be hoping for a repeat performance!


No! He’s old and fat and disgusting! Emma shook the idea from her head.


Felix slurped back the last of his tea and placed it on the tray. “Take that away, please,” he said. As Emma lifted up the tray, he kicked the sheets down the bed, exposing his white hairy body. Emma couldn’t stop herself from looking at the ugly, thick sausage laying against his fat belly, and she again swallowed involuntarily. With no further verbal instructions to follow, Emma waited with the tray in her hands, her eyes furtively checking out Felix’s cock as he went back to his notepad. After a moment, he looked up at her. “Is there anything you need, Emma?”


Emma’s cheeks burned furiously as she rigidly held his gaze. Now she fully understood the rules of his heinous little game—he wanted her to beg for it! Raising her chin, she said, “No, sir. Will there be anything else?”


Standing there topless with her nipples erect and her exposed crotch quite clearly inflamed, her defiance only seemed to amuse Felix. He swung his bulky frame off the bed and started towards the master bathroom. Emma’s eyes followed his long, fat prick jutting out from under his belly. He paused at the door, caught her staring, and said, “Well, if there’s really nothing here you want, then go ahead and clear the dishes. After that, you can put on your uniform and start with the housework.”


Acting instinctively upon his command words, Emma promptly turned and went downstairs to the kitchen as the image of his rude cock continued to burn itself into her mind. She had never felt so conflicted before in her life! She knew that if she weakened and asked him for sex, her battle would be lost. He would not only possess her body but her very soul as well. She had to fight him with all of her willpower—but she already knew that this was going to be far from easy.






Chapter Thirteen


Emma was sweating under the layers of Victorian era clothing. The tight corset restricted her breathing and the granny boots pinched her toes. She had been dusting, tidying, sweeping and washing all morning while Felix had relaxed on the sofa going through her devices, and apart from a couple of offhand requests for coffee, he had completely ignored her. This should have been a blessing because she obviously wanted nothing at all to do with the despicable man, but since her hypnotic blackout the previous evening a subtle but persistent change had come over her. She had no way of knowing how many more suggestions he had implanted into her subconscious, and she dreaded to imagine what they might be. The only one she was aware of right now was the all consuming sexual frustration that had been building in her all morning. Well, that and the sporadic humming of children’s nursery rhymes and the odd occasion she had caught herself with her thumb in her mouth!


God knew what perverted ideas this old man had in his head, but a definite pattern was emerging. It seemed that he was deliberately age regressing her while cultivating an unhealthy sexual desire for her new father figure! How sick was that? And while these confusing emotions were fizzing around inside her, Felix continued to feign ignorance, patiently waiting for her resistance to break. And if she did crack? If—God forbid—she actually asked him to provide her with sexual relief, what exactly would he say or do? What if he refused her with disdain? Not only would that be the ultimate humiliation, but the pent up frustration would still be simmering inside of her! And he could keep her in this state for days, or even weeks!


Emma consulted her list of chores in the kitchen and saw that having cleared every other room in the house, she now had no choice but to clean her living room. Terrified of what might be triggered when she saw him, she picked up her basket of cleaning supplies and walked through the archway. Felix was asleep on the couch, his dressing gown slightly apart to reveal his hairy chest, but mercifully his fat cock remained hidden from view. She paused, listening to his gentle snoring, and then put down the basket and crept over to the coffee table where he had left her tablet.


The archaic clothing she wore rustled and creaked but she managed to pick up the device without waking him. She swiped the screen and saw that he had been busy on one of her social media accounts before falling asleep. By now he had access to all of her passwords, and to her dismay, she saw that he had made several posts on her behalf. Trying to keep her breathing under control, Emma followed the previous messages with growing horror. She recalled him saying in the shopping mall how he wanted to get her friends involved in her new life, and it seemed he had been true to his word! As she scrolled down through the messages and chats she started to feel physically nauseous!


Not only had he been inviting members of her circle of friends and acquaintances to her home at the weekend, but several of them had already accepted! And there was more! The evil bastard had actually posted pictures of her! Everybody in the chat group had now seen her in her silly little frock, and worse, the revealing body suit she had been forced to wear at the mall. What the hell was he doing? These pictures were out on the net! Anybody could download them! What if her boss at work saw them?


With trembling fingers, Emma placed her tablet on the coffee table. Felix was still snoring peacefully. With her breathing coming in shallow gasps, Emma went over to the television unit and picked up a marble figurine that she had received as a gift at Bloomingdale’s when she had been promoted. How long ago that day seemed right now—she doubted if she would even have a job there for much longer if she couldn’t break free of Felix’s spell! She felt the heavy weight in her hand and went back to the sofa. She raised the figurine above her head and looked down at Felix’s ruddy face. Her heart was pounding and her palms were sweating. She couldn’t believe she was about to do this, but she couldn’t see any other way out.


Emma looked at the hairs protruding from his nostrils, his gray-flecked bushy eyebrows, at his blotchy, fat nose, and at his revolting purple lips that she had been forced to kiss. Her eyes drifted down toward his crotch. She could plainly see that he was aroused. That fat, old cock that had actually been inside her! She moved down and stared closer at the bulge under his robe. All she had to do was smash it. Right now. It wouldn’t matter then if he still controlled her mind, would it? What could he do to her without his disgusting penis? The image of his erect cock flashed in her mind. She could taste it, smell it—and she felt herself getting wetter between the legs!


All I have to do is smash it. Then I wont ever have to think about it again.


Felix grunted and shifted and his robe parted, unexpectedly letting his cock spring free. Emma gasped and stared at the thick, white slug that had been do deeply impregnated into her mind. For a fleeting moment she was possessed by an overpowering urge to kneel down and put it in her mouth! She could almost feel it sliding along her tongue!




Suppressing a sob of exasperation, she returned the figurine to the television unit and then looked at herself in the mirror. After a moment, she got her breathing under control and she wiped her eyes with the back of her hand and picked up her cleaning basket. There was a lot of dusting and polishing to be done here, and she had better be finished before Felix woke up. She started with the coffee table, her eyes flitting back and forth to Felix’s hard manhood, and her relentless mind kept taking her back to the previous morning when she had ridden on it like a whore. It was only when she finished polishing the table that she realized she was humming out loud again—this time it was A-Tisket, A-Tasket.







“Please Felix! I can’t go outside like this!” Emma whined.


“Don’t be such a silly girl!” Felix said, standing in the open front doorway. “You’ve already been out in two of your cute little outfits at the mall. Why are you getting all bashful today?”


“Because I live here! I’ll be the laughing stock of the neighborhood if I’m seen wearing this!”


Emma regarded herself despondently in the hallway mirror. She was wearing a sailor suit, of all things! As with just about everything else that Felix had selected for her, the navy blue skirt and the white blouse were too small, leaving her midriff bare, but at least her navy blue, knee length socks and white button up shoes were the right size. A blue bow tie and matching ribbons in her pigtails completed the ensemble. Once again, Felix had succeeded in making her look totally absurd!


The only real surprise was his choice of her underwear. Her trainer bra, as expected, was just tight enough to constrict her breathing, but her white briefs had slipped comfortably over her thighs and buttocks with ease. If anything, they were a little on the large size. She hadn’t had much time to consider this when dressing, but now she gave the waistband a little upward tug because they really felt a tad on the loose side.


“You’re still worrying about your reputation, are you?” Felix smiled. “My dear child, do you still not get it? Your career and social life as you knew it are already over. You’re Felix Tanner’s little girl now. Why keep fighting? There’s nothing you can do about it. I told you, the changes I have made to your personality are irreversible. Besides, by Friday night, everybody in your social clique will know.”


The babysitting night on Friday! Emma hadn’t told Felix that she knew about it because then he would have asked how. Although she didn’t find him a frightening person, she was most certainly afraid of the power he wielded over her, and his imagination was that warped that he was capable of inventing any number of depraved punishments for her. She still wished she’d had the mental strength to sexually disable him when she’d had the chance earlier. But at what cost?


Back to the babysitting night. She had read a few of the replies on her social media account and they didn’t make for pleasant reading. The first was from Tiffany Kellerman, a colleague and rival of Emma’s at Bloomingdale’s. They had never really hit it off even though they kept up a facade of politeness, but things had taken a turn for the worse when Emma had received her promotion to assistant buyer. Tiffany had been the other candidate, and she hadn’t taken her defeat well. Their relationship in the office had turned from cool to icy. Emma hadn’t been bothered too much—after all, she was now the golden girl and basically Tiffany just had to suck it up. Now the situation had turned on its head. Not only did Tiffany have a glorious opportunity to destroy Emma’s reputation at work and probably take her job, but she could have plenty of fun with her on Friday too!


It got worse. Emma’s assistant, Naomi Briggs, had also expressed an interest in coming on Friday. Although she never appeared to have a problem at work, Emma wondered exactly how much resentment might be bubbling under the surface. After all, it wasn’t every day you got to watch the public humiliation of your immediate boss!


The third interested party at Bloomingdale’s worked in a different department, but he presented a different and even more worrying dilemma. Bryce Cooper had been trying to date Emma for months, even to the point of sending flowers to her office. In her defense, Emma had never encouraged him, and her refusals had always been gentle and polite, but he evidently had a fragile ego, and when Emma had started dating Steve, Bryce had become almost hostile towards Emma—and now he had seen a chance to repair his damaged pride.


“Emma, why don’t you stop admiring yourself in the mirror and come outside,” Felix said. “It’s a lovely afternoon for a stroll.”







It was only a five minute walk to the park, but for Emma it felt like an eternity. She held the silver balloon from the hair salon in her left hand, and Felix’s hand in her right. She hated the sensation of his clammy palm against hers, but because she was rigidly bound by his verbal cues, they may as well have been stuck together with super glue. The physical contact wasn’t helping her ongoing state of sexual arousal either. No matter how hard she tried to shut it out, the image of Felix’s stiff penis remained permanently burned into her mind and with every step she could feel the sticky heat between her legs.


As they approached the gates to the park, Emma quickly realized that she had another potential problem—her loosely fitting knickers were starting to feel decidedly looser! The waistband was still just about clinging to her narrow hips, but she had the awful feeling her underwear might slip at any moment. With both of her hands occupied, she began to shuffle forward with her knees together. There was no point in alerting Felix to her predicament—he had most likely planned the whole thing in advance.


They walked through the gates into the park, which was thankfully quiet on this Monday afternoon. As she surveyed the well landscaped surroundings, it occurred to Emma that she had only been here once before, when she had first moved into the area. Since then, as a busy professional, she hadn’t had the time or inclination, and had spent most of her free time on dates with Steve. With a twist in her stomach, she was suddenly struck by how much everything in her life had changed in such a short space of time. There was no Steve for her anymore, and all of her time now belonged to Felix.


With her underwear worryingly slack around her hips, Emma struggled to keep up as they approached the children’s play area, which was deserted except for a couple of young mothers chatting while their kids played on the swings. Felix led Emma over the benches and the women stopped talking and looked over at them.


“Good afternoon, ladies,” Felix said pleasantly.


The women stared in amazement at Emma for a moment and then quickly gathered up their children. As they hurried away, Emma felt a knot forming in her stomach. Felix had turned her into a freak and there was nothing she could do about it!


Felix squeezed her hand and said, “Never mind dear, your friends will be coming to see you on Friday.”


As if she needed reminding! She absolutely had to find a way out of this horror before then! Felix took the balloon from her and tied it to the bench. “Why don’t you go and play on the swings, dear?”


“P-Please, can’t I just sit here with you?” Emma moaned, but she was already heading over to the swings before she had finished speaking. She perched herself on the seat and held onto the chains. She hadn’t sat on one of these since she was, well, a little girl. As she began to swing herself gently back and forth, she noticed a park attendant emerge from the restrooms in the corner. He looked up at Emma and scratched his head. As he came closer, Emma blushed and looked away. The rest of the park was mostly deserted but she was becoming increasingly uncomfortable as the attendant’s eyes bored into her.


Finally, he sidled up to the bench and said to Felix, “Is she with you?”


Felix said, “Yes she is.”


The attendant said, “The playground equipment is for children under twelve only. Didn’t you see the sign?”


Emma skidded her shoes on the asphalt and looked over hopefully, but Felix, calm as ever, said, “No, I didn’t. Emma does love the park but she doesn’t get out much due to her illness.”


The attendant scratched his head again. “What’s wrong with her?”


Felix tapped his temple, “It’s a mental condition.”


“Well, I’m sorry to hear that,” the attendant said. “But rules are rules.”


Felix regarded him a moment, and put out his hand. “My name’s Felix.”


“Arthur,” the attendant said as they shook.


“Very nice to meet you, Arthur,” Felix said. “Listen, since there are no other kids around, is there any chance you could allow Emma a few moments of play time? I’d be happy to pay.”


Arthur looked over at Emma again, this time with a little more interest than before. He said, “I don’t know. I could lose my job.”


“Tell you what,” Felix said, reaching for his wallet. “How about fifty dollars for your services?”


“What services?” Arthur said.


“Well, as Emma doesn’t have any friends, I was hoping perhaps you could be her playmate for a little while.”






Chapter Fourteen


Still sitting on the swing, Emma watched Arthur pocket the fifty and then turn his attention back toward her. He was an old guy, well over sixty, with wispy gray hair and pale blue eyes that looked huge behind his thick lens glasses—and there was something quite unnerving about the way he was looking at her now as his tongue flickered across his lower lip.


Oh, Christ! He looks like a goddamn pervert!


“So what exactly do you want me to do?”


“Just play with her,” Felix said. “Be her friend.”


Arthur still looked a bit bewildered, but just like Cynthia had at the mall, Emma could see that he was cottoning on fast. It had to be obvious to anybody with half a brain that something was amiss here, and if Arthur was a man possessed of normal social morals, he should by now be thinking of calling the cops. But having accepted the money, and from the way he was now sizing Emma up, he clearly wasn’t worried about her welfare at all. On the contrary, with every passing second, his expression was looking decidedly more lecherous!


As Arthur walked awkwardly towards her, Emma said, “Really, I don’t need any friends—I can play by myself!”


She could hardly believe the puerile words that had just come out of her mouth but by now she was only too aware of what Felix was capable of—he could literally make her do anything! Seeing the look of panic on her face, Arthur froze and glanced back at Felix, who said, “Now Emma, you know that’s not true. You asked me for a playmate and I’ve found you one. Now I want you to get along with Arthur and I want you to play nicely.”


Emma felt goose bumps rise on her arms and legs as she immediately figured out what Felix had just done. That last sentence was a command! Which means I’m going to have to do whatever this dirty old man wants!


Felix went on, “Go ahead, Arthur. Emma won’t give you any trouble. Why don’t you start by giving her a push on the swings?”


Emma shook her head despairingly, but sure enough her body stayed obediently put as old Arthur came around behind her. When she felt his breath on the back of her neck and his hands sliding down her back, she went rigid. “Oh, look here,” Arthur said. “Your skirt is getting all dirty on the seat. Let’s move it out of the way, shall we?”


Emma turned her head to the side as he pulled her skirt out from under her. “W-What are you—? No, please don’t do that!”


Cool air wafted around her buttocks as Arthur tucked the skirt into her waistband. Emma’s heart began to pound. This was escalating fast! Within a couple of seconds, this old man was already looking at her underwear, and incapacitated by Felix’s verbal commands, Emma was powerless to defend herself!


“Just relax, sweetie,” Arthur said, his confidence mushrooming.


“Don’t call me that!” Emma whined. “I’m twenty three years old!”


“And yet here you are all dressed up like a little girl, playing on the swings,” Arthur chuckled.


Before Emma could respond, she felt his hands on her butt and she gasped with shock. Then she was swinging, her little skirt lifting up in the air as her feet pointed skyward. Arthur had given her a strong shove and as she arced back down, she clung on tighter to the chains. When she reached the base of her swing, she felt his hands squeezing her ass again, and then he pushed her even harder. The playground flashed in front of her eyes and then she was looking up at the sky, then back down she came again, feeling a little giddy now, and then she felt him groping her butt before being launched skyward once more.


After two or three more of these indecent shunts, Emma started to feel quite queasy, and she heard herself say, “S-Stop! I-I want to get off!”


She heard Arthur laugh and then felt his hands gripping her waist. She hung there for a moment, almost ready to puke and feeling as helpless as a small child—which was of course exactly what Felix had intended. As Arthur lowered the swing, Emma unsteadily got to her feet while just about managing to keep her breakfast down. She reached around to pull her skirt out of her knickers, and realizing that they had slipped, gave them a sharp upward tug. Behind her, Arthur said, “Oops! You nearly lost them, Emma! They do look a bit on the large side for you!”


She turned towards him, reading the lecherous look in his eyes, and said, “I feel a little bit sick. Can I go and sit down?”


Arthur looked at Felix who shrugged, so he returned his gaze towards Emma’s crumpled skirt. Emma shifted uncomfortably. He had just seen her oversize underwear slipping, so what was the old creep thinking about now?


Finally, Arthur said, “You’ll feel alright in a minute, sweetie. Let’s go and play on the climbing frame.”


“I don’t want to!” Emma protested, but by then her mutinous hand was already in his and she meekly let him lead her over the to the frame. It consisted of two complex metal cages connected by an overhead horizontal ladder. Arthur released her hand, but without a direct command to get up on the frame, Emma obstinately stayed where she was—her little victory was short-lived however.


Felix said, “Emma, from now on I want you to obey Arthur as if I am speaking to you myself. Do you understand?”


Emma looked over at him and nodded uneasily—this was a new and most worrying development! Could Felix simply transfer his powers to another person as easily as that? She continued to stand her ground and waited for the answer to that question.


Felix now informed Arthur, “Emma will carry out any instructions that you give her—but you have to say them to her out loud.”


“Really?” Arthur said, eyeing Emma with renewed desire.


“Just give it a try,” said Felix.


All pretenses were gone now, Emma realized. Arthur was a dirty old man just like Felix, and he didn’t give a rat’s ass about the moral aspect of her situation. He was being given a once in a lifetime opportunity to do whatever he wanted with a defenseless young woman, and judging from the lustful look in his eyes, he intended to make the most of it!


“Alright then,” Arthur said. “Emma, I want you to swing along the ladder from one end to the other.”


Emma’s stomach did a flip as she promptly walked over to the climbing frame, raised up onto her toes, and then reached up for the ladder.


Oh no! It actually worked! Now I’m at the mercy of two mastersand both of them are old perverts!


She had to stretch for the ladder, and as she pulled herself along hand over hand, the tips of her white shoes just about made contact with the asphalt. It was harder going than she expected, and her arms quickly began to ache, but she soon had a far more serious problem to contend with—because when she was about half way across, Emma realized to her horror that her underwear was slipping again! Dangling beneath the ladder with her hands gripping the rungs, the only thing she could do was keep her knees together!


By the time she reached the far end, the waistband had dropped below her hips, and in her panic, she dropped to the ground and reached under her skirt. But before she had time to sort out her dilemma, Arthur said, “I didn’t say let go of the ladder, did I? That’s cheating, Emma. Now grab hold of it again and come back toward me—and this time, keep hold!”


As her arms automatically went up above her head, Emma caught the mischievous look in Arthur’s eye, and in that moment she understood was he was plotting—the only reason he wanted her to swing across the ladder was to see if her underwear would come down! Blinking back a tear of frustration, Emma obediently started working her way back towards him. With each lurch forward, she could feel her knickers slipping lower—and there was absolutely nothing she could do about it!


Inevitably, half way across she lost them, and it was only by keeping her knees together that they didn’t fall all the way down to her ankles! Frozen in panic, she hung motionless from the ladder with her knickers bunched around her knees and her shoes grazing the ground. Her immediate instinct was to drop down and cover herself, but her body intended otherwise and she continued to hang on to the ladder as she felt the cool air wafting around her exposed crotch!


Now Arthur appeared at the other end of the ladder. “Come on, Emma,” he grinned. “I know you can do it!”


Emma—the adult version—wanted to tell him to fuck off, but her stupid, programmed body instantly reached for the next rung, and then she was swinging along like a monkey again. Quite apart from the humiliation of it all, this was becoming very hard work and she started emitting little grunts with each push forward. Then, a few feet away from her target and new tormentor, the unthinkable happened as her underwear slipped all the way down to her ankles!


With no choice but to continue, Emma pulled herself across the last three rungs until she was face to face with Arthur. He looked at her hungrily behind his clouded up lenses, and Emma now began to wonder just how far Felix was prepared to let this old lecher go.


Arthur said, “We’d better pull those back up before somebody sees you.”


He squatted down in front of her and she felt his hot breath on her bare midriff. With her fingers obstinately locked onto the metal ladder and her knickers crumpled up around her ankles, Emma had absolutely no way to protect herself! When she felt his hands on her thighs, she began to struggle, and she cried, “No, don’t touch me! I can do it myself!”


“Can you?” Arthur said. “Well if you don’t need my help, you’d better carry on swinging up and down the ladder.”




“Off you go.”


“N-No! I meant let me do it—”


But inescapably, her preconditioned body was already setting off back along the ladder. When she reached the far end, she spotted a man walking his dog not far away, and she hurriedly swung around and began to work her way back to Arthur who was still crouching on the ground. As she drew nearer to him, her rebellious body suddenly went into fight or flight mode and she felt her bladder contract.


Oh no, please! Not now!


“Are you sure you don’t need my help?” Arthur asked.


“Y-Yes, I do!” Emma said frantically. “P-Please help me! I-I need to go to the bathroom!”


“Is that so?” Arthur chuckled.


With Emma hanging there uselessly as the pressure built in her abdomen, Arthur took his time, drawing her knickers slowly up her legs and then hoisting them up over her hips. He stood and grinned at her. “Well, I must say you really do look like a little girl down there!”


She looked away, embarrassed beyond belief, and moaned, “P-Please! I really need to go!”


“Give me a kiss first, and I’ll take you to the toilet.”




“Give Uncle Arthur a kiss, and I’ll take little Emma go pee-pee.”


You sick bastard! Emma thought, but she was running out of time. Feeling sick to her stomach, she touched her mouth against his, and then to her utter disgust, she felt his tongue slithering along her lips!


“Ugh!” Emma spat as she pulled her face away from his.


“Okay then,” Arthur said, licking his lips. “Drop down and I’ll take you go pee-pee.”


But just as Emma’s heels touched the ground, she felt her sphincter relax, and to her horror a trickle of urine ran down her leg! Mortified, she focused on the liver spots on the back of Arthur’s proffered hand and whimpered as she desperately tried to control herself. She was just about to make a dash for the wash rooms when Arthur said, “Take my hand, Emma.”


Of course she took it. What else could she do? As they walked unbearably slowly toward the bathrooms, Emma noticed Felix filming her on his smartphone. Had he preprogrammed her to lose control of her bladder? Was this all a part of his sordid little game? If so, what other latent commands were lurking in her subconscious?


They hadn’t taken more than five steps when she lost it completely. The trickle became a steam, which immediately intensified into a gush, and then she let out a moan of despair as her piss ran freely down her legs and splattered noisily into the concrete path.


Arthur stopped and watched as the dark pool spread around her feet, her urine soaking her socks shoes. Emma had never experienced such a deep sense of shame in all her life!


“I-I’m sorry!” she groaned, but neither Arthur nor Felix looked in the slightest bit angry. On the contrary, they both wore similar expressions on their faces, a mixture of curiosity and delight as she continued to disgrace herself in public. Feeling stupid, embarrassed, and utterly helpless, Emma put her thumb in her mouth and began to cry.


“Try to be a big girl, now,” Arthur said kindly. “Let’s go get you all cleaned up, huh?”


The last place Emma wanted to be right now was alone in a toilet with this old lecher, but equally she was terrified of anyone else seeing her wetting herself like this. As her micturition began to subside, she looked around and saw that the man with the dog was getting closer and a few other people had entered the park. Needing no further incentive, Emma allowed Arthur to lead her into the square brick building in the corner of the playground.


Hidden behind a manicured hedge were two entrances, and when Arthur headed towards the Men’s door, Emma pulled back.


Arthur looked at her with an amused expression. “We can’t go into the Ladies’—I might get into trouble.”


Still Emma hesitated, so Arthur added, “Or would you prefer I clean you up out here?”


Emma sniffed and shook her head. As she reluctantly followed him inside, Emma figured it made no difference anyhow. If a man and a woman were caught together in a public restroom of whatever gender, they surely had to be asking for trouble. Then again, within the framework of this depraved role playing game, did Emma even qualify as a grown woman right now?


Arthur guided her into one of the stalls and said, “Sit down.”


The only place to sit was on the toilet, and with gathering dismay Emma automatically complied. She was shocked but not exactly surprised when Arthur promptly lifted up her skirt. Her automatic reaction was to snap her thighs together, but when Arthur told her to open them wide, she of course did exactly that. This was the depth of the programming that Felix had inculcated into her. She was nothing more than their puppet, and as the utter futility of her situation hit further home, she began to sob anew.


Arthur took hold of the waistband of Emma’s wet knickers and slowly drew them down her thighs, over her spread knees, and down to her ankles. She looked away in shame as he stared at her damp, bald, vulva, and then raised her left foot on his command as he took her underwear away completely.


“Look at me, Emma,” Arthur said hoarsely.


Emma sniffled and promptly made eye contact with this dirty old man, who until very recently had been a total stranger to her. Now perched on the toilet bowl with her legs spread, she dearly wished he still was, because with his nose inches from her exposed crotch, they were becoming far more intimate now! Arthur produced a hanky from his pocket and began to dab at her damp mound, and Emma let out a low gasp.


Arthur looked at her with interest and then wiped a little lower. This time Emma hissed between her teeth and reflexively put her hand on his shoulder. A lewd grin spread across Arthur’s lips. “Oh dear, is little Emma getting excited?”


How the hell was she supposed to answer him? That she had been constantly thinking about Felix’s hard cock all morning? That she had been forcibly modified from a well adjusted adult into a regressed sexual deviant with a fetish for old men? This was a nightmare without end!


Arthur wrapped the hanky around his index finger and said, “Maybe I can help relieve the tension.”


“N-No, it’s okay—ooh!” Emma bit down on her lip as she felt the tip of his finger working between her labia. As it wormed itself deeper inside, she moaned and gripped Arthur’s other shoulder. She couldn’t believe she was actually sitting in a men’s room being masturbated by this ugly old pervert, and worse, she was making no attempt to stop him! God forbid that somebody should come in now!


Their faces were way too close as he pushed his finger in and out of her, but she was now incapable of looking away under he gave her verbal permission!


“P-Please stop!” Emma breathed as she felt her climax approaching.


Arthur just grinned and said, “Stick out your tongue, you naughty little girl.”


With a whimper of despair, Emma poked her tongue out and the filthy old bastard immediately wrapped his lips around it! His breath was foul and Emma breathed deeply through her nostrils, her nose bumping against his. Arthur’s finger was rapidly sliding in and out of her well lubricated pussy, and she tightened her grip on his shoulders and then she came, her whole body shaking as she groaned into his mouth. Arthur withdrew his finger and they stayed tongue-locked together as she twitched and jerked, her shoes banging against the cubicle partitions.


After a minute, Arthur released her tongue and said, “Close your legs.”


A little confused, Emma gratefully followed his command. Then he picked up her knickers and said, “Hold them out in front of you.”


Emma dutifully complied, still recovering from her unwanted orgasm, now sitting on a public toilet with her wet underwear spread out between her hands. Bewilderment gave way to alarm and then to revulsion when Arthur stood up and unzipped himself. He fumbled inside his pants and then out it came, hard and long, but not thick like Felix’s. In spite of her disgust, Emma stared at it with immodest fascination. She knew she should look away, but couldn’t! Was this part of her programming, or was she turning into a dirty slut? It was becoming harder to tell by the moment!


For a drawn out moment she braced herself for his command to suck on it, but instead, to her disgust, Arthur began to pleasure himself in front of her! He took his time, confident that his little sailor girl would sit patiently watching while he jerked himself off, and of course Emma did just that. She wanted to close her eyes at least, but she had been told to look at him and there was nothing she could do about it. After a couple of minutes, Arthur started to groan, his hand sliding up and down his shaft faster and faster and then she jerked her head back as his white, sticky issue spurted out. He came a lot for an old guy, and his aim was good and Emma watched with an unsettling mixture of enthrallment and repugnance as his jism landed in her open underwear. When he was finally done, Arthur wiped the end of his cock on her knickers, and then said, “Okay, Emma, you can put them back on now.”


She stared up at him, hoping she had misheard. “What?”


“Stand up and put your panties back on.”


He opened the cubicle door and backed off to give her space and before she realized it she was standing up with her leg raised. She was going to do this, of course. She would do anything they asked of her, no matter how revolting, as long as Felix held her under his crippling spell. Trying not to gag, she pulled the knickers all the way up, and then let out a groan of disgust as she felt his clammy semen smearing against her swollen labia.


Arthur held out his hand and she took it, and then feeling filthy and defiled beyond belief, she allowed him to lead her back outside. As they approached the bench where Felix was sitting, Emma tried to walk with her thighs as wide apart as possible. The thought of this old man’s seed coating her naked vulva was enough to make her want to puke! What if some of it got inside her? She hadn’t taken her contraceptive pill for a week!


Felix stood and said, “All cleaned up?”


Eyes glistening with shame, Emma blinked into the distance.


“She made a bit more of a mess in there, I’m afraid,” Arthur said sheepishly.


“Oh well, not to worry,” Felix said. “I’ll put her in the shower when we get home. Emma, why don’t you thank Arthur for being your playmate today?”


Emma gave them both a reproachful look as she obediently mumbled, “Thank you for playing with me, Arthur.”


“The pleasure was all mine,” Arthur snickered.


“Say, if you’re free on Friday, why don’t you stop by the house?” Felix said to Arthur. “I have an engagement to attend, and I have invited some people over to babysit Emma.”


“Babysit?” Arthur’s eyes lit up. “Why, I’d be delighted!”


Emma lowered her eyes and unconsciously popped her thumb into her mouth. She couldn’t even bring herself to think about Friday—all she cared about was getting out of these soiled knickers. After exchanging numbers with Arthur, Felix said, “Come along then, Emma. Let’s get you showered, and then it’s an early bedtime for you!”






Chapter Fifteen


Felix didn’t let Emma out of the house for the next three days. After her soul-crushing encounter with old Arthur in the park, she had been terrified that such outings might become a feature of her daily routine. Instead, Felix had consigned her to a punishing work regimen involving hours of washing, polishing and scrubbing that had left her exhausted by the time her six o’clock bedtime came around. If it hadn’t been for her constantly agitated state of mind, Emma might have gone mad with boredom.


The only diversion from the monotony was her early morning masturbation session—always conducted at the end of her bed while staring at the big color photos of Felix’s erect penis. Of course, there was never any relief. Just before the point of orgasm, she would always withdraw her fingers and then head off for a cold shower before preparing Felix’s breakfast. Then came the real test of her resolve, standing to attention dressed in nothing but her crotchless bloomers while Felix ate breakfast in bed and caught up with the news. Then he would climb out of bed naked, his fat cock swinging rudely beneath his round, hairy belly, and then mischievously ask Emma if she needed anything before she went about her chores.


But she still hadn’t cracked. The sexual tension inside her was almost unbearable, and on a couple of occasions she had caught herself shedding tears of frustration. But her resistance to temptation was all she had left. She needed to know that she still had the willpower to hold out. As long as she had that, then no matter what other people saw her do, or what they thought about her, she would still have the modest comfort of knowing that she was the same old Emma on the inside. She would still be herself—without that, she had no chance of rebuilding her life.


She pulled her fingers out of her sopping slit and waited for her arousal to subside. This was not easy to do and it was getting harder every day. After a while, she got herself back under control—another tiny victory in a war that she was beginning to think she could never win. Tearing her eyes away from the obscene images of Felix’s manhood, she went over to the wardrobe mirror and examined herself. Today she was wearing a Hello Kitty pajama top, but was naked form the waist down except for a pair of pink ankle socks. She gazed at her idiotic fringe cut and pigtails and then down at her hairless crotch, and then she raised her sticky fingers in front of her face. Is this what she had become? A sexually frustrated preadolescent with a daddy complex?


As she padded off down to the half bath, she tried to gather her thoughts. It was vital that she make the most of these alone moments to think of a way out of this terrible trap. Unfortunately she was finding it increasingly difficult to think lucidly and logically, and this was becoming an increasing source of concern. She had always prided herself on her ability to coolly analyze and act under pressure. Indeed her sharp mind had been one of the main reasons why she had won the promotion over Tiffany Kellerman at Bloomingdale’s. But now she was struggling to hold on to a single train of thought for more than a few seconds at a time. Was this a side effect of her constant state of sexual arousal? Or had Felix specifically implanted this befuddlement into her mind during one of her black outs? Was this all part of his master plan to regress her back to a young child—both physically and mentally?


After an ice cold shower that had done nothing to alleviate the heat between her legs, Emma returned to the box room and slipped into her crotchless bloomers. She was still no closer to a solution to this nightmare, so now she turned her attention to a more immediate problem. Today was Friday. In a few hours, Felix would be leaving her under the care of a group of her friends and colleagues for the night. She had been trying not to think about this too much, but now the idea of these people seeing her like this sent a chill through her entire body. It wasn’t just the upcoming public humiliation that terrified her—there were work rivals such as Tiffany that wouldn’t hesitate to use this situation to her own advantage. If her boss at Bloomingdale’s caught wind of what was happening to her, Emma’s career would surely be over!






The delivery arrived just after lunch. Emma was dusting in the living room when she heard the doorbell. She didn’t go to the door because first off she was topless, and second Felix hadn’t instructed her to do so. This was the depth to which she had so quickly fallen—she was in her own home, yet she wasn’t even capable of answering the doorbell!


Peering out of the front window, Felix said, “Ah, your purchases have arrived.”


My purchases?


Felix had already spent a small fortune on her credit card at the Urban Kids shop—ridiculous, infantile clothes that Emma could barely fit into—so what else had he bought with her money? Unfortunately she would have to wait to find out the answer, because Felix said, “There are two deliverymen outside. I suppose it would be inappropriate for them to see Emma’s little titties—unless you want them to, of course.”


Emma shook her head in horror.


“Well in that case, why don’t you go hide in the cupboard under the stairs?”


Already turning toward the hallway, Emma said, “Can’t I just wait in my room?”


“I don’t think that would be a good idea,” Felix smiled. “That’s where your new stuff is going.”


As she approached the closet, Emma gulped, her throat dry as she recalled the deep sense of dread that she had felt when she had attempted to enter the changing cubicle in the Urban Kids clothes store. She had never suffered from claustrophobia before in her life, so this latest mental disorder had to have been deliberately implanted by Felix.


Hating herself for being so weak, she said, ‘Please! I can’t go in there!”


“Oh, right,” Felix said. “Little Emma is afraid of small spaces, isn’t she? Well, take the tablet with you and you can read all the chats I’ve been having with your friends. And do keep quiet while you are in there.”


Feeling weak at the knees, Emma took the tablet from the coffee table, and implored Felix one last time. “Don’t make me go in there!”


“Stop being such a baby!” Felix said as he went to open the front door. “Just pretend you are Harry Potter!”


With a tiny whimper, Emma scurried into the hallway and opened the door to the closet. She reached inside and switched on the single naked bulb. There were a few stacks of linen inside, and a box containing some household cleaning supplies. It was just a closet, one she barely gave a glance to every day, but now her heart was pounding as she crept inside and drew the door shut behind her.


Okay, just breathe and relax! Emma told herself as an overwhelming desire to burst right out of there swept over her. Drawing upon the potential embarrassment of being seen topless by the deliverymen, she somehow found the strength to stay put. She heard their deep voices inside the house now, and fearful of making a noise, she slipped her thumb into her mouth and slid down into the corner of the closet. There wasn’t enough room to stretch out her legs, so she propped the tablet up on her thighs and began to scroll through the social media chats as Felix had suggested.


As she reread the messages, a twist of dread began to form in Emma’s gut—and this had nothing to do with her freshly ingrained claustrophobia. Every one of these respondents potentially had a motive to capitalize on Emma’s predicament, and it was now becoming quite apparent that they intended to do just that!


The biggest danger came from Tiffany Kellerman, of course. Tiffany had been quietly seething ever since Emma had beaten her to the promotion at work. It wasn’t clear from her posts how much she knew about Emma’s plight, but Tiffany must have sensed that she was in a vulnerable position. Even one compromising photograph of Emma would be enough to jeopardize her position at Bloomingdale’s—and there was no doubt in Emma’s mind that Tiffany would take full advantage!


Naomi Briggs, Emma’s assistant, was another kettle of fish. Quiet and unassuming, she didn’t come across as the vindictive type, but who knew what was bubbling away under that demure exterior? Emma shuddered inside as she recalled the times she had sent Naomi out on menial errands while she was rubbing shoulders with the bosses. What if Naomi decided to use photographic evidence to blackmail Emma? Guess who would be going out in the rain to buy lunches then?


Then there was Bryce Cooper. Poor Bryce who had spent so much time, money and effort trying to woo Emma with flowers, gifts, and invites to dinner—all to no avail. He never gave up though, until one day when Steve came to the office to pick Emma up for lunch. Bryce had been on his way over to Emma’s desk with a bunch of roses and had been forced to veer off sharply and head for the men’s room. It had become a standing joke in the office, and judging from his offhand manner since, Emma doubted that Bryce was over it.


And finally there was Donna Richmond—Steve’s ex. How the hell had she gotten wind of this? Donna didn’t work at Bloomingdale’s but she was a part of Emma’s larger social circle. Even though Steve had already been through with Donna when he met Emma, word had gone around that Donna held Emma responsible for the break up. Emma had also heard that Donna was still hell bent on getting Steve back. Had she already heard that Steve was now single again? Emma felt a lump on her throat as she recalled the painful phone call Felix had forced her to make.


So there they were, four people with very solid reasons to get one over on Emma, and they were all due to turn up here in a few hours! While she was frantically considering how she might avert this looming catastrophe, the closet door opened and Felix said, “Okay Harriet Potter! It’s safe to come out now!”


Emma crawled out into the hallway, and then got to her feet while shielding her breasts with the tablet. Felix shook his head and chuckled. “Still feel the need to be modest in front of me? I don’t know why. I’ve seen it all before, and besides, you haven’t got much to hide there anyway!”


Emma glared at him but still kept herself covered. No matter how hopeless her situation seemed, she had to resist him every step of the way. Felix said, “So I’ll bet you’re keen to see your new stuff?”


That was actually the last thing on Emma’s to-do list, so she just continued to scowl at him. Felix regarded her a moment, then said, “Well, we’ll get around to that later. First, there are a few refinements I need to make before your friends arrive—cunt lips!”


Emma’s world went dark.






Chapter Sixteen


The brown monkey was floating above Emma’s head. She blinked at it for a moment, then she reached up and grabbed its foot and turned it around. The monkey grinned insolently as Emma’s fingers brushed against its huge pink penis! She gasped in shock and inhaled something solid between her lips which made her snort through her nostrils. She quickly withdrew her hand from the rude little monkey, raised herself up onto her elbows, and looked woozily around the box room.


There had been some changes while she had been asleep—her bed was now surrounded by brightly painted wooden bars! As she looked around in confusion at her multicolored cage, she caught sight of herself in the closet mirror. Now she was dressed in a short red vest that left her stomach exposed, but her attention was quickly drawn to the blue plastic disc covering her lips. She leaned forward and frowned at her reflection and then her eyes grew wide when she realized that she was sucking on a baby’s pacifier!


Horrified, she grabbed the wooden railing and spat the pacifier out between the bars. She unsteadily raised herself to her feet and stared at the baggy white rubber panties she was now wearing. She reached down and explored them with her fingers, quickly learning that there was a thick and spongy padding inside the rubber!


Dear Lord! Am I wearing a diaper? What the hell has Felix done to me now?


She was suddenly possessed by a desperate urge to get out of this bed, but as she raised her leg the walls of the room suddenly appeared to close in on her! She slumped back onto her ass, her heart pounding as her breaths came in short gasps, her vision blurred, and her ears started to ring!


Oh, God! What is happening to me!


“Help! Somebody help me!” she cried as a wave of panic swept through her.


Through watery eyes she saw the door open and somebody came into the room. “Oh, you silly girl! You spat your dummy out!”


Emma recognized the man’s voice but was too terrorized to make sense of it. She saw him bend down and then she felt the teat of the pacifier being pushed between her lips. She quickly sucked it in and immediately began to feel calmer. After a few seconds, her heart rate decreased and then she slowly got her breathing under control. She wiped her eyes and looked up to see old Arthur from the park smiling down at her. “Does that feel better?” he said.


Emma could not deny that it did. In fact, not only had her anxiety completely subsided, but she now had a nice, warm fuzzy feeling in her belly, and instead of feeling like a prison, her new crib now seemed safe and secure. As her nerves settled, she watched herself sucking on the pacifier in the mirror again. Aghast, she raised her hand to take it out, but then stopped, instinctively understanding that if she removed it, she would quickly be plunged back into that ghastly panic again.


“You’ve got the idea,” Arthur said, tickling Emma under the chin. “You keep that nice dummy in your mouth and you’ll be just fine!”


Emma gazed at him, aware of how utterly ridiculous she looked. She wanted to ask him what he was doing in her room but she was too afraid to remove the pacifier. As she watched Arthur produce a screwdriver from his pocket and kneel down on the floor, it dawned upon her that she had been ensnared in another devious trap by Felix because even though the idea of having a child’s pacifier in her mouth repulsed her, as of course it should, she already knew that she couldn’t do without it!


Tears of frustration welled in her eyes, but in spite of herself, she shuffled forward on her knees to see what Arthur was doing. When she peered through the bars, it took her a moment to make sense of what she was looking at. That is, her eyes were accurately registering the scene below her, but her mind was struggling to reconcile the conflicting ideas of its components. Arthur was tightening some screws on the saddle of a child’s rocking horse—not the old fashioned wooden type, but a colorful molded plastic horse set upon a thick spring on a floor stand. No doubt Felix had purchased it from an online toy store using one of Emma’s credit cards, an expensive looking and modern toy, but the modification that Arthur was now making would have sent its manufacturers into shock—because sticking rudely up from the middle of the seat was an enormous pink rubber penis! Emma almost dropped the pacifier again as she tried to process the vile connotations of what she was seeing!


Dragging her eyes away from the rudely wobbling penis, she looked up at the glossy pictures of Felix’s cock on the wall, then over at the array of milk bottles and talcum powder and baby oil on the dresser. She caught her reflection again—dressed like an infant with a pacifier in her mouth—and just behind her, the insolent monkey with his oversize erection. Then she looked at the giant dildo on the rocking horse again as Arthur finished screwing onto the saddle.


Felix is turning this room into a nursery filled with erect penises! This is a madhouse, and I’m the only inmate!


And yet, in spite of her revulsion, she could feel herself getting wet! Her fingers automatically went down to her crotch, only to encounter the thick rubber padding that now covered it. She grabbed hold of the bars to keep her hands occupied as her eyes were again pulled back towards the big dick on the saddle. It was surely inevitable that Felix would make her ride it at some point, but she couldn’t possibly see how that thing could fit inside her!


Arthur stood up and slipped the screwdriver back in his pocket. “Oh, look at those big brown eyes! Little Emma is getting all excited!” he laughed.


Emma blushed and looked away, but caught herself staring directly at Felix’s cock on the wall instead. Mortified, she shimmied back up the bed, bumped her head on the monkey, and then stared up at its pink sausage swinging back and forth.


What the hell is wrong with me?


Arthur came around the side of the bed and Emma scrunched up against the headboard. He gazed at her through his thick glasses, his eyes finally settling upon her chest. “Oh yes, look at those pointy little nipples!” he said. “You are a dirty little girl, aren’t you?”


Emma wrapped her arms across her breasts, and again she involuntarily glanced back at the pictures of Felix’s cock. Arthur followed her gaze and said, “All these penis pictures and toys. It must be so exciting for you, but I guess also very frustrating. Felix has told me you masturbate every morning but you can never manage to come.”


Emma flushed even deeper. How could Felix tell a complete stranger something private like that?


Arthur reached down and unzipped his pants. “Want to see a real one?”


Emma moaned plaintively around the pacifier and frantically shook her head.


“I bet you do, really,” Arthur said. “Let’s find out, shall we?”


And to Emma’s total shame, she did indeed find herself staring hypnotically as Arthur freed his dick and poked it through the bars. Spellbound, she watched the foreskin slowly recede as his erection grew stronger, and it was only when she heard Arthur laughing at her that she screwed her eyes tight shut.


“Oh, come on,” Arthur mocked. “You know you want to. Just have a good long look.”


Of course Emma miserably opened her eyes again, and inevitably Arthur then said, “Why don’t you hold it?”


Emma shook her head once more, but her hand was already on its way, and then to her absolute disgust, she felt her fingers wrapping themselves around the grotesque thing! It was hot to the touch, and the soft skin moved revoltingly against her palm as she slowly moved her hand back and forth.


“Ooh, that feels good!” Arthur sighed. “And I didn’t even have to ask!”


Oh God, he’s right! Emma thought, as she abruptly stopped pumping him. My hand just did that as if it had a mind of its own! Was that also programmed into me by Felix today?


“Keep it going, honey,” Arthur breathed. “This won’t take long. And you’d better get ready to catch it so I don’t mess up your sheets.”


As Emma resumed her vulgar task, she automatically raised her free hand and cupped it an inch from the tip of Arthur’s rigid cock. She heard his breaths becoming more labored as she picked up the pace, and the wooden cage surrounding her bed squeaked as he bumped his pelvis up against it.


He was right—he did come surprisingly quickly for an old guy and nearly took her by surprise, but somehow she managed to catch all of his jism in her left hand. Still gripping his cock as he had commanded, she examined the sticky goo in her palm with a mixture of revulsion and fascination. She recalled how it had clung to her crotch when he had cum in her panties in the park washrooms, and to her chagrin, an unwelcome heat flared between her legs.


“You’re going to have to hide that before Felix sees it,” Arthur panted.


Emma glanced up at him and then returned her attention to the rude deposit he had left in her hand. Unless he allowed her to wash it off in the bathroom, she had no idea what to do with it—but unfortunately for her, Arthur did. “Take the dummy out of your mouth,” he breathed.


It took a second for Emma to read his intention, but then she vigorously shook her head. “Nngh!”


But another second later she had the pacifier in her hand. “Please don’t make me!” she whined.


“Lick it up,” Arthur said hoarsely. “Get it all in your mouth and keep it in there.”


With a moan of revulsion, Emma raised her hand to her mouth and put out her tongue. Then she licked her sticky palm. As she tasted his briny issue, she gagged but managed not to spit it out onto the sheets. When she had cleaned her palm, she looked at him with watery eyes, dreading the inevitable command to swallow. But it didn’t come. Instead, Arthur winked at her and said, “Okay honey, I’m going downstairs. See you later.”


Alone, Emma sat stock till, her left hand extended and palm upturned, the pacifier in her right. She could taste his cum swilling around on her tongue, and she gagged again. A minute passed, and then she sensed the dark clouds gathering in the back of her mind. She knew what to expect now. Soon she would start to hyperventilate, she would begin to feel dizzy, and then the intangible horror would engulf her again. She really didn’t want to swallow the filthy old bastard’s cum, and indeed he hadn’t commanded her too. But if she didn’t put that pacifier back in her mouth real soon, she would began her decent into the abyss.


She had a choice, but she had no choice. She could try to be strong or she could give in. Emma had always been a resilient girl. She had her pride. She was damned if she was going to swallow. But he had told her to keep it in her mouth. She couldn’t spit it out now. And the terror was building. She couldn’t cope with that. Hating herself more than ever, Emma gulped back old Arthur’s semen, feeling it washing down her gullet and into her stomach. Another defense breached. She retched, let out a sob of despair, and then popped the pacifier back into her mouth.







This just doesn’t make any sense!


Emma stared long and hard at the colored blocks laid out on the carpet. She was sitting cross-legged in the middle of her brand new playpen in her living room with children’s toys scattered all around her. She had protested quite loudly—as far as her pacifier would allow—when Felix had first told her to climb into the playpen, but of course her infuriatingly compliant body had done exactly as he had wished.


Now, some ten minutes later, her indignity had given way to a growing sense of alarm as she puzzled over the meaningless shapes on the sides of the alphabet blocks. When Felix had instructed her to spell out her first name with these blocks, she had thought it was just another of his attempts to make her feel like a silly child. Well, he could dress her in junior wear, force her to suck her thumb, and even play in the kids area of the public park, but he couldn’t make her think like a child, so she had petulantly set about arranging the blocks as requested and required by her mesmeric master—and that was when her latest crisis had materialized.


Initially she had thought that there was something wrong with the blocks. At first glance, they looked like a regular set of colored blocks, but a closer inspection had revealed a nonsensical arrangement of lines and curves on each of the sides. Puzzled, she had turned one of the blocks over in her hand as if it were a Rubik’s cube, and then frowned up at Felix.


“What’s the matter, Emma?” he had grinned. “Can’t spell your own name?”


With the pacifier in her mouth, she was unable to state the obvious—and she was loath to take the comforting teat out—so she had merely shaken her head and held the block up for him to look at. Felix had given her a condescending smile and said, “Yes, Emma, it’s very pretty isn’t it? Now I’ll be back later and I hope you can show me how well you can spell.”


Emma had blushed angrily and returned her attention to the blocks. Maybe she had missed something. This could be one of those Mensa puzzles which Felix was using to test out her current state of mind. Well, she would show him that he hadn’t even gotten close to capturing her brain the way he had her body!


But the minutes were ticking past and she was still no closer to solving this conundrum. She could feel herself getting increasingly frustrated as she struggled to find a connection between the strange hieroglyphics on the blocks. What would Felix do if she hadn’t solved it by the time he came back? Would he spank her? It was dark outside and she figured the dreaded babysitting session had to be starting pretty soon—she certainly didn’t want to be caught with her pants down when everyone arrived!


What am I even thinking? Emma thought despairingly. How can I even be in a more compromising place than this? I’m wearing a diaper, I have a pacifier in my mouth, and I’m sitting in a playpen trying to arrange a set of children’s alphabet blocks! This will be the absolute end!


With an exasperated cry, she threw one of the blocks out of the playpen and watched it ricochet off the door just as it opened, and then to her astonishment, Cynthia, the head assistant at the Urban Kids shop was standing in the doorway! Emma’s fury quickly yielded to trepidation as Cynthia picked up the block and approached the playpen. She looked so tall and daunting in her white blouse, tight black skirt and heels, that for the first time, Emma really was beginning to feel like a little girl!


“Did you just throw this, Emma?” Cynthia said in a stern voice.


With the pacifier firmly lodged between her lips, Emma could only nod silently.


“We can’t have you throwing temper tantrums on your babysitting night, can we?” Cynthia said with a mischievous glint in her eye. “You need to be on your best behavior when your friends get here!”


Not for the first time, Emma’s stomach lurched at the thought of the imminent arrival of her work colleagues. The last time she had seen any of them, she had been a smart and upcoming fashion buyer with a bright future ahead of her—what the hell would they make of her now? Even though they had already seen some online pictures of her in various juvenile get-ups, it would be a whole different thing to for the m to personally meet Emma in her newly enforced state of age regression—which was of course the reason why they were so eager to come and babysit her tonight!


Cynthia handed Emma the discarded alphabet block. “Here, carry on with your game and I won’t mention your misbehavior to Mr. Tanner.”


As Emma again contemplated the mysterious hieroglyphics on the sides of the block, Cynthia peered at the three other blocks laid out on the floor. “Q-N-I?”


Q-N-I? Emma looked at the three blocks. She certainly didn’t see any of those letters—in fact she couldn’t see any letters from the English alphabet on them at all!


“What are you trying to spell?” Cynthia said curiously. “Your name?”


A sense of deep foreboding spread through Emma as she nodded again.


Cynthia leaned down and turned over the first block. “There. That’s the E. Now you do the rest.”


Emma looked anxiously at the block. How could that possibly be an E? She tried to picture the shape of the letter E in her mind’s eye, but to her great dismay she simply could not picture it!


Cynthia straightened up and narrowed her eyes. “M,” she said. “The next letter is an M.”


Emma helplessly rotated the block in her hand before letting out a terrified whimper. Oh my God, there’s nothing wrong with these blocks! Felix must have reprogrammed me so that I can no longer read!


“Emma?” Cynthia said slowly. “Show me the letter M.”


Emma looked up at Cynthia pitifully and sucked hard on her pacifier.


“Oh my!” Cynthia put her fingertips to her mouth and tittered. “Whatever has Felix done to you now? You can’t read anymore, can you?”


Emma again stared numbly at the meaningless symbols on the block. She’s right! I can’t read anymore! How can ever return to my job if I can’t even spell my own name?


“Oh my, dear child!” Cynthia smiled. “There’s really no way back for you, is there? Felix has no intention of helping you get better at all—because he wants to keep you just the way you are!”


As the truth of this terrible realization finally sunk home, Emma blinked back a tear—and then the doorbell rang.






Chapter Seventeen


The first to arrive were Tiffany Kellerman and Naomi Briggs. Emma immediately recognized their voices coming from the hallway and her heart began to race as she looked frantically around the room for somewhere to hide. It was a futile exercise of course—Felix had told her to sit in the playpen, and there she would remain until she was given verbal permission to get out again. Feeling like a caged animal, Emma could only sit and wait for her impending humiliation.


Cynthia came through the door first, stood to one side, and said, “Here she is, playing nicely all by herself!”


Tiffany appeared in the doorway with a smile of anticipation on her face, but that quickly vanished when she saw Emma sitting in the playpen. “Oh, my God!” she whispered. “I had to see it to believe it! But it really is true!”


Then Naomi came in, took one look at Emma, and giggled, “Oh, wow!”


Emma gulped around her pacifier as the two young women came closer. They were both dressed casually in sweaters, jeans and sneakers, nothing that Emma would ordinarily have paid any attention to, but in her current attire, they just seemed to be so—adult!


Tiffany crouched down next to the playpen, and said, “So how did you get like this then, Emma?”


Emma felt her cheeks burning and looked down at the alphabet blocks on the floor. It was possible that Felix hadn’t told them about his mind control powers, but surely Tiffany didn’t think that Emma was acting this way voluntarily? Surely she had to suspect that something was seriously amiss here, but then, just like Cynthia and Arthur, maybe she was deliberately ignoring that likelihood—after all it would benefit her greatly if she could show the bosses at work that Emma was now mentally challenged and unfit for employment.


“I don’t think you’ll get an answer out of her,” Cynthia said. “She doesn’t seem to want to take that pacifier out of her mouth.”


Naomi now joined Tiffany at the playpen. “Oh, Emma, look at you! I could never have imagined seeing you like this after the sophisticated way you behave in the office! How long have you been keeping this secret?”


Keeping her head down, Emma just shook her head despairingly. They had this all wrong—or at least they were pretending to!


“Emma, please look at Tiffany and Naomi when they talk to you,” Cynthia said. “They have been kind enough to volunteer to look after you tonight, after all.”


Against every ounce of her will, Emma found herself looking straight up into Tiffany’s eyes—which could only mean that Felix had now programmed her to obey Cynthia’s suggestions too! Tiffany reached over and gently tugged on one of Emma’s braids. “She’s so cute! And look how she’s blushing! Cynthia, you have to tell me what is going on here!”


“I don’t know a lot more than you do,” Cynthia said. “When Felix came into my store, he told me that he was taking care of Emma because she has—mental health issues.”


“No shit! Who is this Felix Tanner guy, anyway? Some kind of doctor?”


“More like a guardian. He told me he’s working with Emma’s shrink or something. So he moved in here and he’s overseeing her therapy.”


“So Emma’s living alone with this guy?” Tiffany said, studying Emma’s face again. “What does Steve think about that?”


“Steve?” Cynthia said.


“Steve is Emma’s handsome boyfriend,” Tiffany said. “Quite a catch too. We were all so jealous of her at work.”


“I heard that Emma dumped him,” Naomi said.


“Really?” Tiffany gasped. “Emma, why would you do that?”


“Well, Felix told me that Emma seems to have developed quite a crush on him,” Cynthia said. “I believe they call it erotic transference.”


“Oh my God!” Tiffany said. “You’ve fallen in love with your guardian! This gets juicier by the minute! And I really thought you had your life totally under control! So this Felix, he must be something quite special, huh?”


“Um, actually, he’s middle-aged, overweight, and really not good looking at all,” Cynthia said.


“So what’s the attraction?” Tiffany said.


“Felix said she might be suffering from a case of Electra Complex,” Cynthia said. “Emma never knew her real father and this might be her way of compensating for that loss.”


What total bullshit! Emma shook her head in frustration. He’s a disgusting pervert! Why do you refuse to see what is really happening here?


“Emma doesn’t seem to agree with that analysis,” Tiffany said as she unexpectedly plucked the pacifier from Emma’s mouth and held it out of her reach. “So what’s the real story, Emma? Tell us how you wound up like this.”


Does she know? Is she playing games with me? Emma thought frantically as her eyes automatically tracked the pacifier.


“Oh, you really do need this, don’t you?” Tiffany snickered. “Well, I’ll let you have it back if you answer my question.”


Emma looked at her uncertainly. She seriously doubted that Tiffany had any kind intentions toward her, but how many more chances would she get to tell the world the truth about this? Her mind flashed back to that devastating scene in the ice cream parlor when had tried to convince Steve that she was acting under duress. Felix had effortlessly squashed her bid for freedom by subtly suggesting that she French kiss him in front of her soon to be ex-boyfriend. Actions speak louder than words! But Felix wasn’t here to sabotage her right now. Maybe, just maybe, she could convince her coworkers that she was an unwilling victim here and that she desperately needed their help.


Emma swallowed and said, “I-I don’t have mental health issues—or at least I never did before. This all started when he—Felix—turned up on my doorstep. I had no idea who he was or where he even came from. I passed out and the next thing I knew, he had moved in with me and was controlling everything that I did!” Emma suppressed a sob and looked at Naomi. “I didn’t want to break up with Steve! I still love him! Felix made me do it!”


“Made you, how?” said Tiffany.


“I-I don’t know! Somehow he knocked me out with this drug, a kind of powder, and while I was unconscious he implanted all these commands into my brain. I can’t resist anything he tells me to do! That’s why I’m sitting here dressed like a little baby girl! Do you really think I enjoy being like this? You have to believe me!”


There was a moment of silence during which Emma wondered if she had just said too much. When Tiffany finally spoke, she realized that she had. “So you’re telling me that this Felix guy has hypnotized you in some way, and you’re getting absolutely no pleasure at all wearing your diaper and sitting in your playpen surrounded by your toys? On the contrary, you’re feeling intense shame and humiliation and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it?”


Emma looked anxiously at the pacifier as Tiffany waved it in the air.


“Answer me, baby Emma,” Tiffany said.


“Yes,” Emma said softly. “Please help me.”


Tiffany glanced at Naomi and grinned. “Help you? Oh honey, you have got to be joking! This is just too good an opportunity to pass up!”


Emma saw that Naomi was also smiling now, and her worst fears were suddenly confirmed.


“You had it all, didn’t you?” Tiffany went on. “The hot boyfriend, the promotion, the golden career path! And there I was, shunted to one side, ignored by our boss! Do you have any idea how much I hated you for that?”


Unfortunately Emma did. She was also feeling decidedly uncomfortable without the pacifier in her mouth, so she just nodded glumly. Tiffany sat cross-legged on the floor and dropped the pacifier into her lap. “So I expect you were hoping we might call the cops on Felix, huh? Help you get out of this fix? Maybe there was a slight chance we would do the right thing, in spite of the way you’ve been lording it over us in the office?”

A feeling of utter hopelessness descended upon Emma as she nodded silently again. Tiffany was reveling in her unexpected power and she obviously intended to savor the moment—and to make it even worse, Emma was really beginning to need that pacifier!


“Well, I’ve got bad news for you, Miss Emma Carrington,” Tiffany said. “Unique opportunities don’t come along like this for—well, ever! When the senior management at Bloomingdale’s learn what a fucked up freak you really are, they will have no choice but to sack you—and you know who the obvious replacement choice will be, don’t you?”


In truth, Emma had seen this coming from the very beginning, but she still let out a woeful sob. “Please, Tiffany, I’m begging you! Don’t tell them about this!”


“Tell?” Tiffany laughed, pulling her cellphone out of her pocket. “Of course not! I don’t think anyone would believe this, anyhow! Oh no, baby Emma, I’m not going to tell them—I’m going to show them!”


Tiffany held up her cellphone and swiped it into camera mode, “Smile for the birdie, Emma!”


Horrified, Emma turned her face away, but then she heard Cynthia say, “Obey Tiffany, Emma, just as you would me.”


Oh dear God! They transferring Felix’s power to each other with just a simple sentence! Emma thought, as she instantly turned her face back toward Tiffany. I’m nothing more than a puppet in their hands!

“Smile!” Tiffany repeated, and to her abject mortification, Emma felt her lips curling upward as she meekly did as she was instructed.


“Oh, that is so cute!” Tiffany giggled, as she began snapping away. “How could anybody believe you are doing this under duress with such a delightful smile on your face?”


This cannot be happening! Emma thought wretchedly as the three grown up women huddled around the phone. She glanced anxiously at the pacifier nestled in Tiffany’s crotch and then without thinking, popped her thumb into her mouth.


“Oh, look at her now!” Naomi tittered. “This just gets better and better!”


“Priceless!” Tiffany said with undisguised delight as she fired off another sequence of pictures with her phone. Emma felt her cheeks burning anew, but as much as she dearly wanted to remove her thumb from her mouth, she couldn’t bring herself to do it.


When Tiffany had finished gathering more damaging photographic evidence, Cynthia said to Emma, “Why don’t you show the nice ladies what you were doing before we came in?”


Emma shook her head with a whimper, but she still picked up one of the alphabet blocks with her free hand. Cynthia said, “I think you should take your thumb out of your mouth.”


And there it was again—total mindless obedience. Cynthia’s casually spoken command easily overcame Emma’s deep need for comfort and security and she pulled her thumb out with a noisy plop. She gripped the block with both hands, and then placed it at the end of the row on the floor, her wet thumb leaving a dark stain over the meaningless markings.


“QNIY?” Tiffany frowned. “What does that mean?”


Cynthia explained, “She’s trying to spell her name.”


Emma hung her head in shame as Tiffany and Naomi processed this new piece of information. Finally, Tiffany said, “Emma can’t spell her own name?”


“Apparently not,” Cynthia said.


“I don’t get it,” said Naomi. “How can she suddenly not know how to spell?”


“Emma? Are you fucking with us?” Tiffany said.


Emma continued to stare glumly at the colored blocks laid out in in front of her. How could she possibly answer her? Inside, she was still the same intelligent, resourceful, driven young woman that Tiffany and Naomi had known at work. But now, all they could see was an emotionally regressed retard. She could tell them that Felix must have hypnotically impaired her mental capacities somehow, but what difference would it make? The fact was she really couldn’t read the letters on those blocks. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she must have been waiting for them to tell her it was all a big set up, and that the blocks didn’t really have letters of the alphabet on them at all. Then again, maybe they didn’t. Maybe these cruel women were just trying to drive her out of her mind. Maybe they were fucking with her! It was all becoming so confusing that she wanted to cry.


Cynthia said, “Test her, if you don’t believe me.”


Tiffany reached through the bars and picked up a block. “What is this letter, Emma?”


Emma looked at it for a long time. She could feel the tears prickling her eyes. Plus she really, really needed her pacifier right now.


“A,” she whispered.


“What?” Tiffany said.


“Um, E?”


Tiffany rotated the block. “This one?”


Emma felt the panic beginning to rise again. “Z!” she whimpered.


Tiffany and Naomi looked at each other open mouthed.


“Oh my god,” Tiffany said. “This is mind blowing!”


“How will you be able to do your job if you can’t even read?” Naomi said.


“She won’t,” Tiffany said slowly. “Unless this can be somehow reversed, her career in fashion is over!”


“Please help me get out of here!” Emma suddenly cried out. “I’ll give up my position at work for you! I’ll be your assistant! I can be Naomi’s assistant! I just want my life back!”


Tiffany looked at her wickedly. “Oh, I’m sure you do, honey. But I prefer you like this. Besides, if Felix possesses the power to reduce you to a whimpering baby, I don’t think it would be a good idea for me to piss him off. I’d hate to wake up in that playpen alongside you!”


“Me either!” Naomi let out a nervous laugh just as the doorbell rang again.






Chapter Eighteen


Emma sat cross-legged on the floor and stared miserably at the kids’ easel in front of her. The white board had a red plastic frame and was supported by thick yellow plastic legs, attached to each side of which were blue plastic trays filled with multicolored magnetic letters and numbers.


Gail, the young shop assistant from Urban Kids, had brought this educational toy with her, and old Arthur had assembled it. Now, along with Cynthia, Tiffany, and Naomi they looked on as Emma contemplated the simple arithmetic sum that they had given her to solve. With a sinking heart, Emma quickly realized that in addition the extreme dyslexia that Felix had so cruelly bestowed upon her, she had also been rendered incapable of comprehending numbers.


“Come along, Emma,” Cynthia said. “If you get it right, Tiffany will give you back your pacifier.”


“But if you get it wrong, you get to be punished!” Tiffany giggled.


Emma didn’t need to look around to know that she was being filmed right now. Tiffany and Naomi were building a digital dossier which they intended to use to destroy Emma’s reputation at work. She wasn’t even sure why they were bothering—if she was unable to find a way to reverse this artificial mental retardation, she couldn’t possibly hope to do her job anyway. But she guessed that when these videos of her adult baby fetish were released online, even if she did manage to find a way of rediscovering her reading, writing and math skills, nobody in the fashion industry would want to go near her. Tiffany clearly intended to put her out of the picture for keeps.


With a desolate sigh, Emma reached for one of the perplexing shapes in the tray and stuck it on the board. Then she waited for the inevitable mockery.


“Seriously, Emma?” Cynthia said. “Is that your answer?”


Emma closed her eyes. She had made a wild guess of course, because she simply couldn’t decipher any of the letters or numbers. And what was most hurtful was these mean people all knew it! They were treating her like a backward child even though she was a college educated girl and they were enjoying every moment of it!


“So you’re telling us that eight plus five equals—K?” Tiffany chuckled.


“My niece in the first grade could do that sum!” Cynthia sneered.


“And even a kindergarten student would know the difference between a letter and a number!” added Naomi.


Laugh, you cruel bitches! Emma thought. You know this isn’t my fault! Have your fun—and then just wait until I find a cure for Felix’s black magic!


“So now silly little Emma gets to be punished,” Tiffany said gleefully. “Ideas anyone?”


“I think she should take off her vest,” Arthur said. “She doesn’t need anything to cover those bee stings, in any case.”


Emma spun around in horror! “No! Let me try again! Please!”


“You could try all night and you wouldn’t get it right,” Tiffany said. “Now do as you’re told and take off your vest.”


There was a palpable shift of energy in the room as Emma’s fingers immediately reached for the hem of the vest and began to raise it. Until this moment all that had been damaged so far this evening was her pride, but now a very different kind of humiliation was about to ensue. Arthur was correct that she wasn’t particularly well endowed but she still had fully developed breasts, and when she lifted the vest over her head, Naomi let out a gasp of delight. “What perky little boobs! I would never have guessed. You must have been using a padded bra in the office! You look just like a young teenager!”


“Yeah, a teenager wearing a diaper!” Tiffany snickered, as she raised her cellphone and reeled off a few more shots.


Emma flushed deeply and then that damned doorbell sounded again! Arthur went to answer it, and when he came back, Bryce Cooper followed him into the room carrying two bottles of wine. He took one look at Emma sitting in her playpen, and his jaw dropped.


“What the fuck?”


Emma snatched up the vest and clutched it against her chest, turning her face away in shame. Bryce had been studiously avoiding Emma at work ever since she had started dating Steve. He hadn’t taken his romantic rejection very well at all according to the office gossip, and she had heard he was calling her a prick teaser behind her back. That was completely untrue of course, because she had never invited his advances in the first place and she had never been unkind to him. Rather than confront him about his malicious comments however, she had simply put it down to a dented male ego and figured he would eventually get over it. But then the nightmare that was Felix Tanner had entered her life and changed it forever, giving Bryce an unexpected opportunity to repair his damaged pride and at the same time exact as much revenge on Emma as he needed!


“Emma, you were told to bare your breasts as a punishment,” Cynthia said. “Now be a good little girl and put down the vest—and keep your arms to the sides so everyone can see them.”


Emma had been blushing continuously for the past couple of hours but now her cheeks were alight with fire as she instinctively followed Cynthia’s order. But having to suffer the shame of baring her breasts to her former failed suitor apparently wasn’t enough, because then Cynthia said, “And please stop ignoring your guests. It’s very rude. From now on you will look up and pay attention to your elders at all times.”


With an effort that was almost physically painful, Emma slowly looked up at Bryce who was still gawping at her breasts—he would have dropped the wine bottles if Naomi hadn’t quickly taken them from his weakening grasp! Finally he managed, “I-I’ve been reading the chat group messages, but I never expected this!”


“I don’t think any of us did,” said Tiffany.


“Yeah but, I mean, this is Emma! The girl I dreamed of marrying!” Bryce slumped into an armchair and continued to stare at his erstwhile object of desire. Emma could only imagine what was going through his mind right now. For almost a year he had put her up on a pedestal, the unobtainable girl of his dreams, and now here she was sitting in a playpen wearing nothing but a diaper!


“I bet you don’t want to marry her now,” Tiffany smirked.


“I don’t know what to think!” Bryce said. “Does she really think she’s a baby?”


“Oh no, not at all. That’s the best part of it,” said Tiffany. “She’s still the same Emma we all know and hate, but she has been hypnotized into behaving like an infant.”


“More accurately,” Cynthia said, “she has been programmed to follow orders without hesitation.”


“Whose orders?” Bryce said incredulously.


“Well, Felix Tanner’s first and foremost, I should imagine, but it seems that he has also passed on that privilege to all of us, at least for tonight.”


“So let me get this straight,” said Bryce incredulously. “Emma will do anything we tell her to do, and she’s powerless to stop herself?”


“Duh! Just take a look at her, Bryce!” said Naomi.


And Bryce did, his eyes roaming over every inch of Emma’s body before finally locking onto her moist eyes—and this time Emma was incapable of look away! Here was a guy that would once have done anything to court her, and now here he was regarding her with a mixture of amusement and pity—and as Emma continued to gaze uncomfortably into his eyes, she detected something else there which sent alarm bells ringing in her head. Bryce was getting turned on by this!


“And she’s fully conscious and knows exactly what is happening to her?” Bryce said, running his tongue over his lips.


“Why don’t you go ahead and ask her?” said Cynthia.


So in a silly voice, Bryce said, “Hi, Emma! Remember me?”


“Don’t be a dick, Bryce!” Tiffany laughed. “Of course she remembers you—that’s why she’s got such a petrified look on her face!”


“Right,” Bryce said. “I guess this has got to be pretty painful for you, right now, considering the way you treated me, huh?”


Emma continued to stare into Bryce’s eyes because she had no choice, but she she couldn’t answer. Painful didn’t begin to describe the way she was feeling! This loser had failed to win her heart in the customary way, but now, through no endeavor on his part, she was totally at his mercy!


Apparently grasping this new power shift, Bryce leaned back in his chair and grinned. “I have to say you’ve changed a lot from the sophisticated businesswoman that I once lusted after, but you know what? I like this new look! I’d really like to shake this Felix guy’s hand. He’s brought you right down to earth with a bump, hasn’t he? So what’s the deal with him anyway? What’s your relationship?”


Again, Emma couldn’t bring herself to answer, so Cynthia said, “Answer Bryce when he asks you a question, Emma.”


Emma mumbled, “There is no relationship. He’s my lodger.”


“He lives with you?”


Emma nodded glumly as she anticipated the inevitable next question.


“Well, what does your boyfriend have to say about that?”


Emma blinked away a tear and chewed on her lip.


Tiffany said, “Emma dumped Steve.”


Bryce raised his eyebrows. “Is that so? Why?”


“Because Felix told her to,” Tiffany said simply. “She does everything that Felix tells her. She has no choice in the matter.”


Now a wicked smile spread across Bryce’s face. “So in that case, do you think Felix could make Emma—?”


“Fall in love with you?” Tiffany interrupted. “I don’t think so Bryce. You spent a whole year pursuing her but she still picked Steve, remember?”


“Don’t I just!” Bryce muttered.


Cynthia said, “As I said before, Emma is still the same person she ever was on the inside.”


Then Tiffany said slowly, “But even though we can’t make her fall in love with you, or even find you attractive, there’s no reason why you can’t play pretends for tonight, is there?”


Emma looked at Tiffany in dismay as Naomi tittered behind her hand.


Bryce said, “You mean—?”


“Why not?” Tiffany said. “There’s nothing Emma can do to stop you, isn’t that right Cynthia?”


“Well, I don’t know if there are any moral limits to what she will do,” said Cynthia.


“She just bared her little breasts to us without too much fuss,” Naomi said.


Arthur, who had been quietly listening, said, “And she took her panties off for me in the park.”


Everybody turned to look at him.


“Excuse me?” said Tiffany.


“I’m the park attendant,” Arthur said. “That’s where I met Emma and Felix. Emma wet her pants in the children’s playground and I cleaned her up in the men’s room.”


They all looked back at Emma, who didn’t think her cheeks could get any hotter than they were right now.


“Is that right, Emma?” Tiffany snickered. “You showed Arthur your flower?”


“It gets better than that,” Arthur beamed proudly. “Before you guys turned up tonight, Emma jerked me off!”






Chapter Nineteen


Naomi and Gail came back from the kitchen with Emma’s best stem glasses and they opened the bottles of wine. When everyone’s glasses were filled, Cynthia said, “I’d like to make a toast—to Emma’s new life!”


“Wait up!” said Tiffany. “Emma doesn’t have a drink!”


“She’s too young to drink!” Naomi laughed.


“Actually, there is something for her upstairs,” Arthur said. “I’ll go fetch it.”


While they waited for Arthur, the rest of the babysitters raised their glasses while Emma sat on the floor under a darkening cloud of gloom. The speed with which they had adapted to her enforced age regression had been a little surprising, but far more unsettling was the way they were all gleefully embracing it! Not one of them had so far voiced any concerns over her plight—on the contrary, they were all clearly reveling in it!


She looked around at them as they sipped their wine and chatted contentedly while she sat helplessly in her stupid diaper. They were behaving now as if she wasn’t that important to them, just somebody’s kid who needed watching for the evening, but of course it was all an act. The truth was that she was on center stage—and she had a bad feeling that her main performance was still to come! Cynthia, Gail and Tiffany were all seated together on the sofa, talking in soft tones while shooting furtive glances in Emma’s direction. Bryce was slouched comfortably in one of the armchairs with Naomi perched beside him on Emma’s rather expensive leather pouf. It felt like the lull before the storm, because surely this wasn’t how they intended to spend the rest of this evening when they had her totally at their mercy?


Maybe Emma shouldn’t have tempted fate, because the very next moment Arthur returned holding an oversize baby bottle and her heart sank even further! The group stopped chattering and looked at the bottle with obvious amusement—apart from its unusual size, there was nothing special about it, but nonetheless it’s opaque contents filled Emma with a renewed sense of foreboding.


“Felix told me to give her the bottle if she starts misbehaving,” Arthur said.


Misbehaving? I’m just sitting here feeling like a total moron!


“So what’s in the bottle?” said Naomi. “It looks weird.”


“Who knows?” Arthur shrugged as he peered through the transparent plastic.


“Well, why don’t we just go ahead and find out?” Tiffany said eagerly.


Emma was reaching the point where she badly needed something comforting to suck on, but the thought of drinking from a baby bottle in front of these nasty people gave her serious pause. Plus, as Naomi had just pointed out, the liquid swilling around inside that bottle looked highly suspicious. But of course, in the end the decision wasn’t Emma’s to make, because Cynthia said, “Bryce, would you please be a darling and feed baby Emma for us tonight?”


“Uh, sure!” Bryce leaned forward in the armchair, his face a picture of excited anticipation as Emma shook her head in in alarm. Now she was to be bottle fed by Bryce? This could not be happening!


Bryce made to get up but Cynthia said, “No, no, stay where you are. You’re not going to feed her in the playpen, are you?”


“I-I don’t know—”


“This will be good practice for you when you one day have kids of your own,” Cynthia said. “Arthur, please give Bryce the bottle, and Emma, I want you go and lie across Bryce’s lap.”


Naomi snorted into her wineglass and Gail tittered with delight. Emma on the other hand, felt as if her world was finally collapsing around her as her body dutifully obeyed Cynthia’s command. Feeling humiliated beyond words, she climbed out of the playpen and approached Bryce’s armchair. Trying to ignore the obvious bulge in his pants, she awkwardly maneuvered herself backward over the arm of the chair, until she was lying face up across Bryce’s lap. Still following her prior programming, she looked up into the eyes of the man whose advances she had repeatedly rebuffed at work—and who was now about to feed her from a baby bottle!


And yet in spite of her abject shame, when Bryce lowered the pink rubber nipple to her mouth, she quickly parted her lips to accept it. Even the strange bittersweet taste of the liquid didn’t stop her from hungrily sucking it down, and a warm and soothing glow soon swathed her. Without realizing she had done it, she grasped the bottle in both hands with her eyes still locked on Bryce’s.


“Well isn’t that interesting!” Cynthia said. “I didn’t even have to tell her to start drinking!”


“Baby is hungry,” Bryce chuckled, and to Emma’s horror, he began to lightly stroke her nipples with his thumb.


Now Tiffany loomed above her with her cell phone in hand as she started recording the latest chapter of Emma’s ruination. Every cell of Emma’s being was exhorting her to jump off Bryce’s lap and get the hell out of the house—but then again her body felt so relaxed, and the strange drink was going down so easily. As her eyelids began to flutter, Emma became aware that the fight was beginning to drain out of her. Then she heard the distant sound of the doorbell followed by the familiar, deep voice of her ex-boyfriend, and as she closed her eyes she saw herself in his strong arms and felt his warm lips against her neck—


Steve? No!


Emma’s eyes snapped open and she tried to raise her head from Bryce’s lap but the effort was too much for her. Bryce was still tweaking her nipples to attention and she moaned in protest around the rubber teat.


“You like that?” Bryce said, gazing fondly down at her. Emma could feel his erection beneath her, even through the padded diaper, and she swiveled her eyes away from him only to be confronted by the flashing of Tiffany’s camera.


Then she heard Steve’s voice much more clearly. “Jesus Christ! I thought your performance in the ice cream parlor was disgusting enough, but this is just plain sick!”


Emma’s heart began to pound faster as her former lover’s face appeared behind Tiffany’s shoulder. Her muscles still felt slack but her senses were back on full alert!


Oh God! Steve still doesn’t know! He thinks I’m actually enjoying this! Somebody please tell him the truth!


Even though her social reputation was crumbling at a demoralizing pace, she had still been clinging to the possibility that she could somehow reverse all of this damage, salvage her job, and maybe win back her boyfriend. But how could that ever happen now that Steve was here watching her lying across Bryce Cooper’s lap, wearing a diaper, and sucking on a baby bottle? And to cap it all her nipples were now as hard as bullets!


But if Steve’s arrival had been the final nail in Emma’s emotional coffin, she was ill prepared for her last visitor of the evening. In a way, it made perfect sense that Donna Richmond should have arrived with Steve. As soon as she heard the news about Emma dumping him, Donna would have been in there like a shot. And a guy like Steve had a reputation to uphold. As soon as Felix started leaking news of Emma’s weird perversion, he would have needed to distance himself as far away from her as possible—cue a sudden and convenient reconciliation between the two former sweethearts. It was almost as if Emma’s subsequent appearance on the scene had never really happened, and the unfairness of it all brought fresh tears to her eyes!


With a wicked grin, Donna said to Steve, “Oh my, I would never have guessed! And you actually went out on dates with this freak!”

Bryce, who seemed to be more than happy to have Emma on his lap, said, “Aw, I think Emma’s really cute like this—and she really seems to have taken a liking to me!”


By now, all Emma wanted to do was curl up and die, but her rebellious body had other ideas, so she remained where she was, sucking on the baby bottle, while Bryce continued to tease her erect nipples.


“You’re welcome to her!” Steve said sneeringly, and his words cut through Emma like a knife!


Tiffany said, “I think they would be good together—in kind of father-daughter, relationship!”


“I thought she was already in a relationship with that old fart,” Steve said.


“Felix?” said Cynthia. “Oh, yes she adores him! Don’t you Emma?”


Emma emitted another moan around the rubber teat as she shook her head in objection.


“You seemed pretty happy to stick your tongue down his throat in the ice cream parlor!” Steve said.


Emma desperately wanted to convince Steve that she wasn’t behaving in this shameful way voluntarily, but with the compulsory teat in her mouth, all she could do was warble incoherently—unfortunately her vocal efforts caused her to inhale some of the liquid which then triggered a coughing fit. Bryce took the bottle out of her mouth and pulled her up so that she was sitting on his lap, and then he patted and rubbed her bare back as she coughed and spluttered, her shoulders shaking and her eyes watering.


Until Felix Tanner had invaded her life, Emma had always been very much in control of both her mental and physical faculties, as would be expected of any healthy young adult. She had always kept herself in shape, rarely had a sick day, and had always enjoyed a robust constitution. But as the traumatic events of the past week began to accumulate, it was becoming apparent that it wasn’t just her mind that Felix was altering. The unwanted sexual arousal that accompanied her every waking hour may well have been hypnotically induced, but the bodily effects—her wet and swollen labia, her embarrassingly erect nipples—were very real and apparent. So Emma shouldn’t have been totally shocked when her last and most violent cough triggered what might be termed as an ‘oops’ moment—although health professionals would probably refer to it as urine leakage. This was the sort of thing that Emma had never had the slightest cause to think about until now, one of those distant bodily developments that might occur later in life as the urethra weakened—certainly not the sort of thing to happen to a fully fit twenty three year old woman.


But it had just happened to Emma. A squirt, nothing more, certainly inaudible to her mocking audience, but worrying enough for Emma to instinctively press her hand between her legs. If she hadn’t done that, maybe she would have gotten away with it—but no such luck with eagle-eyed Cynthia in the room.


“Oh, what’s happened, Emma? Had a little accident?” Cynthia said.


“N-No! I’m fine!” Emma wheezed.


But the truth was, she wasn’t fine at all. The initial spurt that had been caused by her coughing seemed to have shifted something inside her lower abdomen, and now she could feel the pressure rapidly building. She pressed her thighs together and wriggled in Bryce’s lap, but she already knew that this was a battle she was destined to lose—and very soon!


Mortified that she was about to wet herself in front of everybody, Emma said, “I-I need to go to the bathroom—please!”


“The bathroom?” Cynthia smiled. “Babies don’t go to the bathroom! That’s what your diaper is for!”


Emma looked at her in horror! Was she now having a nightmare within a nightmare? Yes, she had already gone through the humiliating experience of wetting herself in the park with Arthur, but this time it was going to happen in front of a group of colleagues who, if not liked, had certainly respected her. From here on, none of these people would have even a modicum of respect for her, and no matter what happened in the future, this night would never be forgotten by any of them!


Emma pursed her lips and tried to concentrate, but her bladder had already reached bursting point, and as the floodgates opened, she let out a high pitched wail of despair. This time the rush of urine could clearly be heard in the room, and Tiffany raised her cellphones again to record the moment. As her hot piss began to accumulate underneath her thighs and between her buttocks, Emma had never felt so dirty in her entire life!


While she helplessly emptied her bladder in front of them all, Emma doubted that her humiliation could ever get any more abject than this. How wrong she was!






Chapter Twenty



“No Emma, babies crawl!” Cynthia said sternly.


Emma shot her a reproachful look, but still she obediently dropped down onto her hands and knees. As she followed Cynthia out to the kitchen, she clearly heard Tiffany and Donna whispering and giggling behind her. She figured they could hardly believe their luck. After the sordid events of tonight were made public, Tiffany would almost certainly be offered the Emma’s job, and Donna would set about cementing her renewed relationship with Steve.


And what of Emma? What did the future hold for her? Was she destined to spend the rest of her life as Felix’s sexual plaything? Because right now it looked as though nobody was either willing or able to help her. She couldn’t even call the police or send out an SOS over the internet, such was the vice-like grip he had on her mind!


Emma crawled into her kitchen and looked up in bewilderment. The pinewood kitchen table and chairs had been moved aside to make way for a pink plastic bathtub which Arthur was now filling from a hosepipe attached to the sink faucet. Emma waited anxiously on all fours as the rest of her babysitters gathered around. From her prone position, all Emma could see were their feet, but she could certainly feel their eyes boring into her from above.


When Arthur had filled the tub, Cynthia said, “Okay Emma, now you may stand in the tub.”


Emma rose to her feet, and avoiding the eyes of her tormentors, she stepped into the tub and let out a little gasp. The water didn’t even reach her knees but it was cold enough to induce another spontaneous urinary discharge into her diaper.


Cynthia said, “Hold your arms out to the sides while I take off your diaper.”


What? In front of everybody?


“Can’t you just bathe me without them watching?” Emma whined, as Cynthia moved around behind her.


“Certainly not!” Cynthia said. “Your friends have given up their Friday night to come and take care of you. You should be grateful.”


Grateful? They’ve only come here to record my demise and enjoy the show!


Hearing the tearing sound of the tape parting on either side of the diaper, Emma fixed her gaze on the ceiling light. Then she felt fresh air around her damp crotch as Cynthia pulled the diaper down.


“Part your legs,” Cynthia said.


As Emma meekly complied, Cynthia pulled the diaper away, and everyone gasped at the sight of Emma’s totally nude body. She could feel them all staring at her smooth vulva, and her cheeks burned brighter than ever before.


After a painfully drawn out silence, Tiffany said, “I can’t believe she’s shaved down there!”


“It looks so smooth,” Bryce said hoarsely. “Like she’s never even had pubic hair before.”


“Felix told me he used some kind of special depilatory cream that will prevent her from ever growing it again,” Arthur said.


“Oh my God! Emma’s going to be a baby forever!” laughed Naomi.


“Oh, Emma you really are a dark horse!” Tiffany said. “What other secrets have you been keeping from us?”


Emma dragged her eyes away from the light and forced herself to look at her former office rival. As she was standing naked in a plastic tub filled with cold water, Emma was aware that anything she had to say in her defense would be met with derision, and yet she felt compelled to state her case one more time.


“I have told you before and I’ll tell you again,” she said through gritted teeth. “This is not who I am. I’ve been drugged or hypnotized or whatever, and I need someone to help me. You should all be ashamed of yourselves for taking advantage of my situation!”


There. In spite of her compromising position, she had said it. And she had sounded almost like her old self—a fully mature adult. She caught Steve’s eye and for a moment she thought she saw something there, a flicker of doubt perhaps, that maybe she was telling the truth. The others all knew it of course, but they were obviously getting a kick out of letting Steve believe that Emma was actually enjoying this.


Steve looked as though he was about to say something, but then Donna said, “It seems to me that baby Emma is giving us a bit of attitude here. We can’t have her talking back to grown ups like that, can we?”


She went over to the kitchen counter and picked up a bar of Johnson’s baby soap, came up to Emma, and said, “Open your mouth.”


Emma did open her mouth with the intention of telling Donna to go to hell, but to her great dismay no words came out at all. With a wicked grin on her face, Donna pushed the bar of soap between Emma’s teeth and lodged it deep into her mouth. Wide-eyed with indignation, Emma squealed around the soap bar but no matter how hard she tried, she was physically incapable of spitting it out. This just further confirmed what she already knew—now any of them could tell her what to do. She also understood that Donna had moved so quickly because she didn’t want Emma sowing any more seeds of doubt in Steve’s head.


To her chagrin, Emma again felt that familiar cozy warmth coursing through her body now that she had something to suck on. Tears of frustration sprang to her eyes as Tiffany and Naomi recorded yet more pictures of her infantile addiction—and she could do nothing to stop them!


Donna leaned in close and whispered into Emma’s ear, “He’s all mine now—and you’re history!”


Even if she could reply, how could Emma deny the cruel truth in Donna’s words. What must Steve be thinking right now? A moment earlier, she had thought that Steve might be wavering, but even if deep down he believed her, was he a big enough man to stand against all the others in her defense? She glanced at him again, but he said nothing as Donna slipped her arm through his.


Emma felt sick with desolation. She was totally alone now with nobody to turn to. All she could do was wait impotently for the next installment of her ongoing debasement. She had already resigned herself to the fact that she would be bathed like a small child in front of everybody, but somehow she had assumed it would be one of the women. So when Cynthia handed another bar of soap to Bryce, she emitted another series of muffled protests.


“What was that, Emma?” Cynthia smiled. “You want Bryce to wash your flower first? Of course, you’re all damp with pee-pee, aren’t you? Okay Bryce, you heard Emma, she wants you to give her pubes a thorough cleaning!”


Unconsciously licking his lips, Bryce came forward and dunked the soap into the water before lathering it up between his hands. Then he tentatively reached out, and after a slight hesitation, cupped Emma’s vulva. After all the days of pent up sexual frustration that Felix had forced upon her, the sensation of Bryce’s hand against her sex was electrifying, and she jerked her shoulders and snorted through her nostrils. As Bryce slowly began to massage her crotch, Emma threw her head back and let out a muted groan.


“Oh look!” Naomi snickered. “She’s really is enjoying it!”


“Arthur, would you mind giving Bryce a hand?” Cynthia said, and a moment later, Emma felt the old park attendant’s hands smoothing soap lather over her back and buttocks. Still paralyzed with her arms out wide, Emma felt the arousal building inside her as Bryce focused all of his attention on her pussy. As her desire steadily built to crescendo, Emma was again overcome by the injustice of it all. She was being masturbated by a man she had publicly rejected, right in front of the one man she truly loved!


Emma arched her back and clenched her fists. Even though she knew she would be stricken with guilt and shame when it was over, there was nothing she could do to stop her fast approaching orgasm. But then, just as Emma was on the brink, Cynthia said, “Okay Bryce, I think that’s enough soaping. You can rinse her off now.”


Emma couldn’t help but let out an audible shriek of frustration—which did not go unnoticed by her audience.


“Oh, I think baby Emma was just about to come!” Tiffany laughed.


“You’re not supposed to play with yourself at bath time, you naughty girl!” said Donna.


“I told you she was enjoying this!” said Naomi.


Torn between her intense need for physical release and her abject self-loathing for wanting it, Emma let out a stuttering sob of shame. In a way, Naomi was right, because there was no denying the sheer sexual need she felt right now—but just as she had so far managed to do with Felix every morning, she needed to draw on every last remaining ounce of her will power to resist it.


She certainly got the cooling down she needed for the next few minutes as Bryce and Arthur poured cups of cold water over her body, sending shivers down her spine and making her nipples stick out even further than before. When they finally stopped dousing her, she stood naked before them, shaking and soaked, and miserably wondering who was going to get to towel her down—but Emma’s bath time wasn’t over just yet.






Chapter Twenty One


“We are going to make sure you are properly cleaned—inside and out!” Cynthia said.


She was holding a long, thin rubber tube with two lemon-shaped squeeze pumps attached to one end, and a small plastic clamp on the other. Emma wasn’t entirely sure what she was looking at, but Cynthia’s words suggested that something very unpleasant was about to happen to her.


With growing consternation, Emma watched as Arthur helped Cynthia connect the tube to the base of a transparent plastic container. Cynthia then dipped the container into the soapy bath water until it was full and held it up in front of Emma. “Hold this up over your head and keep still.”


As Emma’s body dutifully complied, Cynthia said, “Now part your legs.”




Emma responsively did as she was told yet again—albeit this time with another plaintive warble around the bar of soap that was wedged between her teeth. As Cynthia moved around behind her, Emma now observed that the free end of the tube expanded into a thick sausage shape before tapering off almost to a point. Just before Emma lost sight of it, Cynthia gave one of the pumps a squeeze and the sausage expanded to twice its original size!


“Ooh, that’s going to be sore!” Tiffany giggled.


Surely not!


Emma was far from being a dim-witted person—her recently infused learning difficulties notwithstanding—but somehow she hadn’t made the connection between the weird apparatus in Cynthia’s hands and the vile procedure that she now feared was about to be performed on her. Maybe her hitherto chaste mind had simply blocked out that possibility—but as soon as the narrow end of the tube made contact with Emma’s anus, there was no doubt left in her mind at all!


“Mmph!” Emma’s eyes grew wide and she rose up on her toes.


“I said keep still!” Cynthia said.


“Nngh!” Emma remained motionless as commanded, keeping up on her toes in a vain attempt to stall the inevitable invasion. Cynthia prodded and poked a while and then with a twist and a push succeeded in opening Emma’s sphincter. As the rubber tube entered her anal canal, Emma let out such a deep gasp that she almost spat out out the bar of soap!


But the really painful part was yet to come as the bloated sausage slowly entered her body. Emma squealed and her legs began to shake, but somehow her infuriatingly obedient arms managed to keep the container of soapy water balanced on top of her head. As the sausage stretched open her anus, Emma grunted in a most unladylike way and she inadvertently made eye contact with Steve—and the look of total contempt on his face said it all!


Without warning, Emma’s sphincter suddenly accepted the rubber invader and she inhaled sharply, tasting soap in the back of her throat.


Cynthia said, “That’s a good girl, Emma! Now we’ll just make sure you don’t lose it.”


Emma heard a series of hissing noises behind her as Cynthia squeezed the pumps, and with each hiss, Emma felt a little bit fuller. She had so much to focus on—holding the container steady above her while keeping up on her toes, the soap clogging her mouth, and the expanding tube inside her rectum—that the close-up flash from Bryce’s camera took her by surprise.


He grinned at Emma and then crouched down beside Cynthia. “Holy shit! You have to see this, guys!”


Emma breathed out loudly through her nostrils as the rest of the gang gathered around behind her. More camera flashes went off as her tormentors continued to digitally preserve her degradation for all time. She had no idea why they found this so amusing—all she knew was that it really, really hurt!


Bryce reappeared beside Emma and held his phone up in front of her face. She couldn’t stop herself from looking at the image on the screen and it made her feel sick to her stomach. She had literally never seen what her asshole looked like before in her life, but now she stared in horrified fascination at her painfully expanded orifice—it had been stretched more than an inch across!


Cynthia came and stood on the other side of the bath tub and with another wicked smile, she said, “And now it’s time for Emma’s enema.”


She reached up and removed the clamp and a split-second later, Emma felt the cold, soapy water rushing up into her anal canal. She wobbled on her toes and moaned around the soap bar as her bowels slowly filled up. Now Cynthia said, “I think we should leave Emma to her self-administered enema—after all, it is a very private business!”


Private? Emma screamed in her head. You’ve taken dozens of photographs of me already!


“Let’s go and have another glass of wine in the living room,” Tiffany suggested. “We can discuss Emma’s future at Bloomingdale’s.”


“I thought you were going to get her fired?” said Naomi.


“Yeah, I’m still thinking about that one,” Tiffany said. “Maybe it would be more fun to keep her around—as a very junior office girl, of course!”


“Hey, she could work for me!” Bryce said. “I could use an assistant!”


“I bet you could!” Tiffany laughed. “Maybe we’ll have Emma interview for the job a little later!”


As the laughing and chattering group of young professionals filed out of the kitchen, Emma caught sight of her reflection in one of the kitchen cabinets, and the utter futility of her situation hit her with a hammer blow. There was never going to be a way back from this, was there? It was too late! They had seen her already! They had the pictures and videos! Emma Carrington, executive buyer at Bloomingdale’s, no longer existed! With nothing to do but stand on tiptoe in the cold water and endure the relentless enema seeping into her bowels, Emma stared at her reflection with mounting despair. Maybe it was time to admit defeat and accept who she now was—a freak, an emotional retard, a pathetic, submissive slave!


Minutes ticked by as Emma’s insides slowly expanded. She listened to her so-called babysitters discussing her future in the next room and tried to decipher what they planned to do with her. But it was hard to concentrate with everything that was going on with her body. Her calves were starting to ache, her stomach was cramping, and she was struggling to keep the container balanced on her head. It occurred to her now that she might not be physically strong enough to maintain this agonizing pose. What would happen if she dropped the container or simply collapsed through exhaustion? She had her physical limits and yet she was securely locked into this condition of mental servitude that compelled her to stand still and wait until she was given permission to move. Emma let out a sob of frustration, swallowed some more of the soap, gagged, tottered on her toes—and then Felix Tanner came into the kitchen.






“Oh, my goodness!” Felix said with a sickly grin. “Just look at you!”


For some reason, Emma was almost glad to see this loathsome old man who was systematically destroying her life. But why? Was she just grasping at straws in her moment of deepest despair that he might bring a halt to this soul crushing night of humiliation? After all, he held absolute power here because the rest of them were just his proxies. Maybe she could convince him to call it a night—hadn’t she been publicly shamed enough already?



Felix came closer, his dark eyes sparkling with curiosity as he examined the near empty container on top of Emma’s head. Then he looked down and placed his hand against her slightly bulging belly which caused Emma to flinch and wobble in the cold bath water.




“I’m sorry my dear, I didn’t catch that,” Felix said, leaning toward her. “Are you trying to tell me how much you are enjoying your babysitting night?”


“Nngh!” Emma shook her head indignantly.


Felix gave her belly a little squeeze and Emma felt her bowels move.




“Oh, I’m sorry!” Felix said. “Does that hurt?”


Emma looked into his eyes and right then she truly grasped the deep joy that this pervert was obtaining from her physical and emotional pain. She still had absolutely no idea who this odious man was or where he had come from, but she could no longer ignore the fact that he was now a very real and intimate part if her life!


As if the reinforce this point, Felix said, “Do you want to poop?”


Emma would ordinarily have found his demeaning question most insulting, but she was so desperate to be relieved from this increasingly painful posture that she just nodded eagerly. Quite apart from the fact that she was bursting to go, the idea of spending even a few minutes of privacy in the bathroom was also highly appealing to her right now—but sadly, she had overlooked Felix’s sadistic sense of humor.


“Well bend forward to that I can remove the tube,” he said.


“Wagh?” Surely he wasn’t expecting her to do it in the bath? Horrified at the prospect, she nevertheless obediently bent forward at the waist, and then drew another sharp breath as Felix tugged on the tube.


“Hmm, it appears to be well stuck up there,” he chuckled. “Not to worry, I’ll get some help.”


No! Emma warbled through the disintegrating bar of soap as she shook her head frantically—but to no avail. Felix was already on his way to the living room, leaving Emma balanced precariously on her toes as she struggled not to topple into the bath. A moment later Felix was back—followed by the entire group with wine glasses in hand and rosy cheeked grins on their faces!


As they gathered around behind her, Emma heard Cynthia explain, “I inflated it so that it wouldn’t fall out. You can deflate it by pressing this release valve—”


“This thing? Nothing is happening,” Felix interrupted.


“Oh yes, you’re right. It’s not going down at all, is it?” Cynthia said. “Oh well, I guess we’re just going to have to pull it out the hard way.”


Emma heard somebody giggle—it sounded like Tiffany—and then Cynthia said, “Emma, lean forward and hold onto the sides of the tub.”


Absurdly, Emma was worried about letting the container fall as her body dutifully complied with the instruction, but as she bent over, somebody took it from her hands. Now she was showing her private parts off from behind, and she closed her eyes as ever deeper waves of shame washed over her—she could only imagine what she must look like back there!


Now Cynthia said, “Bryce, you seem to be Emma’s favorite—would you mind unplugging her?”


My favorite? I can’t stand the creepy prick!


“Well, I guess somebody has to do it,” Bryce sighed theatrically.


Emma braced herself against the edges of the tub as the inflated rubber tubing moved inside her. As she felt her sphincter stretching, she let out a low grunt and accidentally spat the remains of the soap into the water—it felt like she was being ripped apart!


“Oh, my God!” Donna laughed. “Her asshole is getting bigger!”


“Ouch! That looks really sore!” said Naomi.


Emma scrunched her eyes tight as the pain in her anus intensified. She was aware of the sound of digital camera shutters behind her, but her attention was now fully centered on what was occurring directly between her buttocks—taking the tube out was going to feel a whole lot worse than when it went in! Just as she thought she was going to scream, the kitchen was filled with a loud plopping sound and the pressure inside her instantly diminished.


“Ooh!” The relief almost enough to make her smile but within seconds it was replaced by a different kind of fullness.


Oh, no! I’m not going to be able to hold it!


“Holy shit!’ Bryce chuckled. “Look at the size of her butthole!”


“Eew! That’s disgusting!” said Naomi.


“She’s not going to shoot all over the floor, is she?” Gail tittered nervously.


“Yuck!” Tiffany said. “I think it might be a good idea to stand back, guys!”


Then to add the final insult, Felix said, “Don’t you dare make a mess in my kitchen!”


Your kitchen? Emma seethed.


Cynthia said, “Emma, if you really can’t control yourself, at least have the decency to do it in the bath!”


“I-It’s not my fault! You made me do this!” Emma wailed, but still she squatted down as ordered, with her ass cheeks hanging just above the water. She listened to the cruel comments of her semi-drunk audience as they formed a circle around the bath tub and waited for her to perform the most personal of physical acts. Torn between wanting to deprive them of their sport, and an overwhelming need to evacuate her bowels, Emma clenched her butt cheeks and then relaxed them. She knew she had no choice here. The cramps in her belly were unbearable—she just had to let it go!


For an interminable while, she thought it wasn’t going to come out. She strained and grunted and leaned forward. At some point she opened her eyes, and now she saw them all standing around her, their expressions ranging from amusement and curiosity to outright disgust. Emma wished she could sink beneath the surface and never come back up again! How could she possibly go back to her old life after this? She had absolutely no secrets from them now, and her public humiliations were sure to escalate as Felix introduced more and more witnesses to her ongoing subjugation!


All of a sudden, her bowels relaxed and she heard a squirt followed by a splash. Then another longer liquid ejection, and then another. It seemed to Emma that a lot more water was going out than had ever gone in, but eventually the discharges died down and she breathed a long sigh of relief as the cramps in her stomach started to ease.


“Eew look!” Donna said. “The water is turning brown!”


Emma looked down and sure enough, coffee colored clouds were spreading out below her trembling thighs. But as mortifying as that was, there was much worse to come. Another watery emission squirted out of her anus, followed by a series of loud farts and then a heavy plop into the water!


“Oh my God! She’s shitting in the bath!” Donna shrieked.


Emma let out a miserable sob as her body obstinately carried out its base natural functions in front of everyone—it hadn’t been listening to her for the past week, so why would it start now? When the last of her turds had dropped into the bath water, Emma remained crouched in the bath with her head bowed. Right now she felt as though she could never look any of them in the eye again!


Cynthia finally broke the silence. “Are you done?”


Emma sniffled and nodded her head.


“Well, you’ve made a right mess in there, you dirty little girl,” Cynthia said. “Now step out of that filthy water and go to the living room. You certainly don’t deserve it, but Arthur has a present for you.”






Chapter Twenty Two


Emma crawled on her hands and knees into the living room, keeping her wet feet up off the carpet. She vaguely wondered why she was bothering—her house effectively belonged to Felix now anyway. When she saw the legs of the coffee table, she looked up and her jaw dropped. Sitting in the center of the living room was the colorful plastic rocking horse that Arthur had so obscenely modified upstairs. Emma’s eyes were immediately drawn to the huge pink penis that jutted up from the saddle, and to her consternation she could feel her traitorous body immediately becoming aroused. Emma’s tormentors all retook their seats in anticipation of what literally promised to be the climactic performance of the evening!


“Did you all notice that Emma crawled in here like a baby without being told to?” Cynthia said.


Still staring at the grinning rocking horse, Emma realized with a start that what Cynthia has said was true. What could that mean? Was her subconscious mind still following prior instructions by default? Or was Emma gradually beginning to adopt the behavior of an infant of her own accord? The distinction was blurred anyway—it was still her mind and her body. No matter how deeply she tried to analyze it, the hard, indisputable fact was that she was really here, naked and on all fours, in her living room in front of her former colleagues and her ex-boyfriend!


“Why would she need to be told?” said Steve. “Didn’t you say she was enjoying this shit?”


“Oh, she is!” Felix said quickly. “Don’t pay any attention to her constant denials. Being ordered around just makes it all the more exciting for her.”


“I can see that!” Bryce said. “Just look between her legs!”


“Oh my goodness!” Naomi said. “She’s practically dripping!”


Emma whimpered in shame and pressed her thighs together in an attempt to hide her body’s disgraceful reaction to the vulgar sex toy, but Cynthia said, “We’re so glad you like it, Emma. Why don’t you say thank you to Arthur?”


Emma really wanted to tell him to go to hell, but she had become all to familiar with the subtly loaded wording that Cynthia had just used—it was an order disguised as a suggestion.


“T-Thank you, Arthur,” Emma promptly mumbled.


“That wasn’t very convincing, was it?” Cynthia said. “I think you should give Arthur a nice big kiss for all his efforts to make you happy.”


“P-Please don’t make me! Not in front of everyone!” Emma glanced at Steve, who to her dismay was now holding Donna’s hand.


“You’re going to be a good girl, aren’t you?” Felix put in. “Hop up onto Arthur’s lap and give him a nice kiss. A proper one—the way you kiss me.”


Naomi tittered as Emma, wet and naked, climbed up onto old Arthur’s lap. “Thank you for my rocking horse,” she said meekly, and then she pressed her lips against his. Arthur immediately opened his mouth, and Emma’s disobedient tongue darted inside. Feeling utterly cheap and worthless, she give him a long, deep kiss, sucking on his tongue, licking his lips, even feeling around the broken edges of his decaying teeth.


“That’s quite enough, Emma,” Felix eventually said. “You can go sit on your rocking horse now.”


Emma gratefully broke away, catching a glimpse of the lecherous grin on Arthur’s face before slipping off his lap. Her gratitude was short lived however as she crawled over to the vulgar rocking horse. Trying to ignore the look of contempt on Steve’s face, she raised her left leg and then crouched down over the saddle so that her wet slit was poised above the tip of the rubber phallus. She had no idea how she was going to get this thing inside her, but her body was compelled to try, and she grabbed hold of one handle with her right hand and parted her labia with her left. Blushing deeper than ever, she eased herself onto the bulbous head and felt it slip inside her—and then to her horror, she was unable to suppress a long moan of delight! This was all so confusing! She felt disgusted with herself and yet she was so deeply aroused! As she slipped lower onto the rubber dildo, she bit her lip and grunted—she felt as though she going to split in half, and yet she kept on going down until her ass cheeks touched the plastic saddle!


From somewhere far away, Emma heard Felix’s voice again. “Put your feet up, keep your eyes open—and rock away to your heart’s content!”


Her cheeks on fire from both humiliation and desire, Emma pressed her toes into the small footholds and obediently began to rock back and forth. She didn’t know which way to look as the heavy spring below squeaked loudly in the otherwise silent room. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw that Tiffany was filming her again, but right now that was the least of her concerns because all of her pent up sexual frustration of the past week was quickly bubbling to the surface! She picked up the pace, grinding her wet crotch around the rubber cock and she started to gasp and moan as her climax approached—but just when she thought she was going to come, the feeling unexpectedly receded!


She glanced quizzically at Felix, who said, “Maybe you should try rocking a little faster.”


And sure enough, Emma did just that, the squeaky spring filling the room with a high pitched staccato that got faster and faster—bit still she couldn’t come! Her panting and groaning matched the rhythm of the spring and she let out a sob of frustration—she was so close, but it just wasn’t happening!


Felix said, “Maybe you’re too tense without your pacifier.”


Yes! Emma thought frantically. That must be it!


Everything had happened so quickly since she had spat out the soap that Emma hadn’t been aware of her hankering for something in her mouth, but now that Felix had reminded her, the urge was instantly stronger than ever! She continued to rock back and forth as fast as she could, her mouth agape, her fingers tight around the handles, and her toes clenched in the footholds. She really was on autopilot now, no longer resisting the shameful actions of her body. She had been bringing herself to the brink of orgasm every morning for the past week, and now she absolutely had to bring herself off—she would simply have to face the humiliating consequences after she was done.


As the thick rubber dildo ground deeper inside her, she felt herself reaching the point of no return. She was almost there, but still there was something holding her back. Tears of frustration sprang to her eyes as she felt the passion begin to ebb yet again—and then she saw Bryce holding her pacifier in front of her. She formed her lips into a circle to accept it, but as the rocking horse lurched forward, Bryce jerked his hand back out of her reach.


She rocked forward again, but once more the cruel bastard pulled the pacifier away! She instinctively recognized by now that she wasn’t going to come if she didn’t have the pacifier in her mouth—and also that Bryce had been given total control over whether or not that was going to happen! The cruel irony of her predicament wasn’t lost on her—the love struck admirer she had rejected for so long now had absolute power over the one thing she presently needed more than anything else!


“P-Plse!” she gasped as she strained her neck for the elusive pacifier for the third time, but to her dismay, Bryce casually dropped her pacifier into his pocket and Emma felt her imminent climax slipping away again! She let out a wail of exasperation and twisted her hips on the dildo in an attempt to maintain the intensely delightful sensation she had worked so hard to get!


Cynthia said, “Bryce, stop being so wicked. You can see how much dirty little Emma wants to come, but she needs something to suck on.”


“You got it!” Bryce grinned.


Then the unthinkable happened. First Emma heard the sound of Bryce’s zipper, and then she blinked away her tears to see his manhood sticking out directly in front of her face! After a week of masturbating to the sight of Felix’s old man’s dick, this was a different proposition altogether, the glans swollen and glistening, and the shaft rock hard and pointing upward! As the rocking horse propelled her forward, she instinctively turned her face to the side and felt his cockhead bump against her cheek.


“I thought you wanted to come,” Felix taunted her. “It’s not going to happen without a pacifier in your mouth.”


Emma swung back and forward and this time Bryce’s cockhead tapped her on the lips. She squealed and shook her head, and Felix said, “Well, if you don’t want to come tonight, that’s fine by be—maybe we’ll invite everybody around in a couple of weeks and you can try again then.”


A couple of weeks? Emma thought she would probably die from sexual frustration by then!


She bobbed back and forth again, this time letting the tip of Bryce’s dick hit her on the nose.


“Sorry, Bryce,” Felix said. “It looks like Emma’s not interested. You’d better put it away.”


“No!” Emma heard herself cry, and as she lurched forward again, Bryce’s cock slipped into her open mouth.


“Gak!” Emma gagged as his glans touched the back of her throat, but at the same time she felt the heat flaring up between her thighs again. She bounced back yet again, and this time when she came forward, she clamped her lips around his shaft. She knew they were filming her. She knew that she was acting like a street whore and that the video clips might end up on the internet. Worst of all, she knew that Steve, the love of her life, was watching her sucking another man’s cock! But none of that mattered right now—she just badly needed to come!


And it happened quickly and powerfully. Emma had no benchmark to compare this with. She had only ever been with three men in her life, but she knew what an orgasm felt like—or at least she thought she knew. This was something else entirely! He body shook, her legs trembled, her eyes rolled back in her head and she gripped Bryce’s shirt as the most awesome, all-consuming climax tore through her body. At the same time, Bryce ejaculated, filling her mouth with his briny cum.


She heard him groan and she rested her forehead against his shirt with his cock still filling her mouth as she jerked spasmodically until her orgasm subsided. Bryce pulled out and she slumped forward, leaning her cheek on the back of the rocking horse’s plastic head. She was totally spent, and after the euphoria came the inevitable rush of shame and self-disgust as Bryce’s semen dribbled out of the corner of her mouth.


Emma closed her eyes and heard Felix say, “Folks, I think Emma is ready for bed now.”


“Night, night, Emma!” Tiffany said. “I’ll be in touch about your new job at Bloomingdale’s!”


“Good night!” Cynthia said. “I’m sure we’ll see you at Urban Kids again real soon!”


“And you can play in the kids’ playground any time you want!” said Arthur.


Emma thought she heard Steve mutter the word ‘slut’ but by now she was feeling really tired again. She felt herself being lifted off the dildo with a loud and rude sucking noise, and then she was carried up to her room. They left her naked on the bed and she rolled over onto her side and wondered if she would have to go through her masturbation routine again first thing in the morning. Right now she was too wiped to think about it so she curled up in a fetal position, popped her thumb into her mouth, and tried to block out the shameful images that kept flashing through her mind.




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