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The Principal’s Wife



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Chapter Six


The week since Mrs. Caroline Lambert’s abject humiliation at the filthy hands of Mike Kettle had flashed past in a muddled blur. She had been present in body, but her agitated mind had insisted upon staying trapped back there in her home classroom, reliving the devastating events of that awful Saturday afternoon.


Unable to face teaching, she had called in sick for the week. Fortunately, her social calendar had been free, and facing her husband had been just about manageable because Mr. Lambert, being the self-absorbed person that he was, hadn’t noticed his wife’s unusually subdued countenance since the previous weekend. Caroline was fine with that. She just wanted to be left to her own devices so that she could try and empty her head of the terrible things that Kettle had made her do.


Easier said than done. Even her nightly dreams had been invaded by the depravity that Kettle had subjected her to, and his leering face, and – horror of horrors! – his rudely engorged penis seemed to pop up in front of her every time she closed her eyes!


After Kettle had released her last Saturday, Caroline had tearfully gathered up her clothes and rushed home, and knowing that her husband would be out playing golf, she had showered twice and then run a long hot tub. More than anything, she had desperately wanted to get the smell of the disgusting pervert off her body. But as thoroughly as she had cleansed her pale skin, the emotional scars remained deeply embedded within her.


The things he had forced her to do had simply been beyond the comprehension of a woman of Caroline’s upbringing and social standing. Forcing her to strip naked in front of him and then belittling her with his crude and insulting comments about her physique had been soul-destroying enough, but the rest of the afternoon had then descended into a hell that she could hardly bring herself to think about!


The ridiculous bunny ears, the pen with pom-pom attached that he had actually inserted into her rectum, the whiskers he had drawn on her face before forcing her to hop around like a rabbit, and then – dear God, just the thought of it! – the large carrot that he had violated her with!


But then her worst nightmare had transpired when he had inevitably ended up copulating with her! She still couldn’t believe that she had actually taken his disgusting thing into her mouth and then allowed him to penetrate her! It had all been so sick and sordid that she found it almost impossible to accept that this had really happened to a virtuous lady like herself!


Whilst bathing, she had used up an entire bottle of mouthwash as she had painfully recalled the sensation of his hot member pushing around the inside of her mouth, and then after thoroughly dousing out her vagina to remove any traces of his semen, the terrifying thought had occurred to her that he might possibly have impregnated her!


In a panic, she had rushed out and bought a pregnancy detection kit and a box of contraceptive pills – both for her daughter, as she had blushingly explained to the pharmacist. The latter purchase had been the more emotionally difficult, as they served as an unpleasant confirmation that she had already accepted there would be a lot more unprotected sex with Mike Kettle before he was finally through with her! She would obviously do everything in her power to discourage the despicable man but if the previous Saturday was anything to go by, he undoubtedly had many more hideous experiences in store for her in the future!


As the week had progressed, she had anxiously checked her e-mails in the vain hope that she might possibly get a reprieve, but on Friday the dreaded reminder that she was due for a second detention had arrived.


So now she crept along the deserted corridor towards her home room, and with each step the humiliations she had been forced to endure the previous week became increasingly vivid in her mind. At one point she almost lost her nerve and turned back, but she already knew deep down that wasn’t going to happen, and drawing a shuddering breath, she opened the door and braced herself for whatever abominations were to come.


Kettle was already seated behind her desk poring over his tablet, and the disrespectful pig didn’t even glance up when he said, “Shut the door, and come over here.”


His offhand manner was just another reminder of her subservient position in their new relationship, but keeping her counsel, she nervously approached the desk. After making her wait a moment, Kettle finally gave her a cursory glance and said “Get round here and take a look at these.”


Barely able to hide her distaste, Caroline inched around the desk, taking care to keep a decent distance between them. Now she could see that Kettle was scrolling through some photos, and her heart leaped when she recognized her face in one of them – followed by an obscene close up of the most intimate part of her body!


“Remember this?” Kettle grinned up at her.


How could she not? These sick memories had already been burned deeply into her mind, and now she was seeing them all from Kettle’s viewpoint in high definition color! Blushing, she looked away, and Kettle said, “What’s wrong? Can’t stand the sight of your own stinky cunt?”


Oh, you insulting little shit!


“Still,” Kettle continued scrolling, “your huge tits have come out well in this one. I’m sure they’ll get plenty of ‘likes’ on the Internet!”


Caroline was still so incensed at his prior rudeness that it took a second for his comment to register. “The Internet?” she gaped at him.


“Why? Would that be a problem?” Kettle asked, his eyes twinkling with mischief.


“You... you know it would! You promised that this would remain between us! We had a deal!”


“Indeed we did,” Kettle said, leaning back in his chair. “And as I promised, I won't break it provided you continue to do as you are told.”


He reached down and placed a shopping bag on the desk top. “And on that note, here is your uniform for today’s detention.”


Still off balance from his implied threat of publicly releasing the photos, Caroline looked dumbly at the bag. “U-Uniform?”


“That’s correct. We’re at school, after all. I’m the teacher and you are the student in detention. So I will be requiring you to wear the uniform I have selected for you.”


He patted the bag as Caroline again struggled to digest his words. This was a modern American high school! The kids didn’t wear uniforms here! What the hell was the sick man up to now?”


She started to peer into the bag, but Kettle said, “Nu-uh! I want you to put it on in the bathroom down the hall. And that means removing everything else you have on, including your underwear, and dressing only in the items I have provided in the bag.”


Caroline stared at him incredulously. She hadn’t known exactly what to expect today, but this definitely wasn’t it! Did he seriously expect her to dress up as a schoolgirl? Apparently yes, because he nudged the bag towards her and said, “Well, what are you waiting for?”


Making no attempt to pick it up, Caroline stammered, “C-Can’t we just..?”


Kettle raised his eyebrows. “Just what? Fuck? Like we did last week?”


Caroline flushed with embarrassment and anger. “No, I didn’t mean that at all!”


“Well what did you mean? Would you prefer to serve your detention naked instead?”


Good God! The man is relentless!


“Of course not,” Caroline said desperately. “I just don’t think I can... dress up for you.”


“So you would rather be exposed to the world as a thief and a sexual pervert, is that what you are saying?” Kettle asked, tapping the tablet with his fingertip.


Just as she had discovered the previous week, Caroline realized that there would be no negotiating with this man, and defeated, she picked up the bag and headed for the door.


“Don’t be long,” Kettle called after her. “We’ve got a lot to do today!”


As she trudged miserably along the passageway towards the bathroom, Caroline tried not to dwell upon what exactly that might entail!





Mike scrolled through his blackmail pictures one more time as he waited impatiently for his ‘schoolgirl’ to return to class. Although he had only been teasing her about posting them on the Internet, the significance of his words had obviously made an impact judging from the unmistakable glint of fear he had spotted in Caroline’s eyes. That was why he had said it, because even though the ‘pilfering’ pictures had already evidently done the trick, his additional plans for the principal’s wife today might just require a bit of extra leverage!


What he had in mind was quite risky at this early stage, but he figured that having allowed herself to be degraded in such a humiliating fashion the previous week, the respectable Mrs. Lambert would have no option other than to continue along the downwardly spiraling path Mike had laid out for her. Of course, bringing in additional witnesses to her debasement might just prove too much for her to handle, but with the mounting photographic evidence he was accumulating, what choice would she have but to carry on?


He checked his watch and glanced at the classroom door. She had been gone twenty minutes which was plenty of time for her to get changed. Perhaps the frigid bitch was stalling for time. Mike had allowed for a further hour alone together before the others arrived, during which time he wanted to get her accustomed as much as possible to her 'naughty schoolgirl' role. He was about to get up and go looking for her, when the door opened and Caroline tentatively poked her head inside. 


Mike was relieved that she hadn’t bolted, but he made sure that he didn’t show it. “Well, come inside then, you silly girl!”


If it was at all possible, Caroline’s face was even redder than it had been the previous week as she mumbled, “Please, Mike… Mr. Kettle, this is absurd. I feel so….”


“Stupid?” Mike finished for her.


Still hiding behind the door, Caroline lowered her eyes and nodded imperceptibly.


“Well that’s because you are. Not only are you are thief, but you are a bad one at that. And now you have been caught and must accept your punishment. Now get in here, this instant!”


He was playing the role of a pompous school teacher not just to add some authenticity to their role play, but also because it excited him. He suspected that Caroline’s stealing was the result of an unwanted mental or emotional condition, and that she was anything but proud of it. Now looking at her crestfallen expression as she inched her way around the door, he could see how much his previous words had hurt her! He felt his cock stiffening as he realized that he could exploit her obvious sense of guilt, and more tellingly, how realistic these punishment sessions could actually become!


Head down, Mrs. Lambert finally revealed herself and slowly approached the desk. Mike’s erection quickly intensified as he surveyed the uniform that he had purchased online. He had ‘guesstimated’ her size whilst attempting to err on the small side, and he was delighted to see that he had got it just right – at least as far as he was concerned!


Mike had opted for the 'catholic schoolgirl' look, keeping it simple with a plain white blouse and short tartan necktie, plaid skirt, white ankle socks, and shiny black, buckle-up shoes. He had deliberately denied her a bra, and he was pleased to see that Caroline had obeyed his instructions precisely by not keeping her own one on. Unfortunately for her, the blouse was so small that it hugged her generous breasts tightly, making her puffy areolas plainly visible through the material. After covering her prominent bust, there was not enough material remaining to tuck into the skirt, and Caroline was forced to leave the hem hanging free just above her navel.


The skirt was also ridiculously small for Caroline’s ample ass, and as she shuffled closer, Mike caught a glimpse of the grey knickers he had chosen for her.  Again, these were way too small, and from the self-conscious way she was moving, he suspected that they had already disappeared up into the crack of her fat ass! That would all be checked out in good time.


When the red-faced woman was standing in front of the desk, Mike fished into his pocket and produced two pink satin ribbons. Having forced Caroline to participate in her own humiliation by dressing herself so absurdly, this part he wanted to do himself. He stood and came around the desk, and when he reached for Caroline’s hair, she flinched and drew her head back.


“Stay still,” he growled, and then proceeded to pull her strawberry blonde shoulder-length hair out into little bunches and secure them tightly with the ribbons. “There,” he said, satisfied with the overall look. “Now that you look the part, we can get started on your detention.”





Chapter Seven


As much as she tried to avoid it, Caroline couldn’t help but catch her reflection in the glass cabinets, and the sight made her cringe with embarrassment. There were mirrors in the bathroom where she had changed clothes of course, but after examining the idiotic uniform, Caroline had willed herself not to look at herself as she had first stripped off her own clothes and then wriggled herself into the undersized garments. By refusing to acknowledge what he was making her look like, Caroline hoped that perhaps she could mentally distance herself from the humiliations that would surely follow.


But after inadvertently glimpsing her reflection, it was too late to ignore the ludicrous picture she presented, and quite suddenly she really did feel like the naughty little schoolgirl that Kettle wanted to turn her into. She was here after all because she had done wrong, and although Kettle was abusing her in the most immoral ways, a tiny part of her felt that she almost deserved it.


“Take a seat,” Kettle said, gesturing to a single chair and desk that he had moved into a space at the front of the class. There was a thick stack of paper on the desk with a pen lying beside it. Caroline wasn’t sure, but it looked suspiciously like the same pen that Kettle had anally violated her with the previous week! Wretchedly she sat, feeling the inadequate skirt riding up as she squeezed her ample buttocks into the seat. At first she was puzzled that she should have such difficulty fitting herself in, but then as her knees bumped up against the underside of the desk, she realized to her disgust that the awful man had somehow procured a chair and desk apparently designed for the fourth grade! Not only was she looking more ridiculous by the minute, but the tight space had added to the discomfort of the restricting blouse and the skin-hugging underwear that was painfully riding up her crotch.


Grinning sadistically, Kettle moved around behind her, and then to her horror she felt him tugging the back of her skirt up and tucking it into its waistband, thus exposing her buttocks. Inexplicably, Caroline suddenly pictured a whole class of kids laughing at her from behind, and she felt another rush of blood to her cheeks before hastily dismissing the image from her mind.


Kettle meanwhile was now rummaging around in his sports bag. Next, she watched with growing dismay as he produced a thin bamboo cane, which he flexed a couple of times before laying it out on the desktop. Now very much aware of why her scantily covered rear had been exposed, Caroline’s heart began to pump a little faster.


Kettle then turned his back to her, picked up a piece of chalk, and started to scribble on the blackboard. Jammed into the little chair with her knees raised, and fully aware of how vulnerable she was from behind, Caroline was more concerned about the vicious looking cane on the desk than the sentences Kettle was putting up on the board. For a moment she looked helplessly around at the classroom she had been teaching in for the past three years. The surroundings were exactly the same as ever, yet she felt as though she had been transported to a fantasy schoolroom from hell!


 “Right then,” Kettle said, snapping Caroline out of her daze. “I want you to write out this sentence one thousand times. You have an hour to complete your task. I expect the neatest of handwriting, and if you pause at any time whether due to writer’s cramp or just plain laziness, if you misspell any of the words or even so much as look up from your work, you will be caned very hard across your ass!”


At first, Caroline just stared at him in disbelief. Last week she had been sexually abused in the most depraved ways, but somehow being treated like a recalcitrant child today seemed that much worse!


“Perhaps you didn’t understand me!” Kettle snapped, and before Caroline had gathered her thoughts, he had picked up the cane and walked quickly back around behind her. In a sudden panic, Caroline scrabbled for the pen, but her trembling fingers only succeeded in knocking it over the edge of the desk onto the floor.


“Oh! I’m sorry…” Caroline tried to lean down to retrieve it but her adult frame was firmly wedged into the cramped space between the desk and chair. A second later, she heard a sharp crack, followed immediately by an agonizing burning sensation across her buttocks.


“Aah!” Caroline wriggled in her seat, her legs jerking out in front of her.


Kettle picked up the pen and placed it back on top of the stack of paper. “Now get started before I really lay into your wobbling ass!”


Caroline resisted the urge to reach behind and massage her burning cheeks, and this time managed to pick up the pen without dropping it. Sniffing back a tear, she finally focused on the blackboard, and her misery was now compounded with another flash of outrage as she processed the insulting words that the vulgar little man had put up there: I AM A THIEF, A LIAR, A DIRTY CUNT, AND I DESERVE TO BE PUNISHED.


As she began to write the devastating humbling sentence, the full shame of how she had managed to wind up in this awful predicament finally struck her like a hammer blow: ‘I am a thief…’ She was going to have to write it over and over, and even if the other two declarations were patently untrue, there was no way she could deny the first part. Hating herself as much as she did Kettle at this time, Caroline set about her monotonous but soul-crushing chore. Here she was, an educated and dignified woman, a respected figure in the local community, dressed up in an ill-fitting catholic schoolgirl uniform, writing out lines in her very own home room!


An unbidden tear landed on the page, and immediately the ink began to run. Caroline instinctively glanced up to see if Kettle had spotted it and in doing so she unwittingly sealed the next part of her fate. He was sitting at her desk again, reading his tablet, but even as she hastily lowered her head, she heard him say, “Good God, woman! Can’t you even obey one simple instruction? I told you not to look up until you were finished!”


“I-I’m sorry!” Caroline whimpered, anxiously watching him pick up the dreaded cane. “It won’t happen again, I-I promise!”






Mike stood behind Caroline and surveyed his inviting target. As with the uniform, he had tried to estimate the correct size when he had borrowed the chair and desk from a friend at the local elementary school, and again he had been very lucky. Caroline’s plump ass cheeks spilled over the back edge of the seat just enough to present a perfect shot. And jammed in behind the low desk, there wasn’t even the slightest possibility of his victim squirming away when the stinging blows landed.


“I don’t want apologies,” he snarled. “I want obedience! I will turn you into a good girl, even if it takes all year!”


Without warning, he whipped the pliant cane down across her butt cheeks, and then watched in delight as a red welt appeared across her tender flesh. Caroline’s shoulders tensed and her head came up as she shrieked in pain, but she was well and truly trapped in her chair. With his cock now rigid in his pants, Mike dealt her two more blows in quick succession, reveling in the sound of Caroline’s cries of anguish echoing around the empty classroom.


“You can stop that sniveling right now and get back to work,” he said, admiring the angry stripes that crossed her pale, quivering cheeks. The undersized knickers that he had selected for her had ridden neatly up her ass crack, leaving the rest of her butt effectively naked. Right then, Mike wanted nothing more than to bend her over the desk, pull her underwear down, and give her a good hard rear-end fucking! But there would be plenty of time for that over the coming months, and at the moment Mike was thoroughly enjoying his ‘stern teacher’ role - even if Caroline wasn’t!


 He returned to his desk, pretending not to be remotely interested in her, but as he took his own seat, he covertly peeped over his tablet to observe her reddened and tear-streaked face. For all his fabricated insults, she really was an attractive woman despite her age, and with her hair in cute little schoolgirl bunches, she looked quite irresistible. He allowed her to scribble miserably away for the next few minutes, wondering how she would handle the next trap he had set for her. The pen he had provided was, quite deliberately, very low on ink and guaranteed to run out long before she had completed her quota of lines. Unlike last week, Caroline had appeared by now to have dropped any attempts to stand her ground by arguing with him. The rules of the game had shifted already, he was already her superior - in this room, at least - and from the way she was now trembling and sniffing, he guessed that the painful canings had well and truly cemented his position of dominance in her mind. And that was an encouraging indication that she was becoming increasingly unlikely to run off when the others got here.


He checked his watch. There wasn’t much time before their arrival, and he wanted to have Caroline well and truly disoriented by then. Several more minutes ticked by in silence except for the occasional residual sob from his ‘wayward pupil’. From where he was sitting, he could see that she was still adding to her list of lines, each one reinforcing her steadily increasing sense of worthlessness. If the pen didn’t dry up soon however, he would be forced to invent another misdemeanor for her so that he could put the next phase of her punishment into action.


Just as he was pondering this, right on cue Caroline stopped and began to shake the pen. Mike smiled to himself as she desperately scratched the dry nib onto the page. Her large unfettered breasts began to heave under her tight blouse as she realized that she was again going to be in trouble and that there was no way to avoid it – she could either fail to complete her lines or break another of his strict rules by looking up and asking him for another pen. The trap was set, and when she did finally raise her head, her guilty and anguished expression was almost enough to make Mike come in his pants!






Chapter Eight


Oh God! What do I do now? Caroline thought as she frantically shook the now-empty pen. Before she could stop herself, she had looked up at her tormentor and she immediately understood from the satisfied grin on his face that he had set her up on purpose. Miserably, she recognized now that there was absolutely nothing she could do to escape his demeaning punishments – because that was the whole point of this ludicrous exercise. He wanted her to fail, he wanted her to cry, and most of all he wanted to humiliate her, and unless she had the courage to face the unthinkable consequences of walking out on their arrangement, she would simply have to accept his abuse!


Kettle’s wry smile disappeared as quickly as it had come. “I thought I told you not to look up! What is it now, for heaven’s sake?”


You mean, nasty little man! Caroline thought angrily. You know exactly what the problem is!


 “M-my pen,” Caroline said, trying to keep the tremor out of her voice. “It’s run out of ink.”


Kettle let out an exaggerated sigh. “You kids can’t even be trusted to keep your school supplies up to date, can you?”


But you gave me the useless thing! Caroline wailed in her head.


“Well,” Kettle continued, once more rising out of his seat. “You’re not getting another one because it’s your responsibility to make sure your equipment is working, and that means you have failed to complete your lines.”


In spite of her growing internal outrage, Caroline just couldn’t stop her knees from shaking as he approached her with the cane again. She had no idea what to do as she braced herself for the coming onslaught. Apologize? Beg for forgiveness? Ask for another chance? Just what did this evil man want from her now? Her mental flurry of questions was abruptly interrupted as she felt another stinging, burning blow raking across her exposed buttocks.


“Eek!” Caroline’s squeal of anguish reverberated around the classroom.


“Ooh! Agh! Ai!” Three more agonizing slashes of the cane ripped into her behind as she wriggled uselessly in her confined space.


Such was the intensity of the pain that it was a moment before she realized he had reappeared in front of her. Trying to choke back her wretched sobs, Caroline wiped her blurry eyes with the back of her hand and looked reproachfully up at him. He was looking at her in a stern but curious way, and to her consternation, Caroline recognized that hunger in his eyes from when he had started sexually violating her the week before.


After giving her a chance to calm down, Kettle said, “If you can’t complete a simple task like this, we’ll just have to opt for something that doesn’t require any brain power. I’m sure you have enjoyed having many of your errant pupils sit in silence during detention over the years? Well, now you will do the same – only you will also sit perfectly still throughout the duration!”


Caroline now watched with growing trepidation as he returned to his desk – her desk during weekdays – and began to rummage through the drawers. As he began to drop various items onto the desk top, Caroline knew that he was into her stationery drawer, and yet again, she could only wonder what he had in mind for her now!


Kettle scooped up the objects and laid them out on top her desk. There was a pencil, a box of metal bull clips, a glue stick, two steel rulers, a bag of elastic bands, a roll of adhesive tape, and a clipboard – everyday items perhaps, but Caroline was learning fast that in the sadistic world of Mike Kettle, they would undoubtedly be put to far more sinister purposes than they were intended for!


She soon found out to her mounting despair that she wasn’t wrong there. Kettle first picked up a bull clip and menacingly squeezed it open in front of Caroline’s face. Then raising one of her bunches, he snapped it closed around her ear lobe. Caroline squealed with the sharp, sudden pain, and then whimpered like a child as he quickly repeated the process on her right earlobe. As the pain began to subside to a steady throb, Kettle took the stack of paper off the desk and said, “Place your hands together and put them out in front of you.”


Uncertain of the exact position he required, Caroline clasped her trembling fingers together but he snapped, “Not like that, stupid!”


Grabbing her wrists, he pressed her palms flat together and positioned them vertically on the desk top. He then wrapped two elastic bands tightly around her thumbs to ensure that her hands stayed together. With increasing disbelief, Caroline then watched him pick up the roll of tape and then squat down beside the desk. She felt his fingers circle her right ankle and then her leg was yanked outward so that it touched the metal leg of the desk. Although she couldn’t see what he was doing, Caroline felt the tape tightly encircling her ankle several times as he proceeded to bind it securely to the desk leg. After he repeated the process with her left leg, Caroline was now compelled to sit with her legs apart, knowing full well that the skimpy skirt would give him a clear view of her grey knickers from the front.


Squeezed idiotically into her chair, her legs taped tightly to the desk, and her hands immobilized in a prayer-like position in front of her, Caroline couldn’t imagine how he intended to use the rest of the items, and she was ill-prepared for his next order.


“Stick out your tongue.”


Caroline’s eye flickered up to meet his and the threatening look she received told her it would probably be in her best interest to immediately comply. Feeling increasingly foolish, she poked her pink tongue out between her lips, but inevitably she had got it wrong again, because Kettle picked up one of the rulers and smacked it onto the desktop. “Open your goddamned mouth and stick it all the way out!”


Startled by the noise of the ruler, Caroline quickly obliged, her eyes now following Kettle as he picked up the other ruler. It took all of her willpower not to retract her tongue when he placed one ruler beneath it and the other one on top so that her tongue was trapped between them. Holding the rulers together, Kettle then wrapped an elastic band around each end to keep them tightly in place. Forced in this way to keep her tongue at full stretch, Caroline quickly forgot about the aching in her earlobes! How long did he intend to keep her in this physically distressing condition?






Mike studied Caroline’s flattened tongue protruding from between the steel rulers. That had to extremely uncomfortable and would only get worse as time went by! But if the once proud Mrs. Lambert thought her torturous pose was now complete, she would be sorely mistaken – literally!


With his cock pushing out the front of his pants, Mike picked up a pencil and circled back around behind her. Kneeling on the floor, he took hold of the gusset that had ridden up between her cheeks and yanked it to one side. Because of the generous size of Caroline’s rump, it took a little bit of fiddling and poking around before he located her ring-piece with the eraser end of the pencil.


“Nngh!” Caroline’s head jerked up.


“Quit your moaning!” Mike said as he began to twist the pencil up into her butthole. “It’s not like you haven’t had anything up there before, is it?”


“Agh!” Caroline squirmed in her seat as Mike breached her sphincter and then pushed the pencil a good three inches further inside her body. With the writing implement fully imbedded inside her, Mike pulled the gusset back to its original position, leaving it stretched out by the invading pencil. Then he stood up to examine his handiwork, and satisfied with the comical and demeaning effect, he returned to confront his ever more distressed victim once again.


Tears welled in Caroline’s eyes as she shifted her ass as much as was permissible within the confines of her junior-sized chair. With her tongue stretched out as far as it would go, her ears cruelly pinched by the bull clips, and the pencil jutting out of the most intimate of orifices, her sanity must have been pushed to its tipping point!


There were just two more humiliating adornments needed however, and now Mike carefully placed the glue stick upright on the index fingers of Caroline’s supplicating hands. Finally he placed the clipboard on the crown of her head, and said, “If you allow the clipboard or the glue stick to fall, you will earn yourself fifty strokes of the cane with your knickers around your knees, and I can promise you that I will take a very long time about it. Think about that for a second. The choice is yours. You can sit quietly and very, very still, or you can disobey me again and receive a thrashing that will keep you from sitting down for a week. Do you understand?!”


Clearly terrified now, Caroline could only emit a gargled groan in response as a tear trickled down her cheek. For all his pretentious authoritarian showmanship, Mike was beside himself with delight. She looked absolutely ludicrous, and her obvious physical distress could only have been overshadowed by her utter humiliation at what he had just done to her.


Mike thought back to the many times he had seen her working at the school, always prim and proper, self-assured and above all high and mighty – now look at her! The only way her shame and embarrassment could get any worse would be by bringing in other witnesses to observe her in this  humbling position – and that would happening real soon!




Precisely twenty-seven minutes had passed since Kettle had left the room. Caroline knew this because from her tiny chair she could see the wall clock above the blackboard. In fact, because she was terrified of moving a muscle, that was all she had been able to look at. Watching the second hand sweeping around and around had made her ordeal that much more arduous – particularly as she had no idea how much longer Kettle intended to keep her sitting there! If she just knew when her time was up, it would at least give her a target to aim for, but just sitting absolutely motionless like this with no end in sight was almost unbearable!


If that had been all she had to put up with, she might have somehow managed to find the strength to get through it, but her tongue, earlobes and rectum were all on fire! How she desperately wanted to withdraw her tongue just an inch or so, but the wretched rulers ensured that would not happen. She had become sick of the taste of metal on her tongue and swallowing had also become a major challenge. On more than one occasion she had coughed and gagged, but somehow she had managed to control herself enough not to dislodge the clip board or glue stick.


Not for the first time, she dwelt upon the possibility that he was simply going to keep her here until she finally lost her composure and sent the objects tumbling to the floor. Then she would be subjected to fifty strokes – fifty! – of the dreaded cane! How would she ever recover from a thrashing like that?


The second hand kept on going around. Thirty three minutes. And then she heard the fly. Her heart started beating a little faster as she listened to the lone insect buzzing around the room. She tried to breathe slowly through her nose, aware of the glue stick wobbling on her fingers and the clipboard balanced precariously on the top of her head. Fifty strokes! Stay calm!  But inevitably the dratted creature was eventually drawn to the only warm-blooded animal in the room, and after circulating her head a couple of times, it decided to settle on Caroline’s nose of all places!


Oh please! Get off me!


Terrified of moving her head even slightly, the torture was almost unendurable as the fly’s tiny legs tickled her nostrils. Because of her achingly confined tongue, she couldn’t blow the thing away and she was reduced to wiggling her nose from side to side in a desperate attempt to ease her suffering. But in every other way immobilized, Caroline’s nasal twitching was no match for the tenacious insect, and almost mockingly, it decided to inspect the inside of one of her nostrils. Now Caroline could fight back, and she snorted hard, forcing the little intruder to buzz angrily off.


Unfortunately, the fly’s brief, tickly visit had been enough to create a very much undesired effect, and now Caroline could feel with growing dismay, the signs of a sneeze coming on!


Oh God! Not now! Not after lasting out for all this time!


She tried holding her breath, she tried not to think about it – there were plenty of other tormented parts of her body to focus upon – but the urge to sneeze just grew and grew.


This is so unfair! Caroline silently protested, as she sneezed so hard that her hands lifted off the desk and sent the glue stick flying and the clipboard clattering onto the classroom floor behind her.






Chapter Nine



“Now as I explained on the phone, it is vital that you keep whatever happens today between us,” Mike Kettle said.  “If it goes any further, I lose my leverage and the game will be over.”


“I sure hope this is going to be worth it, sir. I missed basketball practice today,” said Tony Manning, a straight A student as well as a habitual miscreant during his recent tenure at Winston-Radcliffe High.


“I guarantee that when you see what's in there, you’ll be glad you came,” Mike smiled as they entered the main building and set off along the corridor.


“You said we would be able to get revenge on Mrs. Lambert, which I’m most definitely up for,” chipped in Kelly Cross, Tony’s attractive girlfriend. “But why drag us all back here to school? Couldn’t we have like, just done it over the internet or something?”


“I think you’ll find this way will be far more enjoyable,” Mike said.


“Jeez, I never thought I would be coming back to this dump so soon!” groaned Jamal Powell, a star running back at Winston-Radcliffe until his graduation earlier that year.


“Hey look, there’s my championship trophy!” said Bud Jeffers, formerly the best wrestler on Mike’s team, not to mention a serial bully, and certainly not the sharpest knife in the drawer.


Mike had decided upon this group of very recent graduates of Winston-Radcliffe for two reasons. The first was, at least where Tony, Jamal and Bud were concerned, he knew he could count on them to keep their mouths shut. All three sports jocks had trained under Mike for most of their school lives and were as loyal as soldiers. As far as the girls went, Tony had vouched for Kelly – and her best friend Ava Hammond? Well, Mike had secretly observed the freckled redhead in action many times before, as well as having had a sneaky look at her school disciplinary record – and a crueler, nastier, more vindictive bitch you couldn’t hope to meet! Once Tony had assured him that Ava was also sworn to complete secrecy about this, Mike was extremely excited that she was here, because he sensed that she would be the one who would take the lead in Caroline's humiliation.


Which brought him to his second reason – all five of these kids had been kept in detention by Mrs. Caroline Lambert on numerous occasions over the years, and when Mike had learned from Tony that they all hated her with a passion, the seed of an irresistible idea had begun to germinate in his head! What could be more delicious than having Mrs. Caroline Lambert perform in the most degrading of ways in front of her former pupils? And better yet, he fully intended to let these wicked kids dream up their own cruel inventions once they became accustomed to their newly reversed roles!


But Mike had deliberately refrained from telling them the exact nature of their visit – namely that Caroline was waiting for them right now in the very classroom that they had all spent many hours sitting silently at her pleasure. Their shock and surprise – not to mention Caroline’s – would provide a significant part of the heady thrill for Mike. Risky and possibly fraught with danger for him, but if Mike had calculated correctly, he didn’t think so.


When they reached the door to Caroline’s home room, Mike stopped and turned to his restless young group one more time. They were all young, fit, good-looking eighteen year olds, their fresh, attractive faces belying the mischievous personalities that he knew lurked inside.


“Remember, people, total discretion,” he said with his hand on the door handle.


“We get it already, sir!” Bud moaned. “Can we please just see what’s in there?”


“Okay.” Mike could feel his heart racing just a little bit faster as the moment of truth became imminent. He opened the door and ushered them in. “Guys, welcome to Saturday detention!”






Caroline was of course, exactly where he had left her, squeezed into the little chair with her ankles firmly taped to the desk legs. At first glance he saw that the clipboard and glue stick were both lying on the floor which meant he already had his excuse for inflicting further degrading punishment upon her, but at this moment he was far more interested in how she would react to her unexpected visitors. Mike had deliberately taken the precaution of physically restraining her, because inevitably her first reaction would be to try and flee, and sure enough, as soon as she recognized the faces of the teenagers, her eyes grew as wide as saucers and she began to frantically struggle to get free.


“Aagh! Nngh!” Caroline began to rock from side to side, as her cheeks turned an impossibly deep shade of red, but here was to be no getting out of her furniture prison and as the open-mouthed youngsters gathered incredulously around, her only form of escape was to tightly shut her eyes.


Mike stood back to observe this pivotal moment, his cock rock solid as he savored the utter misery and shame that Caroline had to be experiencing right now! But of equal importance to him was the reaction of her former pupils, and it was Kelly who spoke first.


“Mrs. Lambert? Is that really her?”


“Yes it is,” Mike said. “She’s gone and got herself into a bit of a pickle and now she’s going to have to pay for her sins.”


Caroline looked as though she was literally trying to vanish as the five teenagers formed a circle around her. With her tongue wedged between the two rulers, her verbal protestations now morphed into a long, despairing whine, and she raised her bound hands to cover her face. Gradually, the initial sense of shock amongst the teenagers began to transform into one of general amusement – which is exactly what Mike had been counting on!


 “Holy shit! Just look at her!” Bud giggled.


“Why is she wearing that ridiculous uniform?” Ava asked with a malicious glint in her eyes.


“Because she’s been a naughty little girl, and now she has to be punished. And that’s why I brought you guys here. I thought you might want to help.”


“Really?” Tony dragged his eyes away from Caroline to look disbelievingly at his former coach. “What are we allowed to do with her?”


“Whatever you wish,” Mike said. “She’ll obey because she has no choice. Won’t you Mrs. Lambert?”


Still with her eyes closed, Caroline shook her head violently and emitted a garbled scream from the back of her throat. Noting the uncertain looks on the five former Winston-Radcliffe High students, Mike decided that he needed to take the initiative right away. If she could have escape her bonds, he realized that Caroline would already have fled out of the room, so it was imperative that he reminded her of the precarious situation she was in, as well as preserve his position of control.


He walked up to the desk, and roughly grabbed her by the chin. “Look at me! Open your eyes!”


Incredibly, despite her obvious distraught and emotional state, Caroline actually obeyed him.


“Now calm down and listen!” Mike went on, trying not to let his own tension show in his voice. “The rules of our arrangement remain the same. None of these kids will expose you publicly, I promise you that. Yes, you will have to suffer more humiliation in front of them, but it will not go any further than here, and that is a fact. You need to stop and think and make a decision right here and now – continue with your detention in front of these kids that you have tormented yourself for years, or walk away. And even though I know you can bring me down if you do decide to run, I guarantee that I will also destroy your life in the process - think about it. The choice is yours!”


It sounded grandiose and over-dramatic, but given the obviously distraught and conflicted mindset that Caroline now found herself wrapped up in, he needed to drive the point home hard. Naturally, the last thing on earth that Caroline wanted was for these former pupils to see her in this devastatingly humbling situation, and yet Mike wanted her to understand that the threat still remained of a far worse fate - public exposure and humiliation!


It was a pivotal moment, and although her eyes blazed with shame and fury, she suddenly stopped struggling. Her large breasts heaved beneath the tight-fitting blouse as she breathed hard through her open mouth. Had Mike’s words struck home? It was time to find out.




Oh please, somebody get me out of here!


In spite of everything she had endured so far, Caroline couldn’t have foreseen in her darkest nightmare, the shocking presence of these five former Winston-Radcliffe pupils! And Kettle couldn’t have chosen a worse bunch as far as she was concerned. She was very familiar with Tony Manning, a brilliant student, but also a conceited, unfeeling brat who seemed destined to tread on less talented folk on his way to the top. Bud Jeffers and Jamal Powell were of a different ilk. Like Tony, they were both sports jocks but they didn’t possess the brainpower to cause his brand of trouble through malicious gossip and psychological torture – no, these two brutes had always relied on their physical strength to inflict pain on their unfortunate victims during their reign of terror at the school.


The two girls she also knew well – Kelly was a stunningly pretty young woman, and didn't she just know it! Last year's prom queen and head cheerleader, she also had a fondness for humiliating the less fortunately endowed girls at the school, and Caroline had often had cause to chastise Kelly after her cruel comments had brought yet another distraught classmate to tears.


But Kelly’s mean streak paled into insignificance compared to Ava Hammond’s inbred viciousness. The redhead had always appeared to derive an almost sexual pleasure from the cruel practical jokes she inflicted upon her unlucky targets. There was nothing innocent about these pranks either. Her jokes and traps had always been intended to shame and humiliate completely, so much so that one female freshman had even attempted suicide after Ava had installed some secret cameras inside one of the school toilets and then released highly detailed close-ups of the poor girl’s defecation alongside her straining face over the internet.


And Caroline had despised them all. She hated bullies and she had always come down hard on this group whenever their transgressions had come to her attention. They had all spent many long hours in this very classroom with Caroline watching sternly over them as they sat in silence, or studied for pop quizzes she would set for them.


But now the tables had been turned thanks to that bastard, Kettle! Unable to handle their astonished and gleeful expressions, Caroline stared miserably at her main tormentor as she struggled against the bonds connecting her to the desk. She was painfully aware of how ridiculous she must look in the undersized school uniform, with her tongue squeezed out between the rulers, the bull clips biting into her earlobes, and not forgetting the wretched pencil sticking obscenely out of her anus!


At first sight, her only thought had been to flee, to get out of there as fast as possible. Kettle had broken his word, and she had no reason to listen to his disgusting orders any more. He had sworn that this depravity would remain between the two of them, but now he had brought in these nasty kids to witness her torment, and as far as she was concerned their arrangement was now null and void.


But then his sharp, stern words sliced through her crimson haze: “If you do decide to run, I guarantee that I will also destroy your life in the process.” He was still giving her a choice. To continue in front of these teenagers would be more painful than she could possibly imagine, but Kettle was still dangling the prospect of public humiliation over her head. He had stated that none of these awful kids would say anything about what happened today, but could she believe him? Then again, what did it matter now? They had already seen her in this degrading situation. That could never be undone. She had to decide right now whether to keep on with this in relative private, or have her reputation destroyed in public.


She thought of the vile, explicit images he had taken of her. How would she be able to survive if those got out? She simply didn’t know what to do. Neither option was acceptable, and yet she had to make a choice!


Amidst her terrible turmoil, she heard Kettle say, “It’s now or never, Mrs. Lambert. If you wish to continue, nod your head. If not, I’ll let you go now and then we can both go down together!”






Chapter Ten


There was a palpable silence as they all waited for her reaction. Mike was gambling – he certainly didn’t want to go down at all! – but he felt that by now he was holding all the cards. If she went to the authorities now, yes he would be sacked, probably prosecuted, but compared to Caroline, he had nothing to lose. He had never married, had no kids to worry about, and his social standing in the community had always been non-existent. She on the other hand, was fighting to preserve her precious reputation, and that was the difference between them – he was willing to run the risk.


Still looking wretchedly into his eyes, Caroline slowly nodded her head, and Mike felt as though he had just won the lottery! The game was back on, and now, with these badly behaved kids in charge, only a few months out of school themselves, he could sit back and watch the fun.


“I’m glad you’ve seen sense,” he said, keeping the relief out of his voice. “You’re not going to enjoy the next few months of detention, but for six days a week at least, you can go back to being that arrogant, pretentious bitch we all despise.”


So let me get this straight,” Kelly said. “Every Saturday, we get to punish Mrs. Lambert as if she’s the student, and we are her teachers?”


“That is correct,” Mike said. “She’s just agreed to that, haven’t you Mrs. Lambert?”


After a brief hesitation, Caroline miserably nodded her head again.


“Awesome!” Kelly said. “You were right Mr. Kettle – this was definitely worth coming here for!”


“And what kind of punishments can we give her?” asked Jamal, absently licking his broad lips.


“Anything you can think of,” Mike beamed.


“Anything?” repeated Ava excitedly.


“Anything, “Mike conformed. “Spanking, caning, exercise, cleaning chores, whatever you can think of.”


“With no limits?” Ava asked, evidently weighing up the endless possibilities.


“None at all. Just to give you an idea, Mrs. Lambert has already stripped naked for me, so there’s no need for you to be shy. You have a free reign to do what you will with her!”


There was another brief silence as his words sunk in, and then Bud said, “Naked? Holy shit! That I would love to see!”


Caroline was also clearly assessing the implications of this verbal exchange, because another guttural groan escaped her throat as a single tear trickled down her cheek. Mike gave the five former students a moment longer to get acclimatize to the concept that their old nemesis was now totally helpless to defend herself against them.


“So, are we ready to begin?” he said briskly. “I think it’s about time we got her out of that silly little chair.” Fetching a cutting blade from the desk drawer, he said, “Tony, would you please cut her loose?”






Once the tape had been peeled away from her ankles, Jamal pulled the desk away leaving Caroline squeezed into her undersized chair in front of them. As uncomfortable as it had been to spend so much time with her knees jammed under the desk, Caroline suddenly missed its protection as the five youngsters gathered around her for a better look at her snug uniform.


As soon as her ankles were free, she immediately clamped her knees together, aware that her tiny pleated skirt did little to hide her ugly gray knickers. But the boys seemed particularly preoccupied with Caroline’s bust, which she was painfully aware was straining against the thin material of her blouse.


“I’ve often wondered what her titties looked like,” said Jamal, with his eyes locked upon the prominent shape of her nipples.


Caroline instantly brought her bound hands up in front of her, but Kettle snapped, “Put your hands up over your head! You are in detention and if they want to look at you, then you will let them!”


His harsh voice made Caroline jump, and she immediately raised her arms which had the effect of thrusting her chest out even further. With Tony, Bud, and Jamal ogling her chest, Caroline hadn’t noticed Ava and Kelly circling around behind her, but she suddenly felt a stabbing sensation as the pencil moved a little deeper into her anus.


“Why has she got a pencil stuck up her ass?” Ava giggled.


“It’s a part of her punishment,” Kettle said, “although I’m sad to say that I think she rather enjoys it.”


“Is that so?” Ava crooned into Caroline’s ear. “I’m sure we can think of a lot of other things to put up there for you, Mrs. Lambert!”


“Before we get ahead of ourselves,” Kettle said, gathering up the glue stick and clipboard, “Mrs. Lambert needs to be punished for failing to keep still as I instructed. I suggest you start with a good old fashioned spanking.”


“We get to spank her?” Kelly tittered.


“I’m hoping that will be the least of her sufferings over the coming weeks,” Kettle said. “I’ve watched the way you lot have tormented the other kids over the years, and I know you’ve all got wonderfully cruel imaginations – especially you, Ava – so I hope you don’t let me down.”


Remaining motionless in her cramped seat with her aching tongue poking out between the rulers and her hands up above her head, Caroline’s world suddenly seemed to visibly shrink. The blackboard – still emblazoned with the hurtful sentence she had written out earlier – actually looked as though it was retreating away from her. She could hear what they were saying, but none of it made any sense. These brats had been at her mercy every time she had caught them misbehaving. She was the authority figure here for heaven’s sake! Mrs. Caroline Lambert, the principal’s wife! How could they even be talking about her in this way? Surely they weren’t really contemplating spanking her?


But yet again, Kettle quickly confirmed that her worst nightmare was about to become a reality. “Up you get, Mrs. Lambert, and bend over your little desk.”


Bend over? Having been forced into a motionless sitting position for quite some time, Caroline really did need to stretch her cramped legs, but the prospect of having to bend over in front of these bad kids kept her firmly glued to her seat.


Get up now!” Kettle snarled, picking up the cane. “Or your spanking will become a caning!”


That did it. Even as humiliated as she felt right now, the thought of having that terrible cane across her buttocks spurred her into motion and without the use of her hands, it was struggle to extricate herself from the confining little chair. Nobody offered to help, but she finally managed to stand, and then, trying not to look at any of them, she went to the desk that had so recently been part of her prison and leaned forward.


“Bend right over, and push your fat ass out!” Kettle snapped.


Caroline hesitatingly complied, excruciatingly  aware of the impudent pencil pushing out her gray school knickers as her undersized skirt rode up. Her unwanted audience must have been looking at it too, because she heard Ava say, “We’ll have to get rid of that if we’re going to spank her ass!”


“As you wish,” Kettle said. “It’s over to you now.”


If the other four ex-pupils still weren’t completely comfortable with their new dominant roles, Ava appeared to have rapidly adapted to the situation. To her dismay, Caroline felt her tugging the gray school knickers slightly down, and then the physical relief of the pencil being withdrawn from her rectum. But the temporary comfort was replaced by an even deeper sense of humiliation when she felt Ava continue pulling her knickers all the way down to her knees!


“Open your legs, Mrs. Lambert,” Ava chirped, as she flipped Caroline’s tiny skirt up over her back, fully exposing her naked rear to them all.


Mortified, Caroline reluctantly shuffled her feet apart, desperate not to allow them an unhindered rear view of her vagina. But Ava was having none of it. “Wider than that, that’s better… oh my, you’ve got a lot of meat sticking out there haven’t you?”


“Fuck! Just look at those beef curtains!’ Bud laughed.


“That is one big bearded oyster!” Jamal agreed.


Caroline could have died on the spot as their puerile comments cut her to the core. Only last year she had been teaching these youngsters in this very classroom – now she was displaying her most intimate parts to them in the most vulgar of ways!


“Who gets to slap her big butt first?” Bud asked eagerly.


“Wait, I’ve a better idea,” Ava said, and getting very much into her stride now, she came around to the front of the desk and grabbed one of Caroline’s bunches, jerking her ex-teacher’s crimson face upward.


“Keep your chin up, Mrs. Lambert,” she smirked, and then proceeded to pull the elastic bands off the rulers and then free her tortured tongue. As with the removal of the pencil, Caroline felt a moment of blessed release as she was finally able to retract her tongue. Even as she swallowed properly for the first time in over an hour, it was not lost on Caroline that her new chief tormentor had been the one to provide her with a modicum of comfort, which only served to cement Ava’s newfound position of authority.





Leaning against Caroline’s regular desk, Mike looked on with growing delight as Ava handed the rulers to Bud and Jamal. As he had hoped, she had quickly assumed the leading role within this group, and he could see from her blazing green eyes that she was reveling in it!


For her part, Caroline looked absolutely devastated as the two boys took their places behind her proffered ass cheeks while Kelly and Tony pulled out their smartphones to video the damning moment for posterity. Ava meanwhile had reassumed her position in front of Caroline, again jerking her face up by the hair.


“Okay guys,’ Ava said, staring manically into Caroline’s damp eyes. “I’m going to have a little chat with Mrs. Lambert here, and when she fails to answer correctly, I want you to give each give her a hard whack across her ass cheeks, okay?”


Bud and Jamal nodded excitedly, raising their rulers like swords, and the only sound in the room was Caroline’s deep breathing as she attempted to maintain a degree of composure.


Still holding Caroline’s head up by her hair, Ava said, “You were always such a stuck up bitch, weren’t you? All those hours we spent sitting in here while you sat behind your desk with that haughty expression on your face. We’ve all suffered because of you. Well now look at you, with your ugly knickers around you knees, showing off your cunt to the boys! What do you have to say for yourself?”


This was the Ava that Mike remembered from school. She would continue to taunt Caroline until she made her cry – that was what had always turned Ava on, only this time instead of a younger high school student, her victim was a grown woman old enough to be her mother!


Caroline remained silent, partly Mike guessed because her distress must have reached paralyzing proportions, and also because there would still have been a part of her that refused to admit that she had been in the wrong. After a couple of seconds, Ava nodded at the two boys and a quick succession of blows landed across her backside. Caroline flinched and yelped, but still refused to acknowledge her guilt.

“Answer me!” Ava yelled, shaking Caroline’s head from side to side. More sharp metallic slaps echoed around the classroom as the boys resumed their assault. Caroline whimpered now as the stinging began to accumulate. Mike doubted that it was anywhere near painful as that inflicted by his cane, although the humiliation of being publicly disciplined in this way must have hurt far more!


As if reading his mind, Ava said, “Are you going to say you are sorry, or shall we switch to Mr. Kettle’s cane?”


Mike watched in fascination as the tiny spark of defiance in Caroline’s eyes was quickly extinguished. “I-I… I’m sorry,” she managed in a barely audible voice and turning her eyes to one side.


“Not loud enough,” said Ava. “Again!”


“I-I’m sorry!” Caroline repeated, with fresh tears brimming in her eyes.


“Say it like you mean it and look at me!” Ava said, twisting Caroline’s bunched hair tighter in her fist. She nodded again and the two boys administered another series of blows to Caroline’s naked behind. From her contorted expression, it looked as though they really were beginning to hurt now.


“Yow! I’m sorry! Really I am!” Caroline whimpered, as she blinked up at Ava.


“I’m sorry for being a snotty bitch!” Ava said. “Shout it!”


“I’m sorry for being a… snotty bitch!” Caroline yelled, as the tears began to roll freely down her red cheeks.


“I beg your forgiveness and I deserve to be punished!” Ava mercilessly went on.


“I-I… I deserve… to be p-punished, and I beg your forgiveness!” Caroline sniveled.


While Ava steadily chipped away at Caroline’s crumbling resistance, Mike moved around behind the two boys who were continuing their assault on Caroline’s ass. Her plump cheeks wobbled with each strike, and their white flesh was now crisscrossed with wicked looking red stripes.


“You want to be punished, do you?” Ava said, releasing Caroline’s hair. “Then stand up and let’s have a proper look at you!”






Chapter Eleven


Caroline straightened up and reluctantly turned to face her persecutors, their eyes alight with excitement. Not knowing what to do with herself, she blinked her tears away and stared at the posters on the back wall of the classroom.


“What’s the matter, little girl? Why are you crying?” Ava mocked, as she plucked the elastic bands from Caroline’s thumbs. “And look at me when I talk to you!”


With her hands finally free, it was as much as Caroline could do not to slap the vindictive bitch across the face! Instead, mindful of the repercussions, she willed herself to face her chief tormentor. Caroline had been completely blindsided by how quickly this whole situation had taken such a terrible turn for the worse. Being humiliated and degraded by Kettle had been bad enough, but to have to suffer the taunts and mockery of her former pupils was simply unbearable!


“Did you enjoy being spanked?” Ava asked.


It was such a pointless question that Caroline could only miserably shake her head in response.


“Answer me!”


“N-no… I-I didn’t…” Caroline mumbled, feeling idiotic beyond words.


“I don’t believe you,” Ava smirked. “I think you got a thrill out of being disciplined in public. And I think you especially enjoyed showing off your cunt to the boys, don’t you?”


Oh, you foul-mouthed cow!


“No, I…”




Caroline was totally unprepared for the sharp backhander, and with her knickers still around her knees, it almost knocked her off her feet. Her left cheek was suddenly on fire and new tears sprung to her eyes.


“Don’t lie, Caroline!” Ava said. “Yes, that’s right, I called you Caroline. No more ‘Mrs. Lambert’ because you don’t deserve any respect. Now tell us the truth. Do you enjoy exposing your pussy to young men?”






Caroline’s head jerked sideways as Ava viciously slapped the other cheek.


“Tell us the truth? You are a dirty old whore and you fantasize about showing off your body in public. Say it!”


Oh please, just leave me with something!


Ava raised her hand again and Caroline gasped, “Wait! S-stop! Okay, I-I like showing my…”


“Your what?”


“M-my vag…”


Your vagina?” Ava interrupted. “No, you don’t call it that, you old prude! What do you call it, Caroline?”


 Caroline’s bottom lip came out, and in trembling voice she forced herself to say it. “My… my cunt.”


“You like to show off your cunt!” Ava triumphantly declared, “In that case, take of your skirt and give everyone a good look.”


You cruel bitch! Caroline thought, aware that by removing the skirt herself, it would create the impression that she really was taking a perverted pleasure from all of this!


“Come on, drop it before I decide to take that cane to your fat ass!” Ava said.


With trembling fingers, Caroline popped the button holding the little pleated skirt in place, and after sliding down the zipper, she worked it over her broad hips and allowed it to fall to her ankles. Standing in her blouse and tie, with her gray school knickers stretched between her legs, and her skirt now bunched around her shoes and socks, Caroline could only guess as to how totally stupid she must look. Somehow she managed to stop herself from covering herself with her hands, as all eyes descended to her pubic area.


Bud spoke first. “Jeez, look at all that hair!


“It’s a fucking jungle!” Tony chuckled.


“Don’t you ever trim yourself?” Kelly asked in an almost sympathetic voice, and not for the first time, Caroline could have died on the spot.


“You know what?” Ava said thoughtfully. “If Caroline is going to act like a schoolgirl, then I think she should look like one as well.”


What is she talking about? Look at this ridiculous uniform! How could I possibly look any less like a schoolgirl than this?


But that naive question was answered in the most ominous way when Ava went over to the desk drawer and returned with a pair of scissors!






Ava was proving far more imaginative than Mike had dreamed of, and he was delighted to see that her perverted mind worked very much along the same lines as his own! Mindful that these youths had been totally unprepared for this treat today, Mike had packed a number of items to lead them in the right direction in case they were short of ideas, and he had just the thing in his sports bag for their current project!


He watched with growing admiration as Ava handed the scissors to Tony and said, “Would you please give Caroline a trim?”


“Hell, yes!” Tony smiled. “Guys, let’s get her up on the desk!”


To Mike’s lecherous delight, Caroline’s legs began to tremble as Bud and Jamal descended upon her. Bud pulled her knickers down to her ankles and then off over her shoes while Jamal effortlessly lifted his former teacher up onto the small desktop.


“P-please,” Caroline whined. “Don’t do this to me!”


But the vengeful youths were on a roll now, and with Jamal pinning her arms behind her back, Bud pushed Caroline’s thighs so wide apart that her legs dangled over the sides. Mike’s cock twitched as he studied her hair-covered mound, now so rudely on display to them all. As Tony crouched down and began to snip away at Caroline’s pubic hair, Ava said, “Jamal, why don’t we give those baggy tits some air, as well?”


The powerful black lad didn’t need asking twice, and to Mike’s surprise he simply tore the blouse open with one strong yank, sending buttons flying in every direction as Caroline’s substantial breasts sprung into view with only her school necktie dangling between them.


“Fuck!" Bud said. “I always knew she had a rack, but I didn’t think they were that big!”


Wrapped his large brown fingers around Caroline’s boobs, Jamal said, “And they’re pretty firm for an old woman!”


Caroline’s face was a picture of despair and her cheeks glowed brightly as Tony worked slowly between her legs, tugging on clumps of hair and then cutting them away to form a growing pile on the classroom floor. Now Mike rummaged inside his sports bag and found what he was looking for.


“Maybe this will help,” he said, holding up a travel shaving kit.


“Oh, you think of everything Mr. Kettle!” Ava giggled. “Make her as bald as a baby, Tony!”


Oh Ava, please, no!” Caroline groaned, and immediately received another vicious slap across the cheek from Ava.


It’s Miss Ava, to you from now on! And I don’t want to hear any more whining. Just sit still like a good girl and let Tony clean you up!”


This is going way better than I had hoped for! Mike thought happily. Ava is already treating her former teacher like a recalcitrant child! And poor Caroline doesn’t know what do with herself!


He drank in the view of her splendid tits, as Jamal teased her big nipples to erection. Meanwhile down below, Tony sprayed a large glob of shaving cream into his hand and then began to massage it all over Caroline’s mons, forcing the unfortunate woman to emit a gasp of surprise.


With her legs spread as far apart as they could go, everyone had a clear view as Tony picked up the razor and started to carefully scrape away the hair around her distended labia.






Sitting with her legs obscenely splayed, the shaving foam felt disgusting as Tony smeared it all over Caroline’s exposed crotch. But the greatest part of her disgust was directed toward herself. That she was actually sitting on a desk in her classroom allowing these youngsters to shave her while she simultaneously bared her breasts to them. That she should have even allowed herself to get into this unimaginable mess all because of her stupid kleptomania. And that she should have had the courage to refuse to cave in to Kettle’s demands instead of vainly trying to preserve her cherished social status.


Now her former pupils were all laughing and making crude remarks as Tony steadily removed every trace of her pubic hair! It was a belittling moment that she knew she would never recover from, but it was too late to turn back the clock now. They were all privy to her most intimate parts and Kelly was even recording the moment on her smartphone!


To make matters worse, each time Tony wiped the foam away, his fingertips kept brushing against her labia, and as mortifying as this situation was, Caroline’s treacherous body started to respond. Every time he made contact, her body automatically convulsed and her legs jerked outward, much to the amusement of her audience. And to Caroline’s abject horror, she became aware that she was starting to get wet!


It was hopeless to think that they wouldn’t notice and when Tony was finally done, she felt his finger probing her vaginal opening. As his finger slipped easily inside her, Caroline closed her eyes in shame and let out an involuntary groan.


“Oh look!” she heard Ava say. “The schoolgirl is getting all excited!”


As Tony slid his finger in and out of Caroline’s damp and swollen vagina, now bereft of any hair, Caroline finally began to sob uncontrollably.






Tony withdrew his sticky digit from Caroline’s inflamed pussy, and Mike leaned in for a closer look. The lad had done an excellent job, leaving her mons absolutely bare, and accentuating her pouting cunt lips!


“Open your eyes and stand up,” Ava commanded. “I want you to show yourself off to us!”


Her shoulders shaking, Caroline did as she was instructed while Jamal slipped the blouse off over her arms. With her arms across her breasts, Caroline stood on wobbly legs, now wearing nothing but her shoes and socks, necktie, and the bull clips still attached to her earlobes. Standing awkwardly before them with her hair in bunches and her pussy freshly shaved, Caroline really did look like a parody of a young girl!


What must be going through her mind right now? Mike thought. To be standing as naked as the day she was born in front of these teenage kids that she used to have complete authority over, must be absolutely devastating!


Ava gave Caroline a slap on the ass, and said, “Put your arms in the air, and take a walk around the classroom.”


Caroline looked tearfully at Ava, but obviously seeing a total lack of mercy in the girl’s eyes, lifted her arms as ordered, and then began her tortuous journey between the school desks, her tits and ass jiggling as she went. For Mike it was a wonderful sight to behold, and as he caressed his hard-on through his pants, he contentedly checked his watch – they had only been at it for an hour and they had still the rest of the afternoon ahead of them!


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