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The Principal’s Wife


© 2018-2020 by Lorenzo Marks. All rights reserved. Not for sale.


Chapter Twelve


How can this possibly be happening to me? Caroline thought dementedly, as she walked to the back of the classroom with her arms raised above her head. Feeling the air wafting around her bald crotch, wearing nothing but the idiotic school shoes and socks and the humiliating tartan necktie hanging between her wobbling breasts, she had never felt so vulnerable in her entire life!


When she reached the back wall, she stopped, reluctant to show herself off to the grinning brats behind her. Even though they had already enjoyed an obscenely close-up look at her most private parts, she still couldn’t bring herself to turn around and face them all again. On trembling legs, she delayed for as long as possible while recalling the many times she had stood before them as an authority figure commanding at least their obedience, if not their respect. Now, thanks to that evil pig, Mike Kettle, the tables were well and truly turned, and she already knew within herself that when the next order inevitably arrived, she would meekly comply.


Unsurprisingly, it was the sound of Ava’s sarcastic voice that broke the silence. “What are you doing, Caroline? I didn’t tell you to read the noticeboard, did I? Get your fat ass back here and parade yourself!”


Suppressing the swell of indignation rising inside her, Caroline slowly swiveled around and took a tentative step forward. To avoid the leering faces of her former students, she focused on the blackboard behind them and was about to take another tremorous step when Ava snapped, “Stop right there! I told you to parade for us, not shuffle along like a coy little girl. Aren’t you proud of your body?”


Caroline exhaled deeply through her nostrils and chewed down on her lower lip. Was the little redheaded bitch actually expecting her to answer that in front of these teenage boys? She was effectively naked for goodness sake! What could she possibly say?


“I asked you a question, young lady!” Ava said.


Young lady? How dare she?


Caroline continued to stare at the opposite wall, refusing to meet her tormentor’s face. Her toes were sore inside the undersized shoes, her raised arms were beginning to ache terribly, and her earlobes throbbed under the bite of the bulldog clips, but still she managed to keep her counsel. Just when she was beginning to think she might have scored a minor victory over the sadistic teenage girl, Mike Kettle said, “Well I know how to answer that question, even if she won’t. I’ve got a whole load of pornographic shots of her on my camera. Maybe she’ll get a buzz out of seeing them posted up on the school notice board!”


Now Caroline stared at him, aghast. “Y-You wouldn’t! You said this would all remain private, just here in the classroom!”

“So I did,” Mike said. “On condition that you do exactly as you are told. Now Ava asked you a question, so go ahead and answer her.”


Caroline gulped and looked back up at the blackboard. She had been standing in this uncomfortable position for a couple of minutes now, and she doubted she would be able to keep it up much longer. Miserably, she concluded that she had no choice other than to indulge Ava in her puerile little conversation. Clearing her throat, she hoarsely said, “Y-Yes.”


One of the boys chuckled, and Ava said, “Yes, what?”


“Yes… I-I am proud of my body,” Caroline whispered.


Say it louder,” Ava said, climbing down off the desk she had been perched on. “And it’s your naked body. Tell everyone how much you like walking around naked!”


Tears began to well up in Caroline’s eyes as she stammered, “I-I like walking around n-naked...”


“Look at me,” Ava said, stopping right in front of Caroline.


Caroline looked into Ava’s malicious green eyes and battled to hold her gaze. She had always believed there was something not right about this girl. Her cruelty toward her weaker classmates had always gone a step further than anything the others here had ever done. She had never seemed to be satisfied with merely having a joke at someones expense. She had always been driven by a need to humiliate and emotionally hurt her victims beyond repair. How such a young person could be so emotionally twisted was beyond Caroline, but all that mattered at this moment was that she was totally at the sadistic girl’s mercy!


“Are you going to cry?” Ava asked in a low voice as if they were having a private conversation.


Caroline blinked away her nascent tears and raised her chin slightly as she shook her head. “N-No.”


Ava leaned in closer and reaching up with both hands, took hold of the bulldog clips stuck on Caroline’s ears. “Oh, I think you will. They all cry in the end.”


With that, she yanked down hard, ripping the metal jaws away, and for a moment it felt as though Caroline’s tender earlobes had caught on fire! She shrieked in pain and surprise, and without thinking, brought her hands down and clamped them over her ears.


“What do you think you’re doing?” Ava said with obvious amusement. “Nobody told you to lower your arms, did they?”


“That hurt!” Caroline moaned reproachfully.


“Sassing too!” Mike Kettle put in. “It’s like she wants even more punishment!”


That was of course the last thing Caroline wanted, but as she began to raise her arms again, Ava said, “Hold up. I know you’re eager to keep walking around in the raw in front of these guys, but scuffling along in those flat shoes is just plain unsexy. You need a better posture when you walk, so take them off.”


This is never going to get any easier, no matter how many times Kettle makes me come back! Caroline thought wretchedly as she lowered herself into a crouch at Ava’s feet. She still hadn’t completely absorbed the fact that she was actually naked in front of her former pupils, and to also be deferentially following Ava’s orders while they watched was nothing short of soul crushing. As she unbuckled her school shoes, she found herself again caught up in an internal tug of war. Part of her was just saying run, but the other part kept reminding her of the consequences if she did so.


She pulled her feet out of the restrictive shoes, gaining at least a modicum of comfort from the relief in her toes, and then slowly straightened up. Ava kicked the shoes away and said, “Socks too, and you can do that standing up.”


Resisting a powerful urge to slap the bitch, Caroline wobbled on one leg as she plucked the white sock off her other foot. She was about to lay it on top of the nearest desk when to her disbelief she heard Ava say, “Put it in your mouth.”


Despite the sheer hopelessness of her situation, Caroline just stared at her. “What?”


“Put the sock in your mouth,” Ava repeated. “All of it.”


Throughout this unsettling interlude, Caroline had been striving to ignore the smiling group at the other end of the classroom. Now she looked quizzically over at Mike Kettle, who grinned and shrugged. “Don’t look at me. Ava’s in charge now.”


With an increasing sense of despair, Caroline balled up the cotton sock, and with a final hopeful glance at Kettle, opened her mouth and stuck it between her lips. If it were actually possible, she felt even more stupid now than she had when she had first squeezed herself into that ridiculous uniform! But Ava was far from done yet. “No, you doofus, not like that! Push it all the way inside!”


Doofus? How dare you? Who do you think you are talking to? I was your teacher! I am the principal's wife!


It was the briefest of moments when Caroline almost, almost snapped. In that sliver of a window, she could have lashed out and backhanded the insolent little tramp across the face, told Kettle that he would be facing charges of confinement, rape and torture, and then stormed out with her head held high. Sadly, the moment passed as soon as it arrived. She knew in her heart that they had her, and there was no point fighting it. Blinking back another onset of tears, Caroline pushed the sock back with her fingertips until it completely disappeared inside her mouth.


“Now the other one,” Ava said. “Surely that big mouth of yours has enough room for it?”


Caroline steadied herself against a desk, and with shaking fingers pulled off the other sock. Then she focused her eyes on the ceiling as she pushed it into her mouth. Unfortunately, with the first sock already occupying most of the space, this turned out to be no easy task. After much manipulation however, she eventually succeeded in stuffing most of it in, although completely closing her lips was now out of the question.


“There, you clever girl!” Ava grinned. “I knew you could do it!”


Caroline instinctively tried to swallow, immediately gagged, and then emitted a guttural moan.


“Oh come on, it’s not so bad. Here, you can have your earrings back!” Ava said, slowly opening and closing the bulldog clips. Caroline watched apprehensively as the vicious teenager raised them teasingly towards her still sore earlobes. Just as she was bracing herself for their reattachment however, Ava unexpectedly lowered her arms and looked down at Caroline’s ample breasts.


“You know what? I think they’d look much better down here. What do you say guys?”


Caroline murmured incoherently through the balled up socks in her mouth, and shook her head frantically as a chorus of approval rose up from the watching teenagers. With a wicked grin, Ava held up one clip with the jaws opened over Caroline’s left nipple. Then she looked up at her former teacher and said, “This may hurt a tad.”


That was most certainly an understatement.






Chapter Thirteen


It’s as well she’s got those socks in her mouth! Mike Kettle thought as Mrs. Caroline Lambert shook her shoulders in anguish. Ava had deliberately allowed the bulldog clips to snap shut under their own spring power to boost the shock factor. What a sadistic bitch! Before Mrs Lambert had time to get over the instant pain, Ava clamped her other nipple, squashing it flat.


“There now, you’re not naked anymore!” Ava smiled


Evidently still in an extreme state of discomfort, Mrs Lambert crazily rolled her eyes and snorted through her nostrils. Not naked! Mike chuckled inwardly at Ava’s mocking commentary. With her newly adorned breasts heaving up and down, the only other remaining item on Mrs Lambert’s body was the silly tartan necktie hanging between them. Obviously struggling not to choke, the agitated woman made another garbled noise through the socks.


“What was that?” Ava said. “You want to wear a hat?”


Mrs Lambert blinked rapidly and shook her head, but Ava had already walked back to the discarded school uniform near Mike’s feet. Without hesitating, she picked up the gray knickers that Kettle had purchased. Swinging them casually around her finger, Ava strolled back to her naked former teacher, and then carefully arranged them over Mrs. Lambert’s head, making sure that she could see through the legs holes.


That is so fucked up, Ava!” Bud Jeffers snickered. Mike glanced at the dumb sports jock and noticed he was stroking a boner through his pants. A cursory look at the others confirmed that they too were getting turned on by Mrs. Lambert’s abject humiliation. Kelly was now sitting on Tony’s lap while absently stroking his thigh, and Jamal’s twinkling eyes were intently fixed upon his ex-teacher’s nude form. Excellent! No chance of any of this bunch losing their appetite for this one-sided cruelty!


“Okay, now that you are nicely dressed, let’s work on that posture again,” Ava said, stepping aside. Mrs Lambert peered idiotically at them through the leg holes of her panties, and then quickly looked up at the ceiling in embarrassment as she took a clumsy step forward.


“No, no!” Ava said. “Up on your toes, Caroline! Posture, posture! Put your hands behind your head! That’s it! And you can keep walking around the classroom until you get it right!”


A lone tear rolled down her cheek, and with a little sniffle, Mrs Lambert began to tippy-toe towards them. The emotional torment in her dewy eyes was plain to see as she worked her way between the desks, her cheeks bulging from the socks in her mouth, and the bulldog clips bouncing on her breasts.


Around the room she went, parading her naked body to the very same teenagers she had kept behind after school so many times over the years, setting them pop quizzes, or simply making them sit in silence for hours. With her panties on her head, her socks crammed into her mouth, the silly little necktie hanging between her breasts, the two bulldog clips painfully squeezing her nipples, and her pouting cunt devoid of pubic hair, she looked ridiculous beyond words! This was payback in its cruelest form – or from Mike’s viewpoint, possibly it’s sweetest!


Kelly and Jamal were both videoing the laughable yet exciting performance, and Mike made a mental note to have them send him their clips later. The more damaging material he had on his hard drive, the tighter a grip he would have on this strangely alluring woman. The previous week, he had informed Mrs Lambert that her detentions would continue indefinitely until he grew tired of her. Right now, Mike couldn’t see that happening for a very long time!


After Mrs Lambert had completed three circuits, Ava brought her to a halt right in front of her eager audience. As the wretched woman’s eyes rolled around frantically in an attempt to evade the faces of her young tormentors, Mike studied her pale, freckled skin, her full breasts with their pink nipples so cruelly crushed under the bulldog clips, and of course her wide, smooth vulva, bisected by her protruding, purple labia. How dearly Mike would have loved to have stuck his tongue inside there, but he had turned this show over to Ava for now, so he crossed his legs and settled back for the next act.


“Very good, Caroline!” Ava said, mimicking her former teacher’s snobbish accent. “Much better deportment. Now I want to see how much you’ve been paying attention in class.”


She whipped the panties off Mrs Lambert’s head and then plucked the socks out of the red-faced woman’s mouth. Mrs Lambert coughed, swallowed, and ran the tip of her tongue around her dry lips as she watched Ava drag two student desks together until they were approximately a foot apart.


“Up you go on all fours!” Ava said, her green eyes sparkling with malice.


Mrs Lambert wavered of course, because to assume that obscene position would mean exposing her cunt and bare ass to everyone in the room. For a few seconds she must have been calculating the options, but by now Mike knew that she would always come up with the same result. Sure enough, with a mournful sigh, the principal’s wife reluctantly climbed up onto the first desk, then leaned forward and placed her hands on the second so that her breasts dangled over the gap.


What the fuck is Ava planning now? Mike thought excitedly, his eyes now fixed upon the bulldog clips dangling from Mrs Lambert’s painfully compressed nipples. With the distraught woman positioned upon the desks on trembling hands and knees, Ava moved around in front of her naked prey and said, “Do you remember how you liked setting us pop quizzes during our detentions?”


Mrs Lambert kept her head lowered and said nothing.


“I do!” Kelly Cross said, still filming everything with her smartphone. “The spiteful bitch always chose difficult subjects like science or math, and if we didn’t pass we’d be forced to attend extra study sessions.”


“That’s right! I missed a whole bunch of football training because of that shit!” Bud Jeffers growled.


“And she always picked stuff she knew we wouldn’t get right,” Jamal Powell put in.


So I think it’s only fair that now you are the one in detention, we get to ask you difficult questions,” Ava said to Mrs Lambert.


Mrs Lambert continued to remain silent, with only the beautiful shade of pink in her cheeks and the constant quivering of her thighs giving any indication of how much emotional pain she was going through right now.


“And if you get any questions wrong,” Ava continued, “you get extra punishment. Does that sound fair?”


Mrs Lambert actually bit her lip, so Mike said, “Have you forgotten the situation you are in? Answer Ava, right now!”


With a slight nod of the head, Mrs Lambert managed to whisper, “Yes.”


“I didn’t hear you,” Ava said.


“Y-Yes… it’s fair,” the miserable teacher sniffed.


Ava frowned and said, “You know what guys? I don’t think our Caroline is taking her detention seriously enough, do you? I think she needs something to wake her up.”


She tapped her chin with her index finger and looked thoughtfully around the room until her eyes alighted upon a pair of pot plants hanging from a window rail. She flounced over to them and lifted up each of the clay pots in turn, testing their weight, and a wicked grin passed over her lips. “My, these are heavy! Would somebody mind giving me a hand taking them down?”


Bud and Jamal glanced at each other, shrugged their shoulders and went over to the window. Each pot was suspended by two chains connected by a metal hook hanging over the rail. The two jocks reached up and freed the hooks and then followed Ava back with the pots swinging from their chains.


Mike grinned too because he had now figured out what delightful mischief Ava was planning next. Mrs Lambert it seemed, still hadn’t figured it out, although from the worried look on her face, she realized that it wasn’t going to be pleasant – for her, at least! “W-What are you going to do with those?”


“Oh, just something to keep you awake during your pop quiz,” Ava said. “Hang them up, guys!”


Bud looked at her. “Where?”


“Where do you think, dumbass?” Jamal laughed, threading his metal hook through the eye of the bulldog clip clinging to Mrs Lambert’s right breast.


“N-No! Please!” Mrs Lambert cried, but with a nod from Ava, Jamal let go of the heavy clay pot, allowing it to swing freely between the two desks.


“Aah! Oh God, that hurts!” Mrs Lambert yelled.


Mike leaned forward in his seat for a better look at Mrs Lambert’s soft nipple stretching downward, and with a low chuckle, Bud inserted his hook through the other bull clip. As the pot plummeted down, Mrs Lambert hissed loudly and then moaned, “For the love of God, Ava! Take them off! Please take them off!”






Chapter Fourteen


The searing pain in Caroline’s tortured nipples was almost unbearable as the heavy pot plants swung around beneath her. She bit on her lip until she tasted blood but was still unable to prevent a pitiful whimper from exiting her throat. Not for the first time, she flirted with the idea of breaking her deal with Kettle. Her life would be ruined of course, but she really didn’t know how much more of this abuse she could take.


“Now that I have your attention,” Ava said, “it’s time for your pop quiz. Are you ready?”


Caroline could only manage a low groan as she nodded her head.


“Don’t talk to my shoes,” Ava said.


Very slowly, Caroline raised her flushed face and once again faced the sadistic teenager. With each small capitulation, Caroline realized that their newly reversed roles were becoming more deeply entrenched. For years, she had been the undisputed authority figure, and even during those moments when Ava had shown her characteristic insolence, as the older woman with her strong personality and position of strength, Caroline had always eventually won out. But this time around, with Ava in complete control, she was suffering physical and emotional pain that she would never have dreamed of subjecting one of her students to. How much more of this relentless torture would it take for her to instinctively fear this girl outright?


“So before we begin the quiz, we need to work out a system of rewards and punishments,” Ava said, resting her tight little butt on the adjacent desk.


Punishments? Caroline thought incredulously. Is this not punishment enough?


“Maybe there’s something in my gym bag you can use?” Kettle offered.


Caroline cringed inwardly as she recalled the first time she had laid eyes on that leather bag, and how Kettle had, like an evil magician, conjured from it those humiliating rabbits ears, the spanking spatula, and of course that gigantic carrot which he had outrageously inserted into her vagina! She tried not to contemplate what the bag might contain this week – but judging from the ensuing comments of her students, it didn’t bode well for her!


“Oh, Mr Kettle, you dirty old perv!” Ava giggled. “Are you planning on using all of these toys on Caroline? She’s going to have so much fun! Now let me see, which one do you think she’ll like the best guys? How about this one for a joystick?”


“Oh my God!” Kelly squealed. “Look at the size of it!”


“What’s the little hooky thing for?” Bud asked.


“Seriously? How old are you, dude?” Jamal said. “It’s a clitty stimulator, you douche-bag!”


Caroline didn’t possess the type of dirty mind to actually visualize the item they were discussing, but to her chagrin, she certainly understood the gist of Jamal’s comment! And that begged a new question – if Mike Kettle had already managed to corrupt her mind to that level with his filth in just one week, what depths of depravity might she descend to after several more months of this torment? Caroline had always striven to be a woman of pure thought. Would she ever be able to mentally rid herself of these perverted experiences?


“Yes, I think this monster will do nicely as a reward,” Ava said. “I’m sure that Caroline’s bucket-sized cunt will be able to just about accommodate it!”


Oh, you foul-mouthed little tramp! Caroline seethed. I was your teacher! You have no right to talk about my body in that way!


“But,” Ava continued, “we still need something to punish her with when she fucks up.”


“Well, how about this?” said Tony, and Caroline flinched as she heard the loud report of a leather strap cracking onto the desktop.


“Nah, she’s already had a spanking, and she’ll be getting plenty more of those,”Ava said. “Right now, I’m looking for something a little more… appropriate.”


Caroline heard the sound of her desk drawers opening and closing, followed by the rattling of metal doors.


The cabinet!


The physical and mental torture over the past hour had been so relentless that her supply cabinet hadn’t even crossed her mind until now. But as she turned to look, it now seemed to physically zoom in and fill her entire field of vision!


“So what do you keep in here?” Ava asked innocently.


In desperation, Caroline pretended that she hadn’t heard the question, but inevitably, the ever watchful Mike Kettle cleared his throat and said. “Mrs Lambert? Please answer.”


As several psychoanalysts had already explained to her, Caroline’s kleptomania – the disorder that had gotten her into this appalling mess – was apparently a manifestation of some other emotional trauma deep within her subconscious. As she had already figured out for herself, they had told her she wasn’t a thief in the sense that she stole for monetary gain, but was driven by the act of stealing itself. And the fact that these learned people hadn’t managed to find the root of the problem meant that she remained unable to resist the impulse to steal random items whether she needed them or not.


Now when it came to stealing other teachers’ possessions from the staff room, Caroline had been careful not to leave any incriminating evidence on school property. But as all obsessive compulsive people do, Caroline had always been alert to any opportunity to satisfy her addiction, and an obvious and easy target was the school supply room.


Unlike with the staff room, there was no need for Caroline to sneak around in the supply room, and as long as she didn’t make her visits too frequent, there was no call for her to explain her presence if another teacher happened to encounter her there. The requisition system was simple and trusting, just a single computer with a basic inventory database in which to log any withdrawals. After all, why would they need tight security controls for stationery and text books?


To the average person, there really wasn't anything exciting about shelves stacked with boxes of stationery but for Caroline, this brightly lit, windowless room was a veritable Aladdin's cave! Torn between alternating waves of euphoria and guilt, Caroline had relented to temptation and over a period of a few weeks, had literally crammed her homeroom supply cabinet with more boxes of stationery than her classes were ever likely to get through in a year. And the beauty of it was, even though she was satisfying her pilfering urges, she wasn’t technically stealing. That said, should her unusually well-stocked cabinet ever have become public knowledge, her colleagues would most likely have raised a collective eyebrow  especially since her latest unusual acquisition.


“I-It’s only school supplies,” Caroline stammered. “Nothing important.”


Like a lioness scenting her prey, Ava theatrically held out her hand. “The key?”


Caroline hesitated. It was only stationery. Unusual yes, but she still figured she could explain it if necessary, so with a sigh of surrender, she said, “It’s in the pull-out tray above the top drawer on the right.”


Ava quickly located the key and unlocked the cabinet. “Whoa, now that is a lot of stationery! Why have you got so much in here, Caroline?”


Caroline said nothing, in the certain knowledge that Kettle would – and he didn’t disappoint. “Well, seeing as none of you have asked me exactly what Mrs Lambert did to land herself in detention, I guess now is the appropriate time to tell you.”


Caroline screwed her eyes tightly shut and lowered her head. For all the physical abasement she had suffered in front of her ex-students today, she sensed that the imminent disclosure of her shameful secret was surely going to be far more painful!


“Before I tell you, remember that as with everything else you have witnessed today, you are all sworn to secrecy about this.”


“Tell us what?” Kelly asked.


“Mrs Lambert suffers from kleptomania,” Kettle said, and Caroline wished she could have died right there on the spot.


“Klepto-what?” Bud said.


“It means she’s a compulsive thief,” said Tony.


“No shit!” Jamal said. “That is something I would never have guessed.”


“So like, she steals stuff and can’t stop herself?” Bud said.


“That is correct,” Kettle said.


“And you caught her in the act!” Kelly gasped. “That’s just awesome!”


“Also correct,” Kettle said. “Mrs Lambert, the principal's wife, has been pilfering from the teachers’ staff room, and I have the evidence on disk.”


“Oh, Caroline,” Ava said. “Aren’t you just the dark horse?”


Balanced precariously on her hands and knees, with her nipples painfully stretched down between the two desks, Caroline suddenly felt as naked inside as she was on the outside. Up until this moment she had been able to partially console herself by the fact that she had been performing in such a disgraceful way purely under duress. But by revealing her illicit activities in front of these teenagers, Kettle was now effectively legitimatizing her punishment by suggesting that she deserved everything that was coming to her! And the worse part was, try as she might, she was unable to wholly convince herself that he was wrong!


“Why don’t you tell them yourself, Mrs Lambert?” Kettle said. “Tell these nice kids what a naughty girl you’ve been!”


Caroline shook her head and stifled a sob. “I-It’s not my fault! I have a medical condition! I’m not a thief! I’m a good person!”


“Is that a fact?” Kettle said. “But that’s not what it says on the board, is it? Do tell us all what kind of a person you really are.”


Caroline let out a hollow moan. She had been in such a state of mortification since these teenagers had entered the room that, as with the cabinet itself, her written ‘confession’ had been temporarily forgotten. Now she opened her eyes and reluctantly looked at the damning words.


Her mouth dry, Caroline croaked, “I-I am a...”


Oh dear God, I can’t say it!


The room fell silent, and for a foolish moment Caroline thought she might have been given a reprieve, but then Ava exclaimed, “Oh just look at all these pencils! How pretty! Do you have a secret fetish for colorful pencils, Caroline?”


Oh, crap! The motivational pencils! She’s seen them! Of course she has! How could she miss them?


Yet another whimper of despair escaped Caroline’s lips as she recalled the rush of delight she had felt when she had first come across the unexpected delivery of pencils that had turned up in the supply room. These brightly colored pencils were intended as a novel – albeit in Caroline’s opinion, very naive – way of rewarding younger students for their efforts. Each box contained a different motivational theme, such as perfect attendance, honor roll, good character, and so on, all printed in cheerful lettering down the pencil shafts. Aimed at elementary school students, the delivery to Winston-Radcliffe High had obviously been a mistake, but before it could be rectified, Caroline had been unable to resist grabbing more than a few boxes.


Kelly now wandered over and held up one of the brightly colored pencils. “’Be your best selfie!’” she quoted with a giggle. “Oh, Mrs Lambert! That’s so cute!”


“’My principal believes in me’,” Ava read from another. “Does he indeed? I’ll bet he doesn’t know that his perfect wife is really a sneak thief!”


Caroline’s body began to quiver on the desk as she heard Ava move around behind her. “Motivational pencils, huh? Then I think these will serve as just the right kind of motivation for you, Caroline. Now listen up. I want you to repeat your lines, nice and loud, for everyone to hear. If you do it well, you’ll get your reward. If not, then you will receive some… motivation.”






Chapter Fifteen


“Now open your flabby legs” Ava said, tapping the insides of Mrs Lambert’s thighs with the pencil. Mike watched with wicked delight as the proud teacher’s freckled shoulders tensed while she inched her knees apart, presenting them with a glorious rear view of her pouting cunt lips.


Ava then contemptuously rapped Mrs Lambert on the crown of the head. “So let’s begin, shall we? Can you remember your lines, or are you too stupid?”


Mike could almost feel Mrs Lambert’s anguish as she forced out the first words. “I-I am a thief...”


Ava glanced up at the blackboard. “Keep going. There’s more.”

“U-Uh… and I deserve to be...” Mrs Lambert stammered in a small voice.


Ava sighed. “Jeez, you really are stupid. All these years teaching and you can’t even remember your own lines? Okay then, I guess we’ll have to use your pretty motivation pencils after all. Will one of you guys help me over here?”


Jamal instantly jumped up and said, “Sure! What do you need me to do?”


Smirking at the prominent bulge in his pants, Ava said, “Easy cowboy. I just want you to hold Caroline’s butt cheeks apart so I can help her remember her lines.”


“Shit, Ava!” Jamal grinned. “Seriously? You are plain evil!”


Mike leaned forward in his seat as the well-built African-American sports jock approached his helpless, white middle-aged victim. Jamal’s brown fingers contrasted beautifully with Mrs Lambert’s pale skin when he parted her buttocks, exposing her tight asshole to the brightly lit room. Ava then leaned across Mrs Lambert’s back and held the point of the pencil in front of her puckered opening. Mike craned his neck for a better look as Ava said, “Now start again from the beginning.”


Mrs Lambert had also twisted her head around in a futile attempt to see what Ava was planning. “I-I… what are you doing?”


“Oh, no,” Ava shook her head. “That wasn’t it at all.”


As the black graphite tip touched her anus, Mrs Lambert yelped and instinctively tried to wriggle her broad ass to one side, but Jamal dug his fingers into her soft flesh, holding her in place. Then to Mike’s delight, Ava slapped her hard on the right butt cheek, which brought forth another squeal from her ex-teacher.


“Stay still, you awkward girl!”


“P-Please don’t!” Mrs Lambert moaned, but interestingly, this time she didn’t try to move when Ava began to work the point inside her, and merely let out a low, shuddering breath as the conical point disappeared from view. Ava then twisted the pencil to open Mrs Lambert’s sphincter muscle, and as she began to push, the teacher’s head hung forward as she emitted a desolate groan.


“Oh, come now,” Ava said. “It’s not like you haven’t had one stuck up there before, is it?”


Watching the brightly colored wooden shaft slowly disappear into Mrs Lambert’s asshole, Mike had to agree that Ava had a valid point. Her former teacher had indeed been taped to a chair with a pencil up her ass when they had arrived, and only the previous week, Mike had taken great pleasure in jamming a ballpoint pen up there before forcing her to perform that humiliating bunny rabbit routine.


“So are we ready?” Ava asked brightly.


Through gritted teeth, Mrs Lambert said, “I-I… oh, that hurts!”


“No, wrong again!” Ava barked, albeit with a look of obvious amusement in her eyes. “You are totally hopeless! Alright then, let’s try another of your silly pencils. Kelly, would you like to do the honors?”


Kelly, who had been intently filming everything, lowered her smartphone. “Me?”


“Sure, why not?” Ava said. “I think it’s only fair that everyone gets a turn. We’ve all had to sit through Caroline’s detentions at school, after all.”


Kelly glanced at Tony, who shrugged, so she handed him her phone, picked a pencil from the box, and approached the prone, naked teacher. Jamal was still holding her ass cheeks wide open, and Kelly peered hesitantly at the older woman’s impaled orifice. “How do I get it in there?”


Ava gripped the incumbent pencil and wiggled it, eliciting a mournful cry from Mrs Lambert. “Just push it in alongside this one. Don’t worry, she will stretch.”

With a nervous laugh, Kelly lined up the point of her pencil and pushed.


“Eek! No more, for pity’s sake!” Mrs Lambert cried out.


“It’s your own fault,” Ava said. “If you had just recited your lines as instructed, we wouldn’t have to be doing this. So now you can just shut up until I tell you to speak again.”


Kelly had managed to insert just the tip of the pencil before meeting with some fleshly resistance, and as she paused, Ava suggested, “Try giving it a twist.”


Kelly resumed her efforts with more determination, and as she dug the tip in deeper, Mrs Lambert let out a low, stuttering puff of breath. Mike watched in fascination as the three teenagers went about their work, Jamal holding Mrs Lambert’s cheeks apart, Ava moving the first pencil aside, and Kelly gradually gaining purchase until the sphincter muscle eventually dilated and the pencil suddenly slipped inside.


“Ooh!” Mrs Lambert groaned, shaking her head slowly from side to side.


“Sounds like she’s enjoying it!” Bud Jeffers chuckled.


“Hmm, well she’s not supposed to be,” Ava said. “This is supposed to be the punishment part.”


She reached over and selected yet another of those multicolored pencils, and to Mike’s increasing astonishment, started to force it in alongside the first two! Mrs Lambert’s head jerked up and she groaned, “Oh, for the love of God, enough already!”


Ava was really hitting her stride now, and she didn’t waste too much time before she had pried another opening, and then she roughly drove the third pencil into Mrs Lambert’s sensitive orifice.


“Ungh!” Mrs Lambert threw her head forward again, clinging desperately to edge of the desktop. As her body convulsed with pain, the pot plants hanging from her breasts swung back and forth, clunking together and cruelly tugging on her pinched and elongated nipples.


Ava is really putting it to her! Mike thought ecstatically. I could learn a thing or two from this demented girl!


With three pencils lodged tightly inside her rectum, Mrs Lambert’s brown starfish was now stretched out almost half an inch in diameter and was looking a little raw. The wretched woman had suddenly gone very still, presumably to stop the plant pots from swinging, as well as to minimize the movement of the rigid pencils inside her soft cavity.


Ava circled around in front of her again. “That’s three, but I’m sure you can take a few more up there.”


“N-No! I can’t!”


“Well, if you don’t want to find out, start reciting your lines, nice and loud – and get them right this time!”


Clearly anxious to avoid any further mistakes, Mrs Lambert turned her flushed face so that she could see the blackboard. Mike could tell from her strained expression how much pain she was in – and yet still she remained obediently up on the desks! Had she forgotten that she still had the option of simply walking out of there, or had she already gone past that point?


Mrs Caroline Lambert slowly read the offensive words. “I am a thief… a liar, a dirty c-cunt… and I deserve to be punished.”


“Louder!” Ava said, circling the naked woman like a vulture.


“I-I am a thief! A liar! A dirty… cunt! And I-I deserve to be punished!” Mrs Lambert finished the statement with a choked sob and Mike knew exactly why she was finding this so difficult. When she had previously ‘confessed’ to enjoying parading naked in front of the boys, it was implicitly understood by everyone present she had only been saying what Ava wanted her to because she had no choice. This time however, although she was still being forced to say them, the words did contain an element of truth. Yes, Mike had only added the dirty cunt part to further humiliate her, but the rest of the statement was basically true – as Mrs Lambert appeared to be very much aware!


“Keep going!” Ava said, her green eyes now gleaming with pleasure.


“I am a thief and a liar and a dirty cunt, and I deserve to be punished!” Mrs Lambert shouted as a single tear rolled down her right cheek.


“Don’t stop until I say so!” Ava barked.


Turning her face back toward the windows, Mrs Lambert repeated the degrading sentence over and over. Each time, her voice sounded as though it was about to break, and her words soon became punctuated with loud sniffs and sobs.


When is she going to crack? Mike wondered. At what point will she become a blubbering, puffy-eyed mess, begging for forgiveness? Because Ava would surely keep on heaping on layer after layer of physical and mental torment until this once proud educator could take it no more. ‘They all cry in the end,’Ava had told her, hadn’t she?


And then what? When she was finally broken, when she had lost every shred of self-respect in front of her former students, how would Mrs Lambert find a way to juggle her two antipodal lives? No doubt she was still clinging to the faint hope that once they had had their fun, these teenagers would soon lose interest in these perverted detention sessions. But even if they did, Mike remained as captivated and aroused by this voluptuous woman as ever – and he fully intending to keep her coming back here for a very long time to come!






Chapter Sixteen


“I am a thief, a liar, a dirty cunt, and I deserve to be punished!”


The disembodied words echoed around the classroom, but Caroline had long since ceased to attach any meaning to them. When that evil bitch, Ava Hammond, had first insisted that she shout them out loud, the pain inside had been far more intense than the throbbing in her pinched nipples and the fire raging around her delicate anus. They say that the truth hurts, and over the past hour, Caroline had discovered just how much. She hadn’t just been confessing her sins to these mean kids, she had finally been forced to confront her own failings head on. For years she had sought professional help for her ‘condition’, always attaching the blame to some undisclosed trauma from her past. But now she realized that she had merely been avoiding the truth – she was a thief, plain and simple, and she very much deserved to be punished!


Repeating the negative affirmations over and over, it had been inevitable that she would eventually stumble and fluff her lines – and each time Ava had been alert and ruthless. With obvious relish, she had carefully selected a new pencil from the box, and after making sure to wave it in front of Caroline’s face, had pressed it deeply into the center of the bundle penetrating her sore rectum. Desperately concentrating on her lines, Caroline had lost count of how many of the hateful little pencils had invaded her most intimate of orifices, but each time a new one was added, it had felt like a bolt of electricity shooting through her innards!


“I am a cunt... oh! No, I meant I am a thief!”


“Too late!” Ava said gleefully. “Even though you are right about being a cunt, you’ve still earned yourself another motivational pencil! Whose turn is it?”


“Are you sure she can hold any more?” Kelly asked incredulously. “She’s already got... six, seven, eight… nine of them inside her!”


Nine! No wonder I feel like I’m being ripped in half!


“Well then, let’s give her asshole a rest and use them somewhere else on her body,” Ava said.


“Stick it in her pussy!” Bud laughed.


“No, we need to save that for her reward – if she ever gets to earn it. Let’s see...” Ava walked threateningly around the desks, and then Caroline jumped as she felt the girl’s fingertips running over the sole of her foot.


“You’ve got such pretty feet,” Ava said, wiggling Caroline’s big toe. “Cute little piggies!”


Caroline next felt the wooden shaft of the pencil sliding between the first and second toes of her right foot, and she twisted at the waist to see what Ava was playing at. Now she felt another pencil being inserted between the toes of her left foot, and her bewilderment was echoed by Bud Jeffers. “I don’t get it.”


“Caroline will,” Ava said. “All she needs is a little squeeze, just like this.”

“Agh!” Caroline screamed, as a sharp bolt of pain shot up through each of her feet.


“Come over here, Bud,”Ava said. “Caroline will now try her lines again. If she fucks it up, you press her toes together. If she finally gets it right, I think she will have probably just about earned her first reward.”







Mike Kettle glanced at the gigantic black vibrator that had been sitting idle on the desk for the past half hour or so. He had been so engrossed in watching the pencils gradually stretching out Mrs Lambert’s asshole, he had almost forgotten about it! It really was an absolute monster, realistically molded to look like an actual penis, with protuberant veins, an abnormally oversize cock-head, and a naughty little clitoris stimulator attached to the side.


“Are you ready to try for your reward, Caroline?” Ava said, moving around to her former teacher’s flushed face.


Caroline sniffed and nodded. “Y-Yes...”


“Don’t fuck it up, or you’ll get another pencil up your butt – along with a toe squeeze!”


To Mike’s delight, Mrs Lambert took a quick look at the blackboard again to make sure she had it right. Oh, how this respectable pillar of society’s priorities in life had changed! It was a simple enough sentence, and the woeful woman had repeated it over a hundred times already, but all of a sudden it must have become a herculean task for her! And the best of it was that she was in a no win situation – get it wrong and she would receive more pencil torture, get it right and she would be violated by an enormous dildo in front of a highly amused young audience!


“We’re waiting,” Ava said with a sly wink to her friends.


Mrs Lambert drew a stuttering breath and then said, “I-I am a thief, a liar, a dirty cunt and… and I deserve to be punished.”


“Good job, Caroline!” Ava said, clapping her hands together. “And now it’s time for your reward! Mr. Kettle, would you mind doing the honors here?”


Mike was quite content in his back seat role, but having been put on the spot by young Ava, he now felt obligated to reassert his position in the classroom hierarchy. Picking up the surprisingly heavy dildo, he stood behind Mrs Lambert and allowed his gaze to wander over her cruelly impaled ass, and his semi hard-on immediately intensified. The miserable woman was doing her best to keep her body still but she couldn’t prevent herself from twisting her neck around to try and see what he was doing.


Holding the dildo out of her field of vision, Mike touched its bulbous head against Mrs Lambert’s meaty cunt lips and she drew in a sharp breath as he began to slowly move it up and down. There was no immediate physical reaction to his ministrations other than some low groans of protest at the other end, so Mike switched the device on at its lowest speed. The head began rotating and the plastic phallus throbbed in his hand. This time when he put it up against her pussy, Mrs Lambert emitted a little squeak of distress, and as her outer lips swelled and moistened, Mike nudged the big mushroom shaped head between them.


“H-Huh!” Mrs Lambert let out a staccato breath. “S-Stop that!”


“You don’t really mean that!” Ava said. “This is your reward! You should be enjoying yourself! You’re not being ungrateful, are you?”


The whole of the synthetic cock-head had slipped inside her now, and it’s circular motion was causing the nine pencils jammed up her butt hole to describe little arcs in the air. Mike watched in fascination as her raw sphincter clenched and loosened around the thin wooden shafts before he inched the thick, throbbing dildo deeper into her pussy.


“Ungh!” Mrs Lambert gasped as she tightened her grip on the edge of the desk.


“Oh, just look at her face!” Kelly tittered. “She’s gone cross-eyed!”


“Make her come!” Jamal said excitedly. “Damn, I want to see that!”


The dildo was half way inside Mrs Lambert’s cunt by now, and her damp, puffy labia were stretched around it’s considerable girth. Mike flicked the switch again, and the absurdly large sex toy whirred a little louder. Mrs Lambert instantly started to pant and nod her head up and down, and her white thighs began to quiver.


“Give it all, Mr. Kettle,” Ava said softly.


Mike grabbed hold of the tight cluster of pencils protruding from the wretched teacher’s asshole and pulled them upward while simultaneously driving the thrumming dildo home to the hilt.


“Aah! N-No! Take it out!” Mrs Lambert squealed as she writhed on the wobbling desks.


The plant pots hanging from her nipples banged against the floor as Mrs Lambert arched her back and thrust her butt up towards Mike’s face. Catching a pungent whiff of her flowing cunt juice, the memory of fucking her the previous week suddenly rushed back and his erection redoubled in strength. If it hadn’t been for the watching gang of teenagers, he would have readily replaced the dildo with his own cock, and he doubted that Mrs Lambert would have even noticed!


Within a minute, Mrs Lambert was hanging onto the edge of the desk like grim death! Her cunt had now become so juiced up that the thick, whirring vibrator was actually slipping out of her and Mike had to use his finger to hold it in place! He fondly gazed at her curled up toes as her orgasm rapidly approached, and the whole room fell silent except for a long, low continuous moan originating from deep inside Mrs Lambert’s throat.


“She sounds like a wild animal!” Tony Myers snorted.


“She looks like she wants to take a shit!” giggled Bud Jeffers.


“Come on, Caroline!” Ava laughed. “Don’t fight it!”


Mike dragged his attention from her inflamed and glistening cunt and joined Ava on the other side of the desks. Mrs Lambert’s reddened face was contorted into an expression that was not easy to describe. Her wide eyes were rolling around crazily in their sockets, her tongue was lolling out of one side of her mouth, and her brow was knitted into a deep, fretful frown.


Look at her! Mike thought deliriously. She’s trying so hard not to come!


But of course, poor Mrs Lambert never stood a chance. With a bestial grunt, she threw her head up, her back jerked, and her thighs trembled so hard that she succeeded in pushing the desks farther apart with her knees. Her feminine emissions splattered onto the floor in such volume that Mike thought for a second that she had pissed herself, and as her convulsions began to subside, the distraught woman laid her cheek on the desktop and shamefully closed her eyes.





Chapter Seventeen.


“Twenty!” Ava gleefully declared. “That’s amazing, Caroline! You’re such a clever girl!”


“P-Please! N-No more!” Caroline moaned.


Ava still had her up on display on the desktop but now she was on her back with her legs raised so that her ankles were on either side of her head. The bull clips and chains remained attached to Caroline’s throbbing nipples, albeit mercifully, Ava had deigned to remove the plant pots. Even so, Caroline had now assumed yet another utterly obscene position made worse by the fact that her former students were all huddled around filming her most intimate parts as she blinked up at the overhead lights in horror.


After having been forced to orgasm multiple times by that detestable vibrating phallus, Caroline had inevitably faltered with her spoken confessions and Ava had jumped on the opportunity to punish her some more. But even after all she had been forced to endure so far on this terrible day, Caroline could never in a million years have predicted what Ava was planning for her next.


“All these boxes of pencils,” the cruel redheaded teenager had murmured, looking inside the supply cabinet. “What’s the big deal, Caroline? I mean why did you take many?”


Still struggling to catch her breath, Caroline had lamely replied, “I-I don’t know...”


“Oh but I do, it’s because of your illness, right?” Ava had said. “You don’t actually need the stuff you steal but you just can’t help it, can you?”


Her sneering attitude had almost been enough to prompt Caroline to snap back at her, but the moment had passed as quickly as it had come – the time when Caroline had held the upper hand with these kids had well and truly passed. They had filmed every tiny detail of her naked body, watched her quietly suffering, listened to her absurd confessions, and finally watched in amusement as she had repeatedly sexually climaxed in front of them – what else could she possibly have left to hide from them now?


“Well, I’m afraid I don’t buy any of that psychological crap,” Ava had said as she had slowly and methodically laid the boxes out on Caroline’s desk, and then with great exaggeration, counted them out loud. “Thirty seven boxes! I have to ask again, what were you planning on doing with them all?”


“N-Nothing!” Caroline had panted.


“Nothing? How mean of you to deprive young schoolkids of their little prizes, when you had no intention of using them yourself! Don’t you feel even the tiniest bit guilty?”


“I-I guess...” Caroline had sniffed.


“So by way of atonement, you really should find a use for them, would you agree?”


Caroline had nodded imperceptibly.


“Let me see, thirty seven times twelve makes...”


“That’s easy!” Tony Manning had immediately piped up. “Four hundred, forty four!”


Okay, maybe not all of them,” Ava had tittered. “But let’s see just how many we can get up there, shall we?”


Dear God! She can’t be serious! Caroline had thought desperately. But once again, she had gravely underestimated just how vicious this teenage girl could be. Caroline’s obscenely widened anus had already felt like it was on fire, but as Ava had added a fourth pencil, the blistering pain intensified tenfold. Caroline could do nothing but tightly grip the edge of the desk as each of the teenagers took a turn to add another pencil to the expanding bundle. Caroline had repeatedly clamped her lips together to avoid giving them the satisfaction of hearing her cry out loud, but with each wooden shaft that was inserted into her body, it had started to become increasingly difficult to keep silent.


They all cry in the end! Ava’s malicious words had kept on echoing around Caroline’s tortured mind – and she had nothing else left now other than try to prove the cruel bitch wrong.







Mike watched with lewd fascination as the growing cluster of pencils steadily expanded Mrs Lambert’s raw asshole. The first three had been the hardest to get in there but each one that followed had neatly slotted point-first into the middle of the bunch. After the tenth one had been implanted, Mrs Lambert’s previously tight butt hole had spontaneously flowered out into a puffy ring of soft flesh as her sphincter muscles had relaxed in anticipation of an imminent dump. This quite noticeable bodily reaction had caused much mirth among her tormentors – as well as a stifled wail of horror from Mrs Lambert as she realized she might well disgrace herself in her very own homeroom!


No chance of that happening just yet however, as Ava continued to oversee the steady anal assault. They were up to twenty pencils now – Ava had insisted upon counting each new one out loud – and Mike estimated that Mrs Lambert’s shit hole had now been stretched almost three inches across! Jamal was up next, but as he aligned the point of his pencil, Ava said, “Hold up a second. I think it should be you counting them from here on in, Caroline. They are your stolen goods, after all.”


From here on in? Mike thought incredulously. How many more is Ava planning to put up there?


Mrs Lambert had a very strained expression on her crimson face by now, and her lips were pursed into a tight, thin line as she desperately tried not to cry out. Unable to take his eyes off her bald cunt, Mike couldn’t help but marvel at how far down this proud woman had fallen. She was start naked on her back with her legs spread wide, while her former students penetrated her once-virgin asshole with dozens of pencils that she herself had purloined – talk about making the punishment fit the crime!


“This will be number twenty one,” Ava crooned as if she were talking to a third grader. “You can say that at least, can’t you?”


With obvious effort, Mrs Lambert and breathed, “N-No more! P-Please!”


“Now that wasn’t the correct answer either,” Ava said with an exaggerated sigh. “I was only intending to put five more of them up your ass, but as a punishment for your disobedience, we’re going to make it a round thirty.”


“N-No!” Mrs Lambert groaned, lifting her head in time to watch Jamal press the twenty first pencil firmly home.


“So how many was that again?” Ava asked, folding her arms.


The back of Mrs Lambert’s head banged back against the desk top as she absorbed the added pain inside her anal canal. “T-Twenty one!” she gasped.


“Very good! You’re not quite as much of a dumbfuck as I thought! Right, who’s next? Mr Kettle, you haven’t stuck one in her yet today, have you?” Ava said with a naughty grin.


Her double meaning wasn’t lost on Mike as he stood up and selected one of the colorful pencils. Mrs Lambert craned her neck to look at him between her parted thighs, and even though she had quite obviously almost reached her limits, the accusing look in her eyes was unmistakable. No matter how much physical pain Ava had heaped upon her this afternoon, Mrs Lambert quite rightly held him responsible for all of this – but he didn’t regret it for a second!


Mike stared again at her bulging, shaven mound with the thick cluster of pencils protruding from her absurdly enlarged butt hole just below. Then he moved his gaze over her slightly rounded belly and undulating navel, up to her large breasts pulled out wide by the bull clips and chains, then back to her deep red face, teeth clenched, eyes glistening, and filled with loathing.


Aware of his eager young audience, Mike dropped into a crouch and inserted the point of the pencil into the center of the cluster. Catching another wonderful whiff of her adjacent sex, he wiggled the pencil to make space, and then pressed it deeply in with his thumb until the eraser tip was lined up with the others. As her asshole grudgingly accepted this latest intruder, Mrs Lambert made a peculiar baying sound, and then to Mike’s utter delight, a dribble of piss escaped from her bloated snatch.


“Oh, you dirty girl!” Ava exclaimed. “Couldn’t you have waited?”


The low sound emanating from Mrs Lambert’s throat rose in pitch as the trickle between her legs became a little squirt. Mike moved backward but was unable to tear his eyes away from the fascinating sight. Three more staccato spurts of urine came towards him, the last of them hitting his shirt. The hapless woman was evidently doing everything in her power to hold it in!


Unable to resist, Mike parted her pussy lips with his thumbs and peered at her moist, pink interior. As Ava had just intimated, he had of course already buried his cock in there once before, and now he felt it jerk in his underpants as if it were hankering to get back to where it belonged. Whatever his little head might have been thinking, Mike’s attention was focused on Mrs Lambert’s urethral opening right now, and briefly forgetting his audience, he leaned forward and dabbed at it with the tip of his tongue. He heard Mrs Lambert squeal as he prodded more, enjoying the bitter taste of her, and then she finally lost control of her bladder.


As Mike opened his mouth to catch the golden fountain, Mrs Lambert unexpectedly jerked her hips and the thick bundle of pencils protruding from her asshole smacked him under the chin. He snatched his head away just in time to avoid the clustered eraser tips from catching him on the nose, and then jumped back to avoid the high arc of piss projecting from Mrs Lambert’s spread pussy. The woeful teacher continued to buck around on the desktop, her hands now gripping her flailing ankles, her back arched, and her head lolling from side to side as more feminine fluids spurted from her wide open crotch.


“Is she having a fit?” Kelly cried in astonishment.


“Not at all!” Ava giggled. “Caroline’s just having another orgasm!”






Chapter Eighteen.


Mrs Caroline Lambert, the esteemed wife of the school principal of Winston-Radcliffe High, squatted on the floor of her home room, hanging her beetroot-red face in shame as the surrounding group of teenagers took pictures and videos of her on their smartphones. Although she was still technically naked, her nipples were partially hidden by the cruel metal bull clips, and her pale, freckled skin was now decorated by a motley assortment of scrawled words and patterns.


The fiendish teenagers had just spent an enjoyable few minutes letting their artistic juices flow as they had scribbled over her nude body with a variety of colored marker pens. A long, blue penis, complete with hairy balls, now ran up the length of Mrs Lambert’s back, and her breasts were speckled with dozens of little red dots. There was also a smiley face on each one of her butt cheeks, and zebra stripes adorned her flanks. The word ‘liar’ ran across her belly, and ‘cunt’ and ‘whore’ down each of her arms. Finally, in thick black lettering, Ava had printed the word ‘thief’ onto Mrs Lambert’s forehead.


After letting her down from the desktop, Ava had retrieved Mrs Lambert’s panties from the floor and arranged them like a bonnet on top of the distraught teacher’s head, and as a final insult, placed one of the motivational pencils between the stricken woman’s teeth. The main bundle of pencils, which had finally numbered thirty, remained firmly embedded inside Mrs Lambert’s back hole, and was now protruding obscenely out behind her like a stiff litte tail.


Admiring the overall effect, Ava circled her quivering victim and then picked up the loose ends of the chains that were still hooked through the bull clips. Drawing them away, she gave them a little shake which brought a squeal of pain from between Mrs Lambert’s clenched teeth.


“Time to take Caroline for a walk,” Ava said to Bud and Jamal. Mike looked at the digital screen on his camera as it auto-focused on the crudely drawn penis and balls on Mrs Lambert’s bare back, the overhead lights accentuating the bumps of her spine. The two grinning jocks took a chain each and jerked on them, causing Mrs Lambert to put her hands down to stop herself toppling forward.


“You’re supposed to walk, stupid!” Ava snapped. “Grab hold of your bunches and don’t let them go!”


Regaining her balance, Mrs Lambert unsteadily reached up and grasped the schoolgirl bunches that poked through the leg holes of her panties, and Mike moved around to get a good view of her front side. Down on her haunches, her ample thighs were forced wide and her thick labia hung down invitingly between them. Bud and Jamal again yanked on the chains, pulling Mrs Lambert’s breasts straight out in front of her. She yelped again, but this time took a faltering step forward, her bare sole slapping against the floor tiles.


Mike watched enthralled, as this formerly dignified lady waddled up and down between the rows of desks, meekly being led along like a pet. Kelly and Tony were also filming on their devices and had taken up positions in separate corners of the room, thus ensuring that every one of Mrs Lambert’s stuttering steps would be recorded for posterity.


As she completed her first circuit of the classroom, Mike zoomed in on her flushed face, her mouth stuck in a mad grin as she struggled to keep the pencil between her clenched teeth. Her moist eyes rolled from side to side in an attempt to avoid the smartphones, and with every waddling step, she let out an undignified grunt, no doubt caused by the intense pain she was experiencing in her rectum from every slight movement.


Hanging onto her bunches with her panties on her head with her naked body covered in crudely described graffiti, she looked ridiculous beyond words, but while the teenagers all laughed and threw out unkind comments, Mike simply ogled her with rapt delight. This was exactly what he had been hoping for when he had set this afternoon session up with her former students – and Ava had delivered big time! How this snobbish woman had been brought down to earth! And as much pleasure as Mike took from watching her nude body, it was the contorted expression of shame on her face that made this such a sexually stimulating experience for him. That was where the real beauty was to be found!


After Mrs Lambert made two more excruciatingly slow and uncomfortable toddles around the classroom, Ava appeared to abruptly tire of the spectacle, although Mike could have happily kept on watching it forever. He detected a certain look of dissatisfaction in the teenage girl’s green eyes, and while the rest of them were still laughing and joking as they filmed the hapless teacher’s torment, Ava picked up another of those versatile pencils and tapped it impatiently against her chin.


“Stop,” Ava said, with a quiet authority that Bud and Jamal immediately responded to by lowering their chains to the ground. Mrs Lambert remained in a squat at Ava’s feet, breathing hard, and keeping her eyes on the floor.


“Take off her chains and get her up on the desk,” Ava said.


After unhooking the chains, Bud and Jamal lifted Mrs Lambert by the arms into a kneeling position on the desk directly in front of Ava. She looked ready to drop, but when Ava grabbed her by the chin and raised her face, Mike clearly saw that familiar glimmer of defiance in Mrs Lambert’s eyes. As the two females stared each other out, it was almost as if the rest of the people in the room no longer mattered, and although Ava was clearly holding all the cards, an unspoken challenge appeared to have been laid down between the two of them.


“We still have a lot of your stolen pencils left over,” Ava said. “Do you think you can fit any more of them up your ass?”


She was gripping Mrs Lambert’s chin so tightly that it was impossible for the older woman to coherently reply, although she did manage to shake her head slightly. Mike looked again at Mrs Lambert’s seriously dilated asshole, and had to wonder how she had even managed to accommodate the thirty pencils already jammed in there!


“Where else then?” Ava said. “Shall we stick them in your cunt? You’d enjoy that, wouldn’t you?”


“N-Nmm!” Mrs Lambert protested.


“Well that just leaves your big mouth then, doesn’t it?” Ava said, running the eraser tip along Mrs Lambert’s closed mouth. “If you don’t open up, I’ll have no choice but to keep shoving them up your butt. Your call.”


From the look of alarm in her eyes, Mrs Lambert clearly didn’t want that, but for some reason she still kept her mouth clamped shut. She must have realized by now that Ava would be true to her word, so why then was she putting it to the test? Interesting.


“Really, Caroline? Do you want to try for fifty?” Ava said.


Again, Mrs Lambert frantically attempted to shake her head but still declined to part her lips. Maybe she had already figured out where Ava was going with this. Mike wasn’t totally sure, but he now had an inking of an idea.


Ava pinched Mrs Lambert’s lips together even harder, forcing them into an exaggerated pout and exposing her perfectly maintained teeth. She tapped the eraser against them as if she was knocking at a gate. “Last chance, then we go back in via the rear entrance.”


With a desolate mewl, Mrs Lambert finally gave in and opened her mouth. Ava banged the pencil up and down against her teeth and the wretched teacher instantly flinched and jerked her head backward. Glancing up at Bud and Jamal, Ava said, “Guys? Some help here, please?”


With Bud pinning her arms, and Jamal holding her head straight, Mrs Lambert soon had nowhere left to hide, and like a nervous kid at the dentist, she looked up at the ceiling lights and opened her mouth. Peering inside, Ava rested the eraser on Mrs Lambert’s tongue.


“Say ah,” Ava said. “Stick it out.”


After Mrs Lambert reluctantly complied, Ava poked the pencil deeper into her mouth, pressing down on the back of her tongue and triggering a gag reflex. Mrs Lambert automatically closed her lips around the pencil and began to struggle again but Bud and Jamal held her firm.


“Bud, would you please put one of Caroline’s pencils between her toes and give it a good squeeze?” Ava sighed.


Firmly grasping Mrs Lambert’s wrists with one hand, Bud reached over and picked up another pencil. The teacher’s bare feet were hanging over the edge of the desk, and he popped the pencil between the big and first toe of her right foot and crushed them together.


“Yah!” Mrs Lambert cried out in pain, and as her mouth opened, Ava wasted no time in pushing the tip of the pencil right to the back of her throat.


“Urk!” Mrs Lambert thrust out her tongue as she gagged again, and then fought against Jamal’s vice-like grip of her head. Ava kept the pencil in place, and Mrs Lambert retched again, her tongue waggling out of her gaping mouth, and her watery eyes bulging. There was to be no respite as Ava kept up the torment by gently moving the small eraser tip around the base of Mrs Lambert’s tongue.


“Erk! Ugh!” Mrs Lambert continued to retch and gag, saliva now dribbling copiously down her chin while her clamped breasts bounced madly up and down.


After a minute or so, Ava withdrew the pencil to allow Mrs Lambert a chance to catch her breath, but when she moved to put the pencil back into her mouth, Mrs Lambert again pressed her lips together and shook her head as far as she was able.


“Bud? Toe squeeze, please!” Ava said.


Bud duly compressed the wretched teacher’s toes together again, and she let out another agonized shriek. Into her mouth went Ava’s pencil, and another round of uncontrollable gagging ensued. Mesmerized, Mike lowered his camera. It was a fascinating sight to behold as Mrs Lambert’s naked body jerked and convulsed, her anal collection of pencils tapping against the desk top, and her neck and jumping breasts slick with her saliva.


When Ava withdrew the pencil again, she gazed with satisfaction at her former teacher’s flushed and tear-streaked face. “You’re crying now aren’t you, Caroline?”


Between gasping breaths, Mrs Lambert spluttered, “No, I-I…” But her words were cut off as Ava thrust the pencil back down her throat.


“Erk! Ack!” A torrent of yellowish liquid cascaded over Mrs Lambert’s chin and splattered on the floor.


“What a mess!” Ava said with undisguised contempt. “You really should see what you look like.”


Tony Manning duly handed Ava his phone, and the young redhead held the screen up in front of Mrs Lambert’s face. As the stricken teacher watched in horror at what they had turned her into, she let out a loud and mournful sob, and a large viscous bubble of snot ballooned out of her right nostril. Then, with a peculiar rasping sound, a trickle of light brown fluid ran along the bundle of pencils protruding from her asshole, accompanied by a rather unpleasant smell.


“Whoa! What the fuck is that?” Jamal said, backing off.


Did she just do a wet fart?” Bud laughed.


“Ew! Gross!” Kelly shrieked, pinching her nose – at which point, Mrs Caroline Lambert finally did start to wail out loud.





Cover art copyright 2020 by Lorenzo Marks

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