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Welcome to Redneck





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Chapter One


“Tell me we’re not lost!” Jasmine said, perching herself on a rock. At nineteen, she was the youngest woman in the group, and arguably the prettiest.


Candice frowned at her sister before returning her attention to the map spread out on the grass. It had been difficult to get Jasmine to agree to the trip in the first place, but Candice had finally convinced her it would do her some good to get away from her endless chatting and social networking for a few days. Now she was beginning to wonder if it had been worth the effort. Jasmine had done little but moan ever since they had started out on the hiking trail early that morning.


Convincing Dexy and Robin to come along had been a whole lot easier. Dexy was an aerobics instructor and a total health nut while Robin, although deskbound during the week at her accounting practice, was an expert skier and was a former college archery champion. Now they waited while Candice tried to figure out how they had gotten off the main trail. Much of this mountain range was designated parkland, and the trails were frequently signposted, but Candice hadn’t seen any sign of civilization for some time now.


“We’re supposed to be here on the Blue trail,” she said.


“But in that case there should be a river nearby,” said Robin, peering over her shoulder. “I don’t see one.”


“Maybe we should just head back the way we came,” Dexy said.


“Oh, please!” Jasmine moaned. “We’ve walked miles! Can’t we just call a park ranger to pick us up?”


“No signal up here, sweetie,” Candice said. “Look, we’ve got plenty of daylight yet. I think we should push on for another half an hour, and if we don’t see anything recognizable, we’ll head back. Plan?”


“Okay, let’s do it,” Dexy said, uncapping her water bottle.


With an audible groan, Jasmine shrugged her backpack over her shoulders and stood up. “What if there are bears?” she whined.


“Then we make a lot of noise and blow our whistles,” Candice said cheerfully. “Come on.”


Dexy and Robin led the way with Candice bringing up the rear behind her sister. They were all dressed pretty much the same, t-shirts or vests, shorts, and hiking boots, and Candice thought that they looked a pretty darn good group too – Jasmine in particular, with her tight, round butt under her denim cut-downs. Up ahead, Robin, as black as midnight, strode powerfully forward, the muscles in her calves rippling with each step, followed by Dexy, her shock of red hair flowing behind her. Candice herself was in excellent shape thanks to regular visits to the gym, and despite this slight error in her calculations she was still enjoying the late summer sunshine and fresh mountain air.


 Through the trees, Candice saw the glint of sunlight on water, and she stepped off the trail to get a better look. Sure enough, a fast-flowing river was running parallel to the trail about two hundred yards away.


“Hey guys! I see the river! We must have taken a wrong fork back there!” she called out as she rejoined the dirt track, but her companions had already disappeared from view around a bend. She broke into a jog to catch up, but when she rounded the bend, she saw that the three young women had company in the shape of two men with hunting rifles balanced in the crooks of their arms.


Candice slowed to a walk and approached cautiously. There was something about the men’s body language that she didn’t like. As she joined the group, she observed that they were both middle-aged, unshaven, and badly in need of dental treatment.


“What’s going on?” she asked.


“Um, these gentlemen have offered to show us the way back to the trail,” said Dexy uncertainly.


“Ray’s my name ma’am,” said the taller of the two, removing his cap to reveal a nearly bald pate. “And this here is my cousin Jess.”


Jess, younger looking, with keen, narrow eyes, spat a line of tobacco juice onto the ground by way of a greeting.


“Well, thank you for your offer… Ray,” Candice said, noting the appreciative way Jess was eyeing her younger sister. “But I think we’ll be okay. I’ve just…”


“Well now, I insist,” Ray said. “These unmarked trails can be dangerous if you don’t know your way around. Me and my cousin have lived up here all our lives and know the place like the backs of our hands.”


Candice glanced at his rifle which was thankfully still pointing at the ground. “Really, there’s no need, we can find our own way.”


“City girl don’t want our help.” It was Jess speaking for the first time, his voice a menacing low drawl. “Just plain rude, if you ask me. Why did your darkie friend ask for help in the first place then?”


Candice glanced at Robin who gave her an apologetic shrug. With the abrupt change in tone, a little knot of fear twisted in Candice’s stomach as she realized what a vulnerable position they had suddenly found themselves in. These men were armed, and for all they knew, could be quite dangerous, so antagonizing them didn’t seem like a good idea.


“Well perhaps you could escort us back down to the fork in the trail,” Candice said in a conciliatory tone. “That would make us feel a lot safer.”


Ray raised his chin. “You sassing me, girl?”


“N-No,’ Candice stammered. “I-I meant…”


“You meant to patronize the stupid hillbilly? That what you were thinking?”


Candice opened her mouth to reply but she had already deduced that anything she said would just piss these suddenly hostile rubes off even further.


“Look,” Robin said, clearly annoyed at Jess’s earlier racial slur. “She didn’t mean to offend you, none of us did. I asked for directions because I thought we were lost, but my friend just said she knows where we are so we don’t need any assistance now. Thank you for your help but we are going back down the trail. Good day.”


She took Jasmine’s hand and turned haughtily on her heel. “Come on, let’s go!”


Candice knew that Robin's authoritative demeanor was just an act designed to preempt any worsening of the situation, but it had clearly backfired as Ray now raised his rifle and pointed it at the back of Jasmine’s head.


“No!” Candice screamed, causing Jasmine and Robin to spin back around in alarm.


“You got two choices,” Ray said. “You come along with us or the young lady becomes the victim of an unfortunate hunting accident.”


“You wouldn’t!” Robin yelled. “We have families who will come looking for us and then you will be…”


Her tirade was abruptly cut off by a sharp crack followed by the sound of a bullet slamming into a tree a few yards behind them. Jasmine yelped in fright and leaped behind Candice while Dexy dropped into a protective squat, her hands pressed over her ears.


Jesus Christ! These men are insane! Candice thought. Behind her Jasmine begin to sob, and anger welled up inside her. There was a knife and a can of pepper spray in her backpack but there was no way she could get to them with this madman pointing his rifle at her.


“Well, what’s it to be?” Ray said.


“W-Where are you taking us?” Candice replied, trying to stall for time.


“Oh, you’ll find out. But it’s a long hike so I want to make sure you girls don’t get heatstroke, so you’d be best losing some of that cumbersome clothing.” A wicked grin spread across his face.  “You first, miss high and mighty. Drop your pack and take off the shorts.”


“What did you just say?”


“You heard me. I want you to take your shorts off – now!”


This can’t be happening! Candice thought frantically.


“I-I won’t” she mumbled.


“Oh, no?” Ray said, cocking the rifle and pointing it at Dexy who was still crouching on the grass. “I’m going to count to three and if those shorts aren’t off by the time I…”


“Okay! Okay!” Candice shouted, slipping her backpack off. She undid the button of her white shorts and abruptly pulled them down her legs and over her hiking boots. She was wearing a pair of blue nylon stretch-fit briefs underneath, and the two men’s eyes immediately dropped down to her bulging crotch.


“Looks like she’s not wearing a bra under that vest,” Jess smirked.


Oh please don’t make me take it off! Candice thought desperately. She had chosen to go braless because it felt so much freer, but she hadn’t in her wildest dreams imagined that the outlines of her nipples would today be ogled by a couple of crazy locals like this!


“Your turn now, young lady,” Ray said, waving his rifle at Jasmine. “Come on out.”


Her face wet with tears, Jasmine emerged from behind her elder sister. She was terrified to the core but her survival instincts told her that it would be a terrible idea to try and make a run for it. Apart from her socks and boots, she was wearing a red and white checked shirt and a pair of denim cut-downs. She stared mesmerized at the barrel of Ray’s rifle as he pointed it at her groin. “Lose the pack and then drop your shorts.”


With a miserable whimper, Jasmine followed her sister’s lead and nervously removed the garment. Before they had set out, Candice had advised against wearing cotton underwear to avoid chafing, and because she had been told there was a waterfall with a natural pool on the route, Jasmine had opted for a purple Spandex and nylon one-piece, instead of underwear. Oh how she regretted that decision now as the two hicks studied the little purple triangle that fitted so snugly over her mons!


“Going swimming, huh?” Ray said. “Well, best get that shirt off in that case.”


Jasmine looked at her sister for support, but Candice could only shake her head sorrowfully. It was clear that for now they were helpless and so with a shuddering sigh, she unbuttoned her shirt and slipped it off over her shoulders, holding the garment modestly up in front of her.


“Drop it on the ground so we can have a look at you,” Ray grinned.


Turning her face away, Jasmine did as she was told, unable to comprehend that she was actually standing in the open air in front of these complete strangers wearing only her socks, boots and swimsuit. But to her dismay she discovered that her unveiling wasn’t quite complete because Ray then said, “You can’t swim in your shoes. Take them off too!”


There was complete silence as everyone waited while she untied her boots, removed them and then pulled off her socks. Oddly, as exposed as she felt in the tightly fitting swimsuit, the cool earth beneath her bare feet made her feel twice as vulnerable.


Ray now turned his attention to the cowering Dexy. “Now you, Red. Stand up and take off that t-shirt.”


Very slowly, Dexy straightened up on trembling legs. Her black shirt had the slogan I Love Redheads! emblazoned in big white letters across her sizeable bust, which now seemed entirely inappropriate under these horrible circumstances.


“Get on with it, we’ve got a long walk ahead of us,” Ray said.


After ditching her backpack, Dexy tugged the shirt up over her head, and then biting her lip, she tossed it onto the growing pile of clothing on the ground. Her big, white, freckled breasts bulged inside her sports bra and she couldn’t stop herself form covering them with her arms.


“Those look way too good to hide, Red. Get that bra off and give them some air!”


“Please don’t make me,” Dexy moaned.


“Damn, you city girls sure are willful!” Ray said, raising his rifle again.


Dexy shrieked in panic and quickly reached around to unhook her bra. Sniveling now, she pulled the straps down her arms and then took the cups away. Terrified of the rifle pointed at her head, she threw the undergarment away and closing her eyes tight, forced herself to hold her arms rigidly by her sides. Her big, white breasts jiggled as she shook with fear, their light brown areolas as round as golf balls.


“Well, look at those beauties!” Ray said. “More than a handful there huh, Jess?”


“Yup. I think old Uncle Wilbur might want to have some fun with those! Always was a titty man.”


“Well yeah, if he can remember what to do with them! It’s certainly been a while!” Ray laughed.


“Probably hang onto those teats and try and get some milk out of them!”


“Sure looks like she’s ready to burst, don’t she?”


With Candice down to her vest, briefs, socks and boots, Jasmine clad only in her scanty swimsuit, and poor Dexy standing topless before them, the two redneck cousins finally turned their attention to Robin who had been watching the proceedings with growing horror. She took an automatic step backward as Jess pointed his own rifle at her and said, “What about this black bitch?”


“H-How dare you!” Robin snarled. “You fucking rednecks! You won’t get away with this. People will come looking for us!”


“They might, but they’ll have a tough time finding you where we’re headed,” said Ray. “Now because you’ve just been rude, you get to walk natural.”


Robin clenched her fists by her sides, her nostrils flaring. She was furious but the sound of that gunshot still rang clearly in her ears. “What do you mean?”


“You get to take it all off, black girl. It’ll be like you are back in the jungle!”


For a second Robin was going to spring at him, but she caught Candice’s eye and saw her slowly shake her head. Her friend was right. These freaks looked as though they were capable of anything. Survival had to be their main priority before figuring a way to escape from this nightmare.


“Fuck you to hell!” Robin muttered as her backpack joined the other ones on the grass. She pulled her grey sweatshirt up over her head to reveal her white support bra which contrasted against her ebony skin. Throwing her shirt on the ground, she glared at them defiantly.


“Heck, those are almost as big as Red’s boobies!” Jess said.


“Come on big mouth,” Ray said. “We haven’t got all day. We need to be home before sundown.”


Shaking with rage and frustration, Robin kicked off her walking shoes and then pulled down her shorts. She was aware that her friends, already in state of semi-undress themselves, were pointedly looking away, leaving the two mountain men to lustfully ogle her open-air striptease. Avoiding their hungry eyes, Robin unhooked her bra, and then after taking a deep breath, pulled it away from her body and let it drop to the grass at her feet. Now she was in just her white nylon panties and socks. Hooking her thumbs in to the waistband of her underwear, she suddenly panicked and said, “I can’t do this!”


Ray raised his eyebrows and pointed his rifle at Jasmine, who was hugging herself in an attempt to protect her own modesty. “How you going to explain yourself to her family, huh?”


Oh you miserable fuck! Robin thought and with a nasal snort of fury, pulled her panties down over her long, muscular legs and stepped out of them. There was no point in delaying them any further, and she bent forward, supporting her pendulous black breasts with one arm as she tugged her socks off her feet. Incredibly, she was suddenly as naked as the day she was born, out in the wilderness, while her close friends shuffled uneasily beside her.


“Tie her hands,” Ray said, pulling a length of rope out of his pocket and handing it to his cousin. “I think we might have some trouble with this one.”


Jess came up close and looked into Robin’s eyes. “Hands behind your back, bitch!” he breathed into her face. Robin winced and turned her face to one side as she complied with his order. He moved behind her and she stiffened as he touched her for the first time, crossing her wrists and then tightly binding them with the rope. When he was done, she stood wretchedly before them, unable to hide her considerable breasts with their dark, pointed nipples, and the curly thatch of hair that flourished between her legs.


“Okay ladies, pack your clothes and put your backpacks back on. We’ve got a long walk ahead of us,” Ray said, stuffing Robin’s discarded clothes into her pack. “You go on ahead so I can watch that lovely black ass of yours! Let’s get going girls!”


He shoved Robin in the back, and with a sob of outrage she started along the trail, naked and tied, with the cool earth under her bare soles. Behind her, Dexy, with her exposed breasts bouncing freely in the warm air, had no choice other than to watch her friend’s naked, undulating buttocks as they began their journey deeper into the mountains.


Jasmine, next in line wearing just her swimsuit, cried out as she stepped on a sharp stone, but when Candice went to help her sister, she felt Ray’s rifle barrel in her back. “Keep walking, and no slacking. And you get up right now, missy.”


Rubbing her sore foot, Jasmine straightened up and, after giving Ray a reproachful look, began hobbling forward.


The poor kid! Candice thought despairingly. How many miles is she going to have to walk barefoot along this trail? Robin too? They’re going to be in agony by the time we reach wherever it is they are taking us?


And that raised more questions in her head – how far were they being taken from civilization? How long would they be keeping them there? And most worryingly of all – what were they planning to do with them?

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