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Chapter Two


After trekking up a steadily inclining path for a few miles, the trail came to an abrupt halt at the edge of a mountain lake where a wooden motorboat was moored to a dilapidated jetty. Candice surveyed the scenery looking in vain for any landmarks that she could use for reference. It had been a particularly tiring route, and certainly not the one that Candice had planned for them when they set out that morning! If she had been a little disoriented when they’d had the misfortune to encounter these two nasty hicks, now she had absolutely no idea where they were.


Because they had been forced walk barefoot, Jasmine and Robin had suffered the most, and on more than one occasion Candice had heard her younger sister whimper in front of her as he tender soles had landed on a sharp stone or jutting tree root. Keenly aware of Ray’s menacing presence behind her, Candice had been compelled to watch Jasmine suffer in silence, and as her own legs started to ache, she had felt the guilt creeping in. It had been solely her idea to come up here, and by default that meant she was responsible for the awful predicament they now found themselves in. She desperately hoped that Jasmine wouldn’t hate her after this nightmare was over.


All aboard ladies!” Ray said.


The rotting boards creaked precariously under Dexy’s weight and when Jasmine stepped gingerly across, she caught a splinter in her heel, causing her to squeal out in pain. After they had both flopped miserably into the boat, Robin hung back awkwardly, trying to keep the frontal area of her naked body averted from everyone’s view. During their forced march, she had been up at the front of the column behind Jess, and all that Candice had seen of her African-American friend for the past hour or so had been her sweat-covered back and her dark, bare ass. Now the shame in Robin's face was heart-wrenchingly clear to see as she shuffled on her bare feet with her hands securely bound behind her back.


Even though Candice had been forced to hike in just her vest, briefs, socks and boots, the other three girls had suffered worse. After having been forced to go topless, Dexy now sat with her knees drawn up and her arms hugging her plentiful breasts, while Jasmine, stripped down to her purple swimsuit, sat quietly rubbing the dirt-encrusted soles of her bare feet. But at least they had been left with something to protect their modesty, unlike poor Robin!


Seeing the black girl’s attempt to hide herself, Jess grinned wickedly and gripping her by the arm, turned her so that they could all see her nakedness. Her ample breasts wobbled in the late afternoon sun as he roughly pushed her into the boat, and unable to support herself with her hands, she landed in a most undignified fashion with her thighs apart, giving them all a glimpse of her hairy crotch.


Jess untied the mooring rope while Ray cranked up the outboard motor, and they were soon out on the open water with the trail shrinking into the distance. Gloomily, Candice realized that with every mile, they were being taken further and further away from a quick rescue.


Backpacks off,” Ray said. “You won’t be needing them where you’re going.”


They continued on in silence while Jess went through their personal belongings. Under the monotonous drone of the outboard, it was difficult to hear what he was saying, but he seemed to be keeping up a running commentary as he fished out their cellphones, spare clothes and other accessories. Candice watched him furtively as he finally came across her survival knife, whistling appreciatively as he ran his finger along its razor sharp blade, before fishing out her pepper spray and sticking it in the pocket of his hunting jacket.


There go my last two hopes of getting us out of this hole! she thought dolefully.


On they went, further into the wilderness, as the sun sank lower in the sky and a chill breeze wafted across the water. Candice rubbed her bare arms, while the other three girls sat hunched over, with their faces against their knees. Their body language was becoming increasingly worrying for Candice who already knew that she wouldn’t be able to overpower both of these men on her own. Although Jasmine was still just a kid, Robin and Dexy were high spirited young women who knew how to stand up for themselves, but ever since they had been forced to expose themselves, their morale seemed to have evaporated.


She was snapped out of her reverie when Ray shut the motor off and she looked up to see that they were gliding in to the opposite shore. When they made landfall, Jess lifted Robin to her feet and manhandled the naked, black girl ashore. Jasmine and Dexy remained huddled in the boat and then Candice felt the cold steel of Ray’s rifle barrel in the back of her neck. “Move, bitches!” he snarled.


With a whimper, Jasmine rose on unsteady legs, and then Dexy, hugging herself tightly, followed her onto dry land. With Ray prodding her from behind, Candice went next, and their bizarre little procession continued again, this time minus their backpacks. Jess led them along a narrow dirt path that cut through a copse of trees and then quite suddenly they found themselves in front of a small cabin with smoke curling up from the chimney and animal skins hanging from the rickety porch. The cabin was surrounded by black mud and although it was still daylight, the small clearing felt dank and dark, sending a shiver up Candice’s spine.


Welcome to your new home, ladies!” Ray said. “Wilbur, get on out here! We’ve got company!”


The door swung open and an old man with a huge belly waddled outside. “What’s all the noise about… oh my!”


He stepped off the porch and peered at each of the cowering girls in turn through the cracked lenses of his spectacles. “Well haven’t you found a fine bunch this time!” he said, licking his lips.


This here is Uncle Wilbur,” Ray said, “and he’s going to pick one of you for a wife.”


Y-You can’t be serious!” Dexy muttered incredulously. “We have husbands and boyfriends waiting for us! You can’t just take people like this!”

Well, you’re standing here aren’t you, Red?” Ray said.


Wilbur had moved in front of Dexy now, and a sloppy grin spread across his face. “I like this one!” he said. “Look at those big titties!”


Dexy looked away and hugged her bare breasts even tighter.


Don’t be like that,” Ray said. “Show Wilbur what you’ve got.”


I-I can’t!” Dexy moaned.


Don’t make me have to ask you again,” Ray said menacingly as he raised his rifle.


Dexy shook her head in despair as she lowered her arms, presenting Uncle Wilbur with her large breasts. Wilbur pinched one of her pink nipples and she let out a gasp of outrage. Letting go, Wilbur said, “Make them bounce.”


Nooo!” Dexy wailed in low moan.


With her attention on Dexy’s terrible predicament, Candice, along with everyone else was take by complete surprise when Jasmine unexpectedly bolted. As she darted towards the woods, her golden hair flying behind her, Jess aimed his rifle at her little bouncing buns.


Don’t shoot her!” Candice screamed, knocking the barrel skyward with her forearm so that the shot rang out harmlessly in the air.


Damn you!” Jess growled, taking aim again. But before he had a chance to fire again, two more mountain men appeared out of the woods. One was powerfully built with a big, bushy beard, the other quite skinny and no more than a boy. Seeing the men, Jasmine veered away, but her bare feet slipped in the mud and she slid on her backside right towards them.


Just as the bearded man grabbed hold of Jasmine’s pony tail, Candice felt a sharp pain in the back of her head and then everything went dark.






Come on! Hup! Hup! Get those boobies bouncing, Red!”


Candice opened her eyes and tried to focus. As her faculties returned she immediately thought of Jasmine and tried to stand up, but quickly discovered that she had been immobilized. Hogtied was a better way to describe it as she struggled with her bonds. She was lying on her side in the mud, and although she couldn’t see it, she knew that her wrists and ankles were bound together behind her back – painfully so.


She could also feel the air on her feet which meant that they had removed her boots and socks, but as far as she could tell, she was thankfully still wearing her vest and briefs. Which was much more than could be said for poor Dexy as Candice gradually processed what she was seeing. All of the mountain men except Ray were sitting on the porch of the cabin drinking what she figured must be moonshine from glass jars. From the look of them they already seemed pretty inebriated as they laughed and jeered at Dexy while Ray put her through her paces.


Dexy had been stripped completely naked now, her pubic bush on display and as red as the hair on her head. It seemed that old Wilbur had been so taken by Dexy’s ample bust that Ray had decided to put on a show for him – at Dexy’s expense! Stark naked, she was performing a series of jumping jacks for the leering mountain men, and from the grimy state of her sweat covered skin, it looked as though she had been doing a variety of exercises. But with this particular routine, Wilbur was certainly getting his wish as Dexy’s tits bounced wildly up and down, while she jumped and kicked out her legs giving her pussy plenty of air time. Dexy’s cheeks were bright crimson, which Candice guessed would have been caused as much by sheer humiliation as exhaustion.


Leery of attraction the men’s attention, Candice kept as still as possible while craning her neck to see where the other two were. With a little subtle maneuvering, she managed to spot Robin – and immediately wished she hadn’t. The unfortunate African-American girl was still naked with her hands tied behind her back, but now she was on her knees between the big bearded man’s legs, her head bobbing obscenely up and down!


Dear God, no! Surely not! Candice thought in horror.


She stared transfixed as the man casually grabbed a handful of Robin’s hair and yanked her off him, revealing his enormous erect cock, wet with Robin’s saliva! Then, twisting her head back, her raised a jar of moonshine to Robin’s lips, and poured it down her throat. Robin retched and coughed as the burning liquor traveled down her esophagus, but she had barely recovered before the huge man had her mouth impaled on his dick once more.


Uncle Wilbur and the skinny – actually gaunt was more appropriate – kid weren’t paying attention to the lewd public sex act going on beside them. They were far more interested in Dexy’s naked exertions as Ray now instructed her to get down on her hands and knees.


Panting heavily, Dexy’s flopped down, the mud squelching between her fingers and toes, and her gigantic breasts swinging pendulously beneath her.


Look at that fat ass!” shouted the skinny boy. “She looks like a big, white sow!”


She sure does!” laughed Wilbur. “Make her squeal, Ray! Make her squeal like I’m gonna when I take her to my bed tonight!”


You heard them,” Ray said, standing over the quivering, prostrate girl. “Get crawling and get squealing before I take a whip to that big ass of yours!”


M-Mnph!” The tears were rolling down Dexy’s face now, and Candice knew well what a proud and dignified woman Dexy was. To have been forced to perform in such a degrading manner already would be something she would never fully be able to get over. But this new and disgusting command was beyond anything Candice could imagine. Forcing a respectable woman to imitate a lowly animal in front of them without a stitch of clothing on? How could these people be so cruel?


I’ll say it one more time, Red,” Ray said. “Squeal like a sow, or you’ll be sorry!”


Candice wanted to look away, but for some reason found herself watching in morbid fascination as her friend began to crawl around in circles in the mud, her tear-soaked face a mask of misery as she emitted a series of high-pitched squeals punctuated by her sobs of shame.


Candice closed her eyes trying to tune out of the peals of laughter emanating from the porch. She still couldn’t quite believe that things had escalated so crazily out of control so quickly. Only a few hours ago, they were all looking forward to a pleasant hike in beautiful scenery. By now they should have been back at the lodge, showered and clean and ready for a delicious dinner. Instead they were lost in the mountains and being held as slaves by a bunch of crazed rednecks who didn’t seem at all bothered about the possibility that somebody would come looking for them. And yet, as unreal as it all seemed to be, there was no denying the cold, damp mud against her cheek, nor the burning ropes that pulled her ankles and wrists painfully together. Nor either the awful sight of proud and educated Robin, sucking a mountain man’s monstrous cock, not to mention Dexy’s humiliating pig impersonation!


After making her go round and round for what seemed like forever, Ray finally told Dexy to get to her feet. Candice opened her eyes again and although Dexy now had her back to her, she could see that the shattered girl’s shoulders were heaving. There were only a few rays of sunshine poking through the leaves now, and the men all picked up their jars to take the ‘party’ inside the cabin. The bearded man effortlessly hauled Robin to her feet, and they disappeared from Candice’s view. With a bit of prodding and pushing, Ray managed to convince Dexy to climb the stairs where Wilbur was waiting for her, and almost insultingly, he took Dexy by the hand and escorted her inside.


Ray hadn’t even bothered to check on Candice but then the way she was bound up ensured that she wouldn’t be going anywhere soon. So Candice lay there in the gathering darkness and listened to the sounds of the men’s laughter mixed with distressed female screams – and all she could do was wonder whether Jasmine was in there with them.



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