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Chapter Three


Her head swimming, Robin blinked away the tears that the foul moonshine had brought to her eyes and watched with shock and disgust as poor Dexy’s torment continued. They were inside the cabin now, the men sitting around on crooked furniture with their jars of liquor in hand, ready for the next part of their perverted show.


In a corner of the room, Robin knelt at Bart’s feet, stark naked with her hands bound behind her back, as if she were his newly-acquired pet. As much as she abhorred drinking, a part of her was grateful for the mind-numbing effects of the alcohol he was forcing on her, as it just about kept the awful reality of her situation at bay. So much was happening so quickly that it seemed inconceivable that only that morning she and her three friends had set out on the hiking trail, full of energy and high spirits. Now they were the captives of a bunch of crazed rednecks, deep in the mountains, with no realistic hope of escape in the foreseeable future!


Beside her, Bart took a slug of moonshine and then without even glancing at her, rested the jar on top of Robin’s head. Ordinarily, back in the sane world, Robin the repectable African-American CPA would of course have been outraged at such treatment. Even though this fearsome mountain man was a complete stranger to her, he was already treating her as if she were his personal property! But these were no ordinary circumstances – not only were these rednecks mentally deranged, they were also extremely dangerous! There was no doubt in Robin’s mind that when Jasmine had attempted to run away earlier,  Jess had fully intended to shoot her!


Terrified and in still in a state of complete shock, Robin stayed motionless and forced herself to accept being used as a piece of furniture. After all, it paled into insignificance compared to the vile act she had been forced to perform with this smelly giant out on the porch earlier! She still couldn’t fully process the fact that she had actually had this pig’s penis inside her mouth! How could she ever hold her head up again? But he had been so powerful, and it had happened so quickly, and she had been so scared of being killed - what was she supposed to have done?


But the fact remained that it had happened, she had sucked him like a cheap whore, his filthy thing repeatedly slipping in and out of her mouth, his bulbous glans bumping against the back of her throat, and she hadn’t fought him, hadn’t even had the courage to bite his invading cock. That was what she would have to live with for the rest of her life, and dwelling upon it brought fresh tears of shame to her eyes.


But as much as she had suffered, by comparison poor Dexy was going through absolute hell. The attractive redhead was positioned on her knees in the center of the room. Ray had instructed her to keep her legs and back straight and clasp her hands together behind her head. Like Robin, Dexy reamined stark naked, and this position forced her to thrust out her plentiful breasts, which were of course the focus of everyone's attention.


Robin painfully recalled how Dexy had already been made to exercise in the nude for them, purely as a pretext to make her large boobs bounce around for their amusement, the jumping jacks, push-ups and jogging on the spot made all the more cruelly ironic given that Dexy was an aerobics instructor! What had followed however had been far, far worse as Dexy had then been forced to crawl around and around, her pendulous boobs swinging beneath her as Ray had ordered her to squeal for them like a stuck pig! How devastated the poor girl  must be feeling right now!


But it was her big, white tits that had most captivated these perverted rubes, and Dexy, normally so cheerful and bubbly, looked a picture of woe as she anxiously waited for the inevitable assault. Ray, the man who Robin had so foolishly asked for directions that morning, circled his trembling prey before placing his hands under her breasts and lifting them up.


“Damn this udders are heavy!” he said to much general amusement. “Uncle Wilbur, are you sure you can handle all this?”


“I’m sure gonna try,” Wilbur said. “Whatever I can’t get in my mouth is wasted anyways.”


“How did you grow such a big pair of titties, huh?” Ray said to the crimson-faced girl.


Dexy merely looked at him miserably, her eyes glistening with embarrassment.


“Cat got your tongue?” Ray snapped, and letting her breasts fall, he proceeded to vigorously slap them. With the increasingly inebriated mountain men looking contentedly on, Dexy’s wobbling tits quickly turned a deep shade of red, and as the pain accumulated, Dexy couldn’t help but let out a little mewl of pain with each blow.


Now Ray turned his attention to Dexy’s large, light-brown nipples. He was gentle with them at first, tugging and toying each one to erection in order to further increase her humiliation. In spite of her demeaning situation, Dexy's sensitive nubs responded to this unexpected treatment and to her chagrin, she let out an involuntary groan.


“Listen to her! She likes it!” cried Junior.


“Is that right, Red?” Ray said mockingly. “You like me playing with these buttons?”


“No! Please stop!” Dexy  whimpered, closing her eyes in embarrassment.


“We don’t believe you,” Jess pitched in. “Look how far they’re sticking out now!”


Ray moved slightly to one side so everyone could see, and taking each of Dexy’s now-erect nipples between thumb and forefinger, lifted her breasts upward and outward. As he increased the pressure with his fingers, Dexy opened her eyes again and let out a gasp. Now, to the delight of the others, Ray proceeded to rotate Dexy’s breasts in circles, then stretch them wide apart, before yanking on her nipples so hard that she nearly toppled forward.


"Oh! Ow" Dexy moaned as the sudden, rough treatment brought fresh tears to her eyes.


“You think that hurts?” Ray snarled. “That ain’t nothing!”


Letting her breasts fall back into their natural position, he went over to a wooden box in the corner and returned with two nasty-looking fish hooks. “Now these are gonna hurt!”


Dexy stared at the hooks in horror. “D-Don’t! I’m begging you!”

Ignoring her pleas, Ray said, “You stay nice and still now, or I’ll be using a knife on you instead!”


Terrified at the implications of the threat, Dexy kept her hands behind her head, bit her lip, and braced herself. Ray then took her left nipple in hand and stretched it out as far as it would go whilst placing the sharp tip of the hook on the side of her teat. A high pitched whimper escaped Dexy’s lips as he slowly increased the pressure until the skin broke and the barbed tip of the hook began to disappear into Dexy’s tender flesh


Now she screamed openly, her arms automatically coming down from her head, but Ray halted her attempt to protect herself by smacking her smartly across the face with his free hand.


“Put those hands back up!”


Her breaths coming in great heaving gasps, Dexy reluctantly did as she was told, and Robin stared hypnotized as the fishhook reappeared on the other side of Dexy’s nipple. Ray stepped aside so that the others could see the hook hanging from Dexy’s teat like a crude body adornment.


“Uncle Wilbur,” Ray said. “Come and do the other one. She’s your woman, after all.”


Wilbur rose unsteadily from his seat and took the other fish hook from Ray. Dexy’s tears flowed freely now as she tried to prepare herself for the next agonizing piercing.


“Was that too painful, honey?” Wilbur said before taking a swig from his jar of moonshine. Then he leaned down and closed his lips around Dexy’s right nub. Robin could see his cheeks fluttering as the old man sloshed the alcohol around her nub, before letting it go and spraying the rest of the alcohol over her breast.


“There you go, nice and clean for your next piercing. Ready? One, two, thee!” he said cheerfully, and before Dexy had time to react, Wilbur yanked her nipple roughly forward and simultaneously jabbed the hook straight through to the other side! Dexy screamed wildly again, her obvious anguish making Robin physically cringe. Beside her, Bart felt the movement and rapped her on the head with the base of the glass jar. “Stay still you, or you’ll be getting the same.”


“She sure looks pretty,” said Junior as they all gazed at her newly pierced nubs.


Ray wiped away the droplets of blood with his thumb which made Dexy draw a sharp breath. “You think so? Maybe she wants a couple more? What do you say, Red?”


“P-Please, no,” Dexy sniveled. “It hurts.”


“Sure it hurts. No pain, no gain. Wilbur go fetch me some more of those hooks.”


Wilbur came back with a whole handful of hooks this time, and now the two men proceeded to work on the wincing, yelping woman in earnest. Robin stared with growing horror as her friend was gradually transformed into a freakish parody of a Seventies punk rocker! They started with her ears, first one in each lobe, then adding a second with Wilbur working on one side and Ray the other. Egged on by Bart, Jess and Junior, and fueled by more and more moonshine, the men descended nto a bloodthirty frenzy as one hook after another was inserted into Dexy’s pale skin.


When they had finished, the sobbing, shaking woman looked utterly absurd! Apart from the hooks in each of her nipples, Dexy had now been adorned with six more around each of her ears. They had also stuck four more hooks through her lower lip, as well as two in each of her nostrils. The coup de grace however, produced the biggest reaction from their poor victim.


“Open your mouth and stick out your tongue, Red,” Ray grinned, brandishing the last hook in front of her face.


“Pleath, no!” Dexy uttered, shaking her head and running her tongue around the sore and bloody inside of her lip.


“Either you open your goddam mouth or it goes through your clit!” Ray warned her.


With a despairing whimper, Dexy hesitatingly offered him her tongue. As Ray went to stick the tip of the needle in however, she simply couldn’t stop herself from automatically retracting it.


“Okay, your choice,” Ray said. “Part those thighs and I’ll see what I can find inside that red bush of yours.”


Her eyes now wide in desperation, Dexy hurriedly opened her mouth and thrust her tongue back out again.


“Ha! Ha! She really does want you to stick her, Ray!” Junior laughed.


Dexy’s whole body quivered as Ray casually picked his spot and then forced the metal down through the soft flesh of Dexy’s tongue. Robin literally shuddered as her friend let out a long bestial gurgling cry that filled the room.


Now you look pretty,” Ray said, standing back to admire his handiwork. “I don’t know why you’re crying. I thought you city girls liked jewelry!”


“You know what?” Jess said, reaching into the wooden kit box. “A hook don’t like right unless its got some line attached to it.”


Ray let out a low chuckle as he took the nylon line from Jess. “You’re right. Let’s tie her up. Put your hands behind your back, Red.”


“NNgh!” Dexy mumbled, her speech now severly impaired by the hook in her tongue.


Ray handed a length of line to Wilbur who proceeded to bind Dexy’s wrists together tightly behind her back. Then, casually whistling through his teeth as if he was out on a day's fishing, Ray began to thread a piece of line through the eyelets of each of the hooks attached to Dexy’s nipples. After tying them off, he added another length of line to the hook in her tongue, and then gatherign them together, he knotted them together at the other end.


“Okay, Red,” he said, as Dexy stared imploringly up at him with her lanced tongue poking out of her mouth “Let’s go for a little walk.”


He pulled back on the fishing line until it was taut, and then stepped back so that the strong nylon started to pull Dexy’s nipples forward. Dexy squealed, open-mouthed as the painful hooks tugged on her sensitive nipples and tongue.


“Come on, Red!” Ray said briskly.


Cheered on by the rest of the drunken men, Ray proceeded to lead Dexy around the room, her nipples and tongue stretched agonizingly forward as she wobbled awkwardly along on her knees. As she passed Robin, their eyes briefly met and the abject shame and misery in her friend’s eyes was plain to see. If Robin would have to bear the mental scars of this ordeal, then Dexy would be carrying a lot of physical ones to remind her of this terrible night – that was assuming of course, that they ever got out of this madhouse in one piece!


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