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  • Lorenzo Marks (Monday, December 04 23 08:34 pm EST)

    Check out the link to my page on the Literotica website. I have a short story on there called 'Rubberbound in the Boondocks' free to read. Keep an eye on that page for future short stories.

  • Lorenzo Marks (Friday, November 24 23 06:44 pm EST)

    'Res Publica: Isabel's Medical Exam' is up and running - available at the usual bookstores. My next project is tentatively titled 'Dirty Old Neighbor'. Self-explanatory, I think! But if anybody has any ideas I might like to incorporate into the new book, please feel fee to send me an email.

  • Lorenzo Marks (Thursday, November 16 23 07:13 pm EST)

    Thanks, bswot. Yeah that's what I had in my mind when I created those secondary characters. Plenty of options for spin-off series'. Helen could be fun. I'll put her on my to-do list!

  • bswot (Thursday, November 16 23 04:51 pm EST)

    I don't have any juicy ideas, but I would love to read more about the characters from Apex stories. Helen's story seemed like it was just getting started. The isolation of characters from each other in their separate books and then having them meet each other in crossover books is really hot.

  • Lorenzo Marks (Sunday, November 05 23 09:57 pm EST)

    Hi there!

    First bit of news - I am just applying the finishing touches to my latest Res Publica novella: Isabel's Medical Exam.

    Coming soon!

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