Lorenzo Marks' Deviant Tales
Lorenzo Marks'Deviant Tales 

Alisha Goes Back to Work

Part Two

Lorenzo Marks

Copyright 2021 Lorenzo Marks

All rights reserved

All characters in this book have no existence outside the imagination of the author and have no relation whatsoever to anyone bearing the same name or names.

Many thanks to Regressednegress for her imaginative contributions to this story.


Chapter One

Alisha Royce, the former rising star at the law firm of Bale, Thomas and Farringdon, leaned on her broomstick and gazed mournfully at her reflection in the gazebo window. Even though it was now becoming clear that they had no intention of ever letting her go, Alisha would never be able to come to terms with what they were turning her into.

Before leaving for the city center that morning, Linda Richardson, her latest overseer, had dressed Alisha in a drab, cotton frock—the thin material clinging to her enormous breasts and doing little to hide the protuberant points of her perpetually erect nipples—and kept her barefoot except for the obedience bracelet locked around her left ankle.

Alisha reluctantly looked up at her own face—at the nose ring, the cheek studs, and the rings in her earlobes—and impulsively opened her mouth to examine the two uncomfortably large studs embedded in her tongue.

She wasn’t sure why they were disfiguring her with this facial jewelry—except of course, to humiliate her for their entertainment—but as degrading as these crude ornaments were, it was still Alisha’s shaven head that pained her the most. Before her enslavement, Alisha had been so proud of her luxurious tresses, reveling in the admiring and envious looks she had received from her work colleagues—and of all the things they had taken from her over the past few weeks, her lovely hair had been her most precious physical attribute.

Precious. Alisha almost allowed herself to ruefully smile at the word. The slave name that Gretchen—her one time work rival and then former mistress—had so cruelly bestowed upon her.

But at least Gretchen had allowed Alisha to cover her baldness in public with a variety of wigs—albeit comical and ugly. This morning however, Linda had chosen to deny Alisha’s request for one of the wigs, leaving her bald and exposed as she went about her cleaning chores—almost but not quite bald, because there remained two tufts of frizzy hair above each ear and a similar patch on the crown of her head. For a college educated city girl, Alisha now resembled a cross between an African tribal dancer and a Southern States plantation slave!

She heard voices and quickly resumed sweeping, because although Linda was her new boss, Alisha was also under the de facto control of all the other residents of Lakeside Gardens and she didn’t want to risk punishment by being lazy.

There were two personalities jostling for prime position in Alisha’s mind these days—one of them was the old Alisha Royce, the sexy, ambitious and self-confident law intern, and the other was Precious, the timid, nigger slave girl—and they alternated as the dominant presence in her mind, Alisha herself no more than a helpless observer, which both confused and frightened her. Was this apparent split-personality disorder an indication that she was starting to go mad?

As the voices grew nearer, Precious assumed control, and she hurriedly scooped up her little pile of leaves and dropped them into a wicker trash basket. When she straightened up, she saw Eric and Michelle Stanton coming toward her, and the muscles in her stomach tightened. Even though they had yet to be introduced, she could already sense that these two self-entitled brats spelled trouble!

“Oh, look! It’s our new gardener!” Michelle Stanton snickered. “The dancing jigaboo from the barbecue!”

Alisha’s nostrils flared as her other persona tried to force her way forward.

“Precious, right?” Eric Stanton said with a sneer. “You got any gear on you?”

At first, Alisha didn’t understand him, but then she remembered the fake story that Mr. Van Hook had cooked up about her being a convicted drug dealer.

“M-Me? N-No!” she stammered.

“It’s okay, we won’t tell on you,” Eric grinned as he checked out Alisha’s massive bustline.

“R-Really, I don’t have any,” Alisha weakly mumbled.

“Are you sure you’re not hiding anything under that ugly frock?” Eric chuckled.

Alisha shook her head and lowered her eyes. These were just a couple of stupid white teenagers, but they had already succeeded in making her feel foolish.

“Is it true what Gretchen told us?” Michelle said. “You have to do whatever we tell you?”

That was indeed true even though Gretchen was now nowhere to be found, her apartment standing empty—but Linda Richardson hadn’t said anything to the contrary, so Alisha guessed the same rules still applied. Even so, she wasn’t about to let these two young bullies know that, so she remained silent.

“Well, let’s find out,” said Eric, still greedily ogling Alisha’s chest. “I want to know if you are hiding any drugs on you.”

Alisha stared at him, aghast.

“I promise, I’m not!”

“Prove it,” Eric smirked. “Take your dress off.”

Alisha looked frantically around for some assistance, but it was just the three of them.

Eric said, “If you don’t do what I say, I’ll tell my parents that you tried to sell us drugs—and then you’ll be in deep shit.”

Alisha didn’t move. Even though they had already seen her dancing naked at the barbecue, she simply couldn’t bring herself to raise her frock for them. It wasn’t just the embarrassment of standing nude in front of these obnoxious white youths—it was the capitulation of having to strip on command.

The old Alisha finally burst through and she raised her chin defiantly.

“If you want to look for drugs, you’ll have to do it yourself!”

Eric’s cocky grin wavered.

“You’ll go to jail if I tell on you,” he said weakly.

Given Alisha’s miserable existence right now, jail actually sounded preferable—but she knew she wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

“I don’t care,” she shrugged. “It will be your word against mine—and besides, you’re not the boss of me!”

Eric opened his mouth but no words came out and Alisha felt a thrilling buzz from this minor victory.

Michelle Stanton gave her a contemptuous look.

“So we’ll go speak to Gretchen,” she said. “We’ll tell her you disobeyed orders and then watch while she punishes you.”

A little voice told Alisha that she had already taken this rebellion far enough, but having started, she felt compelled to keep going.

“Gretchen doesn’t live here anymore,” she said.

Michelle glanced up at the empty apartment Number Two.

“So do you live there alone?”

Alisha couldn’t help herself. “Yes, the firm has decided that I can take care of myself now.”

She knew she was most likely digging herself a hole with her lies, but maybe these two morons would buy it and let her be.

Eric found his voice again. “But the letter says you are dangerous and that somebody has to watch you all the time.”

This guy is such a wimp!

“Well, it’s true that I’m dangerous,” Alisha said. “But you don’t have to worry—I won’t hurt you.”

She held eye contact and Eric looked away. Was the prick suddenly afraid of her?

She waited while they struggled to process this unexpected turnabout. Just a few seconds ago, she had been a terrified slave girl—but now she was a predator in their midst! Even Alisha didn’t know where all this had come from, but she was feeling better about herself than she had in weeks.

“So, are we done here?” Alisha said. “I have work to do.”

Michelle narrowed her eyes, and said, “I’m gonna speak to my mom and dad about this. The letter said you weren’t going to give us any trouble.”

Alisha raised her broomstick and took a step forward making them both start.

In her best plantation nigger voice, Alisha said, “I told you already—you don’t bother me, I don’t bother you.”

Eric took one last glance at Alisha’s bust and said, “Come on, Michelle. Let’s go. She’s a fucking black freak!”

Michelle glared at Alisha but she held her gaze—and it felt good.

Michelle said, “I’m still going to speak to—”

Just then Alisha felt a juddering pulse up her left leg and she turned around half-expecting to see Gretchen standing behind her, but instead, Linda Richardson was striding across the parking lot with her smartphone in her hand—and the wind instantly went out of Alisha’s sails.




“Hi guys,” Linda said. “We haven’t been formally introduced, but I already met your mother at the barbecue—I’m Linda and I just moved into Number Seven.”

The sullen teenagers greeted her cautiously while Alisha rubbed her leg and looked down at her bare feet. Linda had only just received the obedience bracelet app and she hadn’t had time to familiarize itself with all the details—but the test zap she just sent from the parking lot seemed to have worked well enough!

“I see you have been getting acquainted with Precious,” Linda went on. “I trust she has been behaving herself.”

“Actually, she was being pretty rude to us,” Michelle said.

“Rude?” Linda said. “In what way?”

“She threatened us,” Michelle said.


“And she tried to sell us drugs,” said Eric.

Unless he was talking about the suppositories, Linda knew that couldn’t be true, but she sensed these two kids were very wary of Alisha, which was interesting. From what she had observed so far, Linda had assumed that Alisha was emotionally broken after her stay at the farm. But maybe not. Before her enforced sabbatical, Alisha had been a smooth operator around the office, using both her looks and intelligence to stand out from the crowd. What if her old personality had remained intact and she had been fooling them all along?

“How did she threaten you?” Linda said.

“She said she would hurt us if we didn’t leave her alone,” Michelle said.

“And we weren’t doing anything to her anyway,” Eric said.

“Gretchen said she wasn’t going to be a problem around here,” Michelle added. “It was in the lawyers’ letter, too.”

Linda suspected these two delinquents were laying it on a bit, but that wasn’t important. This was a golden opportunity for Linda to establish her authority—and to find out just how effective this obedience device really was.

“Well, just so as you know, Gretchen has been transferred overseas, and I am supervising Precious now,” she said.

Michelle looked at her. “So she’s living with you?”

“That’s right.”

“So she lied about that,” Michelle smirked. “She told us she was living alone in Gretchen’s place.”

Well, well! Aren’t you just the dark horse, Alisha Royce?

“Then I must apologize for Precious’ behavior,” Linda said. “I thought she could be trusted here on her own—but it seems not.”

Alisha, who had been listening to this exchange with her head down, now muttered, “I didn’t do anything, Mistress Linda.”

Linda was surprised and pleased with the unexpected honorific, but she couldn’t afford to show it. Truth be told, she had always been enamored by this young black beauty—now even more so with her new body modifications—but having engineered Gretchen’s rapid demise, Linda absolutely had to show Mr. Van Hook that she was the boss.

“You can’t expect me to take your word for it,” Linda said. “You are a convicted felon, and these fine young people live here. The company promised this community that you would behave yourself, and it has now become my job to make sure that you do.”

Alisha shuffled her bare feet and stayed silent despite her obvious inner turmoil. Clearly the shock from the obedience bracelet had made its mark. Linda felt herself getting damp between the legs as she fully comprehended the absolute power she now held over her new black slave! With just a simple tap on her phone screen, she could make Alisha do anything she wanted!

She looked at the Stanton siblings and said, “Do you have time to help me punish Precious?”

Eric looked at Alisha’s bust and swallowed. “You mean like, watch?”

“No, I mean participate. In fact, you can choose her punishment, if you like.”

Now Alisha looked up, wide-eyed. “No, Mistress Linda! Not in front of them! Punish me inside your apartment! Please!”

Linda’s belly throbbed with pleasure. This had to be Alisha’s worst nightmare. She had clearly just mouthed off to these white teenagers, and now they were going to be given free rein to hurt and humiliate her—and there was absolutely nothing she could do about it!



Chapter Two

“Take off the dress,” said Eric.

Avoiding his eyes, Alisha remained still. She wouldn’t strip for him—she couldn’t! Just a few minutes ago, she had had the beating of this stupid white boy, but now, thanks to Linda and the infernal obedience bracelet, Eric had instantly regained his confidence.

“I would advise you to do as Eric says,” Linda warned her.

Alisha didn’t move. She had been in this no-win situation so many times now that she knew her resistance would only make things worse, but she couldn’t help herself. She looked away from Michelle’s smirking face and braced herself for the coming shock. Maybe she could somehow withstand the pain. Wouldn’t that be something? What would these arrogant white folk do then?

But when the agonizing electrical spike shot up her leg and through her body, all thoughts of disobedience evaporated. Before she even knew what had happened, she was lying on the ground with her back arched and her mouth stretched wide open in a soundless scream.

“Oops! I think I must have set the gauge a little too high!” Linda said with a slightly nervous giggle.

As the pain subsided, Alisha opened her eyes and saw Linda peering down at her.

“Are you okay, Precious?”

Of course I’m not okay! How could I be okay with any of this?

“Can you stand?” Linda said.

For a fleeting moment, Alisha sensed an opportunity to get out of this. She could feign injury! Linda had gone too far! Mr. Van Hook would most likely be furious with her! Maybe he would fire Linda and assign Yasmin as Alisha’s new guardian!

Alisha groaned and shook her head.

Linda narrowed her eyes.

“Okay then, I’d better call for help.”

Alisha watched her scroll through her phone, half expecting another shock, but instead Linda held her phone to her ear.

“Are you calling the medics?” Alisha said.

“No, I’m calling Mr. Higgins.”

Alisha propped herself up on her elbows.

“Mr. Higgins?”

“That’s correct,” Linda said. “I have been instructed to call him in case of an emergency—and I assume that is what this is?”

“N-No! I think I’ll be okay!” Alisha said, struggling to her feet.

Linda lowered her phone.

“Well, then—are you now ready to commence with your punishment?”

Alisha let out a low sigh of defeat and took hold of the hem of her frock. She gripped the cotton material in her fists and tried to summon up the courage to continue. She reminded herself that they had all seen her naked before anyway, but still she was unable to lift her arms. She chided herself for displaying her reluctance which would only heighten their amusement. She could do this. After all, it was hardly a new scenario. She had bared all for her many white tormentors so many times now that she had lost count.

She had a sudden flashback to the first time she had been forced to strip naked in front of a stranger—the day she had been summoned to Darius Nash’s house. Now she recalled that terrible moment in graphic detail—the beginning of her journey into hell. She remembered how she had been physically unable to raise her sweater as the old pervert had counted to three. Only when he had moved to send the blackmail images to her employers had she hurriedly complied. Standing before him in her jeans and bra, the sick bastard had made her suffer even further by quizzing her about her background and personal life. When he had ordered her to remove her jeans, she had only been able to manage it by drawing upon her inner fury and contempt for him. Then, standing before him in just her underwear, Nash had delayed the inevitable by interrogating her further, probing into her mind and her soul. After making her remove her panties, he had ordered her to place her hands behind her head, showing a bizarre interest in her then-smooth armpits. Then he had forced her to remove her bra and he had produced the painful nipple clamps attached to a metal chain that he had made her clench between her teeth. Next, holding her breasts up by her teeth, she had been marched naked out to his back yard where her former friend, Annabel, had been on gardening duty wearing nothing but a revealing swimsuit—and by the time that terrible day was over, Alisha’s life would never be the same again.

Now the same sense of outrage and disgust revisited her as she finally raised her frock up to her waist, exposing her thick and untidy pubic bush. Michelle tittered and Eric’s mouth hung open. Alisha paused with her frock bunched up beneath her mammoth breasts.

“Get on with it, Precious,” Linda said. “We all have things to do today.”

Alisha pulled the cotton material forward and her breasts bounced freely in the cool air. Then she worked her arms through the sleeve holes, pulled the frock over her head, and lowered her arms to the side. Here she was again, standing naked in front of the smiling white people. She had been forced to do this so many times that it should have become second nature by now—so why wasn’t it?

“Oh, look—she has nipple rings too!” Michelle giggled.

Alisha wanted to close her eyes but that would merely show them her shame, and she didn’t want to give them that. She couldn’t bring herself to look at them however, so she fixed her gaze a foot above their heads and set her jaw.

“So how would you guys like to punish Precious?” Linda said.

There was a pause and Alisha braced herself for the answer.

Then Eric said, “Well, first we want to know where she is hiding her drugs.”

“So go ahead and tell her what to do,” Linda said. “She will obey you now.”

Eric cleared his throat. “Precious, I’m going to check you for illegal drugs now. I want you to stand with your legs apart and your arms out wide—and put your shoulders back and push your chest out!”

Alisha looked up at the sky as she adopted the demeaning pose. She had totally lost this battle now—all she could do was try not to give them to pleasure of crying in front of them. She wavered on unsteady legs for a moment, wondering how long she was going to have to stand like this.

“Her underarms are as hairy as her pussy!” Michelle tittered.

Linda said, “Well, aren’t you going to search her, Eric?”

Eric swallowed and stepped forward, and in spite of herself, Alisha watched as he took hold of her nipple rings. She felt the panic rising in her gut as he slowly pulled, lifting her heavy breasts away from her body and stretching out her nipples—she had learned that it didn’t take a lot of stimulation to start her lactating these days!

Eric continued to raise her breasts until they were blocking her view of him—and to her horror, the pain in her nipples was triggering a rather pleasant effect between her legs! She let out a soft gargling sound from the back of her throat as saliva trickled down her chin.

“Damn, these jugs weigh a ton!” Eric said. “Do you see anything under there, Michelle?”

“Nope,” Michelle said. “Maybe you should check inside her mouth.”

Eric let Alisha’s breasts fall back down with a slap, and Alisha gasped at the sweet throbbing sensation in her nipples.

“You heard Michelle,” Linda said. “Open up and stick out your tongue.”

What? I am not letting this douche bag look inside my mouth!

Alisha kept her lips firmly pressed together.

“Or would you like another zap?’ Linda said.

Alisha wanted to scream with frustration, but there was no way she could tolerate that pain again, so she parted her lips.

“Wider,” Linda said.

Hating herself, Alisha did as she was told and now she felt Eric’s hot breath on her tongue as he peered inside. Somehow, this made her feel more defiled than having to strip naked.

“Nothing here either,” Eric said, stepping away.

“Well, maybe she’s hidden them in her arm hair,” Michelle suggested.

You evil little bitch! Alisha thought. You’re just having so much fun with this, aren’t you?

Eric grinned and picked up the discarded broomstick. It was all Alisha could do to keep her arms out wide as he poked at her thick underarm air with the prickly bristles—but that was the least of her problems, right now!

“What’s that white stuff coming from the ends of her nipples?” Eric said.

Alisha already knew what it was—and she let out a whimper of dismay.

“It’s her milk, stupid!” Michelle laughed. “She’s lactating!”

Now Alisha prepared herself for the worst. She painfully recalled the pleasure the Johnson boys had taken from making her squirt for them up on the farm. Although she had been put through some far more painful and demeaning ordeals, the very idea of another person stealing her own bodily produced milk still seemed the worst violation of all!

But Eric didn’t suck on her seeping nipples. Instead, he pointed the bristles of the broom at them and began to lightly scratch away, alternating left and right.

Alisha sucked air in between her teeth as she felt herself getting wet between the legs. She just knew this was going to happen! They had totally fucked up her body, and it seemed that the more ashamed she felt, the more aroused she became!

Eric began to prod at her nipples, holding the broomstick over his shoulder like a javelin. Alisha began to moan, the prickling irritation mingling with sexual arousal as she felt her breasts leaking.

“I think she’s actually enjoying this!” Michelle chuckled. “Just look at her!”

Alisha most certainly was not enjoying it—at least on an emotional level. But she couldn’t deny the carnal pleasure that was flooding through her body—nor could she hide it! Eric stepped back and everyone stared in amazement at the gooey white strings of breast milk connecting Alisha’s nipples to the broom bristles.

What the hell is going on inside of my body? That looks more like cream than milk!

Linda said, “Eric, isn’t there one obvious place that you haven’t checked?”

With a pronounced bulge in his pants, Eric pointed the broom at Alisha’s crotch.

“You won’t be able to check her very well from that angle,” Linda said. “Precious, turn around and bend over and place your hands on the ground.”

Relieved that she no longer had to face her tormentors, but fearful of what they would do to her next, Alisha adopted the obscene pose.

“Part your thighs,” Linda said.

Groaning inwardly, Alisha complied.

“Oh, my God!” Michelle exclaimed. “She’s soaking wet! I told you she is enjoying this!”

Alisha could have died on the spot! There was no point in trying to refute it—as mortified as she was, she was almost at the point of orgasm! She tensed herself for the jabbing bristles, willing herself to do everything in her power to maintain some kind of self-control.

But instead of pricking, she felt probing—something thicker, more solid.

Oh fuck, he’s using the other end!

Because her enormous dripping breasts were obscuring her view, Alisha couldn’t see him between her parted legs, but it was quickly becoming apparent to her that Eric was parting her labia with the broom handle, and she let out a gasp as he began to work it inside her.

This isn’t happening! Is he fucking me with the broom?

“Do you feel anything up there, Eric?” Linda said.

“Nope,” Eric said.

“Precious, why don’t you give Eric some help? Push back.”

Huh? Now you want me to fuck myself?

Alisha had no idea how much of the smooth wooden staff was inside her, but she did know that the slightest movement might trigger her off. She stayed stock-still, braced on her arms with her legs spread wide, terrified of the impeding sexual explosion that was building within her—but as usual, she was ultimately left with no choice.

“Push back, Precious,” Linda said. “Or else—”

There could be no or else. Alisha inched backward and a little flutter of delight trembled her thighs. She opened her eyes wide and focused on a brown leaf in front of her, trying to take her mind away from the crescendo building between her legs.

“I think you can take another inch or two,” Linda said.

Alisha tensed her legs and pushed.

I must not come! I must not come!

She came.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!”

Her knees buckled and she collapsed onto the grass, her seeping breasts squashed out to the sides and her lips pressed against the dead leaf.

“What a total mess!” Michelle said.

As she descended from her climax, Alisha was quickly awash with the usual feelings of guilt and shame, her snot and saliva pooling in the leaf.

“But I don’t think she’s really been punished yet,” Linda said. “If anything, I’d say she looks like she’s just been rewarded.”

“Maybe she should keep the broom inside her pussy to finish up her sweeping,” Michelle suggested.

“There’s milky stuff all over the bristles,” Eric said.

“And pussy juice dripping down the handle,” Linda chuckled. “She can’t use that anymore—she’s ruined it. But there are still plenty more leaves to sweep up.”

Michelle squatted down and Alisha looked at the girl’s brand-new running shoes. Alisha used to own a pair just like them—back in the days before she was forced to go barefoot most of the time.

“So she stays down on all fours and uses her teeth,” Michelle said.

You spiteful bitch! Haven’t you had enough fun already?

“Precious, you heard Michelle,” Linda said. “Pick it up.”

After everything, Alisha kept on telling herself that there was nothing more that they could do to her, that it could never get any worse—but it always did. Vaguely aware that somewhere deep inside her, the old Alisha was protesting vehemently, she opened her mouth and bit down on the leaf’s stem.

“Now take it to the waste basket,” Linda said.

Alisha shakily straightened her arms and crawled over to the wicker trash basket, conscious of electronic camera shutter sounds behind her. Michelle was recording the shaven headed, big breasted, black slave picking up dead leaves with her teeth! Where would those pictures end up? Did it even matter anymore?

“You’re not done until the lawn is clear,” Linda said.

Alisha looked around. She had swept up a lot of leaves but there were still a lot more to collect—they were falling all the time. With a weary heart, she began her degrading task, her tender nipples dragging on the grass as she crept around the lawn on her hands and knees, clasping the leaves between her teeth one by one and dropping them in the basket.

“Not such a tough drug dealer now, are you?” Eric sneered.

Alisha bristled but kept her head down. She could most likely beat this puny white kid in a fair stand up fight—but fair had nothing to do with this. She was experiencing the same cruel injustice as her ancestors once had in the cotton fields—and there was nothing she could do about it!

After a few minutes, Michelle said, “This could take forever, and I want to hit the mall.”

“We could check on her when we get back,” Eric said.

“Yeah, but there are more leaves falling all the time—I think she should clear the swimming pool first.”

With a leaf in her mouth, Alisha froze. It was the beginning of fall and although they hadn’t covered the pool yet, the water was already too cold for people to use with any enjoyment.

“You want her to get in there naked?” Eric giggled.

“Why not? Her job is to clear all the leaves, right?” Michelle said.

“That’s right,” said Linda. “Off you go, Precious—get in.”

Alisha dropped the leaf into the basket, and then reluctantly set off toward the pool deck. When she reached the shallow end, she hesitated. The pump was turned off and the still surface was speckled with red, orange and brown leaves. This could take a very long time indeed!

She took a deep a breath and lowered her arms onto the sun shelf, allowing her breasts to sink under the surface.


The water was icy!

Dallying would only prolong the agony, so Alisha took another deep breath and shuffled forward, letting her knees slip over the side and then she was in, her chin raised just out of the water. She let out a series of deep huffs as she absorbed the shock of the cold.

Linda, Michelle and Eric were now lined up at the edge of the pool looking down at her.

“You can stand or swim if you like, but all the leaves must be gone by the time I get back,” Linda said.

“D-Do I still have to get them with my teeth?” Alisha asked.

“Of course. That is the punishment that Michelle has set for you,” Linda said.

Alisha glanced across at the wicker basket on the lawn. That would mean crawling back and forth across the grass, naked and wet in the cool breeze—dozens of times! There would once have been a time when she would have worried about hypothermia, but even though the water was already chilling her to the bone, she knew that was unlikely to happen. There was something in the drug cocktail they were feeding her that was keeping her physically strong and resilient. This was by design. They weren’t trying to help her—they just wanted her to keep going so that they could prolong her torture.

Alisha was already starting to shiver and her skin was covered with goose bumps. It seemed that her tormentors intended to stay and watch her make a start, so she figured the only course of action was to get moving. She slipped off the sun shelf and waded toward the deep end. As she approached a large yellow leaf, she crouched down so that her mouth was at the water line. Unfortunately, her huge breasts were floating ahead of her, and the leaf bobbed just out of reach. Alisha leaned forward in the cold water until she managed to catch it between her teeth. Then she straightened up and turned toward the shallow end.

Michelle lowered her phone and said, “I don’t think there is any point in her going back and forth to the trash basket. She’ll be there all night.”

A mean smile crept across Linda’s face. “So what do you suggest?”

“She should stay in the pool—and eat the leaves,” Michelle said.

With the leave hanging from her mouth Alisha stared at them in disbelief.

You have got to be kidding!

“That makes sense,” Linda said. “You heard Michelle, Precious. Eat it.”

Alisha wasn’t sure what would happen if Linda activated the electric shock app while she was still in the water, but she certainly had no intention of finding out, so she pulled the damp leaf into her mouth and began to chew. The leaf tasted like dirt, but Alisha managed to pulp it in her mouth and then she swallowed.

“I can’t believe she just ate that!” Eric chuckled.

Neither could Alisha.

“Okay guys,” Linda said. “I have to get going.”

“So do we,” Michelle said. “Enjoy your day, Precious!”

Alisha watched them head toward the gate and then turned back to the pool. There had to be fifty or more leaves floating around here. Teeth chattering, she ducked down and caught another one between her teeth. As she started to chew on it, she watched another leaf fall from a tree and settle on the surface.



Chapter Three

Martin Price, junior partner at the prestigious law firm of Bale, Thomas and Farringdon, opened his eyes and looked around at an unfamiliar bedroom. It took him a second to remember where he was—apartment Number One, Lakeside Gardens.

He was in bed with Brandie and Juanita, who were now sleeping on either side of him after a night of crude sex. A threesome! And the fact that these girls were bisexual had made his real-life sex fantasy that much more exquisite! Only a couple of months ago, Martin would never have dreamed that he possessed the courage to bed two hot, young college students like this—but that was before his enforced visit to Jacob Johnson’s farm. There he had discovered the fleshly delights of his two most prized interns, Gretchen and Alisha, and after that indecent episode, his outlook had changed completely and irreversibly. His formerly high moral standards had been stripped away. He was no longer the virtuous and conscientious man that his parents had raised. And he didn’t care.

He looked down at his torso, his cock laying semi-erect on his muscled stomach, and compared his color with the two naked girls. His ebony skin was the darkest while Brandie’s was a lighter mocha shade, and Juanita’s had the copper tone prevalent among her Hispanic race. They blended well, like a triple chocolate ice cream. And they were a good fit—in more ways than one.

Martin gently eased himself down the bed, trying not to wake these two sleeping beauties. Brandie snorted and rolled over, wrapping her leg over Juanita, and Martin’s cock stirred. He knew he would be allowed to rouse them to pleasure him again if he wished, but he resisted the urge. Plenty more time for that. He slipped into one of the girls’ toweling bath robes that smelled of summer flowers and went downstairs.

The debris from their private party was scattered all around, half empty wine glasses on the kitchen counter, white powder on the glass coffee table, discarded underwear on the carpet, tubes of lube, a rabbit vibrator. In the cold light of morning, Martin still felt a twinge of guilt at what he had become, a residue of his former self, but in mitigation he told himself that he hadn’t asked for this new and decadent lifestyle, and that Van Hook was entirely to blame for his corruption. Martin had been ordered to go to the farm and when he had seen what they had done to Alisha, his initial reaction had been shock and disgust—but could he truly exonerate himself for what he had done since?

He shrugged and turned on the coffee machine. What the hell did it matter? He was here now. Over the past couple of months, he had seen and done things of a despicable nature that he would once never have imagined himself capable. And it was all with the blessing of his all-powerful employer. It seemed that the further into the sewer Martin slipped, the happier Van Hook became.

Martin had long since concluded that he was embroiled in some kind of depraved social experiment, and he no longer had the will to question why. His professional future was now secured and he was fucking two hot college girls—but he had sold his soul to the devil.

A light knocking on the front door pulled him from his reverie and he stopped what he was doing and waited. This wasn’t his home and he wasn’t really supposed to be here. What if it was Linda Richardson? News of his little menage a trois would be rife at the office within hours! He considered creeping back upstairs and waking one of the girls but immediately chided himself for his timidity.

Nevertheless, he decided to wait. Maybe it wasn’t important.

There was another little tap at the door.

Come on, man! Grow a pair! So what if people find out! You are protected by your rich white boss, remember?

Martin pulled the undersize robe around him, tied the belt, and opened the door—and his jaw dropped. He hadn’t exactly forgotten about Alisha recently—after what they had been through, that was unlikely to ever happen—but she was the last person he expected to see standing on the front porch. And from the wide-eyed expression on Alisha’s face, she must have been feeling exactly the same way!



“What are you—?”

“—doing here?”

After his initial surprise, Martin looked her up and down. She was wearing a saucy French maid costume—the kind of thing worn to a fancy dress party—and a wig of black straight hair with a white cap placed on top. The dress was also black with white frills, and extremely low cut and short, and she wore a white garter around her right thigh. She had high black pumps on her feet, with the silver bracelet still locked around her left ankle. At her feet was a basket full of cleaning supplies.

Martin looked back up at her huge breasts straining at the dress, and he was instantly reminded of his previous milk drinking experiences with her which made his cock automatically stiffen. He had no idea what it was about Alisha’s enhanced jugs, but every time he laid eyes on them he was totally captivated. He had since surmised that there was a highly addictive element to the drugs that they had been feeding her and that it had been passed on to him when he had been forced to suck on her nipples. What he wasn’t prepared for was the powerful effect it was having on him even after a night of sex with Brandie and Juanita!

“I-I’m supposed to clean this apartment today—” Alisha began, but then her eyes dropped to his crotch, and she took a step backward.

Martin looked down and saw that his erect penis had popped out of the front of the bathrobe!

He tucked it back inside and crossed his legs to trap it. Oddly, he didn’t feel embarrassed by his rude display of arousal. Instead, he stepped to one side and said, “Well, you’d better come in then.”

Alisha hesitated and then picked up her cleaning basket. Martin went inside first, realizing that keeping his throbbing cock harnessed between his thighs was going to be a struggle. He sat on the couch and crossed his legs, feeling a bit ridiculous in the feminine bathrobe, but probably not as foolish as Alisha felt right now.

He watched her kick off her pumps and walk into the room, surveying the mess from the previous night. Despite her altered physical condition, Martin was surprised at how desirable she looked in her faux maid uniform. Over the course of the past few weeks, he had seen her at her very worst, unsightly body hair, shaved head, and bloated tits, but now she looked pretty good. It reminded him of how elegant and proud and just plain sexy she had been in the office before, and how hard he had fought to ignore his carnal desire for her. Now he was a different person—and so was she.

“The girls are still asleep,” Martin said.

Alisha surveyed the tell-tale debris, and then looked at him questioningly, still capable of conveying so much with those lustrous, dark eyes.

“Yes, I did have sex with them,” he said. “Both of them together, in fact.”

For a second, he sensed disapproval in her eyes, possibly even jealousy, and he liked that. It was strange. He thought he was done with Alisha, but know he realized that her wanted her to care.

“That is none of my concern—sir,” Alisha said, raising her chin. “Should I begin cleaning now?”


Martin suppressed a grin. That was a glimpse of the old Alisha—and yes, she still cared!

“I was making coffee,” he said. “But you caught me unawares.”

Alisha glanced at the prominent bulge under his bathrobe and quickly looked back up at his face.

“Maybe you could pour me a cup,” Martin suggested.

Alisha looked at him as if she were about to say something, but then she went into the kitchenette. As she prepared his coffee, Martin regarded her shapely legs. Apart from her outrageously huge breasts, her body had basically retained its original shape. There was more muscle there now, her calves and thighs more clearly defined, but the dips and curves that had commanded so much male attention in the office were still plain to see.

She turned toward him and said, “Do you want sugar and cream?”

Martin’s eyes were back on her enormous bust which was now in profile.

How the hell does she manage to stay upright?

“Bring it over here,” he said.

Alisha picked up the coffee mug and approached him, tits wobbling, hips swaying, but with a look of confused innocence on her face. Martin’s cock popped out of the robe once again and this time he left it out there.

“Put it on the coffee table,” he said.

Alisha did as she was told, bending forward to give him a clear view of her cleavage.

“Now sit,” Martin said, gesturing to the coffee table in front of him.

Avoiding the end covered with the white powder, Alisha perched her ass on the glass table, sitting directly in front of Martin. He looked into her wide, inquiring eyes and remembered why he had once been so captivated by this intelligent and ambitious young law intern.

He said, “So, is this it?”

“Sorry—I don’t understand the question,” Alisha said.

Martin looked at the front of her maid uniform. There were three buttons running down the front.

“I mean, have you given up? Have you finally accepted a life of slavery?”

Now he got a hint of a reaction—an angry flash in her eyes, a slight quiver of her lips.

“I thought so,” Martin said. “I knew you were still in there, biding your time. But how are you going to escape?”

Alisha hesitated, and then said, “I thought you were going to help me.”

“Back on the farm?” Martin said. “I really wanted to.”

“Then why didn’t you?” Alisha said.

Martin sighed. “The truth? I sold you out. I had so much to gain and too much to lose—I would like to say I’m sorry, but now I know that I would do the same thing if I had to.”

There it was again, that old flash of venom in her eyes.

“What happened to you, Martin?” Alisha said.

Martin reached over and popped the top button on Alisha’s dress.

“I got corrupted,” he said. “I was overpowered by forces I couldn’t control.”

Alisha glanced down at her cleavage.

“I was in love with you,” she said.

Martin undid the second button, exposing more of her humongous breasts.

“I know,” he said. “And I wish things had turned out different.”

“Did you ever love me?” Alisha said.

Martin considered that question. Right now, with his cock standing to attention as he slowly undressed her, love wasn’t the first thing on his mind. He doubted he would ever be able to return to the morally upstanding man he once was, and yet he felt something stirring inside him. Alisha could have that effect on him, even now.

“I respected you,” Martin said. “And I still do.”

He opened the third button and parted the dress. There was a wire support built into the fabric, but no bra. He pulled the material out wider and Alisha’s mammoth breasts sprung out, defying gravity. Martin swallowed and stared at the metal rings piercing her elongated nipples.

“Ring pulls?” he said.

“Please don’t do this,” Alisha whimpered.

“You asked me if I wanted cream,” Martin said.

He was thinking now of the time he had first sucked on her teats back on the farm, under duress, hating every minute of it. But the next time, he had enjoyed it, and the time after that he had been hungry for it. He lightly pulled on Alisha’s left nipple and she let out a soft groan.

“Martin, no—”

He pulled harder and a sticky glob of white appeared on the tip. Martin stuck out his tongue and lapped at it, drawing it into his mouth, savoring the sweet and sour taste, and then gulping it down. His body remembered her and his upright cock twitched. He looked up and saw that Alisha had closed her eyes.

“It’s still just as delicious, so I think I’ll take some in my coffee,” he said, picking up the mug and holding it in front of her nipple. With his other hand, he pulled on the ring and Alisha gasped as her sticky milk spurted into the mug. He pulled again and Alisha bit down on her lip and emitted a little high-pitched whine.

He could see from the endearing little frown that knotted her brow how deeply conflicted she was—so clearly aroused, but so desperate not to be. Before all of this madness, when they had been work colleagues, she had tried so hard to impress him, not just professionally, but as a woman. Since then, he had borne witness to her total destruction and they both knew that they could never go back there—but it wasn’t that easy to block out the memories and she was obviously still grappling with the loss of what might have been.

Martin let go of her nipple ring and took hold of Alisha’s wrist. She opened her eyes and watched him uncertainly as he guided her hand toward his erect cock. When he let go of her wrist, she kept her fingers spread, her palm an inch away from his shaft. Martin eased back into the couch and sipped his coffee, keeping his eyes on Alisha’s troubled face. He could feel the heat coming off her but of course she had never intended it to be like this.


Alisha closed her fingers around his cock and began to slowly pump him. He groaned and looked up at the ceiling and then closed his eyes. Her aphrodisiac milk was powerful and fast-acting and his cock felt like iron under her nimble fingers!

He came fast with a low grunt and dropped the coffee cup, hearing it shatter on the tiled floor. Panting, he sat upright and looked at Alisha. She was still holding his cock, his semen dribbling over her fingers, but she was looking over his shoulder with wide eyes. Martin turned and saw Brandie, wearing nothing but a bath towel. She looked at the broken cup on the floor and then at Martin’s glistening cockhead poking up through Alisha’s sticky fist.

“Oh dear, Precious,” Brandie said. “I thought you were supposed to be cleaning up the mess—not adding to it.”

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