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Chapter One


It all seemed so unfair, but then again, Lily’s whole life—all eighteen years of it—had so far been stacked against her. Deserted by her single mother as a baby, she had bounced between a number of children’s homes before finally finding a foster mother who had provided Lily with several years of love and guidance before succumbing to an untimely stroke. Due to what could only have been an administrative error, the Children’s Bureau had temporarily placed her in a residential center that specialized in rehabilitating troubled girls, and driven primarily by a need to belong, Lily had somehow gotten hooked up with the wrong two people.


Whereas Lily, who had never knowingly broken any rules in her life, was clearly in the wrong place, Jackie and Nicole, with their tattoos and general ‘swag’, were constantly testing the limits of the home manager and her staff, and although she was a little afraid of these rebellious girls, Lily had found herself drawn to their confidence and in-your-face attitude. They were everything that she was not, and hurt by the way life had treated her so far, Lily guessed she had subconsciously wanted to emulate them. Looking back, it was now so obvious that they had only allowed her to hang with them out of amusement, and it was only a matter of time before they exploited her eagerness to please, leading directly to her current awful predicament.


Mrs. Dodds was a kindly old widow who helped around the center and genuinely seemed to care for the girls, and even months later, Lily still didn’t understand the reason behind the firework prank. Jackie and Nicole had told her it was a ‘rite of passage’ and that if she truly wanted to be a part of their gang, she would have to demonstrate her dark side to them. Seeing the obvious potential for disaster, Lily had balked at the last minute—much to the derision of the other two—and to Lily’s dismay, Jackie had angrily grabbed the illegal firecracker and lit it while the old woman had been pottering around in the kitchen.


The rest of that episode had been a bit of a blur. While her two ‘co-conspirators’ made their well-planned getaway, Lily had tried to warn Mrs. Dodds, but too late, the bomb had gone off with an earsplitting bang, causing the poor old woman to suffer a fatal heart attack.


Despite her protestations, Lily’s claims of innocence had fallen on deaf ears. She was the only one standing outside the kitchen when everyone had arrived at the scene, and after two other girls had corroborated Jackie and Nicole’s testimony that they had seen her with the firework beforehand, the police had been called in.


During her closed trial, it had gradually become clear to the judge that he was not dealing with a hardened criminal in Lily, but such was the simmering sense of outrage in the small town that an example had to be made. The judge had been as lenient as the circumstances would allow but Lily still ended up with a five-year suspended sentence hanging over her head.


Five years! How would someone as timid and sensitive as Lily ever survive that? The judge must have been thinking the same thing, because as it turned out, Lily was given a reprieve from her sentence provided she completed two years of ‘supervised employment’, after which she would be free to find her own place of work. It sounded like an excellent alternative to Lily, although her probation officer had left her with a stern caveat. “Just make sure you do as you are told and keep your nose clean. And above all stay out of trouble, because if at any time your employer reports back to me unfavorably, your prison sentence will still be waiting for you!”


There was no way Lily could ever handle jail time, so here she now was, standing in the parking lot out back of Benny’s Department Store, where she had been assigned to work for the next two years. It was seven in the morning, an hour before the store was due to open, and as instructed, she walked through the open doors of the loading bay in search of the stairs to the administration offices.


Inside, three men were unloading a delivery van, and Lily hurried self-consciously past hoping they wouldn’t notice her. Unfortunately they did, and immediately stopped what they were doing as one of them called out, “Hey there, honey! Are you lost?”


Head down, Lily kept on going, but the guy shouted a little louder, “Didn’t you hear me, sweetheart? Come on over here!”


Unable to keep ignoring him without appearing rude, Lily stopped and reluctantly turned around. Ordinarily she wouldn’t have given these three losers the time of day, but the last thing she wanted to do was upset anybody, so when the fat guy with the beard hooked his finger at her she shuffled warily over to him.


“What are you doing in here, hun?” he asked, looking her up and down appreciatively. “Don’t you know this area is restricted to personnel only?”


“I-I’m looking for the general manager’s office,” Lily said in a softer voice than she had intended.


“The big boss? You starting work here?”


Lily nodded uneasily under the insolent gaze of the three workmen. She was wearing a jacket over her t-shirt and jeans, but from the way they were ogling her, her attire still felt somewhat inadequate.


Ever since her body had begun its transition into womanhood a couple of years previously, Lily had become increasingly self-conscious about it. The problem for her hadn’t been the anticipated physical changes, but rather the lack of them. As her female peers had begun to fill out in all the usual places, Lily’s body had stubbornly resisted the biological alterations that she had been told would happen until she was well into her teens. Eventually, her hips had finally flared out, her ass had grown a bit, and she had developed a pair of boobs that had made up for lost time and ended up surprisingly large for her slender frame. A considerable nest of hair had grown almost overnight between her thighs as well, and yet her relief that she was physically normal was always tempered by an uncomfortable awareness that she hadn’t quite reached maturity at the same rate her school friends had.


She figured she must have turned out okay because boys looked at her at lot, but she also had this uneasy feeling that their observations weren’t altogether healthy – and the way these three men were now leering at her only confirmed this suspicion.


“Are you sure?” the fat guy chuckled. “You look like you should be in school!”


Resisting the urge to simply turn her back and walk off, Lily said, “Can you please tell me which way to go?”


“Yes, I can. But first I think we should introduce ourselves if we’re going to be working together. What’s your name, dear?”


In a store with over a hundred employees, Lily felt there was a good chance she wouldn’t have to bump into these three oafs too often, but still mindful of the need to be personable, she said softly, “It’s Lily.”


“Lily! What a lovely name! And so right for your cute little face, too! My name’s Walt, and this here is Aaron and Randy.”


Dumb-ass names for dumb-asses! Lily thought. So typical of the small-town hicks around here to revert to condescending remarks when they actually wanted to hit on her. Lily had spent a large part of her life on the other side of the tracks however, so she wasn’t overly shocked at their puerile behavior.


“It’s nice to meet you all,” she said indifferently. “So, which way do I go?”


“Just head over to that ramp in the corner, my lovely, and the stairs are on the other side of those glass doors,” Walt said with what he must have thought was a suggestive wink.


“Thanks,” Lily mumbled, and before she could say anything she might regret, she headed over to the doors. As she pulled on the handle, she heard Walt yell out, “See if you can get yourself assigned to the loading bay, Lily! We could do with some eye candy down here!”


Feeling their eyes boring into her back, Lily went inside, refusing to react even as they began to wolf-whistle at her. What pigs! she thought. I hope not every male in this store is going to be as blatantly sexist as that!


Lily ascended two flights of concrete stairs and found herself in a carpeted passageway with sets of doors on either side, and an elevator at the far end. She glanced at the document that her probation officer had given her and then checked out the signs on the doors.


On the left were the administration offices, from which emanated the smell of fresh coffee and the chatter of early morning office workers. She would much rather have just disappeared into a quiet corner in there, but her instructions were to see the General Manager in person.


Apparently it was the store owner himself who had agreed to give Lily the chance of avoiding jail, and she quickly located his name placard on a mahogany door nearby—Vic Benny, GM.


Lily swallowed and then turned the brass handle. She found herself in a small ante office where a matronly woman was seated behind a desk.


Peering over her glasses at Lily, she smiled warmly and said, “Hello my dear, how may I help you?”


“I’m here to see Mr. Benny,” Lily said, tentatively approaching the desk and handing over the court document. As she read, the secretary’s smile faded and her brow knitted into a frown. Eventually she looked up at Lily and said, “Ah yes. You’re the probationer. Not quite what I was expecting. You look more... innocent than I imagined.”


I am innocent! Lily thought irritably, but instead she just shifted self-consciously as the secretary stood up and, without offering Lily a seat, said, “Wait here.”


Just before the secretary went into the main office, she turned to Lily with a look of disdain and added, “I was acquainted with the Widow Dodds, and for what it’s worth, I think you should have gone to jail.”


But I didn't do anything to her! Lily silently protested as the secretary disappeared from view. Even though her case had made the local news, her actual trial had been relatively low key and for technical reasons she didn’t understand, there hadn’t been any pictures of Lily allowed in the news. It was for this reason that the secretary had been unaware of who Lily actually was until she had handed over her court papers. But it was her sudden shift in attitude that had taken Lily by surprise, and it served as a sharp reminder that as far as most people in town were concerned, she was guilty as charged. Mr. Benny knew all about her of course, which made Lily wonder, not for the first time, why exactly he was helping her. Her probation officer had told her that this was the only offer on the table, which is why it was imperative that she didn’t blow this chance to stay out of jail.


The secretary—whom Lily had by now identified from her desk nameplate as ‘Miriam’—returned to her seat, and without looking up from her laptop, coolly said, “Mr. Benny will see you now.”


Pausing briefly to ascertain that the conversation was now over, Lily walked hesitantly into Mr. Benny’s office. The first thing she noticed was the pungent smell of cigar smoke that hung in the air. The office was spacious and plush, and Mr. Benny was sitting behind a large oak desk, poring over Lily’s papers.


He let her stand there awkwardly for a minute or so before leaning back in his red leather chair and regarding her carefully. Lily tentatively glanced at her mysterious liberator. He was nothing special to look at, she thought at first. Middle-aged, thick around the waist, receding hairline, but he had a strong jaw and she observed that his eyes were very dark and calculating.


Finally, he said, “Lily Drew, eighteen years of age, with a five-year suspended sentence for involuntary manslaughter—and you’re innocent.”


He made this pronouncement so casually that she didn’t immediately take in what he had said, but then she quickly responded, “Y-Yes! That’s right! How did you know?"


“Well, first off,” he said, puffing on his cigar, “Jackie and Nicole, those two bitches you said were really to blame? I’ve known them since they were yea high. Definitely from the wrong side of the tracks, and never been up to any good. Second, I could tell straight away from your pictures that you’re not a punk. Look at you. Not a bad bone in your body. You’ve had a bum deal in life from day one, but somehow got by, and just when you were getting ready to graduate high school, you lost the only person that ever cared about you. You were just hanging around with the wrong people because you didn’t know what else to do, am I right?”


For the first time since her arrest, Lily felt a glimmer of hope. Despite his fishy appearance, this guy seemed to understand what had happened to her! He had summed everything up perfectly! Maybe that was why he had offered her the job!


Before she could reply, Mr. Benny went on, “But those mean girls did a pretty good number on you, alright. They made sure that all the evidence pointed at you, and the judge had no choice but to find you guilty. Hell, I can see just by looking at you that you wouldn’t hurt a fly, but most folk take what’s in the papers and on the internet at face value. I’m afraid that right now, Lily Drew, you’re not a very well-liked young lady.”


Lily thought again of Miriam’s reaction outside, and her flash of optimism dimmed a little. If it was true that everybody was lining up against her, then she needed this man on her side more than she had realized.


“But I believe in giving a person a second chance,” Mr. Benny said, blowing a vile puff of cigar smoke in Lily’s direction. “Especially such a sweet young thing as yourself, all fresh and unblemished and ready to embark on your adult life.”


Lily looked at him sharply, taken aback by his rather inappropriate choice of words. They were accompanied by a strange look in his eyes—disturbingly similar to old Walt’s back in the loading bay—that Lily didn’t much care for. He seemed to drift off for a moment, his eyes glazing over as if he were visualizing something quite enthralling, but then blinked rapidly, pulled himself back to the present, and briskly said, “So under the terms of this court agreement, you’ll be working here at Benny’s Department Store for the next two years. You should understand that this will be no ordinary job offer and that I am acting purely out of the goodness of my own heart. I could easily get a better qualified person than yourself, but Judge Taylor and myself are good friends, and it was in large part as a favor to him that I offered to help out.”


He paused again, and sensing that she was expected to make some show of gratitude, Lily said, “Thank you, Mr. Benny.”


“Let’s dispense with the formalities. Why don’t you just call me Boss from now on?” he said.


Boss? Lily thought incredulously. Is he serious? How much more formal does it get than that?


Mr. Benny went on, “I can see that you are not altogether comfortable with that, but Judge Taylor has asked me to assume the position of an authority figure in your life.”


Authority figure? Who the hell does this guy think he is?


Starting to get seriously creeped out now, Lily said, “Look, I-I don’t really understand—”


“Understand what?” Mr. Benny said. “Wasn’t I speaking in plain English?”


“Yes, I mean, it’s just that I thought you were going to give me a job—”


“And so I am. So what exactly is the problem?”


“Well, those things you just said, ‘boss’ and ‘authority figure’, I’m afraid I don’t get it.”


Mr. Benny sighed and then took Lily totally by surprise by flinging her court documents across the desk at her. Stunned, she looked at them strewn on the floor near her feet, half-bent to pick them up, and then thought better of it. She looked cautiously back up at him for a clue as to what she should do.


“Well, go on then,” Mr. Benny said, matter-of-factly. “Get out of here.”


Lily felt her stomach twist as he dismissively turned his attention to the MacBook on his desk.


“W-Where do you want me to go?” she stammered uncertainly.


Mr. Benny’s eyes briefly flickered up at her as if he had already forgotten that she was there. “Go back to your probation officer, I guess. Tell him you didn’t want the job.”


Lily gulped with difficulty and said, “B-But I do want the job—”


“Really?” Mr. Benny pushed his MacBook to one side and gave her his full attention again. “Then why are you having such a hard time understanding the rules?”




“Listen, missy,” Mr. Benny said. “I’m a busy man. Either you knuckle down now and do as you are told, or we’re done here. For all I care you can go straight to jail.”


“No, please!” Lily whimpered. “I’m sorry.”


“I don’t care about sorry,” Mr. Benny said. “I’m willing to help you out with this problem of yours, but you’ve got to work with me. I don’t want to hear any debates or discussions, and when I give you an order, I expect you to obey, without fuss or hesitation. Now what’s it to be?”


Lily had an awful sinking feeling that she was just about to step over a threshold from which there would be no way back—unfortunately, for her, the alternative was unthinkable. She reluctantly decided she would just have to chance it with this eerie old guy.


“Yes,” she said in a barely audible voice.


“Yes, who?” Mr. Benny said.


It took a second to remember, but then Lily said, “Yes, Boss.”


“Okay then,” Mr. Benny said. “Now we’ve wasted enough time already, so I’m going to get you to work on the shop floor right away.”


That sounded like an excellent idea to Lily, who right now just wanted to get the hell out of this freak’s office. But instead of telling her where she had to report to, Mr. Benny leaned down and opened a drawer in his desk. “Before you go downstairs, you need to get into your uniform.”






Chapter Two


Holy shit! What a little honey! Vic thought delightedly, and tossed the white singlet onto the desktop. Only eighteen, and she actually looks a few years younger!


Outwardly maintaining his stern demeanor, he said, “All our shop floor staff are required to wear shirts bearing the Benny’s logo. I want you to try this on to make sure it fits right.”


His excitement mounting, Vic reveled in the girl’s confused expression. He had just referred to the garment as a shirt—and he was being truthful when he said his staff had to wear Benny’s t-shirts or polo shirts on the premises—but this flimsy top was no more than an undersized vest! He had, in fact picked it out himself from the childrenswear department and then had the logo added specially.


There was no way of course, that any of his regular female staff would be seen dead in such a revealing top—but of course, as he had just gone to great lengths to establish, Lily was not in a position to refuse.


The flustered girl looked warily at the singlet and then cast her eyes around the office. She still looked undecided about it, but then obviously off-balance from his dramatics with the documents, she mumbled, “Um, where should I—?”


This will be the first test of her resolve! Vic thought, licking his lips.


“Why, you can put it on right here.”


Now looking seriously unsettled, Lily stammered, “I-Isn’t there a changing room I can use?"


“Not in here, there isn’t, and I haven’t got time to wait for you to go down to the fitting rooms. Now for the last time, do you want this job, or not?”


A faint whimper passed through Lily’s dainty lips as she absorbed the implications behind his question—either try on the singlet right here, or go to jail!


She gingerly picked the tiny garment up and held it out in front of her. Vic felt himself getting hard in his boxers as the corners of the girl’s mouth turned down in distaste. It really was so ridiculously scanty that even a slightly built girl like Lily would be barely covered by it. But then of course, that was the whole idea!


“It—it’s too small,” Lily protested weakly. “I can’t wear this!”


“Did I not just explain that I’m a busy man?” Vic huffed, feigning impatience. “I don’t have any more time for your games. All of the other staff are wearing company attire, and there’s no reason why you should be treated any differently. Now put it on, or leave, and I will make that call to your probation officer!”


He picked up his cell phone for added effect, and with alarm registering in her eyes, Lily said, “Please don’t! I’ll try it on, okay?”


Concealing his delight with more than a little difficulty, Vic put his phone back down and waited. After a moment’s hesitation, Lily slipped off her jacket and hung it over the back of a nearby chair. She began to pull her shirt up, giving him a tantalizing glimpse of her midriff, but then noticing how keenly he was studying her, she abruptly stopped and asked, “May I please turn around?”


Her coyness only served to fuel Vic’s excitement further, and he gestured with a faux casual wave of his hand. When she had turned away from him, he watched her shirt climb slowly upward to reveal her prominent backbone and shoulder blades. She then raised her arms and pulled it over her head, and just like that this alluring young woman was now standing in Vic’s office in only her bra and jeans—and Vic’s cock was standing to attention in his underwear! Ever since Judge Taylor had shown him Lily’s picture, he had resolved to use all of his influence to get her here. As usual it had taken money and favors, but now here she was. He had no way of knowing how far he could go on with this before she balked, or whether she was a natural submissive or a fighter, but the signs were so far very encouraging.


Lily had removed her shirt whilst still holding the singlet in her hand, and as she spread the hem wider to pull it over her head, Vic quietly said, “I want you to remove your bra first, honey.”


Lily froze, the skimpy top suspended above her head. Had he jumped the gun? She could quite easily tell him to go to hell if she wanted to. Although no more than a kid, she was a female and therefore must already have intuited that there were sexual undertones to Vic’s previous remarks—now surely she would be in no doubt. The question was, would she do it?


Without turning around, Lily said, “Y-You want me to take of my bra?”


“Yes, I do,” Vic said, trying to keep his voice level. “It’s not uncommon for some of my more… presentable sales girls to go braless for promotional work. I’d like to see if you have any potential in that area.”


He had just lied of course, because his other female employees would have sued him for sexual harassment, but Lily was on anything but firm ground here, and Vic was keen to find out what she was prepared to put up with. He was also eager to check out the size of her boobs, which had until now been hidden by her baggy t-shirt.


Seconds ticked by, and still Lily hadn’t moved. Like Vic, she must have known that they had reached a watershed. He had already crossed the normal bounds of decency by telling her to get changed in front of him—now he was upping the ante big time. If she went for this, then he knew he would be in a strong position to gradually turn her into the sex object that he had been fantasizing about for the past week.


To his utter glee, Lily let out a low sigh and then reached around and unclasped her bra. Vic leaned forward in his seat as the strap fell away, leaving little bite lines in her flesh. She slipped the shoulder straps off and then dropped the bra onto the adjacent chair along with her jacket and shirt. Then she quickly pulled the tiny singlet over her head and worked it down her torso. Vic had chosen from the childrenswear department very well indeed—he could already see that it was a perfectly snug fit. Now it was time to check it out from the front.


Lily, of course, made no attempt to face him, so Vic said, “Turn around, then. Let me see how it looks.”


Lily grudgingly did as she was told, but kept her arms folded in front of her chest. Licking his lips in anticipation, Vic said, “I can’t see the logo.”


Visibly bothered, Lily looked away from him as she lowered her arms. Vic caught his breath at the sight of her well-proportioned tits straining at the tight material, her nipples poking forward under the big red ‘B’. Lily was right about not wanting to wear this in the store. The vest alone would cause quite a stir amongst the customers—not to mention the male members of his staff—but Vic was not yet done for today’s uniform.


He reached back into the drawer and retrieved a pair of red spandex shorts that most definitely had not come from the childrenswear department! If the singlet was snug, then these babies were going to look as though they had been sprayed on! His confidence increasing by the second, he flung the shorts at Lily who instinctively caught them before they hit her in the face. There was a momentary flash of umbrage in her eyes before she examined the ludicrously small shorts in her hands.


“You know what to do,” Vic said. “And yes, right here in front of me—but don’t bother turning round this time.”


It was hard to tell from the girl’s forlorn expression precisely what she was thinking, although the pink tinges spreading on her cheeks betrayed her obvious embarrassment. And yet, she was still here! Jail must have been an unthinkable option as opposed to performing a saucy change-of-clothes show in front of a dirty old man! Of course, if she’d had even the slightest notion of what he had planned for her in the coming weeks ahead, she might have thought differently.


But Vic didn’t intend to throw her totally into the deep end just yet. His game plan was to continually move the goal posts, gradually exposing her to further degradations by increments that would render her downward progression barely perceptible to her. Well, okay, she would definitely notice it, but by the time she hit rock bottom, it would, he hoped, be too late to reverse the damage.


Lily’s trembling hand went to her zipper and opened it. Then, hooking her thumbs into her waistband, she lowered her jeans, bent forward, and pulled them over her feet. Interestingly, she didn’t bother to pick them up and put them with her other clothes on the chair this time— was she already starting to resign herself to this indignity?


Keeping her thighs together, Lily first put one foot, and then the other, into the leg holes of the red shorts. Despite her efforts to obscure his view, Vic got a good look at her smooth pale thighs, which were not badly shaped at all for such a trim physique. Her panties were plain white, the fabric thin enough for him to glimpse a dark pubic bush underneath, thicker than he would have expected on such an otherwise hairless body. Trying her best to maintain some measure of dignity, Lily drew the shorts up her legs, struggling to get them over even her slender thighs, before finally managing to secure the button at the top.


She lowered her hands and looked at the wall again while Vic ogled her at his leisure. In such a short space of time he had already transformed her into a sexy little nymphet who would look awesome on the shop floor! She still had her ankle socks and sneakers on, and Vic decided that they could stay for now. The overall effect, along with the skimpy, braless singlet and ass-hugging red shorts was dynamite—although from her miserable expression, it looked as though Lily didn’t think so.


Vic smiled with satisfaction, and said, “There you go! You’re looking like a Benny’s girl, already! Let’s go downstairs and get you started!”


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