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Repayment Plan


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“So, if you could please give us a few more months, I just know that my husband can turn his business around,” Jenifer Marlow said.


Herbert Franklin was finding it almost impossible to concentrate on this extraordinarily beautiful woman’s words. As a rule, a client needed a prior appointment to speak directly with the branch manager, but it just so happened that his office door had been open when he had glanced up and seen her talking with one of his loans officers in the main banking hall.


He had been immediately entranced by her astonishing loveliness, and unable to resist, he had strolled nonchalantly past the cubicle where she was seated, for a closer look. She’d had her back to him, but a quick glimpse of her exposed thigh where her skirt had ridden up, and the profile of her impressive bust had piqued his interest even more, and under the pretext of making a random check of one of his subordinates, he had introduced himself before ascertaining that the distressed young lady was attempting to obtain a stay of execution on the foreclosure of her home.


To the surprise of the loans officer—and a few other bank employees nearby—Herbert had graciously invited Jenifer into his office to discuss her situation. This of course was not normal protocol, but unbeknown to his staff, Herbert was no longer the same dull, uninspired, middle-aged man that had been working at the bank for the past twenty years.


The reason for this personality upgrade was the passing of his wife a few months earlier. Contrary to external appearances, it had never been a happy marriage. Born largely out of convenience, their union had remained childless and almost completely sexless—understandable given their mutual lack of physical interest in each other. As Mrs. Franklin had grown older, larger, and increasingly disappointed with her life, Herbert had steadily retreated into his own private world of peculiar sexual fantasies, during which he had spent many secret hours in his den surfing kinky porn on the internet—and spent his working days covertly observing the younger female employees at the bank and daydreaming about the myriad ways in which he would love to publicly discipline them if he could only get away with it.


None of these fantasies had ever been realized of course, and even though he was now out from under the matrimonial yoke, it was unlikely that they ever would be. He still had a professional reputation to uphold, and even though he was financially secure, risking dismissal for sexual harassment was simply not an option.


But then today he had caught sight of young Mrs. Jenifer Marlow, blonde, hourglass figure, breathtakingly large breasts, and with the most captivatingly pretty face that had ever graced these premises—and it was as if a light bulb had suddenly been illuminated inside Herbert’s brain. He still couldn’t believe that he had brazenly intervened like that, but now here she was, sitting in the privacy of his office, desperately pleading with him for some kind of clemency regarding her house payments while Herbert marveled at the way she had so unexpectedly fallen into his lap!






Maybe there is a chance after all, Jenifer thought as she waited for Mr. Franklin to finish studying her husband’s loans file. After months of helplessly watching the gradual erosion of her husband’s spirit as his custom car business relentlessly spiraled downwards, she had finally decided to take matters into her own hands. Scott already had two large business loans that he couldn’t repay, and it was only when he had told her that the house had also been put up as collateral, did Jenifer realize that he could no longer manage this situation on his own.


Scott was a proud man, and he would have been furious if he ever found out that she had come here behind his back, but despite knowing little about the financial world, Jenifer had, in her twenty-three years, learned a lot about men. She was hoping that if she dressed and acted the part right, there was a slight possibility that she could earn them a reprieve.


So this morning, she had applied a little more make-up than usual—nothing too tarty, but enough to accentuate her carmine lips and green eyes—and then selected a tight, short, navy blue skirt, an equally close-fitting peach color cotton blouse, opted against stockings, and then finished the outfit off with a pair of three-inch pumps that enhanced the lines of her long, shapely legs. It was a look that she always accomplished with ease—simple but sexy, subtle but unmistakable. As an afterthought, she had undone an extra two buttons on her blouse, enough to draw attention to her cleavage without making it overly deliberate.


Of course, she had needed a male loans officer to work her charms on, and fortunately she got one—but as she had watched the serious looking old fart frowning and shaking his head, Jenifer had begun to fear that she had wasted her time. But then, Mr. Herbert Franklin, the branch manager no less, had appeared out of nowhere, and now, from the way she caught him furtively glancing up at her chest, she felt a glimmer of encouragement.


Eventually Mr. Franklin placed the file on the desk in front of him, and putting his fingertips together, looked at her thoughtfully. Jenifer gave him her most sincere and hopeful expression while surreptitiously pushing her shoulders back to accentuate her size thirty-six bust. His eyes flickered down to her chest very briefly, and then he said, “It’s a grim situation, Mrs. Marlow.”


“Please, call me Jenifer.”


A clumsy attempt at intimacy, but worth trying under the circumstances.


“Alright—Jenifer.” Mr. Franklin’s expression softened slightly. “Ordinarily, the bank wouldn’t even consider the rescheduling of such a high-risk debt. I mean—a custom car shop? Hardly a solid business venture, is it?”


Ordinarily? Jenifer thought hopefully. Does that mean he’s considering it?


“My husbands work is usually in high demand,” Jenifer said. “But he over-committed himself to a single corporate contract and they recently pulled out without notice. He just needs time to restructure his clientele.”


Mr. Franklin regarded her a moment longer, his tongue running across his lower lip, and then he appeared to come to a decision. “Well, fortunately for you, I do have the authority to overrule standard policy in certain cases that I deem exceptional.”


Got him!


Jenifer tried not to smile just yet—she knew how men don’t like to be made to feel as if they are being manipulated.


“However, before I come to a decision, I’d like to ask you why you came here today without your husband?” Mr. Franklin said.


Ah! Okay then. Here goes.


“Well, the truth is that my husband doesn’t know I am here at all,” Jenifer said.




Mr. Franklin leaned back in his chair.


“And you thought that maybe you could help him out?”


Right. The guy is sharper than I figured. Time to act coy.


Jenifer lowered her eyes and blushed, something she found easier to do than she would have expected.


“I feel a bit foolish,” she said. “But I didn’t know what else to do. This is our first home and I would hate for us to lose it.”


Her performance seemed to be working because when she looked up, Mr. Franklin was smiling at her. “Not at all, my dear. I understand perfectly. I know how it is for young couples these days. I admire your courage in coming here, and I want to help.”






Mr. Franklin leaned forward again, still smiling, but now there was a peculiar glint in his eyes and for the first time, Jenifer felt a little uneasy.


“I’m sure we can come to an arrangement, Jenifer,” Mr. Franklin said. “But now I have another question for you—how badly do you want to keep your house?”








Jenifer Marlow blinked at him and stammered, “I-I want to keep it, of course—very much so.”


It was make or break time and Herbert could feel his pulse racing. The concept of having a beautiful young woman such as this under his total control had been festering in his dirty mind for a long while. But now that the opportunity to turn his fantasy into a reality had so unexpectedly presented itself, he was experiencing a sudden attack of nerves.


What if she refuses? Suppose she storms out and makes an official complaint?


It would be her word against his of course, and he could probably convince his superiors that there had just been a misunderstanding, but it was equally crucial that he made his unsavory intentions clear to her from the outset.


This pretty young specimen had quite obviously dressed this way in order to appeal to his manly urges, so it should come as no surprise if he came on to her. Like so many of her ilk, she would no doubt be skilled in the art of politely but firmly rejecting a man’s advances, but this cutie needed his help, so if he had read the situation accurately, Mrs. Jenifer Marlow wouldn’t be so foolish as to insult his masculinity in that way. No, Herbert figured she had come here to play him, and that meant going along with his suggestions as far as possible without actually letting him get his hands on her—little did she know that he had a lot more in mind than that!


Emboldened by these thoughts, Herbert cleared his throat and assumed the authoritative demeanor one would expect from a bank manager.


“Very well, Mrs. Marlow, then this is what I propose. I do have the authority to reschedule your husband’s payments to make them more manageable, and I can even grant a moratorium for a short time. Furthermore, if you decide to take up my offer, I will give you my personal guarantee that the bank will not move to repossess your home.”


The loaded nature of Herbert’s offer was clearly reflected in Jenifer’s lovely features. The expression of gratitude in her green eyes was mixed with apprehension and bewilderment.


“Thank you—what exactly is your offer?” she said uncertainly.


“In addition to the generosity that I am extending toward your husband—I’m also offering you a job as my personal assistant!” Herbert beamed.






Jenifer stared at him for a few seconds while this unexpected development sunk in.


“A job?”


“Correct,” Mr. Franklin said. “Oh, and it’s non-negotiable, by the way—either you work for me or the deal is off the table.”




“But I have a job already,” Jenifer said, her voice sounding pathetically whiny.


“And where would that be?” Mr. Franklin said


“I work at a boutique in town.”


“That’s hardly a career, Mrs. Marlow,” Mr. Franklin sniffed, and Jenifer’s misgivings now took on a greater intensity. This seemingly kind banker had quite abruptly taken on a rather schoolmasterly demeanor—and why had he just switched back to using her surname?


“Regardless,” Mr. Franklin was saying, “I have been kind enough to offer my assistance with your plight, and frankly I’m a little offended that you don’t appear grateful.”


He made a dramatic gesture of picking up her husband’s file and dropping it into his out tray.


“Now if you don’t mind, I have work to do.”


It took Jenifer a couple of seconds to process this sudden and unexpected turnabout.


Oh God! After all this effort, I’ve just blown it!


“No, please,” she said. “I am grateful, really I am—it’s just that your job offer was rather unexpected.”


Mr. Franklin frowned and glanced at his watch.


“And? I’m a busy man, young lady.”


Still taken aback at his sudden officious manner, Jenifer figured she had to make a decision fast. She had no idea what she was letting herself in for, but saving her home—and perhaps even her marriage—was of paramount importance.


“I—I accept your offer of employment,” Jenifer said, feeling her throat go dry.


Mr. Franklin continued to glower at her, but she was sure she detected a flicker of a triumphant smile on his lips.


“Very well,” he said. “In that case, I will outline the terms and conditions for you. These are also non-negotiable and if you contravene them at any time, our agreement will become null and void. Understood?”


Terms and conditions?


Suddenly feeling like a naughty schoolgirl, Jenifer nodded.


“The first and most important rule is that you will carry out any instructions that I give you, immediately and without complaint.”


“What exactly will my duties entail?” Jenifer said warily.


Mr. Franklin sighed impatiently. “I will get to those in due course. But your interruption has brought me to my second inviolable rule. You will under no circumstances talk to anybody about what goes on between us—especially your husband. If he happens to draw his own conclusions about our relationship, well that is something that you will have to deal with yourself, but under no circumstances will you convey to anybody that you are working for me against your will.”


Now this whole proposal was sounding rather sinister. Jenifer was not a naive person, and

neither was she a fool.


“What do you mean—goes on between us?”


“Well, as I already explained, you will carry out any orders I give you, no matter how distasteful or—embarrassing they might be.”


Feeling her cheeks burning, Jenifer glanced at the door. She had gambled on this middle aged banker succumbing to her charms but it was becoming apparent that he was a little more than just a dirty old man. She could possibly handle having him ogling her while she was here, but carrying out distasteful and embarrassing orders? What the hell exactly did he have in mind?


“I don’t think—” she began, but Mr. Franklin cut her short.


“Before you say anything more, let me assure you that this is your last chance. Accept my terms unreservedly, right now, or I will allow the mechanics of the banking system to continue unhindered.”


He tapped her husband’s loans file.


“Your call, young lady.”


There was to be no let up! Jenifer had no choice but to surrender to this man’s demands! She would just have to try to keep any groping or attempted kissing to a minimum. Surely she could manage to do that?


She took a deep breath and said in a barely audible whisper. “Okay.”


“Okay?” Mr. Franklin sneered. “Please don’t do me any favors. How about thank you?”


Realizing that her new submissive role had already begun, Jenifer lowered her eyes and said, “Thank you for letting me keep my house, Mr. Franklin.”








Underneath his desk, Herbert was already sporting a tremendous hard-on. Even this little game had turned him on enormously—and they hadn’t even gotten started!


His initial trepidation was quickly being replaced by a growing self-confidence, largely because of the rapidity of Jenifer’s capitulation. Obviously she had made the quick decision to go along with him in order to save her home, but if the pretty blonde young wife had even the slightest inkling of the twisted ideas in his head, he was certain that she would not still be sitting there.


The trick would be to layer the list of indignities on her at a pace slow enough to facilitate her acceptance, but also fast enough to keep her off guard. And of course, as she submitted to each one, the next, and more extreme, violation of her dignity should be a little easier for her to accept.


“You’re very welcome,” Herbert said. “Now, some basic ground rules before we begin. Your employment will begin immediately—consider this afternoon to be your induction course—so you will no longer be working at that silly boutique.”


Jenifer opened her mouth to protest at this, but checked herself and merely nodded. Herbert supposed she had harbored hopes of juggling the two jobs. The poor girl would quickly discover that she would have little time for anything in her life—including her husband—other than attending to the endless demeaning and humiliating tasks that Herbert had planned for her!


“Now as to your attire,” Herbert went on, his excitement gathering. “I like the way you have presented yourself today, so we’ll stay with the tarty theme.”


Jenifer blushed delightfully and looked out of the window. Was she now regretting trying to bait him with her delicious curves?


“But I feel you’ve only gone halfway there. Would you stand up for moment?”


Now Jenifer looked back at him with a mixture of fear and surprise in her eyes.


“I said stand up and move away from the desk so I can have a better look at you,” Herbert repeated, his heartbeat racing faster as he tested out a new boundary.


Looking even more flustered, Jenifer did as she was told and stood in the center of the office facing him.


“Turn around for me, full circle, nice and slow,” Herbert said, gesticulating with his finger.


There was a little hesitation before she shuffled self-consciously around, first presenting him with a profile of her splendid bust, then a good view of her nicely rounded ass under the tight, navy skirt, before coming to a halt facing him again, her hands now clasped in front of her.


“Yes, almost, but not quite. Tomorrow—and you will report to this office at seven in the morning each day, by the way—your skirt will be three inches shorter, and you will wear a pair of four-inch pumps. And just like today, no tights—I like to look at a bit of bare thigh.”


Jenifer’s draw dropped.


“What? I can’t wear a skirt that short in public!”


“I thought we had already agreed that you would obey my instructions without question?” Herbert said, and for effect he picked up Scott Marlow’s loans file, waving it at her. Fortunately, the warning had the desired effect, and Jenifer’s shoulders visibly slumped in defeat.


Dear Lord! Herbert thought happily. This is really working!


“Very well,” Herbert said. “Now the blouse is fine, nice and tight, but you could lose a couple more buttons. Just remove them permanently because you obviously enjoy displaying your cleavage.”


Her cheeks turning an even deeper shade of red, Jenifer glared at him, but said nothing. It was time to up the ante big time. Herbert pressed a button on his desk phone and told his secretary that he was not to be disturbed for the rest of the day—that would get some tongues wagging out there!


Then he stood up and went over to the office door and locked it, Jenifer watching him warily the whole time. He was being wildly reckless now, but his pent-up desire was frankly overwhelming him and he just had to see more of this delectable young beauty!


Breathlessly, he said, “Now I need to check out your underwear.”






It was all happening so fast! Less than an hour ago, Jenifer had absolutely no idea who this stuffy, middle-aged banker was. Now he was standing inches away from her, asking her to show him her underwear! Intellectually, she knew that this had all been a terrible mistake, and yet instead of bolting as she should have, she remained frozen in place, her eyes fixed upon her husband’s loans file in the out tray. That buff folder represented everything that she and Scott had together. If they lost the house, they would be set back three years and would have to start over. Where would they live? At his parents’ place? Scott wouldn’t be able to stand the shame. And if they moved into a pokey rental apartment, it would only increase the growing pressure on their relationship. Feeling somewhat lightheaded, she forced herself to look at the lecherous old man hovering close by.


“My underwear?” she said feebly.


“Yes, Mrs. Marlow,” Franklin breathed. “I want you to raise your skirt for me.”


Jenifer let out a tremulous breath and grasped the hem of her tight skirt with shaking fingers. Unable to bear the greedy look in Mr. Franklin’s eyes, she focused on the closed window blinds behind his desk, and slowly tugged the skirt upward. That morning she had put on her Victoria’s Secret white lace push-up bra and cheekini panty set—a naughty gift from Scott—only because the bra accentuated her large bust and her panty line would not be visible through the stretched skirt. It hadn’t occurred to her in a million years that she would be letting some dirty old pervert examine the revealing garments up close!


Trying to delay the inevitable, Jenifer paused just as the crotch of her panties came into view.


“Very nice,” Mr. Franklin whispered. “I do like a tease.”


His words made Jenifer feel like a cheap stripper and her cheeks grew hotter still. What had been a simple business discussion a short while ago had now turned into something uncomfortably intimate. Biting her lip, Jenifer worked the skirt up a couple more inches so that the filthy old man had a clear view of her pubic mound.


Mr. Franklin stepped back a pace to give himself a better view and let out a stuttering breath.


“Now pull it all the way up to your waist and turn around.”








Oh, what a perfect peach of a butt! Round and firm! And those panties! Not quite a g-string, but still revealing plenty of smooth and unblemished ass cheek!


His cock straining against his own underwear, Herbert had to fight the urge to bend down and kiss those succulent apples! He had no idea what was going through young Mrs. Marlow’s pretty head right now, but he still couldn’t believe that she was actually going through with this! How much more was she prepared to take? He had already gone much further with her than he had intended today—his hastily conceived plan being to gradually condition her over time into becoming his slutty plaything. At this rate, he would get her there in a matter of days!


He let his eyes linger on her lovely ass for a moment before following the elegant curves of her long, bare legs. Oh, how he yearned to see this delightful creature in the nude!


Unable to resist, he blurted out, “Bend over!”


He saw Jenifer’s shoulders stiffen, and she turned her head to one side.


“Do it now!” he hissed, rubbing at the bulge in his pants.


Jenifer’s legs now started to tremble as she reluctantly bent forward, still clutching the crumpled skirt around her waist, and then pushed her sweet ass out towards him.


“Oh, my dear God!” Herbert moaned.


Somehow the tormented girl had contrived to part her feet, toes pointing inward, with her knees pressed together and the tantalizing white panties disappearing between the twin orbs of her buttocks. Herbert let Jenifer suffer in that pose for a good minute before allowing her to straighten up and turn around. Her inversion had added even more color to her face and Herbert also detected a little moisture gathering in her beautiful green eyes. Spotting his obvious erection, Jenifer looked away toward the shaded window.


Herbert cleared his throat and said, “That was most enjoyable, honey. Now I haven’t seen the rest of your underclothes, so I’d like you to lose the skirt completely, and then take off your blouse.”


“Please, Mr. Franklin, no more!” Jenifer quietly implored him. “I can’t do that in here!”




Her muted reaction both relieved and thrilled him. She was obviously as anxious about being discovered as he was excited, but her supplication indicated that she had already accepted his dominant role in their nascent relationship.


Further encouraged by this, Herbert said, “I thought you understood me. No arguments or discussions—just obedience. Or have you already reneged on our agreement?”


The loans file on his desk—the key to this whole titillating journey—almost glowed with its presence. Even though Jenifer had already suffered the unimaginable indignity of having to display her skimpy panties to a perfect stranger, this next step would have to be a major watershed for her.


Herbert held his breath as he watched the delectable young wife’s face. It was do or die time. If she decided to undress in front of him now, then she would surely have resigned herself to her fate! She looked at the loans file, then at Herbert, and then up at the ceiling as with quivering fingers, she unzipped her skirt and worked it down over her thighs and calves, and then stepped out of it.


After a brief hesitation, Jenifer then undid the remaining buttons of her blouse and shrugged it over her shoulders, allowing the garment to join her skirt on the carpet. At first, she instinctively clamped her arms across her breasts, but incredibly, she quickly placed them by her sides.


My, we are learning quickly!


Herbert took his time perusing her youthful beauty. Her belly was flat with a cutely indented navel. Her vulva was well pronounced, her bush visible beneath the sheer panties. Even though her large breasts were supported by the push up bra, they looked very firm, and he suspected that they would stand up proudly on their own.


Tempted though he was to put that to the test, Herbert willed himself to be patient. It looked as though there was going to be plenty of time to become intimately acquainted with young Mrs. Jenifer Marlow. They way he had it planned in his head, her husband would never actually be able to free himself from his debt, and that meant he would end up handing his young wife over to Herbert for a very long time to come!


A red hot pulse of power surged through Herbert as he retook his seat behind his desk. He actually had a beautiful young female customer standing in her underwear in front of him and waiting for his next command!


“You have an exquisite body, Mrs. Marlow,” Herbert said. “Scott must be very proud of you.”


Hearing her husband’s first name, Jenifer made eye contact with Herbert again.


Turning the screw a little tighter, Herbert said, “I wonder what he would think if he could see you right now.”


Jenifer’s succulent mouth turned down at the corners, and for a moment Herbert thought she might cry.


“Do you love him?” he asked.


It was quite a question to ask of a young woman standing half-naked in front of a stranger, but with a quavering voice, Jenifer said, “Yes, of course I love my husband.”


“I’ll bet you’ve never been unfaithful to him, have you?”


Looking increasingly uncomfortable at this line of interrogation, Jenifer shook her head. “No! I’m not like that!”


“And yet here you are, brazenly showing your body off to another man.”


His barbed words must have hit home because now a tear did indeed trickle down one of Jenifer’s cheeks, while her deep blush had extended all the way down her neck.


“I know what you’re thinking” Herbert said. “You have only done this under duress and when you are at home you will return to being a faithful and loving wife, am I right? Well, I can’t do anything about that, but I don’t want to be constantly reminded of your matrimonial bliss—therefore you will not wear that wedding band during office hours.”


Jenifer sniffled and unconsciously twiddled the ring on her finger. The wretched girl looked quite crestfallen, but Herbert was only just beginning to chip away at her domestic life.


“But even that’s not enough, is it? I’ll have to constantly address you as Mrs. Marlow in front of the staff, and that won’t do at all. No, I have a better idea. Tell me, what is your maiden name?”


Jenifer stared at him a moment and then stammered, “It’s—Pickett.”


“Pickett?” Herbert allowed himself another condescending sneer. “How quaint. Well that is what you will be called in the bank from now on—Miss Pickett. As far as everybody here will be concerned, you are an unmarried woman. There will be no talk of your husband, and quite frankly he doesn’t deserve to be mentioned. After all, it was his financial imprudence that has led to your standing here in your underwear now.”


A flicker of indignation passed across Jenifer’s face, but she kept her mouth closed.


“Now before we conclude this meeting, I want you to display your appreciation properly.”


His heart pounding, Herbert stood and came around the desk. Standing a couple of inches in front of his new sex toy, he inhaled her perfume and felt the heat coming off her flushed face.


“Look at me, Miss Pickett.”


Reluctantly, Jenifer raised her eyes, and for the first time Herbert actually touched her by gently wiping away a tear from her cheek.


“Just remember that I am helping you to keep your home,” he said. “All you have to do is be a very good girl.”


He leaned closer so that their lips were almost touching, and Jenifer reflexively pulled away.


“Uh-uh,” Herbert whispered. “Remember the rules.”


With a miserable little sigh, Jenifer parted her rosebud lips and after a slight hesitation, pressed them against Herbert’s. Overcoming a little resistance, he managed to force his tongue inside her mouth. It wasn’t a great kiss because Jenifer was plainly revolted by the whole experience, however it was enough for now. Their tongues were touching, their saliva mingling—and Herbert Franklin was in heaven! He finally broke away, and the unhappy wench couldn’t help grimacing and wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.


“You’d better get used to it, sweetie,” Herbert said. “Because each morning when I arrive at work, I expect to be greeted by you with a cup of coffee and a welcoming kiss just like that—while you are dressed only in your underwear!”



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