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Res Publica: Isabel’s Medical Exam

Lorenzo Marks

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All of the characters in this book are over the age of eighteen years old and have no existence outside the imagination of the author.

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Chapter One

Assistant District Attorney, Isabel Ruiz, read the message on her phone with a sense of foreboding. It displayed the official silver and black logo of the Corporate Government, and a quick check with her vetting app confirmed that it was genuine. She would find out in half an hour anyway, because she had just been given notification of her official medical exam at Civic Headquarters—they were on their way to pick her up. That didn’t give her much time to think things through—while was quite deliberate, of course. But why did they think that was necessary? Had she inadvertently done something to attract their attention? And why conduct a medical exam at Civic Headquarters instead of the usual public City-State hospital?

Isabel was not a woman who scared easily, but there was something about the timing of this appointment that didn’t feel right. First, the message didn’t indicate which government-appointed doctor she would be seeing—or whether they would be male or female. It was as if this order had been planned to catch her unawares, and indeed it had!

And yet, despite the endless spot searches and harassment dealt out on the streets by the dreaded Civic Police, Isabel’s professional world hadn’t changed all that much under the new regime—although her responsibilities and workload had now been considerably reduced by the newly installed Attorney General. She had been careful to appear to tow the Corporate Government line, and like most of the population, she had opted to keep her views to herself until the day when hopefully, normal order would be restored. So far, she had been lucky. Some of her more outspoken professional peers had been summarily fired for no reason forbidden to practice law anywhere else, but Isabel seemed to have escaped the initial purge.

Which was why this medical appointment had come as such a surprise—and seemed so suspicious. She was up to date with her vaccinations and never missed her compulsory monthly check-up at the City-State hospital, so why was she being taken to Civic Headquarters now? No citizen in their right mind went near that forbidding white building—except those hapless souls who had been arrested by the sadistic Civic Police. Some of these random victims were never seen in public again, and those released were never quite the same again.

The most nerve-wracking problem with the evil clowns running this senseless oppression—the populace quietly referred to them as the Mad Uncles—was you didn’t have to do anything wrong. Innocent people were being arrested every day. Women were being molested in the street, personal possessions randomly confiscated for inspection, never to be returned. Houses were being raided without warrants, and anyone who had worked in any capacity for the old government had been turned out of their homes and relocated to the dilapidated slums on the edge of the city. And all this insane chaos reigned because the Corporate Government had filled the ranks of the Civic Police with ex-criminals and other reprobates evidently to strike terror into the hearts of the populace—and it had most certainly worked!

Although the original judiciary system was still operational, Isabel’s authority had been considerably curtailed and now she had to report to a new District Attorney—who had of course been hand-picked by the Mad Uncles which meant there was no point in calling him for advice on this.

Isabel looked at her phone and saw that she had twenty minutes left—the Civic Police were never late—and briefly considered making a run for it. She could go into hiding at a friend’s place until she could get some more information about this. But that would mean breaking the law, and as the Assistant District Attorney, they would surely make an example out of her if she was captured—and sneaking out of the City-State was nearly impossible as the borders were all but sealed.

She took a deep breath and decided that her best option would be to cooperate. If she kept her composure and said everything that was expected of her, she might be able to talk to somebody in authority and get this straightened out. And yet, she couldn’t shake off this feeling that she was being set up for something bad—really bad.


Three Years! Three years of living hell!

And it wasn’t just the prison guards who had beaten and humiliated him—the other inmates had been even worse, because not only was he a convicted sex offender, but he had committed his crimes while carrying out his duties as a licensed doctor. With another fifteen years of brutal confinement ahead of him, the former Doctor Richard Small was in the process of planning another suicide attempt—the stupid guards had revived him during his first attempt—when he heard the news about the Corporate Government takeover following the pandemic. Listening to the gossip about the crazy events taking place outside, he decided to wait and see how things developed.

Rumors were spreading that violent offenders were being released early on condition that they serve in a newly formed armed unit called the Civic Police. Hardened criminals enforcing the law? What was going on? Then he heard that the former president had been executed and his family sent into exile! Now the City-State was being run by a band of corrupt politicians and businessmen called the Civic Committee—or the Mad Uncles as his fellow inmates were calling them. It seemed that the pandemic had offered up an opportunity for a select group of political gangsters to take total power and quickly gobble up most of the City-State’s assets in the process. This revolution was all about power, greed and retribution—and it was taking revenge on one particular person that the debarred doctor had been obsessing about for the past three years!


During the trip to the intimidating Civic Headquarters building, Isabel had plenty of time to puzzle over this peculiar and deeply concerning situation. She had tried asking some questions to the two goons sitting in the front seats but neither of them had said a word to her. It seemed she would be getting all her answers on arrival.

Now she mentally reviewed her recent cases, trying to deduce if there might be a connection with this. Nothing came to mind. The only person who might have had a vendetta against her was Frank Kramer, who she had successfully sued for defamation. Kramer was a widely read journalist and blogger and a champion of the so-called manosphere, but as far as Isabel was concerned, he was a toxic misogynistic, while Kramer had publicly labeled her a misandrist and feminazi.

Their mutual animosity came to a head when Kramer accused Isabel of having a bias against men while she was prosecuting a high profile sexual harassment case. Isabel had made a public statement, Kramer had retaliated, and it had all spiraled out of control to the point where Kramer had crossed the line and Isabel had pounced. Kramer may have been a master wordsmith, but he was no match for Isabel when it came to the law.

The financial settlement hadn’t been that much, but the hammer blow came when the judge ordered Kramer to shut down his hugely popular sexist blogs. This had resulted in a full-on social media attack against Isabel from thousands of members of the manosphere movement.

But that ill will had simmered down well before the pandemic and subsequent takeover, and other than that, Isabel couldn’t see why somebody in a position of power would be raking over those old coals, unless—

A position of power!

The old government was gone, and a power-mad regime had been installed in its place. Her heart beating a little faster, Isabel took out her phone and looked up Frank Kramer in the search engine. As the black sedan turned into the parking lot of the Civic Headquarters, Isabel found the information she had feared—Kramer had joined the revolution and was now a ranking member of the Corporate Government!


As Isabel was marched through the echoing, high-ceilinged halls of the Civic Headquarters, she made one last plea to her guards to be allowed to speak to somebody in authority.

“I am an Assistant District Attorney,” she said with as much bravado as she could muster. “There has obviously been some kind of mistake. I’m sure this can be cleared up if I can just speak to someone higher up.”

One of the guards shot her a hostile glance and Isabel concluded that her attempts at reasoning with these two grunts were futile. She would just have to speak to the doctor and hope that she would understand the mix up. But as they descended the stairs to the examination rooms, Isabel was becoming even more convinced that Kramer was somehow behind this. But why a medical exam? In these uncertain times, if he wielded enough power he could just have her arrested on any trumped-up charge.

When they stopped outside one of the green metal doors, she finally made the now obvious and quite terrible connection. The nameplate on the door read—Doctor Richard Small, CGMD.


There were three men waiting inside the examination room. They were all wearing white coats adorned with the ubiquitous Corporate Government badge, and when they saw Isabel their faces lit up with wicked grins.

The last time Isabel had seen the former Doctor Richard Small, he was wearing handcuffs and being led away to serve an eighteen year sentence that she had personally pushed very hard for. Now he was sitting in a swivel chair at a desk with his arms folded and looking very pleased with himself.

“Madam Assistant District Attorney!” he said. “How professional of you to show up so promptly. I’ve been looking forward to this meeting for a very long time.”

With her back pressed against the locked door, Isabel said, “You’re supposed to be in jail!”

“I know—for a further fifteen years, thanks to your considerable efforts,” he said. “But I was unexpectedly offered early release in return for serving our new Corporate Government—which I eagerly accepted, of course.”

Glancing nervously at the other two men, Isabel said, “Why have I been brought here?”

“Oh, I thought you knew,” Dr. Small said. “I have been appointed to give you a full and thorough medical exam.”

Isabel was suddenly finding it hard to breath.

“But I have my check-ups at the public hospital,” she said.

“I know that,” Dr. Small said. “And your regular doctor is Dr. Carmen Garcia, I understand—a fellow Latina who is almost as attractive as you, I might add.”

“So, what is the purpose of this examination?” Isabel said, already fearing the answer.

Instead of answering her question, Dr. Small stood up and approached her. “Have you ever been inside the City-State Prison, Isabel?”

Irked that he had just presumed to use her first name, Isabel said, “I once made an official visit, yes.”

“And during your guided tour you saw model prisoners behaving themselves in clean and hygienic conditions no doubt. I’m sure everything was to your pompous satisfaction. Well let me set the record straight for you. Life inside that prison is no picnic at all—especially for a sex offender like me.”

Even though she was feeling increasingly anxious, Isabel raised her chin and said, “You committed a crime—several crimes, in fact—and your victims trusted you in your capacity as their doctor. For that, you had to pay.”

“Oh, and pay I did,” Dr. Small said. “You made certain of that didn’t you, Madam Assistant District Attorney?”

“I was doing my job,” Isabel said.

“And so shall I, in my new capacity as your doctor,” Dr. Small said. “Did you see the CGMD initials outside? Corporate Government Medical Doctor. I have my license back—and you are on my list of patients!”

“Under whose authority?” Isabel said.

“Why, your old friend Undersecretary Kramer, of course!”


Isabel shuddered. It was all fitting into place now. This wasn’t going to be a genuine medical examination at all—it was payback time!



Chapter Two

Dr. Small could hardly contain himself as he studied the beautiful Latina attorney who was now completely at his mercy. Oh, the things he planned to do to her paled into insignificance compared to the crimes for which he had been convicted! But to enhance his pleasure, he had decided to role-play this perverted charade. Despite his burning hatred for Isabel, he would try to keep up the act of the polite and reassuring doctor throughout as he gradually reduced this arrogant bitch to a sniveling, begging wreck!

Staying in character, he said, “Forgive my rudeness. I haven’t introduced you to my two assistants, Harvey and Antonio. They aren’t at all medically qualified, but I requested their early release from jail so that they may assist me with your exam. Like me, they are sex offenders who suffered terribly at the hands of their fellow inmates—but they still haven’t lost their appetite for, shall we say, cruel depravity.”

Isabel regarded them with disgust and said, “Alright. I’ll agree to take the exam here—but I demand it be conducted by a female doctor!”

“You demand? Have you forgotten where you are? One phone call from me and you’ll be taken downstairs to the Civic Police interrogation cells. Would you prefer that?”

A look of panic flitted across Isabel’s face and she shook her head.

“And in case you were wondering, the new Attorney General is perfectly aware of your appointment today, so you won’t be getting any assistance from your old legal network,” Dr. Small continued.

He observed that Isabel had now gone a little pale.

“So are you prepared to cooperate?” Dr. Small asked.

Isabel let out a trembling breath and nodded reluctantly. Dr. Small couldn’t imagine the anxious thoughts that must be running through her mind right now, but he was willing to wager they weren’t anywhere near as bad as the reality she was about to face!

“Very good,” Dr. Small said. “Now stop trying to push yourself back through that door and step into the center of the room. We’re going to begin by taking some measurements—that won’t be too difficult will it?”

Clasping her purse in front of her, Isabel reluctantly shuffled deeper into the room until she was standing underneath a very bright ceiling light.

Dr. Small said, “Antonio, please take Isabel’s purse.”

Antonio stepped forward with his hand out, but Isabel clutched it tighter to her chest. Dr. Small was aware of the details of Antonio’s case—he had been convicted of serial molestation and the way he was looking at Isabel right now, it seemed he was keen to continue where he had left off!

“Isabel, if you continue to be awkward, I will have no choice but to hand you over to the Civic Police. Last chance.”

With a resigned sigh, Isabel handed her purse to Antonio who dropped it into a plastic basket on the floor.

“Be careful with that! My laptop is in there!” Isabel said.

“Still giving orders?” Dr. Small said. “You still don’t quite get it, do you? Now here’s an order for you—put your right foot up on that stool.”

Isabel blinked at him in confusion, and when she made no move, Dr. Small said, “Really, Isabel. I am a very busy doctor. Now for the last time, do as I say, or I will make that call!”

Isabel looked desperately around the large examination room which was well-stocked with an assortment of intimidating medical instruments and devices—along with some other dubious-looking equipment that surely had no place in a medical environment!

“Is there a room where I can change in private?” Isabel asked.

“I’m afraid not,” Dr. Small said, as he felt his cock stiffening. “You are going to have to undress right here.”

“In front of you?”

“Of course, in front of us—we are going to be conducting your examination after all. Don’t worry, you’ll only have to strip to your underwear for the measuring,” Dr. Small said.

Poor Isabel looked as though she were about to faint!


This cannot be real!

Only a couple of hours ago, Isabel was preparing herself for an important meeting at the courthouse, but now she was locked in a room with three convicted sex offenders—perverts!—one of whom she had been instrumental in putting in jail! And it was becoming apparent to her that this so-called medical exam was merely an excuse for Dr. Small and his sidekicks to have as much fun with her as they wanted!

Resisting was no longer an option. She had been denied access to any officials who could get her out of this, and on the contrary, if she continued to be obstructive, she could very well end up in the Civic Police interrogation cells for a very long time! Dr. Small had her exactly where he wanted her and he was reveling in the moment!

When she still hadn’t made a move, Dr. Small said, “Let me help you—”

“No! That won’t be necessary!” Isabel said.

“Oh, but I insist,” Dr. Small said. “As you are fully aware from your prosecution notes, my patients were unconscious when I satisfied my carnal pleasures with them, so I have become quite skilled in the art of undressing a lady.”

Isabel took a step back and said, “Really, I can do it myself!”

Dr. Small sighed and took out his phone.

“Oh dear, well if you must persist in being this unhelpful—”

At the sight of his phone, Isabel’s eyes widened and she said, “Okay! You can—do it!”

She was on the verge of tears now, but she was powerless to prevent this sex freak from touching her!

“Do what, Isabel?” Dr. Small said, still contemplating his phone.

“Y-You can undress me!” Isabel said.

“How very accommodating of you,” Dr. Small said. “Now once again, you can begin by raising your right leg and putting your foot on that stool.”

Feeling somewhat faint, this time Isabel did as she was told. Dr. Small leaned down and plucked her shoe off her foot—and then to Isabel’s utter disbelief he held it up to his nose!

“Ah, a beautiful fragrance!” he declared as he inhaled the interior of her shoe. He examined the label on the insole and said, “Jimmy Choo, no less. Very expensive, but quite befitting of a lady of your status.”

He handed the shoe to Harvey, who turned it over and said, “Sensible heels—but I reckon she’d look much hotter in a pair of red five-inch pumps!”

“And now the other shoe,” Dr. Small said.

Isabel went to take her left shoe off but Dr. Small said, “No, put your foot on the stool as before. You must remember to obey your doctor’s orders at all times.”

Feeling as foolish as she was afraid, Isabel raised her left leg and allowed Dr. Small to remove her other shoe. This time, he just tossed it straight into the basket.

“Now for your coat,” he said.

Isabel instinctively raised her arms, but under the threat of being turned over to the Civic Police, she slowly lowered them to her sides. Dr. Small reached out and undid her buttons and then slipped his long fingers inside her coat.

He’s actually touching me! I think I’m going to throw up!

Isabel held her breath as Dr. Small worked the coat over her shoulders and then pulled the sleeves down her arms. When he had removed the coat, he checked inside the collar and said, “Max Mara! My, doesn’t Madam Assistant District Attorney dress well!”

“For now, she does!” Antonio said.

Isabel was already down to her blouse, skirt, and stockings as she watched her luxury coat dumped unceremoniously into the basket—and very soon she would be standing there in just her underwear!

“Hmm, what next?” Dr. Small said, stroking his chin. “Blouse or skirt?”

“Let’s have a look at her bra first!” said Harvey eagerly. “She’s got big titties!”

“Calm down, Harvey,” Dr. Small said. “This is a medical examination, not a strip show.”

Harvey was a little on the dense side and his sexual misdemeanors ranged from masturbating in public to stealing underwear from a female college students’ dormitory.

“What would you prefer, Isabel?” Dr. Small said.

Prefer? I’d prefer not to be locked in here with you!

“Make a decision now or I’ll let Harvey and Antonio finish undressing you.”

“No!” Isabel said. “My skirt! Take off my skirt first!”

“Please—” Dr. Small said.

Isabel blinked back a tear of shame.

“P-Please take off my skirt,” she said.


“Please take off my skirt, Dr. Small,” Isabel said.

As he deftly popped the buttons and pulled down the zipper on Isabel’s gray pencil skirt, Dr. Small said, “If you’re finding this a little embarrassing, please feel free to cry to your heart’s content. I do enjoy watching a proud woman cry.”

How could I not find this embarrassing?

Dr. Small pulled Isabel’s skirt down to her ankles and motioned for her to step out of it. He checked the label and said, “Ann Taylor. Of course!”

Then he flung it at Harvey who dropped it in the basket.

Dr. Small straightened up and said, “I assume that lovely white blouse is a top quality garment, too. Would you mind telling us the brand?”

What is this obsession with my clothing brands?

“W-Why do you want to know?” she said.

“Oh, I’m just curious about the quality apparel that Madam Assistant District Attorney treats herself to. None of my victims wore such expensive clothes—and I had to make do with a worn out Corrections Department overalls while I was inside. Just the one set. Sometimes I was forced to wear it for weeks without washing it. And when I did get to wash it, guess what they made me wear in the meantime—a tatty, pink woman’s frock. Such humiliation! Anyway, I digress. Let’s get back to your blouse.”

Without warning, Dr. Small grabbed the lapels of Isabel’s blouse and yanked them apart with such force that all of the buttons flew off! Isabel shrieked and dropped into a crouch, covering her chest with her arms.

“Stand up and give me the blouse, Isabel,” Dr, Small said. “We’re not done yet.”

Suppressing a sob, Isabel slowly rose and slipped the damaged garment off her shoulders. Dr. Small snatched it from her and looked at the label.

“Ah, Vince. Nothing but the best, huh?”

For Isabel, this was beginning to feel like a clothes shopping trip ass-backwards!

Dr. Small lowered his gaze and Isabel placed one hand over her crotch. All three of these convicted perverts were hungrily ogling her underwear—and they hadn’t even begun with the measuring! Was it too late to take her chances with the Civic Police? Surely somebody out there must still have respect for the rule of law.

But somehow she doubted it. If Frank Kramer, now a government undersecretary, had rubber-stamped this cruel punishment—for that was what it was—and the Attorney General had been installed by the Civic Committee—the Mad Uncles!—she literally had nobody to turn to. In her capacity as Assistant District Attorney, she had been privy to some ghastly rumors as to what went on in the basement cells here. Miserably, as nightmarish as this situation was, she realized she had no choice but to tough it out.

“Those tights look quite awful,” Dr. Small said. “I doubt you spent too much on them, so I’ll have Harvey and Antonio rip them off.”


As the two repugnant men descended upon her, Isabel squeezed her thighs together, but she couldn’t stop Harvey from getting his fingers inside the waistband of her tights. He yanked downward and the flimsy nylon ripped apart easily. Behind her, Antonio dropped to his knees and tore the material away from Isabel’s shapely behind. The two sex freaks made quick work of tearing the tights away from her legs and then pulling them off her feet. Now Isabel was down to her bra and panties—and her nightmare was accelerating fast!

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