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Res Publica: Strip and Search


Lorenzo Marks



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Chapter One


Natalie knew she was taking a chance by cutting through the park. If she hadn’t run into her friend Brooke, she would have probably taken the bus or the subway—although these days they were almost as risky as the park—but she had to get to the job interview by nine, and they figured if they stuck together and kept their heads down they should remain fairly anonymous in the crowd of commuters.


Sometimes a person coming the other would try to tip you off if there were Civic Police in the area. A slight shake of the head, the subtle waving of a flat palm, something like that. But there were surveillance cameras everywhere these days, and very few citizens wanted to risk running foul of the civic authorities. Anyway, there were no hints that danger lay ahead, so Natalie and Brooke linked arms and followed the gravel pathway toward the small lake in the middle of the city park.


Winter was coming and it was cool enough to require jackets, the sky a sheet of white and flecks of rain in the air. Even so, the park was quite busy with people heading to work, not because it was safe, but the chances of being accosted by the Civic Police were less than walking through downtown.

Which was why the sudden turn of events that changed Natalie’s life had come as such a complete surprise. They were walking past a high hedge, approximately halfway through the park, when Brooke’s cell rang. Brooke took her arm away to answer the call and Natalie turned around to wait. Brooke started to speak but then looked over Natalie’s shoulder, and her eyes grew wide.


“Run!” Brooke whispered.




Brooke turned and ran.


Other people were hurrying away too, but for that fatal split second, Natalie instinctively turned around to see what they were running from—and found herself looking straight into the eyes of a Civic Police officer. She backed off a pace, but he said, “Hey, pretty. Where are you going?”

Natalie’s stomach tightened as she glanced at the official silver and black badge on his coat lapel: Civic Police Inspector Julian Snyder. Res Publica.


She had of course heard the horror stories about the unlimited powers of these sadistic civic policemen. Many of them had been low level municipal employees during the old normal, but now, backed up by the Corporate State, they could do pretty much whatever they liked with impunity—and once they had you in their cross hairs there was no escape. Today it was Natalie’s turn. She glanced back to see Brooke jogging in the opposite direction and she realized now that she was on her own.






Julian had worked for the city before the pandemic and the subsequent political takeover—a low paid, boring office job in the public health department. But that was during old normal times, before the new corporate government began systematically stripping away the basic human rights that its citizens once took for granted. And they had moved fast, turning this once vibrant city into a place of suspicion and fear. Now the Corporate State had unlimited powers, which meant that as a Civic Police Officer, Julian did too. He proudly wore the notorious silver and black badge that was enough to make the color drain from the face of any citizen he encountered. He could do whatever he wanted—and he had a lot of catching up to do!


The gorgeous young woman now trembling in front of him would have been out of his league before the takeover. She still was of course, but the normal rules of engagement no longer applied to Julian. This was the kind of uppity bitch who wouldn’t have given him the time of day when he had been a mere office drone. Now she had no choice, and just the mental image of what he was planning to do to her gave him a woody.


He said, “Would you accompany me please?”


Her eyes wide, she said, “W-Why?”


Julian smiled kindly. “Because I asked you to—you don’t question the Civic Police, do you?”


“I-I meant, I haven’t done anything wrong!” the girl stammered.


Julian regarded her. Long, loosely curled brown hair. Fair complexion with light freckles. Pretty eyes and pouty lips. She was perfect.


“We’ll just have to find that out, won’t we?” he said.


The girl still didn’t move. Maybe she couldn’t. Julian decided to help.


“Or would you prefer to do this at Civic Headquarters?”

The girl whimpered and stiffly followed him across to a park bench where his colleagues, Officer Leon and Officer Floyd where sitting. Floyd was drinking from a hip flask as usual. Leon was playing a game on his phone. Now they both looked up with interest as Julian returned with the sexy young woman.


Julian said to the girl, “Identification, please.”

The girl opened the compulsory VaccinCorp Passport app in her cell phone and shakily held it up. Julian took out his own phone and scanned her QR code. A second later he had all of her personal information in front of him.






Natalie shuffled her feet anxiously while Inspector Snyder checked her information. She could see people glancing in her direction, no doubt counting their blessings that they hadn’t been stopped themselves. Natalie didn’t want to speculate why this guy had specifically picked on her, but she had an uncomfortable feeling as the other two officers on the bench leered at her.


Reading from his phone, Inspector Snyder said,“Natalie Wells, twenty-two years old. Height, five feet eight. Weight, one hundred twenty pounds. Hair brown, eyes blue—bust, thirty-six inches.”


He paused and glanced at Natalie’s chest and she blushed, glad that she was wearing a thick jacket.

Inspector Snyder went on, “Address, one seventeen, Parkway. Marital status, single. Current occupation, unemployed.”


He looked at her again. “What are you doing on this side of the city, Natalie?”


“I-I’m going to a job interview.”


“Really? What kind of job?”


“Um, hotel receptionist.”


“And what time is the interview?”




Inspector Snyder shook his head apologetically. “I don’t think you’re going to make it.”


Natalie’s heart sank. She had been hoping that if all her credentials were in order, they might promptly send her on her way. But the way this guy was looking at her, she now feared he might detain her for a while to come yet.

He continued to read about her personal life while his two creepy looking colleagues casually watched her. Natalie had heard terrible rumors about defenseless women being taken advantage of by the Civic Police. She had even seen people being searched in the street herself, had shared their embarrassment at having their belongings tipped onto the sidewalk—and had of course, been selfishly grateful that it hadn’t been happening to her.


Except now she was being investigated by the Civic Police for the first time, right here in the middle of the park, and there was nothing she could do to change that. How she wished she could turn back time, but that was just being foolish. She was an adult. She needed to manage this situation. These thugs may well be Civic Police, but they were still men—and Natalie knew how to push a man’s buttons. But right now she needed to keep quiet, act humble, and hope that once they had demonstrated their power and authority, they would let her go.


Inspector Snyder scrolled down his phone and frowned.


“Oh. I see you are behind on your vaccination schedule,” he said.


Natalie winced inwardly. She had been putting it off. She hated needles.


“Have you been ill recently? Headaches? Sneezing?”




“Even so, you could still be an asymptomatic carrier,” Inspector Snyder said. “I could have you arrested for that, you know.”


“I-I was planning to go the VaccinCorp building tomorrow morning,” Natalie said.




Inspector Snyder scrolled down and Natalie breathed a sigh of relief, but then he gave her another disconcertingly long look before continuing to pry into her personal life.


“I see you are a member of the Andromeda gym. Expensive place for an unemployed girl.”


Natalie glanced at him. She had managed to wangle a free membership by flirting with one of the gym club instructors. There was no way she was ever going to sleep with the guy, but the poor sap didn’t know that.


“It was a gift membership,” Natalie lied.


Inspector Snyder nodded.


“So you like to keep in shape, then?”


Natalie nodded cautiously.


“Yet you are behind on your medical updates. The virus could be lurking inside you.”


Natalie said, “I feel fine, really!”


“But what if you are infected?” Inspector Snyder said. “I could get into a lot of trouble if I don’t report you to Civic Headquarters.”


Natalie’s heart began to pound.


“P-Please don’t—I’ll go to VaccinCorp right now, if you want me to!”


Inspector Snyder looked at his two colleagues.


“What do you say, guys?”


The fat one with the hip flask said, “Hey, you could put her through your fitness test.”


“That’s a good idea, Floyd,” Inspector Snyder grinned.



“I’d like to see that,” smiled the one with the pocked marked face.


Inspector Snyder turned to Natalie.


“So, what’s it going to be? Civic Headquarters or the fitness test?”



Chapter Two


Julian waited as Natalie looked anxiously around the park as if she were searching for an escape route. He wondered if she had heard any rumors about his fitness tests. He had played with quite a few pretty girls since he had been gifted this wonderful job, but none of them had been as hot as Natalie. She was high-end stuff, no doubt with dozens of admirers trying to woo their way into her panties.


Well tough luck, guys—Civic Police Inspector Julian Snyder has got her now!


He studied her while he waited for her answer. She was wrapped up in a cozy leather jacket, jeans and ankle boots, but she looked like she had a decent figure under all of that—he couldn’t wait to find out!


After a few seconds he affected a sigh and said, “So do you want us to take you downtown?”


“N-No!” Natalie gasped. “I-I’ll take the fitness test!”


Julian smiled to himself. The stories about what happened inside the notorious Civic Headquarters building were legendary. No matter how desperate Natalie might be to get out of this situation, she must have already decided that it had to be preferable to being arrested.


“You’re sure?” Julian said.


Natalie hesitated and then nodded.


“Okay then—let’s get started,” Julian said.


“Wait,” Natalie said. “We’re going to do it now?”


“Of course,” Julian said.


Natalie blinked at him. “Where?”


“Right here in the park,” Julian said.


Natalie looked around nervously again. “B-But I don’t have my gym clothes—”


“No problem,” Julian said. “It shouldn’t take long—provided you pass the test.”


Natalie’s face creased into an endearing little frown.


“W-What if I don’t pass?” she said.


“Then you keep on taking it until you do,” Julian said.

“Keep on—?”


Natalie took a step backward as if she were getting ready to take flight, so Julian waved his phone at her. For a second, it looked as if the distraught girl was going to burst into tears, but then she said, “Okay!”


Julian’s cock thickened in his underpants. He loved this part, when the innocent citizen crumbled in defeat—and this one was such a stunner!


“But this is your last chance,” Julian said. “Are you going to cooperate without any bullshit?”


Natalie sniffed and nodded.


“Excellent,” Julian said. “Then let’s begin. First, you’ll need to give me your purse and take off your jacket.”


Natalie stared at him. “W-Why?”


Julian let out another exaggerated sigh. “You’re going to work out for us, right? Prove that your respiratory system is in good functioning order? You can’t do that in your jacket, can you?”


“I-I can go home and get my sweats!” Natalie said. “It won’t take long, I promise!”


“Really Natalie, do you think I’m fucking stupid?” Julian said.

Clearly shocked by his unexpected vulgarity, Natalie’s eyes began to glisten.


“Okay,” she said in a low voice. “I’ll take the test now.”


“A wise decision,” Julian said, although the fact was Natalie really had no choice here—she never did.


“Now will you give me your purse?” Julian said.


Suppressing a sob, Natalie handed it over.


“Louis Vuitton. Very nice,” Julian said. “How can an unemployed girl afford one of these? No, don’t tell me—it was another gift, right?”


Natalie nodded silently again.


“Yeah, I bet a hot looking girl like you gets a lot of gifts,” Julian smirked. He sniffed the leather handbag and then casually tossed it over to Floyd.


“Check the contents please, Officer Floyd.”


Floyd grinned wickedly and then proceeded to upend the bag, tipping its contents onto the grass. Natalie’s jaw dropped but she managed to keep her counsel as Floyd and Leon began going through her private and personal possessions.

I shouldn’t worry about that too much, my pretty,” Julian thought. Very soon, you won’t have any secrets to hide!


“And now the jacket,” Julian said.


Natalie glanced off to the side as she unzipped her jacket, paused briefly, and then shrugged it over her shoulders. Julian held out his hand and she hesitantly handed the garment over.


“More real leather,” Julian said. “You certainly know how to get the best things in life, don’t you?”


He dropped the expensive jacket onto the damp grass and stepped on it with his muddy boots. Natalie looked at him incredulously but still she didn’t protest. She must have realized by now that her worst nightmare was becoming a reality.


Natalie was wearing a tight-fitting sweater underneath, and when Julian gazed at the shape of her sizable bust, she wrapped her arms around herself protectively. She obviously had no idea yet of where he was going with this.


“Take off the sweater,” he said.


Natalie looked at him, wide-eyed. “Take off—?”


“The sweater. Right now. And don’t test my patience.”


Natalie glanced anxiously around and took hold of the hem of her sweater. A couple of curious onlookers had stopped to see what was happening and she glanced at them coyly before pulling the sweater up over her stomach and then her breasts, revealing a rather sexy powder blue bra with a black lace trim.


“Holy shit!” said Floyd. “What a fine pair of titties!”


Hearing him, Natalie froze, the sweater now bunched up around her head and her arms raised. Julian took advantage of her hesitation to scrutinize her ample bust and her flat, rapidly undulating belly. She seemed unable to move, so Julian decided that while she was temporarily blinded, he would give her a taste of what was to come. He reached inside his jacket and pulled out his favorite leather spanker—then he stepped up and gave Natalie a light tap across her ass. She let out a muffled squeal and began to struggle out of the sweater. Julian grinned. he knew from the screams of his previous victims that the spanker would hurt like fuck if he put all his effort into it—that was just a taster.


Natalie held the sweater in front of her chest, her cheeks flushed, and her eyes watering. Her lustrous chestnut hair was a little mussed and a few strands stuck to her face. Her pretty eyes darted around nervously as a few more passers-by stopped and stared.


“Give it to me,” Julian said, holding out his hand.


Another pause, and then Natalie handed over her sweater before quickly wrapping her arms back around herself. Her eyes flicked right and left, and her cheeks grew a little pinker as a loose circle of spectators began to form around them. Julian wondered what must be going through her pretty little head right now.






This can’t be happening to me! It happens to other people! I was on my way to a job interview! Now I’m standing in my bra in the middle of the park! People are looking at me! Strangers!


“Now you’d better get out of those boots,” Inspector Snyder said.




Natalie’s mouth framed the one-word question but no sound came out.


Reading her lips, Inspector Snyder said, “Because you are going to be exercising for us, Natalie. You can’t very well do jumping jacks in those fancy heels, can you?”


Jumping jacks?


Natalie suddenly felt a little faint. Although she intellectually understood that she had to prove her fitness to these policemen, her brain hadn’t quite connected the dots that she would have to do it right here out in the open in front of strangers! And now he wanted her to take her boots off! Didn’t he realize that her socks would get dirty?

As if she were being controlled by an invisible puppeteer, Natalie bent down and unzipped her ankle boots. She stepped out of the left one, keeping her foot in the air while she tried to maintain her balance. The circle of onlookers was inching closer now and a couple of men had taken out their cell phones.


Oh God, they’re going to film me!


“Are you planning to wobble on one leg like that for the rest of the day?” said Inspector Snyder.


A few people in the small crowd chuckled.


With a pathetic whimper, Natalie lowered her foot, feeling the dew soaking into her sock. Then she stepped out of her right boot. A camera flash went off and she covered her bra with her arm again.


“Now all you have to do is take off your jeans and you’ll be ready to show us how healthy you are,” Inspector Snyder said.


My jeans too?


Natalie looked at the leather paddle that he was holding by his side. She didn’t understand why a Civic Police Inspector would have such a strange and vile thing in his possession—weren’t they supposed to carry batons and guns? Over on the park bench, the other two policemen were still sifting through her possessions, the fat one holding up a packet of tampons, the spotty one playing with a tube of lipstick. Natalie fought the urge to yell at them to leave her private stuff alone. She felt so violated!


“The jeans, Natalie,” Inspector Snyder said, raising the paddle.


Natalie didn’t want to risk another smack on the ass in front of the gathering crowd of onlookers, so she reached down and unbuttoned her jeans. Then she drew a deep breath, pulled down the zipper, and grabbed the waistband. Natalie liked wearing tight jeans because they showed off the shape of her ass and legs. She worked hard in the gym to keep herself trim and she was proud of her body. She enjoyed the hungry looks from guys as she walked down the street. But as she slowly rolled her jeans down over her legs, she was dearly regretting wearing them today!


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