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The stolen Buick came to a stop outside the cabin and the four bank robbers climbed out and stretched their legs. It had been a long drive out from the city but Nate, the leader and brains of the group, was pretty confident they were safe now. The old cabin was several miles up a trail from the main road, and it was unlikely anybody would come past. If they did, his boys would just have to deal with them.

“Okay let’s get inside,” Nate said.

“Buddy and Luke bring the cash, and Errol—”

He gave his grinning brother a dubious look.

“Go get the hostage out of the trunk.”

He threw the keys at Errol and went to the cabin with the other two. Now Errol smiled broadly as he unlocked the trunk and gazed at the lady bank teller they had taken. Nate had reluctantly allowed Errol to select their hostage because he knew what his unpredictable little brother was like—if he didn’t get his way, Errol would silently sulk before exploding without notice. The results could be deadly. Nate didn’t share Errol’s weird perversions, but he was blood so Nate was prepared to put up with it—to a degree. His only rule here was that Errol didn’t kill the hostage.

Errol had somberly promised not to, and then chosen the teller at the end of the counter. She was tall and pale skinned, around forty, but in excellent shape, and she had shaken like a leaf when Errol had pointed his knife at her and forced her to follow them out to the getaway car. After taping her mouth, wrists and ankles, she had been unceremoniously dumped into the trunk where she had remained for the past three hours.

Now she blinked up into the sunlight and Errol saw that she was covered in sweat.

“Poor dear,” he said. “You must be thirsty.”

He grabbed her by the wrists and hauled her out of the trunk where she collapsed onto the dry dirt. Errol produced his hunting knife and the woman squealed through her gag.

“Don’t worry ma’am,” Errol smiled. “I’m not going to hurt you.”

Errol cut her ankles free and pulled her upright. He stood back to get a good look at her. She was a fine looking woman, with long legs, an ample ass, and oh yes, a nice rack! Her hair was long and black and framed a finely chiseled face, high cheek bones, and dark, sexy eyes. He looked at her bound hands and noted the wedding ring on her finger.

Errol fetched his bag from the trunk and then gestured with the knife.

“Okay honey. Let’s get you inside.”

Her eyes followed the glinting blade and she walked ahead of him onto the porch. She hesitated at the door so Errol gave her a little shove in the back.

“Here she is, guys!” he said. “A bit sweaty and I think she pissed herself, but otherwise in good condition.”

He nudged her again and she took a few more hesitant steps into the big living area.

Nate looked up from the kitchenette. “Okay, the refrigerator is working, but we’ll need to get some supplies. Errol and Luke, you stay here with the hostage. Buddy will come with me.”

In the doorway, Nate hesitated. “Luke, keep an eye on Errol for me—and make sure nothing happens to the hostage.”

“Christine,” Errol said.


“Her badge says Christine.”

Errol reached across and pulled on the name tag just above her left breast, and the woman flinched.

“Yeah, whatever,” Nate said. “Tie her up so she doesn’t get away, and remember, we need her alive—that’s why she’s called a hostage.”

Errol narrowed his eyes.

“I already said I won’t waste her.”

Nate gave his brother a look and went out front with Buddy. A moment later, they heard the Buick crunching along the trail. Then it was silent. Luke pulled a half pint of bourbon out of his jacket pocket and went into the kitchenette to search for some ice.

Errol stood in front of Christine and stared into her eyes. She was actually about two inches taller than he was, even in her bare feet. Superb specimen. Christine didn’t want to maintain eye contact and her dark eyes flitted left and right. She was shaking again.

Errol ripped the tape off her mouth and she gasped.

Oh, yeah. Nice full lips. He cut the tape around her wrists and waited to see if she would try anything. She just stood in front of him, her legs trembling, either too smart or too scared to run. Good. He liked them submissive by nature.

“I bet you’d like a drink, wouldn’t you?”

Christine hesitated, then nodded.

“Wait here, I’ll be right back. Don’t do anything silly.”

He held up the knife and she stared at the sharp point.

Errol joined Luke in the kitchenette and filled a dusty china cup from the faucet. The water ran brown first and then clear. Luke had found ice and was pouring bourbon into a glass.

“You want one?”

Errol looked at the bottle and licked his lips.

“I shouldn’t. Nate doesn’t like me to drink alcohol.”

Luke shrugged and glanced across at the bank teller they had kidnapped. She was standing with her back to them and her whole body was shaking.

“Nice ass.”

Errol grinned.

“You want a better look at it?”

Luke frowned.

“You heard what Nate said—don’t touch the hostage.”

“No,” Errol said carefully. “He said don’t kill the hostage. I’m just gonna take a peek, okay?”

Luke took a drink and shrugged again.

“Just don’t hurt her. You know Nate will be pissed if you do.”

Errol winked and returned to the living room with the cup of water. Christine looked at it and swallowed involuntarily. Errol held the cup toward her but when she went to take it, he pulled it away.

“Uh-uh. No hands. Open up.”

He held the cup by her lips. Christine hesitated, and then looking very uncomfortable about it, opened her mouth. Errol examined her pink tongue and white teeth and then lifted the cup. Christine gulped the water down as he tilted the cup further and the water ran down her chin and onto her dress. She coughed and spluttered and pulled her head away.

Errol looked at the outline of her breasts under the damp dress. He wondered if they sagged without a bra. He wanted to know what the rest of her body looked like. Luke was watching from the sofa now, and Errol sat down next to him. He watched Christine standing uncertainly before them.

“I want you to do me a favor and take that dress off.”

This must have been something Christine had been half expecting.

“P-Please don’t make me.”

Errol said, “You heard me promise my brother that I wouldn’t kill you, right? But he didn’t say I can’t play with you.”

“Please don’t,” Christine whispered.

Errol took out his knife.

“The dress, Christine. All I want to do is have a look at you.”

Christine whined softly and then took the hem of her dress and raised it up. As her body came into view he noted that her thighs were firm and there was a little bulge of fat above her panties, but he quite liked that, and then her magnificent breasts came into view, wobbling under the constraints of her bra. She paused, then pulled the dress over her head and held it in front of her.

“Throw it to me,” Errol said.

A frown creased Christine’s forehead but she did as she was told. Now she stood there in her underwear with her hands clasped in front of her.

“How old are you, Christine?”


Errol nodded at the ring on her finger.

“Still happily married?”

Christine gave him a puzzled look and then she nodded.

“What’s hubby’s name?”

“Excuse me?”

“Your husband. What is his name?”


“Huh.” Errol looked her up and down. Her knees were shaking like a leaf now.

“I’ll bet he’s real worried about you. But don’t worry. You do as you’re told, and you’ll see him again. Now I want you to turn around.”


“Don’t ask me why. Not now or ever again. Got it?”

Christine haltingly turned her back to them.

“What do you say, Luke? Not bad for a forty year-old, huh?”

“Very nice ass,” Luke said again.

Errol said, “Christine, be a dear and pull you panties down for Luke here, won’t you?”

Christine’s shoulders stiffened.


“Don’t say what again either. Luke wants to look at your bare ass.”

Christine sniffled audibly and then she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and slowly lowered the them until they clung just below her broad buttocks.

“What do you say, Luke?”

“Nice. I like them big,” Luke said. “Something to hold onto.”

“And wobbly,” Errol said. “A bit of cellulite there but not too shabby at all.”

Christine’s big, white ass was indeed trembling delightfully.

“Take them all the way off now, Christine.”

Another loud sniff, and then the married bank teller bent forward, keeping her legs together, and pulled her underwear further down her legs and let them drop to the floor. She stepped out of them and quickly straightened up, hugging her shoulders.

“You keep yourself in decent shape for your age,” Errol said. “You work out?”


Her shoulders were shaking slightly. Christine had been keeping it together pretty well so far, but Errol guessed everyone had their limits. He considered having her work out for them butt naked, but maybe he would save that for another time. There was something else he wanted to try out on this dignified and mature lady.

“So now you need to lose the bra,” Errol said.

“Oh, God!” Christine said. “Please don’t do this to me.”

“This really isn’t so bad considering what I could do to you. Right Luke?”

“You’d better do as he says ma’am,” Luke said. “Errol has a terrible temper if you provoke him.”

Errol smiled to himself. Luke had indeed seen what he was capable of, which was why he was letting Errol have his fun for a while. Errol also knew that Luke was carrying and he figured he could stop Errol if he went too far. Nate didn’t allow Errol to carry a gun anymore.

With a sob, Christine reached around and unhooked her bra. Then she lifted the straps over her shoulders, paused, and then took the cups away.

“Drop it,” Errol said.

He watched Christine’s bra join her panties and dress on the floor. Now the nice bank teller was naked. He looked at her fingers gripping her shoulders, let her stay like that for a while, then he said, “Turn around now, Christine.”

Sniveling, Christine did as she was told, keeping an arm over her breasts, and a hand over her crotch.

“You’re looking bashful,” Errol said. “Are you ashamed of your body?”

Keeping her head bowed, Christine nodded.

“Well I don’t think you should be,” Errol said. “You’ve got a good body for an old girl but I still don’t know about those titties. They looked pretty good under that dress. They’re the main reason I chose you.”

Still covering herself, Christine looked at him in horror.

“Yep, that’s right. I thought to myself, what a handsome woman. And what a rack! Man would I like to see her naked!”

Christine shook her head in disbelief.

“You know this is going to happen, so don’t make it difficult for yourself. Put your hands up behind your head and show us the goods.”

Biting her lip, Christine looked away as she raised her arms. Luke leaned forward and finished his drink. Errol was pleased that he had chosen so well. He had just known that she would look good in the raw. He could have chosen one of the younger bank tellers, but there was something about this one. He loved the way she was blushing now, her pink face contrasting with her pale body. Her tits were superb with large brown areolas and not too much sag. Her black pubic hair was a bit on the thick side, and he noticed a slight shadow under each of her armpits, but he guessed she wouldn’t have been expecting to show herself off to anyone when she got dressed that morning.

Errol sat back and watched her squirm, her bare toes wriggling on the worn carpet as she battled to keep her hands up behind her head. She was looking around the room, at the wall, the ceiling—anywhere but at the two men now ogling her naked body.

Errol decided it was time to step up her emotional discomfort.

“You know what? On second thought, I think you are right, Christine. You really ought to be ashamed, showing yourself off to us like this. What would Dominic think if he could see you right now?”

Christine let out a gasp of exasperation. Errol let her stand there for a few more minutes while Luke went to make another drink. Eventually, Errol unzipped his sports bag and said, “Well, I could happily watch you exposing yourself all day, but Nate did say you were to be tied up, so that’s what I have to do.”

Christine watched with apprehension as he pulled out a thick bundle of long brown rubber straps.

“W-What are you going to do with those?”

“Tie you up, honey. So you don’t escape.”

“I won’t try to escape, I promise!” Christine said, her eyes locked upon the growing pile of rubber. “Just let me put my clothes back on and I’ll behave myself!”

“Will you listen to her now, Luke?” Errol said. “First she doesn’t want to say a word, and now she won’t shut the fuck up!”

Luke came back from the kitchenette, another drink in hand, and looked at the paraphernalia that Errol was extracting from the bag.

“What the fuck is all that shit?”

“This is how I’m going to tie up Christine,” Errol said. “Think I’ll set her up on the table where we can keep a good eye on her.”

Christine was breathing hard now, her big breasts rising and falling. “You don’t have to do that! I won’t run! You have my word!”

“Okay, now I really have to shut you up,” Errol said. “Get over here and kneel on the floor.”

Christine shook her head vigorously and backed away a step. Errol had to dig through the heap of rubber straps to locate his hunting knife.

“Test my patience any more, and I’ll send you back to Dominic minus one tit. How does that sound?”

Christine couldn’t answer as the floodgates opened.

Errol stamped his foot and said, “Get over here now!”

Her face streaming with tears, the naked bank teller shuffled forward until she was in front of him and then slowly sank to her knees.

“Okay, now put your hands down.”

Christine lowered her head as well as her hands so Errol placed his finger under her chin and tilted her face back up.

“Keep looking forward and stay still.”

Errol could hear her labored breathing as he sorted through the pile of rubber strips. He eventually located a suitable length and about a half-inch thick. He snapped it out straight and Christine jerked her head back.

“I told you to stay put. Do you really want me to hurt you?”

Christine sniffed and leaned forward. A glob of snot hung from her left nostril and Errol wiped it away with his thumb. “Okay, now open your mouth.”

Christine glanced at him and then reluctantly parted her lips.



Christine let out a choked protest as Errol put the rubber strip between her teeth.

Then he leaned over her head and pulled the strip tight before tying it off around the back of her head. When it was securely in place, he pushed her back and examined her. The rubber strip was pulled back deeply into Christine’s grimacing mouth, forcing her tongue out. With a nod of satisfaction, Errol selected a second piece of flat rubber strip, this time tying it tightly around her head just beneath her nose. Christine looked at him with watery eyes, her mouth forced open by the rubber strip, her cheeks glowing red.

Now Errol tied a new length of rubber strip around Christine’s neck. Feeling her hot breath puffing against his arm, he said, “Don’t worry, I won’t tie this one too tight. My brother would be seriously pissed if you choked to death!”

Next, Errol located some thin rubber tubing which he connected to the strip running beneath Christine’s nose. He then pulled the tubing up one side of her nose, over the top of her head and then down the back where he tied it to the strip around her neck. He repeated the process on the other side of her nose and then turned her face towards Luke.

“What do you think so far?”

‘Holy shit!’ Luke chuckled, as he stared at Christine’s distorted face.

“It’s a start,” said Errol. “Now let’s see what we can do with those lovely big titties! Stand up so I can get at them.”

Christine cautiously stood as a stream of saliva dripped off her tongue and down over her breasts. Errol smiled and wiped it over one of her nipples and Christine gargled her disapproval. Now Errol took a longer piece of rubber tubing and encircled the base of her right breast twice and then looped it around the base of her left breast so that it formed a figure of eight. Then he pulled it hard.


Christine groaned as her tits were squeezed into two round orbs. Keeping the tension, Errol ran the tube back across and tied it off. Now the nice lady bank teller was beginning to really shape up, her face all twisted out of shape, and her jugs transformed into two pink balloons!

“Okay honey, let’s get you up on the table,” Errol said.

The bare wooden table was set in the center of the living room underneath a hanging light fitting. Errol climbed up on a chair and took down the light, leaving a large hook in the ceiling directly above the table.

He got down off the chair and said, Up you go.”

Christine lightly fingered the tight rubber bindings on her face and then hesitantly stepped up onto the chair before sitting on the edge of the table. Errol admired her wide, white butt squashed against the wooden tabletop.

“Get up on all fours,” he said.

Unable to talk with the rubber gag forcing her tongue out, Christine made an unintelligible noise of protest and then clambered up onto her hands and knees. Errol circled the table once, running his fingers over her rump and touching her hanging, engorged breasts which brought another gargled squeal from the naked bank teller.

Errol picked a much longer length of rubber strip and set to work. First he looped it under her stomach and pulled it tight around her back, and then around her midriff again before looping it securely around the hook in the ceiling. Then her brought the strip back down and encircled Christine’s back and stomach a second time before tying it off tightly. He stepped off the chair and stood back to admire his handiwork.

The rubber harness bit deep into Christine’s belly, making it bulge out on each side of the two straps. Her blood engorged tits wobbled beneath her, the brown nipples forced into long, erect points. She was now gagged and firmly secured by her abdomen to the hook in the ceiling, but Errol was still far from done. Now it was time to disable her arms and legs.

He took yet another length of rubber strip and stood in front of her. She was breathing hard and a lot of drool was running off her tongue onto the table. Errol made her lean forward on her elbows. Starting with her right arm, he pulled her hand up until it was touching her shoulder, then he quickly wrapped the rubber strip around both her upper and forearm until the two were connected as one stunted limb. He repeated the process with her left arm, and when he was done, she was propped up on her elbows with her ass in the air.

Like a master craftsman at work, Errol walked around his living, breathing creation while Luke made himself another drink. Luke was okay with this. As long as the woman didn’t choke, he wouldn’t have to answer to Nate.

Now Errol bound Christine’s legs in the same fashion as her arms, completely encasing them with rubber strip from just above the knees all the way up to her ankles. When he was done, her legs, like her arms, were bent double. Satisfied so far, Errol tweaked Christine’s big toe and she squeaked through her rubber gag.

She was now totally immobilized, unable to move more than her fingers and toes, but Errol’s nude statue wasn’t quite yet complete. He still had plenty more rubber strips left, and he returned to her front end. After a moment’s contemplation, he slipped a length of rubber through the small gap between her forearm and bicep and pulled it through so that there was plenty of play. He then pulled both ends down hard towards the front table leg, jerking Christine’s elbow out wide. Once secured to the leg, he did the same with her left arm, and then he repeated the act with her legs.

He stood back behind her and stroked his chin thoughtfully. She was completely immobile now. Her elbows and knees were spread out wide to the edges of the table, and he gazed at her cunt lips pouting between a curtain of thick pubic hair. He then walked around to the front, and checked all of her bindings. She could hardly move a muscle! It was only when she dropped her head that he realized he had missed something.


He retrieved one more piece of rubber tubing, and worked it inside the back of the upper strip encircling her head. After threading it through, he pulled it back toward the strips connected to the ceiling hook and Christine’s head came up with it. By the time he had knotted it securely, Christine’s neck was fully stretched back and her head held high. Perfect! She couldn’t even turn her head from left to right now!

“Jesus Christ!” Luke said. “You really are one sick motherfucker, Errol!”

“Nate said not to let her get away, right?”

Christine, who had started this morning as a dignified, married bank employee, and a well respected member of the local community, merely made a strangled gurgling noise. Now she was naked on all fours on a table, saliva was coursing down her cheeks, her strapped breasts had turned bright red, and she was displaying her privates to these men in a most obscene manner.

And she couldn’t move. Not an inch. That cruel bastard had ensured that every piece of rubber wrapped around her naked body was as tight as possible!

“You look kind of funny all trussed up like that,” Errol said. “And your face really isn’t so pretty right now. I don’t think Dominic would approve. Hey, I almost forgot.”

Errol grabbed hold of Christine’s ring finger and after a bit of twisting and turning, pulled off her wedding ring. Christine let out a gurgle of outrage, and fresh tears ran down her red cheeks. Errol slipped her ring into his pocket and said,

“How about I show you what you look like right now?”

He wandered over to the bedroom and returned a moment later with a dressing mirror which he placed in front of her. Christine’s physical anguish was now matched by her emotional torment as she finally got to see what he had done to her! Her face was crisscrossed with rubber strips and tubes fastened so tightly that her eyes had been pulled out of shape! She looked at her crimson, bulbous breasts, and then back up at her lolling tongue. She looked stupid! She looked hideous! He had turned her into a comical freak! She warbled through her gag, and snorted through her snot-filled nostrils and struggled against her bonds, but she couldn’t move her limbs or her head even an inch! More tears of humiliation and frustration began to flow as she thought how unfair this all was. This pervert could have picked any one of the tellers in the bank, but he had to have her! Why? What had she done to deserve this?

Errol watched her struggling and burbling. “Hey, it’s not my fault. Nate said to tie you up. But guess what? I have something that will make this more fun for you. Just a sec.”

He moved out of her field of vision, leaving her to stare once more at her disgusting self-image. She willed herself to stop crying because she now understood that this pleased him more. He had stripped away her clothes and now he wanted her dignity. She couldn’t let him have that. She had to get through this so that she could get back to Dominic, to her job, and back to her life. The gang leader, Nate, had said he wanted her kept alive. She had to cling to that hope.

Errol reappeared and showed her a huge, rubber penis. Christine blinked away her tears, unable at first to process what she was looking at. When she finally got it, she began to gurgle around her gag.

Errol said, “I hope you like it. I know you’ve got a bucket-size cunt, but it’s the biggest dildo I have.”

Christine tried to shake her head but that was impossible. She watched with wide, fearful eyes as Errol touched her wet tongue with the tip of the dildo. She tried to retract her tongue but of course she couldn’t do that either. Errol kept working the head of the vibrator around her tongue and she retched and snorted and gagged. When he had collected enough of her saliva, he went around to her rear and touched the slick tip of the vibrator against her labia. Christine squeaked and tensed and to her utter dismay she realized there was absolutely nothing she could do to stop him from putting the vulgar device inside her!

He didn’t just ram it home though. Instead he turned it on low and began to trail it up and down her lips, slowly teasing them until they began to swell and moisten. Christine had no choice other than to look at herself in the mirror as her body responded to the trembling sex toy. She had vowed not to let him take away her dignity—but how could she do that when she was so obviously becoming aroused?

When he figured she was nicely lubricated, Errol worked the bulbous tip of the vibrator between her outer labia and slowly pushed it inside her. The device was an inch and a half thick and eight inches long, and he made sure that Christine took it all. He wasn’t surprised that she accommodated it quite comfortably, although her gurgling protestations at the other end suggested otherwise. When it was fully embedded inside her cunt, he took a final piece of rubber tubing and twisted it several times around the base. Then he took the two end pieces and tied them to the rubber strips extending from the ceiling hook, ensuring that the vibrator would stay deep inside Christine’s body. Then he turned it on.

Christine immediately started making strange bubbling noises deep in her throat, and her toes clenched. Errol walked around to the front and she rolled her eyes frantically in his direction.

“It’s okay,” Errol said. “No need to thank me. Enjoy!”

Now he took out his phone and started taking pictures of his living, naked, rubberbound, masterpiece. Horrified that he was recording her humiliation, Christine struggled with renewed vigor, but her arms, legs, and head were held fast. As the camera flashes went off around her, Christine began to feel a pleasant warmth welling between her legs. This was not good news!

“I’m getting some good shots here, Christine,” Errol said. “Something to remember you by. Hey, I might even post them up on the internet!”

Christine tried to scream, but instead she made a sound like a demented animal. All the while, the feeling in her groin grew ever more intense. She desperately wanted to resist it but she was powerless—she couldn’t even close her thighs!

When he had taken dozens of pictures of her from every conceivable angle, Errol finally sat down.

Luke, who had been watching the whole thing with interest, said, “Now what?”

Errol said, “Now nothing. Christine is well and truly tied. And there she will stay, watching herself in the mirror, until we are ready to leave.”

“Nate said we might be here two or three days.”

“Well then,” said Errol. “I guess I’ll have to change the batteries in Christine’s vibrator a few times.”

Christine stared at him in the mirror. Surely he had to be joking! He couldn’t leave her up here for three days! Could he? Her elbows and knees were already hurting terribly! And having her tongue extended for so long was making her gag most the time. Even an hour trussed up like this would be unbearable torture! And what about her breasts? They had now turned a very worrying shade of purple!

They heard a car coming outside and Luke drew his gun and went to the window.

“It’s Nate and Buddy.”

Luke and Errol went outside to help Nate and Buddy bring the supplies in.

As he came through the front door, Nate said, “I’ve found somewhere perfect to hide the cash so—what the fuck?”

Unable to move her head, Christine swiveled her eyes toward Nate, who was holding a bag of groceries and staring at her in amazement. Even though none of this was her fault, Christine still blushed with embarrassment.

Still gazing at Christine, Nate said in an even voice, “Errol, what did you do?”

Errol had an apple in his mouth, and mumbled something as he went to the kitchenette.

Nate said, “Errol. I asked you a question.”

Errol took the apple out of his mouth and said, “You wanted me to tie her up.”

Still looking at Christine’s nude and trussed-up form, Nate put his bag on the kitchen counter and said, “Like this?”

“Sure,” said Errol. “She likes it.”

Luke and Buddy exchanged glances. There was a worrying edge to Errol’s voice. They both knew he was psychotic, and the only person who could keep him relatively subdued was Nate. But sometimes even Nate got it wrong which usually meant that somebody got hurt. In this case, that would mean the bank teller. Not good.

Nate said, “Likes it, huh?”

“Well, before I put the gag on her, she told me she did, yeah. Tell him, Luke.”

Luke, not wanting to involve himself in this sibling thing, just nodded.

Nate took a deep breath.

“I told you not to hurt her, Errol.”

Errol dropped his apple onto the floor.

“You did not. You said not to kill her!”

Nate looked at Errol’s hunting knife on the counter. He knew that even during one of his wildest episodes, Errol would never attack his older brother. The woman on the table was another question however.

Not that Nate had any qualms about sacrificing innocents if it was absolutely necessary. He just didn’t see the need for this. He had to make a quick decision, because there was a familiar twitch in his little brother’s eye. The woman, while plainly uncomfortable and understandably embarrassed, didn’t appear to have been hurt so far. This was then a salvageable situation.

“Okay, Errol,” he said, exhaling. “You did a good job. The hostage has been—restrained.”

Errol’s eye twitched again.

Then he smiled.

“Thank you, Nate. I even gave her a toy to play with so she won’t get bored.”

Nate glanced at the vibrator slowly rotating between Christine’s legs.

“Yeah, I see that. Very considerate of you.”

He looked away from the wretched bank teller and sighed.

“Okay, let’s get this stuff put away.”

Nate pulled some packs out of a grocery bag and tossed them at Luke.

“I want all the bills double wrapped in plastic. Me and Buddy found the perfect hiding place.”

Christine watched this exchange in the mirror. Now the gang were busying themselves with the money and totally ignoring her. In a strange way, that felt worse than when they were all looking at her. She suddenly felt like a very weird piece of the furniture!

For the next half hour or so, the bank robbers worked silently, packing their illegally acquired cash into plastic bags. All the while, Christine remained up on the table, perfectly still. Of course, she had no choice. Her legs and arms were bound so tightly that she couldn’t even shift her weight, and her torso was well and truly secured to the ceiling hook. She had never felt so worthless in her life!

And all the while, the vibrator churned away inside her vagina. Christine knew nothing about vibrators—she had never used one before—but she figured from the deep buzz that the sick bastard had left it on a low speed setting. This had the very unwelcome effect of leaving Christine in a mild and continuous state of arousal. She was very wet but not quite approaching orgasm. This was now becoming something of a quandary. On the one hand, she was desperate not to climax in front of these strangers—that would be a crushing and humiliating defeat—but she was also experiencing a growing physical need that simply could not be ignored!

So she stayed still, hogtied by dozens of lengths of rubber, tight all over her naked body, her face twisted out of shape, her breasts bloated with blood, her elbows and knees numb, and her back and neck aching terribly. With the mirror directly in front of her, and her head pulled back, she had no option but to look at herself. She tried closing her eyes but they were puffy and sore from all the crying, so she just stared in the reflection at the men in the kitchenette and prayed that once they had hidden their money they would let her go.

Nate straightened up and said, “Okay that’s it. I’m going to need everybody for this.”

He looked at Christine on the table, at the base of the vibrator grinding around between her damp cunt lips, and then at her face in the mirror, her tongue sticking out as she drooled onto the floor, her head tightly wrapped in rubber bands and tubes, and her purple breasts hanging like gigantic, ripe plums. He felt sorry for this woman but he didn’t dare risk setting Errol off on one of his crazy episodes. Besides, on the plus side there was no way she would be going anywhere all bound up like that, so he could afford to leave her here alone.

He gave her an apologetic shrug in the mirror and said, “Okay let’s get these bags into the trunk.”

They picked up a bin bag each, and Nate, Buddy and Luke trooped out of the door. Errol held back and then fetched something from his sports bag and came around to Christine’s face. She turned her eyes away from him, but couldn’t prevent him from touching her extended tongue. He caressed it with his fingertips for a moment, and then wiped her saliva on her nose, as if to demonstrate the total dominion he held over her right now.

“You be a good girl while I’m away, you hear? We’ll have plenty of fun together later, I promise. Now you’ll be all alone for a few hours, so here’s something to keep you from getting thirsty.”

He held up a white plastic squeeze bottle and began to squirt its contents into her mouth. Christine coughed and gagged but she was helpless. Then Errol placed the bottle against her left nostril and squeezed. The liquid shot up her nose and back down her throat and she coughed and hacked some more. Errol put the bottle back in his bag and went around to Christine’s spread rear end. He turned the dial up on the vibrator and said, “This will make sure you don’t get bored while I’m away!”

“Errol!” Nate called from the car.


Errol came back around to Christine’s front and wipe her eyes with his thumbs. She couldn’t speak or move expect for her eyes, but there was enough fire in them to know that she was furious. He kissed her on the forehead and went out to the car.

Left alone, Christine gradually got her breathing under control. But now she had a new problem to contend with. The fucking vibrator was humming madly and she could feel it moving around much faster inside her. This was really not good! Her panic rose again as she realized that there was nothing she could do to stop the vibrator from stimulating her, and she could already feel herself approaching a crescendo!

Dear God! He can’t leave me like this!

She began to moan loudly around her gag, but her efforts were futile as she heard the car’s engine fire up. She started to pant harder as her climax approached, and then she rolled her eyes as the unwanted ecstasy swept through her body. She arched her back and clenched her toes and grunted deeply through her gag. When it finally subsided, tears of shame wet her cheeks. But this was far from over. The vibrator was still twisting and turning inside her, and that pleasurable ache in her belly began to build anew.

Oh no! Not again! Not so soon, please!

But Christine’s body refused to listen, and the next wave shook her even more violently than the first. Her whole body shuddered and she growled like a bitch in heat, all the time forced to watch her shameful gratification in the mirror.

They returned after a couple of hours. Nate was pleased. The stash would be secure until the heat died down. Now they needed to lie low for a couple of days.

“Good job, boys. Let’s go get some cold beers.”

Buddy went to park the car in a hidden area out back, and Nate unlocked the door. He could hear a strange wailing sound coming from the living area, and he thought maybe a wild animal had somehow gotten inside. He drew his pistol and peeked around the door.

The hostage was still bound up on her elbows and knees on the table. Her whole body was covered in sweat and she was shaking uncontrollably. Her eyes were rolled up in their sockets, and her bound arms and legs were jerking violently against their rubber bonds.

At first she thought the poor woman was having a seizure, but then he remembered the vibrator that his brother had jammed inside her.

“Errol! Get in here and sort this out!”

Errol rushed in and chuckled, “Oh, shit!”

He went around to Christine’s backside and switched off the vibrator and she began to calm down. Her perspiring body twitched and jerked as she gasped for air.

Nate said, “You’d better get her down from there. She doesn’t look so good. And give her some fucking water before she dies of thirst.”

Errol gave his brother a mock salute and got busy with the rubber knots. He freed her head from the ceiling straps and it immediately lolled forward. Then he undid the knots connecting her torso to the ceiling. After that, he worked around the table, freeing her knees and elbows from the table legs. He didn’t remove her mouth gag yet, nor did her release her arm and leg bonds. Instead he fished around in his bag and produced a red dog collar which he proceeded to buckle around Christine’s damp neck.

Nate was fixing sandwiches in the kitchenette with Buddy and Luke. He looked up just as Errol was clipping a leash to the collar.

“Jesus Christ, Errol! Haven’t you got tired of degrading that poor woman yet?”

“I’m just gonna take her outside for some exercise,” Errol said innocently.

He set a chair beside the table and tugged on the leash. Christine moaned through her rubber gag and raised her head, but didn’t try to move.

“Come on, Christine,” Errol said. “I’m gonna fix you something to eat.”

He jerked on the leash, and Christine stumbled forward on her elbows and knees. Then he took her under the armpits and pulled downward so that her elbows were on the chair and her knees were on the table. This was getting awkward.

“Luke come give me a hand here.”

Luke glanced at Nate who shrugged and nodded, so he put down his beer and went over to help Errol.

“Grab her under the belly, and I’ll get her arms,” Errol said.

Luke thought this a bit absurd considering Errol could simply have untied the woman’s arms and legs, but Nate wanted to humor his brother and Nate was the boss. Between them, with much effort, they manhandled Christine onto the floor and Errol pulled on the leash again. Christine was exhausted from her ordeal with the vibrator, but she somehow managed to creep forward on her elbows and knees. Errol led her over to the door and opened it, and they went out into the late afternoon sunshine.

The last time she had been outside, Christine had been fully clothed and standing upright like a normal human being. That felt like a long time ago now. They made slow progress around to the back of the cabin, Errol leading her along like a dog. It was extremely tiring inching along on her elbows and knees but at least she was finally able to partially stretch her aching muscles after so many hours of immobility. They reached a patch of grass behind the house and Errol dropped the leash.

“I’ll be right back,” he said.

Christine waited until he was gone and then raised her head and looked around. As her mind began to clear, it sunk home exactly what he had done to her. She couldn’t believe that she was actually naked, balanced on her elbows and knees out here in the middle of nowhere! And he put a fucking dog collar on her! That beast! And worse, she had submissively allowed him to do it! What else did her have in store for her? Surely this was only going to get worse! Errol was a sick a pervert and his brother was evidently not going to stop him from having his fun with her.

She looked at the edge of the yard which sloped away to the woods. Maybe if she could make it there, she could roll down the hill and get away. But then what would she do? Her arms and legs were securely bound and it would take hours for her to reach the road. Plus out here in the country in the dark without any clothes and no way to defend herself she would probably get eaten by wild animals! Christine let out a sob of frustration in the realization that all she could do was meekly wait for him to return.

A few minutes later Errol came back outside with a plate of tuna fish and a bowl of water. Christine was still where he had left her in the center of the yard and presenting him with a beautiful view of her big, white butt. He noted that her cunt lips were still red and inflamed after the countless orgasms she had endured during the past couple of hours.

Errol paused to admire the pitiful state he had left her in. When he had first laid eyes on her in the bank, she was a tall and dignified lady. Now she looked like a weird, hairless animal!

He walked over and placed the dish and bowl on the ground in front of her. Her looked at her purple breasts and figured they needed a bit of relief so he undid the rubber bonds. As soon as they dropped free, the blood rushed back to them and Christine began to scream through her rubber gag. Good job he had left that in place!

He sat on the ground and waited for her screams to subside. It took a while. Gradually her breasts turned from purple to red, and then to a deep shade of pink. Christine was still hurting, but now she just moaned around her gag. Errol leaned over and untied it and she waggled her tongue around and stretched her jaws.

Errol moved the plate closer to her face and said, “Eat up.”

Christine didn’t want to eat.

“W-Water!” she gasped.

Errol moved the dish and replaced it with the bowl. Now Christine, such a respectable lady, was forced to lap up the water like a dog. She knew that if she didn’t, he would take the bowl away and she would remain thirsty. She dipped her head and poked out her tongue. It wasn’t easy but Errol gave her plenty of time. After a while, he replaced the dish with the bowl, and Christine reluctantly took a lump of tuna fish between her teeth.

“Finish it up,” Errol said.

Christine struggled to eat it. She hated tuna fish. After she had swallowed several pieces, she had bits of tuna fish all over her face and stuck between her teeth. Errol put the water bowl back, and she lapped up some more.

“Feel better?” Errol asked her.

Christine glared at him but said nothing.

“Okay, I’m going to gag you again now,” he said.

Christine’s heart started to pound. She was only just getting used to being back in control of her tongue!

“No! Please! I promise I’ll be quiet!”

Errol smiled and stretched the length of rubber between his hands. “I believe you, Christine—but it’s much more fun this way.”

Christine let out of a whine of despair as he jammed the rubber strip tightly into her mouth, forcing her tongue out just as before. When he secured it behind her head, she started to sob.

Errol watched her tears flowing for a moment, and then said, “Okay, my little doggy bitch. We’ve got to get the blood circulating in your arms and legs. Off you go for a little walk around the yard.”

Christine’s shame and self loathing plummeted to new depths as she began to shuffle on her elbow and knees around the back yard. It was a slow and difficult process and very soon she was drooling again. She inched her way around until she was again back in front of him, but she kept her head down.

“Keep going around until I tell you to stop,” Errol said.

Errol stood up and went back into the cabin. He wasn’t worried about Christine trying to escape. All tied up like that, where the hell would she get to? He could give her an hour start and he’d still find her.

The guys were all sitting around with beers in their hands. Nate looked up and said, “Where’s the hostage?”

Errol went to the fridge and got himself a beer.

“She’s getting some exercise.”

“You untied her?”

Errol sat on the floor cross-legged and took a pull on his beer.

“Do I look stupid?”

Buddy, who had never liked Errol, said, “You really want us to answer that?”

Errol stared at him for a long time but Buddy didn’t blink either. Eventually Errol looked back at Nate. “No I didn’t untie her. And I don’t intend to untie her—ever.”

“She’ll end up with circulation problems if you don’t let her stretch her arms and legs,” said Luke.

“She’ll be alright,” Errol said.

“Why did you have to truss her up like a turkey?” said Buddy. “Why didn’t you just tie her to a chair, like Nate asked you to? And why did you strip her naked?”

Now Errol stared intently at the floor, and Nate nudged Buddy and shook his head. Buddy rolled his eyes and drank some more beer.

To change the subject, Luke said, “How long are we going to be holed up here?”

Nate said, “Buddy and me will go into town in the morning, check a few things out. If it looks good, we’ll roll tomorrow night.”

Errol, still looking at the floor, said, “Can I bring Christine with us?”

Nate looked at him for a moment and said, “Sure, Errol. You can bring her.”

“Swell!” Errol necked the remainder of his beer and said, “I’ll go check on her.”

Out in the back yard, Christine was still scuffling around on her elbows and knees. Her face was red from the exertion, and her heavy, pink breasts swung back and forth with each lurch forward, the metal dog leash trailing back between them. Errol watched Christine’s pretty feet, soles pointing skyward, as she struggled along. This morning her feet had been clad in fashionable heels—now they were redundant.

He picked up the leash and walked Christine around to the front of the cabin. She was drooling heavily and panting like a dog. When they got inside, Luke was alone on the couch, drinking.

“Where is everybody?” Errol said.

“Nate’s in the bedroom. Buddy’s sleeping in the car.”

“Huh. Will you give me another hand with Christine?”

“Oh, give me a break, Errol,” Luke said. “Just leave her on the floor.”

“No,” Errol said patiently. “She has to go up on the table, just like before.”

“Jeez!” Luke put his beer down and went over.

Christine had never felt so humiliated in her life as she had today, and it seemed to be never ending. She was a healthy, independent adult, and now here she was being manhandled up onto a table by two men she didn’t even know! She closed her eyes as she felt their hands on her bare skin. Luke had her underneath her stomach and she could feel his breath on her buttocks.

“One, two, three!”

They got her up onto the chairs and then manipulated her onto the table. Luke drew a deep breath and picked up his beer. “Damn, she’s heavy!”

Errol prodded Christine and she wearily lifted herself up onto her elbows and knees again. More tears streamed as she realized the cruel bastard was going to truss her up like before. She could only pray that he wouldn’t put that disgusting vibrator back inside her. She didn’t think she would be able to survive that ordeal again.

Errol climbed up onto the table and reattached the rubber straps encircling her middle to the ceiling hook. Then he set about securing her elbows and knees to the chair legs, pulling them out nice and wide, as before. Next, he connected the rubber band around her head to the vertical straps from the hook, pulling her head back and keeping it still. Now that she was immobile again, he returned his attention to her big breasts, looping the rubber tubing around them in a figure of eight and then pulling them in real tight.

“Ngah!” Christine gargled around the gag.

The pain was immense!

Errol unclipped the dog chain and threw it into his bag. Luke was sitting on the couch, gazing at Christine’s plump rear end. Her cunt lips were pink and ripe and inviting.

Errol looked at him.

“You want to fuck her?”

Luke snapped out of his trance and said, “Nah.”

“It’s okay,” Errol said. “I don’t mind if you do.”

Christine stared wide eyed at him in the mirror. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing! The only man to have sex with her in the past sixteen years was her husband, Dominic! This was a nightmare turned worse! Where the hell were Nate and Buddy? They would stop him, surely!

“How about it, Christine?” Errol said. “Are you feeling horny? I saw how wet you were when I took the dildo out of you. I know you like it.”

“Ngh!” Christine tried to shake her head, but couldn’t.

“Huh. She doesn’t look to keen. I don’t think you’re her type, Luke.”

“Fuck you, Errol. You’re the goddamn pervert.”

“So they tell me,” Errol said, fishing around in his bag again.

He walked around in front of the mirror and held a black rubber sausage up in front of Christine’s face. She tried to focus on it, couldn’t figure out what it was, but guessed from its vulgar shape that it meant more bad news for her. Errol held it away and her eyes followed it. The black sausage was long and thin and had a tube attached with a black ball at the other end. Errol squeezed the ball and the sausage grew longer and thicker.

“See how it works?” he said.

Christine stared wide eyed as the sausage grew fatter with each pump of the black ball. Then he touched a release valve and it shrank before her eyes.

Dear God! Surely he’s not going to put that into my vagina?

Errol returned to Christine’s rear end. Her big round ass cheeks were spread wide and her cunt and puckered asshole were easily accessible. Nothing the unfortunate bank teller could do about it. He leaned around and wiped his finger over Christine’s protruding tongue until it was wet with her saliva. Then he began to work his finger into her anus.

Christine’s eyes grew round with horror! When Errol had suggested that Luke fuck her, she had been bracing for the worst—but she hadn’t been expecting this! Nobody touched her there! Not even Dominic!

Errol pushed his finger inside all the way to the middle knuckle and Christine let out an indignant grunt. He pushed it in all the way and she squealed. Then he pulled it out and pushed it back in and Christine groaned. After he had widened her sphincter enough, Errol placed the tip of the inflatable dildo against her orifice and pushed it inside. As it disappeared inch by inch inside her rectum, Christine began to pant quickly. When it was fully inside her, all that could be seen outside was the tube and the ball. Errol started squeezing the ball, and very quickly, the dildo began to grow.

Oh, sweet Jesus!

Christine’s breathing rate increased rapidly in unison with the expanding dildo inside her. Within seconds she felt like she was going to burst! Behind her, Errol watched with fascination as Christine’s anus dilated. He wondered how wide it could go. He kept on squeezing the ball. At the other end, Christine began to make some really strange howling noises. Errol stopped squeezing and estimated the size of her butthole with his thumb and forefinger. He reckoned it was now about two inches across.

“Damn, that’s got to hurt, Luke!” he laughed. “What do you say?”

Luke said, “I’m going outside for some air.”

Errol watched him go and then pulled out his smartphone and started filming his tormented pet. She couldn’t move, but her stomach was heaving around the constricting rubber bands, and she kept groaning in a deep, bestial way. That was appropriate, because the former bank teller was now nothing more than an animal. She even had a rubber tail!

He filmed her close up, starting with the rubber tail sticking out of her expanded asshole, following her tight rubber bonds, focused on her feet, her red-painted toenails, and then up along her torso, her pulsing belly, the flab pulled in by the suspending rubber straps, and finally then around to her face. Her face deformed by the rubber tubes and the gag, her mouth gaping, and her eyes pulled out of shape, nothing like he remembered them that morning. Now those eyes were on him and full of rage, but there was nothing the poor dumb animal could do. She was helpless, useless, and she knew it.

It was getting dark outside and the beers were making him feel weary, so Errol put down his phone and curled up on the couch. His eyelids grew heavy but he resisted sleep long enough to keep on peeking at Christine, rubberbound and naked on all fours, her breath rasping through the gag, a constant trickle of spittle running down to the edge of the table and onto the floor. His pet.

“Errol! Wake up.”

Nate was standing over him.

Errol blinked.

“What time is it?”

“It’s morning. Me and Buddy are going to see what the news is. I want you awake and ready, just in case. Do you understand me?”

“Yeah! Jesus!” Errol swung his legs onto the floor and rubbed his eyes. Christine was still on the table of course, still awake and staring at herself in the mirror.

“Luke’s making coffee,” Nate said. “Let’s go, Buddy.”

Errol stood up and went over to Christine. Her spherical breasts had turned purple again. He looked at her face. She was still drooling and panting hard around her gag.

“Hi,” he said. “Did you sleep well?”

Christine rolled her eyes toward him and then looked away. Was he expecting her to answer? She couldn’t speak! She couldn’t move! She couldn’t do anything except drool! Of course she hadn’t slept! She had gone way past pain to numbness. She was terrified that she may never be able to use her arms and legs again. She had spent the whole night, while they all slept, wondering where the police were. Had the bank made an appeal for her safety? Had Dominic been on TV? How were the rest of the bank staff taking her abduction? After making their statements to the police, they would all have gone home to their families. Something exciting to talk about. Christine got kidnapped! Wonder how the bank robbers are treating her? God, if only they knew!

Errol filled his squeeze bottle from the faucet and then proceeded to squirt it into Christine’s open mouth. She gagged and coughed as usual, but he didn’t stop until the bottle was empty.

“Better?” he asked, patting her on the head.

Christine hacked and caught her breath. By God, she wanted to kill him!

Errol joined Luke in the kitchenette and they ate breakfast. Christine watched them in the mirror, salivating at the smell of bacon and toasted bread and coffee. She had forgotten how hungry she was. Then, without warning, she wet herself.

Errol chuckled, “Christine, really! You could have waited until I took you outside.”

Christine could have died from the shame!

Breakfast eaten, Errol returned to his toy pet. She really had been a good girl during the night. He was really beginning to like her. He was glad Nate said he could keep her. When they were safe from the law, he would start to train her properly. Teach her tricks. In time, she would forget that she had ever been a bank teller, or that she had even been married. She would come to accept that she would never walk upright on her own two feet again. Or wear any clothes. After weeks and months had passed, she wouldn’t even feel ashamed to be naked. She would spend the rest of her days looking up at the world.

Errol was woken from his daydream by the roar of a car engine, and the crunch of tires on gravel. Luke jumped up and opened the door and the room was filled with hot dust.

Nate appeared in the doorway and yelled, “Errol! Luke! We have to go, right now!”

Luke grabbed his bag and ran out of the door.

Errol said, “What about Christine?”

“Now, Errol! We don’t have time for this!”

Errol leaned down and kissed Christine on the nose.

“This is such a damn shame!” he said.

Nate grabbed Errol by the arm and pulled him out of the door. Christine heard the Buick revving up again, heard the crunching gravel, and then listened to the car’s engine receding into the distance.

Her initial reaction was relief. Then jubilation. That sick bastard was out of her life! Then she looked at herself in the mirror. She looked at her twisted face, her purple breasts, and at the thick, black tail sticking up out of her asshole. She pulled on the rubber bonds, but they held firm.

Okay. Think and breathe. Think and breathe.

Now instead of struggling, she tried to test the rubber knots by gently shifting her body weight from side to side, front to back. She listened to the groaning table and the squeaking rubber that wrapped her body. After a while she stopped. She looked at herself in the mirror for a while. Then she started to move again. Minutes passed. She didn’t seem to be making any progress. Panic rose and she fought frantically against her indifferent bonds. Eventually she stopped and tried to catch her breath. It was useless.

She had no way to gauge the time, so she just watched herself in the mirror. She closed her eyes. She opened them again. Then she started to cry. She wondered if the Buick was coming back. Would Errol come in to free her and take her for a walk around the yard?

Finally, Christine did the only thing that was left for her to do. She waited. She watched the dust motes dancing in the light from the window. She watched the shadows move along the walls and floor. She thought of Dominic. She may have slept briefly but she wasn’t sure. She listened.

At first she thought she was imagining the police siren. But then it grew louder. Christine’s heart started to pound faster as the siren came nearer. But was it coming down the trail to the cabin or were the cops just racing past? She listened as hard as she could. It was so difficult to tell. What was it called? The Doppler effect? It seemed to be getting louder but now it seemed to be going away.

Oh, please don’t go away!

But wait, it was getting louder again. Definitely coming closer. Wasn’t it? Was it?

Christine listened and waited some more. It was all she could do. The siren had stopped.

Oh God, don’t leave me here like this!

But then she heard tires on the dirt road and she saw red and blue lights flashing in the window, heard car doors opening.

Thank God!

There was no sound outside. Christine looked at herself in the mirror and her relief was suddenly tinged with apprehension. Yes, she wanted to be rescued, but to be seen like this? She looked at her face, not hers at all really, but a grotesque mask, her mouth gaping, tongue poking, eyes misshapen beyond recognition, hair matted and sticking out at all angles. She turned her eyes down to her round, purple breasts, her long nipples forced into erection. She looked back up at the rubber tail sticking up from her rear. Errol had achieved what he wanted. She looked like an animal! A freak!

A loud bang startled her and the door flew open. Then a young state trooper appeared in the doorway, legs apart, arms braced, pistol pointing at her. He blinked at her in bewilderment and then he entered the room cautiously, walking around the table. Now a second trooper came in, weapon drawn. He was older, and he too stopped for a second and did a double take at Christine. Then he joined the first trooper as they secured the bedroom.

“All clear!”

“Back yard is clear. There’s nobody here—”

Two more troopers, an African American man and a Hispanic woman. Now the first two returned from the bedroom and they all looked at Christine with astonishment.

“What in God’s name—?” the female trooper said.

“I think we’ve found our hostage,” said her partner.

“But what the hell have they done to her?”

Christine closed her eyes and felt her wet cheeks burning with shame.




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