Lorenzo Marks' Deviant Tales
Lorenzo Marks'Deviant Tales 

The Principal’s Wife


Lorenzo Marks

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All of the characters in this story are over the age of eighteen.



Chapter One

For the first time in the three years that she had been teaching at Winston-Radcliffe High, Mrs. Caroline Lambert found herself physically incapable of opening the door to her home classroom. She still couldn’t believe the absurd situation she had managed to get herself into, although given the added risks she had been running recently, it was hardly surprising that she had finally been found out.

Lord knew, she had tried to find a remedy—medication, psychiatry, hypnotherapy, even acupuncture—but nothing had worked. For most of her life, she had been a slave to this horrible compulsive disorder, and it had only been by the grace of God that she had managed to avoid exposure all this time—until now.

She was still unsure of how that hateful little man, Mike Kettle the gym teacher, had managed to catch her stealing from the teachers’ locker room on film, but the email he had sent her was as damning as it was terrifying. Her initial reaction had been to sit it out and deny any wrongdoing, but closer inspection of the images clearly showed the items in question being removed from a fellow teacher’s locker. Stupid, insignificant things that Caroline had absolutely no need for—cosmetics, a book, a fold-up umbrella, pocket change. It had been Caroline’s second excursion into the staff locker room—she had previously kept her compulsion outside of the workplace—and although there had been no formal complaints, her first victim must have mentioned something, which might explain why Kettle had put the hidden camera there.

What had unsettled her as much as the shocking and unexpected email, was his puzzling and troubling proposal. He had suggested a face to face meeting if she wanted to keep her crime a secret—unfortunately that was a no-brainer given her high station in the local community—and when they had met up at an out-of-town cafe, he had been quite blunt in presenting his plan. After allowing Caroline to squirm and plead for a few minutes, he had agreed that their little secret would remain just between them, with one caveat—she was to report to her homeroom every Saturday afternoon for detention.

Detention? Caroline couldn’t believe her ears! She was a senior teacher, for heaven’s sake!

And Kettle hadn’t even given her time to think about it! A simple yes or no on the spot, and if her answer was the latter, then the photographs would be sent to her husband—who just happened to be the school principal! The resulting scandal would have been unthinkable! Caroline was a highly respected member of the community. She organized several church fundraising events each year, she was a committee member of the local women’s society and had even been the recipient of an award from City Hall for her charity work for the homeless. Not to mention the fact that her husband’s social circle included judges, priests, wealthy captains of industry, and local politicians. No, for Mrs. Caroline Lambert, mother, educator, and all round pillar of society, to be shamed publicly as a common thief was simply not an option!

So as much as it galled her to have to give in to the common little man’s demands, here she was on a quiet Saturday afternoon in the deserted school, reporting for detention, as Mike Kettle had disconcertingly put it.

She wasn’t sure if she was supposed to knock—the idea struck her as ridiculous—so instead, she placed her ear against the door. She couldn’t hear anything, and peering through the frosted glass panel, it was impossible to tell if anybody was inside. For a moment, her heart rate slowed at the possibility that he had just been toying with her. She checked her expensive Bulgari wristwatch—an anniversary present—and saw that it was three minutes past the arranged meeting time.

It was possible of course, that Kettle was sitting quietly inside, and mindful of the catastrophic fallout should he follow through with his threat, Caroline took a deep breath and turned the door handle. Cautiously putting her head around the half-open door, she scanned the empty classroom. Her desk on the far right in front of the blackboard and national flag was empty, as were the rows of desks facing it.

With a sigh of relief, Caroline was just about to close the door and leave, when Kettle popped out from behind the door. “Hi, there! I’m glad you finally worked up the courage to come in!”

“Oh!” Caroline started, putting a hand up to her chest.

“Did I surprise you?” Kettle grinned. “Well, you’d better get used to that. Come on inside and lock the door behind you.”

For safety reasons, the classroom door could not be locked from the outside, but there was a deadbolt on the inside. As she turned it, Caroline felt a knot of foreboding in her stomach. Following him over toward her desk, she also noticed that the blinds had been pulled down on all the windows. What could he possibly have in mind that would require such privacy?

In fact, that question had been tumbling around in her mind ever since her unwanted meeting with Kettle. He had told her she would have to serve a series of Saturday detentions until he was satisfied that she was sufficiently punished—but he hadn’t gone into any details. Caroline had supervised countless detentions during her career, and for the most part they had involved extra study sessions, or long boring hours of just sitting. Was that what he had planned for her? Somehow she didn’t think so.

Kettle had already seated himself behind her desk, and Caroline found herself in the unaccustomed and somewhat belittling position of having to stand before him rather like a naughty schoolgirl. The only other option would be to sit at one of the students’ desks, but that would present an even more deferential picture, so she stayed where she was while the despicable little man studied her with an impudent grin on his face.

He seemed to be enjoying the moment, allowing his eyes to rove up and down her body, and she shifted uncomfortably. Totally in the dark as to what she might have to expect, Caroline had dressed in her usual summer outdoor style—a light floral dress pulled in at the waist with a matching belt, light brown tights, sensible flat shoes, and her customary string of pearls around her neck.

She could only guess as to why Kettle was examining her so intently, but to break the tension, she said, “So what exactly do you want from me?”

“Hmm,” Kettle grinned, tapping his chin. “What indeed? What could you possibly have that I want, huh?”

His cryptic response was as irritating as it was worrying, and Caroline snapped, “Look, I’ve come all the way out here as you asked, so you could at least have the decency to let me know why I am here!”

Her haughty approach didn’t seem to bother him and instead of answering her question, he said, “How old are you, Caroline?”

Bridling at this unexpected over-familiarity, Caroline said, “What has that to do with anything?”

“Well, it’s just that I’ve always imagined that you are hiding a rather curvaceous—if a little generous—figure under those frumpy frocks you like to wear.”

The sudden tangent this conversation had embarked upon took Caroline completely unawares. “How dare you talk to me like that!”

“Come now, it was a compliment!” Kettle chuckled. “For a woman of somewhat mature years, I actually think you are quite a looker.”

To her chagrin, Caroline felt herself coloring up. “I-I—who do you think you are talking to?” she blustered.

“A rather pompous woman, who, if I have read the situation correctly, finds herself in a very precarious situation at the moment,” Kettle said, with a nod toward a nearby computer.

The reminder had its effect and Caroline willed herself to calm down. Whatever this vulgar man had in mind would have to be weighed up against the terrible alternatives—because there was no escaping the fact that right now he held the power to destroy her life!

“Well, yes,” Caroline said, clearing her throat. “And I did express my gratitude for your silence in that matter. But I ask you again, what exactly do you want in return?”

His greedy, leering eyes, combined with his recent inappropriate comment should have provided Caroline with a clue as to what was coming next, but even though she was an intelligent woman, the prospect of any improper conduct between them was far too outlandish for her to accept.

“Okay,” Kettle, said, placing his hands flat on the desktop. “I’ll give it to you in simple terms. As I told you over coffee, your little secret is safe with me. But naughty girls deserve to be punished, don’t they? As a teacher, I’m sure you’ll agree. So during your weekly detention periods, I’m going to do just that—punish you.”

Caroline’s head began to swim as the unthinkable started to come into focus.

“P-Punish? How?”

“Oh, I’ll be thinking up a whole variety of ways over the coming months—and I think you’ll find that I can be very imaginative!”

Quite a looker? Curvaceous? Imaginative?

With a sudden twist of dread in her stomach, Caroline could no longer deny the implications of these menacing words. Although she had tried to dismiss it as too outrageous to ever become a reality, that nightmare was now in danger of coming true!

“Are you saying that you want to have—relations with me?”

“Relations!” Kettle chuckled annoyingly. “You really are an old-fashioned cow, aren’t you? Well, it’s going to be a little more inventive than that, but yes, you’re finally on the right track. I thought you’d never get there. Why did you think I didn’t just ask you for money in return for my silence? I want to play with you every week. You are going to have to submit to my every desire or face the consequences. That means you are going to have to climb down off that lofty perch and become my obedient little sex toy. Here in the deserted school, you will allow me to live out my fantasies, and in return you can go back to your snobbish lifestyle for the other six days of the week without fear of exposure. It’s your choice—but I warn you now, once you have committed yourself to my demands, I will not tolerate any noncompliance on your part. If this becomes too much like hard work, the deal is off, and I will post those images of you stealing all over the internet.”

“Y-You mean there are going to be more—detentions?”

“Oh yes,” Kettle smiled. “You will commit all of your Saturdays to me from now on.”

Caroline realized that in addition to the fire in her cheeks, she was breathing heavily and perspiring somewhat profusely.

“For how long?”

Kettle shrugged. “Who knows? A month? Six months? A year? Maybe more. Until I get bored, I guess. The point is, you get to keep your high society lifestyle. So make a decision, and make it now.”

Feeling a little faint, Caroline mumbled, “I don’t think I can—not with you!”

“Just let me take the lead,” Kettle said. “All you have to do is follow my directions—without hesitation or question.”

Caroline frantically considered her options. She had not been sexually active with Mr. Lambert for some years now. She was forty-three years old, with two grown up children in college. There had been one or two clumsy advances made upon her at some of the various functions she had attended on her own—middle-aged acquaintances taking advantage of a quiet moment away from prying ears to obliquely express their interest in her—but she had always regarded them with bewildered amusement. Surely her time for romantic adventure had passed. Admittedly, she recognized that she had been quite beautiful in her youth, but coming from a deeply Christian family, she had not been allowed to date until Mr. Lambert—with an equally devout background— had declared his socially acceptable intention to marry her.

So Caroline had remained physically loyal to one man alone all these years, and she had never had a reason or the desire to stray. He was a decent man, if a little stuffy, and even if Caroline were to admit that her marriage had become a little stale over the years, there were the children to think of. Affairs? Divorce? Unthinkable!

But now, Mike Kettle, a colleague whom she had had little prior cause to interact with, was articulating the same unsavory proclivities as her other, considerably more well-heeled, would-be suitors—only this time she was in no position to rebuff him!

Before answering, she fleetingly considered one other terrifying possibility—that of fronting up and admitting her crimes to her husband, thus negating any hold that Kettle had over her. The thought lasted but a nanosecond because she knew that her upstanding spouse would not be able to live with the shameful publicity, and her marriage and comfortable lifestyle would ultimately be over.

Her mouth dry, and with as much dignity as she could muster Caroline said, “Very well, Mr. Kettle, what exactly would you like me to do?”



Chapter Two


Mike hadn’t been altogether convinced that Mrs. Lambert would crumble, but having come this far, he had guessed correctly that she was already prepared to do whatever it took to save her reputation—within reason!

Now that he had her, it was a question of how quickly he should move things along. At least the naive bitch had finally cottoned on to the fact that her punishment would be of a sexual nature, and the fact that she hadn’t bolted right there and then bode well for the rest of the afternoon. Although there was still a risk that she would have a change of heart and report him to her husband, Mike had a gut feeling that he was treading on continually firmer ground.

Ah well, in for a dime, in for a dollar!

“As I said just a moment ago, I’ve always wondered what kind of a figure you’ve been concealing from us, so why don’t you begin by taking off that boring frock?”

Mrs. Lambert’s lips parted, and she glanced frantically at the covered windows to her left. Her normally pale skin flushed pink, and Mike noticed that a little moisture had gathered in her green eyes. After a moment's deliberation, Mrs. Lambert slowly raised her trembling fingers and still looking off to the side, proceeded to pick open the buttons on the front of her frock.

Mike leaned forward as the material parted at the top, giving him a glimpse of her generous cleavage supported by her white brassiere beneath the string of pearls. He followed her fumbling digits down as she finally reached the bottom, but instead of taking it off, she held the two pieces together, still focusing her glistening eyes on the window blinds.

Her mouth had turned down at the corners in a combined expression of misery and disgust, and she really did look as though she was about to cry. My word, Mike thought, how will she react when she sees what I’ve got in store for her after this?

“Come on, Mrs. Lambert,” Mike said, deciding that addressing her formally would heighten the sexual drama that was about to follow. “We haven’t got all day. Well actually we have, but I’m getting impatient. Remember what I said? Too much like hard work and the deal is off.”

That seemed to snap her out of her inertia, and with an expression of abject desolation on her face, Mrs. Lambert—the school principal’s prudish and stuck-up wife!—shrugged the frock off her shoulders and, adding to Mike’s enjoyment, carefully folded the garment before setting it on top of an adjacent school desk.

As Mike would have expected from such a prissy woman, she immediately folded her arms across her ample chest and tucked one knee behind the other. Mike wouldn’t have been surprised if he was the only man other than her husband to have seen her in any state of undress. She was probably one of those wives who insisted that marital sex took place only under the bed covers and with the lights out! No, Mrs. Lambert’s Rubenesque figure had most likely never been put on display outside of the privacy of her bathroom—but that was all about to change very soon!

“Put your arms down so I can see you properly,” he said. “I meant it when I said I wanted to look at your body. And would you also kindly look at me? I don’t know what you find so fascinating about those window blinds?”

With a pained expression lining her reddening face, Mrs. Lambert turned her head toward him but still refused to meet his eyes, preferring instead to fix her gaze on the blackboard behind him. Next, almost in slow motion, she unwrapped her arms from her body and brought them hesitantly down to her sides.

Now Mike could finally decide if his suspicions had been correct about her physique—and he wasn’t disappointed. Yes, she obviously carried a bit of middle-aged weight, which meant that she was a little thick around the waist, her thighs were on the chunky side, and she had a little belly protruding slightly over the top of her dowdy white briefs, but all the bumps and dips were in the right places. And then there was the delectable sight of her considerable bust, the twin mounds of white flesh veritably shaking with every little movement she made and looking ready to burst out of her matronly bra!

Holy fuck! I can’t wait to unleash those monsters!

Feeling his cock stiffening at the giddy prospect of playing with Mrs. Lambert’s udders, Mike said, “Shoes and tights next, and no dawdling this time.”

With just the briefest of delays, Mrs. Lambert leaned down, her strawberry blonde hair hanging forward along with her pearls, and her massive jugs swaying in their frumpy harness. Mike could only guess at how embarrassed she must be feeling while undressing in her own classroom for him, but that would be nothing compared to the abject humiliation he planned to heap upon her starting real soon!

Mrs. Lambert stepped out of her shoes, and after a certain amount of awkward tugging, pulled off her tights. Her legs were quite shapely, with surprisingly firm thighs and well-chiseled ballet dancer’s calves—a feature that Mike thought would be greatly enhanced if he were to force her to parade around in a pair of five-inch heels!

Putting that heady idea on a backburner, Mike leaned back in his chair and let the poor woman suffer for a few moments. He could see from the anguish in her eyes that she had already descended into a forbidden world of sin just by stripping to her briefs and bra in front of him. Surely she had to be expecting his next two commands, although not necessarily in the order that kinky Mike had planned!

“Right, then,” he said, brightly. “Let’s get you out of those gigantic knickers, eh? Jesus Christ, you could go camping in those ugly things!”

His insulting banter must have registered with the tormented woman, because for the first time since she had commenced her unwilling striptease, Mrs. Lambert looked at his face. The slightest expression of contempt flickered in her eyes, quickly followed by a mixture of resignation and despair as she must have finally accepted that he really was going to make her strip completely naked!

Mike leaned forward, his chin in his hands, as the stricken teacher gripped the waistband of her briefs, and slowly eased them down over her thighs. His first introduction to Mrs. Lambert’s most intimate parts was a most generous reddish-brown bush that sprouted free from the top of the descending material. It seemed that the pious lady was not in the habit of trimming herself down there! Inch by delightful inch, Mrs. Lambert’s vulva came slowly into view and Mike’s erection grew ever harder.

When she had worked her briefs down to her knees, Mrs. Lambert again bent forward, allowing Mike another unsparing view of her dangling cleavage. Now Mrs. Lambert was forced to part her knees slightly in order to maneuver her underwear down to her ankles. When it was finally free, she picked the item up between thumb and forefinger, making sure to cover her crotch with her other hand, and dropped it onto the desk beside her.

Such a neat and tidy woman! Mike thought. Even in these most testing of circumstances!

With both hands clasped over her privates, she was inadvertently pushing out her bust with her upper arms, making her fleshy globes stand out even more prominently!

“Still being coy?” Mike said. “Oh well, we’ll get there eventually. In the meantime, why don’t you give me a nice slow turn, so that I can check out your fat ass?”

There was real hurt in her eyes now, and after having controlled herself so admirably, Mrs. Lambert blurted out, “You pig!”

“I don’t know about that,” Mike grinned. “From all that white, wobbling fat I can see, you look more like the porker to me. Don’t you get any exercise? Well, we’ll soon put that right, now turn around before I lose my patience!”

With a woeful sob, Mrs. Lambert closed her eyes and began her lewd pirouette. When she had her back to him, Mike commanded her to stop. As he suspected, she had a very full and voluptuous backside, and although they were starting to go south, her buns were still holding their shape.

As he surveyed her nearly naked form, Mike became increasingly pleased with himself that he had begun this erotic journey. Contrary to his unkind comments, he was actually very impressed with what he was observing. Here was a mature woman built for comfort, and Mike had every intention of taking her for a test drive!

In the meantime, the moment had arrived to finally unveil her piece de resistance—those delightfully huge tits! Keeping her facing the back of the classroom, Mike cleared his throat and said, “The bra now, if you please.”

A slight stiffening of the shoulders was accompanied by a faint mewling sound, as with shaking fingers Mrs. Lambert reached around behind her and undid the complicated array of hooks and eyes that held the formidable looking garment in place.

Fuck me! Mike thought. There must be a lot of flesh constrained in there to require such a strong harnessing device!

Of course, even with the stuffy frocks that she preferred to wear, it was patently obvious to all that she was a well-endowed lady—there was simply no way that she could hide it. But now she was going to have to show those bare puppies off to Mike Kettle, and that would be a long-held fantasy fulfilled for him in itself!

Mike watched entranced, as first one, then the other bra strap slipped over her broad shoulders. To his utter joy, she was trembling so much as she freed herself of her brassiere, that even her comely ass cheeks were juddering!

Still following her personal rules of neatness, Mrs. Lambert reached out sideways, and the bra now joined the pile of clothes that she had so recently been wearing. It was time for a full frontal view, but Mike wanted to savor the moment for as long as possible, and he said in a suddenly husky voice, “Keeping your hands by your sides, walk to the back of the classroom, and then turn round and come back towards me.”

In almost super slow-motion, his unhappy captive lowered her arms with her fists balled by her sides. Then, as if testing the water, she took an indecisive step forward. After another one, she stopped, and turning her head to one side, said, “Please, Mr. Kettle—Mike. Can’t we—?”

“It’s too late for that,” Mike interrupted. “Just keep reminding yourself why you are doing this. However humiliating and painful this might be, public exposure to your crime would, in the big picture, be much worse, don’t you think?”

On hearing yet another reminder of her predicament, Mrs. Lambert let out an audible, shuddering sigh, and continued her reluctant journey to the back of the room. Mike drank in every quiver of her rotund buttocks as she progressed slowly along. He knew why she was drawing it out of course—to delay the inevitable return trip back to him, during which he would get to feast upon her full frontal nudity!

When she eventually reached the back wall, Mrs. Lambert paused and remained where she was, as if reading one of the notices pinned on the wall. But all Mike had to do was clear his throat, and she painstakingly turned around to face him. Keeping her eyes on the paneled ceiling lighting, she began her naked walk along the length of her own classroom as Mike visually devoured every part of her body.

Her breasts were every bit as spectacular as he had imagined, still surprisingly buoyant as they trembled with every step, and punctuated with bulging pink nipples! Mike rubbed his erection that now strained against his underpants as his eyes traveled down over her rather endearing little paunch, and then to the thick thatch of rust-colored hair that covered her wide vulva.

As she came to a faltering stop in front of him, he looked back up to her face, which was still tilted upward, and he marveled at the intensity of the crimson flush that spread down as far as the tops of her gorgeous breasts, contrasting against the white pearls that hung around her neck.

Her unwrapping complete, Mrs. Caroline Lambert, the principal’s wife, was now ready to be transformed into Mike Kettle’s very own performing sex toy!



Chapter Three

The overhead lights were making her eyes water, which exacerbated the tears of shame that she was fighting to hold back, so Caroline lowered her face but still couldn’t bring herself to meet his gaze. This had all unfolded so quickly and unexpectedly that she could hardly believe that she was actually standing stark naked in her home classroom in front of a fellow teacher that she barely knew!

It was a warm summer afternoon outside, and yet Caroline found that she was shivering because of her absolute nudity. She had been brought up under extremely chaste conditions, and she had carried this modest behavior through her adult life. Only her husband had ever seen her naked before, and that was many years ago!

She waited while Kettle enjoyed viewing her body, impatient to cover herself with her arms but aware of her vulnerable situation, resisting the urge to do so. She had read once that nudism was regarded by some people as a liberating thing, but here in front of Kettle, she just felt filthy and violated.

Oh, please hurry up, she thought miserably. I just want to get dressed again. What the heck is he waiting for?

But now Kettle reached behind the desk, and she couldn’t help glancing down as he placed a leather sports bag on its surface. Curiosity combined with trepidation as she watched him unzip the bag and pull out a strange-looking item that initially made no sense to her whatsoever.

With a wicked grin on his face, Kettle stood and came around the desk towards her. Using all of her emotional reserves to stand her ground, Caroline watched in growing horror as he held the object up in front of her. Now she could see that it consisted of a headband with two abnormally long rabbit ears attached! Each ear was over a foot long, covered in black velvet, and dotted with tiny metallic sequins. It looked like the kind of idiotic apparel that kids wore to fancy dress parties!

“I think you’ll look rather adorable in this,” Kettle said, with his face so close to hers that she could smell his pungent breath. As he raised the adornment toward her head, Caroline took an involuntary step backward. For some reason, she had clung to the idea that once he had had his fill of ogling her body, Kettle would allow her to put her clothes back on again. Now it was apparent that this was just the beginning of her ordeal.

“You must be joking!” she gasped. “I’m not wearing that!”

“Uh-uh,” Kettle admonished. “You know the rules. If you give me a hard time, the pictures go out into cyberspace, remember? Now get back here and stay still.”

Caroline gulped and inched towards him, her bare toes feeling unnaturally exposed on the tiles. Then she bent her head slightly, feeling like an utter fool as he fitted the band over her head. With the blinds covering the windows, she automatically glanced at her reflection in the glass panel in the door, and immediately wished she hadn’t done so. She looked absurd with her breasts naked and free, her pearls around her neck, and the ridiculously long rabbit ears sticking up from the top of her head! Again, the tears welled up and she instinctively brushed a trickle away.

“I don’t know what you are so upset about,” Kettle said. “I think you look lovely!”

Caroline could have slapped him! Not only was the man a total pervert, but he was loving every minute of this emotional and physical abuse!

The urge to cover her body was even more intense now, as the rabbit ears and pearls seemed to accentuate her nudity even more. She opened her mouth to beg him to stop this cruel treatment, but he put a finger to his lips, stopping her, and then he said, “Now I’d like you to pose for a few photos.”

Caroline’s mouth was still open, but now her jaw dropped even further. “P-Photos?”

“For my personal use only,” Kettle smiled. “Something to remember you by in years to come.”

“You’re out of your mind!” Caroline snapped. “I’m not letting you photograph me like this!”

“You’re not what?” Kettle asked. “Are you forgetting who is in charge here? If I don’t get my collection of naked Mrs. Lambert pictures, then the whole town will get to view the stealing Mrs. Lambert shots instead.”

With a low groan of despair, Caroline realized how useless her objections were. Kettle was going to have his way, and that was that. Even though she despaired at the thought of him making a visual record of this nightmare—and where it might end up—she had no choice in the matter.

“Ready for your photo shoot?” he prompted.

Glumly, Caroline nodded her head.

“Excellent!” Kettle beamed. “Now be a good little bunny and hop up onto the desk.”




It was impossible for Mike to hide the erection pushing out the front of his pants as he retrieved his digital camera from the sports bag, but he wasn’t in the least bit concerned. Under normal circumstances, his obvious excitement would have been a source of embarrassment, but the fact that the only female present was as naked as the day that she was born certainly gave him the upper hand. Besides, the dignified lady would be getting quite used to the sight, touch, and taste of his throbbing dick over the coming months!

When he looked back up, Mrs. Lambert, as expected, hadn’t moved. There was an expression of utter contempt on her furiously blushing face, which, given her current state of undress, and the comical bunny ears on her head, added further to Mike’s state of arousal.

“Didn’t you hear me with those big ears? I want you up on the desk where I can have a good look at you. Hop, hop!”

“I-I’m not getting up there!”

“Of course you are,” Mike said. “Because if you don’t get up there this instant, I’m packing up my toys and going home—and you know what that will mean as far as your hypocritical lifestyle is concerned!”

As with all his casually delivered threats so far, there was a degree of bluff attached to his words. He was very much aware that she always had the option of backing out at any time, but he figured that if he could create an atmosphere of dominance and authority while she was off-balance, there was a chance that she would simply follow his commands until she reached an emotional point of no return. Certainly, the next few minutes would be pivotal, because if he were to grab a handful of lewd naked images of her now, his hold over her would be complete. If he were to publicly circulate those pictures, the shame she would suffer as an exposed thief would surely pale into insignificance by comparison!

Whether Mrs. Lambert had quickly weighed up those same options herself or not, Mike couldn’t be sure. But to his ecstatic delight, after a moment’s delay, she put her bare foot up on the chair and then climbed up onto the desk as demurely as she could under the circumstances.

Now that she was perched on higher ground, her nudity made her seem even more exposed, and she reflexively wrapped her arms around her before realizing what she had done, and reluctantly lowered them. Mike was tempted to whip off a couple of frames right away in case she suddenly panicked and fled, but her current frigid posture wasn’t at all what this photographer was looking for.

“Okay,” he said, circling the desk and licking his lips. “Now I want you to strike a few poses for me. Follow my directions to the letter and I think we’ll end up with a lovely little set of bunny girl shots that you’ll be quite proud of!”

Pride was the least of the expressions that contorted Mrs. Lambert’s face right then. She looked as though she was about to break wind! That triggered an amusing image which caused Mike’s already rigid member to twitch inside his underwear!

“Put your arms out to the sides,” Mike said, peering through the viewfinder. “That’s it, nice and high, out parallel with your shoulders. Now up on your toes, that’s a good bunny, and bend your knees slightly so that you are pushing out your nice fat butt!”

As Mrs. Lambert shamefacedly assumed the ludicrous pose, Mike began snapping away. First, he zoomed in on her face, catching the first tears of shame that rolled down her cheeks, then he panned out, framing her entire body in detail. After saving a dozen shots from the front and side, he moved around to her rear and took a couple from a low angle, capturing the meaty folds of her labia that poked out through her pubic bush.

Mike was so captivated by the sight that he put the camera on the desk and leaned in for a closer look. He could just smell her musky scent and if it were at all possible, his hard-on actually increased in intensity!

Fascinated, he took a pen from one of the drawers and cautiously raised it towards Mrs. Lambert’s exposed cunt. Her legs were already shaking from the sustained effort of standing on tiptoe, and mindful that she might start and possibly fall off the desk when the pen made contact with her most sensitive parts, he decided to forewarn her first.

“Don’t be alarmed if you feel something,” he said. “I’m just going to give you a little check-out. Whatever happens, you must maintain the pose, okay?”

With her back to him, Mrs. Lambert had no way of knowing what was about to happen, and as the tip of the pen made initial contact with her pussy lips, she emitted a shriek of surprise, but to her credit, she managed to maintain her absurd-looking posture.

“W-What are you doing?” she gasped.

“Just having a poke around,” Mike said. “This is quite a set of saddle bags you have here!”

Mike prodded at the dangling flesh like an amateur gynecologist, thoroughly engrossed in his task. Then he pushed the tip of the pen gently between Mrs. Lambert's labia, working it in gradually further until a full inch was inside her. When he let it go, the pen remained in place, gripped between her gluey lips, and he excitedly snatched up his camera to record the moment forever.

“Please!” Mrs. Lambert whimpered. “Take it out of me!”

“What’s the matter?” Mike teased. “Never had a pen stuck up your cunt? I can’t believe you’ve never experimented before—a cucumber or banana, perhaps?”

He heard a stifled sob as her bodily trembling intensified. Her arms were wavering now, moving up and down as if she were attempting to fly away. A heady rush swept through him as he fully realized that he already had this dignified woman in a state of physical and emotional discomfort, and that she was doing her utmost to comply. How much more would she be willing to take?

“Alright,” he said wickedly. “If you don’t want the pen up your pussy, I’ll take it out for you. Is that what you want?”


“Are you sure?”

Now she nodded her head vigorously. “Yes, please!”

“Okay, it’s your call.”

He plucked the invading object out of Mrs. Lambert’s cunt, and unable to resist, raised the damp end to his nostrils. She smelled vaguely fishy but not at all unpleasant. Licking her out would be a pleasure to look forward to, but there was much playtime ahead before they got down to the real stuff.

Seeing that she had now lowered her heels to the desktop, Mike suddenly slapped her on the right buttock, causing her to yelp from surprise more than pain.

“Up on your toes!” he snapped.

As she shakily resumed her humiliating and uncomfortable posture, Mike said, “For your disobedience, I’m going to put the pen back inside you. You must learn to obey me at all times during your detentions.”

He was about to work the pen back between her vaginal lips, when he had a sudden, deliciously rude idea. Unable to keep the smile off his face, he placed the palm of his left hand against her ass cheek, feeling her body tense as he did so.

“Stay,” he admonished, as if addressing the family dog. Then he spread her cheeks with his fingers, exposing her brown puckered asshole. When he touched it with the tip of the pen, Mrs. Lambert yelled, “Oh, dear God! Not there!”

Well, well! Mike thought. Seems I’m about to enter previously unexplored territory. Poor old Mr. Lambert! What a boring marriage he must have had!

“I’m afraid so,” Mike said, unable to keep the increased level of excitement out of his voice. “And don’t you dare move, or so help me, I will leave this room and that will be the end of it.”

“Oh, you filthy beast!” Mrs. Lambert wailed, but she did indeed stay put as Mike began to slowly work the pen up inside her virgin asshole.

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